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Breaking News: Brock Lesnar at UFC 184

Brock Lesnar is at UFC 184 tonight. As you can see was spotted talking to UFC president Dana White.

Opinionated View- Here the thing the only guy that knows what Brock is going to do is Brock. But he knows how to play to the game. I have always thought Brock was going to stay with wrestling based on a number of things. But he is going to use the threat of the UFC to get Vince to pay him.

IMPACT WRESTLING Unlocked: IMPACT Top 5 Week of Feb 28, 2015

Vince Russo Leaves Pyro & Ballyhoo Website

In a post on his official Facebook page, Vince Russo announced he will no longer be associated with his subscription website Pyro & Ballyhoo. His Facebook post is available below.

According to Russo, “I will not be posting anything—blogs, videos, podcasts, from this point going forward. I am no way any longer associated with the site.” PWInsider reports that Russo announced overnight that he was going to shut down the subscription site, go on hiatus, or leave the website. Russo later announced on Twitter that the site is going on hiatus, “effective immediately.” That tweet is also available below.

There does not currently appear to be any announcement on the website on Russo’s departure or the site’s current hiatus.

Vince Russo's Pyro & Ballyhoo
Public Figure · 9,613 Likes
· 5 hrs ·
As of today I am no longer associated with the website, or brand, in any way, shape, or form. I will not be posting anything---blogs, videos, podcasts, from this point going forward. I am no way any longer associated with the site.
Please know, that if you renew your monthly membership, you will not be getting any content from Vince Russo from this day going forward. I also ask you to not buy any Vince Russo merch...andise, as I no longer have access to the orders.
I will keep you all updated of my future endeavors here on my Facebook page.
As always I have been and still am very thankful for all your support.
I'll keep you posted.

Vince Russo         @pyroballyhoo
Pyro and Ballyhoo going on hiatus effective immediately. Thank you for all your support. I'll be in touch. 

Watch the ESPN 30 For 30 Short on the Vonc Erich Family has posted the full "30 for 30 Shorts" episode focusing on the Von Erich family titled "Wrestling The Curse." The official preview for the episode is as follows.
"The Adkinsons had a successful family business. But it wasn't a typical enterprise passed on from father Jack to his five sons. It was wrestling, and they were the Von Erichs, bringing entertainment across Texas in the 1980s-and heartbreak to themselves."
You can check out the full episode at the link below. 30 for 30 Shorts: Wrestling The Curse

PWG 02/27/15 From Out Of Nowhere Results

Biff Busick def ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey via rear naked choke.
– Bailey got over well
Cedric Alexander def Tommaso Ciampa via side suplex into a backbreaker.
– Innovative offense from both
Trent? & Chuck Taylor def Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) via Double chokeslam on Reynolds
ACH def AR Fox via dead lift german after a Stone Cold Stunner
Chris Hero def Drew Gulak via piledriver
– Stiff and good story telling around Hero’s left ankle
Ricochet def Matt Sydal via reverse Bloody Sunday driver
– Really good high flying match
Young Bucks def Monster Mafia (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) via Meltzer driver on Page after Nick blew a kiss to Meltzer who was at the show
PWG World Title
Roderick Strong def Trevor Lee via Orange Crush Backbreaker
– Lee teased the package piledriver twice but didn’t hit it.
Strong challenges Zack Sabre Jr for the next show on April 3rd.

2/27 IMPACT Wrestling Report: MVP vs. Lashley

Results courtesy of
IMPACT Results: World Title Match, Awesome Kong Responds to Taryn, Beat Down Clan and More
Impact Coverage by Bobby James

February 27, 2015
Impact Wrestling opens with a recap of MVP winning the gauntlet to become the number one contender to Lashley’s World Heavyweight Championship. Kurt Angle enters the ring and calls out Lashley. Angle says he worked for over a year to have another shot at the title. He declares that he’ll have his opportunity – and that after tonight, he hopes Lashley is still the champion, after facing The Beat Down Clan. After Angle leaves, The BDC enters to confront the champ. Samoa Joe says Lashley should listen to Angle – and that all of Lashley’s success is owed to every member of The BDC. The fans responds with a chorus of boos and “You sold out!” chants. MVP says The BDC is united – and that Lashley will be standing alone.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud
EC3, clippers in hand, enters with Tyrus in tow. Anderson and Spud are out next. Mr. Anderson mocks Tyrus as the crowd taunts EC3 with a “You can’t wrestle!” chant. Anderson mounts Tyrus in the corner and connects with a series of rights. Spud tags in and continues the assault, until Tyrus overpowers Spud, slamming him to the mat. Tyrus tags EC3. EC3 grabs Spud by the hair, but Spud counters with a kick to the face. Anderson is tagged back into the match, sending EC3 fleeing back to his corner. Tyrus and Anderson are again the legal men. Anderson goes on the offensive and the crowd comes alive with a “We Want Spud!” chant. Tyrus takes a cheap shot, sending Spud flying off the apron. Tyrus and EC3 shift the momentum and take control of Mr. Anderson. EC3 and Tyrus exchange tags and isolate Anderson. Spud reaches for a tag. Tyrus misses a splash from the ropes, allowing Anderson to make the tag! Spud connects with a couple knees to the head before a shining wizard. Spud grabs Tyrus by the head and runs up the turnbuckle – Spud connects with an Underdog! The referee gets distracted by Spud and EC3, allowing Mr. Anderson to hit Tyrus with a low-blow and a Mic Check! Spud makes the cover to get the win!
Winners: Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

Post-match: Tyrus rolls to the outside as Anderson and Spud stalk EC3 – to make him a client in Spud’s Barber Shop! Tyrus makes the save just in time
Backstage: Ethan Carter III vows revenge!

Taryn Terrell enters the ring. She says she’s the champion of a locker room full of women she respects. She calls out Awesome Kong – inviting her to try taking the title. Gail Kim answers instead. Gail says she respects Taryn as a woman – and as a champion – but she cautions Taryn against calling out Awesome Kong. Gail reminds Taryn of what Kong did to Havok. Then, she says Kong is the most dominant woman to ever compete in professional wrestling. Taryn says she respects Gail and her opinion – but that she’s a fighting champion. Taryn says she needs to fight Kong. Gail leaves the ring. The arena goes dark and when the lights come up, Taryn is face to face with Kong! Taryn charges Kong, but she’s powered down hard. Kong drops Taryn with an Implant Buster before grabbing the title and hoisting it into the air. Kong drops the belt beside the fallen champion and confidently takes her leave.

Backstage: MVP talks strategy with the rest of The BDC.

Backstage: Austin Aries is asked about MVP vs. Lashley. Aries says he has the perfect surprise ending for the show (he holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase).

Intergender Tag Team Match
Angelina Love and Robbie E vs. Brooke and Chris Melendez
DJ Z and Jessie Godderz accompany Angelina Love and Robbie E. Brooke enters before her partner, Sergeant Chris Melendez!
Melendez and Robbie E start that match. Robbie E swats at Brooke. Chris Melendez takes Robbie E down with a suplex. Chris Melendez puts Robbie E in an arm lock and Brooke tags herself in. Robbie E retreats and tags in Angelina Love. Angelina makes a quick tag back to Robbie E. As Brooke chases after her ex, Angelina takes a cheap shot. Robbie E tags Angelina back into the match. Angelina goes on the offense, dropping Brooke with a series of slams. Angelina misses a clothesline in the corner and Brooke comes alive, sending Angelina into retreat. Robbie E makes a tag, unknown to Brooke. Brooke climbs the turnbuckle – and Robbie E shoves her from the top rope! He makes the cover and the pin for the win. The BroMans and Angelina use a selfie stick to take a picture with the fallen Knockout.
Winners: Robbie E and Angelina Love

Backstage: Ethan Carter III corners Rockstar Spud in the locker room. He turns on the clippers! Spud screams from inside the dressing room. Anderson rushes in to make the save – but EC3 got a chunk of hair! Tyrus makes the save for EC3.

Backstage: Gunner confronts Kurt Angle about his passive attitude regarding The BDC. Gunner says Angle needs a little motivation – he slaps Angle in the face!

Austin Aries enters the arena! The crowd chants “Aries!” Aries says, “I have a first name, too!” The crowd changes the chant to “Austin Aries!” He says everyone’s jockeying for power in TNA – but that he has all the power in his hand. He holds up his “Feast or Fired” briefcase. Aries asks what if he decided to cash in tonight – what if the night ended with “And your NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion – Austin Aries?” Samoa Joe comes from the back. He says Aries has no chance of cashing in the briefcase. Joe says that he can snap his fingers and make sure Aries cashes in nothing ever again. Aries asks what happened to Samoa Joe. He wonders if Joe is MVP’s lap dog – if he gives MVP foot rubs and gets him chamomile tea. Joe threatens to snap Aries’ neck. Aries accepts the challenge and dives out of the ring at Samoa Joe!

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe
Aries and Joe’s impromptu battle carries into the ring. Aries dominates the “Samoan Submission Machine” and gets a two-count. Joe counters a brainbuster attempt by hanging Aries over the top rope and sending him to the outside with a huge kick to the face! Joe drives Aries into the steel steps, then he tosses him into the steps again for good measure. He rolls Aries back into the ring and crowds him into the corner. Joe is relentless with a series of stomps. Joe connects with a running knee and a headbutt to the kidneys. Joe and Aries trade forearm shots, but Aries gets the better of the exchange before Joe counters with an atomic drop, a stiff kick and a splash! Joe locks in a bear hug. Aries boxes Joe’s ears. Joe rakes the eyes, but when he charges Aries, he’s sent to the outside. Aries jumps from the turnbuckle and connects with a clubbing blow. Joe rolls into the ring and Aries mounts some offense. Aries attempts another brainbuster; Joe counters into a full nelson. Joe attempts a muscle buster; Aries counters into a school boy.

Samoa Joe kicks out before two and Aries locks in the Last Chancery. Kenny King comes to ringside and distracts Aries with his briefcase. Aries sends Joe into King before connecting with a crucifix and a 450 splash for the win.
Winner: Austin Aries

Post-match: Low Ki and Kenny King rush into the ring and a three-on-one attack ensues. The BDC drapes Austin Aries over a table. Low Ki climbs the ropes and comes down with a Warrior’s Way – but the table doesn’t break! Joe crashes onto Aries, sending him through the table the rest of the way!
Backstage: Lashley says that if MVP wants to be the champion – he’ll have to go through him. Lashley says he didn’t ask for – and doesn’t need – Angle’s help.

Backstage: MVP enlists Eric Young to help make the title change hands.

