Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/31 WWE Smackdown Report

- Tonight's WWE SmackDown opens up with a look back at the Royal Rumble.
- AJ Styles is backstage with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. He's going to get his rematch but he doesn't want it in the Elimination Chamber, he wants a one-on-one match. They reveal that new WWE Champion John Cena, Styles, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, The Miz and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose will be in the Chamber. Ambrose walks up and has words with Styles. Ambrose says he and Styles have unfinished business to settle tonight.
- We're live as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us. He's joined by JBL, David Otunga and Tom Phillips.
- We go right to the ring and out comes new WWE Champion John Cena.
Cena gets hype and gives props to AJ Styles before hyping the Elimination Chamber. Cena goes on until the music hits and out comes Bray Wyatt with Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton. Wyatt goes on about how he will win the WWE Title from Cena in the Chamber and about how this is his destiny. Wyatt introduces Orton. Orton says if Cena does make it out of the Chamber alive, he will be waiting for him at WrestleMania, but one way or the other, The Wyatts are going to end this cycle and set the title free.
Wyatt and Orton hit the ring and surround Cena. The lights hit and when they come on, Luke Harper is in the ring behind Cena. He turns to face Orton and stands with Cena. Bray and Orton leave the ring. Shane McMahon's music hits and out he comes. He makes a tag team match to start right now. Shane's music hits as we go to commercial.

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt vs. Luke Harper and John Cena
Back from the break and the match is underway as Harper takes control of Orton. Harper ends up slamming Orton on top of the announce table and staring Wyatt down right after. Harper gets riled up and brings it back in the ring. Wyatt tags in and meets Harper in the middle of the ring. They stare each other down. Harper backs up and tags in Cena.
Back from the break and The Wyatts are in control. Orton works Cena over and hits the second-rope draping DDT. Cena finally tries to make a comeback but can't get the tag as Wyatt cuts him off. Wyatt taunts Harper on the apron. Wyatt drops Cena and stares back at Harper. Wyatt with a 2 count.
Wyatt misses a senton. Orton comes in with a powerslam on Cena for a 2 count. Cena comes back and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Orton catches him in a backbreaker. Wyatt comes back in as Harper and Orton stare each other down. Wyatt tries to keep the peace but Harper decks Orton. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Harper counters and goes for Sister Abigail. Orton comes back in, allowing Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail on Harper. Orton takes advantage and hits the RKO on Cena for the win.
Winners: The Wyatt Family
- After the match, Orton and Wyatt stand tall as we go to replays.
- Still to come, Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Also, Styles vs. Ambrose. Back to commercial.

Carmella vs. Delilah Dawson
Back from the break and out comes James Ellsworth to the stage. Ellsworth asks fans to be nice before introducing his boo... Carmella. The music hits and out she comes. They skip to the ring in matching attire. Her opponent Delilah Dawson waits in the ring. The enhancement talent was trained by Funaki.
Carmella ends up getting an easy win after an assist from Ellsworth.
Winner: Carmella
- After the match, Carmella and Ellsworth celebrate.

Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler
We go to the ring and out comes Kalisto. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes Dolph Ziggler. The bell rings and Ziggler drops Kalisto and takes control.
Ziggler ends up getting the easy win with a superkick.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
- After the match, Apollo Crews runs out but Ziggler retreats into the crowd.
- Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Naomi and Becky Lynch for words on their tag match.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs. Naomi and Becky Lynch
Mickie looks to start off with Becky but she tags in Bliss instead.
Back and forth to start. Naomi eventually gets a hot tag and runs wild. Mickie and Bliss try to double team Naomi while the referee is distracted. Becky tackles Mickie out of the ring. Naomi ends up hitting the split-legged moonsault on Bliss for the pin.
Winners: Naomi and Becky Lynch
- After the match, Becky and Naomi celebrate as we go to replays.
- SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha are backstage with Dasha. They're headed to the ring to issue an open challenge.
- Back from a break and SmackDown Tag Team Champions Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are out to the ring for their open challenge. The Usos are out to answer. The Ascension are out next. The Vaudevillains, Breezango and Heath Slater & Rhyno also come out. A big brawl breaks out in the ring and spills to the floor. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and the brawl settles down. Only American Alpha and Slater & Rhyno are left in the ring. Alpha's music hits and that's it for the segment.
- We see video from last week of Nikki Bella and Natalya brawling outside of the arena, then backstage later that night. We go backstage to Bryan and Natalya. She has security and says she doesn't feel safe anymore. Nikki appears and Natalya puts one of her guards in front. Nikki can't believe she has security. Bryan brought them here to make an announcement but they won't start arguing. Bryan makes Nikki vs. Natalya at Elimination Chamber. Natalya storms off.
Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles
We go to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose for this non-title match. AJ Styles is out next as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and The Miz is out with Maryse for commentary. Cena vs. Orton is announced for next week. Styles vs. Ambrose starts off as they go back and forth. Ambrose with arm drags and a scoop slam. Ambrose takes AJ down and keeps him grounded.
Ambrose keeps control of AJ on the mat with submissions. They also aired a promo with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville to hype tonight's 205 Live episode. They end up on the floor as AJ suckers Ambrose in and kicks him. AJ brings it back into the ring and works Ambrose over while he's on his knees. AJ with a forearm for a 2 count. Ambrose turns it back around but gets sent into the ring post. AJ with a 2 count.
Ambrose comes back again and unloads with right hands. Ambrose sends AJ to the floor and goes to the top but Baron Corbin's music interrupts and out he comes. Ambrose watches him march to the ring. AJ recovers on the floor and also looks on. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Corbin has joined commentary. AJ works over Ambrose in the ring and hits a backbreaker. Corbin and Miz argue on commentary as AJ keeps control.
Ambrose finally counters but has Dirty Deeds blocked. AJ unloads with strikes and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose comes back with clotheslines. Ambrose goes for a superplex but AJ slides out and drops Ambrose into the turnbuckle face first. More back and forth. Ambrose rolls Styles up for a 2 count. AJ with a kick.. Ambrose dumps AJ to the apron. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Ambrose knocks him to the floor. Ambrose runs the ropes for a dive but AJ nails a forearm. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Ambrose catches him coming in. They block signature moves but Ambrose slams AJ on his back for a close 2 count.
AJ comes off the second rope but Ambrose catches him in mid-air. AJ turns that into a 2 count. AJ drops Ambrose over his knee and covers for another 2 count. AJ ends up going for the Styles Clash but it's blocked. They trade pin attempts. AJ connects with the pele kick but Ambrose comes back with the Lunatic Lariat and they both go down. AJ ends up on the floor again. Ambrose goes to the top and nails the top rope elbow to the floor. Miz tries to come in but Corbin stops him. This distracts the referee while Ambrose is covering for the pin. Ambrose comes over and takes out both Corbin and Miz. Ambrose goes back to AJ but Styles catches him in the Styles Clash for the non-title win.
Winner: AJ Styles
- After the match, AJ quickly has his hand raised before leaving the ring. Miz enters the ring and picks Ambrose up for a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz drops Ambrose on his face and stands tall. Corbin grabs Miz from behind and hits End of Days. Corbin drops Ambrose with End of Days next. Corbin's music hits as he stands tall over Ambrose. SmackDown goes off the air with Corbin staring Styles down.

