Friday, January 31, 2014

1/31 WWE Smackdown Report

We start off this week’s show with a look back at Raw and Daniel Bryan’s confrontation with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and his ability to earn the WWE World Championship because he earned a spot into the title match with John Cena and Sheamus. What other two men will enter this match? We will find out tonight.
We are in Toledo, Ohio and your announcers are Michael ‘Halfwayish between Cleveland and Detroit’ Cole and John ‘What is a Mud Hen’ Layfield.
The Shield make their way to the ring and they are not taking any time going down the aisle.
Roman says something to Seth after they showed the video of Roman’s reign of terror at the Royal Rumble.
Dean says that the Elimination Chamber is a match custom made for the Shield so make no mistake about it, the stakes on Monday night could not have been any higher. The Universe, the Authority, and Randy Orton knows that if the Shield was unleashed in the chamber, one of them would be walking out as the WWE World Champion.
Dean asks Roman if he thinks it would be him. Roman says that he does not think so, he knows so.
Dean asks if Roman thinks that because he set a record for eliminations that he would be the champion. Dean does not think so. He says that he is not going to apologize to Roman for almost eliminating him on Sunday night.
Roman says that he is not going to apologize for eliminating him on Sunday because it was every man for himself. He tells Dean to stop complaining.
Dean says that he won’t sneak up from behind the next time, he will do it to his face.
Seth gets between Dean and Roman and he reminds them of who they are and that they are the most dominant unit. They have intruders. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Bray Wyatt. They are the reason why they are not in the Elimination Chamber Match. He does not know why they did what they did on Monday and he does not care.
They need to be dealt with. Seth says that no one has the guts to challenge Dean Ambrose for the United States Title because he is so dominant as champion. Seth reminds Roman that he has been spearing people since day one. He pried John Cena’s hands apart before the Wyatts got involved.
Dean says that if the Wyatts want a new world, they will give it to them. If they cannot fight for the title, they will wipe the Wyatts of the face of the Earth. He tells them to consider that a challenge.
Vickie Guerrero comes out and she says that is a great idea because it is a match that no one thought would happen.
Vickie says that she is going to make history. She is . . .
going to be interrupted by Triple H, who makes his way to the stage and then he walks to the ring.
Hunter says that he understands where they are coming from. The Wyatts cost them a chance in the Elimination Chamber match. They cost them a chance for the WWE World Championship. He tells them to let it go. There is no profit and no benefit for continuing this.
It was wrong place at the wrong time. All that there is in this is loss. There are only more problems. He tells them to let it go.
Seth tells Hunter to look at it from their perspective.
Hunter says that with all due respect it is not a request. He is telling them to let it go.
Roman gets in Hunter’s face and he tells Hunter that he does not understand. He is not asking Hunter for his approval.
Hunter looks around and he says that there is no talking them out of this. If they are going to have the match, he might as well profit from it. Hunter wants to know if the people want to see The Wyatts and The Shield go at it.
At the Elimination Chamber, it will be the three members of the Shield against the three members of the Wyatt Family. Hunter says that he hopes they know what they are doing.
Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler versus Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter) in anElimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Cesaro with a drop kick and near fall as the bell rings. Cesaro argues with the referee and that allows Ziggler to recover and get a near fall with a rollup. Cesaro with a sunset flip for a near fall and then Ziggler and Cesaro alternate near falls with rollups. Ziggler with a Fameasser for a near fall and Cesaro goes to the floor.
Ziggler chases after Cesaro and Cesaro tries to kick Ziggler but Dolph blocks it. Cesaro catches Ziggler on a leap frog attempt and he turns it into a titl-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles and Cesaro hits a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Cesaro has a punch blocked and Ziggler punches Cesaro.
Cesaro clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.
Cesaro goes to the floor and he picks up Ziggler and he hot shots Ziggler on the ringside barrier. The referee starts his count and Cesaro waits for Ziggler to make his way back into the ring. Cesaro gets a near fall. Ziggler with punches but Cesaro with a sleeper. Ziggler goes down to a knee and then to the mat.
Ziggler with punches and then he misses a Stinger Splash in the corner and Ziggler rolls to the apron. Cesaro picks up Ziggler and from the second rope hits a Gorilla suplex for a near fall. Cesaro with a rear chin lock on Ziggler and Ziggler gets back to his feet but Cesaro pulls Ziggler to the mat.
Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Ziggler gets back to his feet and Ziggler with a jaw breaker. Cesaro misses a clothesline and Ziggler with a drop kick and Dolph gets a near fall. Cesaro with forearms but Ziggler with a sleeper but Cesaro counters into a dead lift side salto.
Ziggler counters the elevated European uppercut into a DDT and Ziggler gets a near fall. Both men struggle to get back to their feet. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Cesaro is able to hold the ropes and then Cesaro with the Giant Swing. Cesaro picks up Ziggler for the Gotch Style Neutralizer and gets the three count.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro
Fandango and Summer Rae walk in the back as we go to commercial.
We are back and R Truth, Cameron, and Naomi are at the announce table and Truth is on commentary for this match.
Match Number Two: Fandango (with Summer Rae) versus Xavier Woods
They lock up and Fandango with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Fandango turns around into a drop kick from Woods. Woods with a leg sweep and he gets a near fall. Woods with a chop but Fandango with a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. Fandango with an elbow to the chest followed by kicks.
Fandango with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Fandango with a reverse chin lock. Fandango with a punch and Irish whip but Woods rolls through and hits a sit out Victory Roll front driver.
Woods with jabs and a head butt. Woods with a discus punch and forearm followed by a back heel kick. Woods with a drop kick that sends Fandango to the floor. Woods with a flip dive onto Fandango.
Meanwhile, at ringside, Summer takes Emma’s sign and tries to break it but it fails.
Fandango crotches Woods on the turnbuckles and he hits the Falcon Arrow for the three count.
Winner: Fandango
After the match, Fandango wants to inflict more pain on Woods but Truth comes into the ring and hits a suplex into a stunner. Now it is time for some dancing.
We go to commercial.
Match Number Three: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil versus Curtis Axel and Ryback
Young and Axel start things off. Young with a waist lock into a front face lock. Axel with a hammer lock but Young with a reversal. Axel with an elbow to the head. Young with a forearm to the chest. Axel runs Young into his corner and Ryback tags in. Ryback has a punch blocked and Young with forearms. Ryback with a forearm and he sends Young to the floor.
Young punches Axel on the floor when Curtis tries to interfere. Ryback with a kick when Young gets back into the ring and then he hits a clothesline. Axel tags in and hits the neck breaker driver for the three count.
Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback
After the match, Titus checks on Darren after taking some time to collect his thoughts on the apron. Titus talks about how he got beaten in two minutes. Titus says that he has had enough.
Darren wants to know what Titus is doing. They are a team. They are more than a team. They are like brothers. They are like family.
Titus says that they ain’t no family. Ever since he partnered with Darren, that is the first time he was known as a loser. He has been a winner his entire life. He came to WWE to be the man and to be a champion.
Titus says that he is getting rid of the dead weight known as Darren Young off his back.
Darren tries to talk some sense into Titus, but Titus with a boot to the chest and then he punches Young and kicks him. Titus kicks Darren to the floor. Titus throws Darren into the ringside barrier and he asks Darren if he wants to talk now.
Michael asks John if he would have ever done that to Ron Simmons and John points out that Ron is a Hall of Famer.
It is time to take a look at the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Jake Roberts.
We go to commercial.
We are back with comments from Alexander Rusev in Bulgarian. Lana says that Rusev hits, Rusev crush. Alexander says the Rusev Legacy starts now.
Match Number Four: Christian versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Before the match starts, Michael Cole wonders why Zeb would do what he did on Monday night so John gets Zeb to join him and Michael on commentary to discuss his actions.
The match starts and they lock up with Swagger backing Christian into the corner. Swagger with punches but he misses an elbow. Swagger with an Irish whip but Christian gets his boots up. Swagger catches Christian coming off the turnbuckles and then Swagger press slams Christian over the turnbuckles to the floor. Swagger with a running knee against the ringside barrier.
Swagger rolls Christian into the ring and he gets a near fall. Swagger with a waist lock and he rolls Christian around the ring. Christian gets back to his feet and Christian with an elbow. Swagger sends Christian into the turnbuckles. Swagger yells at Christian but Christian with a punch. Christian with another punch but Swagger with a knee to the midsection. Swagger with a double jump Swagger bomb for a near fall.
Swagger stands on Christian’s chest to affect Christian’s breathing. Swagger punches Christian and connects with knees in the corner. Swagger puts Christian on the turnbuckles and he sets for a superplex but Christian knocks Swagger off the turnbuckles. Christian with a kick and tornado DDT for a near fall. Christian with a punch.
Christian with a drop toe hold and then Christian slingshots to the floor and connects with an uppercut. Christian uses the ropes to send Swagger to the mat and then he hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Christian with a back elbow off the turnbuckles. Swagger with a kick and then he hits a Doctor Bomb but Christian kicks out at two.
Swagger cannot believe that he did not get the three count. Swagger goes for a second Swagger Bomb and Christian gets his feet up. Christian with a sunset flip for a near fall. Christian lands on his feet on a belly-to-back attempt. Swagger with an ankle lock on Christian but Christian counters with an inside cradle.
Swagger charges into the corner but hits the ring post with his shoulder. Swagger goes for a belly-to-belly superplex but Christian knocks Swagger off the turnbuckles. Christian with a frog splash for the three count.
Winner: Christian
We go to commercial.
We are back and Renee Young wants to get Christian’s comments about earning a title match. Christian says that he earned the title match, just like he has earned everything. Since he has had some time off due to injuries, that window of opportunity is starting to close to become the WWE World Champion and headline Wrestlemania. Some might say he is desperate and they would be right. He hopes that everyone else takes that desperation for weakness. Christian says that he is going to use that desperation to be the most dangerous Christian you have ever seen.
Before our next match, Damien Sandow appears in the Goldman Box. He says that he is sure that the corpulent, knuckle dragging, mouth breathers in the WWE Universe are having a laugh at his current depressing state of affairs. All great men in history have been persecuted. He will emerge greater than before.
Match Number Five: Kofi Kingston versus Damien Sandow
Kofi with a waist lock but Sandow with an elbow and he gets a near fall with a jackknife cover. Sandow with a side Russian leg sweep. Sandow charges into the corner but Kofi moves. Kofi with kicks but Sandow with a knee for a near fall. Sandow with a forearm to the ribs while he applies an abdominal stretch. Kofi with a hip toss.
Sandow with a sunset flip but Kofi rolls through and kicks Sandow. Kofi with chops to Sandow followed by a drop kick. Sandow misses a splash into the corner and he lands on the turnbuckles. Sandow moves and Kofi misses a cross body . Sandow gets a near fall. Kofi with a kick but he misses Trouble in Paradise and hits the ropes. Kofi hits SOS and gets the three count.
Winner: Kofi Kingston
We go to commercial.
We are back and we take a look at the confrontation between Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar.
It is time for the (almost) weekly interview with Triple H. This week, Michael Cole asks him about Brock Lesnar’s actions. He asks Hunter about the tag title match and what Brock did to Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Will they get another rematch? Hunter says that Goldust and Cody Rhodes will get their rematch on Raw and it will be inside a steel cage.
Match Number Six: Cody Rhodes (with Goldust) versus BG James (with Billy Gunn)
They lock up and Cody backs James into the corner and gives a clean break. James with a punch but Cody with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Cody discusses strategy with Goldust while James and Gunn discuss things.
Cody returns to the ring and Cody with a hammer lock. James with a kick and he wraps Cody’s injured elbow in the ropes. Cody tries to get away from James but James is able to wrap up the arm. James with an arm bar and then he drives the arm into the mat. James with a hammer lock and he sends Cody shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Cody with a punch but James with a kick to the arm followed by an arm bar.
James with an Irish whip but Cody floats over with a sunset flip for a near fall. Cody and James collide in the center of the ring and both men go down. Cody with a clothesline and a leaping knee. Cody with the drop down uppercut and then he kicks James in the midsection. Cody with a springboard drop kick.
Goldust punches Gunn on the floor but Gunn with a clothesline to Goldust. Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Gunn on the apron and then James gets a near fall with a rollup. Cody with Beautiful Disaster to James for the three count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes
After the match, Gunn attacks Cody but Goldust goes after Gunn on the floor. Cody battles with James in the ring while Goldust and Gunn fight on the floor. James with a punch to Cody and then he goes to the back with Billy.
We go to commercial.
We are back and The Wyatts appear on the TitanTron while The Shield is in the ring. Bray says that he admires their courage. Normal men would lose sleep at the simple thought of facing the reapers. He says that he likes games too. War is his favorite. His soul smiles at just the thought of quivering hands waving those white flags.
Harper says that you reap what you sow. They picked a beautiful hill to die on.
Wyatt tells them to be careful inviting the devil into your backyard because he might like it and decide to stay.
Match Number Seven: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, and Sheamus
Sheamus and Rollins start things off. They lock up and Sheamus with a hip lock take down into a side head lock. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and Reigns tags in. They lock up and Reigns with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Reigns with a kick and punches. Reigns with kicks and punches. Sheamus blocks a hip toss and hits a short arm clothesline followed by a kick to the back. Sheamus with a neck breaker for a near fall.
Reigns with an uppercut and he tags in Ambrose. Dean with punches to Sheamus followed by forearms and head butts. Ambrose kicks Sheamus in the corner and the referee warns him. Sheamus with a punch but Ambrose with a head butt. Sheamus with a forearm to the back and then he puts Ambrose on the top rope and he hits a knee lift. Sheamus pulls up Ambrose’s shirt and connects with a series of forearms across the chest.
Sheamus knocks Reigns off the apron and we go to commercial.
The Shield discuss strategy on the floor before Ambrose returns to the ring. Bryan tags in and Rollins tags in as well. They lock up and Rollins backs Bryan into the corner and he has a punch blocked. Bryan with knees to Rollins followed by a knee to the midsection when Rollins comes off the ropes. Bryan gets Rollins set up for the surfboard.
Bryan gets Rollins up in the surfboard and he adds a chin lock and Dragon Sleeper. Rey tags in and Rey with a kick to Rollins after a snap mare from Bryan. Rey gets a near fall. Rollins with a kick to the midsection and he connects with a forearm to the back. Rollins with an Irish whip but Rey gets his boot up and then Rey with a head scissors from the turnbuckles and then he hits a head scissors that sends Rollins into the ropes.
Ambrose tags in and Rey tries for another head scissors but Ambrose counters into a sit out front driver. Ambrose gets a near fall. Reigns tags in and they make a wish with REy. Reigns with a punch and he gets a near fall. Reigns sends Rey under the bottom rope to the floor. Sheamus goes to check on Rey but the referee sends him back to his corner. Reigns sends Rey into the ringside barrier.
Reigns sends Rey back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Rollins tags in and Reigns keeps Rey from making the tag. Rollins has his boot on Rey’s head while taunting him. Rollins chokes Rey in the ropes. Rollins with a snap mare and knee drop for a near fall. Rollins with a rear chin lock. Rollins puts Rey on the turnbuckles and Rollins with forearms to the back. Seth tries for a belly-to-back superplex but Rey knocks Rollins to the mat.
Rey gets on Rollins’ shoulders and Rey with a rana that sends Rollins into the turnbuckles. Reigns and Bryan tag in and Bryan with a drop kick that knocks Ambrose off the apron. Bryan with kicks and then he flips out of the corner on an Irish whip and he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with kicks to the chest but Bryan misses the round kick. Reigns goes over the top rope to the floor when Bryan ducks down. Bryan hits a suicide dive onto Reigns and then he avoids Rollins and hits a suicide dive onto Ambrose.
Sheamus with an uranage back breaker to Rollins. Reigns with a Superman punch to Sheamus but Bryan with a missile drop kick to Reigns. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan applies the Yes Lock but Ambrose breaks it up. Sheamus pulls Ambrose to the floor but Ambrose sends Sheamus shoulder first into the post. Sheamus with a kick to Ambrose on the floor.
Rey tags in and hits a seated splash from the turnbuckles and then he drop kicks Reigns into the ropes. Rey with a drop kick that knocks Rollins off the apron and Bryan with a flying knee off the apron to Rollins. Reigns with a kick and he tries for a power bomb but Rey escapes. Rey with a drop kick to the knee and Reigns falls into the ropes but Reigns is able to get free and he hits a spear on Rey for the three count.
Winners: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose
We go to credits.

