Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31 WWE Smackdown Report

Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal (Winner Earns Divas Title Shot)
Everybody fights and Rosa goes right outside, then Summer Rae gets sent out as Nattie stomps Paige and Emma applies an Emma Lock. Cameron ends up throwing her over the ropes, then Paige and Layla do some tricks (Layla is a mime/clown) before Paige kicks her and whips her outside. Nattie throws Cameron through the ropes and sends Naomi right out after her, then Paige kicks Nikki as Nattie gets thrown on the apron. Alicia kicks her outside and she immediately runs at Paige, and eliminates her with a tackle, but inadvertently eliminates herself too.
Winner – Nikki Bella
Kane (w/ The Authority) vs Dolph Ziggler
Kane stomps Dolph a few times and ties him in the ropes, then he clotheslines him and applies a headlock. Dolph punches Kane a few times and hits a neckbreaker, then he elbows Kane and gets a near fall. Kane catches him with some uppercuts and sends Dolph to the floor as we get to a break, then we get back to see Kane whipped into the ringpost. Dolph dropkicks him and connects with some mounted punches, then he connects with a Famouser for two. Noble jumps on the apron and Kane kicks Dolph in the face, then Dolph blocks a chokeslam and connects with a superkick. He tries for a corner splash but Kane catches him, and lifts him and chokeslams him for the win.
Winner – Kane
Kane chokeslams Dolph again, then Mercury and Noble stomp Dolph and they hold him up in the corner. Kane says he forgot to tell Dolph, but he has another match against Rollins, right now.
Seth Rollins (w/ The Authority) vs Dolph Ziggler
Rollins waits for Dolph to get up and laughs, and just Curb Stomps him for the win.
Winner – Seth Rollins

Heath Slater vs Ryback
Slater ducks a clothesline and swings at Ryback, then he applies a waistlock but Ryback pulls his hand off and Slater brags about his trick. (Slater is dressed as a scarecrow.) Ryback drops him with a spinebuster, then he hits a Meathook and Shell Shocked for the win.
Winner – Ryback
Adam Rose and the Rosebuds go treat or treating backstage and run into Gold & Stardust, then a Ninja Turtle and a ghost. They all scream at the ghost but R-Truth reveals himself under the costume, and Truth talks about the bunny overshadowing Rose, and he shouldn’t have so many friends because no one notices him. Rose says he’s wrong and Truth gives him a rock as a gift, then Rose asks what he’s supposed to do with it. Rose says nevermind, then he leads the Rosebuds away and tells them to carry on.
Miz kicks Miz TV off with a pitch for him to be on a Survivor Series team, then he brings up Mark Henry attacking Big Show. Henry comes out and says they all know what happened, so Miz should ditch the stupid questions. Henry says Big Show was jealous of him getting attention, and Miz says there was something else to it. He plays a clip of Show and Rusev, with Henry smiling, and Henry says Show wanted the spotlight, and he doesn’t care about America. Henry says he wanted to help his friend and support him, but Show tried bossing him around so he proved who the stronger man is. Show comes out and runs to the ring, and Henry tries to run but Show grabs him and hits him several times. Henry turns and whips Show through the barricade, then he taunts the crowd and leaves.

Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) vs Gold and Stardust
Diego hits the ropes and knocks Stardust down, getting a near fall, then he leapfrogs Stardust and goes for another pin. Stardust counters and hits a springboard dropkick, then Goldust tags in and stomps him a few times. Goldust kicks him and Stardust tags himself in, then Stardust pulls the ropes down and sends Diego outside. We get back from a break to see Stardust kick Torito off the apron, then Fernando knocks him down and Diego hits a flying elbow. Diego chops Goldust a few times and follows with a hurricanrana, then Fernando assists with a double suicide dive on the floor. Stardust runs and takes them out with a splash, then he whips Torito in the ring and Goldust throws him in the corner. Torito springboards and kicks Stardust, then he splashes him as Diego rolls Goldust up for the win.
Winners – Los Matadores
Rusev (w/ Lana) vs The Great Khali
Khali immediately drops Rusev with a big chop, then Rusev hits him a few times in the corner but Khali just chops him again. Rusev rebounds and connects with a thrust kick, then he stomps Khali and makes him tap out to the Accolade.
Winner – Rusev
Lana cuts a post match promo on continuing to destroy the American spirit, and Rusev says he’s beaten everyone so far. He says he has beaten a ‘real American’, and strongmen and giants, and he’s coming next for the ‘American’ champion. Rusev says he is taking Sheamus’ title and he will give it to Vladimir Putin as a gift. Sheamus comes out and says he’s been looking forward to this, and his challenge is accepted. Sheamus says Rusev needs to understand something, and he is a proud United States champion. He says he’s almost as proud of ‘this’ and tries to Brogue Kick him, but Rusev ducks and runs away.

