Monday, November 30, 2015

AJ Styles to Reduce Schedule in 2016?

According to a recent interview in the NJPW Bi-Monthly magazine (via AJ Styles spoke about his schedule for 2016. In the interview, Styles stated that he worked too many matches around the world (US, Japan, UK, Italy, Germany and so on) and that the overload led to his lower back injury. That injury has caused him to miss dates during the World Tag League Tournament. Styles said that in 2016, he will focus more on ROH and NJPW, and reduce the number of independent dates he takes.

Opinionated View- You know for the last couple years a lot of people have been going "AJ Makes more money now than he ever did in TNA." First AJ has never said that he's just said he makes more money than offered him last time. But also think of how many dates he works. I wonder now with the injurd back if AJ is thinking "I should have taken the TNA deal far less dates and I could still work indy shows and do signings." Plus not as many trips over seas which does cause issues with the body.

Updated ROH Final Battle Card

The following is the current card for the ROH Final Battle PPV on December 18 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
* ROH World Title: Jay Lethal (c) w/The House of Truth vs. AJ Styles
* ROH TV Title: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Bobby Fish
* ROH Tag Team Titles: The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Michael Bennett) (c's) w/Maria Kanellis vs. War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe)
* Grudge Match: Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly
* Michael Elgin vs. MOOSE w/Stokely Hathaway

Opinionated View- Man this card is a pile of shit. Lethal has been awful as champion his gimmick is very boring he has the same point by numbers match every time out. AJ is hurt and oh by the way he clearly didn't care about this match since he didn't show up for any of the TV tapings before the PPV. Fish is good but Strong is very boring always has been always will be. Taven and Bennett could be a good team but the gimmick hurts them. It doesn't help ROH books it so Maria is the one in charge. War Machine is fucking awful they are a Z level attempt to be a modern day Road Warriors.

Cole and O'Reiley are great wrestlers but this match makes no sense. We have already seen them have plenty of grudge matches. Also the story makes no sense. All of sudden they were buddies again than Cole turns on O'Reilly as part of a big set up. Its like they forgot to film they becoming friends again. Poor Elgin this guy has been so lost and now he's got to work with the guy so green he should still be in wrestling school.

Matt Hardy Gets 38 Stitches Over The Weekend

Current TNA star Matt Hardy posted the following on Twitter over the weekend, revealing that he had to get 38 stitches to close up a wound in his head suffered during a match with Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett on Friday night at the WrestleCade event in North Carolina:
.@EthanCarterTNA cost me the @WrestleCade Title & 38 stitches. I will end you, EC3. Thanks for all your concern, SMF. Staying overnight at the hospital for observation. Gotta take care of my brain.
Hardy also posted a photo on Twitter of the injury that you can view below. (NOTE: Graphic Content)


Ric Flair Set to Appear on Raw

Ric Flair will appear on tonight’s episode of Raw. Flair will be part of the show, which takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It isn’t known what Flair will be doing, although the most likely scenario is that he’ll be used in the Paige vs. Charlotte feud somehow.

Opinionated View- Just what we don't need another Flair show up for a cheap pop. And him showing up to talk about Paige vs. Charlotte just kind of proves Paige right when ever she call Charlotte baby Flair.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

NJPW Owner Upset Over La Sombra Signing With WWE

New Japan Pro Wrestling owner Takaaki Kidani was reportedly very upset over WWE signing La Sombra instead of NJPW and CMLL. La Sombra reportedly gave his notice to CMLL officials in Mexico last August. Kidani is said to have called the signing a “massive shame.”

GFW Title Changes Hands on Friday

While Global Force Wrestling's Amped show has yet to officially debut, the promotions NEX*GEN Championship already changed hands on Friday as part of WrestleCade.
Sonjay Dutt def. PJ Black (former WWE star Justin Gabriel) to capture the championship in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Black had won the title back in October when GFW crowned a series of champions at Amped television tapings in Las Vegas.
Jeff Jarrett is scheduled to face current TNA star Matt Hardy at WrestleCade on Saturday. GFW has remained largely quiet since another set of TV tapings in Las Vegas back in October and a series of events in the UK. The company announced a partnership with Boulder Creek International to distribute Amped. The press release noted that episodes of Amped would be available "beginning in November", which has yet to transpire.

Opinoinated View- To be fair there are a couple days left in November don't they usually wait until the last second to announce stuff... Ok all kidding aside I get they wanted people talking about there match on a big indy show. But I'm not a fan of doing stuff like this.

AJ Styles Misses New Jpan Event

AJ Styles missed Saturday's New Japan Pro Wrestling event in Yamaguchi, Japan in what was described as an "undisclosed injury" according to multiple wrestling media reports.

Styles, 38, reportedly was experiencing back problems before the tour and missed two dates with Ring of Honor as a result. He was scheduled to team with Yujiro Takahashi against Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata in a tag team tournament match.

Opinionated View- AJ's been pretty lucky when it comes to injures as I don't think he's ever had one that put him out for an extend period of time. But with his style sooner or later the body is going to get worn down.

Lana Reportedly Cleared to Return

Lana is reportedly cleared to return to the ring. Squared Circle Sirens reports that the Diva has been cleared by doctors following her wrist injury back in September.
Lana has been posting pics from the WWE Performance Center, but the site says that she’s been weight-lifting and getting into shape rather than training. She was at Raw but kept to herself.
Lana has been the subject of heavy backstage heat according to previous reports due to her public comments on the Charlotte/Paige feud from Raw, as well as the leaking of her engagement to Rusev.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why Did WWE Issue Statement About the Charlotte/Paige Raw Promo?

According to the WON, it was a scrapped story that caused WWE to issue their statement on Charlotte and Paige’s controversial promo from the Raw before Survivor Series. WWE decided to issue the statement, in which they said that “Subject matter this personal is only approved as a result of the strong advocacy of the talent themselves,” because a UK publication was about to do a story concerning the direction of the company.

The promo garnered considerable negative attention for referencing Charlotte’s late brother Reid Flair, who died in March of 2013 from an accidental overdose of heroin and the prescription drugs clonazepam and alprazolam. Reid and Charlotte’s mother spoke out about the promo on social media and Ric Flair said he had no knowledge of it beforehand, implying that Charlotte may not have been in a position to speak up.

The promo was re-aired on Smackdown but cut for the hype video at Survivor Series.

Opinionated View- Remember kids when you do something stupid and desperate it usually backfires.

Lana’s Backstage Heat More Severe Than Believed?

– The WON reports that reports of backstage heat on Lana are underselling the whole thing. A source close to the matter told the site that WWE being angry at her is a “major understatement” and that, as noted last week, it stems in part from her taking her issues with the Charlotte/Paige Raw promo public via Twitter.

The site notes that the company’s issues with her regarding that incident largely came from her inferring that Paige was a bully. The company was already upset with her because they believe she leaked her engagement to Rusev online, which forced them to change their onscreen storylines. The source said that calling Paige a bully was ridiculous anyway because she was one of the people who were picked on the most while in NXT

Backstage Details On Why Sheamus Was Picked to Win at Survivor Series

– The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more on WWE’s decision to have Sheamus cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Survivor Series, beating Roman Reigns in the process. According to the site, Vince McMahon made the decision on the afternoon of the PPV because the company wants to build Reigns up more as a babyface before giving him an actual run at the belt.
The original plans for the show had Reigns winning and giving him a title run is still the long-term plan. However, because Reigns gets booed at tapings, WWE wants to get fans behind him by pitting him against the Authority as they screw him out of title wins, mirroring what happened with Daniel Bryan. The hope is that this will fight the perception among some fans that Reigns is the “corporate” champion that he’s picked up by being the next face of the company.

Opinionated View- Excepts people know he's the chosen corporate champion. And the time to build him up was before you had him win the Rumble main event mania and have him win the title in the tournament. With Bryan people were behind for years so a guy that has earned his chance to be on top and was not the mold of the usual WWE champion.

You can't do that with Reigns because he's only been in the business a few years fits the mold of the usual WWE superstar. Fans thought Bray got legit screwed with Reigns fans feel screwed because he's not that interesting.
Well Everyone I don't know how much news will come out the next few days so let me just say now Happy Thanksgiving!