2/20 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers

The next show started within the ring. Magnus and Dixie Carter came out and Magnus called out MVP, who came out and repeated his offer to make the Lethal Lockdown match to be for the presidency of TNA. 

Magnus apologized but he wouldn't be able to lead Team Dixie as he would be retaining the world title. MVP said he was behind disrespectful for ignoring a war hero like Gunner. Magnus said tonight he would beat Gunner and if MVP stuck his nose in, Magnus would make him his bitch. 

MVP punched him and they started brawling. EC3 came out and they started double teaming him. Gunner evened the odds and Magnus, and EC3 and Magnus retreated but ran into The Wolves. Magnus shoved EC3 to the Wolves and escaped. Wolves took out EC3. The Wolves, Gunner, and MVP celebrated in the ring...

Bobby Roode apologized to James Storm for the all the badness between them and teased that he may quit. Storm told him to man up...

In the ring, Samoa Joe invited out and my residents of Dixieland for a fight. Bro-Mans and Zema Ion took the challenge.

1. Samoa Joe beat Bro-Mans and Zema Ion. Joe got a lit of early offense before the triple team wore him down. Eventually, he eliminated the Bro-Mans and hit zema with the muscle buster before making him submit with the rear naked choke hold.

Bobby came out and talked about his career to huge face reaction. He said tonight would be his last night as a wrestler. Big "No" chants. He thanked the fans and went to leave and Dixie's music hit. She said he doesn't get to make that choice, she let A.J. Styles, Sting, and Jeff Hardy leave as she doesn't like them. There was a big A.J. chant. She said she needs him and wants him to lead her team at Lockdown. Bobby said no. She said if he did lead the team she would give him ten percent of TNA, so he accepted... 

2. The American Wolves defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. A decent tag match but crowd starting to lag. The Wolves got a nice reaction and Davey Richards got the pin...

3. Magnus defeated Gunner to retain the TNA Title. Excellent match. Early on Magnus called for help from the back but instead Storm and the Wolves cane and blocked the entrance ramp. The match continued back and forth. Eventually. Bro-mans and EC3 came through the crowd to help Magnus and the six non-combatants fought up the ramp. The match continued and Gunner kicked out of Magnus's big elbow.