Bray Wyatt comes out and says today is very special, and they all get to pretend to be someone or something they are not. He asks if they wonder why camoflauge and costume makes them all comfortable, and he asks if it’s to hide? Bray says Dean Ambrose is different because he can’t take his mask off, and the fans love for him for it, but Ambrose is just like him. Bray says Ambrose is a monster, and he can understand the same rush that Ambrose had when attacking Seth Rollins, because he can take it away too. He says he knows Ambrose and all of the bad things he does, but Bray won’t let him wash his hands of any of it, and he wanted Ambrose to know that ‘she’ still cries for him.
Halloween Trick-Or-Street Fight
Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose
Cesaro throws a towel at Ambrose and kicks him, but Ambrose sends Cesaro into the corner and stomps him a few times. Ambrose hits a bulldog and throws a pumpkin at him, but Cesaro ducks and hits him with a kendo stick. Cesaro hits him several more times before Ambrose blocks a strike, then he goes for a clothesline but Cesaro counters and slams him on the mat. Cesaro hits him a few more times with the kendo stick, then he grabs a few pumpkins and lines them in the ring. He kicks Ambrose in the face and sets up a suplex, but Ambrose blocks it and tackles Cesaro onto the floor. Cesaro hits him with another kendo stick, then Ambrose knocks him back and swings from the apron, but Cesaro catches him and throws him over the commentary table. Cesaro goes after him but Ambrose gets up and tees off on him with several kendo stick strikes, then he slams Cesaro into the pile of pumpkins in the ring. Ambrose clotheslines him onto the floor, then Cesaro slams him into a tub of apples before Ambrose beats him with a fake skeleton. Cesaro clears off a table full of candy and hits him with a chair, then Ambrose tackles him and connects with several punches before grabbing a broom and climbing up top. He jumps with the broom and hits a diving elbow through a table, then he rolls Cesaro in and clotheslines him. Ambrose puts a jack-o-lantern on Cesaro’s head, and connects with Dirty Deeds for the win.
Winner – Dean Ambrose

WWE Issues Statement on Lawsuits Filed Against Them

In their latest 10-Q quaterly report with the SEC today, WWE made the following statement in regards to recent lawsuits filed against the company;
On July 26, 2014, the Company received notice of a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, entitled Warren Ganues and Dominic Varriale, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., Vincent K. McMahon and George A. Barrios, alleging violations of federal securities laws based on certain statements relating to the negotiation of WWE's domestic television license. The complaint seeks certain unspecified damages. A nearly identical lawsuit was filed one month later entitled Curtis Swanson, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated, v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., Vincent K. McMahon and George A. Barrios. Both lawsuits are purported securities class actions subject to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 ("PSLRA"). On September 23-24, five putative plaintiffs filed motions to be appointed lead plaintiff and to consolidate the two cases pursuant to the PSLRA. The Company joined the motion for consolidation made by the putative lead plaintiffs. The Company believes the claims are without merit and intends to vigorously defend itself against them.
On October 25, 2014, the Company received notice of a purported class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, entitled William Albert Haynes III, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated, v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. alleging, among other things, that the Company concealed and denied medical research and evidence concerning traumatic brain injuries suffered by WWE's performers. The Company believes the claims are without merit and intends to vigorously defend itself against them.
In addition to the foregoing, we are involved in several other litigations and claims that we consider to be in the ordinary course of our business. By its nature, the outcome of litigation is not known but the Company does not currently expect this litigation to have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations or liquidity. We may from time to time become a party to other legal proceedings.

WWE Network Numbers, New TNA World Champion, Lucha Underground Debuts

WWE Denies Report That The Undertaker Is Working With Developmental

In a statement to The Washington Post, WWE denied reports that The Undertaker has taken a backstage role in NXT.
A spokesperson said: ““The reports are inaccurate.
The spokesperson would not comment on if Undertaker was in talks to work with NXT and they didn’t comment on Undertaker’s rumored retirement.

WWE NXT And Special Olympics To Attempt World Record

The Orlando Sentinel reports that WWE NXT and the Special Olympics will team up to break a world record and pull a 50-ton airline jet. The feat will feature ten NXT talents (seven wrestlers and three coaches) and 10 athletes from Special Olympics Florida. It will happen at the Orlando International Airport. The NXT wrestlers will work with the Special Olympic athletes on strength training.
There will be twenty teams overall to see who can pull the jet the fastest. Each team had to raise at least a thousand to compete, with all of it going to the Special Olympics. Trainer Bill DeMott said one team already raised $7,000. There will be two 10-person teams of NXT wrestlers and Special Olympics athletes, with five each from both groups. It’s unknown what the world record is or if Guinness even has a category for the plane being pulled by the same number of people the same distance. In September, 25 people pulled a 72-ton plane over 12 feet in 4.29 seconds at an airport in Portland, Oregon.
DeMott said: “When we were approached about the plane pull, we just thought: ‘What a great way to be involved’. So we’ve all been training together, and they [the Special Olympics athletes] have been really inspirational to our talent. Their energy is contagious; there’s so much positivity. At the end of the day, we’re all competitors at heart. And I think we’re going to have a great time out there.
The event happens tomorrow from 9:30 AM to 1 PM at the OIA’s JetBlue Hangar, 8265 Hangar Blvd., Orlando. There is no price for admission or parking. There will also be exhibits, vendors, food and entertainment.

10/31 WWE Smackdown Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight's Halloween edition of WWE Smackdown on Syfy.
* Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal.
* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane (non-title match).
* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins (non-title match).
* Ryback vs. Heath Slater.
* Miz TV featuring special guest Mark Henry.
* WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust and Stardust vs. Los Matadores.
* Rusev vs. The Great Khali.
* Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro (Trick or Street Fight match).

Brock Lesnar Advertised to Appear Twice in December

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is being advertised to appear at the 12/29 WWE RAW taping in Washington, DC. Lesnar is also scheduled to appear earlier that month at the 12/8 RAW taping in Greenville for the Slammy Awards.

Opinionated View- Hey everyone the world champion will actually appear before the end of the year what do you know

Launch date for WWE Network in The UK

The WWE Network will officially launch in the UK this Monday (11/3) according to a report by Mike Johnson. Those interested will be able to sign up at The service will be available on additional streaming devices beginning on 11/18.

Opinionated View- Good news UK you can now not buy the WWE Network just like us here in America.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So a former #WWE diva named Maxine who for some reason has a big following claims she came up with the character that was given to Aksana. Wait Aksana had a character?