British Boot Camp Match:
Nolan Dar vs. Rampage Brown
Nolan Dar and Rampage Brown start what has the potential to be a competitive match, but they’re interrupted by Bram.
Bram destroys the rookie competitors by dropping each with an Impaler DDT. Bram grabs a microphone and asks Magnus if this looks familiar. He calls out Magnus, now! Grado responds to Bram’s call. Grado climbs into the ring and gets in Bram’s face. Bram powers through Grado and drops him with an Impaler DDT as well. Bram screams, “I’m waiting for your Magnus!” before leaving the arena as his victims reel in pain.
Winner: No Contest

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
MVP vs. Lashley (c)
MVP, accompanied by The BDC, awaits the champion. “The Destroyer” Lashley enters powerfully and confidently. Lashley takes MVP off his feet with a huge clothesline. The champion dominates early with a hanging vertical suplex, but their fight spills to the outside. The BDC attempts interference. While the official, Brian Stiffler, is distracted by The BDC, MVP takes control with a running kick to Lashley’s face. Stiffler ejects Low Ki from ringside, but the interference paid off. MVP rolls Lashley into the ring and makes a cover. Lashley’s out at two. MVP connects with a well-placed kick to the spine before working over Lashley’s arm and shoulder. MVP tosses Lashley from the ring and distracts Brian Stiffler. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe and Kenny King attack the champion. MVP applies a figure-four wrist lock, but Lashley refuses to quit. Lashley counters with a couple rights before both men catch one another with clotheslines. They’re both down. MVP and Lashley trade shots until Lashley gains the advantage, sending MVP to the mat. Lashley powers into MVP with a huge shoulder block and spinebuster! Lashley sets up for a spear, but Kenny King grabs his ankle, allowing MVP to rush in with a boot the face and an exploder suplex. Lashley spears MVP, but as he falls, MVP takes out Brian Stiffler! Eric Young rushes into the ring and attacks Lashley with a steel chair! Eric Young sets Lashley up for the piledriver; Bobby Roode makes the save! Lashley and MVP make it back to their feet. Lashley drops MVP with a huge powerslam! The champion makes the cover, but Kenny King pulls Brian Stiffler from the ring just before three! Joe and King attack Lashley. Gunner emerges to combat Joe. Lashley takes out Kenny King – and MVP capitalizes. MVP makes a cover, but there’s no referee. Brian Hebner rushes in – and Lashley powers out at two! Brian Hebner gets distracted with the medics and Stiffler and MVP grabs the chair. Drew Galloway makes the save by kicking MVP in the face, setting up the challenger for a huge spear! Lashley connects, Hebner reenters the ring and the pin is good for the champion to retain his title!
Winner: Lashley

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Breakdown with Josh Mathews and Taz - Lashley Defends His Title Agai...

2/26 WWE Smackdown Viewership

Thursday's WWE Smackdown averaged 2.624 million viewers, up from the 2.403 million viewers the previous week, according to

Card For Tonight’s PWG From Out of Nowhere Card

- PWG returns to Reseda, California tonight for their From Out of Nowhere event. Here is the card…
* PWG Champion Roderick Strong vs. Trevor Lee
 * Monster Mafia (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
 * Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta)
 * Ricochet vs. Matt Sydal
 * Chris Herovs. Drew Gulak
 * Cedric Alexander vs. Tommaso Ciampa
 * Mike Bailey vs. Biff Busick
 * ACH vs. AR Fox

Updated Listing of WrestleMania 31 Week Events

Here is the listing, so far, of WrestleMania weekend events in the San Jose area. All times listed are local…
6 PM – WWE Wrestlemania AXXESS at the San Jose Convention Center.
8 PM – Mick Foley one man show at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, CA. For details on all Foley shows, visit
8 PM presents EVOLVE at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV event.
9 AM – 5 PM – Wrestlecon at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, CA. For details on all Wrestlecon events and guests, visit
3 PM – presents EVOLVE at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV event.
6 PM – WWE Wrestlemania AXXESS at San Jose Convention Center.
7:30 PM Ring of Honor in Redwood City, CA at the Sports House. This show will be filmed for DVD and VOD.
8 PM – Mick Foley One Man Show at The Improv in San Jose, CA.
8 PM – presents King of the Indies Tournament at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV event in tribute to the late Roland Alexander of APW with 16 competitors competing in the tournament’s opening rounds.
11:55 PM – presents Kaiju Big Battel at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV event.
8 AM – 12 PM – WWE Wrestlemania AXXESS Session 1 San Jose Convention Center.
9 AM – 4 PM – Wrestlecon Saturday Session 1 at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, CA.
12 PM – presents SHIMMER at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV.
1 PM – 5 PM – Wrestlemania AXXESS Session 2 at the San Jose Convention Center.
4 PM – presents Mercury Rising 2015 Supershow at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV.
4:45 PM – WWE 2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony at the SAP Center. This will air live on the WWE Network. Randy Savage and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be inducted.
6 PM – 10 PM – Wrestlemania AXXESS Session Three at the San Jose Convention Center.
7:30 PM – Wrestlecon Saturday Session 2 at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, CA. Featured live card headlined by Hardy Boys vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam.
8 PM – presents King of the Indies Night 2 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, CA. This will be an iPPV featuring tournament finals plus Juventud Guerrera vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Ricochet.
8 AM – WWE Wrestlemania AXXESS at the San Jose Convention Center. This will air live on PPV and the WWE Network.
10 AM – Wrestlecon ‘Mania Moments’ Brunch with Legends at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, CA.
3 PM -(Doors Open 1:30 PM) WWE Wrestlemania 31 at Levi’s Stadium.
Monday Night Raw at the SAP Center
TUESDAY March 31st:
WWE Smackdown at the SaveMart Center in Fresno, CA.

Update on Rey Mysterio’s Wrestling Future

According to, there was an agreement in place where WWE would announce Mysterio no longer being with the company today, but the news got out and WWE confirmed it yesterday.

Official announcements regarding his future are said to be coming, but word is that he will wrestle for Lucha Underground and AAA. AAA has a press conference scheduled for Tuesday. At this time, Mysterio is reportedly asking for between $15,000 and $20,000 for independent appearances. One independent promoter stated that you could gross about $25,000 for photos and autographs with him right now and make money.

Opinionated View- Problem for Rey is you can't book him to wrestle. The guy get hurt way to easy so you can't make booking plans for him.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal participants

The following wrestlers are advertised for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31.
-The Miz
-Curtis Axel
-Adam Rose

2/27 New Japan Results

2/27 New Japan Results: Okinawa, Japan
1. Sho Tanaka def. Yohei Komatsu
2. KUSHIDA & Manabu Nakanishi def. Gedo & Jado
3. Tiger Mask IV & Satoshi Kojima def. NWA Jr. Champion Jushin Liger & NWA World Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan
4. Meiyu Tag def. Captain New Japan & Yuji Nagata
5. Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI def. Tetsuya Naito & Ryusuke Taguchi
6. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, NEVER Champion Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano def. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma

Seth Rollins crashes 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

Opinionated View- I don't really know what to think about this. On the one hand it's a good promotion for Rollins. On the other hand I have no interest in seeing Jon Stewart on a wrestling show. Also I have a real fear we will get some kind of match where Stewart winds up getting the pin.

IMPACT Preview EP 6. World Heavyweight Title Match This Friday

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s Impact Wrestling

* Rampage Brown vs. Noam Dar
* Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe
* Mandrews vs. Dave Mastiff
* Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson vs. Tyrus and Ethan Carter III
* Robbie E and Angelina Love vs. Brooke and Chris Melendez
* World Title Match: Champion Lashley vs. MVP

SmackDown Fallout, February 26, 2015

Report Says Lesnar and WWE Are at Contract Impasse

In an update to a story making the rounds on Tuesday following the 2/23 WWE RAW taping in Nashville, a new report by Dave Meltzer on has revealed that current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is currently at an impasse with WWE regarding the terms of a new contract with the company.

Lesnar and WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon were described as not budging leading to Lesnar leaving the taping and not appearing on RAW despite WWE pushing that he would be making an appearance. Lesnar has four dates remaining on his current deal including 3/9 in Pittsburgh, 3/23 in Los Angeles, 3/29 in Santa Clara and 3/30 in San Jose.

McMahon has reportedly been trying to sign Lesnar to a new deal before his current one expires following WrestleMania 31 to avoid Lesnar playing the free-agent market with a rumored return to MMA with either the UFC or Bellator

Thursday, February 26, 2015

ROH Confirms Samoa Joe Will Appear at 13 Annivesary Show

Ring of Honor has just announced that Samoa Joe will be live in Las Vegas for their 13th anniversary pay-per-view on Sunday night. They wrote the following on
We have just received word that Samoa Joe will be in LIVE in Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel & Casino this Sunday night.

He has something to say, and wants the world to hear it.