TNA Genesis and WWE Royal Rumble Review, Netflix and Lucha Underground

Undertaker Hurting The Rumble

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Undertaker was said to be “really hurting” after Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV. Undertaker had minor hip surgery back in the fall of 2016; word is that Undertaker will need a full hip replacement, but has been trying to put that off until he retires. The minor surgery he had was a temporary fix.

Opinionated View- All the more reason Taker should not be wrestling. And why it was other bull shit people were saying he should win the Rumble.

Tozawa debuts on 205 Live tonight, videos from after 1/30 RAW

WWE 205 Live airs tonight on WWE Network at 10PM ET on WWE Network featuring the debut of Akira Tozawa, plus the first show with Neville as Cruiserweight Champion. Wrestleview.com will have a recap of 205 Live later tonight.


Fallout from the Rumble, tag match set for Smackdown Live tonight

WWE Smackdown Live takes place tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Advertised for tonight’s show is the fallout from Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV that saw Randy Orton win the 2017 Royal Rumble match and John Cena defeat AJ Styles to become the new WWE Champion just two weeks before Elimination Chamber.
Also scheduled is Becky Lynch and Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.


Brock Lesnar challenges Goldberg to a match at WrestleMania 33

During tonight’s 1/30 WWE RAW from Laredo, Paul Heyman issued a challenge to Goldberg – on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar – for a match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.
Goldberg tweeted he will be at RAW next week in Portland to address the challenge.

Opinionated View- God I hate this company and feud so much. Instead of doing this with some old guy like Goldberg they should have done it with someone younger. And for anyone about to say I don't get the story. No the story sucks. And now we are back to where I never wanted to be these two about to have a long match.

1/30 WWE Raw Report: Samoa Joe Debuts

We're live from Laredo, Texas as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. He's joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
- We go to the ring and out comes WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho. We see stills of how Owens retained over Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view last night.
Owens talks about retaining last night and how he's been proving people wrong his whole career. Owens says he's most proud of proving RAW General Manager Mick Foley wrong last night. Owens says Foley has been stacking the deck against them since he came into power. Owens says he didn't fail last night, he beat Reigns and he did that because he's the best, the man, the guy and the one. Owens admits he had some help last night. He takes a chance to thank the man who helped him... Owens thanks Jericho. Owens says he knows being in the cage was the worst moment of Jericho's life but his friendship and support is what kept Owens going. Owens says he made it through because of Jericho. They hug. No mention of Braun Strowman helping. Owens wants to talk about Jericho's history-making performance in the Royal Rumble match. Owens says Jericho proved that he is the best Rumble competitor of all time. Jericho thanks Owens.
Jericho brags about spending almost 5 hours in the Rumble match throughout his career, more than any other WWE Superstar in history. He goes on about lasting 61 minutes in the Rumble last night. He's now The 61 Minute Man. Jericho tells everyone to use their fat fingers to type in #61MinuteMan and then #GreatestofAllTime. Jericho says he didn't win the match due to a case of vertigo from being in the shark cage. The music interrupts and out comes Strowman.
Fans chant "thank you Strowman" as he takes the mic. Braun interfered because he can't stand Reigns and because he wants the title shot Owens promised him. Owens asks what title shot he promised. Owens says coming out and interfering in a match when no one asked you to does not equal a title shot. Owens says it's not happening. Braun says Owens promised him a shot and he has the proof. We see backstage video from a RAW segment last month where Owens did. Owens says it's photoshopped. Braun says Owens is going to give him a title shot tonight or he's going to break Owens in half. The music hits and out comes the RAW General Manager in a green & black checkered suit. Foley doesn't appreciate what Braun did last night but Owens did promise Braun a shot. Owens rants about how he went through hell last night. Foley says Owens did go through hell but that might be a round-trip because he's facing Braun tonight. Foley gets the cheap pop from Laredo as his music hits. Braun stares at Owens, who isn't happy. Owens leaves the ring as Jericho sticks around for a match with Sami Zayn. We go to commercial.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho
Back from the break and Jericho waits as Sami Zayn comes out for this non-title match. Jericho takes control and takes Zayn down first. Zayn turns it around and they trade holds. Zayn with arm drags before taking Jericho down into an armbar.
More back and forth until Jericho goes to the floor for a breather. Sami dropkicks him through the bottom rope. Sami brings Jericho back in the ring but Jericho puts the referee in between them. Jericho takes advantage and nails a springboard dropkick to knock Sami off the apron. Jericho plays to the crowd for a mixed reaction. Jericho goes for a baseball slide but Sami clotheslines him on the floor. Jericho fights back. Sami with a moonsault from the barrier. Sami stands tall and we go back to commercial.
Back from the break an they're going at it. Jericho nails an enziguri for a 2 count. Jericho keeps control and talks some trash in the corner. Sami comes out of another corner with a big clothesline. Sami with rights now. Jericho runs into an elbow but puts Sami on the top. Jericho climbs up for a hurricanrana and nails it. Jericho wastes some time and only gets a 2 count. More back and forth. Jericho goes to the top but Sami catches him on the way down. Sami with a Blue Thunderbomb for a 2 count.
Jericho avoids a Helluva Kick and goes to the floor. Jericho also avoids the DDT through the ropes. Jericho makes Sami chase him back in the ring. Sami counters the Walls of Jericho. Sami runs up and walks the rope for a tornado DDT. Jericho dodges a Helluva Kick and turns it into the Walls in the middle of the ring. Sami finally makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. More back and forth. Sami hits an exploder suplex and a Helluva Kick for the non-title win.
Winner: Sami Zayn
- After the match, Sami celebrates as we get replays.
- Still to come, Braun vs. Owens for the title.

- Back from the break and Cesaro is arguing with Sheamus backstage. Bayley gets in between them and reminds them about their six-person match tonight. She gets a group hug going when the new RAW Tag Team Champions appear with the RAW Women's Champion. They taunt them, saying tonight the champs will beat the chumps. The champs walk off.
- We go back to the announcers and they lead us to a video package on Seth Rollins, showing his history with Triple H and how he tried to hijack WWE NXT "Takeover: San Antonio" on Saturday night.
- Stephanie McMahon is backstage with Kevin Owens. He's trying to get out of tonight's title match. Stephanie says she had no idea Foley was making the match. She says it's completely unfair and after she's done with this Rollins business, she will talk to Foley about getting the match canceled. Owens thanks her and walks off. Back to commercial.

Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali
We go to the ring and out comes Tony Nese. Austin Aries is on commentary. Mustafa Ali is out next.
They go at it and Ali takes Nese down first. They trade holds and Ali nails a head scissors. Nese with a cheap knee to the gut before running Ali over. Nese keeps control for a 2 count. Nese with a big shot to the back of the neck. Nese whips Ali into the corner but runs into a boot. More counters and a pin attempt by Ali. Nese with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Nese dumps Ali to the apron. Ali comes back in with clotheslines. Nese with a kick to the head. Ali ends up coming back with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ali catches a kick and nails a spin kick of his own.
Ali goes to the top but Nese grabs his leg. Ali kicks him away and climbs back up for the inverted 450. Nese comes from behind and takes Ali's legs out. Ali falls on the back of his head. Nese drops his knee pad and nails the running knee in the corner for the win.
Winner: Tony Nese
- After the match, Nese poses as we go to replays. Aries interviews Nese on the stage. Nese ignores a question about critics and his charisma. Aries somewhat knocks him again and Nese says he doesn't have to answer questions from his critics. Nese walks off and Aries says Nese gave us nothing.
- Still to come, Stephanie and Rollins. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and Cole hypes the 2018 Royal Rumble in Philadelphia.