Gunner hit his sling shot suplex, but as he went for the pin Rockstar Spud ran out and put Magnus's foot on the rope. Storm came out and chased Spud around the ring a couple of times and then into the ring where he threw Spud out. Gunner hit some offense while storm cheered him on in the ring. Gunner went for his diving headbutt, but on the way down got caught with Storm's Last Call superkick. Magnus got the pin to retain the title. This concluded the Impact taping, but there is one match remaining for Xplosion... 

Former Sin Cara Signs With World Wrestling League

- The World Wrestling Leage in Puerto Rico has announced that the original Sin Cara (Mistico) has signed with the promotion. Cara's WWE contract expired this month and was not renewed. WWL's president Richard Negrin said in the announcement, "it is an honor and a priviledge to present our newest World Wrestling League's talent, one of the most exciting Mexican "lucha libre" performers around the world: the original SIN CARA! Welcome to your home, the WWL."

KENTA Says He's Not Signing With WWE Right Now

- It was reported earlier this week that KENTA was at the WWE Performance Center, with some reports claiming that the Pro Wrestling NOAH star was trying out for the company. KENTA has posted a blog entry clarifying why he's there and denying that he is trying to get a contract with the company. You can see the full text of the blog below:

I am sorry for having you all confused over the various information about my visit in the US.

As a matter of fact, I am in the States and enjoying the WWE training. But as for now, it's not about getting a tryout or a contract.

It is indeed true that I have always been yearning for a spot in WWE, and I've always wanted to give it a try sometime. After all, you only live once. "I should have given it a try." "I should have chosen another way." I've had those regrets when I was in my middle and high school, and even after I got in to this business. I just did not want to regret later about something I haven't tried, so I used my time off to participate in the WWE workout. The executives were at the workout, so perhaps I may have left a mark.

The place is full of competition and hungry guys. It's not as simple as being good at Puroresu or having strength. There are so many guys with monster physique and guys who are way athletically superior to me. And even they don't get into the big league. That's how tough this place could be. I can easily imagine that surviving in this environment could be severe. And spending a few days in that environment became a really good experience for me.

I'm sorry to have caused the confusion, but one thing I can say for sure is that "I'm glad I came". I would like to work even harder making use of this experience.

And lastly, I would like to thank [NOAH] President [Akira] Taue for letting me take this chance.

2/13 TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers

TNA Xplosion

1. X Division Champion Austin Aries defeated Kazarian.

TNA Impact Wrestling TV

The opening segment featured Dixie, Magnus, Rockstar Spud, and EC3 came out. Dixie cut a promo how she isn't scared of MVP. Magnus was next saying how he hated the north and Manchester. MVP and Samoa Joe interrupted and hyped the title match at Lockdown. 

Gunner interrupted and said Manchester was tired of a paper champion and was cashing in his briefcase in seven days. Dixie said he forgot one thing and made a match for his case against EC3. MVP made it for both briefcases and a ladder match (Gunner has the TNA Title contract, EC3 has the tag title contract).

1. Gunner fought Ethan Carter III to a no-contest in a ladder match for the Feast or Fired briefcases. Magnus interfered. James Storm came out and evened it up. The faces cleared the heels. MVP came out and made it a tag match. 

2. Gunner and James Storm defeated Magnus and EC3 in a ladder match for both Feast or Fired Briefcases. Magnus and EC3 nearly had the win but started bickering over who would climb the ladder. Storm clocked them both and then cleared the ring and retrieved the two cases.

3. Samoa Joe and The American Wolves beat Robbie E, Jessie, and Zema Ion in a six-man tag. The Wolves looked quick and exciting. Joe was SUPER over and got the win with the rear naked choke.

Next was an in-ring segment with Abyss, now without his mask. He called out Eric Young, who came out to big reaction. Abyss said he needed help and Young offered to help him. Abyss said he doesn't need his help, he needs someone who understands him and left.

4. MVP beat Rockstar Spud. A really short squash match. MVP won with his shining wizard boot to the face finisher. MVP looked like he was carrying a little bit of extra weight around the middle.

5. Velvet Sky vs. Chris Sabin. Yes, it was a match. Velvet kicked him in the nuts after a lot of goading. He removed a cup and called her stupid she hit him with a low blow again and Velvet started beating on him. Some unknown big woman destroyed Velvet then locked her in a full Nelson, causing Velvet to go limp. Sabin celebrated and was carried out on his new ladies shoulders.

6. Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray in a casket match. Bully was wearing a Liverpool football shirt to huge boos. Anderson dragged it off him and choked him with it. Anderson brought out a table. Bully hit a powerbomb through it and went to out Anderson in the casket, Anderson escaped and hit Mic check into the casket for the win.

7. Gail Kim (w/Lei'D Tapa) beat Madison Rayne in a non-title street fight. Short match. Every time Madison got the upper hand, Tapa stepped in, eventually giving the distraction so Gail Kim could hit Madison with the title belt and get the three count. This concluded the taping of the first show (though some of this may have been filmed out of sequence).

1/30 TNA Impact Wrestling Viewership

The 1/30 TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV did 1.45 million viewers. This number is down from last week's show that did 1.55 million viewers.

Opinionated View- You never want the numbers to go down but these are pretty strong numbers.

TNA championships to be defended at Wrestle-1 event

Wrestle-1 matchmaker Manabu Soya announced that three TNA championships will be defended at the Wrestle-1 event in Tokyo, Japan on March 2. The event will be broadcast as a TNA "One Night Only" pay-per-view later in the year.

The challengers for those title matches will be determined in a series of contender's matches that will take place at the February 15 event at Korakuen Hall. They are as follows:

- There will be a one-night tournament for a shot at the TNA World Title. First round will be KAI vs. Minoru Tanaka and Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. Masakatsu Funaki.

- There will be a battle royal for a shot at the X Division Title. The only announced participant for this match is Seiya Sanada. Sanada was originally scheduled to be in the heavyweight tournament but declined his spot, as he already challenged for the World Title last year and wants to be in the running for the X Division Title instead.

- Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo will face any two members of the heel faction Desperado for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles.

Opinionated View- Now this is really cool. I can't wait for this PPV to debut. 

Flashback Reviews TNA Against All Odds 2006

In 2005 longtime WWE Superstar Christian appeared to be on the verge of breaking through to the main event. The fans were behind him even the most jaded person had to admit he had paid his dues. But suddenly the push was killed off. Around the same time his contract was expiring and he didn't renew it. Shortly after there he debuted on TNA. And I can't stress how big a deal that was you had a top talent with a huge fan base leaving the WWE to work for the company that wasn't even four years old yet. It was one thing for Scott Hall to show up but this wasn't a guy that had been cast out of the WWE this was a guy picking TNA. It was a no brainer TNA put him in a feud with Jeff Jarrett. Retaking his old indy name of Christian Cage he was granted his shot at Jarrett at the second TNA PPV of 2006. It was an Instant Classic for sure that night but does it still belong as a one of the better nights in TNA history? 

Now like the Final Resolution PPV they included the pre-show on the set and I will review the match and any promos. You might also be wonder about Sting who had just debuted at the last PPV well Sting was "retired." See after years of lacking big names TNA suddenly had two both of which made the most sense as faces and both of which made sense to challenge Jarrett for the title. So in storyline Sting announced he felt fulfilled by his match at Final Final Resolution so he retired. Now a lot of people hated this move but hindsight being 20 20 I think it was a good. The retirement allowed Christian to naturally move into the top face spot and challenge Jarrett for his moment that TNA needed to strike while the iron was hot not giving a title shot and run would have been a huge mistake. Also the retirement had a good payoff. In storyline Jarrett to prove Sting was truly gone to the paranoid Eric Young sent Alex Shelley to spy on Sting that resulted in the pissed off Sting retuning after Shelley filmed his wife and children. That set up for that years lethal lockdown, put major heat on the Jarrett and Sting feud, gave good TV to both Young and Shelley while allowing Christian a very good world title run.

We open with JB hyping up the fact Christian made the choice to come to TNA and challenge for the belt and than he runs down the big matches on the card. In a nice touch I loved about Jarrett and Christian feud the played up the fact Christian was a 12 year pro who had mainly been in the mid card. Jarrett regularly called Christian as mid card comedy act only for Christian to respond he was going to prove Christian wrong. Also they had few great segment with Christian mocking Jarrett even dressing up like him.

A-1 with Team Canada vs Ron Killings- Before the match even started the referee send all of Team Canada to the back. Killings went for a quick rollup like how he had beat A-1 team mate Bobby Roode a month earlier. Killings had a rough looking arm drag I don't know if that was A-1 size and lack of experience or the fact well it was Ron Killings. We than get a botch arm wringer spot by A-1. Killings hit the ax kick for the win. The match was very shot the botched two spots yeah it sucked. A- was always the odd one out in Team Canada he was best used in tag matches to cover the holes in his game he would be out of TNA pretty much once they disbanded the stable. Killings is well Killings and by this point with 3LK dead and much fuller roster TNA was more or less giving up on the guy.

James Mitchell cut a promo in front of he claimed were the remains of a Fujiu Mermaid. A species that died out when they migrated into water where they were no longer dominate. He compared this to Rhino taking a falls out anywhere match with Abyss. Mitchell ran down the various things Abyss could with do with Rhino. This was a great promo as Mitchell just had a stark an this gimmick worked with Abyss.

