Saturday, May 31, 2014

News On Why WWE Didn't Sign Ricochet And Which Agent Supported Him

The Future of Flight won't be in a WWE ring any time soon. WWE has reportedly decided not to offer him a deal after a tryout at the Performance Center. Even though his ring work was described as "excellent", it's mostly due to bad timing. He received praise from those who judge the talent at tryouts but it was decided that WWE had too many wrestlers of his size in developmental. It was also decided the WWE had reached their limit of high flyers. 

When he arrived for the tryout, younger wrestlers were excited to see him and treated him like a big deal, but WWE didn't know very much about him. That alone was a strike against him. 

NXT producer and agent Jamie Noble told officials that Ricochet is special but his support didn't do much to help him.

Breaking News: MVP Injured, Is Slammiversary Main Event In Jeopardy

MVP suffered a knee injury on Friday night in Preston, UK during an appearance for Preston City Wrestling. He was involved in a tag team match teaming with PCW Champion Joey Hayes against Kris Travis and Danny Hope. MVP described it as his knee popping while brawling on the outside of the ring. During an appearance on Saturday, MVP came out on crutches and said he was unable to wrestle.
MVP added that he heard his knee pop and that early x-rays were inconclusive at the moment. He will be undergoing an MRI to find out more about the injury. He is scheduled to headline TNA's Slammiversary PPV on 6/15 against TNA Champion Eric Young.
Opinionated View- Ok Slammiversary in two weeks away. Depending on what it is he could able to get through the match with Eric Young. Now if he can't wrestle I don't know what TNA could do. The shows are in can so it cold be we go into Slammivesary not sure of what will go down. 

Backstage Expectations High for WWE Payback Event reports that there are people backstage at WWE who believe the Payback event on Sunday will be a good show because there is no way WWE can let the developmental talent on the NXT Takeover special outshine the main roster on PPV. 

Opinionated View- CUE THE JOKER LAUGH!

This card has Alica Fox, Big E, A little person match, A match you just know Cena is going to win, and RVD vs Barrett. I think NXT already won. 

Details on Original Plans to Have Cesaro Win the Intercontinental Title

The Wrestling Observer reports that there was a plan in place for Cesaro to win the WWE Intercontinental title from Bad News Barrett at one point. However, WWE switched programs for Cesaro as he is now going against Sheamus for the United States title. WWE officials reportedly believed that it would hurt Cesaro to go after the Intercontinental belt and felt that Sheamus was a more viable opponent for Cesaro. There is no word on if this will affect the outcome of Cesaro's match with Sheamus on Sunday at Payback.

Opinionated View- Well here is an idea they could have let him win that tournament for the shot at the IC title. You know back when he had momentum.

Ric Flair Still Not Medically Cleared for Regular WWE TV Return

- As of this past week, Ric Flair is still not cleared to return to WWE TV as a regular character. Flair has not had his medical tests in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the WWE. These tests are required for all talent before they begin working a regular role for WWE. Sources believe that Flair could still be dealing with a blood clot issue in his leg. WWE has a strict policy with not allowing their performers to use blood thinners. There is no word on when Flair might be back on a weekly basis.

Opinionated View- Hopefully he never gets cleared. Letting Flair back on the road full time will not end well.

TNA Stars Taking Part in the Amazing Race on CBS

TNA stars Robbie E and Brooke Tessmacher are part of the 25th edition of "The Amazing Race" reality series on CBS. An official press release was issued on Saturday confirming the both, who are dating in real life, as part of the show under their real names.
"Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss: Dating Pro Wrestlers from Houston, Texas and Woodbridge, N.J., respectively."

WWE Smackdown Report 5.30.14

  • The Shield make their way to the ring to kick off the show. Rollins says that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In the case of the Shield, they are stronger, angrier hungrier and focused than ever after what happened on Raw. We see video footage from Raw. Ambrose says that the footage makes Evolution happy. But they should know who they are dealing with. They don't care, because they will keep coming. Sunday is no holds barred, elimination rules, and Evolution will see how far they will go and how far they will sink to win. But how crazy is Evolution willing to get. Rollins says the match at Payback, when he pins Randy Orton, he'll have to take a walk. And if Orton can't walk, there will be a stretcher for him. Maybe then they eliminate Batista next, leaving it 3 on 1, with Triple H being left all by himself, circled by the hounds of justice. If that is the case, they will take their time and finish the job by eliminating Triple H. The end of Evolution will be extinction. Reigns says that he ate the triple powerbomb Monday, which was a big mistake for Evolution. They will torture Evolution at Payback and destroy every announce table available. They will win again, believe that, and believe in the Shield.
  • They hype the champion vs. champion match with a video package for the IC Title.

  • Kofi, in a pre-match interview, noted that he beat Cesaro for the US title last year and that tonight he starts his road back to success. If the jobber entrance was part of the plan, he's off to a good start.

    Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

    Cesaro with am immediate takedown. Kofi to his feet, some counters and a shoulder block by Cesaro. Kofi tries to use his speed, but the power of Cesaro is too much a she blocks an arm drag and gives Kofi a back breaker. Uppercuts follow for Cesaro, and then a press slam and double stomp. Forearms by Cesaro follow, but Kofi back with a dropkick off the second rope. Kofi connects with another kick to Cesaro, and then springboards in with the clothesline and covers Cesaro for 2. Off the ropes and Kofi escapes a tilt a whirl into a roll up for 2. Another boot by Kofi, goes for the high cross but eats an uppercut for lunch and that is all. Cesaro destroys.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Cesaro @ 3:00 via pin
  • Post match, Cesaro gives Kofi the neutralizer, because he can.
  • Renee is with Bad News Barrett. He says his title is not in any jeopardy at the Payback PPV. He is fighting RVD, and all RVD has is that pathetic hand gesture and the desperate attempt to hang on to his past. Tonight he will make a point that the English are better than the Irish when he beats Sheamus. Sheamus will learn a lesson tonight.

    Non-Title Match: Paige © vs. Tamina

    Lock up to begin, Tamina uses her power, to the corner but forearms from Paige. Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring, she distracts Paige and Tamina hits a clothesline. Fox has her phone and is taking photos; sunset flip by Paige gets 2. Rights by Tamina, as Fox poses with the Divas Title. Paige gets distracted, and a superkick by Tamina connects. Tamina covers for 2. Fox poses on the announcer's table as Tamina beats down Paige in the ropes. Tamina misses a charge, back elbows by Paige. Short-armed clotheslines follow, and then a basement dropkick. Knees by Paige, who yells at Fox, Tamina tries to hit a Samoan drop, but Paige hits the Paige turner and then applies the scorpion cross lock and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Paige @ 3:00 via submission
  • Fox lays the belt on the ramp and mocks Paige a bit more as she leaves.
  • Renee Young is with Sheamus. Sheamus says that he and Cesaro goes back to two weeks ago when Cesaro refused to shake his hand. And Cesaro made it worse, because he made it personal. Renee asks about his match with Barrett tonight. Sheamus says he wasn't a great student, but knows about physics. When he brogue kicks Barrett, Barrett's teeth will go down his throat. They will fight tonight, and that is good news.
  • We get a Bo Dallas video package.

  • Bo Dallas says he is undefeated, 2-0, thanks to he BO-LIEVERS. Your dreams can and will come true if you BO-LIEVE!

