Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brand Split Returns, Cody Rhodes Leaves WWE, TNA Slammiversary and TV Deal

Update on Ric Flair’s WWE Status

– For those wondering, Ric Flair was not backstage at Raw last night. Flair is expected to return to WWE down the line and continue the angle with Charlotte.


Netflix Officially Orders New G.L.O.W. Series

TVLine reports that Netflix has ordered ten episodes of the news series G.L.O.W, the scripted comedy series inspired by the 80s wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It was created by Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black).
G.L.O.W. was created in 1986 as a women-only wrestling promotion, and became an unscripted syndicated series that ran until 1990. It later continued through select events and parties. The new series is set in Los Angeles and includes “big hair and body slams”. It’s described as a “fictionalized story of an out-of-work actress who finds one last attempt to live her dreams in the form of a weekly series about female wrestlers.”
Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, who created the series, will be the showrunners and executive producers with Kohan and Tara Herrmann.

Opinionated View- Out of work actress that turns to wrestling for fame that is pretty much every WWE diva.


Goldberg In WWE 2K17, Speculation on Return

Bill Goldberg’s deal to appear in 2K17 is through 2K Sports, and not WWE. Wrestling Observer Radio also notes that they couldn’t include Goldberg in the game or even make a deal without Vince McMahon’s approval. There is also a lot of speculation in regards to Goldberg returning to WWE. In the past, these 2K deals have led to stars (Lesnar, Warrior, Sting) signing with the company or making a return. Goldberg has also previously stated that he wanted to make a return so that his son could see him wrestle.

Opinionated View- That would be awful and a huge waste of money. He's 49 and hasn't wrestle since what 2002? Plus we got enough older guys from the MNW era still


Impact Preview: IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop 5.31.16


Match Set For This Week’s Smackdown

WWE has announced the following for this week’s Smackdown. The episode tapes tomorrow in Rockforfd, Illinois and airs Thursday on USA:
* Non-Title Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte
* AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson address their attack on John Cena


5/30 WWE Raw Report

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.
The entire WWE roster is on the stage. Lilian Garcia asks the crowd to be silent as they toll the bell ten times for the fallen heroes on Memorial Day. They ring the bell ten times and go to a Memorial Day video with the superstars reading quotes from Ronald Regan’s speech in 1982.
Shane McMahon’s music hits, and he comes out to a big reception from the Green Bay crowd. Shane gets in the ring, and Stephanie McMahon’s music immediately hits. She asks if he was planning on doing this without her. She welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW, and the crowd cheers. Shane mentions that she’s the same old Stephanie. She’s doing a lot of talking when she should be being quiet. Shane then welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW, and they cheer louder. Shane talks about the momentous news of Smackdown going live every Tuesday on the USA Network on July 19. Shane mentions the shows will be better, better opportunities, better match-ups and better for everybody. Stephanie says that’s Smackdown, but we’re on Monday Night RAW. Tonight, we’ll see the return of the one and only John Cena, which gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.
The New Day comes out to a nice reception. They talk about how the announcement of the Smackdown going live shocked them. They talk about being excited about the possibility of bringing the power of positivity to RAW and Smackdown live. They then started to become paranoia because of a brand extension. Shane and Stephanie say that each show will have unique rosters. The crowd completely died during the segment. The New Day comes to the realization that they could be broken up by the brand extension. They ask some more questions, but Stephanie dodges them. They haven’t decided what the rosters will be yet or who will run the shows. Big E insinuates that a sibling rivalry is brewing. They then challenge them to a dance off. Shane dances to cheers from the crowd. Stephanie goes to dance, but The Vaudevillains come out to absolutely no reaction. They’ll face The New Day next.
-Commercial Break-
The New Day vs. The Vaudevillains
We join the match in progress. Kofi Kingston and Big E are representing The New Day. Kingston wrenches Aiden English’s arm and hits the shoulder. English reverses a whip to the corner and goes for a monkey flip, but Kingston lands on his feet. Kingston kicks him to the corner and connects with a monkey flip. They then begin the Unicorn Stampede. The stampede ends with Big E whipping Kingston into English with a dropkick. The New Day then gyrates as the crowd chants, “New Day rocks.” Simon Gotch goes for a cheap shot, but Kingston takes him out. Kingston elbows English away, and Gotch grabs his ankle. English then takes Kingston down. English stomps him before tagging in Gotch. Gotch knees him in the head for a two count. Gotch uppercuts him and tags in English. English jabs him and picks up a two count. English rips at his face and knees him in the back for another two count. Gotch is tagged in, and he head-butts Kingston for a one count. Gotch applies a chin lock, but Kingston fights out. Gotch stops him from making a tag. Kingston flips out of a back suplex and goes for a tag, but Gotch again holds him back. English grabs Kingston, and Kingston elbows him away. Gotch then clotheslines him over the top rope.
-Commercial Break-
We come back from the break to see Kingston fight up from a chin lock applied by Gotch. Kingston fights out, but Gotch punches him back. During the commercial break, English superkicked Kingston out of mid-air at ringside. Gotch goes for a body slam, but Kingston counters out. Big E and English are tagged in. Big E hits two belly-to-belly overhead suplexes on him before shouldering him in the midsection and connecting with a Belly-To-Booty Suplex. Big E connects with a Big Splash and starts clapping. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack Xavier Woods at ringside. Kingston runs out to help, and they overtake him.
Winners by Disqualification: The New Day

The Vaudevillains overtake Big E and leave him at the feet of Anderson and Gallows. They then give him the Magic Killer. Anderson and Gallows stand over Big E as their music plays.
-Commercial Break-
Replays are shown of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacking The New Day.
Renee Young catches up with Anderson and Gallows. She asks why they attacked The New Day. Anderson says they did that to show they can inflict just as much damage without AJ Styles by their side. Styles is going his way, and they’re going their way. Gallows says that was all about putting The New Day, the tag team division, and the entire WWE roster on notice that they have arrived and aren’t going anywhere. Anderson says they’re just getting started. They then walk off.
Replays are shown of Sheamus attacking Apollo Crews last week on RAW.
Apollo Crews is working out and pops up in fear asking if this person has a problem with the New Era. Big Show is shown to be that person. Big Show says he’s been knocking out people since the Jurassic Era. Big Show says the arse kicking he wants to give is to Sheamus. Crews says he does. He doesn’t know why he picked on him, but he’ll regret it. Big Show says he likes him – not much, but he likes him. Big Show says he’s got potential and determination. Sheamus is in panic mode. He doesn’t want anything to change. He’ll scratch, claw, and dig to keep the status quo the same. Sheamus is a bully, and that’s what bullies do. The reason Sheamus picked on him is because he thinks Crews will back down. The question is if Crews will.
The Golden Truth makes their way to the ring. R-Truth remixed his song for the new tag team. The Golden Truth will be on commentary, next.
-Commercial Break-
The Usos vs. Breezango
Jimmy Uso dodges an attack from Tyler Breeze and punches away at him. Jimmy knocks Fandango down and tags in Jey Uso. Jey forearms Breeze in the corner and goes for a running hip toss, but Fandango pulls him out of the way. Fandango is tagged in, and he punches away at Jey. Fandango chops the chest and punches away at him. Fandango shouts at The Golden Truth, and Jey kicks him. Jimmy then superkicks Breeze at ringside. Jey then rolls Fandango up for the win.
Winners by Pinfall: The Usos