1970s Promoter Bob Geigel Passes Away

- 1970s Central States promoter Bob Geigel passed away today at the age of ninety. Slam! Sports reports that Geigel passed away following a battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.
Geigel began as a wrestler in 1942 and competed in the ring up into the 1970s, retiring in 1976. In 1963 he began promoting in the central states area, working out of Kansas City. He renamed the territorial promotion the Heart of America Sports Attractions ran it until 1986 when he was bought out by Jim Crockett Promotions. He also served as president of the National Wrestling Alliance from 1978 to 1987.

10/29 Impact Wrestling Viewership

 Impact averaged 911,000 viewers for Spike TV, down from the 1.065 million viewers who tuned in last week. Everyone should remember the show went head to head with game seven of the MLB world series.

WWE Network Numbers, New TNA World Champion, Lucha Underground Debuts

Update On WWE’s Plans For Brock Lesnar, John Cena And Roman Reigns

While there have been rumors that John Cena will fight Brock Lesnar at TLC in December, the plan in WWE is still for the title fight to happen at the Royal Rumble in January. Cena won the right to fight Lesnar at Hell in a Cell, so this means that there won’t be another title fight this year.
WWE has been advertising Roman Reigns for December live events but it currently seems like Reigns may not be back until after the Royal Rumble.
WWE’s plan is reportedly still for Lesnar to retain against Cena at the Rumble then fight Reigns at Wrestlemania 31.
Opinionated View- So we have seen the last of the world champion for the year. What utter bullshit And as I have been saying why put the belt on Brock at SummerSlam if he wasn't going to appear for months. As for Reigns I just don't think he's ready and missing time and it going prevent him from getting better. 

Interesting Stat From The Rollins vs. Ambrose Main Event at Hell in a Cell

According to The Wrestling Observer (via WrestleZone), the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins main event at Hell in a Cell has an interesting stat attached to it. The main event was the first match since November 23rd, 1994 (Survivor Series) that two WWE Superstars under the age of 30 headlined a singles match on PPV. That match featured The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna.

Global Force Wrestling To Make Announcements Next Month?

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling may finally be making announcements over the next three to four weeks. This will include the first talents signed to GFW and the market that will hold their first events.
One announcement will be the New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV on January 4, 2015. GFW is also working on deals for other PPV events to be distributed in the US. Toby Keith’s involvement with the promotion may also be a part of the announcements.
There has been no news on a GFW TV deal. When asked about it, Jarrett said: “When I am ready to talk, you will know.
Opinionated View- As I have said I think it's a mistake to do the New Japan PPV when Global so far has just been some idea on paper. Actually announcing talent and where you are holding events would be much needed first couple of steps. 

WWE Considering Randy Savage Hall of Fame Induction Again

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE’s new DVD on Randy Savage may be the first step toward the Hall of Fame induction that is a long time coming. As you may recall, Savage was on the outs with WWE for years all the way up to his death and following his passing, it took WWE a long time to warm to the idea of inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Once they did, Lanny Poffo balked and claimed that Savage wanted the entire Poffo family to go in as a group in reparation for McMahon refusing to book Angelo Poffo in an old-timer battle royal during Savage’s run with the company, which Savage saw as a slight.
However, the new DVD/Blu-Ray set notable has a full-length documentary on Savage, something the original Savage set in 2009 lacked. The set has interviews with both Lanny and Judy Poffo, which is seen as a sign that relations between the two have thawed. The belief is that this DVD is a prelude to Savage going into the Hall of Fame, possibly as soon as next year.
In an interesting note, the new set vaguely addresses the long-standing rumor that Savage’s ostracization from the company had to due with an affair with Stephanie McMahon when she was underage. The site reports that there is a segment about how the company has ignored Savage since 2001 (which in reality they’ve ignored him since just after he left in 1994, but acknowledging it at all is surprising). Lanny Poffo notes that Savage was angry about HHH’s interview where he called Savage a dinosaur and then brings up the video where Savage said, “Triple H, I’ll bitch slap you and then take your girl.”
Lanny noted in response to that, “All that does is throw gasoline on the fire.”
Opinionated View- All I can is it's about time. Saveage not being in the WWE Hall of Fame is like not having Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ironically Rose is the WWE Hall of Fame. 

More Details on WWE Network Numbers

The WWE released their Q3 financials today, and announced the number of WWE Network subscribers. The company confirmed that they have 731,000 subscribers for the network. The company added 31,000 subscribers in the quarter, representing a 4% increase from June 30. They noted that they had an “average of 723,000 subscribers” for the quarter. During the quarter, WWE gained 286,000 subscribers. This would have put the company well over 900,000 total subscribers; unfortunately they lost 255,000 subscribers during the same quarter. Retaining the subscribers continues to be an issue for the company.
The Network was expanded into 170 countries, and considering that they had 700,000 subscribers at the end of Q2, this has to come off as a disappointment. The company continues to gain some subscribers, but is also continuing to fail in maintaining the ones that they had.
All indications from WWE and from financial experts are that WWE needs to average 1.1 million subscribers in 2015 to maintain an equal cash flow. If they were to average 1.4 million for the year, they would be able to attain the profitability of the pre-WWE Network days.
Opinionated Views- Wow the WWE Networks makes the XFL and WBF seems like a good ideas. 

Is Eve Torres Returning the WWE?