- We go to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins to a pop.
Rollins says he may have been banned from the arena at the Royal Rumble but he's here tonight and he's live. He knows Stephanie McMahon is backstage and wanted to come call him out but even billion dollar princesses don't always get what they want. Rollins calls Stephanie to the ring and the music hits.
Stephanie comes out and says Triple H isn't here tonight. Rollins says if Triple H isn't here, he doesn't care about Stephanie. He asks when she's going to let him off his leash. Stephanie laughs at Rollins insulting them. She says Triple H is afraid... of what he's going to do to Rollins, of bringing his dark side back out, of destroying what was his creation. She says she asked him to stay away. Rollins says if she expects us to believe that, she's far more delusional than she looks. She points out how Rollins hasn't seen gold since turning on them. She brings up him missing WrestleMania 32 and not being in the Royal Rumble last night. She says Rollins owes everyone an apology - her, Triple H and the fans. Rollins gets the fans going. Stephanie says the fans don't deserve an apology but she does.
Rollins says he's sorry... sorry that he's exposed Triple H for the gutless snake that he is, because his entire legacy is about to go up in smoke because he won't face Rollins. Rollins says he went to Takeover and called Triple H out but he had security do his dirty work. Rollins wonders who that guy in the suit was. He says it wasn't Triple H, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin... that was a scary dude. Rollins says Triple H is scared because Rollins is the greatest threat to Triple H's legacy. He says everyone knows it, including Stephanie based on the way she's always looked at Rollins. Stephanie says she looks at him with nothing but disgust. She says Rollins doesn't measure up to the man Triple H is because he's more than a man - he's a creator, a destroyer and a king. She says Rollins is an architect but if he keeps playing The Game, he will be The Architect of his own demise. Rollins says she doesn't get it... he has nothing to lose. Rollins threatens to show up at WWE HQ and invade the next board meeting. He asks how will Vince McMahon feel about that. Rollins asks what happens when he shows up at her front door and one of their little kids answer the door. Rollins says this doesn't end until he gets his hands on Triple H and slays The King. Stephanie backs away and stops. She lied... Triple H is on his way to the arena right now. Triple H is coming and he's coming for Rollins. She drops the mic and her music hits as Rollins watches her walk to the back.
- We get a look back at Braun, Owens, Jericho and Foley in the opening segment. Still to come, Braun vs. Owens plus a six-person match. Back to commercial.

Cesaro, Sheamus and Bayley vs. Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Charlotte
Back from the break and our first are Cesaro and Sheamus. Their partner Bayley is out next. New RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are out next, followed by RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Bayley and Charlotte look to start things off but it's Anderson and Cesaro going at it.
Gallows comes in to take over and Cesaro ends up out on the floor as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Anderson stops Cesaro from tagging with a spinebuster for the 2 count. Gallows tags back in and Cesaro avoids a double team but still can't get the tag. He decks Gallows and makes the tag. Sheamus runs wild on Gallows. Sheamus comes off the top with a clothesline for a 2 count. Sheamus with the 10 forearms on the apron now. Charlotte comes from behind and stops him. Bayley comes in and shoves her. The distraction allows Gallows to turn it back around. Sheamus catches him and tags in Cesaro for a top rope double team. Anderson breaks up a pin.
Cesaro sends Anderson to the floor. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing on Gallows. Charlotte tags in and in comes Bayley. Cesaro goes for a move off the top rope but almost loses his footing. He jumps back up and splashes Gallows and Anderson on the floor. Bayley ends up catching Charlotte in the Bayley-to-Belly for the pin.
Winners: Cesaro, Sheamus and Bayley
- After the match, the champions look on from the floor as Cesaro, Sheamus and Bayley celebrate.
- Stephanie approaches Foley backstage and isn't happy about Braun vs. Owens. She asks if he had a brain fart or just purposely forgot to tell her. Foley says she needs to respect the job she hired him for. She brings up how Triple H's music cost Seth Rollins' the match last week. She says it was a production error. Foley says he's not stupid and he needs Stephanie to treat him like that. Stephanie doesn't think he's stupid. She says Triple H will be here tonight. It looks like Braun vs. Owens is still on.
- Still to come, Neville is here. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville.
Neville says we saw the real coronation of the king of the cruiserweights last night at the Royal Rumble. Most importantly, he proved everyone wrong. He rants about how fans never supported him. Rich Swann's music and out he comes.
Swann comes out and talks about how he has a rematch coming. Neville ends up suggesting that Swann bow to his king. Swann turns to leave the ring but Neville tells him not to turn his back on his king. They start brawling. Neville with kicks. Swann comes back and sends Neville retreating. Swann stands tall as his music hits and Neville looks on from the stage.
- Still to come, Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Rusev and Jinder Mahal in a Tornado Tag Team match. Also, Braun vs. Owens.

- Back from the break and we see how Nia Jax best Sasha Banks at the Royal Rumble. Sasha is backstage with a trainer getting wrapped up when Bayley walks in. She's ready for the rematch but Bayley tries to warn her. Sasha doesn't want to hear it and walks off.
- We get another look back at the Royal Rumble.
- Owens is backstage when Jericho enters to inform him that the match with Braun is still on. Jericho reminds him that they still have the United States Title if something happens. Owens says he needs Jericho to help him tonight. Jericho is hesitant. He says it's a singles match, he wrestled for 61 minutes last night and Owens wasn't out there for his loss to Sami. Owens brings up them main eventing WrestleMania 33 and asks about Jericho having his back. Owens tries to get Jericho hyped up but he's hesitant. Back to commercial.