The Diamonds in the Rough Elix Skipper and David Young with Simon Diamond  & Shannon Moore vs Sharkboy, Lance Hoyt and Cassidy Riley- I think they came up with this match by pulling names out of a hat. I mean Riley's gimmick was that he was a Raven follower that had nothing now that Raven was gone. And Moore's gimmick was he was Punk. Riley and Moore started us off. Young tagged himself in just as Moore took control with backfired and led to Young take a beating by Riley and couple of bites by Sharkboy. Finally after Primetime interfered allowing Young to hit a spine buster. Moore wanted to tag in buy Young tagged in Skipper and than Skipper tagged back in Young (you get what they were doing). Sharkboy was the face in peril for a while. Finally Moore tagged himself back pissing off Skipper. After Skipper blind tagged in he and Moore argued allowing Sharkboy to tag in the 6'9 Hoyt.  Moore finally snapped and attacked his partners. Skipper fought back and Moore bailed out all this allowed Hoyt to hit the Texas Tower Bomb for the win. Decent match but nothing special. Moore was out of TNA before to long after he got a WWE offer to return. Riley was also gone cut by years end, The Diamonds never really got a push. Hoyt stuck around getting various pushes and than headed to the WWE for a stint that didn't last but is now a main stay in New Japan. 

JB was backstage with Larry Zybszko and Dave Hebner. Larry was the onscreen boss at the time and Dave's story was he was a consultant to TNA management. Larry said the referee situation was taken care of and stressed how important the main event was. Good segment was about setting the referee for the that match. Don West than did a final hype job on the card running down the card. Again I prefer this kind of pre show over what TNA does these days with just a bunch of videos on the big matches. We are going to see those videos anyway during the PPV and just something about a pre show makes wrestling seem more like a real sport like you would get with the Super Bowl or the World Series. 

The actual PPV starts with Footage of Christian arriving and Scott D'Amore warning Eric Young not to distract Jarrett with his fear Sting wasn't gone. Jarrett arrived confidant since Alex Shelley had given him the means to take care of Jackie Gayda (who had been a thorn in his side for weeks.) and with Sting gone of corse EY than declared Sting wasn't gone. This was a good open as it was key to keep Sting's name in people's mind. The opening video has Christian talking about coming to TNA and how much he wanted to be NWA champion saying he would show Christian he belong in the mid card. 

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs The Naturals Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas- Oh boy I gotta talk a little about the backstage goings on for this match. Long story short after being warned to get Orlando ASAP Aries and Strong stayed in the North East doing a snow storm to work an ROH show which led to major heat when they were six hours late. Strong asked for his release reportedly saying he could go to WWE. Aries did get a second chance that didn't work but ironically now he's back with TNA as a top guy. Aries and Strong were doing there Gen Next gimmick in TNA had beat the Naturals on Impact after cheating setting up with rematch. The Naturals took control early on. Stevens hit a shooting star press off the ropes to the floor taking out Aries and Strong when they bailed out for a rest. Watching this match its pretty clear why Aries got several chances in TNA while Strong only got one. While Aries has a deep move set and a natural charisma Strong is basically big chops and back breakers with zero charisma. Gen Next took control after Aries whipped Stevens out with a a suicide dive. Interesting note in this match Aries was just starting to change up his gimmick wearing the gear that would be part of his Austin Starr days and work more like he does now. Stevens made the hot tag after taking Aries off the top rope Ric Flair Style. Aries rolled up Stevens and grabbed the ropes like how he won Impact but the ref saw it. This allowed the Naturals recovered and hit the Natural Disaster for the win. Decent match a little rough at time. It is to bad that Aries and Strong blew there chances in TNA. Aries has always been great and for all my dislike about Strong the guy has talent he's a find mid card guy I just don't see him as a main eventer. Hell I think the only reason the Naturals only won as punishment for Aries and Strong.

We get a review of the Zybyszko interview from earlier. Tenay says the pressure is on Larry since TNA management does not want the main event to have interference. JB interviews AMW about there tag title match against Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt. Harris puts over the challengers for winning the tournament for shot but the momentum ends tonight. Scott D'Amore asks Gail Kim to apologize to him for her recent comments over Jackie Gayda issue he pulls out a tape with something about Jackie on it and tells her to show up on Impact. Larry arrives and tell everyone that any interference in the main event will result in that person getting fired. Scott mocks it but Larry snaps telling him he won't take the fall. Actually a pretty good segment as there was a big story going at the time setting up for a big payoff sadly plans canned for various reasons. Basically it was the left overs of the Raven and Jarrett story that got killed in favor of Jarrett vs Sting. 

Alex Shelley vs Petey Williams vs Matt Bentley with Traci Brooks vs Jay Lethal- First fall won the match and you had tag into the match. In a touch I liked Don and Mike pointed out the winner here might be able to crack into the title picture that was being dominated by Joe, Styles, and Daniels. At the time it seemed like TNA was planing for something with Williams, Bentley and Traci where Williams wanted her but that could just be the talent kept adding those spots to matches. Shelley and Williams worked together since they were had ties with Jarrett. Lethal was the one took the beat down. At the time Lethal was only 20 years old but hand did he have so much potential. Eventually the alliance between Williams and Shelley broke down allowing Lethal to tag in Bentley. In a nice spot Lethal hit a german suplex on Shelley but Bentley broke it up with an elbow. Shelley hit a great looking Sling Shot DDT on Lethal.  Jackie Gayda made her way out and confronted Shelley (who had filmed her allowing Jarrett to Blackmail her) this distracted Bentley and Williams allowing Jay Lethal to roll up Williams for the win. Decent match and I wish TNA would do more like this now not every PPV match has to have a storyline. And I like non title matches in a division to add depth and also get guys ready for a title run at some point. 

JB interviewed Rhino. Rhino talked about growing up on the wrong side of eight mile and how now he has no fear even against a monster like Abyss. Good promo Rhino. Larry showed up to tell Rhino not to interfere in the main event which makes sense given Rhino and Jarrett had feuded and Rhino and Christian were good buddies. 

LAX Homicide and Machete with Konnan vs The James Gang Kip and BG James- This match came about after Konnan turned on BG and beat up his father Bullet Bob Armstrong. Machete was a last second replacement for Apollo who I think demanded more money. In a nice move Konnan actually acknowledged  this and told Machete this was his chance to earn his stripes as he replaced the AWOL soldier. TNA was trying to make this a big bad blood feud only Kip thought it was a good time to be funny as he tied up his shirt and put his hair in pig tails. Remember the story is that this was a fight to get revenge after this ganged attacked the father of Kips best friend and he's his hair in pig tails WTF? LAX jumped The James Gang at the start but Kip James soon took control using his super size and power. Cide went for a shoulder block that kept no sold and than picked up roughly for a power bomb Homicide was still dealing with a shoulder injury from an ROH match and it really hurt his early work in TNA. Machete looked decent but since he and Homicide were both smaller than Kip and BG it just kind of looked strange. I think Konnan was dealing with injures so he couldn't work matches at this point. BG finally hit the pump handle slam on Machete for the win. Post match Konnan jumped BG and hit him with the slapjack weapon.  Bob Armstrong walked to the ring and get in Konnan's face and Konnan ran. Bad match because we had the washed up James Gang an injured Cide and a place holder. Also Kip's stupid hair and I don't care how tough Armstrong is he was in his 60's so Konnan should not be running from him. Thanks a lot TNA you just made me defend Konnan. 

JB was outside Zbyszko office when referee Mark "Slick" Johnson knocked on the door telling Larry there was no referee listed for the main event. Mark asked to be made the ref but Larry told him he had a referee and Slick didn't need to know. They really were hyping up who wold be the referee for the title match.

NWA World Tag Team Championship America's Most Wanted © with Gail Kim vs Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin- Dutt and Sabin had won a tournament to get a shot. Sabin had actually legit injured his ankle in the finals of said tournament Don and Mike hype up the AMW could go after that injury. Sabin started for his team and right away Storm went for the ankle.Sabin tagged out to Dutt. Don and Mike speculated it was Sabin just trying to test his ankle and I think that actually might have been part of the reason. The hated the now heel AMW giving chants of Brockback MOutian, Kill the Cowboy and Pussycat when never they appeared its a kind of heat a lot of guys just don't get anymore. Sabin tagged back in but Chris Harris just used this a chance to post Sabin and further injury the ankle I also think this was to sell the injury to fans in the live audicane that couldn't hear Don and Mike's commentary. AMW worked over Sabin's ankle and Sabin a great job selling the injury even collapsing the second he tried to take a step like you could with a serious injury. Finally Sabin made a diving tag to Sonjay. Sonjay kept taking AMW down with highflyign moves. AMW went for the Hart Attack but cut Harris off with a diving kick only using one leg.  AMW tried to use a Chair but it back fired and Sabin DDT'ed Harris onto followed by Sonjay with a running SSP for a near fall. Storm take Sabin out for good after dropping the guard rail on his bad ankle. AMW hit the death sentence for the win. Good match even with Sabin's injury they managed to pull it off. Post match AMW handcuffed Sonjay in the corner. Sabin got back up got a chair and managed to save his partner from his beat down. Good way to get extra heat on AMW.