WWE Smackdown Preview

* Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan vs. The Dudley Boyz
* Paige vs. Becky Lynch
* Non-Title Match: Champions New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons
* Non-Title Match: Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger
* For a Shot at The IC Title: Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

Final Standings & Round Two Matches in TNA World Series

Here are the final standings and second-round matches for the TNA World Title series following Wednesday’s episode of Impact:
UK Group:
* Drew Galloway (9 points) — ADVANCING
* Bram (6 points) — ADVANCING
* Rockstar Spud (3 points)
* Grado (0 points)
Champions Group:
* Ethan Carter III (7 point) — ADVANCING
* Bobby Lashley (6 points) — ADVANCING
* Austin Aries (4 point)
* Mr. Anderson (0 points)
Wildcard Group:
* Mahabali Shera (9 points) — ADVANCING
* Kenny King (6 points) — ADVANCING
* Aiden O’Shea (3 points)
* Crazzy Steve (0 points)
Knockouts Group:
* Gail Kim (6 points) — ADVANCING
* Awesome Kong (6 points) — ADVANCING
* Brooke Tessmacher (3 points)
* Madison Rayne (3 points)
Tag Team Specialists Group:
* Matt Hardy (9 Points) — ADVANCING
* Davey Richards (4 Points) — ADVANCING
* Robbie E (3 Points)
* Eddie Edwards (1 Points)
TNA Originals Group:
* Bobby Roode (6 Points) — ADVANCING
* Eric Young (6 Points) — ADVANCING
* Abyss (3 Points)
* James Storm (3 Points)
Future Four Group:
* Eli Drake (7 Points) — ADVANCING
* Jessie Godderz (6 Points) — ADVANCING
* Micah (4 Points)
* Crimson (0 Points)
X-Division Group:
* DJ Z (9 Points) — ADVANCING
* Tigre Uno (9 Points) — ADVANCING
* Manik (6 Points)
* Mandrews (0 Points)
The second-round matches begin next week and include:
* Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy
* Jessie Godderz vs. Awesome Kong
* Eric Young vs. Kenny King
* Gail Kim vs. Tigre Uno
* Mahabali Shera vs. Eli Drake
* Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway
* Bram vs. Davey Richards
* Ethan Carter III vs. DJ Zema Ion.

TNA News: Official statement on postponement of the India tour

Multi Screen Media (MSM) and TNA Wrestling, the international professional wrestling entertainment organization, jointly announced today that the TNA One Night Only: Mumbai live event has been postponed.
The live event that was scheduled to take place on December 4, has now been postponed to 2016 to a yet-to-be decided date. The postponement is primarily due to logistical issues around the timing of the event.
As soon as the new dates are firmed up, it will be announced in an update.
While TNA is looking forward to coming to India soon, MSM is geared up to host the entire entourage of TNA in India.