WWE Universal Title Match: Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens
Back from the break and out comes WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Chris Jericho stops and joins the announcers but says he has a plan and a strategy to help his best friend. Braun Strowman is out next.
Braun immediately floors Jericho at the announce table with a big boot. Owens looks on horrified. Braun grabs Jericho and chokeslams him through the announce table. Owens can't believe it. Braun marches to the ring now.
Braun enters the ring and we get formal ring introductions from JoJo. We see Jericho being taken to the back by trainers. The bell rings and Owens goes right to the floor. Braun chases him back in the ring. Owens decks him with rights but Owens pushes him away. Owens dropkicks Braun off the apron. He runs right back in and drops Owens. Braun works Owens over in the corner and whips him into another corner.
Braun with two big splashes in the corners. Braun stands tall to a mixed reaction. Owens goes to the floor for a breather but Braun knocks him into the barrier. Braun brings it back into the ring but Owens fights back. Braun with a clubbing blow to the chest, sending Owens back to the mat. They end up on the floor again and Braun goes into the ring post. Owens with a cannonball against the barrier. Owens returns to the ring as the referee counts. Braun makes it back in. Owens with a leg drop to the back of the neck and a senton. Owens with a Frogsplash for a 2 count. Owens with a kick to the face but Braun doesn't go down. Owens goes to the top but Braun grabs him for a running powerslam. Roman Reigns' music hits and out he comes to a louder mixed reaction.
Braun watches and yells as Reigns walks to the ring. Reigns steps up on the apron and they stare each other down. Reigns enters the ring and nails a Superman punch for the disqualification.
Winner by DQ: Braun Strowman
- After the bell, Braun just gets angry at the Superman punch. Reigns clotheslines him to the floor but he's still standing. Reigns goes out and jumps off the steel steps with a punch but Braun is still standing. Reigns with a spear off the steel steps to take Braun down. Reigns returns to the ring to spear Owens as he turns around. Fans boo as Reigns leaves to his music playing. Braun gets up and looks on before Reigns can make it to the stage as we go to replays. Braun makes his exit as Owens is down on the mat with the title.
- We get a look back at Rollins and Stephanie in the ring earlier tonight. The cameras cut outside and we see a vehicle pull up. Brock Lesnar steps out with Paul Heyman. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. The pyro goes off before they march to the ring.
The music stops and fans chant for Suplex City. Heyman says he's the advocate for the disgraced, fallen beast we see before us - Brock Lesnar. Heyman starts talking but the chants for Bill Goldberg interrupt. Heyman says their opinion doesn't matter but his does, so listen up. Heyman indicates that they're at the point where they must admit that Goldberg has Lesnar's number, but... he talks about Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak vs. Lesnar. The "yeah, but..." for Lesnar's career is Goldberg. He mentions the Survivor Series match and the easy elimination at the Royal Rumble last night. Heyman says it's to the point where every time he says Lesnar's name, someone says, "yeah, but... Goldberg." Fans chant for Goldberg again. Heyman says he truly despises "yeah, but..." and goes off. Heyman says "yeah, but..." must eliminated, eradicated, wiped out.
Heyman says Lesnar challenges Goldberg to one final match at WrestleMania 33. Goldberg points up at the WrestleMania sign hanging in the air. Heyman wraps the promo and drops the mic before they walk off.
- Still to come, Triple H will confront Seth Rollins. We go to commercial.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
Back from the break and out comes Sasha Banks. Nia Jax is out next for this Royal Rumble rematch.
Sasha starts off and nails a dropkick. Nia goes for a Samoan Drop but it's blocked. Nia throws her to the corner but hits the ring post shoulder first as Sasha moves. Nia ends up on the floor. Sasha kicks her and stops her from re-entering. Sasha with a baseball slide but Nia catches her. Nia ragdolls Sasha's knee into the ring post with a full nelson twice. Nia rolls her back into the ring and laughs.
Sasha kicks Nia away while on her back. Nia drops down on Sasha's back before wrapping her leg up. The bell rings but the referee looks surprised, as does Nia.
Winner: Nia Jax
- The referee appears to say something to the timekeeper but Nia won't break the hold. She finally breaks it and the ref checks on Sasha. Nia goes after her again with another submission. Bayley runs down for the save but keeps her distance. Nia breaks the hold and stares at Bayley. Bayley checks on Sasha as Nia leaves the ring to boos.
- Still come, the Tornado Tag Team match. Back to commercial after more Rumble stills.
- Back from the break and we see Sasha backstage walking with the help of a trainer and Bayley.
- We go to the ring and Lana is in the ring with a mic. She knocks Laredo, calling it a small, pathetic village. She introduces the man who makes her laugh as he crushes pathetic souls. She introduces Rusev and out he comes, still wearing the nose guard. Jinder Mahal is with him.

Tornado Tag Team Match: Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Jinder Mahal and Rusev
Enzo Amore and Big Cass are out next with promos on their opponents, and Lana. They called out Jinder for having so many bulging veins. The match starts and all four Superstars are legal at the same time. They end up on the floor with Enzo and Jinder going at it. Cass sends Rusev nose first into the barrier. Cass drops Rusev again and stands tall until Jinder attacks from behind. They double team Cass now. Enzo leaps on them for the save as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Jinder and Rusev have been in control. Enzo stops the double team on Cass. Rusev and Jinder end up taking Cass out again and double teaming Enzo for a few minutes. Rusev rakes Enzo's eyes with both hands now.
Cass comes back and unloads. He sends Jinder to the floor and catches Rusev with a big slam. Cass with the Empire Elbow for a 2 count on Rusev as Jinder breaks the pin. Jinder and Rusev double team Cass again. Rusev holds Cass while Jinder works him over. Jinder bounces off the rope but Enzo trips him and pulls him out of the ring. Jinder goes into the steel steps. Enzo gets on the apron and uses the rope on Rusev. Cass follows up with a big boot. Cass launches Enzo from the top for the win.
Winners: Big Cass and Enzo Amore
- After the match, Enzo and Cass celebrate.
- We see a limousine arrive to the arena outside. Triple H steps out and makes his way in. He doesn't look happy.
- The announcers plug the new WWE 24 on WrestleMania 32 premiering tonight after RAW via the WWE Network. Cole leads us to a preview.
- Back from the break and Goldberg is confirmed for next week's RAW.
- We go to the ring and out comes Triple H in a suit.
Triple H talks about Seth Rollins, Seth freaking Rollins, would become the face of WWE, the WWE Champion, at Triple H's side. He had everything he wanted from the business and more. All Rollins had to do was hold up his end of the bargain but he couldn't do it. Triple H says as soon as the pressure got to be too much, Rollins caved. He mocks Rollins for crying and giving back the WWE Universal Title. Triple H says Rollins spit in his face that night and hobbled up the ramp into obscurity. He thought the world wouldn't turn without Seth Rollins but it did and 7 months later, Rollins was a massive failure. Triple H says Rollins took no responsibility for failing, he blamed it on Triple H. Triple H says he's owed an apology. He says he gave Rollins the world but Rollins spit in his face.
Triple H says it's hard not to come out when Rollins calls him out. He says he doesn't come out because his wife asks him, because it's best for business. He says he's trying really hard not to be that guy, the guy who ends careers, crushes dreams, injures people and doesn't give a crap about anyone or what they think. He says he puts on his suit ever day, ties his stupid tie and goes to the office. He tries to put that behind him every day and be a creator, he tries to create something more for everyone in WWE but then a guy like Rollins shows up at Takeover and interrupts when he's trying to create, trying to create the next Seth freaking Rollins. Triple H says he's done trying, he's so done trying... he takes off his jacket. Fans chant for Triple H. Triple H says Rollins doesn't have to worry about coming to his house because he's standing right here, right now. Triple H says Rollins already knows who his creator is, now it's time for Rollins to get his ass to the ring and meet his destroyer.

Rollins comes out and stares Triple H down from the stage. He takes his shirt off and heads to the ring but Samoa Joe attacks out of nowhere at ringside. Joe unloads on Rollins and tosses him into the barrier. Joe launches Rollins into the barrier again. Fans chant "holy s--t" as Triple H approaches at ringside. Triple H stares down at Rollins and has a few words. Joe brings Rollins in the ring as Triple H walks up the ramp. Rollins tries to fight back but gets kicked in the head. Joe with three sentons. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch and takes Rollins down to the mat. Joe tightens the hold as Rollins starts fading. Rollins goes out and Joe stands tall looking crazy. RAW goes off the air.