Promo time for Jeff Jarrett. JB asks Jeff is he's feeling the pressure? Jarrett says that Christian Cage is the one with all the pressure. Says that TNA management will have egg on it's face when he beats Christian. Monty Brown comes in to interrupt Jarrett cuts him off Brown before he can ask for a title shot. Jarrett than promises to give Brown the next title shot when he beats Christian. Good segment Jarrett's a great heel and TNA had been doing this back and forth with Brown where he was with Jarrett but only to get a title shot at some point. 

Falls Count Anywhere Abyss with James Mitchell vs Rhino- These two had an one going feud the falls count anywhere stipulation was added after a brawl that saw Rhino gore Abyss through a wall. Of course you had two big massive heavyweight that could actually really move and bump. Rhino is usual fashion charges the ring and get the early advantage on Abyss. They quickly spill out of the ring after Rhino clotheslines Abyss over the top rope and they brawled to the crowd. Rhino looked like wanted to go for a move off the apron into the crowd and I'm not sure if he slipped or Abyss was out of position but he called it off. After some crowd brawling it returned to ring. To be honest I don't like when it's falls count anywhere matches spend a lot of time in the ring and end in them. I get TNA can't go all over due to issues with theme park but come one come up with some cool stuff around the Impact Zone. And if the fight spills out of the ring why would it find it's way back. Finally actions spilled back outside and Abyss suplexed Rhino on the ramp. Abyss set up a massive table stack between the ramp and some of the bleachers letting us know some big spot was coming at some point. The action headed into a parking area and both guys took turns ramming the other into the walls and a parked car. The action returned to the ring and while Rhino was setting up something Mitchell handed Abyss a staple gun that he used on Rhino. Mitchell called for the doomsday but Rhino counted the Blackhole Slam.  Rhino went for a gore but Abyss caught him and choked slammed him though a table for two. Rhino recovered and managed to Gore Abyss through table for two. The fans did the This is awesome chant and they were right. Rhino tried to take out Mitchell but Abyss made the save as the action spilled into the stand. reaching the upper level Abyss started tossing Rhino into a wall breaking it apart. Abyss called he was going to choke slam Rhino off the stands into the tables below but Rhino kicked him low and than gored (more hockey checked) Abyss off the stands into the table stack and than pinned him for the win. Very good falls count anywhere match. Both guys took some big bumps it didn't end in the ring always a plus and the finish was awesome. Post match we see trainers checking on Abyss and I think he might have been legit KO"ed from the end.

JB interviewed X-Division Champion Samoa Joe. Joe said it wasn't about codes of conduct it was about the title. He also said he had a fresh towel for the trophy case. And tonight was worse than being Against All Odds they were against Samoa Joe. Short to the point the kind of promo I think Joe is best at. We again see the trainers checking on Abyss and yeah it's pretty clear the on a slow mo that the poor guy caught the back of his head on a table going down. Abyss finally got and the crowed cheered.

X-Division Championship Samoa Joe © vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels- There is a lot of backstory here to sum it up Joe was a monster who had badly beat up both AJ and Daniels while AJ and Daniels had there own issues with each other. This was also a rematch the rematch from Unbreakable now I am being 100% honest here when I say that is greatest match in wrestling history. Even if you don't agree with that you have to admit it was an amazing match and many say it's the greatest in TNA history. So much like a hit movie it made sense to do a rematch at some point but like most sequels it couldn't live up the the original. Now I'm not saying this is a bad match it's far from it it's a great match but it's just not the first one. Honestly I think TNA should have held off for a few years. Have AJ move into another feud while Daniels and Joe fought it out. Also it hurt but the fact while the Unbreakable 3 way was the main event this isn't and I do think that does make a difference. One thing I love about TNA  three ways they limit the amount of one guy down for two minutes as the other fight it out one guy goes down first guy is up repeat formal a lot of companies do. In a cool spot Daniels monkey flipped AJ who was caught by Joe who put AJ in a Boston Crab. Joe locked AJ in the stuff Daniels than locked Joe in the Koji Clutch. AJ tried to take Joe out Joe ducked but AJ instead took Daniels who was on the floor out with a flip dive. Joe hit a suicide dive that knocked AJ and Daniels so far across the floor they hit the broadcast table. One thing I loved watching was a number of spots that flowed into the next one all three guys are very smooth in the ring. Daniels managed to hit the BME but only got two. Daniels got Joe up for a DVD just as AJ came off and hit Joe with a elbow. Joe was down  But as AJ and Daniels fought each other Joe revered and hit the muscle buster on AJ for the win. A great match even if it wasn't as good as the first one. Really if your a fan of these three guys check this one out. 

JB interviewed Team 3D. Devon wore bandage on his head from a beat down on Impact the night before. Ray said 3D was pissed he also said the people of Orlando wanted to see Team Canada hurt. Ray declared there were three guarantees in life death, taxes, and tables. 

Team Canada Bobby Roode and Eric Young with Scott D'amore  vs Team 3D Brother Ray and Brother Devon- Back at Final Resolution Team Canada cost 3D the NWA tag belts they had also been part of a number of beat downs on 3D. Bobby Roode brought down the stolen Tag Team of the year award that he stole from 3D. 3D pulled an end round and blinded sided Canada at the start. Ray back dropped Roode on the ramp and part if broke meanwhile Devon tossed EY into the ring post. Even once the match got down to normal wrestling 3D had control early on. Finally Roode pulled down the top rope and sent Devon to the outside and with the ref distracted by Young D'Amore sent Devon into the steel steps. Now D'Amore was a very good manger the guy could bump he could talk and he also knew when to shut up and let his boys have the focus. Devon was busted back open again. Roode went for a clothesline but Devon ducked it and got a school boy for two. Devon played the face in danger for a long time and did a great job also the massive cut helped sell it at one point we got a shot of it spilling onto Roodes hands. To 3D's credit they know how to milk a tag and get the crowd into the spot. Devon finally made the tag and Brother Ray came in with a cross body taking out both Roode and Young. While D'Amore distracted the referee Roode used a hockey stick to take out Devon but only got two on the pin. Roode than by mistake out his own partner. Ray pitched the enforcer to the outside followed by the 3D. for the win. Kind of anticlimactic win but another wise good match.

Post match 3D were about to get there hands on D'Amore but AMW ran out and saved the fat man. AMW and Team Canada tried to put Devon through a table but Ron Killings made the save. The Truth than leg dropped Eric Young through a table. Ok post match beat down this was the start of a short lived paring with Killings and 3D witch did make sense given Killings than feud with various Team Canada members. JB interviewed Christian Cage. JB reminded us this was the most important match of Cage's 12 year career. Christian talked about how this was everything he has worked for, dreamed about for years. He talked about leaving the WWE could he prove he was more than a comedy mid card act. Great promo you could feel the real passion Christian had for this moment. 

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Jeff Jarrett © with Gail Kim vs Christian Cage- Earl Hebner was named referee for this match. Tenay mentions the screw job right away. I actually liked this move one Earl is a good ref so having on board was smart and two the over all story was something was going on with Jarrett and Larry and this being wrestling you never could TNA keep the belt on Jarrett and use Earl as a face saving exude for Christian. Tenay ran down how dominate a champion Jarrett had been in the TNA era and the fact he was a true world champion defending the title all over the world. West said he smelled a rat with Earl but Tenay pointed out Earl had always been loyal "management." Cage went for the Unprettier early but Jarrett escaped. We got a sport where Christian faked out Jarrett and got a sunset flip with I really liked. Christian went for a dive but Jarrett moved and Cage hit the guard rail on the outside. Jarrett than picked Cage up and swung him headfirst into the same guardrail. With Jarrett in control West speculated what a loss would men to Cage's career. Cage caught Jarrett on a leap frog and power bombed him and locked in the figure four. Gail Kim helped pull Jarrett to the ropes the covered the fired on spot stuff by saying the referee wasn't seeing it but shouldn't' management have seen it? One of those little things that just frustrates me about wrestling logic. Jarrett got a chance to lock in the sharp shooter a desperate Christian grabbed onto Earl to make sure he couldn't ring the bell. Cage managed to escape. They did a number of little things that Earl missed again making us wonder if he was on the up and up. At one point Earl got hit by Jeff on a slide this allowed Gail to integer again. Jarrett hit the stroke off the top rope but since Earl was down he didn't get the win. Earl was hit again just before Christian hit the unprettier. Slick Johnson came in and gave a two count. Christian went for a stroke on Jarrett but the champion low blowed him. Johnson went to DQ Jarrett who than took out the replacement ref. Gail handed Jarrett a chair but Cage hit a drop kick right into the chair another no ref spot. Christian finally had it and went after Gail this only gave Jarrett a chance to get the guitar and nail Christian in another thing I always like Jarrett he made a point to get the broke pieces of his weapon out of the ring to cover his cheating. The fans started booing another Jarrett screw job win was afoot only for Christian to kick out. Gail went for a rana but Cage power bombed her. Christian countered the Stroke into the unprettier for the win. The fans explode as the new champion's name was announced. Christian joyfully clutched his new belt as it was handed to him. Fireworks went off as Cage held the belt high. In a nice touch we see Cage go over to his wife and celebrate for a second The fans ran into the ring to celebrate as Rhino comes out to lift his real life friend into the air as we close out the PPV.

To be honest the main event is not the instant classic I recall its still a very good match there are no major botches and the guys work hard. They do however has some issues the Gail interferes but not fired since Earl didn't see her since Management should see. They over did the can we trust Earl moments and that dragged down the momentum. That said its a still a very good match and it's Christian's big moment. I know he went on to win the big gold belt and ECW title in WWE but those are mid card belts no matter what WWE tried to sell them as. Also Christian didn't have the same momentum gong at the time and his first WWE WHC win was more about Edge retiring than him winning it. This was a guy as hot as he would ever be stepping to that next level. 

