Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Impact Wrestling Preview: Angle vs Roode and The Fate of the TNA World Title

Preview Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c - a special Halloween edition of IMPACT! If you can't watch it on Halloween night, make sure to set your DVR so you don't miss any of the action!
- Thursday's HALLOWEEN IMPACT will feature a HUGE "Bound For Glory" rematch as Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle once again battles his nemesis and EGO Hall of Famer, Bobby Roode! After their epic war at "Bound For Glory" and confrontation on IMPACT, can Angle finally get payback against Roode?
 What's next in the ongoing situation involving World Heavyweight Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and TNA President Dixie Carter? Styles shocked the wrestling world this past week and left IMPACT with the World Heavyweight Championship without signing a new contract! How will Dixie Carter respond this Thursday on Impact?
- On the special Halloween IMPACT, ODB gets her rematch for the Knockouts Championship as she battles new titleholder Gail Kim! However, can ODB find a way to counter Gail's newest associate, the juggernaut Lei'd Tapa?
-The Tag Team Titles will be on the line as the new champions The Bromans defend their gold against the former champions, James Storm and Gunner.
- Also on Thursday's IMPACT, will "The Monster" Abyss make his return on HALLOWEEN NIGHT and unleash terror on Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and anyone else who might be in his path of destruction? Will TNA's Masked Monster make his return on Halloween to get revenge? Don't miss it!
All this and much more on Thursday's special Halloween broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING at 9/8c on SpikeTV!

Who is in Charge of TNA Creative With Eric Bischoff Gone?

- With Eric Bischoff now working from home, it has been reported that John Gaburick and Jeff Jarrett are handling the overall direction of TNA's product. Jarrett has had a lot more input as of late. With Gaburick and Jarrett controlling the direction, Matt Conway and Dave Lagana will handle the bulk of the actual writing of the shows. 

Opinionated View- The question I always ask is how much of the shows airing now were already written and planned out?

WWE Third Quater Financials

Here is the breakdown of the WWE's Q3 PPV business, going back to 2007. Following two years of PPV growth in the quarter, the quarter took a 10% drop in revenue, due to a 9% drop in PPV buys…

  • Q3 2007: $18.8 million
  • Q3 2008: $16.4 million (-$2.4 million)
  • Q3 2009: $14.5 million (-$1.9 million)
  • Q3 2010: $13.6 million (-$0.9 million)
  • Q3 2011: $15.8 million (+$2.2 million)
  • Q3 2012: $16.3 million (+$0.5 million)
  • Q3 2013: $14.6 million (-$1.7 million)

  • - WWE Studios recognized revenue of $1.8 million as compared to revenue of $1.9 million in the prior year quarter reflecting the timing of results generated by the Company's overall portfolio of movies. Here is the breakdown…
    Five films have been released during the first nine months of 2013, which compares to three releases during the first nine months of 2012. Revenues for current projects will be recognized on a net basis as participation statements are received from distribution partners rather than upon release as was the case with the Company's self-distributed movies. In general, for movies that are not self-distributed, the Company does not expect to begin recognizing revenue until four to six months after release. As such, the recognition of revenue related to the most recent releases, including 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded and The Call is not expected to begin until the fourth quarter 2013 or early 2014.

    Based on an evaluation of the Company's film assets, an impairment charge of $7.0 million was recognized in the quarter. The impairment charge, which primarily relates to the movies released over the 2010 through 2012 period, was driven recent performance of these titles. As a result of the impairment, WWE Studios generated a loss of $7.4 million compared to a loss of $2.0 million in the prior year quarter, which included no film impairment charges. Excluding the impact of film impairment charges, the WWE Studios' movie portfolio generated an adjusted loss of $0.4 million compared to a loss of $2.0 million in the prior year quarter.

    - WWE saw revenues from Digital Media businesses increase 15% to $8.6 million as compared to $7.5 million in the prior year quarter. revenues increased 19% to $5.7 million in the quarter due to higher sales of advertising and digital content, including the Company's pay-per-view events, across various digital platforms. Supporting the growth in advertising, key digital metrics such as unique visitors to the Company's website and mobile app, average monthly page views, and CPMs (a measure of pricing) increased from the prior year quarter. The Company launched digital distribution of its pay-per-view events on the Microsoft Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 in April 2013 and on the Sony Entertainment Network on PlayStation 3 in August 2013.

    WWEShop revenues increased to $2.9 million in the quarter as compared to $2.7 million in the prior year quarter based on an 11% increase in the volume of online merchandise sales to approximately 59,800 orders. The average revenue per order increased 2% to $48.87 in the current year quarter.

    - WWE saw revenue from their Consumer Products fall 15% to $13.4 million from $15.8 million in the prior year quarter, primarily due to declines in the Company's video game licensing and Home Entertainment businesses as described below.
    Licensing revenues were $5.7 million as compared to $7.1 million in the prior year quarter, driven primarily by a 24% reduction in video game shipments that resulted in a $1.3 million decline in video game royalties. Shipments of the Company's annual franchise video game, WWE '13, which was the last release developed by THQ, declined to 178,000 units as compared to 233,000 units for the corresponding game in the prior year quarter. Royalties from the sale of toy and apparel products were essentially flat to the prior year quarter, as modest growth in the U.S. was offset by lower sales in international markets. Additionally, a new installment of the Company's video game, WWE 2K14, was released by Take-Two Interactive in late October 2013.