 On October 24th, WWE filed a new trademark for “Eve Torres”. This has led to speculation that Torres is returning to the company is some form. The trademark is identified as follows…
Entertainment services, namely wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestlers and entertainers rendered live and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service; Providing information in the fields of sports and entertainment via an online community portal; Providing a website in the field of sports entertainment; Fan club services; Organizing and staging social entertainment events with fan club members; Providing online newsletters in the fields of sports entertainment; Online journals, namely blogs, in the fields of sports entertainment

Opinionated View- You know at this point what difference does it make. The Divas division isn't going to be good. Hell I'd rather see Eve than the Bellas or Namoi or the other former Funk Slut. Eve isn't a good wrestler but she's better than some of the other model divas.

Update on Jeff Jarrett’s Meeting With ROH

According to The Wrestling Observer (via via WrestleZone), here is the latest on Jeff Jarrett’s meeting with ROH CEO Joe Koff. The meeting was primarily for the two sides to personally meet and discuss the upcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling Tokyo Dome show in January.
At this time, the plan is for Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling brand to partner with New Japan to bring the show to traditional PPV in the US. ROH talent contracts do not allow their talents to work on competing PPVs, and while ROH stars have worked NJPW, the PPV would technically be a competing PPV. This had to be ironed out by the two sides. Also, there is talk that Jarrett is looking to get ROH to advertise the dome show on their TV during the final weeks heading into the event.

WWE Network Subscribers Update

WWE revealed today that the WWE Network currently garners 731,000 active subscribers, adding an additional 33,000 subscribers from the last reported figure back in July. This figure is as of 9/30 and doesn't count any new subscriptions in October.

Opinionated View- Only adding 33,000 can't be good. Remember the network has since launched in other countries.

Buy Rates for Summer 2014 WWE PPV

WWE released buyrates for Battleground, Summerslam and Night of Champions today.
* WWE Battleground (7/20/14, headlined by John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton for the WWE World Title)- 99,000 buys (down from 199,000 buys for the Money in the Bank PPV in July 2013)
* WWE Summerslam (8/17/14, headlined by John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title) - 147,000 buys (down from 296,000 buys in 2013)
* WWE Night of Champions (9/21/14, headlined by Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Title) - 48,000 buys, down from 175,000 buys in 2013)
Opinionated View- Part of the drop is due to the Network. However down is down. Hell wasn't the big justification for having Brock win the title was it would motivate more causal fans to buy the PPV's? 

WWE Release Third Quarter Results

WWE issued the following press release earlier today:
WWE® Reports 2014 Third Quarter Results
Exceeds Earnings Expectations and Raises 2014 Outlook
STAMFORD, Conn., October 30, 2014 - WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2014. For the quarter, the Company reported a Net loss of $5.9 million, or $0.08 per share, compared to Net income of $2.4 million, or $0.03 per share, in the third quarter last year. Excluding items affecting comparability, Adjusted OIBDA was $5.1 million and Adjusted Net loss was $0.6 million, or $0.01 per share in the current year quarter, compared to Adjusted OIBDA of $16.7 million and adjusted Net income of $7.0 million, or $0.09 per share, in the prior year quarter.
"During the quarter, we delivered stronger financial performance than anticipated and surpassed our guidance while making significant progress on the execution of our WWE Network strategy," stated Vince McMahon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "To capitalize on the substantial opportunity created by WWE Network, it's time to remove
all the barriers to those that want WWE. We are excited to introduce a new simplified price plan at $9.99 per month and like Netflix with no commitment/cancel anytime. This reflects our belief in the broad appeal of WWE Network content. Additionally, we continue to develop the international platform for WWE Network and plan to make the network available in the U.K. on an OTT basis in November. WWE Network continues to be the single greatest opportunity to transform WWE's business model and we remain optimistic about our potential to drive long-term growth."
"As we expanded WWE Network to 731,000 subscribers, our Adjusted OIBDA of $5.1 million surpassed our guidance, which indicated an Adjusted OIBDA loss ranging from $10 million to $15 million with an average of 723,000 subscribers. Given our performance in the quarter, we have improved our 2014 Adjusted OIBDA outlook ranges by approximately $15 million to $20 million," added George Barrios, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer. "Key metrics
continued to show strength. Raw and SmackDown TV ratings increased 2% and 3%, respectively. WWE's social media presence has increased 71% to over 420 million followers. In addition, revenue from the Company's seven new key television agreements is expected to increase from approximately $130 million in 2014 to approximately $235 million in 2018, providing over $100 million of revenue growth subject to counterparty risks."

WWE Network Finally Drops Six Month Commitment

WWE issued the following press release earlier today:
STAMFORD, Conn. — Much like other subscription businesses including Netflix and Hulu Plus, WWE will be offering:
November For Free: New subscribers will receive WWE Network free of charge for the entire month of November – including Survivor Series on Sunday, November 23.
New Simplified Price Plan:WWE Network will be available for $9.99 per month with no commitment and the ability to cancel at any time.
New subscribers can begin signing up tomorrow, Oct. 31, at 11:00 a.m. ET.
"We are excited to offer new WWE Network subscribers the month of November free to experience all of our live programming, explore thousands of hours of video-on-demand content, and watch Survivor Series, one of our most popular events," said Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. "Our research combined with best practices in digital subscription businesses affirms our belief that a simple, single price plan will help us continue to grow WWE Network's subscriber base."
WWE Network is a one-of-a-kind experience for fans that has been met with critical acclaim.
Grantland's Bill Simmons said WWE Network is "something truly significant" and "I feel like I'm stealing money from Vince McMahon, actually. Wait, I'm stealing money from Vince McMahon."
Yahoo! Sports said, "All signs point to WWE having a championship product on their hands."
USA Today said, "It's a no-brainer for even casual viewers from a consumer standpoint."
WWE Network features 24/7 scheduled programming, all 12 pay-per-view events LIVE and the most comprehensive video-on-demand library with more than 2,600 hours of content, including every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view, all for $9.99 per month with no commitment and the ability to cancel any time. WWE Network programming includes groundbreaking original programming, reality shows, documentaries, classic matches, exclusive coverage of special events and more. The U.S. English language version of WWE Network is available on an over-the-top basis in more than 170 countries and territories.
Like other digital subscription services, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, fans are able to subscribe online by going to and clicking on the WWE Network button on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
Opinionated View- Still not going to get it. Yeah getting rid of the six month lock in is a positive step but the network still puts on way to much stupid oriental content for me to buy. 