11/25 Impact Wrestling Report: Grop Stage of World Title Series Ends

Impact opens up this week with highlights from last week and hypes up what we will see this week. Kong, Gail Kim, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode have all advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the World Title Tournament. Pope and Josh discuss the final night of Group Play. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group X-Division Tiebreaker 3-Way Dance
Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Zema Ion 
The rules here are that all 3 will go at it with the winner of the fall moving on to the Round of 16. That man will then go to the locker room and the final two will keep wrestling with the winner of that fall also moving onto the Round of 16. The loser of the match is eliminated. All three go at it as the match starts. Tigre catches Manik with a dropkick but eats a clothesline from Zema. Zema hits a Springboard Dropkick to Manik knocking him to the floor. Zema then sets up for a dive but eats a Enziguri from Tigre on the apron. Tigre then hits a nasty Running Dropkick to Zema knocking him to the floor with Manik. Tigre hits a gorgeous Diving Moonsault off the top onto Manik and Zema! Tigre rolls Manik back into the ring and ties Manik up in an insane submission move but Manik manages to counter it into a drop toehold. Manik then locks Tigre in his own weird submission before Zema destroys him with a dropkick. Zema tries to toss Tigre to the floor but Tigre tosses him out instead and then eats a clothesline from Manik. Zema climbs back up on the apron but Manik nails him with a Springboard Dropkick sending him back to the floor. Zema hits Manik with a shoulder block through the ropes and then a jawbreaker followed by a Springboard Back Elbow! Tigre rolls Zema up but then Manik kicks him and puts Tigre in a Gori Guerrero Special while also putting Zema in a Reverse Crab! Tigre counters into a rollup for a nearfall and Zema rolls Tigre up for a nearfall as well. Manik hangs in the ropes like Spiderman and avoids a charging Tigre. Manik and Tigre both go for springboard moves at the same time and collide into each other as Zema moves out of the way. Zema catches Manik with his Slingshot Tornado DDT attempt but then catches Tigre at the same time with a Double Tornado DDT! Zema pins Manik and he qualifies for the Round of 16! It comes down to Tigre and Manik now, the man that earns a pin here moves on. Tigre rolls Manik up but Manik counters into a nearfall of his own. Manik catches Tigre with a series of European Uppercuts but Tigre answers with some stiff chops and strikes. Tigre hits a AJ Styles like Springboard Reverse DDT for a nearfall! Tigre goes for a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault but Manik rolls out of the way and goes for the Tiger Bomb but Tigre blocks it only for Manik to catch him in a rollup. Tigre kicks out but Manik immediately locks in a Cross Armbreaker! Tigre manages to grab the ropes to escape but then Manik crotches Tigre on the top rope and climbs up with him. Tigre knocks Manik off of him with back elbows but Manik crotches him again and this time lifts Tigre up in an Electric Chair, but Tigre rolls him up and then rolls him into a German Suplex into the turnbuckles! Tigre hits the Split Legged Corkscrew Moonsault for the pin! 
Winners: Tigre Uno & Zema Ion to move onto the Round of 16! 
Drew Galloway cuts a promo from the airport in Scotland and he talks about the disappointment he had at BFG and how he will make up for it by winning the World Title Series. He says that his new goal in TNA is to stand in front of his home crowd on the UK tour in January as the World Champion. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group UK 
Rockstar Spud (3) vs. “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway (6) 
Spud will keep himself alive in Group UK with a win while Galloway can guarantee himself a spot in the Round of 16 with a win. Galloway and Spud get in each other’s faces but then they shake hands as the match kicks off. Spud doesn’t want to lock up with Galloway and avoids him instead ducking and dodging Galloway while connecting with right hands. Finally Galloway catches Spud and lifts him up in the air by his throat and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Drew lights Spud up with a Knife Edge Chop and then Military Presses Spud only for Spud to counter into a Sunset Flip. Galloway blocks it and lifts Spud back up into the air but Spud catches him with an armdrag this time sending Galloway to the floor! Spud dives off the ring steps with a Flying Forearm on Drew but then Drew catches Spud and slams him into the apron repeatedly. Drew goes for a Powerslam on the floor but Spud blocks it and then sidesteps a charging Galloway causing Drew to crash into the ring steps. Spud rolls back into the ring to try and get a countout but Drew rolls back into the ring at the count of nine. Spud covers Drew immediately for a series of nearfalls. Spud climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body but Drew catches him in midair and nails him with a sick Backbreaker! Drew gets back to his feet and charges at Spud only for Spud to sidestep him again sending Drew crashing into the ring post! Spud hits a series of Running Forearms on Drew in the corner and then hits a Sliding Dropkick to Drew as he falls onto his butt. Spud catches Drew with a drop toe hold and then a Shining Wizard! Spud goes for the Underdog but Drew blocks it and backdrops Spud over the top. Drew nails Spud with a big right hand as he lands on the apron. Drew climbs onto the apron with Spud and goes to Powerbomb Spud off the apron but he hesitates which allows Spud to catch him with an Enziguri! Drew falls back into the ring and Spud hits a Diving DDT off the top onto Drew! 1…2…NO Drew kicks out! Spud charges at Drew again but this time Drew catches him with the Kryptonite Krunch! Drew sets up for the Claymore and connects with it for the pin! 
Winner: Galloway via pinfall (Claymore) to earn 3 points! 
They show a clip of Josh Matthews’ “My First Day” Youtube show where Josh talks with Bobby Roode about his first day in TNA. He also talks about when he returned to TNA after his initial start there, with Team Canada. Roode also talks about the six sided ring and how he was confused when he saw it for the first time. He says that he was in the very first match in TNA in that ring and that now it is no different than wrestling in a four sided ring to him. 
Josh and Pope talk about Group UK and says that if Grado beats Bram later tonight then they will have another 3-Way with Spud with the winner of that match joining Drew in the Round of 16. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group UK 
Bram (3) vs. Grado (0)
If Grado wins Group UK will have a 3-Way Playoff but if Bram wins then he moves into the Round of 16 with Galloway to represent Group UK. Bram immediately rolls Grado up as the bell rings and Grado was still dancing like an idiot and Bram pins him. Pope says that Grado deserves that if he isn’t going to take a competition like this more seriously. 
Winner: Bram via pinfall (rollup) to earn 3 points! 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Future Four 
“The Modern Day Adonis” Jessie Godderz vs. Micah 
Micah lays Jessie out with a shoulder block and then a Scoop Slam and goes for another slam, but Jessie blocks it only to eat a Butterfly Suplex from the second generation star. Jessie retreats to the floor only for Micah to dive off the apron with a Flying Axe Handle onto Jessie on the floor. Back in the ring Jessie surprises Miach with a drop toehold into the turnbuckles followed by a Backbreaker. Jessie whips Miach hard into the turnbuckles and then locks Micah in a Bearhug. Jessie lays Micah out with a dropkick and then he rakes the head of Micah repeatedly with forearms. Micah comes back with a backdrop and then hits a Stinger Splash in the corner followed by a Side Slam for a nearfall. Jessie managed to grab the bottom rope to break the pinfall attempt. Micah pulls Jessie back to the center of the ring by his legs but then Jessie sweeps his legs and attempts to lock Micah in the Boston Crab. Micah blocks it and comes back with a Samoan Drop. Micah climbs up top and dives off with the Flying Headbutt. Jessie rolls out of the way and locks in the Adonis Crab and Micah taps! 
Winner: Jessie via submission (Adonis Crab) to earn 3 points! 
A video package highlights the action that we’ve seen in the Tag Specialists Group so far. 
Footage of Kurt Angle in London promoting TNA’s Tour of the UK next year is shown. He calls it his “TNA Retirement Tour” pretty much confirming that he will be retiring from TNA after that tour. 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Tag Specialists 
Davey Richards (1) vs. Robbie E (3)
The winner here joins Matt Hardy in the Round of 16. Robbie has already defeated Davey’s partner Eddie in this tournament. They shake each other’s hand and then lockup with Robbie catching Davey in a wristlock. Davey reverses the hold into a wristlock of his own but Robbie counters right back into one of his own. Robbie catches Davey with an armdrag but Davey catches Robbie with a headscissors and they both escape and get to their feet to have the Indy stare down. Another lockup leads to a side headlock from Robbie but Davey shoves him into the ropes only to get run over by Robbie. Robbie hits the ropes and reverses a Hip Toss on Davey followed by a series of arm drags which he caps off with an armlock. Davey fights to his feet and forces Robbie into the corner to force a break. Davey whips Robbie into the opposite corner and charge at him but Robbie floats over him and then hits the ropes only for Davey to leapfrog him and then connect with a dropkick! Robbie rolls to the floor and Davey fakes like he is going to dive and when Robbie moves out of the way he goes for a Running Punt instead. Robbie ducks it and then climbs on the apron and dives off with a Cannonball onto Davey on the floor! Robbie rolls Davey back in the ring and then dives off the top with a Flying Clothesline for a nearfall. Robbie goes for a Reverse DDT but Davey blocks it and shoves Robbie into the corner. Robbie dives off the top right into a T-Bone Suplex from Davey for a nearfall of his own! Davey whips Robbie into the ropes and then runs Robbie over with a clothesline. Davey puts Robbie in a Heel Hook and then transitions into a Reverse Figure Four! Robbie manages to get to the ropes to break the hold and then the two exchange strikes with each other. Davey headbutts Robbie and then attempts a clothesline but Robbie ducks and hits a Running Clothesline of his own! Robbie gets another nearfall and then goes for the Boom Drop but Davey blocks it and attempts the Handspring Back Elbow only for Robbie to catch him in midair with the Boom Drop! 1…2…NO Davey kicks out! Robbie goes for a Reverse DDT but Davey counters with a Snapmare and then a Backslide. Robbie counters into a clothesline attempt but Davey catches him with a rollup for a nearfall. Davey goes for a backdrop but Robbie Sunset Flips him only for Davey to counter into a Standing Ghetto Stomp! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out! Davey climbs up top and attempts the Diving Ghetto Stomp but Robbie moves out of the way and then runs right into the Alarm Clock from Davey! Davey hits Creeping Death (Spinning Buzzsaw Kick) for the pin! 
Winner: Davey via pinfall (Creeping Death) to earn 3 points! 
TNA World Title Series 
Group Wildcard 
Crazzy Steve (0) vs. “The King of the Night” Kenny King (3)
If Steve wins then Group Wildcard will have a Playoff 3-Way, if King wins then King joins Shera in the Round of 16. Steve tries to draw King into an amateur lockup but King doesn’t bite and snatches Steve’s head in a headlock. Steve counters into a hammerlock but King reverses it into a Japanese Armdrag. King taunts the crowd and then they lockup again and King puts Steve in a side headlock. Steve shoves King into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block and then he catches a charging King with a Japanese Armdrag of his own. King offers him a handshake for that move and then nails him with a drop toehold and locks in a side headlock. King puts Steve in a wristlock but Steve reverse the hold and then catches King with a drop toehold of his own. Steve honks his horn but then runs right into a Spinning Heel Kick from King. King whips Steve into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline for a nearfall. King hit a Snap Suplex and floats over into a mount where he lays in right hands. King puts Steve in a submission hold but Steve fights out of the hold only for King to drop down onto him with a Knee Drop. King hits a Scoop Slam and then goes for a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop, but Steve moves out of the way and then nails King with a Flying Elbow. Steve hits a series of clotheslines on King in the corner and then stomps him out in the corner. Steve picks up his stupid horn again and this time hits a Running Knee while honking the horn. Steve dives off the middle rope with a beautiful Hurricanrana! 1…2…NO King kicks out! Steve leaps up to the shoulders of King and bites King and then Sunset Flips him for a nearfall. Steve School Boys King and then Crucifixes him for nearfalls. Steve again leaps to the shoulders of King but this time King catches him with the Coronation for the pin! 
Winner: King via pinfall (Coronation) to earn 3 points! 
Backstage Austin Aries cuts a promo and says that when people ask him what his toughest opponents in TNA have been he won’t hesitate in name dropping Lashley. Aries says that despite the fact that Lashley is bigger and stronger than Aries, it will take Lashley being absolutely perfect to beat Aries. 
Another clip of Josh’s Youtube show is shown with Robbie E this time and he tells a hilarious Vince Russo story where he pretty much got his job in TNA because Vince Russo was walking by him while Simon Diamond was talking to him. Diamond told Russo “this guy is from Jersey” and because Jersey Shore was popular at the time Russo got him hired. That is a very Vince Russo story. 
Main Event
TNA World Title Series 
Group Champions 
“The Destroyer” Lashley (4) vs. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries (1) w/Thea Trinidad 
Winner here moves onto the Round of 16. They lockup and Lashley immediately gets Aries in a waistlock and takes him down quickly. They lockup again and this time Aries gets Lashley in a side headlock but Lashley shoves him into the ropes and then lays him out with a shoulder block. Aries locks in another headlock and Lashley shoves him into the ropes again and goes for a clothesline but Aries ducks and lays into Lashley with kicks and forearms. Aries floats over a charging Lashley and then hits a running forearm and sends Lashley into he turnbuckles. Aries hits a Jawbreaker onto the top rope and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick but Lashley bounces off the ropes right into a running clothesline. Lashley sends Aries into the corner and hits a series of shoulder blocks on Aries with the last one sending Aries flying through the ropes and to the floor. Back in the ring Lashley hits another Running Shoulder Block and then goes for the Delayed Vertical Suplex but Aries blocks it with a series of knees to the head. Lashley falls to his knees but still holds Aries up and then gets back to his feet and hits the Suplex for a nearfall! Lashley locks Aries in a Rear Chinlock as we go to a break. 
Back from the break Aries hits a series of elbows and forearms to break a waistlock from Lashley and then goes for a Roaring Elbow, but Lashley catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Lashley goes for the Spear but Aries moves and Lashley crashes into the turnbuckles. Aries hits a series of leg kicks and forearms and then he goes to the apron and shoulder blocks Lashley. Aries hits a Hanging Neckbreaker on Lashley hanging him up in the ropes. Aries dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick and then goes for the IED but Lashley gets his boot up. Lashley deadlifts Aries up to his shoulders and then hits a Running Powerslam! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Lashley goes for the Spear again but again Aries sidesteps him and rolls to the floor. Lashley chases Aries so Aries rolls back into the ring and as Lashley slid back in the ring Aries caught him in the Last Chancery! Lashley tries to fight it off so Aries flips back to his feet and hits a series of knee strikes. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Lashley counters into a Press Slam attempt, but Aries blocks it and hits two consecutive Roaring Elbows! Aries follows up with the IED and then goes for the Brainbuster again but Lashley reverses it into the German Suplex! Lashley again goes for a Spear but Aries sidesteps him sending Lashley to the floor. Aries goes for the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Lashley on the floor but Lashley moves and Aries slams into the guardrail! Lashley rolls Aries back into the ring and the referee is checking on Aries to see if he is hurt. Lashley goes to pick Aries up but Aries just crashes to the mat as if he is hurt. Hebner tries to get Lashley to back off while he checks on Aries but Lashley goes to pick Aries up only to eat a chop from Aries. Lashley clotheslines Areis and then goes for the Spear again but Aries catches him in mid-move with the Last Chancery! Lashley manages to crawl to the ropes to break it! Aries goes to the top and attempts a 450-Splash but Lashley rolls out of the way and hits the Spear! 1…2…3 with less than ten seconds left! 
Winner: Lashley via pinfall (Spear) to earn 3 points! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WWE Talent Trying to Recruit reDRagon?