2/26 WWE Smackdown Report

 Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. The crowd chants YES for Bryan, but he starts in with the NO chant. He then says that is what he used to say a few years ago, because he was frustrated because he felt he was alone and not getting the chances he deserved. But he was wrong, because he fans were in his corner and opportunity. So much so, he main evened WrestleMania 30 and won the WWE World Title. And then due to injury he lost that title. At Fastlane, he had a second chance to get back to WrestleMania and to get it all back. But he failed. So this year, there is no WrestleMania main event, no WWE Title match and without that dream there have been people asking him if the YES movement dead. He repeatedly yells NO along with the crowd, and says he will not give up. He has big plans, so this year at WrestleMania…
Bad News Barrett interrupts and makes his way to the ring, without his IC Title, which Dean Ambrose stole. Barrett asks how much longer Bryan will carry on with this, because no one wants to hear about this sob story. He also has some bad news for him. Bryan won’t have a WrestleMania moment this year because he’s a loser that doesn’t deserve it. Barrett then says Ambrose stole his title, and he is still the champion. He tells Bryan to leave, and then Ambrose appears. Ambrose comes to the ring and brawls with Barrett. They fight to the floor, and while they do that Bryan picks up the IC Title. Barrett is back in the ring, and demands the belt back. The crowd chants no, and Bryan then hands the title back. Unfortunately for Barrett, Ambrose attacks and then Bryan lays out Barrett with a kick. Ambrose and Bryan celebrate, and then have a brief stare down.
Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz: Miz pretends he’s flying and then takes off his glasses. Lock up, off the ropes and a roll up by Ambrose gets 2. Slam by Ambrose, elbow drop follows and the cover gets 2. To the corner and chops by Ambrose connect. Miz battles back and his the neck breaker combo, and the cover gets 2. Miz works a chinlock, Ambrose works to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes, boot to Miz and then rights follow. Ambrose slams Miz to the corner and lays in the boots. Corner forearm smash and then a bulldog connects for Ambrose. He heads up top and Barrett is out to steal his title back. Ambrose stops him, Miz then tries to hit the skull-crushing finale, but Ambrose escapes and hits the jawbreaker lariat. Barrett runs away with his title as Ambrose hits dirty deeds for the win.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Dean Ambrose @ 2:46 via pin
* Barrett leaves with the title as Ambrose looks on.
* Commentary discusses the return of Randy Orton at Fastlane.
* We get highlights from Raw’s main event.
* Renee Young tries to interview Barrett. He says he got his title back from that lunatic Dean Ambrose. He says Ambrose and Bryan cannot stand up to him in the ring.
Natalya w/Kidd & Cesaro vs. Naomi w/The Usos: Natalya was actually limping to the ring, selling the fall from Raw. Lock up to begin, side headlock takedown by Natalya. Naomi works to her feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Natalya. Counters follow, and Naomi with a cradle for 2. Trip by Natalya, Naomi kips up and they have a stand off. Trip by Natalya, but then Naomi with a head scissors takedown. Natalya powers to her feet, spins Naomi around but Naomi gets a sunset flip. Natalya right out, both off the ropes and they collide as they both tried a cross body block. They work to their feet, leg kicks by Naomi to the injured leg of Natalya. The men brawl at ringside, with the Usos getting the better of things. The ref checks on Natalya, who then levels Naomi with a clothesline and scored the win.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Natalya @ 2:54 via pin
* Rusev and Lana are out. They mocked Cena, noting that Cena was like every other American and gave up when things got rough. Rusev reminded the crowd that he was their American Champion. Lana said she was surprised that Cena wanted more of Rusev, and Rusev said that he doesn’t have to agree to anyone’s terms. Lana then showed a message from Vladimir Putin on the big screen, which was written in Russian. She said Putin praised Rusev as a hero and praising his victory. Rusev vowed to defend the title at WrestleMania against a deserving opponent, one that deserved the title shot. Jack Swagger came out for another beating. Swagger claimed Rusev was afraid of Cena, and that real Americans here surrounded him in Atlanta. Swagger attacked, but got laid out with the superkick and then Rusev applied the accolade to make him tap. The Russian flag dropped as Rusev and Lana celebrated.
* R-Truth is on commentary, and calls Byron Saxton “Coach,” letting him know that he loves him on SportsCenter and is glad he’s back.
Non-Title Match: Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan: Lock up to begin, Bryan shoots for and gets a single leg, but then Barrett kicks him away. Knee to the gut by Barrett, sends Bryan to the corner and lays in the boots. Whip to the opposite corner, but Bryan drop toeholds Barrett into the buckle and lays in kicks and then uppercuts. Bryan works the knee and then looks for the surfboard; Barrett fights it off so Bryan does the double stomp on the legs. Barrett fight back with boots and a snap suplex, the cover gets 2. Bryan fires back with some uppercuts and kicks, off the ropes and runs into the winds of change, and Barrett covers for 2. Barrett tosses Bryan to the floor, and Barrett celebrates with the IC Title as we head to commercial…
Back from commercial as Barrett works over Bryan in the ropes and then covers for 2. Barrett works a chinlock to try and keep Bryan grounded, but Bryan gets to his feet and escapes for a moment, but eats an elbow to the head. Counter out of the corner for Bryan, he fires up and lays in the kicks to Barrett and covers for 2. Leg kicks by Bryan, shotgun dropkick connects. He goes for another, but Barrett avoids it and Bryan crashes in the corner. Barrett’s title fell to the floor and gets distracted as he goes to get it. He places it back in the corner and Bryan connects with a running dropkick and then a suicide dive. Back into the ring they go, Bryan up top and Barrett crotches him. Barrett snags up Bryan for wasteland, Bryan counters into the YES lock and Barrett tries to make it to the ropes. Truth then sneaks up on the IC Title and hides it under his shirt. Barrett makes the ropes and Bryan has to break. Sidekick by Barrett follows, and then posts Bryan. Barrett sets for the bull hammer, but Bryan connects with the running knee and pins Barrett.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Bryan @ 9:05 via pin
* Truth is happy for Bryan, who celebrates his victory. Barrett makes it to his feet and looks for his title, but it has disappeared. Barrett is pissed as he searches for the title and questions Truth about the title. Barrett looks completely depressed now.
* Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns earlier in the day. We get highlights of Heyman on Raw, explaining that while he would normally back Reigns that there is no way Reigns can defeat Lesnar. Reigns vowed to train hard and watch tapes to be prepared for the Lesnar match. He then added that he thought about seeking the advice of his family, who has performed on the big stage of WrestleMania, but he likes to do things on his own. Reigns then says that he can defeat Lesnar, and will prove it at WrestleMania.
* Fandango makes his entrance.
* Backstage Ambrose meets with Truth and wants the IC Title back. Truth gives it back and jokes that there were two title changes on Smackdown tonight.
* Curtis Axel makes his entrance. Axel says not to turn the channel, and discusses not being eliminated from the Rumble match. He’s the new Rumble Iron Man, being in there 32 days and 7 hours. He even has a countdown clock. He then says he will win the Andre the Giant battle royal and chants AXELMANIA several times.
Curtis Axel vs. Fandango: Fandango with a go behind and then eats an elbow. Axel lays the boots to him, and then tosses Fandango over the top rope and celebrates. Axel points to the Mania sign, and Fandango in and rolls him up for 2. Suplex by Fandango, up top, leg drop connects and that is all.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Fandango @ 1:03 via pin
* We see Sandow filming his commercial, and then Miz interrupts and says he has done a horrible job. Miz mocks him and makes bad jokes. Miz tells the director to pick the Miz for this job, and the director says they’d love to use Miz and hands him a script. Miz tosses it and says he doesn’t need it. Miz dismisses Sandow and calls for makeup.
* They announce that Bad News Barrett will defend his IC Title at WrestleMania in a ladder match “against several opponents”. Ambrose, Bryan, Ziggler and Truth look to be set at this time.
* Commentary discusses the Sting and Triple H confrontation from Fastlane. They then show the Sting video from Raw.
* Adam Rose makes his entrance. Earlier in the day Rose says he will win the Andre battle royal and crash the party.
* We get highlights of Stardust attacking Goldust after their match at Fastlane.
Adam Rose vs. Goldust: Rose attacks at the bell, taking Goldust to the corner and laying in rights and kicks. Chops follow, off the ropes and Goldust with the uppercut. Chops by Goldust now, to the corner and a snap slam by Goldust follows and that gets 2. Enziguri by Rose, he heads up top, leaps over Goldust, but then Goldust catches him with the final cut and that is all.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Goldust @ 1:10 via pin
* Post match, a Rosebud dressed as a Monkey attacks Goldust. It’s Stardust in disguise, I am shocked. He beats down Goldust and tosses him into the ring and works him over with mounted rights. Stardust tosses Goldust to the corner and then hits Cross Rhodes and stands tall.
* We get a Bray Wyatt promo. Bray asks if his words mean anything to the dead man and questions if he hears him. Bray says he is not just a man, he is the serpent, and even the bravest rat can outrun the fangs of the snake for so long. Your ignorance mocks him, how long can you hide from him? Bray would go to the darkest depths to see his face. Time is ticking and WrestleMania approaches, show yourself dead man, “fine me, find me”.
* We get clips of the Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart feud.
Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane: Kane and Rowan to begin. Kane works the arm, side headlock now and then off the ropes and they shoulder block each other and no one budges. Rowan then gets a shoulder block and takes Kane down. Off the ropes and a sack of shit slam by Rowan follows. Off the second rope with the back spinning elbow, and the cover gets 2. Kane slammed to the corner, Ziggler tags in and Kane cuts him off. Ziggler then counters a suplex, dropkick follows and the cover gets 2. Kane takes Ziggler to the corner, Rollins tags in and delivers rights to Ziggler. Off the ropes and a boot by Ziggler, corner splash connects and then the neck breaker follows. Elbow drop by Ziggler, and the cover gets 1. Rollins counters the fameasser, and the roll up by Rollins gets 2. Big Show tags in, applies a cobra clutch to Ziggler and then slams him down as we head to a commercial.
Back from commercial as Kane works over Ziggler and applies a chinlock. Ziggler works to his feet, but Kane drops him with a right but then misses an elbow drop. Ziggler fires up, but then runs into a big boot. Rollins tags in and covers Ziggler for 2. Rights by Rollins follow and another cover gets 2. Tag to Show, head butts to Ziggler follow and then goes for the Vader corner splash. He connects, but Ziggler kicks out at 2. Show picks up Ziggler and slams him to the corner, but runs into a boot by Ziggler. Fameasser connects and both men are down. Kane in, stops the tag for moment as he takes out Rowan, but eats a DDT from Ziggler. Tag by Ziggler to THE BIG GUY! Ryback in and works over Rollins, off the ropes and a Thesz press and slams to the mat follow. Overhead belly-to-belly by Ryback, and then runs into a boot by Rollins. Press into a powerslam by Ryback follows, and looks for the clothesline. That connects, and then he takes out J&J. Shell shock try on Rollins, he also grabs Mercury and has them both up, but Show makes the save. Rowan is back and does the Cactus clothesline, and both go to the floor. A suicide dive by Rollins wipes out Rowan, back into the ring he goes and he heads to the second rope. He leaps off, caught by Ryback and Kane is in to make the save, but Ziggler takes Kane out. Rollins tosses him to the floor and superkicks Ryback. He looks for the curb stomp, Rowan tosses on Noble and that distracts Rollins. SUPERKICK by Ziggler, and then Ryback snatches him up and connects with shell shock, and that is all.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler @ 10:25 via pin
* Our heroes celebrate their victory.

WWE Announces Ladder Match For WrestleMania

WWE has just announced that Bad News Barrett will defend the WWE Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania 31 against multiple Superstars in a Ladder Match. WWE noted on their website that the number of challengers and their identities will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Opinionated View- I'm torn on this. The rumor is it will be Ambrose, Bryan, Ziggler, and R-Truth. So if they limit R-Truth it could be a good match. The problem is I think Ambrose vs. Barrett could be a good match one on one. But hey its better than brining back Rikihsi for a title shot.

WWE​ Confirms Rey Mysterio ​ is No Longer Under Contract

WWE has confirmed in a statement to the media on Thursday that Rey Mysterio is no longer under contract with the company. Mysterio's profile was quietly moved to the WWE Alumni section of this week.

A new report has revealed that an agreement went into play between Mysterio and WWE in late November/early December that they would release him at the end of February from his contract. Mysterio is expected to head to AAA as the company has announced a press conference for Tuesday in Mexico City.

More On The Undertaker Staying Off WWE TV Until WrestleMania

- We noted before that WWE's current plan is for The Undertaker to stay off TV until WrestleMania 31. It should be noted that while he's not scheduled to be on TV, Taker will respond to Bray Wyatt's challenge in some way, possibly as soon as Monday's RAW.

Rey Mysterio Finally Done With WWE?

Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio has been moved to the Alumni section of While WWE has not issued a statement, this usually indicates that a talent is done with the company.Mysterio signed with WWE in June of 2002 and went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once. His last match in the company was against Bad News Barrett the night after WrestleMania 30.

Update On NJPW’s Second English Language PPV

- New Japan Pro Wrestling ran their first English-language US PPV on January 4 with Wrestle Kingdom 9. The event was said to be a success in the amount of buys.
The original plan was to hold Invasion Attack on April 5 as the second PPV event with an English announce team. It seems unlikely that the plan will work out that quickly. The next one will likely be either the July 5 Dominion show or as Jeff Jarrett has indicated, the G1 Climax finals. The problem with G1 is that while it’s a bigger show, they match card can’t be advertised without spoiling the tournament.