    Home Entertainment net revenues were $5.2 million as compared to $6.4 million in the prior year quarter. Domestic home entertainment revenue fell approximately $0.8 million, or 15%, reflecting a 23% decline in shipments to approximately 720,000 units with 5 fewer releases in the quarter (7 in Q3 2013 vs. 12 in Q3 2012). The decline in shipments was partially offset by a 4% increase in the average price per unit to $11.41.

    Revenue from international licensing activities declined by approximately $0.4 million reflecting lower sales in Canada and the transition to a new licensee in the EMEA region.

    Magazine Publishing net revenues were $1.5 million as compared to $1.6 million in the prior year quarter.

    - WWE saw revenues from Live and Televised Entertainment businesses increase 13% to $89.5 million, primarily due to the expansion of rights fees from the production and licensing of new television programming, contractual increases from existing programs and changes in the mix of live events. Here is the breakdown…
    Live and Televised Entertainment
    Live Event revenues increased 10% to $25.0 million primarily due to changes in the mix of events, with a higher proportion of international events, which are typically characterized by higher average attendance and ticket prices than events in North America.

    There were 76 total events in the quarter, including 62 events in North America and 14 events in international markets, as compared to 77 events in the prior year quarter, including 70 events in North America and 7 events in international markets.

    North American events generated revenues of $17.5 million as compared to $17.0 million in the prior year quarter representing an increase of $0.5 million as a 9% rise in average ticket prices to $46.78 and 6% higher average attendance to 5,500 attendees were partially offset by the scheduling of eight fewer events in the quarter.

    International live events generated revenues of $7.5 million as compared to $5.8 million in the prior year quarter, with the scheduling of 7 additional events in the quarter.

    Partially offsetting the impact of holding more events, average international ticket prices decreased 26% to $72.30 and average attendance decreased 20% to approximately 6,700 from 8,400 in the prior year quarter. The decreases in average ticket price and average attendance were due in part to changes in territory mix as the incremental events in the period were concentrated in South Africa, a region that has shown a high proportion of WWE fans, but that has experienced significant economic challenges. In addition, changes in foreign exchange rates contributed to the reduction in average ticket price.

    Venue Merchandise revenues decreased 11% to $4.0 million from $4.5 million in the prior year quarter primarily due to a 9% reduction in total domestic (U.S.) attendance, reflecting fewer events during the quarter and an 11% decline in per capita merchandise sales at those events to $9.53 in the current year quarter.

    Television revenues increased 30% to $44.1 million from $34.0 million in the prior year quarter primarily due to the production and monetization of new programs, including Total Divas and WWE Main Event, and to a somewhat lesser degree, contractual increases for existing programs both domestically and internationally. Total Divas, a new original series, began airing on the E! Network in July, 2013 while WWE Main Event was licensed to and began airing on ION Television in the fourth quarter 2012.
    Here is the breakdown of WWE's PPV business for the third quarter…

    Pay-Per-View revenues were $14.6 million as compared to $16.3 million in the prior year quarter, down 10%, primarily due to the performance of the Company's SummerSlam event, which contributed to a 9% reduction in buys for the comparable quarter events.

  • Money in the Bank: 199,000 buys, up 11,000 from 2012
  • Summerslam: 296,000, down 62,000 from 2012
  • Night of Champions: 175,000, down 14,000 from 2012
  • Buys from Prior Events: 91,000 in 2013, up 37,000 from 2012
  • Total Buys: 761,000, down a total of 28,000 from 2012.

  • WWE May Be Planning To Turn A Member Of The Shield Face

    - WWE is currently planning to turn Roman Reigns into a babyface and have him leave The Shield. WWE teased the idea on RAW this past Monday night during their backstage promo. Dean Ambrose pointed out that he was the only one with a title and Roman Reigns gave him an angry look. 

    The face turn isn't expected to happen for the next several months. WWE still sees value in The Shield as a group, even though The Wyatt Family has moved into the main event picture against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. 

    Opinionated View- Reigins has impressed me since I thought he was going to be dead weight but instead has been able to hold his own with Ambrose and Rollins. Problem is being in the group also allows them to hide any shortcomings he has. Honestly I would pick Rollins to turn face since I've seen him work as a face a number of times and his style would be more exciting for the fans.

    Damien Sandow Receiving Praises For Match With John Cena On RAW

    Even though he eventually lost the match, Damien Sandow has received high praise backstage for his World Heavyweight Championship match with John Cena on RAW this past Monday. Vince McMahon is the one who made the decision to have Sandow cash in, due to the fact that RAW was competing with MLB and the NFL. 

    Opinionated View- So are they finally going to start booking him well? I mean its nice people enjoyed his match but the guys been on great matches for a while now. Yet on Raw it appeared it was more about putting Cena over as superman again and than setting for the rematch for Del Rio.