– As WWE continues to try and beef up their NXT roster, a new report says that they’ve turned their eye onto a popular Ring of Honor team. The WON reports that a few talent in the company are trying to recruit Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, aka reDRagon, to jumping ship.

According to the site, Fish and O’Reilly’s contract negotiations have stalled recently which is giving WWE an opening, and a few members of the WWE roster have been trying to lure them over. The site says that the ROH and the team “aren’t close” in terms of their negotiations. WWE has been trying to build up their NXT roster so that they can tour more extensively in 2016.

Opinoinated View- I know TNA also wanted them a while back and would love to see TNA get back into the talks. I always worry about guys like Kyle and Bobby being wasted in WWE. But they gotta get out of ROH. They have nothing left to do in ROH have feuded with anyone and it seems the company isn't willing to let them move to the next level.

Yes I know they work for New Japan as well but the problem is New Japan just repeats everything pretty much they have done the same feud over the IWGP JR belts since there first tour.

NXT Star Blake Was Arrested For DUI in July

Former NXT Tag champion Wesley Blake was arrested for a DUI back in July. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Blake was busted on July 3rd and refused to take a blood alcohol test upon his arrest. You can see video of that conversation below.
The site notes that Blake was told that if he didn’t agree his license would be suspended for a year, but Blake was unmoved. According to court records, Blake initially entered a plea of not guilty but waived that, going into a pre-trial diversion program instead. That allowed him to avoid sentencing by entering into a program. If completed successfully, the charges are dropped in such instances.
It is unclear whether WWE had knowledge of the arrest, though the site points that Blake and Murphy lost the NXT Tag Team Titles to the Vaudevillains a few weeks later.

TNA Tour of India Postponed

PWInsider have learned that the TNA Tour of India has been postponed. The official announcement that the tour of India has been postponed will likely come tomorrow.
Talents were told via email that there were logistical issues with the tour, specifically maintaining the safety of those traveling abroad. A number of those who have reached out to PWInsider have noted they were to fly to Paris, France and then change over for flights into India. TNA had 50-60 wrestlers and staffers heading over for the tour. Due to ongoing threats in this region TNA have been advised to not take this risk.
TNA has told the wrestlers they will be paid for the missed dates. Due to the late cancellation which will leave them without work.
TNA had been planning to tape a One Night Only PPV, to be broadcasted LIVE in India at the tour as well as material for Impact Wrestling.
Low ticket sales were not an issue as all the promotion and ticketing for the events were being done through TNA's television partner in India, Sony Six. TNA emails to talent indicate that the tour would be rescheduled for 2016 but offered no further information on when that might be.

Opinoinated View- I'm sure some fools will bash TNA for this. But look what happened in Paris changed things. I'm sure TNA thought they were going to be ok but than had to look at things again.

Also and this is minor compared to safety but what does this mean for the rest of the World Title Series. Given the Semi were to be in India.

Randy Orton Needs Neck Surgery

– Randy Orton’s current surgery woes aren’t behind him just yet. The WON reports that Orton will need neck surgery once he’s recovered from his recent shoulder surgery to clean out some bone chips in his neck.

Orton had to have shoulder surgery to fix a serious issue that was expected to keep him out until after WrestleMania 32. The neck surgery isn’t said to be as serious as his shoulder, but will keep him out another three to six months. It won’t be done until doctors determine that he’s recovered enough from the shoulder surgery.

La Sombra Viewed As Having Major WWE Star Potential

WWE’s recent acquisition of CMLL and NJPW star La Sombra is a move that could bring them the top Latino star they’ve been wanting for a long time. According to the Wrestling Observer, those within WWE believe that La Sombra, who is now training at the Performance Center, has the potential to be a big crossover star for the company.

Sources in the company note that Sombra is known to be very professional and takes a lot of pride in his work, noting that he’s unlikely to rub people the wrong way backstage. His work in the ring has had the company’s eye on him for a while now and the fact that he speaks English well is a major note in his favor.

WWE has been looking for a big Latino star since Rey Mysterio departed and the fact Alberto Del Rio has never connected with the fans.

Opinionated View- This all sound good but this is WWE. They either job someone out or shove them down the fans throat before they are ready.

Update on Brad Maddox's Release

PWInsider reports that Brad Maddox’s release happened because of language that he used during his promo before his dark match at the Smackdown taping last night. Maddox used the phrase “cocky pricks,” which upset WWE officials and led to the decision to release him.

Opinionated View- Really? Were they just planning to let him go any way? I could see him getting yelled at but fired.

Brad Maddox Released By WWE

WWE issued the following on Wednesday evening.
"WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Brad Maddox as of Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015. WWE wishes Maddox the best in all of his future endeavors."

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

Update On Rumored WrestleMania 32 Plans: No Sting, Undertaker’s Role, Rollins/Triple H Never Planned?

According to (via PWInsider), there hasn’t been any talk of Sting appearing at Wrestlemania 32 next year. This doesn’t mean he won’t appear, as the event is months away, but officials have not been talking about it. Sting vs The Undertaker is not happening, as WWE still wants The Undertaker vs John Cena. The match was discussed in August and WWE is sticking to their plan.
Meanwhile, WWE was never set on having Triple H vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania, but the match could still happen in the future. It’s unknown exactly when since Rollins is injured. Triple H is currently without a Wrestlemania opponent as The Rock has movie obligations.

Opinoinated View= I was saving this little rant for the post Thanksgiving Video but FUCK LOOK AT THE DAMN RATING AND VIEWERSHIP!!!! You want to know why it's so low? IT's because for the longest damn time you have made it clear "The Fulltime guys don't matter! You should only care when legends are around." So you give people NO reason to watch when they aren't.

I am sick and tired that in 2015 the WWE is still using guys from the MNW era. There should ZERO talk of Sting in a match. He's to old his best days are long gone and do I have to remind anyone of what happened the last time he was in the ring? He got hurt pretty bad! I never want to see that again. ENOUGH with the Undertaker. The guy has over 20 mania matches time move over old man. And Triple H your on TV every week can't that be enough for your ego.

And for all those about to bring up what Legends they are. I don't care I'm sick of legends. I want to see people worth watching. I want to see talent that has a reason to pus and try to steal the show.

IMPACT Preview for this Wednesday's World Title Series Week 8

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s NXT

* Champion Bayley vs. Eva Marie
* Champions Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs. The Vaudevillains
* Apollo Crews vs. Jesse Sorensen
* Dana Brooke vs. Asuka
* Contract signing: NXT champion Finn Balor and Samoa Joe

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s ROH TV

* The House of Truth vs. Michael Elgin and Moose
* ROH TV Title Match: Champion Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong

Opinionated View- Oh for God's sake only two matches which is never a good sign. Plus we got Moose in one and the other Strong and Lethal two of the most boring wrestlers in the world.

Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Roman Reigns kicks off SmackDown with a promo. There is a table, ladder and chair set up in the ring. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus interrupts. Reigns calls Sheamus to the ring but Sheamus laughs at him. Sheamus calls Reigns a “walking, talking Adele song” and a confrontation is teased. Reigns promises he will get his title back at TLC.
* The Dudley Boyz defeated Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman by DQ when Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt interfered. Rowan and Harper put Bubba Ray through a table while Strowman chokes Devon out.
* Paige defeated Becky Lynch with a roll up.
* WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Big E do a funny segment with a dinner for Thanksgiving, the first annual New Day Potluck Dinner. The Ascension, Heath Slater and Adam Rose get kicked out of the dinner. Slater brought Slater Slaw but Kofi pointed out a band-aid in it. Rose brought Rabbit Stew. They were trying to remember who was supposed to bring the turkey when The Gobbledy Gooker arrived, revealed to be Xavier Woods.
* Jack Swagger vs. WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match ends in a DQ when Del Rio uses a chair outside of the ring. Swagger comes back with a chair attack in the ring, sending Zeb and Del Rio retreating to the back.
* The Usos are backstage when The Gobbledy Gooker walks up and wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. He leaves and they say they have a plan.
* The Lucha Dragons defeated Big E and Kofi Kingston with The Gobbledy Gooker in a non-title match, thanks to interference from Gooker. The Gooker was revealed to be Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso brought a naked and tied-up Xavier Woods to the ring. Sin Cara and Kalisto held him up while Jey splashed him.
* Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose. He’s in a #1 contenders match for the Intercontinental Title later.
* Dean Ambrose defeated Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler in a Triple Threat to become the new #1 contender to Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, who was on commentary. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Breeze to win a high-energy match. This was the main event

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WWE Main Event Taping Results (SPOILERS)

* Titus O’Neil defeated Stardust by count out when Stardust just walked away. Darren Young was with Titus and on commentary.
* Ryback defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.
* Rusev defeated Zack Ryder. Ryder got in some good offense but Rusev won by submission.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

Depature From NXT

Solomon Crowe is no longer with WWE NXT. Crowe, who signed with WWE in 2013, debuted at NXT live events that same year and didn't officially debut on NXT television until the end of 2014. He has been removed from the NXT roster page this week.