Overall Against All Odds 2006 holds up very well for a show now eight  years and a vey different company now. The Falls Count Anywhere and Three Way are excellent matches. On the main card only the LAX vs James Gang match is bad and worth skipping. If your a Christian fan please find this event and check it out. Same if your a TNA fan and you want to relieve some good memories or maybe you didn't start watching until later on. 

Steve Austin Comments on CM Punk’s WWE Walkout During His Arsenio Hall Show Appearance

Steve Austin appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night to promote his podcast series and discussed CM Punk walking out of WWE.

Austin said that "word on the street" was that the situation was legitimate and said that he personally likes Punk. He said Punk is a friend but he's a "hard headed young man."

Austin said that Punk probably felt trapped in a corner, so he left and went home. Austin said that he was in a similar situation in 2002 and did the same thing, but by doing so he "missed out on a lot of money."

Austin pointed out that since this is Wrestlemania season, the move has bad timing from a financial standpoint. He said that either Vince McMahon will reach out to Punk to smooth it over or Punk will decide he's ready to go back to work. He said that Punk was in a situation where he was under a lot of stress and that he believes it will all work out in the end.

Austin also plugged the WWE Network and agreed with Dana White's contention that Vince McMahon was a "maniac." He said that Vince was "crazy as hell" but "in a good way."

When asked about wrestling, Austin said it took three years to get wrestling out of his system. He did not address any interest in returning to the ring.

WWE NXT Taping Results From Last Night (SPOILERS)

I attended the NXT taping last night and there was absolutely a lot of pro-CM Punk fans at the taping. At times, it was annoying to watch them chant and chant and chant but hey, they paid for a ticket. I didn't see any signs taken away but there were people around me talking about it. There was also a buzz about KENTA wrestling but that obviously didn't happen. They taped a lot and I get the impression a lot of it is going to air after the NXT Arrival special. So, here are the results. I don't know when they will air, however:

*Jason Jordan defeated Baron Corbin.

*NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension defeated two unnamed talents.

*Emma defeated Summer Rae.

*Adrian Neville defeated Tyler Breeze.

*Bayley defeated Sasha Banks.

*CJ Parker defeated Colin Cassady.

*Mason Ryan defeated NXT Champion Bo Dallas by DQ when Alexander Rusev interfered. Adrian Neville ran out to make the save. NXT GM JBL announced a tag match....

*Adrian Neville and Mason Ryan beat Bo Dallas and Alexander Rusev. Neville stood over a beaten Bo holding the NXT title, so I guess they can use that footage to go either way depending on who wins their ladder match.

*Leo Kruger is now Adam Rose. He had a party backstage. A lot of the developmental guys and girls who haven't debuted were in the segment.

*Antonio Cesaro beat Justin Gabriel.

*Adam Rose beat Wesley Blake. Rose's entrance is everyone having a party on the stage.

*Charlotte defeated Bayley.

*Alexander Rusev beat Xavier Woods.

*Aiden English pinned Colin Cassady.

*Summer Rae defeated Aksana.

*Oliver Grey pinned Marcus Louis.

*Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated WWE NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension by DQ.

Fans Protesting CM Punk's Exit On Social Media, White House Petition For Daniel Bryan To Main Event WrestleMania

Angry fans are messaging WWE over the exit of CM Punk this week over social media. Fans have hijacked WWE Facebook pages with angry messages about Punk. The WWE and WWE Network pages, as if this morning, have every topic created by the company swamped by pro-Punk fans. 

- Meanwhile, almost 100,000 fans have petitioned the White House online for Daniel Bryan to receive a WWE World Heavyweight championship match at Wrestlemania 30. You can find that (or sign it if you think it'll help

The Daniel Bryan petition has been has been taken down, and now links to this message…
Thanks for your interest in We the People, a new tool on that allows all Americans to ask the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country.

The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation.

While you can't sign this petition, there may be other petitions on We the People on a similar issue that you'd like to add your name to. Or, you can create your own petition.

Opinionated View- This is awesome! This is awesome! I can't wait to see what goes down on Monday.

Source Claims That WWE Is Pulling A Work With CM Punk Leaving

Considering the source, you should obviously consider this a rumor until there's some kind of official confirmation. According to The Examiner , sources close to WWE said that CM Punk leaving WWE is actually one big work. 

While it's true that Punk is angry for letting part-time talent like Batista and The Rock get main event matches at Wrestlemania while full time wrestlers like Punk and Daniel Bryan are in the midcard on major PPVs, the stories that he walked out on the company are exaggerated. He is under contract with WWE until the mid-summer and there is no truth that the relationship between both parties has been damaged beyond repair. Punk is not happy with the creative direction but both he and WWE are using it to their advantage. Many within WWE are being kept in the dark to drive "internal source leaks" about Punk leaving. 

Punk is currently beat up and tired due to the company's schedule and needs a break. This will allow Punk to stay popular with fans while he recovers in the recent weeks. 

A source said: "It looks like a work. We probably won't see him in a match until after WrestleMania."

The source said that Punk's supposed "reason for leaving" will be well known by the time he comes back, setting up a title match with Batista, which WWE will set up as the source of his anger. 

The source added: "CM Punk is probably the smartest guy and shrewdest marketing mind the WWE has ever employed. Will we see him back? Absolutely. But don't try to figure out when. It may be a while. But he will main event WrestleMania again."

WWE is expected to "future endeavor" Punk online and on TV within the week. The source also complimented Punk, saying he should be in charge of creative and not Triple H.

Once again, due to the source you should only treat this as a rumor. 

Opinionated View- I think I spent most of latch year swearing the AJ Styles leaving TNA was a work. Now could the punk thing be a work yeah I mean it would fits with the idea of him not liking Triple H being in charge. But it also could be real.

Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith's publicist comment on rumored pro wrestling partnership

TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett and country music star Toby Keith continue to be linked in a rumored pro wrestling startup company. Newsday reporter Josh Stewart was told by Jarrett that he's not doing interviews at this time, but then added, "I can tell you I'm making good progress so stay tuned."

Meanwhile, Keith's publicist Elaine Schock said she has no knowledge of a partnership between the country music star and Jarrett. "I still have no heard anything that I can confirm," Shock said. Read more at

1/31 WWE Smackdown Preview

The following is scheduled for tonight's 1/31 WWE Smackdown on Syfy.
* Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match).
* Fandango vs. Xavier Woods.
* Christian vs. Jack Swagger (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match).
* Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. The Prime Time Players.
* Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston.
* Road Dogg vs. Cody Rhodes.
* Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield.