    Update On Rey Mysterio's Return

    - WWE officials wont let Rey Mysterio come back until they feel his quadriceps muscle is strong enough. They don't want him to risk another injury by doing anything physical in the ring. This is why he hasn't returned even though he was involved in WWE's recent tour of Mexico

    Opinionated View- Problem is Rey is so beat up and broken down he may never get stronger.

    Highlights Form WWE's Third Quarter Conference Call

    Today, WWE held a conference call to discuss their third quarter earning results.
    Vince McMahon talked about WWE's increase in TV right revenue due to the success of "Total Divas" and adding on "Main Event". McMahon noted that the Summerslam PPV buyrate had a "weak showing" and that fans didn't "buy the attraction, as PPVs are attraction events."
    PPV distribution online with the inclusion of buying PPVs via the Playstation 3 video game console did over 17,000 buys which was a 160% increase. McMahon touted the new John Cena kids clothing line and adding new TV markets in the countries of China and Japan. 
    There was no new update on the upcoming WWE Network, with McMahon only saying that they will continue to pursue the network via "traditional and non-traditional means."
    McMahon brought up WWE's TV rights contracts coming up soon. McMahon compared WWE to NASCAR and said that he looks forward to discussions with NBC Universal and other potential partners. He noted that there are deals coming up in India and the UK and they are actively pursuing new deals in those markets.
    In regards to WWE Studios, McMahon noted that with their new strategy, they expect to make a 13% profit down the line, but will still take impairments due to losses occurred with their old strategy.
    WWE CFO George Barrios touted WWE's digital & social media numbers being way up this quarter. In regards to why PPV buyrates being down this quarter, it was due to Summerslam performing worse than they expected. It was noted that WWE has spent $30 million on a new corporate jet, along with improvements to it. In regards to the Network, Barrios said that they feel it will be well executed via "traditional or over the top digital distribution."
    Phone lines were opened up to take questions. One caller asked if WWE feels they will get their new TV rights contracts negotiated by next April. McMahon mentioned that they have a window where NBC Universal can exclusively renegotiate with them until January 1. After that time, WWE can then negotiate with other potential partners. McMahon said he is confident WWE can get a new deal finalized within that time period. 
    The same caller asked if WWE would restructure should they not get new TV deals done in time. McMahon said that it was a failsafe for reducing costs and "if the worst happened, that is what we would do."
    Finally, the same caller asked about the PPV buyrates and if they were a sign that the WWE Network was becoming more important. McMahon said that PPV is an attraction-driven business. Summerslam was a "swing and a miss", nothing more than that. 
    No one else had any questions, which seemed to surprise McMahon and Barrios. McMahon closed by saying that "the future looks bright" and that ended the call.

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    WWE Network News: WWE targeting first quarter 2014 launch of network

    WWE EVP Stephanie McMahon revealed at New York City Television Week that WWE is targeting a 2014 first quarter launch of the WWE Network. You can read more at

    Opinionated View- Yeah keep telling yourself that. I firmly stand by my feeling this network will never happen. It just keeps getting pushed back.