Lucha Underground Not Looking to Hire Vince Russo

The Wrestling Observer has an update regarding the recent rumors surrounding former WWE, WCW, and TNA booker Vince Russo attending the recent Lucha Underground TV tapings last weekend and his presence backstage.
Previously, there were rumors of Russo meetings with Lucha Underground to possibly join the writing team. According to the report, Lucha Underground officials held a meeting regarding Russo, but it was said that he would not be hired.
Some of the promotion veterans thought the opposite was true, and Russo was coming into as a booker to the company. Company officials then insisted that Russo was not getting a job.
Russo said he was only there for an appearance and to produce some content for his podcast. Some backstage at the event said it looked like Russo was trying to get back into the business. During the tapings, Russo was treated very well, but there was a feeling backstage that he did not know anything about the lucha libre wrestling style. While he was backstage, he apparently made a suggestion that the show could use more female wrestlers. His comment was reportedly not taken very well.
– Vince Russo has denied reports from Meltzer, and posted the following on his website…
After I called Dave Meltzer out last week about his false story claiming that I was in talks with Lucha Underground to join their organization–and that’s why I was going out to LA–through an e-mail Meltzer sent me three scenarios that his “reliable source” told him would go down between me and Lucha.
So today, Meltzer printed this:
Russo apparently made a suggestion that the show needs more female wrestlers and that suggestion wasn’t taken very well.
Again—this is an absolute lie. Both on behalf of the Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer. I was at Lucha Underground to get content for this site. I suggested NOTHING to NOBODY. And, for the record, Lucha is a one hour show that currently has three women involved in major storylines, a new female who is currently being figured in, and of course, the stunning ring announcer Melissa Santos. I think it’s fair to say that there are women-a-plenty within the actual 44 minutes of the alloted television time..
How people pay, read and listen to this fictitious crap is absolutely beyond me. And, Dave—don’t e-mail me again. You’ve had enough chances. You have zero credibility when it comes to Vince Russo, and you have now proven that not once, but twice over a 6-day span. Period—end of story.
Are you that intrigued, fascinated and jealous of me that you just can’t keep my name out of your mouth? Print THE TRUTH, or don’t print anything at all.

Magnus Featured on TNA Greatest Matches This Weekend

TNA’s Best of Magnus will air Saturday morning on Destination America, featuring the following matches…
* Bound for Glory 2013: Sting vs. Magnus
* Turning Point 2013: Magnus vs. Samoa Joe
* Impact Wrestling 2013: Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus

ROH Stars To Get Big Push In NJPW

Ring of Honor stars Michael Bennett and Matt Taven are set to get a big push in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The two have been helped by the partnership between ROH and NJPW. They stayed in Japan from November to December as part of the G1 Tag League. They finished with eight points. There has also been talk of Bennett getting a strong solo push.

Brock Lesnar’s Walkout Over Terms for New Contract?

The Wrestling Observer has the latest on the rumored behind-the-scenes issues between WWE world champion Brock Lesnar and the WWE. Lesnar was advertised last Monday, but according to reports, he left the building after a dispute with WWE officials.

Per the latest report, Lesnar left the building as a result of a business disagreement with McMahon. The disagreement involved negotiations for a possible WWE contract for Lesnar. There are individuals claiming the negotiations included Lesnar wanting to fight for the UFC while he is still under contract with the WWE. However, any issues with the UFC apparently had nothing to do with Lesnar’s reason for leaving the arena last Monday night during Raw.

The dialogue is that Lesnar’s reason for leaving was only related to what WWE offered him for his new contract and its terms. Based on the report, the issue with Lesnar and the WWE could be settled at any time, but WWE and Lesnar’s camp are said to be an impasse at this point. Neither side really wants to back down on the pending issue.

Lesnar is still expected to fulfill the remaining dates of his current contract, which include two editions of Raw in March and WrestleMania 31. If Lesnar missed any the remaining dates it would mean a significant breach of his contract.

Opinionated View- For better or worse Brock is the one guy who has no problem telling Vince "Go fuck yourself. I know what I'm worth."

Projected WrestleMania 31 Card Following Fastlane

According to the latest edition of he Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here is the projected card for WrestleMania 31…
* WWE Title Match: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns
 * Sting vs. Triple H
 * The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
 * US Title Match: Champion Rusev vs. John Cena (Possible Stipulation to be Added)
 * Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins (Possible Jon Stewart Involvement)
 * IC Title Match: Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth (Possible Stipulation to be Added)
 * Tag team Title Match: Champions Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Usos
 * A woman’s match
 * Andre The Giant Battle Royal: Participants likely to be Adam Rose, Big E, Big Show, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, The Miz, Damien Mizdow, Darren Young, Erick Rowan, Fandango, Los Matadores, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Luke Harper, Sin Cara, Titus O’Neil, Ryback, Xavier Woods, The Ascension and Zack Ryder
 * Goldust vs. Stardust is possible for the show

Opinionated View- Pretty awful card. Reigns isn't ready and Lesnar isn't around enough to care if he is champion. Triple vs. Sting is many years to late and the reason for there feud is just stupid. Undertaker should not be wrestling. Cena and Rusev one was awful and given how much both guys suck you know it isn't going to get better. Rollins better go over Ortong but you know he won't. IC title match could be good if they limit R-Truth. Already seen Kidd/Cesaro vs. The Usos. And Fuck Goldust has no business on the card.

Several Promotions Making Offers to Samoa Joe

There are no shortages of offers for Samoa Joe. Joe already has several dates booked with ROH, but there is also interest from WWE, AAA, Lucha Underground and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s believed that the NJPW deal could see Joe work in NOAH first and then working New Japan. As far as WWE goes, it is said that there are “active talks” between the two sides.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H Named to WWE Board of Directors

WWE issued the following press release:

STAMFORD, Conn., February 26, 2015 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced that WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul Levesque and Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product for Mashable Robyn Peterson have been elected to its Board of Directors.

"The appointments of Stephanie, Paul and Robyn to WWE's Board of Directors will be invaluable to the company as we continue to transform our business and look toward a new era of unprecedented growth," said WWE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Vince McMahon. "I am confident that our Board of Directors and senior management team is stronger than ever and well-positioned for future success."

Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Chief Brand Officer, is responsible for leading the company's efforts to further enhance its global brand reputation among key constituencies including business partners, advertisers, media, investors and the public sector. She serves as the company's brand ambassador and works with WWE's business units to support key growth initiatives. McMahon is the primary spokesperson for WWE's corporate social responsibility initiatives and is participating in the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship, an international leadership exchange program for outstanding professionals. She began her career with WWE in 1998 as an Account Executive for WWE's sales office in New York City, in addition to being a TV personality, and she has overseen multiple business areas including WWE's Creative, Talent Relations, Talent Brand Management, Live Events, Digital, Social and Mobile businesses.

Paul Levesque has more than 20 years of experience at WWE as an executive and performer. Well known as WWE Superstar Triple H®, Levesque is also WWE's Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, leading the talent development and talent relations departments responsible for recruiting and training the company's Superstars and Divas. He recently oversaw the development and launch of the state-of-the-art WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, which serves as the home to WWE's talent developmental system, NXT. Levesque also oversees all business operations for the more than 320 annual live events, including scheduling, ticket pricing strategy and promotion, and continues to play an integral role behind-the-scenes as a director and producer shaping the storylines in WWE's programming.

Robyn Peterson, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product for Mashable, is a seasoned technology executive with more than 15 years of experience in web, mobile and video product development. Peterson is a member of Mashable's Operating Committee, where he directs product strategy and development and manages the product, design and engineering teams. Peterson led the redesign of in 2012 which ushered in a 100 percent increase in mobile page views, pages-per-visit and ad engagement, and oversees the development of Mashable's Velocity platform, a technology that predicts and tracks the viral life cycle of digital media content. Prior to Mashable, Peterson was the head of product at Next Issue Media, the magazine and newspaper consortium funded by News Corp., Conde Nast, Time Inc., Meredith and Hearst. Earlier in his career, Peterson served as Vice President for Technology and Product for NBCUniversal.

2/25 Lucha Underground Results

Aerostar vs. DragoA quick series of reversals end in a big DDT by Drago, and he follows up with a kick for 2. Drago misses a charge in the corner and gets hit with double knees and a second rope dropkick from Aerostar. A kick sends Aerostar outside, and Drago scores the first flip dive of the night.Aerostar gets the advantage and hits a dive of his own, but back in the ring Drago lands an armdrag from the top. A series of pin reversals does nothing for either man, but Aerostar hits a magnificent springboard sunset flip powerbomb to the outside and a springboard splash for the pin.Winner: Aerostar via pinfall (springboard splash)The two shake hands after the match. Dario Cueto emerges from his office and says they're not done fighting. He's turning this into a best of 5 series after their first match last week. He said the winner will get a unique opportunity.  Cage vs. Prince PumaA sloppy huracanrana from Puma is followed by a disgusting Cage clothesline that sends Puma to the outside. Cage takes control and punishes Puma with punches, kicks, and chokes on the rope. A big suplex from Cage leaves Puma in a bad way, he's getting dominated.Puma elbows and kicks a charging Cage before eating a powerslam. Cage misses a springboard moonsault and Puma is trying to get the crowd behind him. A clothesline doesn't move Cage, but an enziguri sees him knocked outside. Puma delivers a breathtaking springboard shooting star press to the outside! Puma hits a springboard 450 inside, but Cage kicks out!A Puma huracanrana gets two, but he drops Cage with another big kick to the head. He signals for his finish but misses off the top rope. Cage clobbers Puma with a discus clothesline, but Puma gets the shoulder up. Cage follows up with a huge pumphandle face first slam, but Puma kicks out again. Cage has the Stretch Muffler locked on, but Konnan appears to encourage Puma to get to the ropes, which he does.A double powerbomb from Cage sets up the Weapon X, but Cage doesn't go for the pin. Cage mounts Puma and starts pummeling him. Konnan throws in the towel.Winner: Cage via corner stoppage.  Apparently Cage gets a world title shot from the victory, essentially handed to him by Konnan.- Puma is upset backstage, and Konnan says he did him a favor.- Sexy Star is in Dario Cueto's office, and says she's mad at The Crew for putting Pimpinela and Sagrada in the hospital. Cueto says Big Ryck has a beef with The Crew, so if she wants to fight them, she has to get through Ryck next week. So....Big Ryck vs. Sexy Star next week. Vinny Massaro vs. Pentagon JrPentagon Jr is about to slaughter this guy. Yep, he's slaughtered. Penatgon slaps him in the chest, and kicks Massaro in the face. 3 Up 3 Down kills Massaro. Pentagon continues to be one of the best booked characters in wrestling.Winner: Pentagon Jr via pinfall (3 Up 3 Down) Pentagon powerbombs Massaro through a table. Damn, bro. He then breaks the arm of Massaro and the crowd loves it.  King Cuerno vs. Johnny MundoMundo with a quick takedown and strikes, then follows up with a knee to the face for two. A superkick sends Cuerno outside and Mundo does a parkour dive to the outside.

Back inside Cuerno hits a big backbreaker, then goes to work on Mundo's leg. Mundo fights back and hits a spear that only gets two. Cuerno and Mundo trade reversals until Mundo kicks out of a roll-up attempt.

Mundo is kicked to the outside, and Cuerno lands the fifth, sixth, and seventh dives of the night. The two get a double countout and clothesline each other.Result: Double CountoutThe two trade punches and brawl throughout the Temple. Mundo hits a big kick to lay Cuerno out. They continue to fight up the stairs. The show ends as they go crashing through a gate after a long, good brawl.- The woman we've seen around the Temple is tied up in a car trunk, and a masked wrestler pulls her out.

2/25 WWE NXT Results

Opening packages fire up and taper down and then we're in the thick of things as the live crowd welcomes Hideo Itami to the ring area.
Hideo Itami vs. Bull DempseyBull tears into the ring ready to rumble. After the bell, he pounds Itami in the corner and stops his smaller opponent from hitting offense off the ropes. Bull keeps Hideo in check, covering him a few times but falling short of a near fall. The pace slows and Bull keeps it mostly on the mat. Hideo struggles to put up some resistance and eventually gets things moving in his favor, tipping the scales with a dropkick in the corner and hitting one more for good measure. The pinfall follows shortly thereafter.Result: Hideo Itami defeats Bull Dempsey via pinfall.

