Monday, March 31, 2014

Low Ki and Bad Influence Added to This Week’s DGUSA Events

- Dragon Gate USA sent out the following today…
It is with deep regret that DGUSA must inform our audience of the unfortunate fact Dragon Gate (Japanese) talent will not be able to perform on WrestleMania weekend shows. We have a prepared a series of replacements. We have already announced the first time ever matchup pitting Masato Tanaka against Chris Hero on the Friday night DGUSA show. As the entire pro wrestling world converges on New Orleans this week, the last thing our audience wants to hear or read about is promotional drama. We know you have practically unlimited choices this coming week, and we are going to make sure all those who chose and choose to support DGUSA are rewarded with the best experience we can possibly provide. Here are our replacements....

Low Ki will make his return to DGUSA and have his first high profile matches in over a year at the Friday and Saturday night events. It will be Low Ki vs. Trent Baretta at DGUSA on Fridayand Low Ki vs. Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano at DGUSA on Saturday.

Bad Influence of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian will wrestle at the DGUSA event on Saturday. We will have a top tag team for them to face. This will be a special main event for the live ticket holders. This match will not be on iPPV or DVD. Daniels and Kazarian's opponents will be determined after the results of the Six Man Tag Team Tournament that night. They will be the best possible opponents. This is sure to be a unique experience when these TNA superstars invade

Dragon Gate USA - Open The Ultimate Gate 2014
April 4th - 8pm CST 

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Ricochet

International Dream Match - Non-Title
EVOLVE Champion Chris Hero vs. Masato Tanaka

Special Attraction Match
Low Ki vs. Trent Baretta

Tag Team Challenge Match (If Bravados Retain At EVOLVE It Will Be A Title Match)
Open The United Gate Champions The Bravado Brothers vs. Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley

Special Tag Team Attraction
Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak vs. Fire Ant & Green Ant

Grudge Match
AR Fox vs. Mr. A

Special Challenge Match
Rich Swann vs. Biff Busick

Dragon Gate USA - Mercury Rising 2014
April 5th - 8pm CST

Special Main Event For Live Crowd Only
Bad Influence Of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. To Be Determiend After Tournament Results

Special Main Event
Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Low Ki

Six Man Tradition Continues
DGUSA Mercury Rising is known for the Six Man Tag Team Tradition. We are taking it to the next level this year with a Six Man Tag Team Tournament. Each member of the winning team will get to book themselves in any future match they want. The format will see three first round matches. The three winners will then meet in a three-way six man team team mega elimination match!!! Here are the first round matches:

DGUSA Six Man Tournament First Round Match #1
Ricochet, Rich Swann & AR Fox vs. Chris Hero, Roderick Strong & TBA

DGUSA Six Man Tournament First Round Match #2
The Bravado Brothers & Moose vs. Fire Ant, Green Ant & Lince Dorado

DGUSA Six Man Tournament First Round Match #3
Trent Baretta, Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley vs. The Gentleman's Club

DGUSA Six Man Tournament Finals - Elimination Match
Winner Of Match #1 vs. Winner Of Match #2 vs. Winner Of Match #3

We are keeping this WWNLive Alerts short as we just want to focus on the make good talent replacements for DGUSA. We'll be back tomorrow with more match announcements and a complete look at the WWNLive Experience. No words can express how sorry we are over the Dragon Gate talent, but we do promise that we will present special shows that will deliver. We appreciate you and hope you understand. DGUSA VP Gabe Sapolsky will be on Twitter during Raw to answer any questions you have. We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans. Thank you.

3/31 WWE Main Event TV taping spoilers

1. Sheamus defeated The Miz. They traded blows to start and it spilled outside the ring. They were clearly trying to make both men look good. Miz then had heavy offense, but Sheamus came back and hit the Brogue Kick for the win. It was a good match and the crowd was into it.

2. Tamina beat Nikki Bella. A four-minute match that was nothing to talk about. Tamina won clean. This concluded the Main Event taping. They are setting up for Smackdown now

April 4th WWE Smackdown Spoilers

The following was taped on Monday from Washington, DC:
WWE Smackdown tapings for April 4, 2014:
* Hulk Hogan promo about the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30.
1. Dolph Ziggler def. Titus O'Neil
2. The Real Americans w/Zeb Colter def. Los Matadores w/El Torito

3/28 WWE Smackdown Viewership

The 3/28 WWE Smackdown on Syfy drew 3.06 million viewers. This number is up from last week's show that drew 2.60 million viewers. The final rating will be out shortly.

Lawsuit Over Injuries In WWE Developmental Dismissed Again

A lawsuit filed against WWE (among others) by wrestler Brian Jack over injures he claims happened in a WWE developmental ring in 2009 was dismissed for the third time on March 27 by the US District Court (Middle District of Florida, Tampa) for his failure to serve any of the defendants in a timely manner. It was ruled that the case was dismissed without prejudice for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The lawsuit was filed in September 2013 and also includes as defendants Steve Keirn, Steve Keirn Inc aka Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE NXT, Kristin Altman, Soctt Amann, James Andrews, Ty Bailey, Richard "Ricky Steamboat" Blood, Floyd Gerald Brisco, Anthony "Santino Marella" Carelli, Pierre Clermont, Pete "Billy Kidman" Gruner, John Laurinaitis, Vince McMahon, David Otunga, Thomas Prichard, Robert "Sgt Slaughter" Remus, Virgil "Dusty Rhodes" Runnels and Norman Smiley. 

Jack tried to get the time extended on March 25 but the court refused. He received an extension in January. The court dismissed the case because Jack failed to "properly allege the citizenship of" the new defendants, meaning he didn't prove that the court would have jurisdiction over them. He also didn't get leave from the Court before filing the changed suit. The law states that a suit can only be changed with the written consent of the defendants or the court's permission. Jack didn't have either. The court also said there is "no indication on the record" that Jack served any defendants before time expired on March 24. Jack told the Clerk of the court that process server would handle it but it never happened. Jack has been representing himself.

He claims that on January 7, 2009, he was an "experienced, professional wrestler who was an invitee" at the FCW training center in Tampa. He said he was "specifically required" to train in one of the rings in the center, despite "the fact there were two other fully functional training wrestling rings" in the facility. He said that at 7:30 PM that night, the ring collapsed in a "sudden and horrible measure" while he trained a "rookie wrestler" with six to eight others in the ring. This caused the "horrendously painful breaking" of his knee, which caused him to suffer "without remedy" for four months.

He claimed: "Defendants failed and refused to render any kind of meaningful aid. Defendants failed and refused to contact emergency personnel for the Plaintiff regarding his injuries. Defendant Keirn, at the time of the injury, confidentially advised the Plaintiff that unless he wanted to work as a wrestler with Defendant WWE, Plaintiff was not to call an ambulance or report the occurrence of the injury. [Defendants showed] gross negligence [and allowed a] dangerous structure [in the facility]."