1/30 Impact Wrestling Report: MVP Is the Investor: Joe's Got a Title Shot

mpact opens up with highlights from Genesis and then Mike Tenay discusses the end of Sting’s TNA career. Footage of Sting walking to the back last week is shown with him slamming the door in the camera’s face as Tenay says that Sting is gone from TNA.
In the back Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are trying to get to Magnus and his henchmen as security and TNA agents try to hold them back.
Magnus comes down to the ring along with EC3 and Rockstar Spud. Magnus is getting a ton of heat as he comes to the ring. Looks like TNA has a massive crowd tonight. Magnus tries to talk over the crowd but they are really getting on him with “you suck” and “paper champion” chants. He says it seems like some of the guys in the back have a problem with the fact that one of their friends (Sting) isn’t here anymore. Magnus says that Sting has fallen to his reign and just like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles he had a hell of a run but all good things must come to an end. Magnus says he made good on his promise to end Sting’s TNA career and he says wrestling is not “show friends, its show business” and in business there is a phrase that they use when the president of a company decides to restructure and lose the deadweight: “the thinning of the herd.” Magnus says that Dixie Carter has decided to rid TNA of the dinosaurs that still lumber around the company and put those old bulls down to make way for new stars. Magnus name drops Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, Rockstar Spud, and himself as future stars but leaves out EC3 which doesn’t make EC3 very happy. Magnus claims to have single handedly eliminated Hardy, AJ, and Sting from TNA, but EC3 interrupts him.
EC3 reminds him that he had a lot of help in eliminating those men but before anything else can be said Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe come down to the ring. The heels bail out of the ring as Joe and Angle slide in. Angle is visibly limping. Angle says he and Joe made the trip to the UK for reason and one reason only, to avenge the “screwing of the herd not the thinning of the herd.” Angle says that saying goodbye to Sting was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do in TNA. He says to beat Sting is one thing but to screw him over when the stakes were so high is another thing completely. He says that Sting was right and Magnus will go down in history as nothing more than a “paper champion.”
Magnus tells Angle to watch his mouth before he says something he will regret as a big “paper champion” chant breaks out. Angle says the only thing he regrets is that they let Magnus into their MEM family. He says that they invited Magnus into the group because they believed he could become a somebody in wrestling but Magnus says they wanted him in the group because he WAS a somebody and now he’s THE somebody in TNA as he raises the belt into the air. Magnus says he’s the champion and not Joe or Angle and that’s what really is killing them.
Joe says the only thing that is killing them is the fact that Magnus is walking around breathing. Joe says his patience has run out and they came to Glasgow to beat Magnus’ ass! Magnus says it sounds like Joe wants to fight so he suggests Joe and Angle against Magnus and EC3 tonight. Magnus says if the heels win then both Joe and Angle are gone from TNA for good. Joe and Angle agree to the match only if either Joe or Angle “pins or beats you unconscious” they automatically become the #1 contender! Joe says before he answers the challenge he knows those stakes are a bit high for a “paper champion” which enrages Magnus. EC3 tries to talk Magnus out of it but Magnus accepts the match!
Dixie Carter interrupts them and says that match will not happen tonight. Magnus asks Dixie if she is really trying to tell him what he can and cannot do. Dixie says there is a lot going on tonight and she can’t worry about this too. She says the investor is on his way tonight and she can’t take the risk of Magnus possibly losing that match which makes Joe and Angle laugh. Another massive “paper champion” chant starts up and Magnus says the match is on regardless of what Dixie says!
A van is shown arriving in the parking lot.
The Wolves hop out of the back of the van and they say all of the answers will be answered tonight, and if anyone wants to talk to the investor they have to talk to the Wolves first.
Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne vs. Lei’D Tapa & Gail Kim
This is a bit of a Beautiful People’s reunion here with Velvet and Madison as footage of them together in BP is shown. Gail attacks Madison as she comes to the ring and she chokes her in the corner. Velvet and Madison are wearing matching blue gear. Tapa chokes Madison and then Gail hits her with a European Uppercut. Gail hits a Running Clothesline for a nearfall and then puts the boots to her. Gail goes for a Cross Body in the corner but Madison moves and then hits a clothesline. Madison tags in Velvet who hits a series of clotheslines on Gail followed by a back elbow and then a front kick. Velvet hits a Neckbreaker and then a Bulldog! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Velvet goes for the In Yo Face but Tapa hits her from behind to break it up. Madison comes back in and Spears Gail! Madison dropkicks Tapa off the apron and Velvet hits the In Yo Face on Gail! 1…2…3!
Winners: Velvet & Madison via pinfall (In Yo Face)
Chris Sabin comes down to the ring and screams at Madison to get out of the ring. Sabin asks Velvet what her deal is and he says he’s been calling and texting her for a week. Sabin says girlfriends are supposed to support their boyfriends not cost them matches and championships. He says he doesn’t know if it’s that type of the month or what but he is willing to give her one chance right here to apologize to him.
Velvet says she has just one thing to say to him and that is they’re done! Velvet walks out as Sabin freaks out in the ring.
Samoa Joe and Angle talk about the match tonight and they burst into Bobby Roode’s locker room and attack him!
Angle is choking Roode backstage when Joe pulls him off. Angle says Roode cost Sting and AJ their jobs and it won’t happen to them. Roode laughs and asks Angle if he’s that much of a threat to Angle. Roode says he’s taken Angle out in the past and he’d do it again but then he mockingly says he’d never take Joe and Angle out at the same time. Joe grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall and screams at him to shut his mouth. Joe screams at him that the feeling he feels right now is Joe’s hand around his windpipe and the only reason he isn’t crushing it right now is that he wants Roode to think about what will happen to him if he interferes in the match tonight. Joe says he will end Roode if he thinks about interfering in the match. As Joe and Angle leave Roode smiles while holding onto his nick.
James Storm comes down to the ring a week from losing an opportunity at the World Title against Gunner at Genesis. Storm gets a cheap pop from the Scottish crowd and then he says he has something to say to just one man, Gunner. He says that he and Gunner were friends even before Gunner came to TNA and then they became partners and Tag Team Champions, and something along the way made things fall apart. Storm calls Gunner out to the ring so they can put an end to this thing between them.
Gunner comes down and says that both of them came to TNA with one thing in mind, becoming great and being remembered. He says they did that as a tag team and he says once he got the title shot things blew up between them. He says that he had to make a career decision during that Feast or Fired Match and he knows that Storm would have done the very same thing to him that Gunner did to Storm. Gunner says Storm knows things about him that he never told anyone else from his days in the Marines where he got the nickname “Gunner.” He says one thing he learned in the Marines is that they didn’t fight for the government, they fought for the men next to them. Oddly a “USA” chant starts up and Gunner says some of his friends died on the battlefield but just like he did in battle he and Storm leave it all in the ring for each other. He says they fought beside each other on TNA’s battlefield.
Storm says that Gunner doesn’t have to tell him what kind of man he is because he already knows and he knows that Gunner is the kind of man that won’t take credit. Storm says he needs to start taking credit because he’s one hell of a wrestler and he’s right he would have done the same thing to Gunner that Gunner did to him. Storm says that everything he said to Gunner about being selfish and greedy he should have said to himself because all of his former partners he told them he had their backs no matter what and he didn’t have Gunner’s back after he got that title shot. Storm says he’s proud of Gunner and he has his back. Storm offers a handshake and Gunner accepts.
Bad Influence come out to the ring and Kaz asks Storm if he thinks anyone is going to believe a word that just came out of his mouth and then calls him a “monkey fart” which starts a brief “monkey fart” chant. Kaz says the only thing worse than a drunken dime store cowboy is a lying, drunken dime store cowboy. Kaz says he knows Gunner is all beard and no brains but he really hopes Gunner didn’t buy any of the crap that Storm said. Kaz says he knows all of the things Storm desires: beer, attention, ugly fat women, and the TNA World Title.
Daniels suggests a tag match between them tonight if Gunner really thinks Storm is trustworthy he should put the briefcase on the line so that when Bad Influence wins one of them will get his title shot. Gunner and Storm deck Bad Influence so the match is on!
Bad Influence vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & Gunner
Back from commercials Storm beats on Kaz in the corner and then tags in Gunner. Gunner attempts to whip Kaz into the corner but Kaz reverses it and charges at Gunner only to run into an elbow from the Marine. Gunner climbs up top but eats a Bicycle Kick from Kaz! Daniels tags in and Bad Influence take him down to his knees and sandwich him with kicks. Daniels then hits a Sliding Clothesline followed by an Elbow Drop from Kaz. Daniels gets a nearfall and then hits a Snapmare Takeover and climbs out to the apron. He tags Kaz and then hits a Slingshot Elbow Drop followed by a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop from Kaz for a nearfall. Storm breaks up the pin and then Kaz rakes Gunner’s eyes. He hits the ropes but eats an elbow from Gunner. Daniels distracts Storm as Gunner was reaching for a tag and then Kaz pulls Gunner back to the heel corner and puts the boots to him. They do the phantom heel tag spot and then Daniels beats on Gunner in the heel corner. Daniels goes for a suplex but Gunner rolls him up with a small package as the referee was distracted by Kaz. Daniels kicks out and then hits a Leaping Enziguri. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings but Gunner backdrops him and tags in Storm! Storm hits a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a clothesline. Daniels retreats to the corner and Storm charges at him but gets backdropped over the top. Storm lands on the apron and hits a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Daniels! Storm climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body on Daniels! 1…2…NO Kaz comes in with an Elbow Drop but Storm moves and Kaz hits his own partner! Storm tosses Kaz out to the floor and then goes for the Eye of the Storm on Daniels, but Kaz grabs his feet and pulls him down. Kaz blind tags Daniels and then dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick that sends Storm into his own corner where Gunner tags himself in! Gunner destroys Kaz with a Running Knee followed by a back elbow and then a big headbutt. Gunner hits a Running Knee in the corner and then a Rebound Suplex off the ropes! Gunner climbs up top and as Daniels tries to interfere Storm nails him with the Last Call that sends him to the floor! Gunner hits a Flying Headbutt on Kaz for the pin!
Winners: Gunner & Storm via pinfall (Flying Headbutt)
In the back Dixie Carter bitches about Magnus agreeing to the Main Event tonight and wanting to know who the investor is. She screams at Spud to find out who it is.