    Xavier Woods vs. Bo Dallas

    Lock up, and arm drags by Dallas to begin. He celebrates a bit, and offers a handshake to Woods. Lock up, off the ropes and a dropkick by Woods. Dallas then sends Woods to the floor, follows and tosses Woods back in. Belly to back suplex follows, and then the series of knee drops follow. Dallas locks in a cravat, Woods escapes and hits some forearms. Spin kick follows, off the ropes and a dropkick to Dallas. Woods with a rolling clothesline for 2. Woods to the apron, boot to Dallas, up top and eats a dropkick as he flies in with the cross body. Run up the ropes Bo-Dog and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bo Dallas @ 3:00 via pin
  • After the match, 3-0 Bo Dallas celebrates. He then thanks his fans, and says tonight they are all winners, because they BO-LIEVE. He then gives Woods a hug. What a sportsman.
  • Highlights from Monday's Wyatt/Lawler/Cena segment.

    El Torito w/Matadores vs. Jinder Mahal w/Slater, Hornswoggle and McIntyre

    Torito has a set of Brutus Beefcake hedge trimmers and a bandage on his ass, because his tail is missing. Torito chases where his tail used to be, and then dropkicks Mahal in the knee. Mahal chases him around, and then misses a springboard. Mahal grabs him by the horn and hits an atomic drop. The goofs argue at ringside and brawl. Torito hits a sunset flip bomb off the ropes and then a moonsault and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: El Torito @ 2:00 via pin
  • Hornswoggle sneaks in the ring and goes face to face with Torito. The Matadores keep him in the ring and Torito has his shears. Hornswoggle escapes.
  • They hype the champion vs. champion match with a video package for the US Title.

  • Paul Heyman has joined the commentary team.

    Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match: US Champion Sheamus vs. IC Champion Bad News Barrett

    Lock up, to the corner, they battle around and off the ropes. Sheamus with a shoulder block and takes down Barrett. Barrett back with rights, to the corner and a boot by Sheamus. CLUBBERIN by Sheamus, back elbow by Barrett and a whip to the corner. Sheamus pops out and clotheslines Barrett. Knee drop by Sheamus. To the corner, Sheamus looks to suplex Barrett into the ring, but Barrett counters, to the mat and a suplex to Sheamus. Barrett sends Sheamus to the floor, and then connects with the Cactus elbow drop to the floor. Back into the ring, and a cover by Barrett for 2. Sheamus fights back, tosses Barrett down and then whips Barrett to the corner and follows with a Finlay roll. He then clotheslines Barrett to the floor. Sheamus stares down Heyman, and then to the apron. Diving shoulder block connects to Barrett. Barrett then avoids being tossed to the steps, kicks them into Sheamus' knees and then levels him with a clothesline…


    Back from commercial as Barrett works a side headlock. Sheamus tries to work to his feet, he does, off the ropes and a double sedge to Barrett. Another, shoulder block in the corner and then the running knee. Sheamus charges in, but Barrett hits a knee to the face and then a boot to the head. Barrett covers for 2. Sheamus fights back with the Irish curse back breaker and that gets 2. Barrett to the apron, Sheamus follows and hits the clubbing shots to the chest. Sheamus pulls Barrett in, but Barrett slips away, avoids a brogue kick and hits the winds of change for a close 2. Barrett looks for wasteland, but Sheamus escapes and hits the brogue kick. That's all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 11:00 via pin
  • Sheamus goes face to face with Heyman post match. Heyman begs off, and Sheamus eventually lets him go.
  • Renee Young is with the Usos. They discuss their loss on main event, and Jey's ribs are wrapped up. It won't be the first time they take a beating or the last, but they get back up each and every time. Jimmy then discusses his match with Bray Wyatt, noting that he will show Wyatt what family is all about.

    Big E vs. Titus O'Neil

    They faced several weeks back, where Titus got DQ'd for kicking too much ass. Big E came out waving the American flag. Before the bell, Lana came out to strut her stuff. She put over the Russian flag and told the fans to stop their USA chants. Rusev then came out and waved the Russian flag. With Big E distracted, Titus attacked before the bell. Titus beats down Big E in the corner, and hit a corner splash. Titus missed a charge, and Big E connects with the belly to belly. Running splash by Big E, straps are down, big ending, and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Big E @ 1:00 via pin
  • Post match, Big E and Rusev played "mine's bigger than yours is" and waved their flags at each other.

  • Highlights of Rose's debut on Raw, and the incident with Swagger kidnapping the lemon.

    Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

    Swagger seems confused with Rose, hey stare down and Rose dances around the ring. Rose offers Swagger the lollipop, who gets pissed and tries a single leg, but misses. GO behind by Swagger, takes Rose to the mat. Rose to his feet and then to the corner. Back elbows by Rose and Swagger then misses a clothesline and Rose jumps into his arms. Swagger did not appreciate hits, so he bails to the floor. Swagger and Colter converse, Swagger back in and Rose to the floor to annoy Colter. Swagger follows, but Rose back into the ring. Back in, Rose gets a wacky cover with his balls in Swagger‘s face and that's enough for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Adam Rose @ 3:00 via pin
  • Swagger is shocked as Colter throws a fit.

  • We get highlights of Stephanie McMahon's ultimatum to Daniel Bryan from Raw.
  • The Wyatts appear in the ring.

    Last Man Standing Match: Jimmy Uso w/Jey vs. Bray Wyatt w/Harper and Rowan

    Wyatt attacks with head butts and rights to begin. To the corner and chops by Wyatt. He tosses Uso to the mat and the ref counts. Uso to his feet, but Wyatt levels him with a shoulder block. Rights by Wyatt, but a leg lariat by Uso drops Wyatt. Uso sends Wyatt to the floor, and then hits a big dive! The ref counts on Wyatt, who slowly makes his way to his feet and laughs…


    Back from the commercial break as Wyatt hits a corner splash. He poses in the corner as the ref counts on Uso. Uso tries to fight back, but Wyatt beats him down in the corner and then hits a suplex. Uso makes it to his feet, they trade rights and Wyatt lays in a heads butt. Off the ropes and Wyatt runs into a Samoan drop and both men are down. They make it to their feet, a boot by Uso and then rights follow. Wyatt charges, and Uso low bridges him and sends him to the floor. Uso then runs along the barricade, leaps over Wyatt and then hits a superkick. The ref counts, Wyatt to his feet and Uso tosses him into the ring. Wyatt level shim with the charging cross body, and then does his wacky upside down walk. Uso makes it to his feet by 8, Wyatt attacks with body shots in the corner. Elbows by Wyatt, sets Uso up top and head butts Uso. Wyatt heads up with Uso, superplex try blocked. Uso fights off Bray, and head butts him to the mat. Uso then hits the top rope splash! Uso to his feet as the ref counts, Wyatt to his feet at 8 and then tosses Uso to the floor. He follows and levels Uso with a Vader like charge. Wyatt tries a piledriver, countered and an Enziguri by Uso follows. The ref counts, and Uso then connects with the Samoan clambake. The ref counts again on Wyatt, who gets to his feet at 9. Harper and Rowan attack Jey Uso now, and Jimmy tries to make the save and kicks Wyatt down. Wyatt down by the steps, Uso charges and Wyatt moves, and Uso crashes into the steps. Sister Abigail on the floor. Jimmy cannot answer the count.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bray Wyatt @ 12:00
  • Bray Wyatt celebrates his victory.
  • End scene.

  • 5/30 WWE NXT TV taping spoilers:


    1. Baron Corbin beat Wesley Blake. Of note, former indie standout Drake Younger is refereeing.

    June 5

    1. Mojo Rawley over Aiden English

    2. Charlotte beat Bayley. Summer Rae returned mid-match. After the match, Charlotte, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks beat Bayley down. Paige and Emma ran down for the save.