Monday, January 30, 2017

AJ Styles Set For The Elimination Chamber

WWE posted the following after last night’s Royal Rumble PPV, confirming that AJ Styles will compete in the February 12th Elimination Camber Match…
While Orton’s opportunity at The Showcase of the Immortals is secure, Cena’s is not, yet. The Champ first must retain the title on Sunday, Feb. 12, in a WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match announced weeks ago by SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon. As of now, the only other competitor confirmed for that six-Superstar battle is Styles. If Cena is successful at WWE Elimination Chamber, only then will his WrestleMania match against Orton be set in stone.

Brock Lesnar Scheduled For Tonight’s Raw

– According to wrestlinginc.com, Brock Lesnar is scheduled to be at tonight’s Raw. Goldberg and The Undertaker are not advertised for tonight’s show.

Opinionated View- Yawn


WWE Raw Preview

WWE Monday Night RAW is live tonight from Laredo, Texas. Tonight is the fallout from last night’s Royal Rumble PPV. The only thing set for tonight is a face-off between RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins concerning Rollins’ actions at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio when he attempted to call out Triple H.

Opinionated View- Just what we don't need a long segment with Stephanie talking.

TNA Genesis and WWE Royal Rumble Review, Netflix and Lucha Underground

Sunday, January 29, 2017

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Report

The 2017 WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show opens up with Renee Young. She's joined by WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels. They hype tonight's show and send us backstage to Charly Caruso in the Social Media Lounge. She will be joined by WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose later tonight. Renee sends us to Peter Rosenberg outside of The Alamodome with a bunch of excited fans.
We see footage from WWE NXT "Takeover: San Antonio" of Seth Rollins calling Triple H out. More discussion on the Rumble before Renee leads us to a Rumble video package. We get more discussion from the panel and a promo for tonight's RAW Women's Title. Booker goes with Charlotte while Lawler and HBK agree. Rosenberg is in the arena now. He leads us to another Rumble promo.

Naomi, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and Natalya
We go to the ring and Mauro Ranallo welcomes us. He's joined by JBL, David Otunga and Tom Phillips. Greg Hamilton does the introductions as Naomi makes her way out first. Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch are out next. SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss is out next, followed by Mickie James. Natalya is out last.
Natalya starts off and taunts Nikki but gets slapped. Natalya tags Bliss right in and lets her start. Bliss and Nikki go at it now. Nikki counters and covers for a 2 count. Naomi tags in for a double dropkick on Bliss. Natalya tags back in. The heels go for a triple suplex but the babyfaces counter and hit it instead. Naomi ends up leaping out onto her opponents and taking them down. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and Becky is unloading on Natalya with leg lariats. Becky with the Firearm and a sidekick in the corner. Natalya goes to the floor for a breather. Becky follows but Mickie launches her into the barrier. Natalya with a snap suplex on the floor.
Natalya brings it back in and the heels keep control. Bliss tags in and works Becky over. Mickie with a cheap kick on Becky as Bliss covers for a 2 count. Natalya mocks Nikki but gets rolled up by Becky for 2. Natalya keeps control and covers for another 2 count. More back and forth as Bliss is back in. Natalya stops Becky from tagging. Naomi gets a hot tag and unloads on Bliss and Natalya. Naomi with her signature kicks on Bliss. Naomi drops Bliss and covers for a 2 count as Mickie breaks it up. Becky takes her out. Natalya takes Becky out. Nikki spears Natalya. Bliss and Naomi go at it again. Naomi drops her with a kick and hits the split-legged moonsault for the win.
Winners: Naomi, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch
- After the match, Naomi, Nikki and Becky stand tall as we go back to the panel.
- The panel leads us to a promo for tonight's WWE Universal Title match. Charly is backstage with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and WWE United States Champion Chris Jericho. They talk about how RAW General Manager Mick Foley has something against them. We come back to the panel and see the RAW announcers making their way to the ring.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Cesaro and Sheamus
We go to the ring and out comes RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus. Michael Cole welcomes us and he's joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are out next. Cesaro and Anderson go at it to start. Cesaro with an early 2 count. We have one referee in the ring and one at ringside. Sheamus comes in and goes at it with Anderson now.
More quick tags. Cesaro and Gallows go at it. Cesaro hits the springboard uppercut for a 2 count. Sheamus tags in for a double team suplex. Sheamus drops a knee on Gallows for a 2 count. Cesaro comes back in but Gallows gets the upperhand as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Sheamus ends up hitting the forearms to Gallows on the apron. Sheamus with a top rope clothesline for a 2 count. Cesaro comes in off the top with another 2 count. Gallows avoids the Cesaro Swing. Anderson tag sin and knocks Sheamus off the apron. Cesaro with an uppercut. Anderson drops him for a 2 count. The second referee stops some cheating. Cesaro with another 2 count. Anderson counters the Neutralizer. Cesaro comes back and hits the 619. Cesaro with a crossbody for a 2 count.
Anderson and Cesaro tangle. Anderson hits the spinebuster for a 2 count. Gallows comes in for a Magic Killer but Sheamus stops it. Cesaro with a DDT on Gallows. A referee goes down by accident after a Brogue Kick. Cesaro with the Swing on Anderson now. Cesaro with the Sharpshooter on Anderson now. Gallows comes in with a boot to the face to break it up. Anderson with a 2 count as Sheamus breaks it. Gallows and Sheamus brawl. More confusion with the referee. Gallows nails Sheamus with a kick. Sheamus eats a Magic Killer. Gallows and Anderson end up getting the pin for the win.
Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
- After the match, the champions celebrate with their titles as Cesaro and Sheamus look on from the ring.
- Back to the panel and Rosenberg has replaced HBK. Austin Aries joins the panel to discuss tonight's Cruiserweight Title match. Aries predicts a new champion tonight. We go backstage to Charly and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose in the Social Media Lounge.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
We go back to the ring and out comes Sasha Banks first. Nia Jax is out next.
They go at it to start but Nia overpowers early on. Nia tosses Sasha across the ring and then runs her over. Nia stands tall as we take another break.
Back from the break and Nia fights off a Banks Statement before going to work on Sasha's injured knee. More back and forth as Sasha fights back. Sasha comes off the top with knees but Nia kicks out at 2. Nia ends up catching Sasha in the pop-up Samoan Drop for the quick win.
Winner: Nia Jax
- After the match, Nia stands tall as we go to replays.
- We go back to the panel for more discussion on Triple H and Seth Rollins. Renee sends us to Stephanie McMahon. She says Rollins has officially been banned from The Alamodome and she will address his actions at WWE NXT "Takeover: San Antonino" on tomorrow's RAW. Stephanie is positive that a member of RAW will win the Rumble tonight. The panel leads us to a promo for tonight's WWE Title match.

- We go to the ring and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels to a big hometown pop.
Shawn talks about his Rumble history in San Antonio and hypes tonight's main event. Shawn says there's only one thing left to do... get this party started. Shawn says they want San Antonio to have fun like only they can do and make some noise like only they can do. And if you're not down with that... the crowd finishes the line for HBK as his music hits. Cole talks about how they had some WWE Network sign-up issues but those have been cleared up and fans still have time to join for the Rumble.
- We go back to the panel for more discussion on tonight's pay-per-view. That's it for the pre-show.
- The 2017 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view opens with a video package. We're live from The Alamodome in San Antonio as Michael Cole welcomes us and the pyro goes off.