Post-match, Tyler Breeze ambushes Itami on the ramp. Hideo gets back up and takes their brawl into the ring. Tyler slips out to fight another day.

WWE rolls some coming attractions and then they show a nice video package welcoming THE Brian Kendrick to NXT. The Lucha Dragons are up next. The Lucha Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger and Jason JordanBefore things get started, Solomon Crowe interrupts with a warning advising he won't stop until he gets to the top of NXT. Then we go back to the ring for the bell.Jordan mixes it up with Sin Cara who tags out. Kalisto gets manhandled by Jordan who then brings in Dillinger. Kalisto gets Tye back to the other corner and the Dragons double-team him. Sin Cara comes back in for a short stretch and then tags Kalisto who keeps control of the situation. Jordan wants in, but Tye tells him to "relax" and holds off on the tag. By the time Dillinger makes it back to his corner, Jordan bails on him, leaving Tye at the mercy of the Lucha Dragons. They hit some cooperative lucha moves and pick up the win easily from there.Result: The Lucha Dragons defeat Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan via pinfall.

After the match, Dillinger refuses top leave the ring until Jordan comes out and explains himself. He says he'll fight anyone else who comes out until he gets to Jordan. Then Baron Corbin's music hits. And then, the bell rings.

Tye Dillinger vs. Baron CorbinDillinger tries for a headlock but Corbin destroys him with a quick power move. It's over in about 15 seconds, including the ref's three-count.Result: Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger via pinfall. Backstage, Charlotte says she's ready for Sasha Banks when they meet for the title next week. We also hear from Tyler Breeze who assures everyone that he is going to squish Hideo Itami like a bug. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch The crowd mostly supports Bayley But Becky gets on top and makes her presence known with a pump-handle slam. She keeps control for a few minutes until Bayley roars back and briefly takes the fight outside. They get back in the ring and although Becky gets some momentum, Bayley goes ballistic, taking Lynch on to the mat and peppering her with blows to the brain. She gets a near-fall after a move off the top but can't get the pin due to a hurt shoulder. Becky capitalizes by locking in a submission move and getting the tapout win.
Result: Becky Lynch defeats Bayley via submission.

Rhyno talks backstage about ripping folks apart to get to the top and then we take a break…Finn Balor vs. The Brian KendrickKevin Owens is on the mic with the announce team for this one. The guys in the ring get into it right from the bell. Balor puts Kendrick on the mat and works him in the arm bar. Kendrick gets Balor into a headlock but Balor escapes. Kendrick starts to get moving but tweaks his ankle for a moment as he flips himself into the ring. It might've been a ruse, though, as he quickly turns the tables on Balor and takes him down. Balor isn't having it, though, and fights back, chucking Kendrick outside.At the announce table, Kevin Owens and Alex Riley take some verbal shots at one another before Owens storms off, saying he doesn't want to "do something stupid."After a break, Balor keeps the heat on Kendrick although Kendrick makes a bold statement when he lands a tornado DDT off the top rope. Balor reels from that as Kendrick goes up top again and hits a nice dropkick. A spike suplex doesn't put Balor down for the count, as he kicks out at two. As they get up, Kendrick goes for a finisher and Balor takes him down with a huge clothesline. The "sling blade" follows and then the coup de grace puts Kendrick away for good.Result: Finn Balor defeats The Brian Kendrick via pinfall.
After the bell, Owens comes out and acknowledges the win. Then he strolls over to the announce table and rips A-Ry out of his seat and tosses him over the desk.

2/26 WWE Smackdown Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight's 2/26 WWE Smackdown on Syfy.
* Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz.
* Natalya vs. Naomi.
* An appearance by WWE U.S. Champion Rusev and Lana.
* WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan (non-title).
* Curtis Axel vs. Fandango.
* Goldust vs. Adam Rose.
* Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stephanie McMahon Furious About AJ Calling Her Out?

The Wrestling Observer has a new report on Stephanie McMahon’s alleged reaction to AJ Lee being tweeted about the wages of the WWE Divas. Initially, Stephanie McMahon tweeted in thanks to Patricia Arquette speaking out on wage disparity for women at the Academy Awards where she took home the award for Best Supporting Actress.
AJ Lee responded to McMahon’s tweet and said that the Divas on the WWE roster receive a fraction of the wages of most of the male roster, despite record-selling merchandise and high rated segments. According to the report, McMahon was said to be “furious” when she saw Lee’s tweet because she felt she was intentionally being made to look bad and was “shown up” by a worker on social media. Stephanie McMahon’s response where she thanked AJ Lee for her opinion was said to be the idea of her father, Vince McMahon, who saw the bigger picture.
The Wrestling Observer report also claims that while AJ Lee has been a strong merchandise seller during her push, the merchandise for the Divas generally does not sell as high as the top male Superstars in the WWE. Divas receiving lower pay than male wrestlers on the main roster is said to be a general rule, but there are some exceptions. In NXT, the Divas do receive higher compensation than the men because the men usually come from indy backgrounds and are willing to take a lower paycheck just to get their foot in the door of the WWE.

Update on WWE Hall of Fame

WWE recently made a change to 2015 Hall of Fame plans and Ray "The Crippler" Stevens will not be inducted this year.

WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson had been pushing for Stevens to be inducted this year due to his history with the Bay Area, where WrestleMania is being held. It was expected that Patterson would be doing the induction also. While Stevens won't be inducted this year, he likely will enter the Hall at a later date.

This could also be a sign that Hall of Fame plans for this year are now finalized.

As noted, Kevin Nash is expected to be announced soon for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame class.
Nash will apparently be going in this year as "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel instead of under his real name. Obviously this opens up the door for a nWo induction in the future as Scott Hall was inducted as Razor Ramon last year. The main reason WWE is inducting Nash as Diesel is because they own the rights to that name.

Nash's induction is expected to close this year's Hall of Fame ceremony and Shawn Michaels is currently planned to do the induction.

Opinionated View- Stevens not going in is Bull Shit. Fuck we got a celeb and a joke jobber tag team going in but not a true legend.

WWE Fastlane Review

Minneapolis to Bid For WrestleMania 33

Minneapolis has entered the fray to host WrestleMania 33. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports that officials from the city and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority have announced they will work together to bring the show to Minneapolis.
Also vying for the event is Philadelphia. WrestleMania 31 is in Santa Clara, California this year, while next year’s WrestleMania 32 is set for Dallas, Texas. Minneapolis has a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings that the city will try to attract WWE with.

WWE Responds To Brock Lesnar - Roman Reigns Rumor

Credit WrestleInc
As noted earlier, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was at last Monday's WWE RAW in Nashville, TN, but was not used. Lesnar apparently left before the show was over and was said to have been upset.
This led to some wild rumors being spread online. One particular rumor that was posted on Reddit claimed that Roman Reigns failed a drug test and that Lesnar stormed out because the company would not suspend him and change the planned WrestleMania main event. The rumor has been getting a lot of attention and has even been posted on a couple of websites.
WrestleInce reached out to WWE representatives who denied the rumor, calling it "absolutely false."

Opinionated View- I really don't think Brock would care about the wellness policy. He's here to make money and that is it.

ROH Presenting Three Super Shows With NJPW

- ROH sent out the following today, announcing three super shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling in May of this year. The names of the NJPW talents appearing have not been released…


Ring of Honor Wrestling® (“ROH”) is happy to announce that we will once again partner with New Japan Pro-Wrestling® to present three must-see super shows for pro wrestling fans.
Details available at this time include the dates & locations of the three events. ROH & NJPW stars will be announced at a later date.

WAR OF THE WORLDS ’15 will be held Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena, formerly known worldwide as the ECW Arena. Tickets are on sale now for Ringside members now and go on sale to the general public Friday, February 27th @ 10am Est. Ringside members can get their pre sale code here (
GLOBAL WARS ’15 will be held on Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th, 2015 at the Ted Reeve Arena, located in Toronto, Ontario. Tickets are on sale now for both events, and are available here ( .

The COO of ROH Joe Koff when asked about the events said: “We’re very excited to once again bring the stars of New Japan to our great fans. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is a fantastic partner with exceptional wrestlers and we always strive to give our fans an experience of a lifetime. With these three stacked events, showcasing the best wrestlers in the world, we will do just that.”

As always, becoming a Ringside Member gets you there first! In addition to first-chance ticket sales, Ringside Membership gives you the first look at ROH TV online, exclusive content, merchandise discounts, and a lot more.

Follow ROH on Twitter: @RingofHonor
Like ROH on Facebook:
Watch and learn about ROH:
Learn more about New Japan Pro-Wrestling:
Ring of Honor is fully owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. is the largest and one of the most diversified television station operators in the country. The company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company information which can be accessed at For more information related to Ring of Honor, please visit

Opinionated View- Hopefully by May both ROH and New Japan will make some improvements so these shows will be worthy of the praise the net will just heap on it. But I doubt it. ROH just cant' figure it out and New Japan is to lazy.

ROH Press Release on the Return of Samoa Joe

Ring of Honor issued the following press release to on Wednesday.
Ring of Honor is proud of announce the return of the most dominant Ring of Honor World Champion in company history, Samoa Joe!!!

When you speak of legendary names in Ring of Honor one of, if not the first name mentioned in Samoa Joe. He made his debut in Ring of Honor in October of 2002. Within 5 months he would blow through the competition and win the Ring of Honor World Championship. He would hold the ROH World Championship for a record setting 645 days. His title reign would see him engage in legendary matches with CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Homicide and AJ Styles just to name a few.

"The Samoan Submission Machine" will return home to Ring of Honor Saturday March 7, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Who will Samoa Joe be gunning for? Is ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe safe? Is ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal safe? Is anyone safe? Who do you want to see Samoa Joe face in Ring of Honor?

Do not miss the chance to see a true legend in the prime of his career as Samoa Joe to returns home to Ring of Honor.

Saturday March 7, 2015 Baltimore, Maryland
Friday March 13, 2015 Milwaukee, WI
Saturday March 14, 2015 Chicago Ridge, IL
Friday March 27, 2015 Redwood City, CA **Sold Out**
With his return announced, Samoa Joe and the world will without a doubt have their eyes set firmly on Ring of Honors 13th Anniversary Spectacular, live on Pay Per View this Sunday March 1, 2015.

TNA Signs Long Term Deal With Sony Six In India

TNA issued the following press release:
Mumbai (Wednesday February 25, 2015): TNA Wrestling and India's most popular sports TV station Sony SIX have signed a long-term deal that will make Sony SIX the exclusive home for all TNA content until 2022.

This innovative and prestigious agreement anchors TNA with a major media company in the world's largest wrestling market outside of the United States for the next SEVEN years.

The partnership also includes a commitment to the discovery and development of talent from the Indian subcontinent to join the TNA roster, following in the footsteps of Mahabali Shera – who last year became TNA's first ever Indian-born Superstar.

Fans across the Indian subcontinent can watch TNA's flagship show IMPACT WRESTLING every Monday night at 9pm on Sony SIX, with TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches airing every Tuesday at 9pm and TNA Xplosion each Wednesday at 9pm. Sony SIX also airs TNA's PPV and One Night Only events.

Since joining the Sony SIX line-up in the summer of 2013, TNA has helped Sony SIX become the most viewed sports channel across the Indian subcontinent. Other major sports/events on Sony SIX include Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket, FIFA World Cup soccer, NBA basketball and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

A major highlight for 2015 has been the IMPACT WRESTLING debut of Mahabali Shera. Introduced in a blaze of publicity by Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle, Shera has made headlines and led news bulletins across India.