    10/30 WWE Main Event Report

    Kofi Kingston kicks off this week's Halloween-themed episode!
    Main Event
    Kofi Kingston v. Ryback
    Kofi quickly takes it to Ryback, sending him into the corners. Kofi tries to chip down Ryback, until Ryback knocks him down something fierce. Ryback rag dolls Kofi, until Kofi came back with striking offence, however, Ryback took control again, body slamming Kofi. Kofi rolls out of a splash attempt, however Ryback locks in a submission hold, driving the forearm into Kofi's face. Kofi slides out, and Ryback tries to get some semblance of control, however, Kofi hits a deep arm drag. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, however, Ryback rolled out of the ring, only to get hit with a sick plancha to the outside. Kofi takes control of Ryback after a stair-assisted ax-handle, but as Ryback entered the ring, Kofi ate a boot, as we go to commercial.
    *commercial break*
    We come back from commercial, and Ryback knocks Kofi down, and covered him for a two count. Ryback lifts Kofi up and hits the Jackhammer for a pin attempt, in which Kofi kicked out at two. Ryback, slowing the pace down, chops Kofi's chest, however, Kofi takes advantage to dish out some chops of his own, until Ryback powers Kofi into the opposite corner and tosses him like a kettlebell. Ryback uses the ropes to add pressure to Kofi's head. Lifting Kofi, Ryback taunts him and gets a few slaps for his trouble, until Ryback countered with a sick belly to belly! Ryback covers Kofi, who kicked out at two. Ryback locks in a modified Torture Rack, which Kofi slides out off, and starts some offense. His offence continues until Ryback spine busters a springboarding Kofi Kingston. Ryback calls for the Meathook, however, Kofi countered into a spike DDT, keeping both men down. Kofi gets up first and presses the Triangle Button to activate his comeback mechanic! Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise, however Ryback counters with R2, and Kofi counters his counter into a stack up for a two count kick out! Ryback and Kofi both exchange counters and momentum, until Ryback hits the Meathook...and Shao Kahn commands Ryback to “FINISH HIM!”
    Winner via ShellShocked: Ryback
    Raw Rebound #1: John Cena v. Damien Sandow for the World Heavyweight Championship!
    This Friday Night: John Cena returns home to SmackDown!
    LA VITTORIA...ES MIA! Santino is in action NEXT!
    *commercial break*
    Santino Marella v. Heath Slater
    Santino gets his roll on to start the match, and Slater sweeps him to the ground. Santino attempts a kip-up, but fails. Slater and Santino tie up, and Slater drives Santino's shoulder into the turnbuckle. Santino hits a quick flurry of offence and coils up the Cobra, however, Slater ducks between the ropes. After a conference, Slater whips Santino into the ropes, and Santino speed walks back and forth! A confused Slater punches him out, and locks a headlock onto Santino! Slater knocks Santino over the ropes after a quick Santino flurry, and taking a page from Emma, has a little trouble skinning the cat! Slater knocks him down, and goes for a top rope move, however, Santino rolls out of the way! Santino successfully kip-ups, and hits the arm drag and headbutt! Santino coils the Cobra...and Jinder gets hindered! One more coil and Slater gets popped!
    Winner via Cobra: Santino Marella
    *commercial break*
    Raw Rebound #2: Controversy and Big Time Redemption
    Michael Cole One on One with Triple H: Triple H's thoughts on Big Show's lawsuit against the McMahon-Levesque family.
    BRAKKING NOOZ: Big Show is banned from WWE for life!
    *commercial break*
    Fandango v. The Great Khali
    Silly Fandango...your chops do not harm me, don't you know who the f*ck I am? Khali easily takes control of Fandango with some hard chops to Fandango's chest. Fandango rolls outside to catch a breather, and Khali chases Fandango, hitting a clubbing blow to the head! Khali throws Fandango into the ring, and Fandango takes out the knee! Fandango applies pressure to the knee, however, Fandango goes up high, and gets cut off by Khali. Khali goes for the chop, however, Summer Rae distracts Khail, setting up the leg drop victory.
    Winner via Flying Leg Drop: Fandango
    'Total Divas' returns November 10th on E!
    OLE! Los Matadores and El Torito come out for their match! Can I say that the music is so jazzy!
    *commercial break*
    Tag Team
    Los Matadores v. Los Locales
    Diego begins the match along with the black masked wrestler. Diego handles the opponent quite well, tagging in Fernando after a lengthy control segment. Fernando holds off both members of Los Locales until, the black clad wrestler ties up Fernando, allowing the purple masked wrestler to hit a double knee strike to the chest! Los Locales then gain control of Fernando, when El Torito opens up the match for Los Matadores. Diego gets tagged in, and after a lengthy exchange, Los Matadores hit their double team backdrop finisher, and Los Matadores pick up their first victory on Main Event!
    Winners via Double Team Backdrop: Los Matadores

    New Fight Set For Rampage Jackson

    It was announced earlier today that Bellator fighter and sometimes TNA talent Rampage Jackson (32-11 MMA) will face Joey Beltran (14-9 MMA) in the main event of the Bellator 108 show, which takes place Nov. 15 at Ovation Hall at Revel Atlantic City.

    Former WWE & TNA Performer Getting Her Own Reality Show?

    According to The Chicago Tribune, The producers of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago are hoping to develop pro wrestler and restaurant owner Lisa Marie Varon's life into a reality show. The show would revolve around her Squared Circle restaurant. They filmed Sunday night when The Squared Circle hosted fans for WWE's Hell in a Cell PPV and are expected to return a few more times to film.

    Update on the Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels Angle

    The latest report is that Daniel Bryan applying the Yes Lock to Shawn Michaels on Raw was the company's way of ending the Michaels vs. Bryan storyline. At this time, Michaels will be off WWE TV until he is needed again.

    There had been several rumors (especially after his involvement in the Hell in a Cell match) that Michaels could come out of retirement to work another match, but at this time, there is no talk of Michaels returning to the ring.

    Paul Heyman May Not Be Back On TV Until Brock Lesnar Returns

    Paul Heyman's TV status is currently in question after WWE ended his feud with CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. There were plans for it to continue into December, but WWE decided to end it early.

    There is now doubt that Heyman will continue to work with Ryback. There were reports that Ryback had heat on him, but now these appear to be false. While Heyman was backstage at RAW this week, he may not be back on WWE TV until Brock Lesnar returns. 

    Opinionated View- I am glade they ended the feud with Punk and Heyman since it was getting stale. Not helped by the fact with Brock gone we got freaking Ryback instead.

    Preview For 10/30 WWE Main Event

    The following is scheduled for tonight's 10/30 WWE Main Event on ION Television.
    * Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback.
    * Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater.

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    Who Will AJ Face When He Defends The TNA World Title in AAA

    TNA champion AJ Styles will defend the title against Judas Mesias this Sunday at the AAA TV taping in Mexico.