Breezango is angry in the ring as The Golden Truth laughs at them. Breezango approaches them and pushes Goldust. The Golden Truth lays them out at ringside, culminating with Goldust giving Breeze a powerslam on the floor.
Still photos are shown of Seth Rollins attacking Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules. Coming up next, we’ll hear from Roman Reigns for the first time since the Rollins attack according to Michael Cole.
-Commercial Break-
Roman Reigns’ music hits, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a very light, mixed reaction from this awful crowd. Reigns gets in the ring, and the boos get louder. Two years ago, Seth Rollins sold out and broke up The Shield. Since then, he’s called himself the man, but that’s funny to him. How can you call yourself the man when you’re constantly running from THE guy? He’s not a good guy, he’s not a bad guy, but as long as the title is on his shoulder, he is THE guy. If Rollins is a man, he can come out here and prove it.
Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he comes out a decent reception. Rollins starts to make his way down the ramp, but then hesitates. Rollins starts to charge the ring, but he stops and wags his finger at Reigns before walking off. Rollins goes to the top of the ramp and grabs a microphone. Rollins doesn’t speak and just looks at the crowd. They’re booing him. Rollins take a lot of time before dropping the microphone and going down the ramp. Rollins laughs at Reigns and walks off again. Rollins turns, runs toward the ring, and then stops again. Rollins wastes a lot of time before going back to the stage and picking up the microphone. Rollins waves off the crowd, drops the microphone, and walks off to boos. Reigns music plays as the crowd continues to boo.
Rollins all of a sudden runs down the stage and goes to the apron, but smiles at Reigns and backs up before walking off. Rollins says we’ll do things his way around here. Reigns holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and the crowd boos. Rollins then walks off.
John Cena returns tonight on RAW. We’ll also see Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn team up to take on Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, and Kevin Owens.
-Commercial Break-
Lana introduces Rusev to the ring. The WWE United States Champion makes his way to the ring.
Rusev vs. Zack Ryder
Ryder ducks a right hand and punches away at him. Rusev quickly knees him in the midsection and gives him a gutwrench suplex. Rusev gives him another gutwrench suplex and stomps him. Rusev stomps away at him against the ropes before sending him to the corner for an avalanche. A “USA” chant breaks out. Ryder punches back at him, but Rusev takes him out with a clothesline. Rusev then applies a chin lock. Ryder fights up and punches out. Rusev knees him in the midsection, but he runs into Ryder’s knees. Ryder gives him a missile dropkick and forearms him in the corner. Ryder connects with a pair of Broski Boots, but Rusev kicks out at one. Rusev counters out of a Rough Ryder and viciously bends him with the Accolade for the win.
Winner by Submission: Rusev

Rusev says Zack Ryder is just like every other American. They think they’re entitled to everything even after they lose. Rusev says he is what America should be all about. He is a true American hero because he’s a better American than everyone in Green Bay.
Titus O’Neil’s music hits, and he comes out to not much of a reaction. O’Neil says Rusev has some nerve. This is Memorial Day. Rusev is not a great American. Great Americans fight. A “USA” chant breaks out. They fight. O’Neil says he’s not a Bulgarian brute – he’s a Bulgarian blowhard. O’Neil then punches him out of the ring. Rusev quickly retreats from him.
We’ll hear superstar reactions on what Charlotte did to her father, next.
-Commercial Break-
The Shining Stars are back talking about Puerto Rico. They talk about all the beautiful sights on the island. Epico says the WWE Universe is begging them to bring life and colors to the ring.
A video showcases Charlotte telling Ric Flair off last week and kicking him out of the ring. Flair left the ring in tears. Some WWE Superstars talk about what they thought of this. They’re mixed on how they feel.
Earlier today, Stephanie McMahon confronted Charlotte. Charlotte said she made an impact by kicking her father out of the ring. Stephanie says she’s embarrassed to have her as the WWE Women’s Champion. Stephanie says she’s a spoiled little brat. Charlotte says she is one to talk. Stephanie says Charlotte is not a champion – she’s a waste of talent.
Natalya will face Dana Brooke later tonight.
-Commercial Break-
Enzo Amore and Big Cass make their way to the ring to a nice reception. Enzo goes through his whole shtick as the crowd chants along. Enzo says The Dudleys want to come out acting Extra like the bubble gum, but they’ll go upside their noodles with the whole kit and caboodle and have those curds curled up in this ring like a cheese doodle. Big Cass says he’s serving size-16 boot sandwiches with all the fixings. Enzo says they’re in Wisconsin, so what kind of cheese? Big Cass runs through a whole bunch of cheeses (how you doin’?). Enzo says they’ve got some sauce. The Dudleys have a problem they can’t solve. Big Cass says there’s only one word to describe The Dudley Boyz, and he’ll spell it out for them: S-A-W-F-T!
Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz
Bubba Ray Dudley will start against Big Cass. They lock up, and Bubba puts Big Cass in the corner before shoving him. Bubba says all Big Cass does is talk. They lock up again, and Bubba gets him in his corner. D-Von Dudley tags in, and he punches away at Cass. Bubba tags back in, and they miss a double clothesline. Big Cass clotheslines D-Von and shoulder blocks Bubba. Cass then gives Bubba a body slam. Cass throws Enzo into D-Von, and they clear the ring of The Dudleys.
-Commercial Break-
We come back from the break to see Enzo trapped in a neck vice applied by D-Von. Enzo fights up, but D-Von takes him out with a spinning back elbow for a two count. D-Von body slams him and tags in Bubba. Bubba drops an elbow for a two count. Bubba pulls the hair and gives him a crossface. Bubba puts him in the corner, but he runs into a boot. Bubba prevents a tag and tags in D-Von. D-Von stops Enzo from making a tag and gives him a suplex for a two count. D-Von applies a chin lock, but he fights up. D-Von takes him down with a right hand and tags in Bubba. Bubba mocks Enzo and jabs away at him. Enzo then dropkicks him down.
Cass and D-Von are tagged in. Cass shoulder blocks him down before giving him a clothesline. Cass avalanches him in the corner and gives him a body slam before dropping the Empire Elbow. Bubba distracts him on the apron, but Cass elbows him down. D-Von clubs the back and tags in Bubba. They hit 3-D II for a two count. Bubba goes to the top rope, but Enzo distracts him. Cass slams Bubba off the top rope and big boots D-Von. Enzo is tagged in, and he gets on Cass’ shoulders for a Rocket Launcher to pick up the win.
Winners by Pinfall: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro are talking strategy backstage. Ambrose says Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho can’t be trusted and are Canadians. Zayn is a Canadian and is offended. As for Alberto Del Rio, at least he’s not Canadian. Zayn mentions he is a Canadian. Ambrose says that explains so much and walks off.
John Cena will return to Monday Night RAW, next.
-Commercial Break-
John Cena’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to a nice reception from the crowd. Cena stands in the ring, and now the boos start cutting through. A light “Welcome Back” chant fires up. Cena says, “Let every nation know, whether they wish us well or ill, that we will pay any price, we will bear any burden, we will meet any hardship, we will support any friend, we will oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” A “USA” chant fires up. There are many brave heroes who have fallen, proving those words to be absolutely true. Memorial Day is a celebration of that sacrifice. Cena says he’s very grateful to finally be back home. On this day, it is with the utmost respect that he honors the friends, families, and heroes that have paid the ultimate price to keep our liberty intact. Liberty is freedom, and freedom is our pulse and lifeblood. It is what makes us feel. You can dress how you want, look how you want, listen to what you want. It’s freedom that lets him stand in the ring and say loud and proud that he is back on Monday Night RAW.
Now that poses a whole new question. The question is if he still belongs here. A “YES” chant breaks out. Cena says in his absence, a New Era has arrived. That means new names and faces. They all think his best days are behind him. In their minds, it’s only a matter of time before they move up and he moves down. Cena says he will not go quietly into the night. If the future is indeed upon us, the face that runs the place says this: the future damn sure must go through him.
AJ Styles’ music hits, and he comes out to a good reception. The commentators talk about how it has been a rough week for Styles. Styles lost to Roman Reigns and then lost a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match the next night to Kevin Owens. Styles gets in the ring, and the crowd is booing. An “AJ Styles” chant then breaks out. An “AJ Styles/Let’s go Cena” chant breaks out. Styles smiles and is enjoying this. This goes on for a few minutes. Finally, Styles says he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Cena says judging from the sound of it, so has everyone else. Styles says Cena has kind of a bad rep, which he doesn’t understand. He’s always been told that Cena was first to the arena and the last to leave. He’s seen what he’s done in the ring. Cena has busted his tail day in and out. The things Cena has done for the company is unheard of. They’ve been in two different worlds, but here they are right now in this very ring. Styles says he respects Cena’s hard work. Styles says he wants to be the first one out to say, “Welcome back.” Styles extends his hand, but Cena is hesitant. Cena then shakes hands with him as the crowd gives them a round of applause.
Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows then come out to the stage. Gallows says they agreed to go their separate ways. Styles saw the way they went earlier with The New Day. Now it looks like the way Styles is going is sucking up to John Cena. Anderson says he thought that was beneath Styles, but apparently it’s not. They’re not here to kiss ass – they’re here to kick it. Anderson says that includes Styles. They approach the ring as Cena and Styles prepare to fight. Styles then punches Cena! Styles, Anderson, and Gallows then triple-team Cena. Gallows big boots Cena down as they continue the triple-team. The Club then holds their hands up and do The Bullet Club hand signal. The crowd is loudly buzzing over this. They leave the ring, but Styles turns around and punches away at Cena some more. Anderson and Gallows says that’s the AJ they love. They leave the ring again, but Styles once again charges the ring and punches away at Cena. Styles then leaves the ring and goes up the ramp with The Club. Referees run down to help. Styles once again charges the ring and punches away at Cena. Styles then leaves the ring and says he’s doing the world a favor.
-Commercial Break-
Replays are shown of AJ Styles and The Club beating down John Cena.
Natalya vs. Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte
Natalya punches Dana to the corner and gives her a suplex. Dana goes to the ropes, and the referee pulls Natalya back. Dana clotheslines her down and chokes her on the bottom rope. Charlotte slaps Natalya in the face as the referee is distracted. Dana hits a cartwheel splash for a two count. Natalya fights her off and clotheslines her down. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter. Charlotte gets on the apron for the distraction. Dana then hits a Michinoku Driver for the win.
Winner by Pinfall: Dana Brooke