    3. Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger defeated an enhancement team.

    Tyler Breeze said he will face Adrian Neville for the title when he chooses. Breeze also showed off his new music video to accompany his new music.

    4. Adrian Neville pinned Justin Gabriel. After the match, Tyson Kidd came out and said he's embarrassed about how he reacted after the match at Takeover. He asks Neville for a rematch and Neville grants it to him.

    June 12

    1. Bayley, Paige, and Emma beat Charlotte, Summer Rae, and Sasha Banks. Bayley got the pin on Charlotte with a rollup when Charlotte was kicking Summer out of the ring.

    2. Colin Cassady over Sylvester Lefort.

    3. Sami Zayn defeated Mr. NXT. The masked and caped "Mr. NXT" was unmasked as the banished Bo Dallas. Dallas tried to escape but security caught him and escorted him out.

    4. Adrian Neville beat Tyson Kidd to retain the NXT Championship. Kidd tried to bring a chair into the ring towards the end of the match but Natalya stopped him.

    June 19

    1. Alexa Bliss beat Sasha Banks. Sasha lost when she became distracted by Charlotte and Summer Rae arguing at ringside.

    2. Mojo Rawley pinned Garrett Dylan.

    3. Aiden English and Simon Gotch squashed Angelo Dawkins and Travis Tyler. English and Gotch are called The Vaudevillians.

    4. Tyler Breeze over Kalisto.

    June 26

    1. The Ascension defeated Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd. Kidd walked out on Zayn and left him to take the loss.

    2. The Vaudevillians won another squash match.

    3. Bull Dempsey beat Xavier Woods.

    4. Becky Lynch pinned Summer Rae. Charlotte and Sasha Banks argued at ringside during the match.

    5. Colin Cassady over Sawyer Fulton. Post-match, The Legionnaires came out to confront Cassady which led to the return of Enzo Amore.

    6. Adrian Neville beat Rob Van Dam clean. Tyler Breeze was a guest commentator for the match.

    Friday, May 30, 2014

    Michael Elgin Re-Signs With ROH

    - Michael Elgin has re-signed with Ring Of Honor, and according to an announcement made at IWA Mid-South's show this week it will preclude him from appearing for them anymore. It isn't confirmed if this means it's a contract that makes him exclusive to ROH or not.

    Opinionated View- I still stand by my belief that it stupid to sign an ROH contract. All it does is lock you into the indy scene only apparently you have to take less dates. For Elgin this is even worse as ROH has booked terrible.

    Bray Wyatt Expected To Be A Babyface By The End of the Year

    Bray Wyatt is expected to be a full babyface by the end of the year. While Wyatt has been getting a strong, positive reaction from live crowds, WWE hasn't completed a babyface turn (as you can see from his actions against Jerry Lawler on RAW). The deciding factor for if he turns face will be when he works someone other than John Cena. That's because anyone who faces Cena gets a mixed reaction whether they're heel or face. . 

    Opinionated View- This would be a huge mistake. Its way to soon to even consider turning Wyatt face. Use this guy as a top heel. As a face he goes behind Cena, Bryan, andy maybe Cesaro and Reigns. On the heel side you got boring Kane, Orton, and I guess Triple H. Plus in WWE turning face usually means you lose everything that makes you cool and interesting.

    Updated Card For The June 22nd ROH Best in the World PPV Event

    Here is the updated card for the June 22nd ROH Best in the World PPV…

  • Christopher Daniels Returns to ROH
  • Submission Match: Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander
  • The Briscoes vs. Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis
  • ROH Title Match: Adam Cole © vs. Michael Elgin

    - While not officially announced, it is expected that Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young will be added to the show.


    NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXI Results 5.30.14 Night 1

    1. Best of the Super Jr. – Block A: TAKA Michinoku Kaientai Dojo [2] beat Mascara Dorada [0] (5:31) with the Michinoku Driver II.
    2. Best of the Super Jr. – Block B: Tiger Mask [2] beat Rocky Romero [0] (8:45) with a Tiger suplex hold.
    3. Best of the Super Jr. – Block B: Taichi [2] beat El Desperado [0] (5:33) with a Taichi-style Gedo clutch.
    4. Best of the Super Jr. – Block A: BUSHI [2] beat Jushin Thunder Liger [0] (8:51) with the BUSHI Roll.
    5. Special 10 Man Tag Match: Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows & Tama Tonga beat Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI & Jado (18:17) when Takahashi used the Miami Shine on YOSHI-HASHI.
    6. Best of the Super Jr. – Block A: Ricochet [2] beat Alex Koslov [0] (14:29) by referee stop.
    7. Best of the Super Jr. – Block B: Alex Shelley [2] beat Nick Jackson [0] (10:38) with the Shelley clutch.
    8. Best of the Super Jr. – Block A: KUSHIDA [2] beat Matt Jackson [0] (11:44) with a Kimura lock.
    9. Best of the Super Jr. – Block B: Kenny Omega Dramatic Dream Team [2] beat Ryusuke Taguchi [0] (16:19) with the Croyt's Wrath.

    Daniel Bryan's In-Ring Status Up In the Air

    Daniel Bryan's status with the WWE is currently up in the air, as it's unknown when exactly he will make his in-ring return. It was originally believed that Bryan would return in June for a Buried Alive match with Kane at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. However, WWE officials aren't sure he'll be ready by then. 

    The few WWE live events in June that have advertised Bryan in matches were probably set before his surgery. WWE will usually get the venues to remove the promotions but it's likely these dates could have slipped by. It's highly unlikely that Bryan will work any matches between now and Money in the Bank, even if he's cleared to do it. If he's not able to work the MITB PPV, he will work the match at WWE Battleground on July 20 in Tampa. 

    Stephanie McMahon told Bryan on RAW that he must give up the WWE World Heavyweight title on Sunday at Payback or Brie Bella will be fired. Brie recently hinted in an interview that she wanted to start a family. This led people to believe that she may take some time off at some point.