Sony Six Business Head Prasana Krishna said: "We are extremely thrilled to extend our partnership with TNA. India historically boasts of a rich heritage in wresting and we believe, that through this initiative, we will be taking another step forward in reaching out to our audiences across India.
"The introduction of Shera and more Indian talents will only bolster our special televised capsule of action sports, which will feature the best of action and combat sports. We at Sony SIX look forward to building on this fascinating sport."

TNA President Dixie Carter added: "India has an incredible cultural heritage with wrestling and we are thrilled to continue this amazing partnership with Sony SIX for years to come.

"As is evident through this long-term deal with Sony SIX, the powerful introduction of Mahabali Shera, and our continued pledge to find and develop Indian talent, together we are committed to growing legions of TNA fans across the Indian subcontinent."

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s Lucha Underground

Here is the preview for tonight’s episode of Lucha Underground, which has been titled “Caged Animals”…
Cage looks to earn a Championship Match. Cueto offers another unique opportunity. Johnny Mundo seeks revenge.
* Drago vs. Aero Star
* Pentagon Jr vs. Vinny Massaro
* Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerto
* Non-Title Match: Champion Puma vs. Cage

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s NXT

* Finn Balor vs. a returning WWE star
* Hideo Itami vs. Bull Dempsey
* Lucha Dragons vs. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger
* Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger
* Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

Stephanie and Vince McMahon Comment On Divas

Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter late Tuesday evening to respond to comments by WWE Diva AJ Lee who criticized her for supporting comments by actress Patricia Arquette for discussing women's rights and wage equality at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Lee wrote, "Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times, and nd yet they receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster. #UseYourVoice."

McMahon then responded around three hours later to Lee writing, "Thank you @WWEAJLee, I appreciate your opinion.  #UseYourVoice."

In response to the #GiveDivasAChance topic trending following a very short Divas tag match this past Monday night on RAW, Vince McMahon wrote the following on Twitter.
"We hear you. Keep watching.  #GiveDivasAChance"
Opinionated View- Well Stephanie said publicly what she need to say same with Vince. Now About the whole give Divas a Chance thing to me it depends on the Diva. I would love to see Nattie or Paige get a chance. I sure as hell don't want to see the bellas featured more often.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/24 WWE Smackdown TV taping spoilers:

WWE Smackdown TV Taping
Daniel Bryan was first out for Smackdown. He said the Yes Movement isn't dead. He was about to say what he plans to do at WrestleMania, but Bad News Barrett came out. Barrett said "losers like you don't deserve Mania, neither does that lunatic thief Dean Ambrose."
Ambrose came out and brawled with Barrett while Bryan watched. Bryan picked up the Intercontinental Title that was left in the ring. He haded it to Barrett, who turned around and was struck by Ambrose's punch and Bryan's kick. Barrett dropped the belt, and Ambrose picked it up. Ambrose and Bryan celebrated in the ring together...
1. Dean Ambrose beat The Miz. Mizdow was not present for Miz's entrance. Barrett came through the crowd to get his belt back. Ambrose still pinned Miz, and Mizdow never appeared...
Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Barrett, who said Ambrose can't hold a candle to his ability and neither can that hobo Bryan. He said he's never letting go of his title...
2. Natalya (w/Tyson Kidd, Cesaro) beat Naomi (w/The Usos). The women came out to their own entrance music rather than their tag team's music. Natalya won with a clothesline after the tag teams fought at ringside...
Rusev and Lana were out for a promo. Lana showed a picture of Cena holding up his "Never Give Up" towel at Fastlane, and then showed another of Rusev winning. She showed a letter that was supposedly from Vladimir Putin. They got massive heat. Jack Swagger came out and got a cheap pop by mentioning Atlanta. Rusev and Swagger brawled. Swagger had the initial offense, but Rusev came back and applied The Accolade...
3. Daniel Bryan beat Bad News Barrett in a non-title match. R-Truth came out for commentary. Bryan had Barrett in the Yes Lock facing the stage when Truth snuck up there and took the IC Title belt. Barrett recovered and was going for the Bull Hammer, but Bryan hit a running knee for the win. Afterward, Barrett stared down the announcers, but he never really suspected Truth of taking the title belt. Two more losses for Barrett over the last two days. He should be thrilled they took his belt..
A backstage interview with Byron Saxton and Roman Reigns was shown. I tuned out the interview, but he basically said he's a proud family man and he's gonna beat Lesnar...
Backstage, R-Truth gave Dean Ambrose the Intercontinental Title belt and said, "Here, take it." Two title changes in one night! Smackdown is on fire! At least I got a good laugh...
4. Fandango beat Curtis Axel. Fandango spoke before the match. Axel now has an AxelMania clock that shows how long he's been in the Royal Rumble match. Funny. Fandango won in about a minute...
The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Big E, and Tyson Kidd did a Be A Star appearance at the Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta...
5. Goldust beat Adam Rose. Stardust was dressed as a Rosebud monkey, and he attacked Goldust...
Bray Wyatt cut a promo. It was the same type of thing he's been saying... Raw returns to Atlanta on July 13. The pre-sale password is WWEATL... The main event is up next...
6. Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane. Ryback pinned Rollins.
Dark Main Event

AJ Lashles Out at Stephanie McMahon on Twitter

WWE Diva AJ Lee issued a series of tweets to WWE's Stephanie McMahon on Tuesday night after McMahon thanked actress Patricia Arquette for discussing women's rights and wage equality at the Oscars on Sunday night.

McMahon's tweet wrote, "Thank You @PattyArquette for having the courage to fight for #WomensRights on such a grand platform. #UseYourVoice."

Lee then issued the following tweets in response to McMahon adding, "Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times, and nd yet they receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster. #UseYourVoice."

As of late Tuesday evening, the tweets by Lee have remained on her account.

Opinionated View- This sounds like AJ is legit upset but we heard something from Darren Young about Gay Rights not to long ago. Hell you never know there are tons of AJ returning rumors for all we know it will be Stephanie vs. AJ at Mania. Not saying it's not real but this is wrestling folks.

2/24 WWE Main Event TV spoilers

Dark Match
1. The Prime Time Players beat a pair of wrestlers who were not introduced.
WWE Main Event Taping
1. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeated The Lucha Dragons. Cesaro hit his uppercut for the win.
2. The Bellas beat Paige and Emma. Brie pinned Emma.
3. Stardust beat Kofi Kingston. The crowd chanted Cody to start. Stardust won clean. This appeared to end the taping, as the broadcast team of Tom Phillips and JBL left the table.

2/23 WWE Raw Viewership

Monday's episode of WWE RAW, which featured the fallout from WWE Fastlane, drew 4.122 million viewers, up 3% from last week's 3.997 million viewers.For this week's show, the first hour drew 4.082 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.109 million viewers and the final hour drew 4.176 million viewers.

WWE Fastlane Review

IMPACT Preview EP 6. World Heavyweight Title Match This Friday

Did Brock Lesnar Walk Out Of RAW Before It Ended?, Backstage News On His Status With WWE

We noted earlier that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar was backstage at last night's RAW in Nashville but not used. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that there was more to the story than Lesnar just not being used
PWInsider reports that Lesnar flew on his private plane to Nashville for RAW earlier in the day on Monday, so he was there.

According to people backstage at RAW, Lesnar was visibly angry about something and one source claimed he walked out of RAW before it ended.

Word is that something happened between Lesnar and WWE but it was not creative related, but something to do with their business relationship. Vince McMahon acknowledged an issue with Lesnar during a SmackDown production meeting today but did not go into details.
Lesnar has already returned home and is not at SmackDown. We'll keep you updated.

Opinionated View- Just a guess but

Vince: Brock we really need you to show up every week. Its Mania season the fans aren't buying Reigns like I want. You showing up and the right angles could really help.

Brock: What dose my contract say Vince?

Vince: Brock I know what your contract says. But I really need....

Brock: Fuck you I'm going home.

Vince: I put the title on you damn it.... You leave I will never bring you back.

Brock: You said that after WrestleMania 20.

ROH News and Notes

Matt Taven needed six staples after a Tag Team Armageddon match in Atlanta. Both Taven and Michael Bennett are expected to get a big push soon.

– The recent shows in Dayton, Ohio and Dearborn, Michigan are available on VOD on the ROH website.

The next PPV after the 13th anniversary show this weekend will be at Terminal 5 in New York City.

ROH will be launching a new PPV series in March. The series, titled “Creating Excellence,” will focus on the talents and feuds in the promotion. The debut edition will focus on the feud between The Young Bucks and reDragon. That will debut on March 1st, the same day as the 13th anniversary PPV. The series sounds as if it will be similar to the TNA Unfinished Business series, which focuses on “Best ofs” and feuds in the company. The TNA series is also one hour, and is currently priced (on my cable system) at $4.99. No word on what the ROH series will be priced at as of this writing

ROH Annouces Samoa Joe Is Returning

Opinionated View- Its a good pick up for ROH. But we have seen AJ is a part timer who has no traction in ROH. They blew it with Daniels and Kaz. Joe returning will not fix the numerous problems in ROH.

Brock Lesnar Only Set For Two Episodes of RAW Before WrestleMania

- Even though he was advertised for RAW last night, Brock Lesnar did not make an appearance. He’s not set to appear on next week’s episode of RAW and is only advertised for two tapings before WrestleMania. The first is the episode on March 9 in Pittsburgh. The second is the final RAW before ‘Mania at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 23.

Opinionated View- Gee it almost like putting the title on a guy that rarely appears was a bad idea

NXT’s Solomon Crowe Helps Save Driver From Overturned Car

According to, NXT star Solomon Crowe helped pull a woman from an overturned car in Orlando, FL. Following a session at the WWE Performance Center, Crowe was at a nearby store and heard a crashing sound. Crowe (who has received first aid training) and another witness rushed to the overturned SUV and helped remove the driver from the vehicle. They had to pry open the door to rescue the driver. Crowe had the following to say to…
“I didn’t even think. When I saw it, I was wearing sandals, and I just took off in a full sprint toward the car. I knew especially if a car’s upside down like that, it can catch fire very easily, and whoever was in it, we wanted to get them out.
I would hope someone would do the same for me. That’s how I think about it.”
Crowe posted the following on Twitter…

Solomon Crowe @WWECrowe
There was a wreck in front of me...Pulled a young lady out of an upside down car today... Mind blown.... Right place, right time!

Brock Lesnar Reportedly Didn’t Appear On RAW Due To Backstage Issue

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer said that Brock Lesnar was involved in a backstage situation that WWE doesn’t want to get out. WWE announced several times that Brock would be on RAW with Paul Heyman to talk about Roman Reigns, but Lesnar never showed.

Meltzer said there was “more to the story”. He said: “The story is ongoing and still in progress. I don’t think anyone wants it out until whatever it is is settled…but something happened, but what that is, I do not know.

He added that he doesn’t think the situation is bad enough that the Wrestlemania 31 main event is in jeopardy, but there “is an unanswered question, and I don’t know what it is right now.”

Opinionated View- Well this could very well be one of those time Dave is just pulling something from his ass. Of course Brock's not the calmest guy in the world. And if this is true its yet another reason why putting the title on the guy that shows up once and a while is stupid.