10/29 Lucha Underground Report: First Episode

Lucha Underground opened with a scene right out of a noir-infused super hero movie where one man was being attacked by several in a darkened setting, complete with slow motion shots of blood flying out of someone’s mouth when they are struck with a punch. Then, like a hero, a masked man (I believe it’s Prince Puma based on the look) hits the scene and dispatches the villains, leaving them laying with a flurry of Lucha moves and strikes. He offers his hand to the formerly outnumbered combatant and asks him if he knows the history of Lucha Libre.
Cue to, I kid you not, a FLASHBACK scene of ancient Aztec warriors battling it out as he discusses the legacy that Lucha Libre has featured over the last 100 years, showcasing photos of former Lucha stars. They then cut to a scene from AAA’s Triplemania show last month where promoter Dario Cueto announces he is inviting all Luchadores to come fight for him in his temple in the United States and dumps a ton of money in the ring. The crowd boos him but he says the deal is done. They then go into a ton of graphics for the opening. Well, this is certainly different!
We then go to some aerial establishing shots of the area around the Lucha Underground Temple in California, which I can pretty much guarantee no wrestling series has ever done.
We go inside the Temple to announcers Matt Striker and Vampiro. Striker welcomes everyone and thanks them for being part of the “Change” that is about to take place. Vampiro says it’s going to be something different.
The ring announcer introduced Dario Cueto. Vampiro says he’s not well liked because he’s not Mexican, he’s from Spain. Cueto said he is the owner and promoter of Lucha Underground and he has invited the Luchadores to fight in his temple. He said this is not a promotion where children can cheer for their heroes but a Temple that honors the Lucha traditions of honor, respect and his favorite, violence. Lots of camera angles out of the norm for pro wrestling with lots of close-ups, even of the crowd, that looks more like a reality TV show than a traditional pro wrestling production.
Cueto said that the Luchadore who impresses him the most will get a $100,000 signing bonus. He said whoever impresses him the most in the ring, they will get the money tonight. He said it was their chance to get rich or die trying. He said the first match will feature men who have Lucha in their blood. Cueto, a legitimate actor, was well spoken.
Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero
The announcers gave backgrounds on the history of Demon and Guerrero’s families in the Lucha realm. While discussing Demon and El Santo’s movies in Mexico, Vamp referred to them as similar to the “Guardians of the Galaxy” of today, which is a great analogy. They haven’t even locked up and already they are using history as exposition. I like it.
They lock up and do some back and forth reversals on the mat. Lots of overhead shots looking down in the ring, which I don’t recall anyone using since the old Jim Crockett Promotions broadcasts in the last 1980s. They have a circular logo on the mat which adds to the shot.
They go back and forth until Demon uses a flying headscissors to send Guerrero to the floor. He nailed a sliding kick to the outside and they battle on the floor in an area with lots of space and devoid of fans. Demon worked over Guerrero in the corner. Guerrero charged out of a corner but was nailed with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.
Demon sent Guerrero into the corner but he went up and over and turned it into a tornado DDT for a two count. Chavo sent Demon over the top and nailed a pescado to the floor. They mentioned on the commentary that it was a dirty temple and both came up with dirt and grit on their bodies. Demon went for a move off the top but missed and Guerrero covered him for a two count.
Guerrero worked him over and placed him in the corner. He went for a choke but was powerbombed into the ring. Demon locked on a Texas Cloverleaf variation and Guerrero submitted.
Your winner, Blue Demon Jr!
OK match. Nothing that we haven’t seen before but a solid match. The commentary did a great job of setting the stage for the bout, explaining the moves and why they hurt the competitor who take them and pushing the drama of which of them could end up with $100,00 and... that was it. They were focused on the action, which was a nice change of pace.
We go to a vignette where Dario Cueto is sitting in an office with Konnan. Cueto said he thanked Konnan for coming as he wants Konnan to work for him. Konnan said he doesn’t know about working for Cueto but wants some of that money Cueto is throwing around. He said that Cueto wants the best wrestlers and he has one that’s right from this “barrio.” Cueto said that he doesn’t know about the best because he’s signed one who has been all over the world under many names, but in his Temple, he’ll be known as Johnny Mundo. He said that he signed him to make an example of him. He said that Mundo doesn’t respect his Temple and is here for the money and his fame. He said that if Konnan’s man is as good as Konnan says, “have him make an example of Johnny and perhaps, the money will go to him…and to you.” The entire thing was shot like a movie scene with multiple camera shots and it worked, since everything else is shot that way.
When we returned from commercial, more establishing shots. We saw Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) preparing for his match on high beams. The announcers said that he would be facing Prince Puma and Vampiro said he was really interested because Konnan doesn’t invest in anyone unless it’s going to serve him down the line.
They went to a vignette on Prince Puma. Konnan was doing the voiceover and is basically Mickie from “Rocky”, the grizzled veteran who’s now managing the young stud. He told a story about how the Aztec Luchadores would take the heads of their fallen combatants, which evolved into Luchadores today taking the masks of their beaten opponent. They showed Puma doing all sort of crazy moves in slow-motion. Konnan said that he’s descended from his ancient Aztec tribe and represents him and Konnan will show him glory. With that vignette, we now know more about these characters than half of the WWE and TNA undercard.
Son of Havoc vs. Sexy Star