    WWE NXT Takeover Report

    We begin with a video package talking about change and evolving with footage of the people who have gone from NXT to the main roster. Who will lead the continuing Takeover?
    We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and William Regal.
    Adam Rose and his Exotic Express make their way into the building after arriving on the bus. They enter through the crowd.
    Match Number One: Adam Rose (with the Exotic Express) versus Camacho
    Rose circles Camacho and moves out of the way when Camacho wants to lock up. Rose struts and then he circles Camacho some more. Camacho with a full nelson and Rose uses his rear end to escape the hold. Camacho misses a clothesline and Rose leaps into Camacho’s arms. Camacho pushes Rose away and connects with a clothesline. Camacho kicks Rose.
    Camacho with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Camacho with a chin lock using Rose’s arm to add more pressure. Rose with an arm drag to escape but Camacho with a kick and punch to the head. Rose fights off the punches but Camacho’s boot takes him down and Camacho gets a near fall. Camacho returns to the chin lock with Rose’s arm trapped again.
    Camacho with a knee when Rose gets to his feet and Rose goes to the mat again. Camacho with a leaping leg drop and he gets a near fall. Camacho with a head butt but Rose with a kick. Rose avoids a splash in the corner. Rose with punches to Camacho followed by a roundhouse and Camacho goes down. Camacho with a kick but Rose with a spinebuster.
    Rose with a running elbow into the corner followed by a back heel kick. Rose calls for the choo choo and the bronco buster. Rose sets for the Party Foul and he connects. Rose gets the three count.
    Winner: Adam Rose
    After the match, the entourage returns to ringside to celebrate with Adam.
    We take a look at a video package for Sami Zayn. Sami says that the match at Arrival was one of his best ever. His rivalry with Cesaro put a lot of eyes on him. Sami says that to come up short made him feel empty. You need to learn to lose before you can win. It was a hard climb to get to the WWE and NXT. He neglected a lot and has not been the best brother or son to his family. This is all that he is.
    Eden mentions that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.
    Match Number Two: The Ascension (Konor and Viktor) versus El Local and Kalisto for theNXT Tag Team Championship
    Konor and Viktor attack El Local and Kalisto as the bell rings. Local and Kalisto with head scissors and the champions go to the floor. Konor and Viktor stop the challengers when they go for stereo suicide dives.. Viktor kicks Kalisto and chokes him. Viktor sends Kalisto into the turnbuckles and Konor tags in. Konor and Viktor with a cross arm double clothesline. Konor with an elbow drop for a near fall.
    Konor picks up Kalisto and he tags in Viktor who connects with a shot to the midsection. Viktor with a kick to Kalisto. Viktor grabs Kalisto by the mask and then he chops Kalisto and gets a near fall. Kalisto with a punch but Viktor with a forearm. Viktor puts Kalisto on the turnbuckles and he connects with forearms. Viktor puts Kalisto in the tree of woe and Konor tags in and he kicks Kalisto.
    The referee warns Konor and then he kicks Kalisto again. Viktor tags in and he hits an elbow that drives Kalisto to the mat and Viktor gets a near fall. Viktor with a reverse chin lock. Kalisto with punches but Viktor with a forearm and then he throws Kalisto to the floor. Konor throws Kalisto against the ropes and Kalisto falls to the floor. Konor tries again but Kalisto holds on to the ropes and Kalisto kicks Konor.
    Konor picks up Kalisto and sends him into the turnbuckles. Viktor tags back in and he chops Kalisto. Kalisto with a kick and a leaping head scissors. Local tags in and he hits an elbow to Viktor after knocking Konor off the apron. Local with a springboard forearm. Local with a kick to the head when Viktor charges into the corner. Local with a moonsault for a near fall. Kalisto with a kick to Konor but Viktor sends Kalisto to the floor.
    Viktor with an STO to Local and then he tags in Konor. They set for the Fall of Man and they connect and Konor gets the three count.
    Winners Konor and Viktor
    Tyler Breeze says that he is who you dream of and what you crave. In 2014, everyone has a cell phone. Every phone has a camera. Not every camera is looking at someone who is gorgeous. His beauty is a distraction for his opponents and the entire world. Tyler says that people do not assume that he is tough. Sami Zayn is a perpetual loser while Tyler is a success at everything that he does. He will become the number one contender. He is not just a pretty face, he can become champion.
    Match Number Three: Tyler Breeze versus Sami Zayn in a Number One Contender Match
    Tyler takes his time before locking up. Zayn with a wrist lock but Breeze with a reversal. Zayn with a reversal and he takes Breeze to the mat and applies a key lock. Zayn with a wrist lock and Breeze grabs the face and he reverses the wrist lock. Zayn with arm drags to Breeze followed by a wraparound arm drag into an arm bar.
    Breeze backs Zayn into the corner and Zayn with a side head lock and forearm to the back. Zayn with a leg lariat and Breeze is sent into the turnbuckles. Breeze with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Zayn goes to the turnbuckles and Breeze sends Zayn over the top rope to the floor and Zayn holds his head.
    Zayn rolls back in before the ten count and then he kicks Zayn in the corner. Breeze yells at the referee after being warned and then he chokes Zayn in the corner. Breeze punches Zayn and Breeze sends Zayn into the turnbuckles. Breeze gets a near fall. Breeze with forearms to the head and then he sends Zayn’s head into the mat. Breeze with a front face lock as he continues to work on the head and neck of Zayn.
    Zayn tries to get out of the front face lock and after a few failed attempts, Zayn is able to toss Breeze away. Zayn forces Breeze over the top rope to the floor. Zayn goes to the apron and then he hits an Arabian Press onto Breeze.
    Zayn sends Breeze back into the ring and Zayn goes up top and hits a cross body and gets a near fall. Zayn tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Breeze escapes and he connects with an elbow. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets a near fall. Zayn with a boot to the chest and then Zayn goes to the turnbuckles. Breeze gets up and Zayn leaps over Breeze. Breeze with a boot and then he hits an Impaler DDT for a near fall.
    Breeze pulls Zayn out of the corner and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Breeze punches Zayn in the corner and the referee warns Tyler and pulls him out of the corner. Breeze with more punches and the referee continues to warn Breeze. Breeze with a front face lock but Zayn with an Exploder into the turnbuckles and both men are down.
    Both men struggle to get back to their feet and Zayn with a punch. Breeze punches back. They go back and forth with punches until Zayn gets the advantage. Breeze with an Irish whip and Zayn has to stop short to avoid hitting the referee. Breeze with a rollup for a near fall.
    After a series of reversals, Breeze with a super kick but Zayn kicks out at two. Breeze is in shock that Zayn kicked out while Zayn struggles to get back to his feet. Breeze with a punch to Zayn’s head. Zayn has trouble standing up after the punches, but Zayn with a slap. Breeze with forearms to the back and the referee warns him. Zayn refuses to be Irish whipped. Zayn with a modified Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.
    Zayn tries for the Helluva Kick and Breeze goes to the floor to avoid it. Zayn with a flip dive onto Breeze and Breeze lands hard on the ramp. Breeze is sent back into the ring and Zayn sets for the Helluva Kick and he misses when Breeze ducks. Breeze with the Beauty Shot for the three count.
    Winner: Tyler Breeze
    Bret Hart is in the back with Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Are they doing any marriage counseling after Michael Cole’s great job on the Kickoff Show?
    Lana makes her way to the stage as she does her Iron Curtain Runway Walk. Lana tells NXT to rise for the Super Athlete Rusev. Lana says that just like Russia has spread itself across Europe, Rusev has moved across Raw and Smackdown. He is back in NXT to stand on those who he has crushed already.
    Rusev speaks in Bulgarian and then he waves his giant Russian flag.
    Mojo Rawley comes out and he says that he has heard a lot of hype about Russia, but we are in the U . . . S . . . A. We don’t get hyped, we stay hyped. It is time that someone comes to that ring and shoves that flag right up his Putin.
    Rusev with a thrust kick to Rawley and then he connects with forearms and he sends Rawley into the corner and he hits a splash into the corner. Rusev applies the Accolade and then he eventually releases the hold. Rusev throws Rawley out of the ring.
    Lana gives Rusev some instructions and Rusev goes up the ramp and Rusev applies the Accolade on the ramp.
    Ric Flair and Charlotte walk in the back and Ric gives his daughter some advice.
    Natalya felt that she always had to be better than others and be better than her family members. Charlotte says that she was hesitant to be known as a Flair but she feels comfortable now. Charlotte says that is not the same person she was two years ago. She has shocked people with her progress. She feels genetically superior. Ric says that she has the gift and the gene. Natalya says that she hopes Charlotte can handle things when she has to tap out to the Sharpshooter in front of her father.
    Bret says that a Flair will never beat a Hart. Charlotte knows that her father is the best. Natalya says that words cannot describe how it feels to have Bret in her corner. Natalya wants Charlotte to prove that she is the best. Charlotte says that after she wins, the Harts will need their own wing in the Hall of Fame.
    Bret says that some things never change. The Harts and Flairs are about championships. It will be crucial for Natalya to win. Ric says that this adds credibility to the families. Ric says that Charlotte has busted her ass to get to this point. Bret says that Natalya will excellently execute Charlotte.
    We see that Kris Kristofferson is in the crowd.
    Paige makes her way to the ring with her Divas title. She says that it is amazing to be home at NXT. But, before she gets started, she has a few words for everyone. She doesn’t know if this will sound cheesy and cliché, but she wants to thank everyone. She says that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for NXT. She wouldn’t be the WWE Diva’s Champion.