Opinionated View- Crowe is the former Sami Callihan the guy is a very talented wrestler. He's a guy that if given a chance could be a excellent part of the min roster. Of course this is WWE and they don't give new guys chances instead we keep Mark Henry around for 19 years even though he's as awful as he was on day 1. We keep little people the roster so we can make small jokes. We keep give Kane six million different heel and face turns.

Match Set for WWE Smackdown on Thanksgiving

WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in a non-title match was announced for this week's 11/26 "Thanksgiving" edition of WWE Smackdown on Syfy.

11/23 WWE Raw Report

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon kick off RAW. Stephanie immediately points out the fact that Roman Reigns is not the champion because he wasted his opportunity. Triple H says he isn’t a petty man. He came out last night to congratulate Reigns, and Reigns speared him for no reason. Triple H goes on to say that because of Reign’s pride he is no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H introduces Sheamus as the new champion.
Sheamus makes his way to the ring with a mile wide grin on his face. The crowd erupts into a, “you look stupid” chant. Sheamus says nothing anyone says can bring him down. Sheamus says that the Roman Empire rose… and fell in about five minutes or so. Reigns makes his way to the ring thru the crowd. Sheamus asks Reigns how that whole pride thing is working out for him. A loud Roman chant breaks out. Reigns simply says he wants his rematch tonight.
Stephanie tells Reigns that his ability to make demands ended last night when he speared her husband. Reigns asks Triple H if he is standing behind Stephanie because he is scared of him. Triple H steps up, and Reigns gets right in his face. Triple H tells Reigns that he will get his rematch when he says so. Rusev comes out of nowhere and superkicks Reigns. Sheamus follows that up with a brogue kick. Triple H lets us know that Reigns will get his rematch at the TLC ppv in a TLC match. Reigns is going to be forced to take on Rusev tonight.
The Dudley Boyz vs The Wyatt Family
Bray and Harper are going to represent the Wyatt Family. Harper rushes Bubba and beats him into the corner. Bubba tries to fight out, but Harper palm strikes him down to the mat. Harper gets distracted by D-Von long enough for Bubba to clothesline Harper. Flapjack but the Dudleys. Then a reverse neckbreaker combo to Harper. Bray drags Harper out of the ring so they can regroup.
After a short break, Bray and Harper are taking turns beating down D-Von. Bray suplexes D-Von, but misses his running senton. D-Von tags in Bubba as Bray tags in Harper. Bubba clotheslines Harper and destroys him with a uranage. Bubba gets distracted by Bray and as soon as he turns around walks into a discus clothesline by Harper. Bubba is out.
Winners- The Wyatt Family
After the match the rest of the Wyatt Family attack the Dudleys.
Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
As Lynch and Banks lock up, Lynch tosses Banks across the ring with a hip toss. Banks responds by slamming Lynch to the mat with a hair pull. Lynch tries to slam Banks into the turnbuckle, but Banks reverses it into her double knees off the second rope. Lynch kicks out at two. Banks telegraphs a back body drop and ends up getting kicked in the face. T-bone suplex by Lynch. Lynch locks in the dis-arm-her. Tamina distracts the ref as Naomi pulls Banks foot under the rope. When Lynch breaks the hold, Lynch takes a swipe at Naomi, which allows Banks to roll Lynch up for the win.
Winner- Sasha Banks
Paige appears on the ‘Tron and says Charlotte is a cheated last night. Paige shows footage of Charlotte’s arm under the rope as Paige taps out.
The New Day is in the ring to celebrate their one-year anniversary. They are upset that they are forced to do so in the capital of country music. The New Day proceeds to take a dump all over how terrible country music is. Woods says they are going to issue a open challenge tonight for the tag team titles. The Lucha Dragons make there way down to the ring to accept the challenge. The New Day tries to leave the ring, but The Usos come out to stop them from doing so. The Lucha Dragons suggest they make it a triple threat match. The New Day cancels the open challenge. The Usos and Lucha Dragons beat down New Day.
Mark Henry vs Neville
Neville kicks Henry in his hamstring over and over again. Henry corners Neville and slams him into the corner. Henry helps Neville up but Neville elbows him in the face. Henry gets mad and tosses Neville from one side of the ring to the other. Neville jumps off the top rope, but gets caught. Henry almost hits the world’s strongest slam, but Neville reverse it and kicks Henry in the head. Neville hits the red arrow for the win. For some reason the screen switches to The Miz watching the match from the backstage area.
Winner- Neville
After the match, Mark Henry shakes Neville’s hand and tells him that he respect him.
The Prime Time Players and Goldust vs Stardust and The Ascension
O’Neil and Young take turns beating on each member of The Cosmic Wasteland. Young almost hits his gut buster finisher on Stardust, but Viktor kicks Young in the head before he can capitalize. Konnor tags in and hits an almost Great Muta-like running elbow drop. Young tags in O’Neil who flattens Konnor with a running shoulder block. Goldust runs in the ring and clotheslines Stardust over the top rope. O’Neil tosses Viktor over the top rope to a waiting Young who backdrops Viktor on the apron. Konnor dives off the top, but O’Neil catches him in the clash of Titus for the win.
Winners- The Prime Time Players and Goldust
Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio make there way to the ring to tell us about Mex-America. Zeb says American’s don’t appreciate the opportunity that Mex-America has offered them. Del Rio says… something to the Mexican people. Zeb adds that their charity work is over. The borders of Mex-America are now closed. Jack Swagger’s music hits. Swagger tells Zeb how disappointed in him he is. Swagger gets in the ring and Del Rio takes a powder.

Divas Title Match: Charlotte (C) vs Paige
Paige and Charlotte lock up with neither being able to gain an advantage. The referee calls for a break, but Paige slaps Charlotte in the face. Charlotte then slaps Paige in the face. The match has just started, but totally degenerated into a slap fight. Charlotte slaps on an armbar, but Paige gets to the ropes. Paige refuses to get back in the ring. Charlotte brings Paige in the hard way and hit s a running knee drop.Charlotte wraps Paige in a figure four headlock and slams her around the ring. Charlotte gets on the second rope, but Paige trips her, which causes Charlotte to hit her head on the top rope.
Paige puts Charlotte in a deathlock/chin lock combo. Charlotte get to the ropes to break the hold. Paige hits multiple strikes followed by a figure four headlock of her own. Paige suplexes Charlotte into the ropes. Charlotte is favoring her knee. Paige kicks Charlotte in the head for another two count. Paige suplexes Charlotte into the ropes on the other side of the ring. Paige transitions from a modified single leg crab to a crossface Charlotte stands up and ducks a clothesline. Both Paige and Charlotte kick each other in the face at the same time.

Charlotte chops Paige down for another two count. Charlotte synched in a rear naked choke. Paige gets to the ropes. Charlotte spears Paige through the ropes to the outside. The both get counted out.
Winner- No Contest
After the match Paige tosses Charlotte into the steel steps. Paige locks the PTO on Charlotte on the announce table.
For some reason Heath Slater is in the ring… With a guitar. Before Slater can sing, Ryback comes out. As Ryback is shaking the ropes and doing Ryback like things, Slater hits Ryback in the back with the guitar. Ryback spinebusters Slater, hits the Meathook, followed by shell-shocked.
Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze
Ziggler and Breeze start the match off. Ziggler wrestle Breeze down to the mat. Owens tags in, but when Ziggler tags in Ambrose, Owens immediately tags out. Ziggler is back in and in control until Breeze kicks him in the face. Owens and Breeze take turns working over Ziggler. Ambrose gets the hot tag. Ambrose sends Breeze over the top rope. Ambrose dives through the ropes to take out Breeze. Ambrose hits the rebound clothesline. Ambrose hits dirty deeds as Owens sits on the outside and watches.
Winners- Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler
Roman Reigns vs Rusev
After a brief strike exchange, Rusev wrestles Reigns to the mat. Reigns fights out of it, hits the ropes and clotheslines Rusev. Reigns almost hits a Samoan drop, but Rusev wiggles out. Reigns goes for the ten punches in the corner, but Rusev trips Reigns and Reigns hits his head on the turnbuckle. Reigns telegraphs a back body drop, and Rusev kicks him in the head. Reigns responses with a big boot to Rusev’s face. Rusev rolls to the outside, but Reigns follows and tosses him into the barricade
After a short break, Rusev has a rear chin lock on Reigns. Reigns powers out, but Rusev sends Reigns to the outside. While the referee is distracted by Rusev, Sheamus clotheslines Reigns. Rusev works over Reigns, until Reigns fights out of it. Reigns hits the ropes, but Sheamus grabs his foot. The referee kicks Sheamus out of the arena. Reigns rolls up Rusev for a two count. Reigns hits a Samoan drop on Rusev. Multiple clotheslines in the corner by Reigns. Reigns charges Rusev, but Rusev spinning wheel kicks Reigns for yet another near fall.