RAW Women's Title Match: Bayley vs. Charlotte
We go right to the ring and out comes Bayley to a pop. RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is out next as Cole introduces us to some of the international announce teams at ringside.
We get formal ring introductions from JoJo. They lock up and go at it. Charlotte slams Bayley first. Back and forth until Bayley catches Charlotte with a cutter on the second rope. Bayley comes through the ropes and takes Charlotte down on the floor with a head scissors. Bayley with a crossbody from the second rope to the floor. Bayley brings it back in the ring for a 2 count.
Charlotte turns it back around and brings it in for a 2 count. Charlotte slams Bayley's face into the mat repeatedly. Charlotte keeps control and nails a running boot for a 2 count. Charlotte uses scissors to slam Bayley into the mat a few more times. Charlotte tosses Bayley with her legs and stands tall. Charlotte with another pin attempt before some taunting and trash talking.
They both go down after a double clothesline. Bayley looks for a comeback but Charlotte chops her into the corner. Bayley with more offense. She nails a springboard crossbody. Bayley with more offense. Bayley drops Charlotte on her face. Bayley goes to the top but takes too much time and has to come down. Bayley stomps on Charlotte for a 2 count. Bayley goes back to the top and nails a big elbow drop for a 2 count.
Charlotte turns it back around after going for the knee. Charlotte applies the Figure Four. Bayley manages to turn it around on her. Charlotte reverses it into the Figure Eight and uses the ropes for leverage but the referee sees it and stops her. More back and forth. Charlotte ends up getting the win out of nowhere after a Natural Selection on the apron.
Winner: Charlotte
- After the match, Charlotte recovers as we go to replays. Charlotte stands tall in the ring with her title as Bayley shows frustration outside of the ring.
- We see the shark cage being lowered over the ring. Cole leads us to a promo for the next match.