    11/1 WWE Smackdown Spoilers

     Michael Cole taped interview with Triple H. Triple H says the Big Show is banned from WWE for life.
    * John Cena promo. Real Americans came out to offer Cena a spot in their group. Cena refuses. Damien Sandow comes out and vowed to take the World Title from Cena. Cody Rhodes and Goldust then came out. Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero finally comes out and makes Cena & The Rhodes Brothers vs. Real Americans & Sandow for the main event.
    * Shield promo. They say they are sick of the Usos and can beat them, they will prove it tonight.
    1. The Usos def. The Shield w/Roman Reigns after Big E. Langston came out to even the odds.
    2. The Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt def. The Prime-Time Players
    * MizTV segment. The Miz says it was supposed to be with Shawn Michaels, but Michaels left the arena. Miz says Michaels is the only reason why Randy Orton is WWE champion. Orton comes out and says that he proved he was better than Daniel Bryan. Orton says the crowd cheered when he laid out Miz in his hometown. Orton then laid out Miz with the RKO.
    3. Natalya & The Bella Twins def. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox when Natalya submitted AJ to the Sharpshooter.
    4. WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. Damien Sandow & the Real Americans w/Zeb Colter when Cena pinned Swagger. 

    10/29 WWE Main Event taping spoilers

    Dark Match 

    1. Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn. Zayn was sort of playing the heel.

    WWE Main Event Taping 

    1. Ryback defeated Kofi Kingston. 

    2. Santino Marella beat Heath Slater.

    3. Fandango defeated The Great Khali. 

    4. Los Matadores defeated Los Locales. Los Matadores debuted new blue outfights. Locales appeared to be Ricardo Rodriguez and Tyson Kidd.

    CM Punk Busted Open Last Night During Raw

    CM Punk was described as being busted open the hardway just above his eye during the segment on RAW last night in Orlando with the Wyatt Family. Punk didn't require stitches as a result of the cut from the segment.

    Bully Ray Offers To Fight Rampage Jackson at Bellator Show

    From Mike Johnson- Former TNA champion Bully Ray has taken to Twitter campaigning that he wants to step into Bellator's cage and replace Tito Ortiz against Rampage Jackson on 11/2.
    The 11/2 event was originally scheduled to be a PPV broadcast, but with Ortiz out, will not be a free special on Spike.

    Ortiz had been seen in TNA as part of Ray's Aces & Eights group during the build for the fight, which saw Rampage Jackson booked as part of the Main Event Mafia.

    Ray's offer to fight Jackson led to a back and forth between the two on Twitter over the last several days.

    In asking around, I am told that this wasn't Ray just trying to get publicity for himself, but being absolutely serious in that if Bellator would entertain his offer, he'd step in the ring with Jackson in what would be most interesting TNA-Bellator crossover.

    Here are some of the Tweets in question:

    Heard @Rampage4real needs a new opponent. Show me the $$$ and I'll step into that cage and make ya famous...when I knock you out.

    If @Rampage4real would accept my challenge, I would show him the TRUE meaning of Hell in a Cell. @Titoortiz out, BULLY in. .

    1. @REALBully5150 lets do this.. I'll fight u anytime brother. U will learn real fast y I'm called Rampage. Step n the cage!
    Your peeps know where 2 find me. Fans wanna c it.RT @Rampage4real: @REALBully5150 lets do this. I'll fight u anytime bro. Step in the cage.

    Opinionated View-  I highly doubt this would happen. If I had to guess Rampage will face the winner of the King Mo vs Emmanuel Newton fight. The interesting thing would be if TNA uses this when Rampage returns to Impact. 

    10/28 WWE Raw Viewership

    The 10/28 WWE RAW drew an average viewership of 4.16 million viewers. The first hour drew 4.32 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.19 million viewers and the third hour drew 3.97 million viewers. This is up from last week's show that did 3.82 million viewers.

    World Title Match For ROH Final Battle

    Ring of Honor has announced that Adam Cole will defend his ROH World Championship against "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin in the main event of Final Battle 2013. Michael Elgin successfully pinned Adam Cole during the Champions vs. All Stars match to earn the shot at Cole, who defeated Elgin in the finals of the tournament to win the title. The event takes place at the Hammerstein Ballroom on December 14th.

    Opinionated View- Thank god its not Jay Briscoe. Elgin vs Cole should be awesome.

    Early Card For The Survivor Series PPV (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

    - Here is what is being planned for the WWE Survivor Series PPV…

  • Four on Four Survivor Series Tag Match: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Two Partners vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and a Partner
  • Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust © vs. The Shield vs. The Real American vs. a fourth team, possibly the Usos.
  • World Title Match: John Cena © vs. Alberto Del Rio
  • WWE Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. Big Show


    Why Did Kane Remove His Mask Last Night?

    - The reason that Kane removed his mask last night on RAW was because of the fact that See No Evil 2 will be out soon. Kane appears without his mask when he plays Jacob Goodnight. He is expected to work without the mask indefinitely.

    Opinionated View- Mask or no mask Kane sucks. But this just show how stupid it was to put the mask back on him a couple of years ago was. The secrets out we know he's not burned.