Jack also claims they didn't supervise the ring, manage the people inside of it knowing about the issues with it and didn't have a proper response plan to the collapse. He also claims he was never informed of the danger. He wants damages for "past and future medical and hospital expenses, mental anguish, emotional distress, past and future lost wages, loss of earning capacity as a professional wrestler, temporary and permanent injuries, pain and suffering, lose of ability to earn money, permanent disfigurement and scarring, loss of enjoyment of life and all other damages as provided by Florida law." He also asked for pre and post judgment interest in the damages and for his legal fees to be covered. His original lawsuit featured several claims and also named Beth Phoenix as a defendant. It was quickly thrown out.

Update on WWE’s Attitude Scouting New Talents

- At this time, WWE scouting philosophy is reportedly to still look for standout independent wrestlers, with wrestlers with larger physiques still getting a stronger look. WWE's Gerald Brisco has been the top recruiter for the company as of late, including his trips to the NCAA wrestling tournaments to scout. Triple H reviews the top recommendations by Brisco, and then makes the final call in regards to offering them a developmental deal.

Opinionated View- Problem is using that attitude is how Big E Langston winds up with a job while Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards don't. Plus look at CM Punk the most over guy is hardly a body builder. And than there is Daniel Bryan. And yes there are guys like Jack Swagger or Cesaro but more often than not we get Ryback or Mark Henry.

Prince Devitt Comments on His Future in Wrestling

Last night at the Insane Championship Wrestling show Still Smokin', a match for the Zero-G Championship was supposed to take place between champion Mark Coffey and Solar. Mark Coffey informed everybody that Solar was too injured for the match to take place and made an open challenge to anybody on the roster. Prince Devitt (who was unannounced for the event) answered the challenge and beat Coffey to become the new ICW Zero-G Champion.

After the match, Devitt went on the microphone to inform everybody that there have been a lot of rumors about him recently, and whether he was going to WWE or TNA, but announced that he is now going to be a regular member of the ICW Roster.

So it would currently seem to appear that Devitt will be returning to the UK when his time in Japan comes to an end. Whether it's for a short while before moving on to bigger things elsewhere or a more permanent decision is unknown

Opinionated View- Well that's a twist. He could still wind up with WWE or TNA this could be some kind goodbye tour over in the UK and Ireland.

Early WWE Monday Night Raw Preview

- Here is what is expected for tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw…

  • Batista returns to his hometown for the first time since his WWE comeback and faces Randy Orton in a non-title match.
  • The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will both be in DC before their showdown at WrestleMania.
  • WrestleMania host Hulk Hogan will be on hand.
  • Daniel Bryan returns to TV following the beating by Triple H two weeks ago.
  • John Cena's reaction to Bray Wyatt's attack last week.


    Pre-Show Match Set For WWE WrestleMania

    As announced on today's press release on WWE Network live programming for this week, The Usos will defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Ryback & Curtis Axel, The Real Americans & Los Matadores on the Wrestlemania 30 pre-show this Sunday at 6PM ET live on the WWE Network

    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    Samoa Joe Working Hurt Right Now

    Samoa Joe appeared at but did not wrestle at last night's TNA house show. Joe is banged up right now and TNA officials made the call to let him rest. The main event was changed to Magnus defending the TNA world title against Bobby Roode and Bully Ray in a three way. Joe is expected to work tonight's show.

    More on Possible Prince Devitt WWE Signing

    - NJPW has a Loser Leaves Town match set between Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi for this coming weekend. As previously reported, WWE has extended a standing offer for Devitt to sign with them, so he may be coming on board.

    Opinionated View- Devitt is a great talent hell you could make an argument he is one of the ten best best in the world. So hopefully WWE will take advantage of getting him but this is WWE so I don't have faith.

    3/29 AIW Results: Cleveland, Ohio Girls Night Out 11 and 12

    Girls Night Out 11
    1. Jasmin def. Angelus Layne
    2. Thunderkitty def. Marti Belle
    3. Sassy Stephie def. Kaela
    4. Kimber Lee def. Hania
    5. Nikki Storm def. Angeldust
    6. Veda Scott def. Kay Lee Ray
    7. The Social Network def. Jenny Rose & Seleziya Spark
    8. AIW Women's Champion Allysin Kay def. Leah Von Dutch to retain the title.
    Girls Night Out 12
    1. Athena def. Mia Yim (taped for Girls Night Out 11 due to travel issues)
    2. Thunderkitty def. Sassy Stephie
    3. Angeldust def. Angelus Layne, Marti Belle & Kaela
    4. Kay Lee Ray def. Kimber Lee
    5. Nikki Storm def. Hania
    6. Veda Scott def. Leah Von Dutch
    7. Mia Yim def. Jasmin
    8. Seleziya Spark def. Jenny Rose
    9. AIW Tag Champions The Jollyville Fuck-Its def. The Social Network to retain the titles.
    10. Athena def. AIW Women's Champion Allysin Kay in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match to win the title. 

    3/29 AAW "Take no Prisoners" Results: Pontiac, Illinois

    1. Marion Fontaine & Tony Rican def. The Markus Crane Experience & Mike Horning
    * We Are Here attacks Rican afterwards, lighting a fireball in his face.
    2. AAW Hertiage Champion Matt Cage def. Marek Brave to retain the title.
    3. Louis Lyndon def. AAW Tag Champion Ethan Page
    4. CJ Esparaza def. Ty Colton, Davey Vega & Brent Banks
    5. Rhino def. Tweek Phoenix
    * Rhino gored Kevin Harvey through a table afterwards.
    6. Knight Wagner & Justice Jones def. L.O.S.E.R.S.
    7. Jimmy Jacobs def. Knight Wagner
    8. ACH & Kyle O'Reilly went to a time-limit draw in a #1 Contenders Match.
    9. AAW Champion Shane Hollister def. Michael Elgin to retain the title.

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    Gabe Sapolsky Comments on Lack of Dragon Gate Talent at Next Week’s DGUSA Events

    Gabe Sapolsky posted the following on his Facebook this evening…
    "We apologize, but it looks like there will not be Dragon Gate talent on the shows next weekend. This has been an ongoing situation for a while. It is not between us and Dragoon Gate. Our relationship remains strong and DGUSA will continue and will feature Dragon Gate talent in the future. This has been a daily thing where every day we think something was about to break. Now the clock has run out. We owe you a complete explanation and will have that on Monday.

    In the meantime, we know you only care about two things- what the lineups are going to be and how we will make this up to you. We took the first step as a precaution by booking Masato Tanaka to face Chris Hero on the Friday night DGUSA show. We need to thank Highspots for making this possible. We are now finalizing the rest. We will have word to you on Monday.

    I personally apologize and am very embarrassed by this entire situation. As an organization, we deeply apologize. The bottom line is that we will rebound and we will have amazing shows in New Orleans with a talented, exciting and dynamic roster. We will give you a great experience and present events that you will always remember fondly.