Dana and Charlotte double-team Natalya before Becky Lynch runs down for the save.
JoJo is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. She shows Baron Corbin giving Ziggler a low blow at Extreme Rules to beat him. Ziggler challenged him to a technical wrestling match. Corbin got the best of him, but he didn’t get the best from him. Ziggler says he’s going to showcase what he learned from his days of amateur wrestling. Dean Malenko is the man of 1,000 holds. Chris Jericho has 1,004. Ziggler has 1,005. Ziggler pays tribute to the Jericho promo from nearly twenty years ago and walks off.
-Commercial Break-
Photos are shown of Dolph Ziggler in his amateur wrestling days.
Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler puts on some amateur wrestling headgear on and uses a mouthpiece. Ziggler circles around him and kicks him in the groin.
Winner by Disqualification: Baron Corbin

Ziggler takes off the headgear and says he has been disqualified, but the loser of this match is still Baron Corbin. Ziggler then walks off.
-Commercial Break-
Maryse is shown on a pre-recorded video. She presents The Miz, who appears on a Facebook video. Miz will be appearing in Marine 5: Battleground. Miz says a champion is always in demand, whether in the ring or out on the silver screen. The Intercontinental Championship is with him. Everyday he has his baby is another day he has successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship. Tomorrow is the first day of shooting, but they’ll be hearing from him each and every week he’s out here. Until then, remember he’s the Intercontinental Champion, he’s The Miz, and he’s awesome. Miz kisses the title.
Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio are arguing over who will start the match until Chris Jericho stops them. Jericho says he doesn’t like either of them, which surprises Owens. Del Rio says he’s won a Money in the Bank match, so they can follow his lead. Jericho says he invented the match. Jericho says there are tensions between them, but they have to focus on tonight. They need to focus on Zayn, Cesaro, and that stupid idiot Ambrose with his stupid idiot thumbtacks. This match is next.
-Commercial Break-
Becky Lynch will face Charlotte this Thursday on Smackdown. We’ll also hear from The Club about their attack on John Cena.
Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn vs. Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho
Charles Robinson, my favorite referee of all time, is the official for this match. Alberto Del Rio will start against Cesaro. Del Rio punches him and gives him a suplex. Cesaro comes back with an uppercut and starts the uppercut train. Kevin Owens gets in the ring, and Cesaro uppercuts him. Cesaro then dropkicks Chris Jericho off the apron. Del Rio drops Cesaro on the apron, but he punches him back. Cesaro then takes Owens out with a summersault senton off the apron before giving Jericho an uppercut. Cesaro goes to the top rope and jumps over Del Rio. Cesaro takes him down and goes for the swing, but Del Rio grabs the bottom rope. Del Rio kicks him and sends him out of the ring so Owens and Jericho can double-team him. The referee is distracted during this. Del Rio puts Cesaro back in the ring and gives him a double axe handle off the top rope. The crowd is absolutely silent. Cesaro fights up and punches out. Del Rio reverses a whip and connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio kicks him and tags in Jericho. Jericho chops the chest and talks trash. The referee backs Jericho up while Owens and Del Rio attack Cesaro. Cesaro uppercuts Jericho back, but Jericho takes him down with a dropkick. Jericho then knocks Ambrose off the apron. A light “stupid idiot” chant fires up. Jericho yells at the crowd before tagging in Owens. Owens punches away at Cesaro before kicking him. Del Rio is tagged in, and he connects with a step-up enzuigiri for a near fall. Cesaro then counters a suplex and powers Del Rio up for a suplex. Cesaro appears to have injured his shoulder.
Sami Zayn is tagged in, and he shoulders Del Rio before flipping in the ring. Zayn knocks Owens off the apron before clotheslining Del Rio. Zayn connects with a dropkick and punches him to the corner. Del Rio reverses a whip, and Zayn knocks Jericho off the apron. Zayn kicks Del Rio away and connects with a cross-body block for a near fall. Owens pulls Del Rio out of the ring before he takes a Helluva Kick. Del Rio and Owens argue at ringside. Jericho attacks Zayn from behind, and Ambrose clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. Jericho, Owens, and Del Rio argue at ringside. Zayn then takes them all out with a summersault plancha!
-Commercial Break-
We come back from the break to see Zayn trapped in a chin lock applied by Owens. Zayn fights up, but Owens gives him a suplex on the top rope. Owens quickly follows up with a senton splash for a near fall. Owens kicks him in the spine and tags in Del Rio. Del Rio puts him on the top rope and ties him up in the tree of woe. Del Rio kicks him in the ribs a few times, and Zayn falls to the mat. Del Rio then applies a chin lock. Zayn fights up, but Del Rio ties him up in the ropes and tags in Jericho. Jericho kicks Zayn down and chokes him on the second rope. Jericho goes to splash him against the ropes, but Zayn moves. Jericho clutches his knee in pain. Jericho stops him from making the tag and says he’ll never get away. Jericho chops the chest, but Zayn fights back. Zayn reverses a whip to the corner and runs into a boot. Zayn then takes Jericho out with a Blue Thunder Bomb.
Ambrose is tagged in, and he forearms Jericho down twice before having a whip reversed on him. Ambrose takes him down and punches away at him before knocking Del Rio and Owens off the apron. Ambrose then gives Jericho a running forearm in the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Ambrose chops the chest and puts him on the top rope. Jericho head-butts him off the ropes and jumps into a boot. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Jericho gets out and connects with an enzuigiri. Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Ambrose gets his knees up. Ambrose then clotheslines him over the top rope. Ambrose then takes Jericho out with a suicide dive. Owens tries to attack Ambrose, but he sends him into the barricade. Ambrose gets on the apron and snaps Jericho off the top rope. Ambrose goes to the top rope and connects with an elbow, but Del Rio breaks it up. Ambrose gets Del Rio out of the ring. Ambrose counters a Codebreaker, but Jericho kicks him in the face. Ambrose goes for a rebound clothesline, but Jericho surprises him with a Codebreaker. Owens tags himself in, but Ambrose kicks out. Jericho is furious and shoves Owens. Cesaro uppercuts Jericho from behind, and he knocks Owens out of the ring. Cesaro then gives Jericho the Cesaro Swing until Del Rio takes him out with a Backstabber. Zayn gives Del Rio a Helluva Kick before turning into a superkick from Owens. Zayn avoids a Pop-up Powerbomb from Owens. Ambrose then turns Owens around for Dirty Deeds to pick up the win.
Winners by Pinfall: Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn


Monday, May 30, 2016

Brand Split Returns, Cody Rhodes Leaves WWE, TNA Slammiversary and TV Deal

5/30 WWE Raw Preview

WWE RAW is live tonight from Green Bay, Wisconsin on the USA Network. Announced for tonight’s Memorial Day edition of the show is the return of John Cena and a tag team match featuring Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz.

