Thursday, January 5, 2017

TNA Trying to Sign The Hardys to Exclusive Deals, WWE Remains Interested

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA is looking to sign the Hardys to new exclusive deals, but they make so much doing indie shows that it’s going to take a lot of money (they do so and because they aren’t under an exclusive, they work for who they want, when they want).

This week’s tapings are the final ones they are contracted for. The Hardys are the biggest deal in the company thanks to the success of their gimmick. Matt & Jeff are pretty much doing their own creative right now. WWE does want them and the upside to a WWE deal is that there is a huge merchandising potential for them with the gimmick in WWE. The downside is the WWE schedule; Matt is about to have a second child and is not having any financial issues with life outside WWE. Also, in TNA, they will remain one of the most pushed acts while in WWE they could get lost in the shuffle. The report also notes that, “things are early in the negotiations. Matt, in particular, is likely going to try and angle for more influence on the creative end for the big picture product.”

Opinionated View- Stay with TNA guys. Athem this is the time to shell out the money. But honestl if I'm Matt or Jeff I'm not letting Vince, Stephanie, and Triple Get there hands on my Broken Brilliance. All the things pointed out apover are very valid but also WWE would so ruin the gimmick. You think WWE is going to understand how do it? They tried with New Day and the Wyatts and turned into a bad horror movie.

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