Havoc is Matt Cross in a black mask doing a new character. Star is the AAA star. She entered through the crowd wearing her butterfly-like cape. They aired a vignette on Star who said she grew up with a life of abuse, was scared for her life and even considered suicide. She said the mask saved her life and Lucha called to her. She said she fights for every woman who is no longer afraid and every girl who needs a hero. She said that every woman is sexy and she fights for them to show them they can all be a star. She said will never be afraid again.
Back at the ring, Havoc (with a deepened voice thanks to post-production) said he wasn’t going to fight a woman and told her to leave so she can live to fight another day. Star teased leaving, but then attacked him and began beating him. He shoved her down but she kept getting back up and fighting him to show her as unafraid and a fighter. She was nailed down but Havoc missed a moonsault. Star nailed a rana but was overpowered.
Striker mentioned Charlie Brown and Red River Jack in regard to Havoc’s appearance. OK, he’s my new favorite announcer. Star came back with a nice missile dropkick but was caught and nailed with an over the knee backbreaker as she went for a move. Havoc hooked the tights and scored the pin.
Your winner, Son of Havoc!
Good action for this short bout. They did a nice job getting over Star’s character. The voice on the mic was a little too Black Scorpion-esque silly for me, but it helped establish Havoc’s character.
When we returned from commercial, Chavo Guerrero was sitting in a room despondent from his loss. Dario Cueto walked in and asked him what happened. He said he thought Guerrero would have the first victory in his Temple and would retire Demon Jr. He said that instead, Guerrero tapped out. He asked what his Grandfather and Uncles would think. He said that since Chavo couldn’t get the job done, next week, he would have to bring in someone who will…and once he arrives, there will be nothing even Dario can do to stop him. He said 1000 Deaths might be coming for us all. A disgusted Chavo looked off into the distance. Nice tease for next week.
Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma
Puma is known elsewhere as Ricochet and has been all over the world, including Dragon Gate, EVOLVE and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Puma came out through the crowd and got a big reaction, billed as being from Boyle Heights, where the series is shot. They billed this as Mundo’s first match in three years. On TV, that would certainly be true.
They each attempted to go for kicks early but they were blocked. Mundo tried to shoulderblock Puma down but Puma was back on his feet immediately to show off his speed and versatility. Mundo gained control and used a top wristlock. Puma flipped to escape but was trapped in an armbar and nailed with a spinebuster. They went into a nice series of reversals showing some of their aerial maneuvers and speed.
They went back and forth with a fun and fast exchange that saw Mundo go to the floor. Vampiro stood up and applauded. Puma went for a dive but faked out Mundo, bouncing off the ropes. Mundo returned to the ring, where he nailed a backbreaker variation and a Hot Shot. He came off the ropes with a spinning kick, sending Puma to the floor.
Mundo followed Puma to the floor and tossed him back into the ring. Mundo jawed with the fans, allowing Puma to nail a springboard dropkick off the turnbuckles to the outside. Mundo was tossed back in the ring and nailed with a multiple springboard into a back senton. Puma used his legs to pull Mundo into a full nelson like maneuver. Morrison used an ankle lock but Puma used an enziguiri.
Mundo was knocked to the floor, where Puma kicked him away from the apron. Mundo landed on the steps that lead to the ring from the bleachers. Puma went to the floor and they brawled over to the announcers’ table, battling back and forth. Mundo used his Parkour background to come off the table with a strike and sent Puma into the ringpost.
Mundo scored a two count and Mundo cinched in a side chinlock. Puma fought his way back to his feet and they exchanged knee strikes. Puma got the better of the exchange and used a spinning heel kick to take down Mundo. Puma nailed a series of forearms and several kicks in the corner. He nailed a springboard into a flying bodypress for a two count.
Puma went for a standing moonsault but Mundo rolled out of the way. Puma instead nailed a standing shooting star press for a two count. They battled back and forth until Mundo worked him over in the corner with punch after punch in the corner. Mundo sent him into the ropes and scored a kick and a clothesline. He scored several near falls. Mundo signaled for his finisher, which they referred to as “The End of the World” but Puma surprised him with a rollup.
Mundo nailed a springboard kick to the head. Mundo scored a two count. Puma made a comeback and hit a sunset flip into the ring but was drilled. Puma came back with a springboard double knee to the face. Puma went for a springboard 450 splash but there was nobody in the pool. Mundo nailed Moonlight Drive (spinning neckbreaker) but Puma kicked up at the last second.
Mundo went for a pilediver but Puma escaped. Morrison nailed a standing Spanish Fly and nailed The End of the World (Spiral Tap), scoring the pin.
Your winner, Johnny Mundo!
Real good match if you are an action junkie and want to see fast-paced athletics and highspots.
Mundo showed respect to Puma and raised his arm. The announcers wondered what all of this meant for the $100,000 offered by Dario Cuerto. Cueto walked to the ring looking angry. Cueto congratulated Johnny and said that he’s earned “this” and showed off the money. Mundo went to take it but it the case was slammed shut on him. Vampiro said it’s not the first time he’s seen a promoter screw the boys out of a payday. You KNOW that was a shoot.
Ricky Reyes and ‘Lil Cholo hit the ring and attacked Mundo. Puma pulled himself to his feet but the former Ezekiel Jackson appeared outside the ring and grabbed him. He sent Puma to the others, who laid him out with a double team maneuever. The former Jackson wiped out Mundo with a big chokeslam.
Cueto said that if people thought only Luchadores would fight in his Temple, they were wrong. He said he’s been scouting the world and “These guys, they work for me.” They all celebrated as Cueto said, “Welcome to Lucha Underground.” Striker said that the line has been drawn.
They show had credits running over the last minute.