Ziggler vs. Corbin added to WWE RAW tonight in Green Bay

WWE.com is now advertising Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin in a technical wrestling match. The official preview focuses on Ziggler’s amateur wrestling background adding, “a bout that will showcase the NCAA standout’s grappling prowess against the imposing brawler.”

Another hint for RAW tonight

The official WWE account on Twitter has continued to hint at something in the last week using #Hatch. The latest hints it will be revealed tonight on RAW.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

WWE now displaying new John Cena merchandise on WWEShop website after cease and desist from Pabst Blue Ribbon

WWEShop.com is now displaying newly updated merchandise for John Cena for his return tomorrow night during the Memorial Day edition of RAW.

As reported on yesterday, beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon sent WWE a cease and desist over the original logo that was being used to promote Cena’s return in what appeared to be inspired by that company’s logo.

You can check out the new WWE merchandise below along with a look at the prior look.

WWEShop.com @WWEShop 7 hours ago
All-New Apparel: Hustle Loyalty Respect! See the full line at .

Pabst Blue Ribbon @PabstBlueRibbon May 27
A message to & the : We have a chokehold called the Cease & Desist. Pretty sure we see you

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hideo Itami Hints at Upcoming Return

NXT Superstar hideo Itami is expected to return to NXT in the coming weeks. Itami has been on the shelf for quite some time due to some shoulder surgeries. Itami also posted the following tweet, apparently confirming that he will be returning to the ring soon.

Hideo Itami / 伊丹英雄

See you soon.

WWE Pulls Cena Gear

 WWE’s release of some new John Cena ring gear that resembled the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer brand promoted a cease and desist threat from the beer company. It appears WWE has complied and pulled some of the new John Cena gear at ShopWWE.com. The tweet promoting the gear was also removed.

– ProWrestlingSheet.com has some more information on the story, including a comment from a rep for WWE on the dropping of the gear. WWE will no longer sell the new Cena shirt that was inspired by Pabst Blue Ribbon. However, WWE feels the company did nothing wrong with the shirt.

A WWE rep stated, “As a content creator, WWE respects trademarks and intellectual property, and therefore will not proceed selling the merchandise, despite it being an original design clearly within fair use.”


Friday, May 27, 2016

Sasha Banks Reportedly Cleared to Return, Vince Thinks She's Injury Prone

Sasha Banks has reportedly been cleared to return to the ring. The Wrestling Observer reports that Banks had her evaluation for her concussion sooner than expected and is set to work house shows this weekend.

The site notes that original Money in the Bank plans had Banks set to return to TV in order to build for a match at the PPV. There’s no word yet on if she’s set to appear on TV next week.

– The WON reports that Vince McMahon considers Sasha Banks to be injury prone The site reports that Banks, who was sidelined with a concussion until this weekend after being accidentally kneed in the head by a referee during a match, has been compared by the Chairman to Daniel Bryan in the past.

Banks is expected to return this weekend at house shows. The site notes that being called injury prone isn’t necessarily a “kiss of death” for her career but could make the company leery about future plans around her.

Opinionated View- Except Daniel Bryan had talent and was torn down by years of working a very physical style. Banks is just sloppy and I don't buy the ref was at fault odds are she did one of "Big Moves" and landed on her head which he does quite often if you watch her.


Who Nixed Cody Rhodes’ Request to Drop Stardust Gimmick?

– It won’t be a surprise to many since he is the final call in such decisions, but according to The WON, Cody Rhodes’ request to drop his Stardust gimmick was nixed by Vince McMahon. The site reports that Rhodes had pitched the idea as far back as February and met with McMahon about it. He teased it on social media and even had ring gear made, but McMahon ultimately decided to halt those plans.

The site adds that Rhodes’ immediate wrestling future isn’t know, as WWE may not allow him to work anywhere else because of terms in his contract. The release was not amicable and WWE may make it difficult for Rhodes to work anywhere else. He also may be unable to use the Cody Rhodes name as WWE owns the rights to it and he has never used the name prior to working for WWE.

Opinionated View- Well Vince just had to keep him as Stardust because.... they spent to much money on the black curtain for that star room I guess? And now it wouldn't shock me WWE is being petty about letting him work else where. He may not be able to use Rhodes but he could use Runnels which is his real name.


5/26 WWE Smackdown Report

Results courtesy of WWE.com this week.
Things turned volatile between Money in the Bank combatants
Norfolk, Va. — Michael Cole kicked off SmackDown with Dean Ambrose, who spoke about his victory over Chris Jericho in the first-ever Asylum Match at Extreme Rules and about qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Raw. But fellow qualifying Superstar Kevin Owens brought The Lunatic Fringe’ comment to a sudden close when he ordered Cole out of the ring. He proceeded to lay his own claim to the prized contract — good for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity whenever the winner wants it.
Sami Zayn, another Ladder Match combatant, soon joined the party, claiming he will triumph at Money in the Bank. Not to be outdone, Alberto Del Rio also interrupted, and he appeared ready to attempt to qualify himself against Zack Ryder. When attention turned to the Essence of Excellence Owens seized the opportunity and attacked Zayn from behind. In response, Ambrose attacked Owens. Zayn reengaged and nearly kicked Ambrose before stopping himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have restrained himself, though, because moments later, Ambrose tried to hit “The Underdog from the Underground” with Dirty Deeds, reminding him that it will be every man for himself at Money in the Bank on June 19.
Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder
SmackDown’s opening contest was a Money in the Bank Ladder Qualifying Match, with Alberto Del Rio going head-to-head with Zack Ryder. After allowing Del Rio to roll out of the ring following a successful Rough Ryder, Ryder was met with a surprise Cross Armbreaker when he tried to reengage his opponent. Del Rio forced Long Island Iced-Z to tap out, and as a result, the winner of the 2011 Money in the Bank contract is in the mix for another!
The Dudley Boyz will battle Enzo & Big Cass Monday on Raw
The always outspoken Enzo Amore returned to SmackDown alongside Big Cass, picking up on the mic exactly where he left off. That was until the Dudleys came calling. A war of words commenced, and by the time it ended, the two tandems had decided to settle things Monday on Raw.
United States Champion Rusev def. Kalisto – United States Title Match
In a United States Championship Extreme Rules rematch, Rusev outfought Kalisto and ultimately made the high-flying former titleholder tap out to the Accolade. He wasn’t done, though. After the bell, The Bulgarian Brute pulled his fallen opponent back into the ring for more. But before he could attack, Titus O’Neil emerged and invited Rusev to take him on instead … for the title. The United States Champion chose to fight another day and opted to take his leave.
Natalya def. Dana Brooke by Disqualification
After ordering her own father — two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair — out of “her” ring on Raw, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte joined the SmackDown announce team for Dana Brooke’s match against Natalya.
As soon as Nattie locked Dana in the Sharpshooter, Charlotte attacked her from behind to bring the match to a close. The Queen of Harts fended off the assault and locked the titleholder in the Sharpshooter. The numbers game eventually caught up with the third-generation Superstar, though, allowing Charlotte and Dana to take Natalya down.
Breezeango def. Golden Truth
When Fandango pushed Goldust out of the ring in the final moments of The Golden Truth’s latest showdown against Breezeango, The Bizarre One tried to climb through the ropes to get some payback. As the referee worked to keep him out, however, Tyler Breeze hit R-Truth with a surprise kick to the head and allowed Fandango to pick up the easy win. This left The Golden Truth with a 0-2 record as a tag team.
Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown
Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown and asked the WWE Universe if they missed him. But after they responded, he threw it back in their faces, dropped the mic and walked off with a big smile.
Intercontinental Champion The Miz def. Cesaro – Intercontinental Title Match
In a dynamic SmackDown main event, Cesaro challenged The Miz for the Intercontinental Title. Despite The A-Lister attempting to take a walk in the final moments of the intense showdown, The Swiss Superman nearly overcame him with a high crossbody off the top rope.
In a last bit of desperation, however, Miz threw his challenger into an unprotected corner of the ring — exposed after Maryse took off the turnbuckle earlier in the contest. The titleholder then finished off Cesaro with the Skull-Crushing Finale and walked away with the huge win.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

WWE News: Cross-Brand Raws Planned, PPVs to Have Double Announce Team

Wrestling Observer Live reports that WWE is planning to have dual-brand episodes of Raw just for the two big PPVs of the year. The dual-branded Monday shows will be for the night after SummerSlam and the night after WrestleMania.