    Speaking of Championships, she couldn’t be prouder to be the first NXT Women’s champion. Tonight, a new champion will be crowned. She will have to have strength, character, and grace. While holding the NXT Championship, she is holding the key to the future. Holding that can lead to this (as she holds up the WWE Divas title belt). She tells everyone to enjoy the rest of the show because it is going to be memorable.
    Match Number Four: Charlotte (with Ric Flair) versus Natalya (with Bret Hart) for the NXT Women’s Championship
    They lock up and Natalya with a hip lock into a lateral press and a near fall. Natalya with a waist lock and take down into a front face lock but Charlotte with an escape and hammer lock. Natalya with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Charlotte with a head scissors and Natalya escapes.
    They lock up again and Natalya with a side head lock take down. Charlotte gets back to her feet and she sends Natalya to the mat and escapes the head lock. Natalya with a wrist lock but Charlotte with a cartwheel into a reversal. Charlotte with an arm bar submission and then she turns it into an arm bar. Natalya rolls through and takes Charlotte down with a single leg take down.
    Charlotte escapes the hold and Charlotte blocks a kick. Natalya rolls through and grabs the legs as she stretches Charlotte. Charlotte escapes and applies a reverse chin lock. Natalya with a front face lock and she takes Charlotte to the mat and she mocks her opponent’s father. Charlotte with a reversal into a front face lock.
    Natalya with a victory roll for a near fall. Natalya with a body scissors and she adds a reverse chin lock. Natalya with a rollup in the body scissors for a near fall. Charlotte with forearms and she slams Natalya’s head to the mat. Natalya with a brief cross arm breaker but Charlotte gets out of the hold and to the ropes.
    Charlotte slaps Natalya but Natalya slaps back. Natalya with a waist lock into a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a knee to the back followed by a chop and Ric woooos in Natalya’s face and then he struts on the floor as he has some words for Bret. Natalya slaps Charlotte. Charlotte with an Irish whip but Natalya floats over. Charlotte with elbows in the corner but Natalya climbs on Charlotte’s back with a sleeper.
    Charlotte with a backpack stunner for a near fall. Charlotte gets another near fall. Charlotte slams Natalya’s head into the mat and then she kicks Natalya and chokes her in the corner. Charlotte pulls Natalya out of the corner and she gets a near fall. Charlotte with a figure four head lock.
    Charlotte drives Natalya’s head into the mat while holding on to the figure four head lock. She turns over and instead of driving Natalya’s head into the mat she flips Natalya over and gets a near fall. Charlotte with an abdominal stretch. Natalya with a reversal into an abdominal stretch of her own. Natalya with a backslide but Charlotte rolls through and hits a drop kick.
    Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte sends Natalya into the turnbuckles and she kicks Natalya in the corner. Natalya with a butterfly suplex followed by a clothesline. Natalya with a snap mare and then Natalya runs over Charlotte’s back and hits a drop kick. Natalya gets a near fall. Natalya does the Flair flip but Natalya knocks Charlotte off the apron.
    Charlotte grabs Natalya’s leg and pulls her down to the apron and then drops Natalya onto the floor with a leg whip and Natalya holds her back. Charlotte sends Natalya back into the ring and Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte with boots to the chest and then she goes to the turnbuckles. Charlotte tries for a moonsault but Natalya moves out of the way.
    Natalya with the discus clothesline but Charlotte kicks out. Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter and she applies it. Charlotte tries to get to the ropes but Natalya pulls Charlotte into the center of the ring. Charlotte rolls through and counters into a Figure Four leg lock. Natalya is able to reverse the hold but Charlotte rolls Natalya over. Natalya and Charlotte slap each other while Natalya tries to reverse the hold but Charlotte rolls through to maintain the advantage. Natalya slaps Charlotte in the face .
    They rolls to the apron and then Charlotte applies the figure four while hanging from the apron. The referee forces the hold to be released and both are on the floor.
    Charlotte sends Natalya knee first into the ring steps and Natalya holds her knee. Charlotte sends Natalya back into the ring and Charlotte appears to have things under control. Charlotte sets for the figure four but she sees Bret and then she decides to put Natalya in the Sharpshooter. Natalya crawls to the ropes but she cannot make it. Natayla rolls through and she tries for a Sharpshooter but Charlotte kicks her away and she hits Bow Down to the Queen for the three count.
    Winner: Charlotte
    After the match, Charlotte celebrates her victory with her father.
    We see Adrian Neville in the back as we prepare for the main event.
    Adrian Neville says being the NXT Champion is fantastic. This title is a result of years of toil and training. It has given him confidence. Every match is a different case and scenario. Brodus knocked out four teeth. The title is more important than the teeth in his mouth. Things are different with Tyson Kidd.
    He knows that Tyson is desperate and that makes him dangerous. He will not use Adrian as a springboard for his career. People compare him to Tyson and he says that Tyson might be one of his toughest challenges. He is stronger and faster than Tyson. The title has made him unstoppable.
    The title is his armor and no one is getting past his armor.
    Match Number Five: Tyson Kidd versus Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship
    They stare each other down as they prepare to lock up. They lock up and they go around the ring. Kidd with a clean break out of the corner. Tyson offers his hand and Neville shakes it and they say something to each other. Kidd with a waist lock into a side head lock take down. Neville with a reversal but Kidd escapes and he applies another side head lock take down.
    Neville with a top wrist lock but Kidd with a wrist lock of his own. Kidd with a side head lock take down but Neville with a head scissors and Kidd escapes. Kidd slaps Neville. Kidd with a wrist lock into an arm bar. Neville is taken to the mat and Kidd holds on to the wrist lock and turns it into a key lock. Kidd with another wrist lock and Neville with a reversal and arm wringer.
    Neville says something to Kidd. Neville with an arm drag into an arm bar. Neville with a wrist lock into an arm bar. Neville with a back drop and he holds on to the arm bar. Kidd gets to the ropes to force Neville to release the hold. Kidd with a side head lock. Kidd with a shoulder tackle.
    Kidd with a monkey flip but Neville lands on his feet. Neville with an arm drag and then they try for drop kicks at the same time. Kidd with a forearm to Neville and then he kicks Neville. Kidd with a hard Irish whip to Neville. Kidd puts Neville in the tree of woe. Kidd picks up Neville and kicks him in the back. Kidd does it again and the referee warns Kidd. Kidd with a third kick to the back while Neville is in the tree of woe. Kidd with a running hesitation drop kick to Neville.
    Neville finally gets out of the tree of woe. Kidd with a back elbow for a near fall. Kidd with a reverse chin lock. Kidd keeps Neville on the mat. Kidd with a drop kick and Neville goes to the floor. Kidd with a tope con hilo onto Neville and Kidd rolls Neville back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Kidd with a knee drop and he applies a reverse chin lock while having Neville bent over to cut off his ability to recover his breathing.
    Kidd with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Neville and Kidd both go for a cross body and both men go down. Neville with forearms to Kidd but Kidd with a back heel kick. Neville with a forearm and back elbow. Neville with a back heel kick and a kick to the temple. Neville goes to the turnbuckles but he goes to that mat and Neville puts Kidd in the tree of woe and Neville give Kidd a dose of his own medicine with kicks to the back and a hesitation drop kick.
    Neville goes to the apron and then sets for a springboard forearm and he connects. Neville gets a near fall. Kidd with a forearm and then Kidd with a boot and he goes to the apron. Neville with a drop kick that sends Kidd to the floor. Neville goes for a suicide dive but Kidd with a round kick from the apron and Kidd gets a near fall.
    Kidd goes to the apron and then up top. Kidd sets for the Blockbuster but Neville with a forearm to crotch Kidd. Neville climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex but Kidd with punches. Kidd with a sunset flip power bomb attempt but Neville does a back flip. Neville with a pop up power bomb for a near fall.
    Neville with kicks to the chest. Neville with another kick but Kidd counters a springboard move by Neville with a springboard side Russian leg sweep. Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd goes back to the apron and he goes up top one more time. Kidd comes off the turnbuckles and Kidd tries for a Sharpshooter but Neville with a rollup for a near fall. Neville and Kidd with drop kicks to the head. Kidd tries for a suplex but Neville blocks it. Neville with a suplex that sends both men over the top rope to the floor.
    The referee starts his count while both men are down on the floor. Both men get in at nine to stop the count and keep the match going. Kidd and Neville help each other up and they exchange forearms while struggling to stay on their feet. Neville with a chop. Kidd tries for the Sharpshooter and he locks it in. Kidd turns it into the Dungeon Lock and he kicks Neville in the head. Neville loses consciousness but he is able to avoid tapping out and he gets to the ropes.
    Kidd picks up Neville on the apron but Neville tries for a shoulder but Kidd sidesteps him and connects with a kick. Kidd goes up top and hits a flip leg drop for a near fall. Kidd wonders what he has to do to win this match and then he goes up top again. Neville grabs Kidd’s leg to stop him but Neville is knocked to the mat. Kidd is stopped again but Kidd punches Neville and Adrian goes to the mat one more time. Neville hits a super hurricanrana and then Neville goes up top for Red Arrow and he connects and gets the three count.
    Winner: Adrian Neville
    After the match, Neville offers his hand to Kidd, but Kidd walks past Neville and out of the ring.
    We go to credits.