No DQ Match for the WWE Universal Title: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens
We go to the ring and the shark cage is waiting for Chris Jericho in the middle. The music hits and out comes WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens with the WWE United States Champion. Roman Reigns is out next. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.
Jericho stalls on going into the cage. Owens and Jericho beat Reigns down but he fights them off and puts Jericho in the cage. The cage is raised above the ring as we get the bell. Reigns goes at it to start but Owens turns it around. Reigns rocks Owens and sends him to the floor. Reigns knocks Owens over the barrier and they fight through the crowd now.
They fight back to the ringside area and Reigns uses the German announce table. Owens turns it around and sends Reigns into the steel steps. Owens takes the hood off the Spanish announce table and throws it on Reigns. Owens goes under the ring and brings out a bunch of steel chairs. Owens jabs Reigns with a chair shot to the ribs. Owens ends up hitting a big corner cannonball into the barrier. Owens poses on the announce table to a mixed reaction. Owens stands a bunch of chairs on top of each other at ringside. Another chair shot to the ribs, and another. Owens adds to his mountain of steel chairs and brings Reigns back into the ring. Owens goes to powerbomb Reigns from the apron through the chair mountain but it's blocked. Reigns rocks Owens with a right hand. Reigns tries to suplex Owens from the ring onto the chairs but Owens blocks it. Owens drops Reigns over the top rope. Owens tries to knock Reigns into the chairs but Reigns hangs on. Owens charges but Reigns comes in with clotheslines.
Reigns turns it back around as Jericho looks on from the cage. Reigns brings a table inside the ring but Owens nails a Backstabber for a 2 count. Owens goes for a corner cannonball and mocks Reigns. Reigns blocks the cannonball and nails a sitdown powerbomb for a close 2 count. Reigns looks up as Jericho tries to distract him with the cage. They end up on the floor again. Owens with two superkicks to place Reigns on top of a table. Owens goes to the top and nails a big Frogsplash through the table. Fans chant "holy s--t" now.
More action inside the ring now. Reigns crashes into a chair in the corner. Jericho drops brass knuckles down to Owens. Owens mocks Reigns. A Superman punch from Owens is blocked. Reigns tries to get the knuckles. Owens hits the Superman punch on Reigns but Reigns still kicks out at 2. Owens stands a chair up in the middle of the ring. Owens goes for a powerbomb onto the chair but Reigns resists. Reigns counters and puts Owens through the chair with a Samoan Drop. Owens kicks out at 2.
Reigns goes to the floor and is frustrated. Reigns brings a table from under the ring and slides it in. Reigns stands the table up in the corner. Owens rolls him up from behind for a 2 count. Reigns nails a Superman punch and Owens goes down but kicks out at 2. Reigns readies for a spear through the table but Owens kicks him and nails a stunner for a 2 count. Owens with many stomps in the corner now. Owens with a corner cannonball. Owens goes to the top to try for a superplex through the chair mountain but Reigns counters and sends Owens through the chairs instead. Jericho looks on at his best friend laid out on top of the chairs.
Reigns goes for a big powerbomb through the announce table and nails it. Reigns brings Owens back into the ring and readies for a spear. Braun Strowman appears and pulls Reigns out of the ring. Braun sends Reigns into the ring post and then chokeslams him on top of an announce table. It doesn't break. Braun rolls Reigns into the ring and follows. Braun nails a big running powerslam through the table in the corner. Owens crawls over and covers for the win.
Winner: Kevin Owens
- After the match, Owens recovers as the shark cage is lowered to the ring. Braun has already left. Jericho is freed from the cage. He goes to check on Owens as we get replays. Owens and Jericho leave together while Reigns is still down in the ring.
- We take another break, including a KFC commercial with Big Cass and Enzo Amore.
- We come back to the announcers and they're sitting at ringside with no table. More hype for the Rumble.
- Backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley. They have a Rumble tumbler. Sami Zayn picks #8 and Dean Ambrose also picks but won't reveal his number.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Neville vs. Rich Swann
WWE Network issues to start this match. No handshake between the two. They go at it to start. Neville takes control and brings it to the floor as my feed cuts back out.
Neville controls a good part of the match it seems but the feed comes back to Swann in control. Swann hits a running lariat and a jumping Frogsplash for a close 2 count. Swann goes to the top but Neville crotches him.
Neville climbs up for a superplex but Swann fights him. They end up on the mat. Swann with a big kick. Neville with a superkick of his own. Neville goes for a move but Swann counters and rolls him up for 2. Swann almost puts Neville away with a kick but Neville gets his foot on the bottom rope. Swann keeps control but Neville runs up the top and nails the big superplex for a 2 count. Neville goes right into a submission in the middle of the ring. Swann taps and Neville wins the gold.
Winner and New WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Neville
- After the match, Neville takes his time breaking the hold. We go to replays as the new champion celebrates. We come back to Neville leaving with the gold.
- The announcers lead us to a promo for the WWE Title match.
WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. AJ Styles
We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Champion AJ Styles. He watches as John Cena makes his way out next. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton and he's fired up.
We get some trash talking and stalling to start. Cena with a big clothesline to take control. Cena takes AJ into the corner and works him over. AJ turns it around and keeps Cena down. AJ taunts Cena. Cena comes right back and uses his power. Cena goes for an early Attitude Adjustment but Styles lands on his feet and nails an enziguri. Cena makes another comeback. More back and forth now. AJ with a 2 count after a forearm.
Cena comes back as some fans boo. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but AJ blocks it and fights back. AJ with a German suplex and a Facebuster for a 2 count. AJ keeps control until Cena turns him inside out with a clothesline. Cena nails the Shuffle but AJ's still in it. Cena rocks AJ while he sits on the top. Cena climbs up for a superplex but AJ counters and ends up hitting a spin-out powerbomb for a 2 count. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Cena ducks it. Cena nails the AA for a 2 count.
Cena waits for AJ to get up now. Cena with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Cena waits for AJ to get up again. Cena goes for another clothesline but AJ ducks and catches him with a pele kick. More back and forth. AJ nails a Phenomenal Forearm for a 2 count. AJ misses a kick. Cena gets him in the Electric Chair and drops him into a Facebuster. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now.
Cena ends up going for the AA again but AJ counters it into the Calf Crusher. Cena gets AJ in the STF now. Cena pulls AJ back from the bottom rope and tightens the hold. More back and forth. AJ gets the STF applied on Cena now. Cena powers up with AJ on his back. Cena goes for an AA but AJ counters. They trade counters. Cena gets the Figure Four locked. They trade counters and reversals again. Cena powers up and slams AJ. Cena slowly climbs to the top as AJ is still down. Cena goes for the leg drop but AJ blocks it. AJ goes for the Styles Clash and nails it but Cena still kicks out at 2.
Cena blocks the springboard 450 with his knees. Cena nails a Destroyer for a close 2 count. More back and forth and close calls. Cena catapults AJ into the corner and nails a cutter for a 2 count. Cena takes AJ to the second rope for a super AA and he nails it. AJ still kicks out at 2. Cena can't believe it. AJ counters another AA and nails the Styles Clash. AJ crawls to the apron and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Cena blocks it and turns it into an AA. Cena immediately nails another AA for the win and the title.
Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena
- After the match, Cena celebrates as his music hits and we get replays. Cena celebrates with fans at ringside and stops to greet some Make-A-Wish fans. Cena makes his exit while celebrating with the WWE Title.
- We go back to Cole and Graves as WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler comes out to join them for the main event. They lead us to a video package on the Rumble.
30-Man Royal Rumble Match
We go back to the ring and JoJo announces the rules of the match. The #1 entrant is revealed to be Big Cass. He comes out with Enzo Amore, who does their introductions. #2 is revealed to be Chris Jericho and out comes the WWE United States Champion. They meet in the middle of the ring and go at it. Cass takes it to the corners and nails a splash. Cass with a fall-away slam as "stupid idiot" chants start up.
More back and forth. Kalisto is out next for his Rumble debut. He was not previously announced. He comes in and nails Cass, then goes to work on Jericho. Cass and Kalisto go at it until a big boot floors Kalisto. Jericho works over Cass with chops now. The next man out is Mojo Rawley.
Mojo comes in with a big shoulder on Kalisto. Mojo nails Jericho next. Cass comes after Mojo but he fights back. Jericho and Mojo work on eliminating Cass now. He fights them both off. The next man out is Jack Gallagher, who was not advertised. Gallagher decks Cass and Mojo with his umbrella. Kalisto counters but Gallagher gets the upperhand. Jericho drops Gallagher from behind. Jericho slams Gallagher and stands tall. Gallagher comes from behind with a low blow using the umbrella. Gallagher embarrasses Jericho and dropkicks him. Cass and Kalisto go at it in the corner. Mojo tries to eliminate Cass. Mark Henry is out next. He also was not advertised.
Henry splashes Cass in the ring. Gallagher headbutts Henry. Henry eats it and eliminates Gallagher.