– The site also says that WWE plans to have double announce teams at PPVs, with the RAW and Smackdown announcers calling their own brand’s matches similar to how it worked during the original brand extension.


NXT News and Notes Including Call Ups

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan was for Jason Jordan & Chad Gable to go to the main roster in the fall, but that was before the announcement of the brand split. The announcement is said to have changed very creative decision moving forward.

Things have been hectic in that regard. For example, it was decided a few weeks ahead of time that the Vaudevillains were debuting after WrestleMania, but they did not know it. When they were flown to Dallas for WrestleMania, they were supposed to fly back to Florida with the NXT crew, but were told the day of WrestleMania that they were going to debut on the main roster and WWE had to rebook travel. Triple H originally wanted six months worth of plans to be made for talent being brought up to avoid acts floundering with n real plans, and to also avoid the stigma that NXT stars failed on the main roster. Unfortunately some NXT acts have been promoted with no long term plans in place.

– According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bayley is being set up to challenge for the NXT Women’s Title in August at the Takeover event in Brooklyn, NY. Right now the plan is for her to face Asuka, unless they make the move to put the title on Nia Jax before August.

Opinoinated View- Unless Bayley get a major gimmick overhaul she is going flip so hard on the main roster. Jordan and Gable have potential but I think they need more time in NXT maybe wait until 2017.


Will Ospreay Working Through Injuries

– Will Ospreay who is currently working the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, recently appeared on the Distraction Prices Podcast. The 23-year-old Ospreay revealed that he has some nerve damage in his back and that has led to his foot going numb on occasion. He had to cancel some bookings prior to the tournament due to his back pain and also revealed that he’s working with a torn meniscus.


WWE Posts Mysterious Image On Twitter


Locked Away.
Opinionated View- My money is on Bray Watt returing.

WWE Smackdown Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight’s 5/26 WWE Smackdown on the USA Network:
* WWE World Champion Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. Sheamus, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
* WWE Intercontinental Title: The Miz (c) w/Maryse vs. Cesaro
* WWE US Title: Rusev (c) w/Lana vs. Kalisto
* Natalya vs. Dana Brooke
* MITB Qualifier: Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
* The Golden Truth (R-Truth and Goldust) vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango


Updated NXT Takeover: Revenge Card

* Steel Cage NXT Title Match: Champion Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor
* NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Asuka vs. Nia Jax
* NXT Tag Team Title Match: Champions American Alpha vs. The Revival
* Austin Aries vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5/25 WWE NXT Report

- William Regal announces that Bayley isn't cleared to compete at NXT TakeOver, so Nia Jax, Carmella and Alexa bliss will compete in a #1 contender's match tonight.

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs. TM61Miller outwrestles Ciampa, and both men tag their partners. Thorne flips out of a Gargano arm ringer and dropkicks Johnny right in the grill. TM61 wisbone Gargano, before setting him up to eat a shoulder block. Ciampa is tagged in, which results in him getting chopped down. TM61 hit a fistdrop/moonsault, then tease a dive on Gargano. We come back to see Gargano blast Shane with a dropkick of his own, before a legsweep and a modified full nelson. Ciampa comes in and destroys Shane Thorne with a chop. Thorne manages to dropkick Ciampa, but both men are down. TM61 hit a neckbreaker combination on Ciampa that Gargano breaks up, before he does a crazy dive to the outside. Ciampa lands a big knee in the corner, followed by the knee/superkick combo for the win.Winners: Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall (knee/superkick)

- We see a promo for the Finn Balor/Samoa Joe cage match.

- Baymella are being interviewed when Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss both interrupt. Nia Jax says that Alexa isn't even worth the trouble. - We see a vignette for Andrade "Cien" Almas, formerly known as La Sombra.

Austin Aries comes out and says you're only the best until someone better comes along. He wonders what makes you the best, and says he's done everything, but timing is everything, and when he walked in to NXT other people got the attention. Shinsuke Nakamura comes out to a huge ovation. He speaks broken English and says he's coming after the NXT Championship. William Regal comes out and announces Aries vs. Nakamura for Takeover, and the two shake hands.

- American Alpha are in the back and say they beat The Revival in Dallas, and will at Full Sail.

No Way Jose vs. Local WrestlerJose dances his way to a shoulder block, a flying mare and an airplane spin before a rolling senton and leg drop. His opponent tries to fight back and eats strikes and a big facebuster. Jose connects with an overhand punch and a cobra clutch slam for the win.Winner: No Way Jose via pinfall (cobra clutch slam) - Asuka is in the back and says no matter who wins tonight's main event, she'll defeat them. Number One Contender's Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Nia Jax
Alexa Bliss rolls out of the ring, and Carmella goes to work on Nia, but keeps getting tossed around. Nia catches Alexa on the top rope and scares her down. Carmella huracanranas Nia into the post and Alexa capitalizes by going after Carmella. Bliss boots Nia Jax and almost gets rolled up, but knees Carmella in the bread box. Alexa does her choke STO and moonsault knees before punching and kneeing Nia as well. Alexa hits the Sparkle Splash on Nia, but Carmella breaks it up.Nia Jax eats turnbuckle, but suplexes both Carmella and Alexa. She charges both of them, but gets dumped to the outside of the ring. Carmella gets caught on a suidice dive, but Bliss kicks Jax! This time Carmella succeeds on the suicide dive and gets attacked from behind by Bliss. Carmella gets a wheelbarrow headlock takeover and a Bronco Buster that sets up the STO and Inverted Triangle. Nia rips Alexa away, but gets caught in a rear naked choke by Carmella. Carmella is sat on the second rope and gets a Thesz press, but Jax slams her and leg drops her for the win.Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall (leg drop)Asuka comes out after the match and smiles before getting in Nia Jax's face.


Latest on WWE Brand Split: World Title and Women’s Division Status, More

The big story today has been the announcement that WWE Smackdown will be going live on Tuesdays starting on June 19th and will be bringing back the brand extension. The Wrestling Observer has new details on their current plans for the brand extension, including the fact that people within the company seem to agree that there will be two World Titles again.

This comes with the usual Observer caveat that things can change, particularly on something as big as this, but according to the site the talk within the company is that each show will have a World Title and that one show will have the United States Title while the other will have the Intercontinental Championship. The Women’s Division is believed to be going to one brand, although that isn’t confirmed. The Tag team Titles will be on both shows.

The current plan is to have the Draft on the July 11th Raw in Detroit, Michigan. As of now, talent don’t know where they’ll end up. Vince McMahon is said to be “pumped up” about the brand extension and full of ideas regarding it. WWE is expected do NXT callups to fill the main rosters, and will aggressively pursue outside talent as they will have four tours (Smackdown, Raw and two NXT tours) going at times.

The site adds that the decision to do the split was made within the last few weeks and that some talent were told about it Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Opinionated View- I'll give my thoughts in a video either tomorrow or Friday.


Update on Ric Flair’s Status With WWE

Despite speculation to the contrary, Ric Flair is not being pulled from TV due to any issues with him. Flair is no longer associated with Charlotte after the events of Raw and PWInsider reports that this is purely a storyline decision and has nothing to do with any kind of incident. It is expected that Flair will be back on WWE TV eventually.
Speculation about Flair’s status with the company came about online due to the incident at Boston Airport late last month, but this is not the case.