    5/30 WWE Smackdown Preview

    The following is scheduled for tonight's 5/30 WWE Smackdown on Syfy.
    * Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston.
    * WWE Divas Champion Paige vs. Tamina Snuka.
    * Bo Dallas vs. Xavier Woods.
    * Jinder Mahal vs. El Torito.
    * WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. WWE U.S. Champion Sheamus.
    * Big E vs. Titus O'Neil.
    * Jack Swagger vs. Adam Rose.
    * Bray Wyatt vs. Jimmy Uso (Last Man Standing match).

    5/29 TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report

    Impact opens up with highlights from last week and Bully Ray makes his way onto the stage. Bully says that as long as he has air in his lungs he swears that he will keep on fighting. He says that he is more motivated now than he has ever been in his career, and that the word is probably better suited as “obsessed” rather than motivated. He says that he is obsessed with six people in TNA, those people have bulls eyes on their backs that he promises to the fans that he will put one of them through the tables that he has set up on the stage. They’re all standing upright with trash bags covering them. Bully rips away the trash bags revealing names spray painted on all of them. Lashley, EC3, Kenny King, MVP, Rockstar Spud, and Dixie’s names are painted on the tables. Bully says that every person in the wrestling business wants to see Dixie go through a table. Bully gets in the ring and says that he doesn’t care if it is one of them or all of them someone better get out in the ring and fight him right now. He says that whether it is now or a month from now every single one of them will go through tables.
    MVP makes his way out dressed to compete. MVP says he isn’t the kind of man that reacts well to threats so Bully should rethink what he’s doing. He says he doesn’t care about what the brainless puppets in the crowd say and parrot what Bully says. He says that no one is going through a table but if Bully wants to fight he would be happy to handle that, however that would be no fun because why should he have all the fun himself when he has friends to help. “It ain’t no fun if the boys can’t have none,” MVP says as Lashley and King walk out. EC3 and Spud then swarm the ring from behind Bully and EC3 clips Bully’s knee! King slides into the ring and begins peppering Bully with punches as well. Bully comes in and elbow drops Bully while Spud rakes his eyes. MVP hits a Knee Drop on Bully and then Lashley holds Bully while MVP beats on him.
    EC3 grabs one of the tables, the one painted with Spud’s name, and sets it up in the ring. EY runs out along with Austin Aries and The Wolves and the fight is on! The babyfaces clear the ring all but Spud who hides under the table. The Wolves grab him as Aries says that Bully isn’t the only one obsessed with the heels in this company. Aries says that the numbers game won’t come into effect tonight and suggests a six man tag tonight! Bully says that if MVP and his boys had any balls they would have that match next! Bully says that MVP can take his chain and shove it up his ass because they’re about to remind MVP of what is going to happen to all of them.
    EY hands Spud to Bully who then Super Bombs him off the top through the table!
    Six Man Tag Team Match
    MVP, Bobby Lashley, & Kenny King vs. The Wolves & Austin Aries
    Back from the break the brawl has started at ringside! Davey has his ribs taped up heavily. MVP attacks those ribs with a series of knees. Lashley tosses Aries into the ring and they exchange punches. Lashley whips Aries hard into the turnbuckles and then blatantly chokes Aries. The Wolves throw King into the ring steps while Lashley tosses Aries back into the corner. He puts the boots to Aries and then chokes him with his boot. Aries comes back with leg kicks to the bigger Lashley and starts choking Lashley back. Lashley shoves him away as Eddie and King spill into the ring now. Lashley goes for the Running Powerslam on Aries but he blocks it. Lashley then attempts the Spear but Aries drops down sending Lashley out to the floor. Eddie sends King to the floor now and then MVP rolls in and goes after Edwards. Davey sends MVP to the floor and then The Wolves dive through the ropes with a Double Suicide Dive onto MVP and King! Aries then dives off the top with the Savage Flying Axe Handle onto Lashley on the floor!
    Back from the break the match has finally settled down to a tag team match. Davey catapults King into a forearm from Aries from the apron. Aries then tags himself in and hits a Slingshot Corkscrew Elbow onto King as King was lying on the knees of Davey. Aries covers King for a nearfall and then tags Eddie. Eddie headbutts King and then tags Davey back into the match. The Wolves sandwich King with a Double Headbutt and then tosses King into a headbutt from Eddie. Eddie tags in again and The Wolves toss King headfirst into the boot of Aries. The Wolves whip King into the ropes and Eddie hits a drop toehold and Davey set up for something on the ropes but MVP kicked him in the ribs. Lashley drags Davey to the floor and throws him into the steps! King hits a Spinning Enziguri on Eddie as he was distracted by what happened to Davey. MVP tags into the match and covers Eddie with one finger for a nearfall. MVP then punches him repeatedly and mounts him for another nearfall. MVP tags Lashley into the match and holds Eddie as Lashley hits a series of nasty forearms and kicks. Lashley then drives his shoulder repeatedly into Eddie before tagging MVP back into the match. Lashley whips Eddie into a Lariat from MVP for another pinfall attempt. MVP tosses Eddie into the corner and then connects with the Mafia Kick followed by a T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…NO Eddie kicks out! King tags into the match and puts Eddie in a waistlock. King then attempts a German Suplex but Eddie lands on his feet! Eddie ducks a clothesline attempt from King and dives to his corner to tag in Aries! Aries ducks a clothesline from King and dropkicks MVP off the apron! Aries hits King with a series of forearms and then whips him into the corner. Lashley runs in and cuts Aries off. Lashley whips Aries into the opposite corner and charges at him, but Aries ducks and destroys King with the IED! Aries goes for the IED on Lashley but Lashley catches him in midair and counters into the Running Powerslam! King tags MVP into the match and MVP goes for the Drive-By Kick, but Aries avoids it and hits a Roaring Elbow! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but King hits him from behind and attempts the Royal Flush! Aries blocks it and hits the Roaring Elbow on him! Aries hits the Brainbuster on King! Eddie and Lashley fight on the outside as Richards climbs back on the apron and tags into the match. Davey hits the Ghetto Stomp off the top onto King but then Lashley comes out of nowhere with the Spear on Davey! Lashley picks Davey up and holds him as MVP hits the Drive-By Kick for the pin.
    Winners: Lashley, MVP, & King via pinfall (Drive-By Kick)
    Bram talks to Magnus backstage and tells him that he is done talking because he wants the old Magnus back. He says he has a match tonight and he doesn’t care who it is against, but Magnus will be out there to see and feel the violence.
    Backstage EC3 approaches Dixie and tells her about what happened with Bully. Dixie flippantly says “poor Spud” and says that they have very important business to deal with tonight with MVP.
    Tigre Uno vs. Bram w/Magnus