Rusev mounts the top rope, but Reigns cuts him off. Rusev tosses Reigns off and dives off for a head-butt. Reigns kicks out once again. Rusev tries to lock in the accolade, but Reigns fights out of it. Rusev calls for his jump kick, but Reigns hits the Superman punch. Rusev barley kicks out. Reigns calls for the spear. Rusev rolls to the outside. Reigns follows, but runs right into a jump kick by Rusev. Rusev slams Reigns’ head into the announce table. Rusev gets on the apron, but Reigns Superman punches him. Reigns follows that with the drive by. King Barrett appears out of nowhere and bull hammers Reigns to cause the DQ.
Winner- Roman Reigns.

After the match Barrett grabs a chair. Reigns takes it and beats down Barrett and Rusev. Sheamus hits the ring, but he gets taken out with the chair as well.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Main Event for WWE TLC

Sheamus defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match has been announced for WWE's TLC PPV on 12/13 live from Boston. The match was announced during the opening segment of RAW on Monday.

Opinionated View- I don't care what stip they put on this match. I don't care about Reigns stopped caring about Sheamus. Even worse I understand Sheamus has already gone full on Authority pet so we know interference will save his title.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

Backstage Details On Sheamus’ WWE Title Win, How Long He’ll Keep It, & What The Plan is For Roman Reigns

WWE officials were going back and forth on what to do with the WWE World Heavyweight Title as late as Sunday afternoon. The decision to have Sheamus cash in and win on Roman Reigns was finally made a few hours before Survivor Series started.

WWE still wants Roman Reigns to win the title but they don’t want him to be champion with people booing him. They may try to build him up with angles and out-of-the-ring appearances before they put the belt on him.

There’s no word on what they have planned for Sheamus’ reign but he is expected to keep the belt until the Royal Rumble at least.

Opinionated View- Deciding between Sheamus and Reigns as champion one is bad and the other is bad. WWE may not want to face this but the ship on Reigns has not only sailed but it sailed hit a rock and sunk to the ocean floor where it hit an undersea mine and was destroyed.

The time to build him up was last year and this year. Instead you hot shot him into the main event when he wasn't ready.

I have a feeling Sheamus holding the title will depend on how long Cena and Orton are out.

Rumor Killer: Awesome Kong Is Not Retiring From Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that there were Japanese reports over the weekend that suggested Awesome Kong would be retiring from wrestling after doctors told her to quit due to health issues. However, that is not the case. She wrestled her last match as Amazing Kong in Japan and it’s rumored that her TNA deal will end in January. The website notes that if she doesn’t like the terms of a new deal, she could still decide to quit.
She said: “ Amazing Kong (her ring name in Japan) is retired from wrestling, but Awesome Kong has further obligations to attend.

NJPW Stars Coming to ROH’s 14th Anniversary Weekend

Ring of Honor announced today that some of the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling will be part of the promotion’s 14th anniversary weekend. The 14th anniversary PPV takes place on February 26th, with TV tapings on February 27th. of New Japan Pro Wrestling IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is the first talent officially announced for the show…

Opinionated View- Let me know when someone I would want to watch is announced.

Health Update on Cesaro

 Yesterday word got out that Cesaro suffered a shoulder injury, and that he could miss significant time. According to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Cesaro reportedly injured his shoulder during last week’s episode of Raw, during the match with Roman Reigns. The short match with the Miz was booked for Smackdown to protect him, as they hoped the injury wasn’t too serious. The fear backstage is that he will need surgery, which will likely place him out for 4-6 months. Cesaro was originally scheduled for last night’s pre-show Survivor Series match, but when the call was made he could not go, he was replaced with Titus O’Neil.

TNA Annouces Impact Wrestling on Pop Debut Taping

Courtesy of
BETHLEHEM, PA (November 23, 2015) — Following the announcement IMPACT WRESTLING is moving to Pop beginning in 2016, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling today announced it will return to the Sands Bethlehem Event Center January 5 – 9 for five action-packed nights of television events, beginning with the LIVE broadcast debut of IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop on Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Friday, Jan. 8, and Saturday, Jan. 9, will be One Night Only Pay-Per-View and international television tapings.
Tickets, which start at $10 (no additional fees), are on sale starting this Friday, Nov. 27 at 10 a.m. ET, and can be purchased at, the Event Center box office,, all Ticketmaster outlets, or by phone at 800-745-3000. Viewers at home can find Pop's channel number by visiting
A limited number of VIP packages, which include a front-row ringside seat and special meet and greet session with photo and autograph opportunities, are available for $75 at
A special pre-sale will begin this Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 10 a.m. ET, through Thursday, Nov. 26 at 10 p.m. ET. For the exclusive pre-sale code, follow @TNADixie and @IMPACTWRESTLING on twitter.
IMPACT WRESTLING features some of the world's greatest athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim and the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts, and the high-flying risk-taking X-Division including Tigre Uno.
For up-to-date information, go to
IMPACT WRESTLING returns to the Sands Bethlehem Event Center for 5 nights of television events, including the LIVE broadcast debut of IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop.
Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 – Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016
Date Start Time Doors Open
Tue., Jan. 5 6:30 p.m. 6 p.m.
Wed., Jan. 6 6:30 p.m. 6 p.m.
Thur, Jan. 7 6:30 p.m. 6 p.m.
Fri., Jan. 8 7 p.m. 6 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 9 7 p.m. 6 p.m.
Tickets are on sale this Friday, Nov. 27, at 10 a.m. ET.
First and Second Row Ringside Seats - $25 (no additional fees)
All Other Seats - $10 (no additional fees)
Tickets can be purchased online at or, or by phone at 800-745-3000.
VIP Experiences
Limited VIP Experiences Include Front-Row Ringside Seat - $75 (no additional fees)
VIP experiences can be purchased at

WWE News: Network Issues For Survivor Series, Goldust Returns

– As most of you may know from trying to watch, there was a widespread outage during the Survivor Series Kickoff show. Once the pre-show began, the Network went offline for about thirteen minutes.
– Goldust returned at Survivor Series in the Kickoff show, teaming up with the Dudley Boyz, Titus O’Neil and Neville to defeat Stardust, The Ascension, The Miz and Bo Dallas in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

WWE Advertises New Network Shows – Flair & HBK on Stone Cold Podcast, More

– WWE ran a promo for new WWE Network shows during Survivor Series. Among the reveals were Ric Flair and Shaen Michaels each appearing on future pre-taped episodes of the Stone Cold Podcast.
Also announced was a new series called Ride Along in which WWE stars get into a car and go on a “road trip” with a camera for candid conversations, and the debut of The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. Edge and Christian previously did a special looking at their best moments on WWE, and footage from that special was used to promote the show.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Report