Sasha Banks to Get Evaluated This Weekend

– Sasha Banks is set to be evaluated this weekend for her concussion. Uproxx reports that Banks, who suffered a concussion during a six-woman match at the May 15th house show when referee Darrick Moore accidentally kneed her in the head in a freak incident, will be looked at then. It is expected that she will pass her evaluation and be cleared to return.

The site reiterate previous reports that WWE is trying to keep minor injuries quiet, saying that they’re doing it to prevent the fanbase from “freaking out” when the news hits.


Judge Denies Gawker’s Motion For New Hogan Trial

According to The Associated Press, judge Pamela Campbell denied Gawker Media’s request for a new trial in the Hulk Hogan sex tape scandal. The judge also stated that she would not reduce the $140 million jury verdict.

Forbes also has an article up, revealing that PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel is funding Hogan’s legal battle with Gawker. Thiel and Gawker have history, as they tried to out his sexual preference before he had done so publicly.


Lucha Underground Preview

 Check out sneak peeks of “Enter the Mundo” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5h5l6gEXhs
This week on the newest episode of “Lucha Underground,” the Gift of the Gods Championship is defended while Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro’s cover gets blown! The Trios Championship is not over yet when Prince Puma, El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Rey Mysterio head into the ring for another match to defend their titles. Can they succeed? Tune in Wednesday, May 25th at 8:00pm ET/PT on El Rey Network to find out. Don’t miss new one-hour episodes of the lucha libre wrestling series from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett Wednesdays at 8:00PM ET/PT.
“Lucha Underground” Social Media


ROH TV Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight’s 5/25 ROH TV on Comet:
* A look at Bullet Club in ROH and their destruction at the end of the Global Wars PPV

Opinionated View- Didn't they do a look at the bullet club last week? Wouldn't that have been the time to show the stuff fro Global Wars? Please tell me they are at least going to mix some new stuff in even just basic stuff with guys in ROH going "Bullet Club you not going to..."


WWE NXT Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight’s 5/25 WWE NXT on WWE Network:
* Austin Aries appears
* Decision to be made on the next challenger to the NXT Women’s Title


SmackDown goes live on its new night, beginning July 19.

riety.com is featuring an exclusive article revealing that WWE Smackdown will be moving to Tuesday night on the USA Network with a live broadcast every week starting on July 19 from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00-9:00 p.m. CT). This will be the first time in the 17-year history of Smackdown on broadcast and cable television that the show will air live on a weekly basis.
The move, which now creates five hours of live WWE programming each week on the USA Network, was touted by President of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Chris McCumber describing a “huge appetite” among viewers for live programming going forward in 2016.
WWE.com has also announced in conjunction with the move of Smackdown that there will be a split of the rosters with an impending superstar draft to once again have separate rosters for the RAW and Smackdown programs. This will be the first time that there will be separate rosters for RAW and Smackdown since 2011 when WWE quietly ended the brand extension that had been in place since 2002.
Vince McMahon is quoted in the article discussing how the move will leverage the talent roster and continues the unpredictable nature of live television.
“This move will undoubtedly build more excitement and deepen engagement with our fans around the world.”
You can read the WWE.com announcement of the roster split and the move of Smackdown to Tuesdays by clicking here.
WWE has posted video of Shane and Stephanie McMahon announcing the roster split and move of nights for Smackdown.

Opinionated View- Me I will continue not watching. That said the only time Smackdown was worth watching was the brand split but even that was hit or miss. Plus sounds like it will still be the same problems as alays.


Eden (Brandi Rhodes) announces her departure from WWE following the Smackdown taping on Tuesday in Norfolk

WWE announcer Eden (Brandi Rhodes) issued the following tweets on her official Twitter account announcing she is officially parting ways with WWE following tonight’s Smackdown taping in Norfolk.

Brandi Rhodes

(1/2) What I've been teasing for weeks: I've been offered a new opportunity outside of WWE!! So I've decided to part w/ WWE after tonight.
2/2) http://BeingBrandiRunnels.com  will continue! Check it out soon for updates on my new career life! 🎉 Doing things my way! 💪🏾
This comes a few days after her husband, Cody Rhodes, requested and was granted his release from WWE. Cody had been teasing the possibility of her leaving the company on Tuesday on his Twitter account.
Eden, who originally came in under the name Brandi, signed a developmental contract with WWE in March 2011 and spent time in Florida Championship Wrestling. She was released from her contract later that December and then returned to WWE in November 2013 under the name Eden Stiles. Eden spent time as a ring announcer for NXT and then became a regular on WWE television.


Two Matches Set for #TNA Slammiversary

Following last night’s 5/24 Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, TNA has officially announced two matches for the upcoming Slammiversary PPV on June 12 live from Orlando including the main event for the TNA Championship.

Here is the updated card as of this week.
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
You must win by Tapout or Knockout
Drew Galloway (c) vs. Lashley
Full Metal Mayhem Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Impact Wrestling Report: May Mayhem