    AJ Styles To Defend the TNA World Title in AAA on 11/3

    Mike Johnson is reporting that current TNA Champion AJ Styles will be heading to Mexico to wrestle for the AAA promotion for their TV tapings on 11/3 in Tonala, Mexico where AJ will defend the TNA Title. AAA will be announcing who Styles will be defending the title against later today. It is said that Styles will be traveling to different international promotions to defend the TNA Title as part of the current storyline where he left TNA and is no longer under a TNA contract. 

    Opinionated View- This is getting exciting as TNA moves foreword on this big story.

    10/28 WWE Raw Results

    Justin Roberts’ voice introduces the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. John Cena’s music strikes. This marks Cena’s 14th World Title reign. The Champion grabs a microphone and soaks up the glorious cheers and jeers. He triumphantly proclaims his return. Cena acknowledges the mixed reaction and plays to it. Cena addresses the ‘haters’, in particular, John Bradshaw Layfield. Cena tosses out a JBL impersonation. JBL is not amused. Cena credits JBL’s jabs about his early return for their extra motivation to return stronger than ever. Cena is fired up.
    John Cena moves on to address the crowning of the NEW WWE Champion. Cena promises the fans that he is back. Cena says that Alberto Del Rio will be granted his rematch. If you want some, come get some.
    Damien Sandow’s music hits. He makes his way down to the ring with his briefcase, but also picks up a microphone. Sandow claims that Cena is far more hurt than he is letting on. Damien won’t be fooled like the fans and the doctors. Sandow is an intellectual after all. Sandow teases a cash-in, but claims that he will do it any night but tonight.
    Sandow turns to leave but instead attacks Cena’s arm with his briefcase. The onslaught commences. Sandow sends Cena out of the ring. Sandow tosses him into the barricade and then breaks the steel steps apart. Sandow grabs a steel chair. He places Cena’s arm on the exposed steel of the steps and slams the chair down hard.
    Sandow motions towards his battered briefcase and signals that his time is now. Justin Roberts makes the announcement official.
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    John Cena v. Damien Sandow
    During the commercial Cena made it back into the ring. The uncrowned Champion faces off against his injured foe. Sandow immediately continues the attack on the arm. Cena tries to gain a reprieve with a belly to belly suplex. Sandow is fazed for a moment. The crowd boos. Sandow makes it to his feet and goes back on the attack. Sandow kicks the arm and slams it repeatedly into the mat.
    After yet another commercial, the match continues. Cena uses his left shoulder for a block that knocks Sandow to the ground. Cena connects with a side slam and signals for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Sandow halts it with an attack on the bad arm. Sandow flips through for a cover. Cena kicks out. Sandow kicks at Cena’s head and then lifts him back to his feet. Cena is staggered. Cena connects with an Attitude Adjustment, but can’t use his left arm for leverage. Sandow rolls out of the ring. Instead of allowing the Count Out, Cena pushes Sandow back into the ring. Cena tries to apply an STF but without his left arm for leverage he can’t make the stretch. Cena with a reverse DDT and tries for the cover. Sandow kicks out.
    Damien gets behind Cena and applies an STF. Cena reverses out after a struggle. Sandow responds with You’re Welcome. Cover, but Cena kicks out. Sandow sets Cena up on the top turnbuckle. Cena pushes Sandow back and leaps for a top rope crossbody. Cena lands hard on his knee as Sandow moves out of the way. Cena gets to his feet and snaps forward for an AA. Cover – Cena wins!
    Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena
    Dean Ambrose is in the back with the rest of the Shield. Ambrose addresses his match later tonight with Big E. Langston. Ambrose vows to retain his Title. Seth Rollins says that it is time to return to basics. Believe in the Shield.
    WWE United States Championship
    Dean Ambrose w/ The Shield v. Big E. Langston
    Ambrose is pushed into the corner. They separate. Ambrose knocks Langston to the mat and attempts a cover. Langston kicks out. Dean lifts Big to his feet by the straps of his unitard. Langston responds by whipping Ambrose into the ropes and connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex. Langston runs the ropes for a splash. The Shield pulls down on the top rope which sends Langston flying out of the ring. Rollins and Reigns go on the attack.
    Dean Ambrose has been Disqualified, but retains his United States Championship
    Winner via DQ: Big E. Langston
    After the match The Shield rolls Langston into the ring and continues the attack. The Usos run down to make the save.
    Brad Maddox appears on the entrance ramp and declares that there is a simple solution for this situation. This singles match is now a 6 Man Tag.
    The Shield v. Big E. Langston & The Usos