The show opens with Lilian Garcia singing the national anthem.
A video package runs looking at 25 years of The Undertaker and the conclusion of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament tonight.
We go live to the Philips Arena in Atlanta where a series of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the show.
Roman Reigns is out first to kick off the show.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semifinals Match
Roman Reigns vs. WWE U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter
Lock up and Del Rio pushes Reigns to the corner early. Reigns fires back with a quick shoulder tackle to Del Rio. Del Rio with an inside leg kicks and more kicks to Reigns in the corner. Del Rio drops right hands over Reigns. Reigns lifts Del Rio up and then drops him in what could have ended very badly. Del Rio pulls Reigns out of the ring and tosses him back first into the ring barricade. Del Rio tosses Reigns shoulder first into the ring post, tosses him back in the ring and comes off the top rope with a quick shot. Reigns fires back with a right hand and more right hands over Del Rio. Del Rio drops Reigns jaw first over the top rope and then connects with a big kick to the head. Del Rio then sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Del Rio holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at ringside and then tosses Reigns back inside the ring. Del Rio comes off the top rope with another shot on Reigns as we see a shot of Triple H watching backstage. Del Rio side steps Reigns charging in and Reigns hits the steel ring post shoulder first. Del Rio with more kicks to the body, charges, Reigns moves and Del Rio slides through the ropes to the outside. Reigns connects with his kick to the head on Del Rio over the ring apron. Reigns with a big jumping clothesline on Del Rio back inside the ring. Reigns with clothesline thrusts to Del Rio in the corner and follows that up with a big boot. Del Rio avoids a Superman and connects with a backcracker on Reigns for a close two count. Del Rio with body shots to Reigns and then plants him with a big DDT. Reigns with a samoan drop for another two count. Del Rio and Reigns are up top. Del Rio with headbutts. Reigns falls back into the tree of woe. Del Rio misses his dropping kick to the face. Reigns with a Superman. Reigns fires up in the corner. Reigns charges and Del Rio catches him with a superkick! Del Rio hooks the leg and Reigns kicks out. Del Rio can't believe it. Del Rio goes for the armbar. Reigns with a roll up. Reigns then lifts Del Rio up and drops him in a sitdown powerbomb. Reigns gets a two count. Del Rio gets the armbar applied. Reigns fights to his feet, lifts Del Rio over the ropes, Del Rio still hangs on and then breaks it. Del Rio goes up top, misses a shot and Reigns catches Del Rio with a spear. Reigns hooks the leg and gets the pinfall. Reigns advances to the finals tonight.
Winner and advancing to the finals: Roman Reigns
Backstage, JoJo is with Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose walks up and congratulates him on advancing. Reigns tells Ambrose he will be doing the same up next. Kevin Owens walks up and said that won't happen. Owens talks about Reigns always getting so close to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and never being able to capture it.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semifinals Match
Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens
Ambrose with a side headlock to keep Owens grounded early. Owens with a headlock of his own to slow down Ambrose as well. Owens with a shoulder tackle and Ambrose responds with a series of deep arm drags. Ambrose with an early roll up for a one count. Owens with an elbow and roll up of his own for one count. Owens with a big chop and shoulder charges to Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose with a kick and rakes the eyes of Owens over the top rope. Ambrose clotheslines Owens over the top rope and Ambrose leaps over taking out Owens. Back in the ring, Ambrose with a running bulldog. Owens crotches Ambrose on the top rope by running into the ropes. Ambrose falls to the corner and Owens with his cannonball into the corner on Ambrose. Ambrose with jabs. Owens gets Ambrose up on his shoulders and drops him off in a reverse neckbreaker. Owens with a body splash over Ambrose. "Is that the guy? I'm the man," yells out Owens. Owens gets Ambrose grounded with a headlock as we see a shot of Triple H watching backstage. Ambrose with a back suplex to break up the headlock by Owens. Owens misses a body splash attempt. Ambrose and Owens meet with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring. Ambrose and Owens are up and exchange chops and jabs. Owens has Ambrose up on his shoulders and drops him over his knee. Owens goes up top, flips back in a moonsault and Ambrose moves. Ambrose comes off the top rope with a flying elbow that catches Owens for a two count. Owens with a headbutt to Ambrose. Ambrose fights back with a big forearm. Owens lifts up Ambrose with his hook suplex off the top rope to the ring below! Owens with a knee, sends Ambrose to the ropes and Ambrose explodes off the ropes with a huge clothesline on Owens. Ambrose with a suicide dive to Owens on the outside. Ambrose attempts a second suicide dive. Owens catches him and dumps him over the announce table. Owens tosses Ambrose back inside, Ambrose avoids a Pop Up Powerbomb, eats a superkick from Owens, a second superkick, Ambrose counters the Pop Up Powerbomb again and then connects with Dirty Deeds on Owens. Ambrose gets the pin and advances.
Winner and advancing to the finals: Dean Ambrose
A video package runs looking back at 25 years of The Undertaker.
Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Ryback, The Lucha Dragons & The Usos vs. The New Day, Sheamus & King Barrett
We start with Xavier Woods and Jimmy Uso. Quick tag to Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso. Jimmy tags back as they tag in Sin Cara who splashes over Kofi. Tag to Sheamus who gets rolled up by Sin Cara early. Sin Cara kicks King Barrett off the ring apron and then launches Woods and Kofi out. Big E runs to check on them. The Usos and Lucha Dragons all flip over the top rope taking out The New Day, Sheamus and Barrett. Ryback goes up top, jumps and takes everyone out at ringside! Jey gets tripped up by Barrett on the top rope. Barrett gets the tag and kicks away at Jey. Barrett works over Jey with forearms and a big knee. Tag to Sheamus who lights up Jey with punches and kicks. New Day with continued tags stomping away at Jey in the corner. Everyone starts dancing as Woods breaks out the trombone. Kofi has the tag and keeps Jey grounded near the corner. Hot tag to Jimmy and tag to Woods. Jimmy with a launching samoan drop to Woods. Woods with a jumping dropkick to Jimmy as Barrett gets the tag. Jimmy with a superkick to Barrett, tags in Sin Cara and Sin Cara with a swanton over Barrett to get the pinfall.
King Barrett is eliminated.
Sin Cara plants Kofi as he jumps in and tags in Kalisto. Sin Cara monkey flips Kalisto over the top of Kofi for a two count. Tag to Jimmy who chops Kofi a few times. Jimmy with a flying headbutt over Kofi. Kofi plants Jimmy near the corner and Woods comes off the top rope with a huge stomp. Woods hooks the leg of Jimmy and gets the pinfall.
Jimmy Uso is eliminated.
Kalisto with a roll up on Woods for a close two count. Sin Cara with a springboard moonsault catching Woods off the ropes. Big E with a huge spear on Sin Cara through the ropes to the outside! Sheamus tags himself in. Brogue Kick to Sin Cara for the pin.
Sin Cara is eliminated.
Sheamus and Big E are arguing about that last tag. Sheamus tags Big E back in as Ryback sends Sheamus over the top rope with a clothesline. Ryback levels Big E with a clothesline. Tag to Kalisto who drops Big E on his face with a huricarana. Jey pins Big E.
Big E is eliminated.
Kofi and Woods argue with the ref about Big E getting eliminated. They are yelling that Big E is hurt and they need to take care of him. Kofi and Woods carry Big E to the back leaving Sheamus by himself. Sheamus can't believe it. Sheamus fights off Kalisto with shots in the corner. Sheamus plants Kalisto with a big front suplex for a two count. Sheamus with repeated forearms to the chest of Kalisto against the ropes. Kalisto with a kick to the head of Sheamus springboarding off the ropes. Tag to Jey who comes off the top rope with a cross body for a two count. Jey with a jumping forearm to Sheamus in the corner. Jey splashes over Sheamus, hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus with a backbreaker on Jey for another two count. Tag to Ryback. Ryback with shoulder charges to Sheamus in the corner. Ryback with a corner clothesline and then eats a boot from Sheamus. Ryback plants Sheamus with a quick spinebuster. Sheamus plants Ryback with a quick powerslam for another two count after avoiding a clothesline. Sheamus is setting up for the Brogue Kick in the corner. Sheamus charges in, Ryback counters and tags in Kalisto. Sheamus catches Kalisto, Jey superkicks Sheamus and Ryback has Sheamus up on his shoulders. Ryback drops Sheamus with Shell Shocked to get the pinfall.
Winners: Ryback, Jey Uso & Kalisto
A video package runs hyping Charlotte vs. Paige tonight.
WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte (c) vs. Paige
We get ring introductions for the challenger Paige and champion Charlotte.
Charlotte with a quick takedown early on Paige. Paige wraps herself up in the ropes to prevent another takedown by Charlotte. Paige with repeated knees to the chest of Charlotte. Paige with big forearms. Charlotte responds with rights. Paige pushes Charlotte back first into the steel ring post. Paige sends Charlotte face first into the announce table and tosses her back in the ring. Paige keeps Charlotte grounded with a front choke. Paige gets an abdominal stretch applied on Charlotte. Paige has the back of Charlotte. Charlotte breaks free dropping down. Charlotte with chops to Paige and a big boot. Paige with a roll up for a two count. Paige drops Charlotte with a quick kick. Charlotte gets the Figure Four locked in. Paige turns it over to counter. Charlotte turns it back. Charlotte falls to the outside as Paige hangs on to the bottom rope. Charlotte breaks it before the referee reaches his five count. Charlotte then drops Paige face first off the ring apron. Charlotte again sends Paige into the ring apron and then back inside the ring. Charlotte lowers her knee pad and drops repeated knees over Paige. Charlotte locks the head of Paige with her knees and drops Paige down face first on the mat. Charlotte flips Paige across the ring a few times and then connects with shoulder charges in the corner. Paige sends Charlotte shoulder first into the steel ring post and dumps her to the floor. Paige with shots and tosses Charlotte back inside. Paige pulls back on the arms of Charlotte pressing her boot on her back against the ropes. Paige with a full body scissors keeping Charlotte grounded. Paige with a running knee to the jaw of Charlotte. Charlotte with a necbreaker in the corner on Paige. Paige and Charlotte exchange forearms. Charlotte with a spear and follows that up with a blockbuster stunner. Paige rolls out of the ring to avoid the cover. Paige keeps crawling away from Charlotte. Paige dumps Charlotte into the ring barricade. Paige stands up on the ring barricade posing. Charlotte jumps up and spears Paige off. Charlotte gets the Figure Four into the Figure Eight. Paige taps.
Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Charlotte
We hear from the Survivor Series panel with predictions for Reigns vs. Ambrose.
We see footage from earlier tonight of JoJo talking with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose said this day was coming eventually when he would have to face Roman Reigns. He said tonight he fights his brother, but that Reigns doesn't pay his bills and he is ready for a fight. Reigns walks up and said he knows Ambrose is ready for a fight and that he'll see him out there.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae
Lock up and Breeze tosses Ziggler aside quickly. Breeze poses up on the corner. Ziggler with a quick takedown, cover, tosses Breeze aside and mocks Breeze with posing of his own in the opposite corner. Ziggler with a dropkick and clothesline sending Breeze over the top rope. Breeze sends Ziggler into the ropes. Ziggler dropped on his head hard on the mat before rolling out. Breeze pulls Ziggler back in and gets in some shots in the corner. Breeze with a Boston Crab applied on Ziggler. Ziggler gets to the ropes to break it up. Ziggler catches Breeze with a big dropkick to the face as Breeze jumped off the second rope. Ziggler with repeated clotheslines and then a quick neckbreaker. Ziggler with a jumping elbow over Breeze. Breeze with a roll up for a two count. Breeze with a low kick to the shin of Ziggler. Breeze hangs on to the ropes during a pin attempt and the referee stops the count. Series of roll ups between Breeze and Ziggler. Breeze avoids a superkick and tries to bail. Ziggler grabs Breeze by the head over the top rope. Ziggler argues with the refree. Breeze with another low kick to the shin. Breeze with the Unprettier on Ziggler and gets the pinfall.
Winner: Tyler Breeze
A video package runs hyping The Undertaker and Kane taking on The Wyatt Family tonight.
The Undertaker & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper
After the entrance of The Undertaker, Erick Rowan hit the ring. Undertaker and Kane gave him a double big boot and then a double chokeslam. Bray Wyatt started pacing on the outside and then has a word with Luke Harper. Wyatt and Harper jump up. Braun Strowman remains at ringside during the match after also getting a word from Bray.
The bell rings and here we go. We start with Kane and Harper. Kane with a quick side suplex on Harper and tags in Undertaker. Taker with right hands to Harper in the corner. Taker with shoulder thrusts into Harper and starts going up top for Old School when Harper breaks it up. Bray gets the tag and Taker with a jumping clothesline. Tag back to Harper who this time takes the Old School shot from Taker off the top rope. Taker puts Harper under the bottom rope on the ring apron and drops a leg over his throat. Kane gets the tag and tosses Harper back inside the ring. Harper clotheslines Kane over the top rope. Kane with a big boot to Strowman. Stroman then tosses Kane over the announce table. Taker gets in Strowman's face as Strowman starts laughing. Wyatt attacks Kane at ringside and then tosses him back inside the ring. Harper gets the tag as he gets in a low kick on Kane. Harper with big rights to Kane in the corner and tag to Wyatt. Kane fires back with rights on Wyatt. Kane counters Wyatt attempting a Sister Abigail with a jumping DDT. Hot tag to Taker and a tag to Harper. Taker with rights to Harper including a DDT. Taker drops a leg over Harper and gets a two count. Taker has both Harper and Wyatt by the throat. Taker breaks it up to get in a shot on Strowman. Wyatt and Harper send Taker over. Taker chokes the throat of Strowman. Kane joins in with Taker. Taker and Kane chokeslam Strowman through the Spanish announce table at ringside! Harper with a kick to Taker when he comes back in and Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Taker. Kane breaks up the pinfall attempt. Harper levels Kane with a big clothesline. Kane and Taker sit up at the same time as Wyatt was crawling backwards at him. Kane and Taker with chokeslams on Wyatt and Harper. Taker with a Tombstone on Harper to get the win.
Winners: The Undertaker & Kane
After the match, Kane stands behind The Undertaker as Undertaker takes a knee. Both leave the ring, pose at the top of the entrance area, look back and raise a hand.
A promo for WWE TLC on December 13 airs. We also see that Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels will be upcoming guests on pre-taped editions of the "Stone Cold Podcast."
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals
Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose
Our main event is the conclusion of tournament.
The bell rings and Roman Reigns tosses Dean Ambrose away early. Ambrose responds with a kick to the face and a series of chops. Reigns drops Ambrose when he charges in off the ropes. Ambrose clotheslines Reigns over the top rope and connects with rights and lefts. Reigns then sends Ambrose back first into the ring barricade. Ambrose catches Reigns with a suicide dive and tosses him back inside the ring. Ambrose goes up top, jumps and connects with a missile dropkick on Reigns for a two count. Ambrose works over the left arm of Reigns. Reigns with a clothesline on Ambrose from the corner. Reigns lifts Ambrose up and drops him back down in a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Ambrose with a sunset flip planting Reigns with a powerbomb on the mat. Ambrose jumps off the top rope and Reigns catches Ambrose with a Superman punch! Ambrose somehow kicks out. Ambrose fires back with a clothesline on Reigns. Reigns with a spear out of no where! Ambrose somehow kicks out. Ambrose cuts off a spear by Reigns with a kick to the face and then sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel ring post getting a two count off a roll up. Ambrose connects with Dirty Deeds on Reigns for another close two count. Reigns and Ambrose both sit up and exchange shots. Reigns with a headbutt. Ambrose with jabs. Ambrose with forearms to Reigns in the corner. Reigns with clothesline shots. Ambrose back with forearms and stomps. Reigns with a spear on Ambrose! Reigns gets the pinfall and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Winner and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns
After the match, Roman Reigns clutches the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We see a replay of the finish with Reigns connecting with the spear to get the win. Back live, Dean Ambrose hugs Reigns. Reigns kisses the title and holds it up high. Confetti starts to fall as pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance area.
Triple H's music hits as the confetti continues to fall. Triple H holds up the arm of Roman Reigns and congratulates him. Triple H extends his hand. Reigns walks off and then turns around laying out Triple H with a huge spear.
Sheamus hits the ring and takes out Reigns with a Brogue Kick.
Sheamus is cashing in.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sheamus
Sheamus covers Reigns and Reigns kicks out. Sheamus can't believe it. Reigns is dazed as he starts to recover against the ropes. Sheamus is gearing up for another shot. Reigns hits the ropes. Sheamus with a second Brogue Kick on Reigns and covers to get the pinfall.
Winner and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus
After the match, Triple H celebrates with Sheamus. We see a replay of Sheamus running out to cash in his briefcase and Reigns kicking out of the first Brogue Kick. We then see Sheamus connecting with a second to become champion. We see a shot of a shocked Reigns recovering inside the ring as we see Sheamus and Triple H walking to the back.