“May Mayhem” starts off with a video package highlighting last week’s crazy ending and a preview for tonight’s show.
Matt Hardy comes out to the ring with his new nutjob look while a replay of the Willow reveal is replayed from last week. Matt is carrying a piece of paper to the ring with him. Matt says that he has evolved and gotten stronger and better and more dangerous as a huge “we want Jeff” chant erupts. Matt says that he will face one of his greatest rivals tonight in EC3 and he stands in the way of EC3 on his road to redemption. Matt says he sees EC3 just as a warm up to his brother Jeff. He is holding a contract in his hand for a Full Metal Mayhem Match with Jeff Hardy at Slammiversary and he says that match will be the match where he finally “deletes” his brother from TNA for good. He says that Jeff is the one that issued the challenge and he says that when he signs the contract it is the equivalent of signing Jeff’s death certificate.
Rockstar Spud and Tyrus come out to the ring and Spud says that he believed in the “Iconic” Matt Hardy and he dedicated his life to the #MattHardyBrand. Spud says he has been a better man since he dedicated himself to Matt, but this new persona is not really Matt. Spud says that if Matt keeps fighting Jeff and keeps turning into “whatever it is that you are turning into it” he is just going to continue to lose himself. Matt says that he is getting better and he must delete Jeff once and for all. Matt says that Jeff has forced his hand.
Matt asks Tyrus how he feels and Tyrus says he does what is best for himself. Matt says that Matt fought Jeff last time and he ended up looking like a weirdo. Spud tells Matt to just stop all of this because things are just going to get worse. Matt offers Tyrus and Spud a proposal, he suggests that Tyrus and Spud face Jeff in a Ladder Match tonight with the Full Metal Mayhem Contract hanging above the ring. Matt says that if Jeff wins then he will sign it but if Spud and Tyrus destroy Jeff and win then he won’t have the match. Tyrus seems to not give a shit either way while Spud is amped up. Matt says that if they fail they will no longer be able to associate with him. Before anything else can be said EC3’s music interrupts them.
“The Psychotic Weirdo” Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III
EC3 must pin or submit Hardy in this match to get his rematch with Bennett. They lockup and Matt takes EC3’s back and rains down clubbing blows to the back of EC3. EC3 fights Hardy off and slams him into the corner and lays into him with chops and right hands. EC3 whips Matt into the corner and then connects with a Running Clothesline. EC3 hits a Vertical Suplex and follows up by tossing Matt back into the corner. EC3 goes for a Stinger Splash but Matt gets his boots up. Matt hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker and then tosses EC3 back into the corner. Hardy slaps and chops EC3 repeatedly and then punt kicks him in the ribs. Matt hits an Elbow Drop for a one count and picks EC3 up to whip him into the ropes. Matt hits a Back Elbow followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Matt backs EC3 into the corner and hits a series of body shots followed by a Running Clothesline into a Running Bulldog for another nearfall. Matt tosses EC3 to the floor and slams EC3 face first into the apron. EC3 fights back and blocks another shot from Matt before slamming Matt into the apron and lighting him up with some chops. EC3 tosses Matt back into the ring and attempts to whip Matt into the corner, but Matt reverses it and connects with a clothesline followed by a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Matt puts EC3 in a Cravate but EC3 fights it off with a series of body shots and elbows. Matt comes back with a Reverse Bulldog and then goes for another Running Bulldog, but EC3 blocks it and hits a clothesline. EC3 hits a back elbow off the ropes and then an Atomic Drop. Bennett is shown walking down the ramp as Matt sidesteps a splash and rolls EC3 up for a nearfall. Matt immediately follows up with the Side Effect! 1…2…NO EC3 kicks out! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but EC3 counters into a Flapjack. EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Matt counters into a Twist of Fate attempt. EC3 counters the Twist in the Cobra Clutch but Mike Bennett attacks EC3 from behind.
Winner: EC3 via DQ
Bennett continues to beat EC3 down after the match and hits a Sliding Mafia Kick to the side of EC3’s head as he was trying to get up. Josh Matthews points out that Bennett had stipulated that EC3 had to pin or submit Hardy to get his rematch with Bennett. Bennett hits the Miracle in Progress on EC3. Bennett says, “just like that the EC3 Road to Redemption comes to a screeching halt.” Bennett points out that EC3 didn’t pin or submit Hardy so he doesn’t get his rematch at Slammiversary.
Backstage Bennett says what he just did to EC3 is art and you don’t have to explain art, you just have to accept it for what it is: art. Bennett says that he took all of EC3’s hope and wants and dreams and destroyed them. Bennett says that he made it clear to EC3 that he had to follow his rules exactly to get his rematch so he will not get that rematch. Bennett tells EC3 to think about the fact that he will never get his rematch.
Maria’s “apprentice” Allie is standing the ring trying to get the fans attention. She introduces Maria who is wearing some very…interesting booty shorts to the ring. Maria says that she is the leader of the Knockouts and as the leader she has a very important job to make sure her vision is getting out to the public. Maria says that sometimes she will check social media and when she does she realizes that the fans all love Velvet Sky. The fans chant “yes we do” and Maria yells at the fans that she fired her and she isn’t coming back. Maria says that Velvet is part of the Knockouts past and she is building a brighter future.
Gail Kim interrupts Maria and she says that she is fed up with Maria and with her manipulative ways. Maria says that Gail sounds like a broken record that should have been thrown out a long time ago. Maria mocks Gail about being upset over Velvet’s firing and Gail says the fans loved Velvet and asks Maria who gave her the right to play with people’s lives. Maria says that from the minute she came into TNA Gail has been telling her to “put on her wrestling boots” and fight. She says she did that and beat Gail so now this is her world and Gail is just living in it. Gail says she has to live in it but she doesn’t have to play by her rules and she can kick her ass. Maria suggests that she do that and she will be fired like Velvet and reminds her that she can’t touch her and she can’t touch Gail. Gail says they can touch in a match and she challenges Maria to a match. Maria says she has an idea for a match and if she losses then she will be fired. Gail says she has no problems with that and she prays that her opponent is Maria, but Maria says she is a lady and she doesn’t get her hands dirty. Sienna attacks Gail from behind and puts the boots to her. Sienna tosses Gail to the floor and Maria taunts Gail as they reveal Sienna vs. Gail with Gail’s career on the line tonight.
In the back Shera and Grado talk about the issues with Al Snow. Shera thanks Grado for his help against Snow and Grado says tonight he will fight Snow for Shera and for all the fans. Grado says that he has beat up many a man in the streets of Glasgow with his bare knuckles and he knows that Snow is coming with weapons so he has come prepared. He pulls out a turkey leg from his trunks and realizes that is his lunch, but then pulls out a chain from his trunks and wraps his hand with it.
Backstage Robbie and Jessie are on the phone with each other, and not realizing they are on opposite sides of a curtain. Robbie says he found a “secret guru” that can take them to the next level as a team. The entire time a bunch of people are approaching Jessie and taking selfies with him. A lady walks up to Robbie and points out that they are right next to each other, and Robbie freaks out about Jessie not paying attention.
Gail Kim bitches about Maria some more and she says that she has fought way too hard and way too long to allow Maria to run her off.
A video package highlighting Snow’s feud with Grado and Shera is shown.
Street Fight
Grado vs. Al Snow
Al Snow comes out and says that he didn’t think Grado could get any dumber but he proved just how dumb he can be by challenging Snow to a Street Fight. Snow calls himself the “Crown Prince of Hardcore” and asks the fans if they want weapons and blood. After they cheer for everything Snow they won’t get it because he is a wrestler and all he needs is his hands to beat Grado. Snow says that the fans can all boo him but he is their moms favorite wrestler. Snow hides behind the video screen as Grado’s music hits and when he comes through the tunnel Snow attacks him. Snow chokes Grado with his fanny pack and then takes Grado’s left hand and slams it into the ramp. Snow slams Grado into the ring steps while Josh Matthews whines about Snow claiming to be “protecting the business.” Snow slams Grado’s hand into the ring steps and then tosses him into the ring. Snow goes up top and attempts the Snowsault but Grado moves out of the way. Snow pulls some powder out from his trunks and goes to throw it at Grado but Grado kicks it into his face. Grado hits a Running Big Boot and then Shera comes out with a bunch of weapons and tosses them to Grado. Grado smashes Snow with a trashcan lid and then a cookie sheet. Grado grabs the turkey leg from earlier and hits Snow in the balls with it. Grado then smashes Snow in the head with the turkey leg before Grado pulls out the chain that Grado had earlier. Grado wraps it around his fist and nails Snow with it! Two guys wearing “France” shirts run out and attack Shera. They pull the referee out just as Grado covers Snow. Snow hits Grado from behind with the trashcan lid and connects with the Snow Plow for the pin.
Winner: Al Snow via pinfall (Snow Plow)
The two guys celebrate with Snow after the match. The two guys are former NXT tag team Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort. Both are French wrestlers and Lefort was trained by Lance Storm while Louis was trained in the UK by a guy I’ve never heard of. In TNA Louis is going to go by the name Baron Dax and LeFort will be known as Basille Baracca. Their team name is going to be called The Tribunal or something like that I think.
Backstage Reby Sky sits down with Matt and says that everyone is just trying to help him. Matt says only one thing will help and that is the removal of Jeff. Reby asks Matt why he is so obsessed with Jeff and says he needs to focus on his family. Matt says that is all he is focused on because the family won’t survive until Jeff is removed from it. Reby holds up their son and says that he is Matt’s family but Matt just ignores her and walks away.