    We appreciate and value your patience. We would have said more earlier, but this is something where we literally thought there would be a resolution and announcement on a daily basis. I realize this is not a suitable explanation for some of you and will accept the criticism and try to make it right. It is the best we can do right at this moment.

    We'll give you the entire story on Monday when we have everything situated. I will be around for all your questions and comments on Twitter and here on Facebook after we release the lineups and explain what happened. Thank you for all your support and we will make this right on the biggest weekend of the year."

    Opinionated View- This is just me speculating but it could Visa stuff. I know CIMA is dealing with a neck problem so he's out and you just never know.

    3/28 PWG Mystery Vortex results

    1. Andrew Everett beat Cedric Alexander and Trevor Lee in a three-way.
    2. Joey Ryan, B-Boy, and Willie Mack defeated Peter Avalon and RocNES Monsters.
    3. Roderick Strong over Tony Nese.
    4. Michael Elgin and Brian Cage defeated A.R. Fox and ACH, and Ricochet and Rich Swann in a three-way tag.
    5. Chris Hero defeated Tommaso Ciampa.
    6. Kyle O'Reilly over Johnny Gargano.
    7. The Young Bucks defeated Chuck Taylor and Trent? to retain the PWG Tag Titles.
    8. Adam Cole defeated Candice LeRae to retain the PWG Title.

    3/28 WWE Smackdown Report

    We are in Boston, Massachusetts and your announcers are John ‘Ease His Pain’ Layfield and Michael ‘Good Will Hunting’ Cole.
    Batista makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

    Batista says for years, since the day he left, everyone begged for him to come back to the WWE. Here he is and now you boo him. You boo him . . . a six time champion. The winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble. Headliner of the main event of Wrestlemania XXX and you boo him.

    You cheer sawed off goat faced, gargoyle wannabes like Daniel Bryan. How does that make sense? Batista says that he considers that a personal slap in the face. That brings him to Raw.

    We take a look at Stephanie slapping Batista after his comments about Stephanie’s drooling proficiency. We also see what happens when you laugh at Batista being slapped.

    Dave says that he does not think Randy is laughing. At Wrestlemania Daniel Bryan and Triple H won’t be laughing. Whether you cheer for him or not, it is a fact that he will be walking out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion. He does not care who it is. He says that he thinks Stephanie hits harder than any of them.

    Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

    Hunter tells Dave to leave his wife out of this and Dave asks why would he leave her out of this. Dave says that she is the reason for this. She is the reason for the suit. She is the reason why Hunter is the COO of the WWE. He says that Hunter wouldn’t have any of this if he didn’t marry the boss’ daughter. He asks Hunter how this is working out.

    Hunter wants to know why everyone is concerned about things they shouldn’t be worried about. This is the reality era so people don’t have to worry about things like that. It does not matter how he got it. The thing he should worry about is that he does have that power. Why is Dave trying to make this personal.

    Dave says that he came back with good intentions, but Batista says that Hunter made this personal about living off his past glories. Batista reminds Hunter that he has never beaten him. Now Hunter wants to implant himself or Daniel Bryan into his main event. The only reason he came back was to win the WWE Title and Hunter is not going to stop him.

    Hunter admits that he has never beaten Dave in the ring, but that was a long time ago. That was when Dave was fresh from standing by his side in Evolution. He turned Dave into the hungry animal. Then Dave’s belly got full and he got success and he got soft. Dave got lazy and he quit. He went to Hollywood where he sat in his chair and had his assistant rub his feet. He ate Craft Services while watching his stuntman do all of the hard work.

    Then Dave came back and Hunter says that he has not seen the Animal yet. He says that he showed the world what he could do a few weeks ago to Daniel Bryan. That is the guy Batista couldn’t finish off. When will Batista show what he can do? Hunter tells Dave that his help has worked well for him in the past. He will help Dave hone those skills to bring that Animal back. Batista will compete in the ring tonight.

    Dave asks if Hunter really wants to do that.

    Hunter tells Batista that he will go one on one against a guy who reminds him of the old Animal. A guy who likes to fight. Batista will face Sheamus tonight.

    We go to commercial.

    We take a look at what Kane did to the Shield with the help of the three teams facing The Shield last week on Smackdown.

    Match Number One: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns) versus Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (with Heath Slater)

    Rollins and Mahal start things off and they lock up. Mahal with a wrist lock and hammer lock but Rollins with a waist lock. Mahal with a wrist lock. Rollins with a reversal into a waist lock. Mahal with an elbow but Rollins with a drop kick. Rollins with a front face lock followed by a suplex and he rolls through for a second one. Rollins holds on and he tags in Ambrose and Rollins with a third suplex and Ambrose with a sliding clothesline for a near fall.

    Ambrose with a snap elbow drop and boot to the chest. Rollins tags in and he punches Mahal. Mahal with a knee to the midsection followed by a punch. Mahal sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and Drew tags in. Drew with a suplex and he gestures to Reigns. Rollins tries to get to his corner through Drew’s legs. Rollins lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Ambrose tags in.

    Dean knocks Mahal off the apron and then he hits a Thesz Press on Drew and he punches Drew. Ambrose with a knee to the midsection and punches to Drew. Dean with a drop kick to Drew while Drew is against the ropes. Mahal tries to interfere but Ambrose avoids him and Rollins sends Mahal over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a pescado onto Mahal.

    Drew with a forearm but Ambrose bounces off the ropes for a clothesline followed by the Dean Driver for the three count.

    Winners: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

    After the match, Kane’s pyro goes off and he comes to the stage with his tag team partners for Wrestlemania and they are all wearing suits.

    Kane congratulates them on their victory. What they did to 3MB is exactly what they are going to do to the Shield at Wrestlemania. They will do it like men. They will not ambush them like the Shield did to their next opponents.

    Match Number Two: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns) versus Curtis Axel and Ryback

    Ryback with a back elbow to Ambrose as the match is joined in progress. Ambrose with a drop toe hold to Axel and then he ties up the legs and pulls at Axel’s face. Ambrose with a rear chin lock but Axel with a knee. Axel sends Ambrose over the top rope but Ambrose lands on the apron. Ambrose with a shoulder to Axel and then he knocks Ryback off the apron. Axel with a clothesline to the back of Ambrose’s head that knocks Ambrose off the apron.

    Axel with punches to Ambrose and then he sends Dean into the ring. Ambrose is sent into Ryback’s knee and Ryback tags in and slams Ambrose. Ryback goes to the turnbuckles and he belly flops onto Ambrose. Axel tags in and hits a forearm from the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Axel with a kick and he tags Ryback back in.

    They send Ambrose back first into the turnbuckles and Ryback gets a near fall. Ryback with a suplex attempt but Ambrose counters and hits a DDT and both men are down. Rollins tags in and so does Axel. Rollins with a clothesline to Axel and then he knocks Ryback off the apron. Axel runs into a boot from Rollins and then Rollins with a Blockbuster to Axel.