Cesaro reportedly injured

Cesaro is battling a shoulder injury that may require surgery, according to Jim Ross via

Has Awesome Kong Retired?

There are reports coming out of Japan that current TNA Knockout Awesome Kong has retired from pro wrestling.
She was scheduled to wrestle at an upcoming show at the historic Korakuen Hall in Japan where she often wrestles, however she has been pulled from the show due to retirement according to the promoters.
The report cites that she is retiring due to ongoing battles with back issues and other injuries and that a doctor has suggested to her to retire.

Opinoinated View= I have heard about Kong's back being an issue for a long time

Final Card For WWE Survivor Series

The following is scheduled for tonight's 11/22 WWE Survivor Series PPV live from Atlanta.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Finals Match
Winner of Reigns/Del Rio vs. Winner of Ambrose/Owens
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semifinals Match
Roman Reigns vs. WWE U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semifinals Match
Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens
The Undertaker & Kane vs. Two members of The Wyatt Family
Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Competitors to be announced on Sunday night
Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze
WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte (c) vs. Paige
Opinionated View- Pretty awful card. Del Rio vs. Reigns is going to be boring because well it's Del Rio and Reigns. Sadly we know the WWE isn't going to have the balls to put the belt on Owens or Ambrose. No matter how much the WWE and the Sheep try to pretend Undertaker and Kane suck and have sucked for a long time. Sadly we know the WWE is going to have them go over the guys that need to go over.
Yeah I should I really care about the Survivor Series match with no announced for it. Ziggler has given up that much is clear and I don't think Breeze is going to be the one that will motivate him enough to try again. The feud with Paige and Charlotte has been very poorly booked. Making it worse more and more the holes in Charlotte's skills are showing.