Henry gets a big pop from Texas but Gallagher comes off the top with the umbrella. Henry grabs him and tosses him over the top. The next man out is Braun Strowman. Braun comes in and eliminates Mojo. Cass goes for a big boot but Braun moves and Cass gets hung up. Braun eliminates Cass. Kalisto comes over next but Braun eliminates him, tossing him out onto Cass and Mojo.
Henry and Braun go at it now. Braun sends him to the apron but Henry hangs on. Braun eliminates Henry.
Sami Zayn is out next. He unloads on Braun but gets dropped. Braun clubs Sami to the mat. Braun charges twice but runs into boots. Sami tries to suplex Braun but Braun scoops him. Sami counters and sends Braun into the ring post. Sami tries to dump Braun over the top but there's no chance. Sami keeps fighting until Braun runs over him. Braun keeps up the attack. The next man out is Big Show.
Braun stares Show down as he marches to the ring. Show steps over the top rope and they meet in the middle of the ring. Show blocks a right hand and unloads on Braun. Braun comes back with a clothesline. Show ends up nailing a big chokeslam on Braun. Jericho slides back into the ring but Show blocks a Codebreaker. Show drops Jericho with a knockout punch. Show scoops Braun and goes to eliminate him but it's blocked. Braun scoops Show for an elimination but that's blocked. Braun tries again and Big Show is eliminated.
The next man out is Tye Dillinger to a pop. He enters at #10. Dillinger runs to the ring and ducks a clothesline. Dillinger goes to work on Braun but he won't go down. Dillinger mounts Braun in the corner as fans count along. Braun picks him up but Sami makes the save. Sami and Dillinger team up to take on Braun now. Braun fights them off. They go for a double suplex but Braun counters and suplexes them at the same time. The next man out is James Ellsworth. Carmella is with him.
Ellsworth doesn't want to enter because Braun is waiting. Carmella tells him to go on. Sami and Dillinger come from behind to try and dump Braun but he hangs on. Braun brings himself back in and runs over Sami and Dillinger at the same time. Braun splashes them both in opposite corners. Ellsworth still hasn't entered the ring. The next man out is WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. Ambrose talks Ellsworth up to help him take on Braun. Ellsworth falls for it but Ambrose lets him run into the ring by himself. Braun grabs Ellsworth and tosses him over the top. Ellsworth is eliminated.
Ambrose with a top rope elbow on Braun. Braun fights Ambrose off. Ambrose counters. Ambrose, Dillinger and Sami all work on Braun now. He fights them off and hits corner splashes on Sami and Ambrose. The next man out is Baron Corbin. Corbin hits the ring and unloads on Braun as Ambrose jumps on Braun's back. It's 4-on-1 now. Braun fights out and boots Corbin. Braun eliminates Dillinger by tossing him over the top.
The triple team on Braun continues. Corbin eliminates Braun with a big clothesline over the top.
Ambrose with Dirty Deeds on Corbin. Sami works on Ambrose now. The New Day music hits and out comes Kofi Kingston next. Kofi dropkicks Sami and tosses him to the apron. Ambrose grabs Kofi and throws him to the apron. Sami tries to dump Ambrose. Kofi tries to dump Sami. Corbin decks Kofi. Corbin drops Kofi with a right. Ambrose goes to work on Corbin now. The next man out is The Miz at #15, accompanied by Maryse. They kiss and she heads to the back. Miz with a Skull Crashing Finale to Sami. Corbin ends up hitting a Deep Six on Miz. Kofi goes to the top but Corbin points at him. Corbin takes his legs out and Kofi smacks the top of the ring post but he hangs on. Kofi comes back in with a Trouble In Paradise to Corbin. The next man out is Sheamus.
Sheamus comes out with clotheslines. Sheamus with the 10 forearms to The Miz. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on someone. Ambrose and Sami try to eliminate Sheamus now. The next entrant is Big E. Big E with an abdominal stretch on Miz. Big E with a big thrust in the corner. Kofi jumps off his back and nails Miz. Sheamus works on Corbin now. Kofi and Big E work on dumping Miz. Sami and Ambrose go at it. The next entrant is Rusev. Lana walks him out but heads to the back. Rusev is wearing a nose guard after suffering the broken nose on RAW from Kofi's crossbody. Rusev enters the ring and goes wild.
Rusev works on Ambrose now. Sheamus with uppercuts on The Miz. The next Superstar out is Cesaro. Cesaro with a Cesaro Swing on Sami, then a Swing for Ambrose. Kofi also goes for a Swing, as does Big E. Cesaro is dizzy now. Corbin charges but Cesaro hits him with the Swing as well. Cesaro goes for a Swing on Sheamus next but Sheamus pleads. Fans pop as Cesaro considers it. Rusev drops Cesaro. Rusev tries to dump Cesaro but Sheamus makes the save. Miz and Kofi work on Ambrose. The next entrant is Xavier Woods for his Rumble debut. Woods sends Sheamus into the ring post and clotheslines him. Kofi follows up with a kick. Woods and Kofi double team Sheamus and hold him while Big E nails the big splash.
Kofi and Miz go at it now. Big E scoops Miz and drops him into kicks from Woods and Kofi. The next Superstar out is Bray Wyatt by himself as the arena lights up. Cesaro works on Rusev now. Big E goes after Sami. Bray enters the ring and plants Miz into the mat. Wyatt takes Ambrose down next. Wyatt drops Cesaro and then Rusev. Wyatt stares Woods down in the middle of the ring and he freezes. Woods ducks and nails Wyatt. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but it's blocked. Wyatt floors Woods with a clothesline. Wyatt tosses Woods but he hangs on. Cesaro and Sheamus go at it with Woods and Kofi now. The next man out is Apollo Crews.
Crews debuts in the Rumble and unloads. Wyatt slows him down with a kick. Ambrose goes after Wyatt. Big E saves Kofi and Woods again. Sheamus and Cesaro eliminate Kofi, Woods and Big E at the same time. Sheamus tries to dump Cesaro but Jericho eliminates them both at the same time. Sheamus and Cesaro argue at ringside now.
Randy Orton is out next. Orton hits the ring and unloads with clotheslines. Orton catches Miz in a powerslam. Orton with a RKO on Corbin, then Rusev. Sami comes off the top rope but Orton catches him on the way down with a RKO. Wyatt and Orton pose together. Jericho attacks Orton as Wyatt goes for Ambrose. Dolph Ziggler is out next. Ziggler hits the ring with superkicks. Rusev catches a kick but Ziggler counters and nails a superkick. Ziggler with a double DDT on Miz and Crews. Ziggler superkicks Miz and Crews. Crews and Miz both hang on. Ziggler and Ambrose go at it now. Luke Harper is out next at #25.
Orton watches as Harper comes in and goes to work on Crews. Harper dumps Crews to the apron and eliminates him. Harper and Orton lock eyes now.
Wyatt plays peacekeeper but Harper floors Wyatt to a pop. Orton attacks but Harper ducks and drops him with a big boot. Harper picks Wyatt up by his hair. Harper kisses Wyatt on the forehead and goes for a Sister Abigail but Orton makes the save with a RKO on Harper. Ambrose works on Jericho now. The next Superstar out to the ring is Brock Lesnar to a big pop. Paul Heyman is right behind him.
Pyro goes off as Lesnar marches to the ring. Lesnar goes right after Ambrose and tosses him. Ambrose is eliminated. Lesnar eliminates Ziggler next. Lesnar with Germans on Rusev, Jericho and Corbin. Miz takes a F5. Orton approaches but Lesnar hits him with a F5. Lesnar stands tall as fans start chanting for Goldberg.
Out next comes Enzo Amore, who was not advertised. Enzo charges the ring as Lesnar waits and everyone else is down. Lesnar dares him to enter the ring. Enzo hops on the apron and stares Lesnar down. Enzo takes his shirt off and gets riled up. Enzo charges but Lesnar turns him inside out with a big clothesline. Lesnar eliminates Enzo. Lesnar with a suplex on Sami, then Jericho. Lesnar kicks Rusev and hits him with knees. Lesnar with a snap suplex on Rusev too. The next man out is Bill Goldberg to a pop.
Goldberg marches to the ring as pyro goes off. Lesnar waits. Goldberg enters and ducks a shot from Lesnar. Goldberg spears Lesnar to a pop. Goldberg clotheslines Lesnar over the top. Lesnar is eliminated.
Lesnar can't believe it. Goldberg takes out Corbin next, then Jericho. Sami attacks but Goldberg hits him with a Jackhammer. Orton and Wyatt double team Goldberg now. Goldberg ducks and nails a double spear on The Wyatts. The next man out is The Undertaker to a pop.
The lights come on and Taker is already in the ring. Goldberg turns around and they come face to face. Taker grabs Goldberg by his throat but they're attacked by Corbin and Rusev. Corbin works over Taker. Goldberg eliminates Rusev. Taker eliminates Corbin. Taker turns around to a spear from Goldberg. Harper attacks but Goldberg eliminates him. Taker eliminates Goldberg.
Miz and Sami attack Taker now. Taker fights them off. Taker chokeslams Miz, then Sami. Wyatt gets dropped by Taker, as does Orton. The final entrant is Roman Reigns to a very mixed reaction.
Reigns walks to the ring as Taker looks on. Reigns stops at ringside and they lock eyes. Reigns steps on the apron and enters. They meet in the middle of the ring. Taker with a right hand. Reigns fights back and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Taker with a big clothesline. Taker goes for a chokeslam on Reigns but it's blocked. Reigns with a Superman punch on Taker. Taker blocks the next Superman punch and chokeslams Reigns. Taker blocks a RKO. Taker drops Wyatt. Taker eliminates Miz with a clothesline. Taker eliminates Sami with a clothesline. Taker tosses Reigns but he hangs on. Taker grabs Jericho in mid-air and chokeslams him.
Taker cuts his own throat to a pop. Reigns comes from behind and eliminates Taker to boos. The two stare each other down as some fans do the "bulls--t" chant. Reigns grabs Jericho and tosses him but Jericho hangs on. Jericho fights back and goes to the top. Reigns eliminates him from the top with a Superman punch. It's down to Reigns, Wyatt and Orton.
Orton and Wyatt double team Reigns now. Orton with the second rope draping DDT. Reigns blocks a double team and nails Superman punches. Reigns eliminates Wyatt by tossing him. Reigns readies for a spear on Orton. Orton blocks it in mid-air with a RKO. Orton clotheslines Reigns over the top for the win.
Winner: Randy Orton
- Randy Orton is going to WrestleMania 33. JoJo announces the winner as Orton's music hits and he celebrates. We get replays and come back to Orton posing in the corners. The pyro goes off around the WrestleMania 33 sign as Orton looks on. More pyro goes off on the stage. The Royal Rumble goes off the air with Orton standing tall