    Rollins with a running forearm into the corner followed by a running drop kick. Axel sends Rollins to the apron and Axel goes for a shoulder but Rollins moves. Rollins misses a kick but he does not miss with an enzuigiri from the apron. Ryback tries to knock Rollins off the apron but Rollins leaps over Ryback. Rollins with a kick and Ambrose with a Thesz Press onto Ryback using the steps. Rollins with a back body drop that sends Axel over the top rope to the floor.

    Rollins with a flip dive onto Ryback and Axel. Rollins rolls Axel back into the ring and Rollins tries for a springboard move but Axel with a boot. Rollins avoids the fisherman’s suplex and he hits an enzuigiri followed by Black Out for the three count.

    Winners: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

    After the match Rollins with a suicide dive onto Ryback. Rollins says something to Kane and the New Age Outlaws on the stage and then Ambrose sends Ryback into the ring. Reigns with a Superman Punch and then they set up Ryback for the Cerberus Bomb.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Three: Sin Cara versus Damien Sandow

    The lights go down and they lock up. Sandow sends Cara into the turnbuckles and he connects with a clothesline into the corner. Sandow with a suplex for a near fall. Sandow with forearms across the chest and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Sandow with a forearm to the back. Sandow with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Sandow with another Irish whip and he charges into the corner but Sin Cara moves and he gets a rollup for the three count.

    Winner: Sin Cara

    Renee Young is in the interview area with Big Show. She asks him about his match with Bray Wyatt. Show says that what the Wyatt Family did to John Cena on Monday was twisted. The three of them together can be intimidating. The Wyatt Family has a way of making you question yourself. You question yourself because some of what Bray says makes sense.

    That is how they suck you into their grasp. He has a giant problem on his hands tonight. Then again . . . so do they.

    Match Number Four: Goldust versus Fandango (with Summer Rae)

    They lock up and Goldust with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Goldust with an arm drag and punch. Fandango with a hard Irish whip and he gets a near fall. Fandango with a knee to the head followed by a punch. Fandango with a reverse chin lock. Goldust with punches but Fandango sends Goldust to the mat.

    Fandango with a reverse chin lock. Goldust with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Goldust with clotheslines and then he hits the drop down uppercut. Goldust with a reverse atomic drop followed by a boot to the head. Goldust climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Fandango. Fandango with an Irish whip but Goldust with a power slam for a near fall.

    Fandango goes to the floor and Goldust follows and he punches Fandango. Summer tries to distract Goldust but it does not work. Goldust with punches. Goldust sends Fandango into the ring and Summer gets in Goldust’s way to keep him from getting back into the ring and when he does get back into the ring, Fandango with a boot to the head and he gets the three count.

    Winner: Fandango

    Match Number Five: Sheamus versus Batista

    Batista goes into the ropes before locking up. They lock up and Sheamus backs Batista into the corner and Batista returns to the ropes as Sheamus breaks the hold. Batista with a side head lock and Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Batista goes to the floor to regroup. Batista stops the count and then Sheamus follows.

    Batista kicks Sheamus when he returns to the ring. Batista with shoulders in the corner followed by punches. The referee warns Batista and Batista kicks Sheamus. Sheamus with punches to Batista in the corner. Batista with an Irish whip that sends Sheamus sternum first into the turnbuckles. Batista with a clothesline while Hunter watches from his office.

    Sheamus kicks Batista and punches him. Batista with a kick and knee to the head. Batista with an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner. Batista drops Sheamus across the middle rope and he follows with a forearm across the throat. Batista runs into a boot from Sheamus but Batista with a spinebuster when Sheamus charges at him.

    Batista shakes the ropes and stomps on the mat to set up for the Batista Bomb but Sheamus with a clothesline and both men are down. Sheamus gets up and he connects with two running double sledges and a shoulder in the corner followed by a knee lift. Batista rolls to the apron and Sheamus sets for the forearms across the chest but Batista drops Sheamus on the top rope.

    Sheamus with a forearm and then Sheamus with the ten forearms across the chest. Sheamus with a power slam to bring Batista back into the ring. Sheamus looks around for the spot to pound his chest to set up for the Brogue Kick. Batista rolls to the floor and then he goes towards the Garcia Cubicle. Batista hits Sheamus in the midsection with a chair and the referee calls for the chair.

    Winner: Sheamus (by disqualification)

    After the match, Batista hits Sheamus in the back with the chair a few times and then he sends Sheamus face first into the ring post. Batista brings Sheamus back into the ring and Batista with the Batista Bomb to Sheamus.

    Batista gets on the mic and he asks if Hunter is happy. He asks if the crowd is happy. He says that he is leaving Wrestlemania XXX the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He tells everyone to deal with it.

    We go to the Raw Rebound with a look at the John Cena/Bray Wyatt situation.

    Bray says that you give a man a mask and he will reveal his true face. Nobody is innocent John. They are all guilty. They have all worn a mask at some point. Whether it was to hide their wrongdoings or fit into some social scene. There lies the problem. If you hide behind this mask for too long, it becomes you. Then to remove this mask, it is to remove your own skin. I have broken you John.

    My sword has left a scar on your soul that will never heal. Tonight that sword will slay a giant. It is a gift for you John. Can’t you hear that they are calling your name. Can’t you hear that they are serenading your name? He will not forget what she said. All secrets will come to light under the shade of the cypress tree.

    Bray sings that he has the whole world in his hands.

    We go to the back where AJ Lee is skipping and Tamina is walking. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Vickie Guerrero has joined Michael and John at the announce table. Michael asks about the format for the Divas Title Match and she does not give an answer.

    Match Number Six: Brie Bella and Nikki Bella versus AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka

    Brie and AJ start things off and Brie says something to AJ and then Brie kicks AJ and takes AJ to the mat and gets a near fall. Nikki tags in and she kicks AJ and hits a springboard round kick for a near fall. Nikki with a side head lock. Tamina tags in and she gives Nikki a Samoan Drop. AJ wants to tag back in and Tamina obliges. AJ gets a near fall.

    AJ with a front face lock into a guillotine. Nikki escapes but AJ with a sleeper. Nikki backs AJ into the corner and Tamina tags in and kicks Nikki and then she removes her vest and throws it at Nikki. Tamina with a clothesline and she goes to the turnbuckles but misses a splash when Nikki moves.

    Brie tags in and hits a clothesline followed by a drop kick. Brie with a knee and then she tries for the running knee but Tamina blocks it. Brie with a running knee followed by a missile drop kick. Tamina rolls to the floor and Brie knocks AJ off the apron. Tamina with a forearm and AJ yells at Tamina. Tamina pushes AJ down and then she tags in AJ.

    Tamina pushes AJ into the ring and AJ turns around into a kick and Brie with an X Factor for the three count.