More on WWE Possibly Moving Elimination Chamber to June

 As previously reported, WWE is reportedly looking at removing the Elimination Chamber PPV from its lineup or possibly moving the event in June to possibly replace Payback. As a result, Payback could be moved to May or a different month.
The reason why WWE is looking to possibly shift Elimination Chamber is because with Brock Lesnar as the current world champion, it is unlikely he defends the title between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31 next year. That means in February, the Elimination Chamber match would not be for the world title or a different prize would have to be on the line. According to a Wrestlezone report, WWE believes this would devalue the Elimination Chamber match.

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE NXT

 Tag Team Contender’s Battle Royal
* Emma vs. Carmella
* Justin Gabriel vs. Bull Dempsey
* Baron Corbin in Action
* Marcus Louis vs. Sylvester Lefort
* Sami Zayn vs. Titus O’Neil

10/29 TNA Impact Wrestling Report: New World Champion

Results courtesy of
IMPACT Results: Does Lashley Retain? Tag Team Tournament Continues, More KO Action!
Impact Coverage by Bobby James
October 29, 2014
Match #1: 
Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final 
MVP and Kenny King vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe
IMPACT Wrestling opens with MVP and Kenny King in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Low Ki and Samoa Joe enter.
Kenny King and Low Ki start it off. King locks in a tight side headlock before driving Low Ki into the corner. He catches Low Ki with a stiff arm to the face before mocking him in the center of the ring. Low Ki battles out of the corner and Samoa Joe and MVP find themselves in the match.
Joe leads with a series of submission holds that MVP counters into a rolling armbar. Joe reaches the ropes. MVP breaks the hold and Joe unleashes a series of kicks and a leg bar. MVP grabs the bottom rope and Samoa Joe tags his partner.
Low Ki mounts a small amount of offense before Kenny King is brought back into the fold. King is dominant upon reentry, driving Low Ki to the mat and locking in another headlock. Low Ki battles back with a giant uppercut and tag to Samoa Joe.
Joe connects with a series of punches and a reverse elbow. He whips Kenny King against the ropes, but MVP pulls his partner from the ring. Joe rushes toward them but they grab his ankles. With Joe struggling to break free, Low Ki flies out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive over the top rope!
Low Ki makes a pin attempt with Kenny King back in the ring. King’s out at two and Low Ki connects with a kick to the head. MVP catches Low Ki with a cheap shot and then he takes the tag and the advantage.
MVP drops a big elbow to the back of Low Ki’s head. He follows up with a snapmare and a dropkick. Kenny King tags himself in.
Kenny King quickly makes a cover, but Joe interrupts the count. Kenny King. As Low Ki tries battling out of a submission, King powers him back down to the mat. MVP comes back into the match. Low Ki takes the moment to connect with a flying back elbow. Just before Low Ki tags Samoa Joe, MVP grabs his ankle and drags him to his corner, to tag Kenny King.
King and MVP alternate tags and double team Low Ki in between. Low Ki catches both with kicks from the corner. Finally, Low Ki makes the tag! Samoa Joe storms the ring and attempts a pin on Kenny King. MVP interrupts the count and Joe locks in a rear naked choke!
MVP breaks the hold and Kenny King catches Joe with a solid kick to the face! Low Ki interrupts King’s pin attempt, and then he goes to battle MVP on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a second rear naked choke to earn the tap-out victory!
Winners: Low Ki and Samoa Joe
Backstage: Devon addresses Bram.
Bram smirks on his way to the ring.
Bram says he’s rewriting history by systematically destroying the brotherhood of hardcore. He tells Devon and Abyss that their time is up. He calls out his brother, Magnus.
Magnus says he and Bram may not be brothers by blood, but they’re brothers by brothers by blood they’ve spilt.
Bram declares that he and Magnus are going to rule IMPACT, and that they will cause the extinction of the “dinosaurs of hardcore!”
Devon interrupts Bram and Magnus to introduce his new partner, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and Devon battle their adversaries around the ring, but soon after, Bram and Magnus take control. They double team Tommy Dreamer, then retreat when Devon reenters the ring with two steel chairs.
Backstage: Madison Rayne apologizes for her dirty tactics with Taryn Terrell a few weeks back. Taryn says they should focus on their common problem: The Beautiful People.
Match #2 
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell
Angelina Love and Madison Rayne lead off. Madison makes back-to-back pin attempts at the start. She locks in an armbar, then tags in Taryn Terrell. Taryn catches Angelina with a swinging neck breaker.
She drops Angelina Love and Velvet Sky a drop toe hold. Then, Taryn takes out The Beautiful People with a double dropkick, and then a double baseball slide.
Madison Rayne turns her back on Taryn as The Beautiful People attempt a double team. Taryn connects with a double clothesline. Then, she reaches for another tag. Madison hops off the apron, to drag Angelina back to her corner.
Velvet tags Angelina. Taryn connects with a flying cross body on The Beautiful People, but again, Madison Rayne dodges Taryn’s tag. Madison illegally attacks Velvet and Angelina. Then, out of nowhere, Madison kicks Taryn in the head! She connects with a Rayne Drop, then leaves Taryn motionless in the ring.
The Beautiful People make the cover and get the win.
Winners: The Beautiful People
Match #3 
Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final 