Update On When Undertaker Will Return To WWE TV (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

The current plan in WWE is to keep The Undertaker off of TV until Wrestlemania 31. That means that he will not appear on RAW or Smackdown to help build to his match with Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania. The idea is to create mystery as WWE fans don’t know where ‘Taker is, what he looks like, what condition he’s in or if he’ll show up at all. WWE believes that this will lead to a surprise when Undertaker actually shows up at Wrestlemania 31 to fight Bray Wyatt.

Opinionated View- Well anyone that has seen any photo of video of Taker knows he looks awful these days. So odds are they figure seeing him TV will actually discourage people from buying the show.

ESPN To Air Segment on The Von Erich Family

A segment on the legendary Von Erich family will be airing on ESPN's Sportscenter on their 6:00 PM ET timeslot this Friday (2/27) according to a report by Mike Johnson. The segment will then be posted on ESPN's website. ESPN filmed material last year for the segment and it has been talked about airing for the last couple of months

Updated WWE WrestleMania Card

WWE confirmed on Monday night during RAW that the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will be returning at WrestleMania 31 this year on 3/29 in Santa Clara. Confirmed for the battle royal so far is The Miz, Curtis Axel and Ryback.
Here is the updated card for WrestleMania 31 as of Monday evening.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns
Sting vs. Triple H
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Confirmed names so far include:
* The Miz
* Curtis Axel
* Ryback

Six Man Tag Set For WWE Smackdown

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane in a rematch from the Fastlane PPV will take place this Thursday night on the 2/26 WWE Smackdown.
This match will be taped on Tuesday night in Atlanta, Georgia.

2/23 WWE Raw Report

The WWE intro hits followed by the RAW introduction.
We go live to Nashville. Randy Orton is out first to kick off the show. Orton grabs a mic. The crowd in Nashville starts up a loud "RANDY" chant. Orton said he has something he needs to get off his chest tonight. He brings up how he's been out of action for the last "four freaking months" because of Seth Rollins. We get a reminder of what went down last November of The Authority attacking Orton giving him a curb stomp over the steel steps. Back live, Orton said he has been replaying that scene over and over in his head. He is here tonight to tell The Authority and tell the world he is just now getting started. Orton said Rollins got away last night at Fastlane. He calls out Rollins to the ring right now.

Triple H's music hits instead. Triple H walks out with Stephanie McMahon, Big Show and Kane. All four head to the ring. Stephanie grabs a mic and welcomes Orton back. She said the Orton we saw last night was the Orton everyone knows and loves. Stephanie said that was the Orton she wants as the face of WWE. Orton cuts her off saying he isn't part of this family and isn't part of The Authority. He wants to bash Rollins' brains in. Stephanie thinks he can forgive Rollins and sees no reason why the face and future of WWE can't exist at the same time. She said Orton left them no choice, but everyone here is willing to forgive him. "Come back home. Join The Authority," said Stephanie. Orton said that is tempting, but he'd rather kick some ass instead of kiss ass.
Big Show grabs the mic and says he knows Orton is frustrated and angry. He said all that anger and frustration Orton has, he understands and he's had to put it to the side in the past himself. "Joining The Authority was the best personal decision I've ever made," said Big Show. A loud "YOU SOLD OUT" chant starts up in Nashville. Big Show says Orton returning to The Authority is the best decision he could ever make. Orton says by coming back he means selling out. Stephanie wants Orton to look her in the eyes. She said Orton isn't a good guy and brings up the bad things he's done during his career without caring what the crowd thinks. Stephanie brings up the horrible things Orton has done to her and her family. She wants Orton to hear them out as she can't force his hand. Stephanie suggests a business meeting so they can do what is right and for him to come back home.
Stephanie exists the ring with help from Big Show and Kane. Triple H stares down Orton. Triple H then exists the ring along with Big Show and Kane. All four head to the back. Orton tells them to wait a minute. "I'll be there. I'll see you in the back. Business meeting, fine," adds Orton. Orton drops the mic as we see a shot of Stephanie smiling.

We hear from Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T at ringside. The fallout from Fastlane takes place tonight on RAW asking what is next for John Cena after his loss to Rusev. We also see that Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is now confirmed for WrestleMania 31. We will hear from Roman Reigns tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett (without his title) walks out. They bring up how Dean Ambrose stole the title last night at Fastlane. Barrett faces Dolph Ziggler next.
-Commercial Break-

Back live, Barrett is on the mic and wants to make it clear that he is still the WWE Intercontinnetal Champion and he wants back his property. Ziggler's music cuts him off.
R-Truth has joined Cole, JBL and Booker T on commentary tonight.

Non-Title Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lock up and Barrett drops Ziggler early with a big right hand. Barrett with shots to Ziggler in the corner. Barrett with a quick snap suplex. Barrett grounds Ziggler with a headlock. Ziggler with a swinging neckbreaker and big elbow. Barrett with a big kick to the chest of Ziggler. Barrett with shots to the lower back of Ziggler in the corner and follows with a high knee. Barrett with big knees to the back of Ziggler. Barrett drops Ziggler on his head cutting off a comeback. Barrett with big right hands over Ziggler. Barrett with more knees. Barrett crotches himself missing a big boot on Ziggler. Ziggler connects with a big dropkick that sends Barrett over the top rope to the outside as we head to a commercial.

-Commercial Break-
Back live, Ziggler with big rights to Barrett in the corner. Ziggler is able to counter a Wasteland attempt into a big DDT. Barrett catches Ziggler with a big boot and then a big fall back powerbomb! Barrett nearly lost his balance on that. Barrett connects with the Winds of Change and Ziggler just barely kicks out before three. Ziggler counters another Wasteland attempt into a close roll up. Barrett hits the corner shoulder first. Zig Zag. Ziggler wins.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Dean Ambrose's music hits and he walks down the ramp with the WWE Intercontinental Championship in hand. Ambrose gets in the ring and walks up to Barrett who is sitting in the corner. Ambrose and Barrett trash talk. Ambrose turns back and sees Ziggler getting his eye on the title as well. Ambrose rolls out and leaves with the title.
Up next, we look back at the confrontation between Sting and Triple H at Fastlane.
-Commercial Break-

Back live, we see photos of the confrontation between Sting and Triple H last night at the Fastlane PPV. Sting vs. Triple H has been confirmed for WrestleMania 31. Later tonight, WWE will take a look at the man they call Sting.

Backstage, The Authority are talking with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. Rollins says Triple H isn't actually considering bringing Orton back. Stephanie cuts him off saying he needs to show her some respect. Kane suggests a more direct approach would be better. Stephanie said this is about The Authority and together they are unstoppable. "I'm talking about absolute power," adds Stephanie. Rollins says they can't trust Orton. Stephanie thinks Orton can find it in his heart to forgive him and they can forgive Orton. She asks Orton if he is able to move forward. Orton extends his hand to Rollins. Orton and Rollins shake hands. Stephanie books Randy Orton and Seth Rollins against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns for later tonight.
-Commercial Break-

Back live, we see the newly reunited Prime Time Players in the ring. We see a video of The Ascension running down The Bushwhackers, the latest Hall of Fame inductees.

The Ascension vs. The Prime Time Players
We start with Viktor going after Darren Young in the corner. Tag to Konnor who also goes after Young. Quick tag back to Viktor who hits a big uppercut and chops. Viktor with a quick suplex on Young and then applies a front face lock. Tag to Konnor who knocks Titus O'Neil off the ring apron. Young with a clothesline that drops Konnor. Konnor tosses Young with force into the second turnbuckle pad in the corner. Tag to Viktor. The Ascension with a double team drop on Young. Titus sends Konnor over the top rope. Viktor tosses Titus out. Viktor attempts a cradle pin. Young counters into a pin of his own for the pinfall.
Winners: The Prime Time Players

After the match, The Ascension attacks Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. Cole puts over how this officially ends the undefeated streak of The Ascension in WWE. The Ascension with a double team sweep and charge combo on Young after dumping Titus out of the ring.
We will hear from Roman Reigns live next.
-Commercial Break-

We see a photo of The Rock at the Oscars last night.
Back live, Roman Reigns is out and on his way to the ring. Reigns grabs a mic and says it has been one hell of a month. He talks about winning the Royal Rumble and how apparently that wasn't good enough. Reigns did what he promised and that was walk out a winner last night at Fastlane. He looks up at the sign and says now he is going for WrestleMania. Reigns said he heard "them" all month and knew they were rooting for the other guy. He goes to address all of his doubters when Daniel Bryan's music hits.

Daniel Bryan gets on the mic and says he did mean to interrupt. "It's because you mentioned the doubters. People who doubt Roman Reigns. Now I saw you win the Royal Rumble match...*booing from the audience*...and I knew that you deserved that opportunity to main event WrestleMania," adds Bryan. He said somehow he felt like the people and he just booed and booed. Bryan said a lot of people were Roman Reigns doubters and he was the biggest doubter of all. He said when people talk about potential, they really mean size and don't have half the heart that he does. Bryan said that is why the audience likes him and doesn't like Reigns. "And that is why I didn't like you. Last night, I had an opportunity, if I beat you I go on to main event WrestleMania and win back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that I never lost. And I gave it every single thing that I had and I gave it things that I didn't know I had." Bryan said he dug down deep last night and he still wasn't able to beat Reigns. "I can honestly say that I don't regret a thing, because I gave it every single thing that I had and it wasn't me." Bryan said he doesn't care how many people boo Reigns still. "Guess what, sir, you beat me. I put it all on the table and all I have left to say is this...congratulations." Bryan extends his hand to Reigns. Bryan and Reigns shake hands. He said if he could pick one superstar to team up with tonight, it is Reigns. Bryan tells Reigns to go beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.
Bryan exists the ring as Paul Heyman interrupts. Heyman steps aside as Bryan heads to the back. Heyman introduces himself and he knows that you think he is here to cause trouble this evening. He asks for permission from Reigns to enter the ring and Reigns allows it. Heyman said he is actually here to say congratulations to Reigns and shakes hands with Reigns. "That was a hell of a main event last night and even more impressive victory by you, the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship," adds Heyman. Heyman said he can't say he is surprised. He said his money would always be on Roman Reigns. He said Reigns is different and ahead of everyone else. Heyman fantasy books Reigns against Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and John Cena - saying his money would be on Reigns every single time. He said Reigns is "the guy" and the right guy in the right the wrong time. "You're not fighting a man at WrestleMania. You're fighting a beast. And Roman, I have so much respect for you. You can't slay my beast. You can't conquer the conqueror. You can't be the one to beat the one in 21 and 1." Heyman predicts an announcement following the main event of WrestleMania. The only title that truly matters will be raised high as the announcer proclaims the winner and still reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world...Brock Lesnar.