    Winners: Brie Bella and Nikki Bella

    We take a look at the most recent date between Emma and Santino Marella. Santino comments on the fact that they both ordered the same food. Santino says that there will not be any more mistakes with the tablecloth. Emma says that Santino is the ultimate friend with benefits and Santino gets tongue tied until Emma explains what she means by benefits.

    Santino says that he wants to stare into Emma’s eyes and she asks if he wanted to have a staring contest. Santino is about to say something, but Emma stops him and she says that she feels the same way. She says that they will always be the best of friends.

    Santino says that is not what he wanted to say. Santino says that Emma is . . . but Santino says that he is going to throw up. Emma gives Santino some wine and he spits it in Emma’s face before going under the table to be sick.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Seven: Jimmy Uso (with Jey Uso) versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter and Cesaro)

    They lock up and Swagger with knees in the corner and the referee pulls Swagger out of the corner and warns him. Swagger with a side head lock and Jimmy sends Swagger over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy with a plancha onto Swagger. Jimmy sends Swagger back in and Jimmy goes up top and hits a cross body and gets a near fall.

    Jimmy with a savate kick and a kick to the chest. Jimmy with a leg lariat followed by a chop in the corner. Swagger with an Irish whip and Jimmy hits a corkscrew senton for a near fall. Jimmy sets for the running butt splash into the corner but Swagger dives at the knee and he applies the ankle lock. Jimmy tries to get to the ropes but Swagger pulls him into the center of the ring and Jimmy taps out.

    Winner: Jack Swagger

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look back at the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker on Raw.

    Match Number Eight: Mark Henry versus Miz

    They both point to the Wrestlemania sign but Miz with a kick and knee. Miz tries to send Henry over the top rope but Henry does not move. Henry with a forearm and Irish whips. Henry sets for the World’s Strongest Slam but Miz escapes and he kicks Henry. Miz with a drop kick to the knee and he works on the hamstring to set up for the figure four leg lock.

    Miz with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Miz works on the ankle but Henry pushes him away. Miz runs into a boot from Henry and Mark with clotheslines to Miz followed by a power slam. Henry gets to his knees for a JYD headubtt. Henry goes to the corner for a Vader Bomb but Miz moves and Henry hits the mat.

    Miz with a knee to the hamstring and he signals for the figure four leg lock but Henry kicks Miz away. Miz throws Henry over the top rope to the floor but Henry pulls Miz to the floor and Miz is sent into the ring steps. Henry sends Miz into the ringside barrier. Henry sends Miz into the ring and he gets Miz up for the World’s Strongest Slam and he hits it and gets the three count.

    Winner: Mark Henry

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Nine: Big Show versus Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

    Harper and Rowan assume their positions at ringside while Wyatt enters the ring. Wyatt with a punch but Show pushes him away. Wyatt laughs at Show. Wyatt with punches but Show sends Wyatt to the floor. Harper and Rowan protect Wyatt as he gets back into the ring. Wyatt returns to the ring and he pushes Show.

    Show with punches to Wyatt followed by a Shhhh chop. Show with a head butt and Wyatt falls into the corner. Wyatt with a punch but Show does not flinch. Wyatt with punches but he runs into a boot from Show. Show misses an elbow drop when Wyatt moves out of the way. Wyatt with kicks to Show followed by a punch and another kick to the head. Wyatt with an elbow drop.

    Wyatt with a back senton and Wyatt gets a near fall. Wyatt leans back to look at Show across the ring and then he does the crab walk before running into a clothesline or two. Show with an Irish whip into the corner but Show misses the running butt splash. Wyatt with a splash into the corner and then he sets for a second splash but he runs into a boot but Wyatt grabs the leg and he drops down to hyperextend it.

    Wyatt with a running forearm and Rowan tries to get into the ring and the referee stops him. The referee does not see Harper kick Show from the floor. Wyatt picks up Show and hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

    Winner: Bray Wyatt

    We go to credits.

    Friday, March 28, 2014

    Flashback Reviews ROH Death Before Dishonor IV

    Well have reached that point not just the end of the ROH vs CZW feud but that point where it became clear to me ROH was going downhill. Oh sure don't get me wrong ROH has had good shows since this one. And I didn't think this show was a bad one when I got it years ago. Sure now looking back you can see cracks forming in the foundation or ROH throughout 2006. But on this show it became obvious hell and don't just mean when I fist watched the DVD it was so bad it was obvious just reading the results. Hell I would say the moment I'm talking about damages ROH though out the rest of the year takes away from what should have been a classic moment and even is the true beginning of the end for Gabe Sapolsky as booker.

    Now I'm skipping a number of ROH show since the 100th show to get to this one. After Double C had turned on ROH the home team tried to get revenue but failed. How ever one name was brought up that might make the difference one name that had been with ROH since the first show but a man that had shown he could play dirty and brawl when he had to. That name The OG of Ring of Honor Homicide. So thus a pattern would start ROH would want Homicide to join in the war but something would happen that would piss him off. Usually it would be kind of controversy ending a title shot for him the most notable one being when his shot at Bryan Danielson was stopped by the referee like UFC 169. The feud set to end in a Cage of Death at this event it's 5 on 5 but the question is will Homicide join in and if he does what side will he be on? No major title changes have happened since the 100th show although a feud between Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness has started. Davey Richards has made his ROH debut and Alex Shelley has left the company. Lenny Leonard is not commentary for this as they claim he is injured. Jarred David fills in and does a ok job but I don't think he was really comfortable on this show. 

    By this time ROH had started included theB ROH Video Recap on the DVD's and I say thank god. If you run an indy company and sell DVD's please include a recap so fans that can' afford every show can stay up to date. Hell ROH should still be doing this because there TV show does an awful job of recapping on going stories. Dave Prazak is at an FIP show looking for Homicide who had walked out on ROH during a recent show and as if Homicide will be part of the Cage of the Death at Death Before Dishonor. We than cut a previous filmed video of Homicide in an empty ROH arena. Homicide recaps his ROH history as we see clips of his career. Homicide says since day 1 he has failed to win a title and he's not just talking about the world title he's never won any title. We than see clips of the various times he's come up short in title matches. Homicide promises that by the end of the year he will become a champion he will leave. Really good prom I liked they putting in here. It helped to explain he wasn't just a guy throwing a fit. Homicide desperately wanted to finally win a title in the company he loved but he felt he wasn't getting his fair break. We also get a promo by BJ Whitmer talking bout Cage of Death and his barbwire match with Necro Butcher its a good promo by BJ who admits he had been the whipping boy the last few months but this is what he has to do now. We than get a video recapping the various brawls from the entire CZW feud and it's well down recapping times where both ROH and CZW had the advantage its the kind of thing that even if you hadn't seen one moment of the feud before would get you excited for COD. Prazak has found Homicide at the FIP show while he is hanging out with So Cal Val. Was this filmed so early in the day she was the only one around. I like Val but it's just random she and Homicide are together. Prazak pleads ROH needs Homicide. Homicide agree to join the team if he gets three wishes. Its an effective end to the recap. Since now your wondering why what Homicide could want. 