EC3 and Tyrus vs. The Hardys
EC3 attacks Matt Hardy immediately by connecting with a group of kicks and punches. Matt comes back fighting with a series of punches of his own. Matt tags Jeff. Jeff comes off the top rope with a splash and an early pin attempt against the undefeated EC3.
Jeff Hardy drags EC3 around the ring in a headlock before tagging in his brother Matt. Matt and Jeff double team EC3 and then Matt connects with a Side Effect. He covers him for two.
EC3 kicks out and makes the tag to Tyrus. Tyrus squashes Matt Hardy and EC3 takes a cheap shot. EC3 tags back into the match. He repeatedly drives Matt’s face into the mat. EC3 tags out to Tyrus.
Tyrus slams Matt Hardy, then he tags in EC3 who runs in with a snapping neckbreaker and a follow-up headlock. EC3 taunts Jeff Hardy while Matt struggles. Matt dodges EC3, causing him to eat a mouthful of turnbuckle. Matt finally tags Jeff!
Jeff Hardy is in with a flurry of offense and Whisper in the Wind! The Hardys double team EC3 and then Jeff connects with a Twist of Fate! As EC3 falls backwards, Tyrus makes the tag. Tyrus connects with a double clothesline.
The Hardys dodge a top rope splash from Tyrus, then they each connect with a Twist of Fate. Jeff flies with a Swanton Bomb and The Hardys take the win! The Hardys will meet Samoa Joe and Low Ki in the finals!
Winners: The Hardys
Outside the ring, EC3 screams at Tyrus.
Backstage: James Storm, with Sanada and Manik, says his revolution will expand, just a little more.
The Revolution (James Storm, Sanada and Manik) are in the ring.
James Storm says “the storm is very close.” He says Sanada was weak and lost with The Great Muta. He says Manik was a faceless creature without a voice. He says they’ve seen the light – that they’re disciplined.
Storm calls out Davey Richards.
Richards enters the ring. Storm asks him if he’s considered his offer. Storm says his partner, Eddie Edwards, is holding him back. Storm claims to know what that’s like, that’s why he’s offered him to be part of The Revolution.
Eddie Edwards interrupts.
Edwards says Storm is out of his mind and that there’s no way Davey would give up everything for him. Tension mounts between The Wolves and Storm interrupts, saying, “This is Davey’s awakening!”
Eddie challenges Storm to a match and slaps him in the face!
Match #4 
Eddie Edwards vs. James Storm
Eddie Edwards battles Storm furiously! As Davey Richards looks on, Manik moves in. Eddie leaves the ring to step between them. When he returns the ring, Storm powerfully shifts the momentum.
Storm nails some hard offense, then he drags Eddie Edwards to the edge of the ring and chokes with the ring apron. Storm continues his onslaught, until Eddie is able to counter with a kick to the face. Eddie furiously unloads a series of knife edge chops.
Eddie plants Storm with a chin buster from the top rope. Storm kicks out just before three! Storm begins clobbering Eddie Edwards and Sanada distracts the referee. Eddie shoves Storm into Sanada and rolls through for a two count.
Outside the ring, Manik whispers into Davey’s ear. Eddie catches Manik with a baseball slide that sends him crashing against the guardrail. Davey Richards climbs onto the apron and begins arguing with Eddie. As Eddie turns around, James Storm catches him with The Last Call and a three count.
Winner: James Storm
Main Event: 
TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Special Referee: Kurt Angle 
Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c)
Lashley and Roode lock up. Lashley forces Roode into the corner, Angle makes the break. Roode catches Lashley with a chop and they two have a stare down. Lashley grabs Roode and powers him to the mat, then drives him hard into the corner!
Roode fights back with a series of rights and back-to-back clotheslines. Lashley powers back and pounds Roode’s face with some serious shots! Roode counters a clothesline attempt with a crossface, but Lashley reaches the bottom rope with ease.
The action spills out onto the floor and Roode drives Lashley’s face into the guardrail. Lashley comes back with a powerful sidewalk slam on the outside. He rolls Roode back into the ring and locks in a torture rack that he turns into a body drop. Lashley scores with a spinebuster – and he’s in total control.
Roode somehow manages to get his boot up into Lashley’s face. Roode follows up with a neckbreaker and a spinebuster of his own. Roode hesitates in pain for a moment, but gets a two-count.
Lashley powers out. He drives Roode to the mat with a huge spinebuster! Roode kicks out just before three! Lashley inadvertently hits Angle with a massive clothesline, then takes Roode down again! By the time Angle comes around, Roode is able to kick out, again, just before three!
Roode dodges a spear. Roode dodges another spear – but Lashley connects with Angle! Lashley rolls to the outside. Roode leaps from the apron in pursuit. Lashley dodges Roode. Roode dodges another spear from Lashley – this one connects with an IMPACT crew member!
Roode drops Lashley with a Roode Bomb on the entrance ramp. He rolls Lashley into the ring and makes the cover. Referee Brian Hebner flies into the ring and makes the count! Lashley powers out at two!
Lashley catches Roode with a low-blow, then he retrieves his title. Hebner argues with Lahsley and Lashley powers through him with a clothesline! Roode picks up the title and catches Roode with it. He makes the cover, but Angle is slow to count and Roode kicks out at two!
Roode battles back and attempts a Roode Bomb. Lashley grabs the ropes, drops to the apron and hangs Roode on the top rope. Lashley climbs the turnbuckle. Roode grabs Lashley from the top rope – he’s in position for a Roode Bomb, but Lashley counters into a pin attempt. Roode sits down on Lashley’s chest and Angle’s hand makes the three count just before Lashley powers out!
Winner: Bobby Roode (New World Champion)