Reigns asks Heyman to stand right in front of him. He wants Heyman to repeat that he can't beat Lesnar at WrestleMania. Reigns begs Heyman for more motivation. He brings up Heyman being present when he faced his client Brock Lesnar. Reigns said he is going to tell Heyman what he told Lesnar. "I'm going to beat Brock. I'm going to beat Brock at WrestleMania," said Reigns. Reigns said respect goes out the window. He promises people will remember the way he beats Lesnar at WrestleMania and to "believe that."
Later tonight we get Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.
Up next, The Usos get a rematch against Cesaro and Tyson Kidd with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line.
-Commercial Break-

WWE Tag Team Championships
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c's) w/ Natalya vs. The Usos w/ Naomi
We start with Cesaro and Jimmy Uso. Cesaro with a big right and tag to Tyson Kidd. Jimmy with shots to both Cesaro and Kidd. Kidd is able to dropkick away at Jimmy. On the outside, Jey is able to get in a big clothesline on Cesaro as Jimmy tosses Kidd back in the ring. Kidd works over Jimmy and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro keeps Jimmy grounded with a headlock. Kidd tags himself in and eats clotheslines from Jey who also got the tag. Jey with a big headbutt dropping Kidd in the tree of woe. Jey with a jumping headbutt to Kidd for a two count. Kidd tosses Jey over and hits Jimmy with a kick. Kidd tries to flip off the ring apron, The Usos catch Kidd and dump him into the barricade. Cesaro eats a back body drop on the outside. Cesaro breaks up a pinfall attempt by Jey on Kidd. Cesaro and Jimmy go over the top rope. In the ring, Jey is up top, jumps and gets a cross body into a cover for two.
-Commercial Break-

Back live, Jey gets his knees up countering a flying elbow by Kidd. Jey with a roll up for two on Cesaro. Cesaro uppercuts Jey in the back of the head in the corner. Cesaro Swing on Jey, tag to Kidd and Jimmy breaks up a pinfall attempt. Tag to Cesaro who lands a big uppercut to Jey in the corner. Cesaro sits Jey up on the top turnbuckle, tags in Kidd, Jey counters a suplex attempt, has Cesaro on his shoulders and drops him down in an electric chair. Hot tag to Jimmy who comes off the top with a big splash. Kidd breaks up the pinfall attempt with a flying elbow to Jimmy. Jimmy with a roll up on Kidd from the ring apron for a close two count. Jimmy with a big kick to the head of Kidd. Jimmy misses a corner splash, Kidd with the roll up using the ropes and Naomi knocks the legs of Kidd off the ropes. Jimmy with a superkick to Kidd. Natalya walks up and pushes Naomi down. Jimmy goes up top and Natalya crotches Jimmy. The referee calls it. Naomi pulls Natalya off the ring apron.
Winners via DQ: The Usos
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

After the match, Natalya is favoring her ankle. She heads to the back with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd who were announced still tag team champions.
Bray Wyatt is up next.
-Commercial Break-

Backstage, The Miz asks where Damien Mizdow was. Mizdow said he just got some really big news. Miz said he also has big news. He talks about winning every major title in WWE and the only title he's yet to win is the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Miz puts over that he will be in "The Marine 4." Mizdow thanks Miz for giving him the spotlight and how he is getting contacted for roles in commericals. Miz says he is happy for Mizdow sarcastically.

Highlights of Bray Wyatt calling out The Undertaker at Fastlane last night is shown. We then see Bray Wyatt standing over a casket backstage. Wyatt talks about Undertaker going 21-1 at WrestleMania last year. He wants to finish the job at WrestleMania this year. Wyatt closes the casket ending the promo with, "Find me."
Stardust is on his way out next.
-Commercial Break-

Stardust vs. Jack Swagger
Stardust with some big kicks and rights early backing Jack Swagger to the corner. Swagger fires back with some rights of his own. Nashville starts a loud "CODY" chant making Stardust upset. Swagger takes down Stardust at the knee. Stardust blogs a Swagger Bomb. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock applied countering an attack by Stardust. Stardust gets to the ropes to force a break. Goldust's music hits and he walks out on the ramp. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock applied again. Stardust quickly taps out.
Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match, Goldust leans down staring down Stardust. Stardust freaks out in frustration inside the ring as the crowd starts a loud "CODY" chant again.
We see picture highlights from Fastlane last night of Rusev getting a submission victory over John Cena to retain the WWE United States Championship.
John Cena is live next.
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We get a reminder that WrestleMania 31 is 34 days away.

John Cena's music hits and makes his way to the ring. Cena talks about his match last night at Fastlane against Rusev with the WWE United States Championship on the line. He takes his hat off to Rusev last night, but reminds everyone he had Rusev looking down the eyes of defeat for the first time in his career. Cena said he made a promise to himself to never give up and he didn't last night. He pictured himself breaking the submission to defeat Rusev, but brings up how Rusev low blowed him. "Last night at Fastlane I lost. And Rusev won. I got no problem with that. My problem is with Rusev. Because this man parades around like he is a hero, some sort of Russian hero," adds Cena. He said last Rusev had a chance to prove he was that hero and he instead proved he was a coward.
Rusev's music hits as he walks out with Lana on the stage. Lana gets on the mic and uses the American phrase she always hears: "We told you so." She talks about how Cena failed last night and how he let his country down. "And just like all Americans, you gave up," adds Lana. She says the great John Cena was humbled by the great athlete, Rusev. Lana talks about Rusev getting message of praise from the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin.

Rusev grabs the mic saying it is Rusev's time now. "I am United States Champion and nobody can beat me," yelled Rusev. Rusev wants Cena to admit he is beneath him and that both Rusev and Russia is better than both Cena and America. Cena says Rusev better watch what he says about the United States of America. Lana says Cena gave up and his entire life is just a big lie. Photos of Cena passed out on the mat last night are shown by Lana. Cena said he will keep fighting until he gets the job done and that is what Americans do. He said you might get lucky and catch us with a jab, but we come back stronger. Cena says Rusev is no hero and is garbage. "It is time for me to take the trash. Rusev I'm gonna beat ya and I'm going to bring the United States Championship home. And by my word, I'll make sure you are humbled at the grandest stage of them all because John Cena is going to beat your ass at WrestleMania." Rusev asks Cena why he thinks he deserves a rematch at WrestleMania. "What makes you think you deserve? Because you are the great John Cena?" Rusev said Cena is a quitter, that Cena doesn't deserve it and his answer is no. The Russian flag falls over the ring by Cena and Rusev heads to the back with Lana.

Backstage, Seth Rollins wants to talk with Randy Orton. Orton wants J&J Security out telling Rollins to "keep his pets at the door." Rollins kicks them out and says he knows Orton hates him. Orton said they are on the same page tonight. Rollins is ready to put the past behind them. Orton said he will never forget what happened, but reassures him everything is fine tonight and that he wants to prove that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were lucky that he wasn't in the Royal Rumble match this year. Rollins and Orton shake hands.

WWE takes a special look at Sting next.
Paige is on her way out for a Divas tag team match.
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A video package runs focusing on the career of Sting
Paige & Emma vs. The Bella Twins
We start with Brie and Emma. Brie pushes Paige off the ring apron who was yelling at Nikki. Brie with a quick facebuster on Emma and gets the fast pinfall.
Winners: The Bella Twins

After the match, Paige blasts Brie with a big superkick. Nikki with a big shot on Paige that drops her right away. Nikki grabs her WWE Divas Championship and holds it up over Paige yelling at her to never touch her sister. Nikki taunts Paige with the title on the outside.
The Bushwhackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) are officially announced as the next inductees into the Class of 2015 WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Curtis Axel is standing in the ring pointing at the WrestleMania sign wearing a #Axelmania t-shirt. He brings up how he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match. Axel said he is officially entering himself into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. "You can't stop me. You can't stop #AxelMania." Ryback's music cuts him off.

Ryback vs. Curtis Axel
Before the match, Ryback grabs a mic and tells Axel to turn his upper lip south and to shut his mouth. He puts over how great Rybaxel was as a tag team. Ryback said he plans to be the last man standing in that Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
The bell rings and here we go. Axel with some big rights to Ryback backing him against the ropes. Ryback with a huge clothesline on Axel. Ryback already is ready to finish it. Ryback gets Axel up and drops him with Shell Shocked. Ryback gets the pinfall.
Winner: Ryback
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This Thursday night on Smackdown we get a Fastlane rematch. Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan take on Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane in a six man tag team match.

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins & Randy Orton
Rollins was accompanied by J&J Security, Big Show and Kane. We see footage of Jon Stewart responding to Rollins this past week. Back live, Rollins introduces his partner tonight and the face of WWE - Randy Orton.
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Back live, we start with Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Bryan with a big knee to Rollins. Bryan gets a surfboard submission applied on Rollins and then tags in Roman Reigns. Rollins bails to the corner and tags in Randy Orton. Orton catches Reigns with a quick dropkick and then tosses Reigns to the corner. Reigns fires back with a clothesline and tag to Bryan comes come flying off the corner with a shot on Orton. Bryan works over the arm of Orton. Orton gets Bryan grounded, gets in a stomp and tags in Rollins. Rollins right rights to Bryan. Bryan fires back with rights of his own. Bryan tosses Rollins over the top rope, hits the ropes and Rollins bails when Bryan attempts a suicide dive. Rollins regroups with Orton, Big Show, Kane and J&J Security at ringside as we go to a commercial.
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Back live, we see Orton working over Reigns against the ropes. Orton with uppercuts and rights to Reigns. Reigns fires back with some shots of his own. Orton drops Reigns with a quick clothesline from the corner. Tag to Rollins. Rollins jumps on Reigns and drops some big right hands. Reigns with a big tilt-a-whirl slam on Rollins. Hot tag to Bryan. Bryan dropkicks Orton in the corner off the ring apron. Bryan with right hands to Rollins. Bryan flips over Rollins in the corner, hits the ropes and levels Rollins with a big jumping clothesline. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Rollins. Bryan winds up for a big kick, Rollins ducks, rolls up Bryan and gets a two count. Bryan gets the Yes Lock applied on Rollins. Orton breaks it up. Reigns clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Rollins kicks Reigns out. Bryan tosses Rollins over the top rope. Bryan with a suicide dive pushing Rollins into the barricade at ringside. Bryan is up top. Rollins crotches him with a distraction from Joey Mercury on the ring apron. Tag to Orton who tosses Bryan to the corner. Orton with repeated uppercuts to Bryan in the corner. Orton puts Bryan up on the top turnbuckle. Orton with a big right, jumps up with Bryan, Bryan with shots to the ribs of Orton, Bryan headbutts Orton, right hand, Orton goes down, Bryan jumps and misses a flying headbutt when Orton rolls out of the way. Tag to Reigns. Reigns with a big jumping clothesline on Rollins. Reigns with repeated clothesline shots to Rollins in the corner. Reigns has Rollins up on his shoulders and hits a modified facebuster. Superman Punch to Mercury. Rollins with a kick to the head of Reigns. Tag to Orton. Orton and Reigns exchange shots. Orton with a snap powerslam on Reigns. Orton sets up Reigns for his DDT through the ropes and Rollins tags himself in. Orton still hits the DDT and jumps down upset. "Screw this," yells Orton at ringside. In the ring, Reigns with his Superman Punch on Rollins. Bryan tags himself in. Reigns laughs it off. Bryan with his flying knee to Rollins. Bryan gets the pinfall.
Winners: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

After the match, both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan smile celebrating the win. At ringside, we see an upset Randy Orton pacing. Orton slaps the barricade in frustration. The screen goes black. We return live to see Orton standing in the corner of the ring. Rollins is just starting to recover. RKO on Jamie Noble who jumps in. Orton backs off Joey Mercury. Orton gets the face of Rollins in the corner. Orton slaps Rollins on the chest and holds back. Orton walks to the back as we see a surprised look on the face of Rollins to close the show.