    Remember all that I’ve been saying for months about not wanting Tigre to just get lost in the shuffle, yeah I think we’re about to see that come to fruition here. Bram tries to go after Tigre at the bell but Tigre uses his speed to avoid Bram’s strikes. Tigre then hits a Dropkick Salto and attempts a hurricanrana only to eat a vicious Powerbomb! Bram screams at Tigre and then connects with a series of right hands. Bram tosses Tigre into the ropes and connects with a Running Back Elbow. Bram rakes Tigre’s face against the mat and hits a series of knees. Bram lifts Tigre in the air by his throat. Tigre fights him off with punches and then as Bram releases him he hits a Back Kick. Tigre hits the ropes only to eat a vicious Lariat! Bram hits a Jumping Spike DDT for the pin.
    Winner: Bram via pinfall (Spike DDT)
    After the match Bram continues to assault Tigre. He pulls a steel turnbuckle out from under the ring and goes to hit Tigre with it, but Magnus stops him and asks him what’s wrong with him. Magnus says he doesn’t give a damn about Tigre but wants to know what’s wrong with Bram. He says that Tigre is a world class athlete but he is half Bram’s size. Bram says it doesn’t matter how big or small someone is he would have beaten him anyway. Bram says that the old Magnus would have ripped his mask off and kicked his head off. Bram says when he looks at Magnus he doesn’t see the old Magnus. Magnus says maybe Bram needs a bigger test and mockingly says that maybe he should learn at the feet at the master Bram. Magnus says maybe Bram needs to prove himself against Willow and Bram smiles and says he’ll do it right now if he has to!
    Gunner approaches Anderson backstage about them teaming up tonight. Anderson asks Gunner if he is out of his mind about the issue with Samuel Shaw. Gunner says he just needs some help but Anderson just says he’s a creep living in his mom’s basement.
    Brittany approaches Madison backstage and asks Madison if she will team with her against BP tonight. Madison sits her down and tells her that she saw what they did to her last week. She says that she tried to warn her before that she isn’t ready for them. Madison says it took her years to figure out how to deal with people like her. She says that if she wrestles them again they’ll find away to destroy her. Madison tells Brittany to promise her that she won’t have the match which she agrees to.
    The BroMans vs. Gunner & Mr. Anderson
    Bro-Mans attack the babyfaces as they climb in the ring. They double team Gunner in their corner taking control of the match early. Gunner explodes out of the corner with a clothesline on Jesse but Robbie elbows him from behind before he can get away to make a tag. Bro-Mans beat on him in the corner and then Jesse connects with a gorgeous dropkick as Gunner again attempts to fight out of the corner. They sandwich Gunner in the corner with the BOOM Knees. Robbie whips Gunner into the ropes and connects with a back elbow for a nearfall. Anderson breaks up the pin but then Robbie dives off the top with the Fist Pump Drop, but Gunner rolls out of the way. Gunner reaches for the tag but Jesse knocks Anderson off the apron and then Bro Mans double team Gunner. Robbie taunts Gunner and goes to grab him but Gunner connects with a Fall Away Slam and gets the hot tag to Anderson! Anderson clotheslines Robbie and then hits one on Jesse. Anderson hits a Spinning Neckbreaker on Robbie followed by an attempt at the Green Bay Plunge, but Jesse pulls Robbie off and kicks Anderson. Bro Mans whip Anderson into the ropes where Gunner blind tags him. Bro-Mans attempt a Double Backdrop on Anderson but he stops and kicks them both. Anderson tosses Jesse to the floor and then hits the Mic Check on Robbie! Gunner dives off the top with the Flying Headbutt for the pin!
    Winners: Anderson & Gunner via pinfall (Flying Headbutt)
    The Menagerie come out and Rebel is swinging around some kind of neon dildos or something. Bro-Mans act creeped out by The Menagerie as they surround them. Robbie and Jesse escape but The Freak catches him and Press Slams the ever loving hell out of him.
    Backstage Brittany approaches Gail and asks her to team with her tonight. Gail accepts the match and Brittany hugs her.
    Dixie and EC3 come down to the ring. Dixie says that she and MVP started a conversation last week and she wants him to come out so they can finish it tonight. MVP comes out along with his crew and asks her what she wants. Dixie tells MVP not to be condescending to her and that they can do this the easy way or the Dixie Carter way. MVP says that he thought she said everything she wanted to last week but Dixie says that “thug” interrupted her. She says they were just getting started and that Dixie says she left off at the part where MVP might just need her. MVP says he’s in charge and he and his crew have the power and people actually respect them unlike Dixie. MVP says he fights EY at Slammiversary for the World Title so they have everything pretty much in hand.
    Dixie says she could mind her own business and go back to Nashville or she could get on her Jet and go to Dallas to have a meeting with the TNA Board of Directors to show them the abuse of power that the Director of Operations has been showing. MVP says that Dixie is so sexy when she threatens him but she says that she isn’t threatening him because this is the reality. MVP says that reality is all about perspective and he and Dixie have a different vision. MVP says he has access to a lot more money than Dixie even knows about and Dixie calls it “dirty money.” MVP says it doesn’t matter if it is dirty money or money that was inherited while pointing at her because money is power and he has access to a lot of it. Are they suggesting MVP is a drug kingpin or something, what the hell? MVP says that if Dixie wants to play a game of chicken and see who blinks first then they should let the games begin.
    EY walks out to the ring along with Bully Ray carrying a pipe! Bully is carrying his chain. EY says he and Bully are into the finer things in life and nothing would be finer than seeing every person in the ring right now go through a table. MVP asks EY if he would like to bash MVP’s head in with that pipe and even though EY admits to being crazy he isn’t that crazy. MVP says EY has a lot of heart but he doesn’t have enough heart to beat him. He says at Slammiversary he will take the TNA World Title from him and after that he will fire EY so EY can go do something he’s good at like fishing. EY hits the ring but Bully pulls him back before anything happens. Bully says that there is a time and place for everything.
    MVP says that is absolutely right and looks at King holding him back. MVP asks EY if Bully is his dad and asks when he started taking orders from Bully. MVP says he’s known a lot of bad asses in his life but Bully Ray is just another New Yorker with a loud mouth. Bully starts to get in the ring but EY stops him this time and reminds him that there is a time and a place. MVP says since they have so much energy tonight MVP will book them in a match against each other tonight. MVP then appoints EC3 as the guest referee for the match tonight. Bully refuses but MVP says he will face EY tonight or he will be fired. Bully again refuses and tells him to go ahead and fire him. MVP asks if that is what he wants and then Dixie asks if he is quitting or does he want MVP to fire him.