    We open the show problem with Adam Pearce showing the scare he got during the match vs CZW at the 100th show. Pearce says it's gone on and one and tonight it ends. Pearce says he's not a death match wrestler but he will do it tonight. Pearce says it could the end or is just beginning. Great promo by Pearce. We than Chris Hero's entrance for his match with Bryan Danielson at Heel Freezes over. I don't get why you would just show Hero's entrance I know it started it the CZW war but Hero walking to the ring doesn't make for compelling stuff. Now though out the night we will get more promos by the ROH guys but nothing from the CZW guys. Now I get not wanting to give promo time Necro Butcher but Hero, Claudio, and Nate Webb could talk why not let them say something at the very least Hero who was the CZW mouth piece should have had sometime. 

    Seth Delay vs Delirious- Delay had worked for FIP and he was thing a shot here. Freakout by Delirious to start. Delay with a wrist lock but Delirious frees himself and get a side head lock than a front chancery into a butterfly lock. Single leg by Delay fooled by the shoulder and a sunset flip gets two. Arm drag into a crucifix by Delirious. Dropkicks send Delirious to the floor and Delay with a summersault flip that misses enough that you can her him smack the concert on the floor. Delay misses the stinger splash allowing Delirious to hit the series of clotheslines in the corner. Bulldog by Delirious. Delay fights off the cobra stretch and gets a small package for two. Flying for arm by Delay scores. Up and over by Delay in the corner and hits an inverted X-Factor. Moonsault senton by Delay but Delirious moves. Shadows over Hell by Delirious than the cobra stretch for the win. Ok match nothing great Delay did have that big botch and he seems pretty generic so its not shocking he didn't get more chances in ROH.

    BJ Whitmer is backstage and says sometimes he can still fill the pain from the various attacks he has felt in the CZW war. He says feeling it only pisses him off more. Whitmer says tonight he will destroy CZW and finish off Necro in Dayton. Decent promo by Whitmer.We than get footage of Hero and Necro jumping the rail back at tag wars and Cornett coming out covered in blood from losing a tooth during the brawl.

    Prince Nana was in the ring and he calls Philly the trashiest city he's ever been to and he can't wait to fly out of there. Nana brags he has done it again and he will make the crown jewel Jimmy Rave begin even better. Nana claims Rave has been kicking butt in Japan. Nana says he has hired the man that will take Jimmy to the top. Daziee Haze bring out the new man who  comes out covered by a sheet over his head. Haze has to lead to the guy to the ring because he can't see through it. Nana pulls off the sheet and it's Sal Rinauro. Rave makes his entrance and uses Sal as a steep stole to get into the ring like they used to do with Jade Chung. Of all the guys you could have picked to get back on the roster and to team with Rave you pick Sal Rinauro. It's not that the guy is an awful wrestler but to me he in the Roderick Strong box just plan looking not overly impressive. As I had mentioned earlier Alex Shelley had left ROH at this point. Now before Shelley had shown up most of the members of the Embassy had one job protect Rave the crown jewel. Shelley had changed that and suddenly the Embassy had two great talents with main event potential. Sal returns it the old way and I like Rave I think the Embassy was weaker for it. 

    The Embassy Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro with Prince Nana and Daziee Haze vs Colt Cabana and Jay Lethal- Lethal was back in ROH for one night only and sadly now I can dream about how good a potential Rave/Shelley vs Lethal/Cabana could have been. Pre match Lethal and Cabana had some fun joining in the at the toilet paper toss at the Embassy. Rave and Lethal start us off. Fans chant Die Jimmy Die. Writ lock by Lethal than into an arm bar. Rave escapes  and gets a double leg. Both men stand up and Sal tags in. Hammer lock than head lock to the wrist lock by Lethal finally an arm drag. Tag to Cabana and he takes over the wrist lock. Cabana Sal all dizzy as he literally wrestlers circles around him. Colt offer the wrist and Sal takes it only to get it reversed again. Rave won't tag in and Sal gets arm dragged. Rave brakes up a double team attempt by tripping up Lethal and than he sends Cabana to the floor. Rave slaps Rinauro. Ok I have to ask that what logic is there in making Sal a member. I could get if he was just a lackey but no he's supposed to be the replacement for Shelley I remind you. Rave bails out so Sal takes a double hip toss. Lethal in now. Hip toss into the dropkick to the face by Lethal. Tag to Cabana and he dos the same move as Lethal. Tag to Lethal. Dropkick to the back than tag to Cabana who again does the same thing as Lethal. Tag to Lethal. Lethal tosses Sal into the air and lets him drop. Rave in illegals and hits a lariat to the back of the head of Lethal. Tag to Rave and a double team on Lethal. Belly to back suplex by Rave than a vehicle suplex gets two. Lethal locked into the abdominal stretch. Clothesline by Rave a tag to Sal. Leg drop by Sal gets two. Corner splash misses but a clothesline on the outside by Rave keep control. Nana with a cheap shot. Power slam by Rave and a tag to Sal who hits a top rope elbow. Cabana makes the save on the cover. Rave tags in and another double team but Lethal sees it coming and sends Sal into Rave for a back body drop.Tag to Cabana who comes in with elbows and clotheslines. Double Noggin Knocker by Cabana than a second rope moonsault press on both Embassy members. Butt Butt to Sal and a lariat to Rave. Sal makes the save on the core. Running back heel kick from Lethal on Sal DDT by Lethal on Rave gets two. Sal pulls Lethal to the outside and we hear Lethal hit the guard rail no camera shot of it though.Sal breaks up the Colt 45. Stunner by Sal and running knee by Rave on Cabana but Lethal with the save. Suplex on Rave and Lethal goes to fly. Rave cuts him off. Lethal head butts Rave off but Sal than crotches Lethal. Top rope bulldog by Sal. Superkick by Sal than a Spear by Rave on Cabana for the win. Ok match but we are supposed buy that Sal is some little moron that is so desperate for a spot and money he will be a slave yet also buy he's tough enough to hang with ROH's best.

    Next we get footage of Samoa Joe and Chris Hero fighting at the 4th Anniversary Show. Than it's footage of the ending of Arena Warfare where CZW took over the show and destroyed BJ Whitmer. 