JB brings out Lashley for an interview and a pissed off Lashley gets in JB’s face and backs him into the corner. Lashley demands JB get out of the ring which JB happily does. Lashley says the only fair thing to do is to give him the World Title right now. He says that he is been in a lot of fights in his life but never has he ever had 20 guys interfere in his match and break out into a big brawl causing his match to get thrown out and screwing him out of the World Title. Lashley says he deserves the title but Galloway interrupts him.
Galloway asks Lashley if bullying ring announcers is what makes him legitimate. He says that you can tell a lot about a man by looking them in the eye. Galloway says that last week he saw something in Lashley’s eyes that no one has ever seen in him before and that was fear. Galloway says it doesn’t mean that Lashley was necessarily scared of him but he was scared because he has never been in the ring with someone like him. Galloway says that Lashley gave him everything he had and he still kept fighting back.
Lashley says that Drew knows what would have happened if the brawl wouldn’t have happened because he would have knocked Drew out or choked him out. Galloway says he is an impatient man and he has never been accused of making the smartest decisions in his life. Galloway says there is nothing between them but ropes and air so they shouldn’t wait for a rematch. Before they start fighting Dixie Carter comes out and interrupts them.
Dixie says that the wrestlers were around the ring last week is because of the constant fighting between them and obviously it didn’t work. Dixie says that TNA management has been talking about this all week and she thinks they finally have the solution to settle this. She says it will be live on PPV at Slammiversary and we will have an undisputed World Champion in one more match between the two. She says the only way to win will be by knockout or tapout!
Galloway smiles and starts to walk backstage and Lashley taunts him by saying that Drew is going to walk away like a little bitch. Galloway hits the ring and nails Lashley with the Claymore! He jumps on Lashley and pummels him until security runs out and pulls him off. Galloway lays out security but then eats a Spear from Lashley! Lashley beings to pummel Galloway and more security and referees hit the ring to pull Lashley off. Lashley beats the hell out of the security guards and then tosses the referee clear across the ring before Spearing him as well! Lashley chokes Galloway with his wrist tape and a bunch more referees run out and try to convince Lashley to let go. He finally releases Galloway after he passes out.
TNA X-Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
“The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee (c) w/Shane Helms vs. “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett w/Shane Helms vs. “DJ Z” Zema Ion vs. “The Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards
Zema’s entrance is cool as hell right now. Everett and Lee come to the ring together and Shane Helms walks them to the ring. Zema hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Lee on the floor while Eddie hits a Tope Suicida through the ropes onto Everett. Zema and Eddie toss the heels into the ring and then clothesline them to the floor. Zema climbs up top and leaps to the Ultimate X cables but Eddie grabs his legs and pulls him down. Zema falls down and catches Eddie in a hurricanrana as he was falling! Zema and Eddie elbow and clothesline each other until Everett pulls Eddie to the floor. Lee comes in and slams Zema to the mat only for Eddie to nail him with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron. Everett pulls Eddie off the apron and slams him to the floor. Zema comes back with a Flying Headscissors through the ropes onto Everett on the floor! Zema climbs up to the cables and begins scaling them but Lee pulls Zema down into a German Suplex! Eddie dives off the top with the Ghetto Stomp on Lee! Everett hits a Pele Kick on Eddie! Everett climbs up to the cable and begins scaling across only for his buddy Lee to begin screaming at him and pull him to the mat. They argue with each other but Helms talks to them and reminds them that they are a team. Everett helps Lee up to the top and helps balance him while he scales the cables. Zema runs over and nails Everett with a Jawbreaker and then pulls Lee down into an Atomic Drop! Zema hits a Springboard Double Elbow to Everett & Lee! Zema climbs up top but Lee slams him head first into the scaffold. Eddie hits Lee with an elbow and then a Leaping Enziguri as Lee climbed up top. Everett charges at Eddie but Eddie lifts Everett up and onto Lee in the corner stacking them up on each other on the top rope. Eddie then climbs up top and hits a Double Frankensteiner on both Everett and Lee! Eddie scales the cable but Lee grabs his leg and pulls Eddie down into a Leaping Knee Strike! Lee climbs up top but Zema hits a Rolling Leaping Super DDT off the top on Lee! Zema scales the cables again but Lee hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick knocking Zema off the cables! Eddie climbs up top and he kicks Everett off as Everett grabbed his legs. Everett goes for a Springboard Missile Dropkick but Eddie kicks him in midair! Eddie grapevines the cable and scales across and pulls the title down but Helms pulled the referee out. As Eddie pulled the title down Lee ran over and snatched it from him just as Helms let the referee turn around and see Lee with the title.
Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee via pulling down the title
In the back Maria preaches to her troops about her vision in the Knockouts division. She says that she has chosen them for a reason and tonight Sienna has a particular job to do. Sienna says that Gail has been the face of the Knockouts for far too long and the way to end something like that is to rip its heart out.
Backstage EC3 says that he has been kicking Matt Hardy’s ass before he was even born and says that Bennett likes to play rigged games. EC3 says that there is honor in beating a man’s ass but there is no honor on reneging on a deal. EC3 says that he played Bennett’s game and he won his little gauntlet so he is about to make a phone call he doesn’t want to make but one he has to make. EC3 says that by the time he is done with Bennett he won’t have a life.
Gail’s TNA Career on the Line
Gail Kim vs. Sienna w/Maria & Allie
Both Sienna and Allie have recently been announced for the upcoming AAA Lucha World Cup in Mexico. Allie will be a member of Team Canada and Sienna a member of Team USA in the Women’s Tournament. EC3, Tyrus, and Eli Drake will also represent TNA in the Men’s Tournament as Team TNA. Rockstar Spud is going to be a member of Team Rest of the World in the tournament as well. Gail attacks Sienna as she enters the ring and hits a series of forearms and elbows. Gail hits a Kneebreaker and then a Flying Clothesline for a one count. Gail leaps to the top and kicks a charging Sienna followed by a Springboard Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. Gail hits the ropes but eats a Running Knee from Sienna. Sienna charges at Gail again but Gail catches her with a hurricanrana over the top rope to the floor! Gail hits Sienna with more forearms but as she turns around to go after Maria, Sienna hits Gail from behind. Sienna hits a Flapjack on Gail across the guardrail. Sienna tosses Gail into the ring and connects with a massive Forearm Smash. Sienna chokes Gail in the corner and then hits a Running Samoan Drop on Gail for a nearfall. Sienna seems to be favoring her knee a little bit. Sienna whips Gail hard into the corner and then she whips Gail into the opposite corner. Sienna goes for another Samoan Drop but Gail counters it into a Reverse DDT! Gail climbs up top but Maria grabs her leg as Sienna distracted the referee. Maria pulls Gail down and slams her into the apron. Maria tosses Gail into the ring and she goes for her finish but Gail counters into a Sunset Flip for the pin!
Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall (Sunset Flip)
Maria and Sienna attack Gail after the match and beat her down. Maria goes nuts slapping Gail over and over.
In the back Rockstar Spud tries to hype Tyrus up for their match with Jeff. Tyrus tells Spud not to talk so much and let him handle this match. Spud says that they have to do this for Matt when Reby Sky walks up and tells them to do it for her and Maxell. She says that she needs them to take care of this and she will take care of them. Tyrus wants some money but Spud says that fixing Matt is reward enough.
The Bro-Mans are looking for the “guru” they are supposed to be meeting. Raquel approaches them looking unbelievably hot and says she is the guru. She says that she can help them win the Tag Titles ro they can question her. She slaps them on the ass and tells them to come work out. She says that she is going to help them focus next after wearing them out in the gym.
Main Event
Ladder Match
“The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus & Rockstar Spud
Jeff has to beat Spud and Tyrus to get his Full Metal Mayhem Match with Matt at Slammiversary. Spud attacks Jeff as he is making his entrance and then Tyrus grabs Jeff and slams him into the apron. Tyrus charges at Jeff but Jeff sidesteps him causing Tyrus to crash into the ring post. Jeff throws a chair at Tyrus and then pulls a ladder out from under the ring.
Jeff hits an Atomic Drop followed by Leg Drop and then a Sliding Dropkick to Spud. Jeff grabs a ladder but Tyrus grabs the other side and pulls Jeff into the turnbuckles. Tyrus stomps on Jeff’s legs and then leg drops Jeff in the nuts Jeff Hardy style. Tyrus hits a Scoop Slam on Jeff and then Spud dives off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop! Spud slides another ladder in the ring while Tyrus continues to work on Jeff in the corner. Spud chokes Jeff and then Tyrus goes for a Corner Splash but Jeff pulls Spud into the Splash! Jeff jumps on Tyrus and lays into him with rights and lefts. Tyrus blocks the shots and lifts Jeff up on his shoulders and hits a Side Slam. Tyrus sets the ladder up under the contract and starts to climb it but the bottom rung on the ladder actually breaks under his weight. Tyrus tells Spud that he is going to have to climb it. Jeff calls Tyrus fat and then hits the Twist of Fate! Spud runs in and climbs to the top of the ladder but Jeff climbs up the other side and cuts Spud off. Jeff slams Spud’s face into the ladder repeatedly and then hits a Super Twist of Fate onto the ladder causing both men to fall to the mat. Jeff grabs another ladder and sets it up and climbs to the top and pulls the contract down!
Winner: Jeff Hardy via grabbing the contract
Jeff signs the contract immediately after the match as Matt walks onto the stage and stares at Jeff.