    Dean Ambrose is in the ring with Jimmy after a tag from Reigns. Ambrose slams Jimmy and brings in Seth. Uso tries to fight to his feet but is met with a dropkick to the face. Reigns is tagged in for some strong offense. The Shield continues to keep Jimmy isolated as they exchange tags. Reigns side swiped by Jimmy which allows Jey to receive the hot tag. Uso charges into the ring as Seth also gets the tag. The Shield is cleared from the apron. Ambrose charges into the ring for the pin save as Jey tries to pick up the win. Langston clotheslines him to the outside. Rollins is heading to the top rope with Jey. Rollins is pushed back from a Superplex attempt. Jey leaps but meets knees on a splash. Jimmy comes in to help his brother. They deliver a double kick to Rollins. Reigns spears his way into the middle of the ring and through both Uso brothers. Roman covers the legal man and picks the win up for the Shield.
    Winners: The Shield
    The Heartbreak Kid makes his way into the ring. His normal and boisterous ovation is lacking on the heels of his treachery to his former student. Shawn Michaels is about to explain his rational for last night’s actions. Michael’s acknowledges that he owes an explanation to the WWE Universe. He would also like Bryan to make his way down to the ring.
    Bryan’s music hits and he joins his former mentor. Bryan looks ready to fight as he is only wearing his trunks. Bryan does not chant on his way to the ring. Michaels claims that he called the match right down the middle. He did not want to have to kick Bryan last night. Triple H is Shawn’s best friend. Michaels proclaims nothing in the business will ever come between that friendship. Hunter was there to help him in his darkest times. Nothing can change that. Triple H needed help, so Michaels obliged. Shawn wants Bryan to accept his apology and shake his hand. Michaels warns Bryan that no one in the business can be trusted. Shawn taught Bryan the basics, but last night was his finishing school. Michaels stretches out his hand, but Bryan refuses.
    Michaels gets right in the face of Bryan. Michaels is gritty as he demands that Bryan shake his hand. The crowd roars for Bryan to walk away. Daniel reaches out his hand to accept Michaels’ shake. Bryan pulls HBK forward and trips him into a Yes Lock! Shawn struggles and begins to tap to try and force Bryan to release. Several referees charge down to the ring to separate the men. Bryan’s music hits and he heads back up the ramp. Shawn is left injured in the ring.
    Daniel Bryan is in the back with Renee Young for an interview. The lights go out as the Wyatt sounder hits. When the lights come back Rowan and Harper start to attack Bryan. They toss him hard into a ladder. Bray finishes off the hunt by hitting his finisher and sending Bryan into a steel gate. Wyatt claims that the devil made him do it. Bray grabs a light cart and charges forward and bashes it into Bryan’s head.
    Los Matadores w/ El Torito v. 3MB
    Slater starts off the match and then brings in Drew. He works on the Matadore before returning to his corner for Slater. Slater drops a knee. The other Matadore gets the tag and charges into the ring at the freshly tagged McIntyre. 3MB is cleared from the ringside area as Matadore hits a dropkick. Slater has a giant net at ringside. He uses it to try and sneak over catch the little bull. Instead El Torito heads under the ring. Slater tries to find him, but instead finds a fire extinguisher sprayed directly into his face. Torito charges around and gores Slater from behind. Back inside the ring, Los Matadores hit their double back drop finisher on Drew for the win.
    Winners: Los Matadores
    After the match, The Matadores toss Slater back into the ring and grab the net. Slater is caught in the net. Torito bounces from rope to rope for a shoulder block.
    AJ Lee & Tamina v. Brie Bella & Nikki Bella
    AJ starts the match off against Brie. AJ takes the early lead but is knocked back by a dropkick. Tamina gets the tag and uses her power to go on the attack. Brie is tossed from the corner into the middle of the ring. Tamina wrenches on a tight headlock. Brie spins for a kick to free herself. Nikki gets the tag and launches herself into the ring. She connects with a dropkick and looks for a monkey flip. Tamina pushes her back. Brie is knocked off the apron. Nikki charges towards the corner at Tamina, but Tamina dodges. Nikki jumps but is caught for a Samoan Drop. Tamina drags her towards AJ and tags her partner. AJ applies the Widow’s Peak.
    Winners: Tamina & AJ Lee
    Kane v. The Miz
    Kane has no time to fool around in this match. Miz connects with a splash in the corner and then climbs to the top rope. Kane grabs him by the neck and then hits a brutal chokeslam.
    Winner: Kane
    After the match, Kane motions for a microphone. Kane calls out Stephanie McMahon.
    Stephanie’s music hits and she appears on the ramp. She says that she won’t come any closer, whatever Kane has to say can be said from the distance. Kane claims that Stephanie has ruined lives through her manipulation and lies. Kane says that in this day in age it is all about doing what is best for business. The monster is Stephanie’s to unleash. Kane drops him microphone and heads out of the ring towards Stephanie. Kane takes off his mask and hands it to Stephanie before walking towards the back. His face is never shown on camera. Stephanie holds the mask and accompanying hair up in the air victoriously. The Authority has a new weapon.
    CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way into the ring. Punk says that he proved his word last night by devastating Paul Heyman and defeating Ryback. Punk is confident that he will beat Ryback in their match tonight. The fans will vote on the WWE App for the match stipulation.
    Street Fight
    CM Punk v. Ryback