    Dixie asks Bully if he quits then who will fight EC3 and Dixie. Dixie says EY doesn’t have the stomach to get down in the gutter to fight where this war was going to happen. Dixie says he thought Bully was a New Yorker and New Yorkers don’t quit. Bully says he will never quit until he gives every wrestling fan what they want to see, him putting Dixie through a table. Bully says unlike Dixie the fans actually want him here. Bully says he will make good on his promise to put every one of them through a table.
    A vignette focusing on Kurt Angle’s injury is shown. Angle says his knee is getting better slowly but surely. He thanks the fans for their support and he couldn’t do it without the fan support.
    The Beautiful People vs. Brittany & Gail Kim
    Brittany wants to get in the ring first which Gail agrees to. She and Angelina square up and then Angelina kicks Brittany and connects with a series of forearms. Angelina hits a shoulder block and then whips Brittany into the ropes. Angelina attempts a backdrop but Brittany kicks her and follows up with a series of forearms. Angelina attempts a clothesline but Brittany ducks and hits a dropkick. Brittany hits a Snapmare followed by a running back kick. Brittany celebrates the move and Gail tells her to focus. Angelina trips her and drags her to the BP corner. Velvet tags in and taunts Brittany while Angelina chokes her. Velvet then chokes her with her foot. Velvet chokes Brittany in the ropes and hits a Snapmare followed by a field goal kick to the back. Velvet then hits a Sliding Dropkick for a two count. Velvet hits a series of forearms on Brittany and then whips her into the ropes, but Brittany slides through her legs and then trips her and rolls forward into a jackknife pin for a nearfall. Brittany whips Velvet into the corner and hits the Handspring Back Elbow. Brittany celebrates again too much which allows Velvet to grab her by the hair and slams her to the mat. Velvet slams Brittany into the heel corner and then holds her as Angelina tags in and puts the boots to her. Angelina chokes Brittany in the ropes and then Velvet chokes her as well. Angelina hangs Brittany up in the ropes and chokes her and then dropkicks her into the ropes. Angelina covers Brittany for a nearfall and then tags Velvet back in. Velvet dives off the middle rope with an Axe Handle Drop. Velvet attempts to whip Brittany into the ropes but Brittany counters into a Russian Leg Sweep! Brittany reaches out for a tag but Velvet grabs her feet only to get kicked away. Gail gets the hot tag and connects with a Running Shoulder Block to Velvet. She knocks Angelina off the apron and then floats over a charging Velvet. Gail hits Velvet with a dropkick and then goes for a splash on Velvet in the corner, but Velvet moves out of the way and Gail catches herself on the turnbuckles. Gail springs out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body on Velvet! 1…2…NO Velvet kicks out! Gail goes to climb up top but Brittany tags herself in and tells Gail that she’s got it. Brittany attempts the Handspring Moonsault but Velvet moves out of the way and then Angelina nails Brittany with the Botox Injection! Velvet covers her for the pin.
    Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall (Botox Injection)
    Backstage EY approaches Bully and Bully reminds him that if he beats EY tonight then he could be considered #1 Contender for the title so may the best man win.
    Back from the break a pissed off Brittany says she needs to talk to Madison. Madison comes out and Brittany wants to know why Madison rejected her tonight. Madison says this whole thing is getting a little weird for her, and she tried to tell Brittany that the issues she is having with BP have been going on for years. She says that there are some issues that run really deeply that only the three of them know of them so whatever needs to be handled will be handled between the three of them. She says that she won’t held responsible for getting Brittany involved in that. Brittany says Madison won’t be responsible because she will take full responsibility for whatever happens. Brittany says she just wants to be with Madison, me too Brittany me too. Madison asks her what she just said and Brittany repeats it. She gets really close to Madison’s face and Madison shoves her away. Madison tells her this went a little bit too far and she needs to keep her distance. Brittany screams at Madison and says that she has done nothing but great things for her. She wants to know why Madison doesn’t like her and asks her what she has to do for Madison to accept her. Madison rips the microphone away from her and then Angelina and Velvet walk out.
    Angelina mockingly says Madison just broke a young girl’s heart and Velvet says that everyone calls them the mean girls but look what Madison just did. Velvet says Brittany just witnessed the real sting of the “Queen Bee” and that nobody but them know the real Madison Rayne. Velvet says THEY made Madison the way she is. Madison says God forbid that she was ever anything like them and the asshole fans start chanting “boring.” Madison tells Angelina that she needs to be worrying about her title because she has a rematch clause which she is cashing in next week. Madison tells Angelina to shine the belt up for her because next week it is coming back to its rightful owner.
    MVP and his crew approach EC3 in the back and MVP says just because they and EC3’s redneck aunt have an issue doesn’t mean they can’t get along. King says they’re going to have EC3’s back tonight.
    Kenny King walks out before the Main Event and tells Christy that her services are no longer are needed because he will be the guest ring announcer for the match.
    Main Event
    Non-Title Match
    Special Referee: Ethan Carter III
    Bully Ray vs. “Showtime” Eric Young
    King introduces Bully Ray as being from “Hell’s Toilet, New York” and weighing 742 pounds. He introduces EY as the “bearded wonder.” In a funny moment King tried to climb over the guardrail to get away from Bully and EY but the fans wouldn’t let him so he had to go find a different spot where fans weren’t standing. Lashley is announced as the special enforcer for this match and MVP is the special timekeeper. Bully and EY finally lockup and Bully surprises EY with an armdag. They lockup again and this time Bully Hip Tosses EY. They lockup a third time and Bully Scoop Slams EY. A fourth lockup leads to a series of armdrags by EY and then a dropkick. Bully rolls out to the floor where King attacks him from behind.
    Back from the break EY and Bully brawl into the corner. Bully whips EY into the opposite corner and charges at him but EY floats up and over him. EY then hits the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Bully. EY rolls out to the floor and MVP decks him. Bully gets in MVP’s face and then he and EY climb back in the ring. EY gets Bully in a waistlock but Bully reverses it and goes for a Back Suplex. EY lands on his feet and hits a Flying Forearm. EY attempts to whip Bully into the corner but Bully reverses it and EY flips up and over it landing on the apron. EY and Bully exchange right hands and then Bully slingshots EY back into the ring. EY hits a series of jabs followed by an attempt at the Bionic Elbow, but EC3 grabs his arm and says that he isn’t allowing any elbows in this match so Bully kicks him in the face! MVP’s crew hit the ring and attacks Bully and EY.
    Winner: NO CONTEST
    Lashley Spears Bully in the corner but then SAMOA JOE’S music hits! Joe hits the ring and attacks MVP’s boys! Joe hits a Mafia Kick on Lashley sending him to the floor! King attempts a dive off the top but Joe simply moves out of the way and then hits him with the Muscle Buster as a “Joe” chant starts up! Joe stares MVP down as Impact closes.