    ROH Pure Title Match
    Nigel McGuinness © vs Roderick Strong- Strong had submitted McGuinness during a recent tag title match thus earning a Pure Title match. By this point Nigel feuding with Bryan Danielson in a champion vs champion feud so it was pretty much a given he wasn't losing the Pure title. Nigel as usual interrupts the expiation of the rules to call the fans nerds. Roderick with a big chop right at the start of the match. Nigel to the floor and Roderick chases. Nigel blocks some chops and gets a few takedown. Hammer lock into a chin lock by Nigel. Nigel with an elbow to the back. Chops by Roderick and I'm already board as he hits his first back breaker for one. Strong goes for the Strong Hold and forces Nigel to use his first rope break.  Arm wringer takedown by Nigel. Nigel starts to work over the arm. Powerful headlock takedown by Nigel than a bridging top wrist lock. Crucifix by Strong gets two. Lariat, enziqurie and falcon arrow by Strong gets two. Strong goes back for the Strong hold. Nigel uses rope break number two meaning he only has one left. Top wrist lock with a trip by Nigel. Shot arm lariat by Nigel. Hammerlock takedown by Nigel. Uppercut by Nigel back to the hammer lock but Strong counters and arm drags Nigel into the corner. Strong show he is a fucking idiot see throughout the match Nigel has worked over Strong arm and shoulder so Strong suddenly hits a clothesline and forearm with the bad arm. He doesn't even shake it to try and sell its still hurting. Than again what do I expect Strong the same guy that ran around and did back breakers in a match where he was supped to have suffered a knee injury. Belly to back suplex by Strong. Dropkick by Strong. Gibson driver by Strong gets two. Strong back to the strong and Nigel uses his final rope break while Roderick still has all three. Even with ropes now in play The referee forces Strong back when Nigel goes into them again and this allows Nigel to poke Strong in the eyes. Ok so wait the ropes are in play but no really? IF the guy can't uses the ropes to breaks up something than why would the referee pull Strong back. Double leg by Strong back to the Strong hold. Nigel goes for the ropes but no brea. Nigel crawls to the floor breaking the hold. I think they were hoping it would look like the ropes aided Nigel in powering free instead it just looks like Strong let go. Forearm off the apron by Strong. Now Strong sells the injured arm. Nigel snaps the ropes into Strong's faces when he tries to climb back in. Nigel with a head lock on the apron but Strong hits a belly to back suplex.Sick thud as Nigel hits the apron. Chops with the bad arm by Strong. The referee keeps counting Nigel tosses Roderick into the crowd and jumps back into the ring. Strong beats the count. Kick to the back and lariat to the chest by Nigel gets two as Roderick uses his first rope break. Running uppercut in the corner by Nigel. Nigel goes for this head stand kick but Strong hits the sick kick right to the face. Strong gut buster. Nigel is dazed and falls back going for the jaw breaker lariat but another Sick Kick cuts him off. Nigel back off the ropes again and than nails the jaw breaker. Strong use his second rope break. OK WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE LOGIC THERE? I get it The Jaw Breaker lariat is one of those moves you kind of just have to accept wouldn't but any use in a real fight because Nigel has to fall back between the ropes catch himself flip over and than believe that allows him to generate enough power to KO guys. But he got kicked in the face I don't care if he does fall right back to where he was he should't be aware enough to hit the move again. Nigel climbs the ropes but Strong cuts him off. Superplex set for for but Nigel head bus free. Top rope senton by Nigel but Roderick gets the knees up. Strong sets for the super gut buster but Nigel pulls free using the referee. Tower of London but Strong kicks at two. Back to the floor and we can see Nigel is bleeding from the noise. Nigel gets a front face lock and pulls Nigel up the ramp. Strong tires to power free to back to the ring but Nigel won't let go. Sadly the camera shows Nigel doesn't have the hold actually locked in. DDT on the floor by Nigel. Roderick still goes for the ring but Nigel throws him back and jumps in the ring of the count out win. 

    There was some good to that match as I liked some of the exchanges early on. I even enjoyed the logic of Strong going for the Strong Hold early on to get Nigel to give up his rope breaks. The problem is logic keeps falling this match we have Strong using his bad arm and forgetting it's been worked over. We have Nigel getting kicked in the face but than hitting his finisher. FInally I really think by this point they needed to start moving Nigel into a face run. Given his rivalry was with Danielson who had to be heel for his feud with Joe and title loss to Homicide I don't why they are still having Nigel play a heel willing to cheat and take count outs to keep his title.

    Next we get footage of the CZW segments during the main triple shots. While I liked these videos and get recapping the feuding the problem is a lot of them are all the same thing brawling. I think they would been better off just doing one big history video package at the start of the show or the main event. Jim Cornette is introduced and he comes to the ring. Cornett mocks the CZW fans in attendance saying they are going to watch the CZW guys get turned into hamburger. Cornette talks about the recent ECW revival and says Vince and co could fuck up a wet dream and two ROH is now the only home town company Philly has. OH BULLSHIT! First we all know Cornette doesn't give a damn about ECW as he's always made a point to burry it any chance he got and two it was about this time ROH started expanding all over and ran Philly less and less. More ranting about Vince McMahon. Cornette announces that the next show in Philadelphia will feature the return of KENTA to the city but before that KENTA will get a title shot at Glory by Honor. Cornette turns back to the CZW war. Cornette talks about everything he has lost and than remember to mention the actual wrestlers. Cornette plugs JJ Dillion being the team ROH coach. I never really got why from the storyline standpoint the idea was Dillion has been with the horsemen for there war games but we never see him do anything with Team ROH. Cornette talks about how he wants Homicide to join team ROH. Cornette says he won't give Homicide three wishes since that is to much power. ROH world champion Bryan Danielson comes to the ring. Danielson claims he no Homicide is the real CZW killer. Danielson volunteers to be the fifth member of team ROH. Danielson says he won't needed weapons to do damage. Cornette asks if Danielson wants any favors and Danielson says no. Cornette agrees and puts Danielson on team ROH. This segment drags as a good chuck of it is Cornette grinding his usual axes well except for Vince Russo who he was working with in TNA. 

    Clips from the 100th show with Super Dragon putting BJ Whitmer through a table and Claudio Castagonli turning on ROH allowing CZW to win finally we get the shot of CZW celebrating on that night and the massive injury to the head of Adam Pearce.