A vignette highlighting Samoa Joe’s career in TNA is shown focusing on his undefeated streak when he started TNA and his World Title win. The vignette closes with the narrator saying that “if you blink…Joe’s gonna’ kill you” as a recording of fans chanting “Joe’s gonna kill you” plays in the background. Really nicely done.
Roode walks into Dixie’s office and she says she doesn’t have a lot of time for him tonight. Roode says he wants what Dixie promised him, a World Title shot and he wants it in the Main Event at Lockdown. Dixie says that’s not going to happen which pisses Roode off. He says he served AJ up to Magnus on a silver platter and he ended Sting’s career. She tries to write Roode a check but he gets pissed more at that and says he doesn’t want her money. He says that he’ll give Dixie one week to figure this out but until she figures it out she gets no more favors from him.
Eric Young talks to ODB backstage and apparently he’s teaming with Abyss against Bro-Mans tonight. ODB asks if he’s sure about teaming with Abyss and he says that it’s fine because this is all part of his master plan. She asks if Abyss choking him last week was part of the master plan and they call him a monster for a reason. As ODB walks away Abyss walks into frame. EY asks Abyss if he’s ready and then Abyss holds up a black bag and walks away as EY smiles.
Spud says he’s going to get answers from The Wolves tonight.
Rockstar Spud comes down to the ring and he says they call the Scots the “England B Team” in England. A huge “Scotland” chant starts up and Spud says he’s here for The Wolves, and they need to get down to the ring right now.
The Wolves come to the ring for the first time in TNA wearing all black suits. Spud makes fun of their suits and then asks who the investor is. Spud calls Davey “Magnum TA” and points a light in his eye asking who the investor is. Spud takes off his jacket and slams it on the mat as he gets in their faces. He says they may be the best tag team in the world but he’s Rockstar Spud and he’s the Chief of Staff in TNA and he pushed Jeff Hardy off a “500 pound ladder” and beat Samoa Joe within an inch of his life. Spud says he’s fierce like a lion or a tiger and then slaps Davey!
Davey and Eddie take their jackets off and then they whip Spud into the ropes and Eddie Press Slams Spud into the air right down into a round kick from Davey! Eddie says Spud to tell Dixie that she will find out who the investor is at the same time as everyone else tonight. Eddie says that the investor did give them a message, they’re very interested in the Main Event tonight and if any wrestler interferes in the match tonight they will be fired!
A video history of the EY/Park/Abyss drama is shown.
The graphic for the title match showed the X-Division Title instead of Tag Titles by mistake. Zema says Bro-Mans have the physics that can impregnate all the women in attendance and make all the men question their sexuality. Those three are the biggest douche bags on the planet.
TNA World Tag Team Championships 
Bro-Mans (c) w/Zema Ion vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & “The Monster” Abyss
Robbie attacks EY at the bell and whips him into the corner but EY flips over the top to the apron. EY then hits a shoulder block through the ropes and slides through Robbie’s legs. EY hits a Flying Forearm and then Abyss grabs Robbie by the throat but EY begs Abyss to chill out. Robbie tags in Jesse who hits EY from behind. Jesse beats on EY in the corner with shoulder blocks. He whips EY into the opposite corner but EY floats up and over him and then connects with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for a nearfall. Abyss comes into the ring and chokes Jesse as EY begs him off again. Jesse hits EY from behind again and then chokes him in the ropes. Jesse tags in Robbie and then they whip EY into the ropes but Abyss comes in and slams Bro-Mans’ heads together. Robbie chop blocks EY’s knee from behind as EY tells Abyss to get out of the ring. Robbie climbs up top and dives off with the Fist Pump Drop and then tags Jesse inot the match. Jesse hits a dropkick for a nearfall. Jesse distracts the referee as Zema chokes EY from the outside. Jesse gets another nearfall and then puts EY in an armlock. EY gets the crowd behind and them breaks the hold with elbows. EY hits the ropes but eats a back elbow and then Robbie tags back into the match. Robbie chokes EY in the ropes and then tags Jesse back in. They go for a Double Back Suplex but EY lands on his feet and tags in Abyss! Abyss hits a Double Clothesline and then clotheslines each of them! Abyss whips Jesse into Robbie in the corner and then Splashes both of them! Abyss tosses Jesse out to the floor and then knocks Robbie out to the floor as well! Zema climbs up top but Abyss spots him and chokes him. The referee tries to get him to let go so Abyss grabs him for a Shock Treatment! EY begs Abyss to put the referee down but Abyss does it anyway! Abyss grabs EY by the throat and Chokeslams him too!
Winners: NO CONTEST (Bro-Mans retain)
EY grabs a microphone as Abyss starts walking up the ramp and says they only have one experiment left. He says if Abyss wants to get crazy they can do it in a Monsters Ball next week! Abyss smiles and says he will hurt EY as he nods.
The Wolves are keeping the camera man back from the van the investor is in.
Bully Ray is wheeling a coffin around backstage.
Earlier this week Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme were on a date. Shaw’s weirdo self had his hand on top of the candle and when Christy noticed he says he’s fine. Shaw shows Christy around his apartment while Shaw was also looking at the burn on his hand. Shaw sniffs Christy’s hair and she tries to go into a certain room but he stops her and tells her to go get another glass of wine. As she leaves the room is revealed to have tons of pictures of Christy all over the wall and then he puts her scrunchy with all the junk. Well, that guy is creepy.
Bully Ray wheels a coffin down to the ring and reminds us who he is. He says one man took everything away from him, his club and his title, Ken Anderson. Bully says he has dropped Anderson on his head and tried to break his neck but he keeps coming back for more no matter what he does to him. Bully says he’s challenging Anderson to one final match, a Casket Match!
Mr. Anderson comes out and looks down at the coffin as Bully Ray comes down to the coffin as well. Anderson asks if Bully just said he intended on putting Anderson in that coffin. Anderson asks Bully what he’s going to do after that, and Bully says maybe he’ll Piledrive Anderson’s wife and kids! Anderson asks Bully if he really wants to do that and Bully says he would love to “piledrive your wife.”
Anderson says he and all the people are sick and tired of Bully running his mouth so he’s going to do everyone a favor by shutting Bully’s mouth. Anderson says that his wife and kids say “hi” as Anderson slams the coffin lid into Ray’s face! Anderson slams Bully into the coffin and then tosses a chair in the ring followed by Bully. Bully pokes Anderson in the eyes and then climbs up top but Anderson punches him in the nuts and then hits the Green Bay Plunge off the top! Anderson grabs the chair and hits Ray with it repeatedly! Bully rolls out of the ring to get away from Anderson.
A vignette highlighting Angle’s TNA career is shown.
Backstage EC3 walks into Magnus’ locker room and Magnus calls EC3 a hothead. He says he knows EC3 doesn’t like him but that’s fine because he doesn’t like EC3 either. He calls EC3 a “green rookie” and says he’s not thrilled to have to team with him with title implications on the line. EC3 says it sounds like Magnus is trying to get excuses ready in case they lose. Magnus says the only excuse in there is EC3, a sorry excuse for a wrestler. He says EC3 is a “spoiled rich kid with washboard abs and the right last name.” He says EC3 can cry to Aunt Dixie about that but Dixie walks in before either one of them can say anything else. Magnus says EC3 is a future star to Dixie’s face and Dixie says she will escort them to the ring. She tells EC3 not to let her down.
Main Event 
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Magnus & Ethan Carter III
If Joe or Angle pin or submit Magnus then that person earns a World Title shot. Angle’s left knee has a brace on it. He and EC3 start the match off and Angle gets EC3 in a waistlock, but EC3 reverses it only to get reversed right back by Angle. EC3 counters into a hammerlock and then a side headlock, but Angle shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. EC3 hits the ropes but Angle catches him with a Hip Toss and then an armdrag! Angle holds onto the armlock but EC3 fights up to his feet and Angle tags in Joe. Joe beats on EC3 with a series of nasty jabs and then rights and lefts in the corner. Joe whips EC3 into the opposite corner followed by a Running Back Elbow and then a Leaping Enziguri! Joe hits a Snapmare Takeover and then he slaps the back of EC3 followed by a round kick and then a Knee Drop! Angle tags back in and then whip EC3 into the ropes and connect with a Double Shoulder Block! Angle puts the boots to EC3 in the corner and then chokes him with his boot! Angle hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Angle whips EC3 into the corner and then charges at EC3 but Angle moves and Angle slams into the ring post! Magnus tags into the match and puts the boots to Angle as The Wolves are shown talking to someone in the van. They knock the camera down and as it lies on the ground when see someone’s shoes get out of the van and walk toward the arena.
Magnus slams Angle into the heel corner and then EC3 tags back in and hits a Snap Suplex on Angle for a nearfall. EC3 puts Angle in a Half Nelson as a “we want Joe” chant starts up. EC3 transitions to a rear chinlock but Angle fights out with back elbows. Angle hits the ropes but runs right into a big clothesline from EC3 for a nearfall. EC3 slams Angle into the heel corner and tags Magnus back into the match. Magnus taunts Joe and then as Joe tries to get to him the heels double team Angle in the corner as the referee holds Joe back. EC3 tags back in and punches Angle in the ribs while Magnus holds him. EC3 whips Angle into the corner and goes for a Running Knee, but Angle moves out of the way and then hits a German Suplex! The crowd gets fired up as Angle crawls to his corner! They both tag out at the same time and Joe kills Magnus with a series of clotheslines. He then whips Magnus into the ropes followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Mafia Kick! Joe hits the Backsplash Senton followed by a series of chops! Joe whips Magnus into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Magnus kicks him. Magnus hits the ropes again but Joe catches him with a Snap Powerslam! 1…2...NO Joe transitions into a Cross Armbreaker! EC3 runs in and breaks it up! Angle trips EC3 and pulls him out to the floor where Angle hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Magnus looks down at Angle and then turns around into a nasty chop! Joe hits the ropes and Magnus is right behind him with a Lariat attempt, but Joe ducks and locks in the Coquina Clutch! MAGNUS TAPS!
Winners: Joe & Angle via submission (Coquina Clutch)
Dixie comes down with Spud and screams at Magnus that she told him that this could happen. Joe grabs a microphone and says Magnus gambled but the odds have caught up with him. Joe says not only are he and Angle still in TNA but now Magnus is starring at the #1 Contender! Joe says don’t bother blaming EC3 because it was Magnus that tapped out. The fans chant “you tapped out” at him and then Joe says there will be no excuses soon so he needs to start shining his belt because… “JOE’S GONNA KILL YOU!”
Angle says its nights like these that make him proud to be in this business and fans like tonight make the pains and disappointments go away. Angle says he’s done it all in TNA in the 8 years he’s been here and after beating Roode in the Steel Cage he will happily say he’s back! Kurt says the time is finally right for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and he’s sure the new investor isn’t going to want to miss this!
Dixie says she is sick and tired of hearing about the investor and she wants this person to show their face right now.
The lights go out and new music plays as a clock ticks and then The Wolves appear on the stage. MVP then walks through the tunnel! A huge “MVP” chant breaks out as MVP looks down at Dixie!