    Punk hits a crossbody and goes for a cover. Ryback kicks out. Punk knocks Ryback out of the ring. Punk leaps to the outside but is caught by Ryback. Punk is slammed first into the steel post and then the barricade. Ryback continues the attack on the outside. He searches for a weapon and grabs a table. Ryback slides it into the ring. Punk tries to reenter himself and counter with a kendo stick. At first Ryback is able to push him away but Punk is focused. Punk sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Ryback grabs Punk in a Powerbomb position and looks to send him through the table but instead opts for the turnbuckle. Punk counters a Superplex attempt and knocks Ryback down to his feet. Punk kicks Ryback which knocks him up and onto the table. Punk heads up top. Punk leaps and connects with a big elbow. Punk immediately applies the Anaconda Vice. Ryback is forced to tap.
    Winner: CM Punk
    After the match the Wyatt promo hits. Bray and Family make their way down to the ring. As the lights come back on Rowan and Harper are on the sides of the ring. Punk grabs a kendo stick for protection. The numbers game proves too much. Bray approaches for the finish. Punk headbutts him and tries to fight free. Harper hits a strong clothesline that ends the escape. Bray kisses Punk and hits Sister Abigail. Wyatt says that the devil made him do it.
    The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter v. Cody Rhodes & Goldust
    Cesaro and Goldust start the match. Goldust huffs in his face. Antonio decides to bring in Swagger. Dust hits an arm drag. Swagger pushes Dust towards the corner to tag in Cesaro. Goldust is whipped across the ring, but bounces back for an elbow. Rhodes gets the tag and hits a knee to the face of Cesaro. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Cody keeps control and brings in Goldust. A running bulldog sets up a cover, but Cesaro kicks out. The Real Americans regroup outside of the ring.
    Back from the break Cesaro tosses Cody to the side and covers. Cody kicks out. Swagger gets the tag. Swagger hits Goldust off the apron. He tags Cesaro back in. Cody is hit by a Swagger bomb followed by a leapfrog stomp from Cesaro. Cody kicks out. Zeb is furious. Goldust is forced to come in for the save after a huge uppercut drills his brother. Cesaro is upset by the interference and delivers blow after blow to Cody. Rhodes fights back up to his feet. Cesaro looks for a shoulder block, but is instead knocked outside of the ring.
    Cody needs to make it to his corner for the tag. Cesaro reenters the ring in time to tag in Swagger. Goldust gets the hot tag as well. Goldust connects with a huge ten count punch. Goldust is in the ring with Swagger and jumps from the top rope for a crossbody. Swagger kicks out of the cover. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock. Goldust rolls through for a cover, but Cesaro makes the save. Cody runs in to help. Cody clotheslines Cesaro to the outside. Swagger locks on his submission so Goldust is forced to tap.
    Winners: The Real Americans
    Alberto Del Rio appears on the entrance ramp. He is determined, hell bent in fact, to regain his Title. Rio will be able to utilize his rematch clause.
    Summer Rae w/ Fandango v. Natalya w/ The Great Khali & Hornswoggle
    Natalya looks for a quick submission, but Summer has it scouted. Summer Rae attempts a roll up, but Natalya reverses. They remain back to back as Summer pushes her opponent towards the corner. Cover, but Natalya kicks out. Summer uses her foot to choke Natalya in the corner. Summer attempts a leg submission and rolls for a cover. Natalya kicks out. Summer is pushed back into the corner. JBL and the commentators’ note that they are impressed with Summer’s showing. Summer stays on the offensive. She hits a strong kick and goes for a cover. Natalya kicks out. Summer dances to Fandango. He jumps up on the apron and they exchange air kisses. Hornswoggle pulls him down. Fandango tosses Hornswoggle to the side. Khali is not amused and chops Fandango across the head. The distraction allows Natalya to roll up her opponent into a Sharpshooter for the submission.
    Winner: Natalya
    The locker room is present on the entrance ramp for Randy Orton’s coronation. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way down to the ring accompanied by The Shield. Triple H says that Vince once asked him who he thought could lead the WWE. Hunter chose Orton and placed him in Evolution. Randy did heinous things to his family, but over time he became the A+ player. Triple H mocks Bryan for being in the hospital after the attack from the Wyatt Family. Triple H says that Orton fulfilled his prophecy when he last night when he truly became the face of the WWE.
    Randy Orton’s music hits. He makes his way down to the ring with his WWE Championship slung over his shoulder. Orton addresses the roster on the stage saying some people are born champions and he is now their superior. Big Show's music hits. He runs down the ramp and The Shield cuts him off. The Usos, Goldust and Cody Rhodes run down to clear house on The Shield. Big Show hits the ring. Triple H, Randy Orton and Stephanie bail. Big Show gets on the mic and said he is sick of what is going on and he doesn't care if he gets arrested. Orton then sneaks in and levels Big Show with the WWE Championship belt. Orton goes to hit Big Show a second time with the belt and Big Show hits the knockout punch on Orton. Big Show dares Triple H to come in the ring. Triple H takes off his jacket and teases he will, but then jumps down. The show goes off the air with a fired up Big Show staring down Triple H and Stephanie at ringside.