    The Irish Airborne Jake and Dave Crist vs the Briscoe Brother Jay and Mark- It still amazes me that the Crist Brothers haven't even gotten a tryout with WWE or TNA that I'm aware of. It also amazes me people are stupid enough to think the Bricoes are talented. Dave and Jay start us off. Jay backs Dave into the corner on a lockup. Dave does that to Jay. Knuckle lock go behind by Jay but Dave a wrist lock. Trip Jay and tag to Mark. Mark with chin lock but Dave gets a head scissors. Mark with a wrist lock and it's clear the hold it's on. Hip toss by Dave he bounties off the ring. Tag to Jake who keeps working over the arm. Side head lock by Mark and than he does for a go behind and mover steps it some how. Tag to Jay. Headlock by Jay. Escape into one of his own by Jake. Spring board headlock takedown by Jake Crist. Head scissors by Jay but Jake escapes and back to the headlock. Blind tag to make who comes with a kick that looks awful. Running suplex by Mark gets two. Knee to the face than neckbrekaer by Jake tag to Dave. German suplex by Jake onto Dave who had the knees up. Body scissors by Dave Crist. Mark fights free a gets a go behind and than he hits something it starts off as  German than turns into a side slam. Knee lift by make than  gut wretch suplex. Tag to Jay Briscoe.  That stupid barking double shoulder block. Dropkick by ay that misses. Cape Rana by Dave Crist and he tags in Jake. Dave elevates Jake so he can hit Jay with a top rope rana. Springboard elbow by Dave. Mark makes the save. Power slam by Jake tag to Dave. The Crist climb the ropes and Dave belly to back suplex Jake off so he plashes onto Jay. Sloppy elbow by Jay Briscoe Drop toe hold into the ropes and Tag to Mark who hits a double stomp. Back drop suplex by Mark tag to Jay. Bricoes with those awful looking club shots they do. They don't even look like they are trying to be serious it's more like they are doing some strange massage on the guy. Jay with an awful looking spinning neck breaker. Mark tags back in Dooms day spring board spinning heel kick by the Bricoes gets two. Tag back to Jay. Up and over in the corner by Dave who tag Jake. Jake in with a top rope clothesline. Double team flapjack by the airborne than spring board rana by Dave. Bricoes to the outside. Baseball slide by Dave and he sends one Briscoe into the guar rail. Shooting star by Jake onto Jay and Mark with his awful attempt at the move onto Dave. Everyone is done on the floor. Jake and Mark back in the ring. Awful looking toss by Mark. Razors Edge and Neck breaker combo by The Briscoe Brothers. Dave in and a spring board drop kick takes out both Rednecks. Ace Crusher by Dave gets two. Jay catches a cross body and hits that bad looking Death Valley driver of his. Dooms days device is Blocked. Irish Air Raid buy the Airborne but Mark makes the save. Bull shit the Airborne had a grand total and 3 wins as a team you didn't need to kill off there finisher. I get with ROH and the Briscoe they do 700 finishers a match but they don't  need to hurt other teams. Mark with a burning hammer for the win. Match was good when the talented Airborne were in control sucked when the spot monkey Bricoes had any control. The Airborne should have won to set them up as top team. Instead no we have to have 10 ROH title wins by the Bricoes over the years.

    Crazy Ace Steel talks about ROH brining him to the east coast for this match. Steel talks about Hero and Butcher wrecking one of his matches earlier that year. Steel rants about Nate Webb putting him through a table in Chicago. Good intense crazy promo as only Ace Steel can do. Next footage of the Weekend of Champions shows where BJ Whitmer took out Super Dragon out with a Exploder though a table to the floor. 

    Davey Richards vs AJ Styles- Richards had just made his ROH debut and had scored a few upset wins over Jimmy Rave. I think he had only really worked a handful of shows on the east coast including winning the ECWA Super 8 tournament. Hard takedown by AJ. Double leg takedown by Richards but AJ gets a chin lock. AJ goes for the leg but Richards counters into a ankle lock. AJ gets the ropes. Hammerlock by Richards AJ rolls though for a wrist lock. Davey bridges bad and manages to kick AJ in the arm. Kick to the leg by AJ Davey returns fire. Headlock by Richards AJ power him off but Richards hits the ropes and nails a shoulder tackle knocking AJ down. AJ with the Kick to the arm like Davey used. Kick to the back by Davey and the two men get face to face. Chop exchange. Back breaker by Richards than a great looking snap suplex. Headlock by Richards AJ gets free but takes a running knee to the gut. Chops to the chest than big kick by Richards. Grounded head scissors by Richards. AJ escapes to a knee grape vine and bound on the knee. Richards goes for the arm breaker but AJ gets the ropes. Another back breaker by Richards. Second rope drop kick to the knee by AJ. Richards rolls to the ground and AJ follow. Kick exchange AJ gets pissed and tosses Richards into the guard rail and than nails a shin breaker on the guard rail. Back in the ring AJ with a roll up and into a leg bar in the center of the ring. Richards rolls though and gets an indian death lock position. Single leg by AJ an the keeps after the knee. Knee drop to the knee by AJ. AJ goes for the clash but Richards blocks it and than gets the ropes to escape. Richards goes to spring board but AJ cuts him off with a jumping kick. Richards back to the floor. Richards blocks the baseball slide and hits an elevated DDT onto the floor. Back to the ring and a back drop by Richards and than a over head belly to belly suplex. Richards with a spring board missile dropkick. Series of kick by Richards than boot to the head. German with a bridge gets two for Richards. AJ gets a hammer lock and than hits a back drop driver that gets two. German by AJ and he rolls though looking for a belly to back. Richards counters and rolls into a victory roll for two. Richards escapes the hangman's neck breaker. AJ ducks a kick. Handspring front kick by Richards and both men are down. AJ blocks the DR Driver. Richards with another hand spring but AJ catches him and gets a torture rack bomb for two. AJ climbs to the top. Spiral tap but Richards gets the legs up. Gut buster than power bomb into the horse collar by Richards. Richards mocks AJ pose but gets the pelle. AJ with the styles clash for the win. Very good match. AJ made the up and comer look like a star. Back in the day this was one of my first looks and Richards and damn was I impressed.

    Backstage Samoa Joe talks about the CZW boys jumping him and going after knee. Joe says there are no sneak attacks. Tonight in a cage they can't away from him and he will get his revenge. Joe than warns he is coming for Danielson next. Next is footage of Ring of Homicide where Homicide finally joined the CZW war and highlights of his match with Necro Butcher.

    ROH World Heavyweight Championship
    Bryan Danielson © vs Sonjay Dutt- The story of this match was that Danielson wanted to challenge someone from the CZW roster so he picked a guy most fans associate with TNA. Look I know Dutt worked for CZW but he's a TNA guy. Than again better Sonjay get this than one of the CZW guys like Nick Gage or Mad Man Pondo. Danielson insists he introduced as the CZW Killer. Sonjay refuses to shake hands and instead slaps Danielson. Sonjay pulls a Larry Zbyszko and goes to the floor to stall. Back  in the ring Sonjay scores a slap and goes to the floor again. Back in the ring Danielson drives Sonjay into the corner and slaps him in the face. Go behind takedown by Danielson but Sonjay escapes to a head lock. Another big slap on the break by Danielson. Son sick so getting slapped gives Danielson a clean break. More stalling between the two men. Danielson escapes a wrist lock and hits a dropkick. Sonjay back to the floor. Drop toe hold into a headlock by Danielson. Sonjay kip ups and escapes. Single leg into a leg tie up by Danielson. Sonjay flops free. Firemen's carry takeover but Danielson. Sonjay with a wrist lock Danielson rolls free and hits a forearm. Danielson sets up for the surfboard but first he goes for the noise. Danielson gets the arms and locks the surfboard in. Danielson puts it down just so he face the CZW fans when he locks it back in. Danielson drops the hold to drive the knees into the mat. Uppercuts by Danielson. Chops by Dutt. Arm drag by Dutt and he sends Danielson to the floor. Summersault flip by Dutt to the floor. Dutt sends Danielson into the guard rail. Back in the ring Sonjay with an elbow drop cover gets one. Snap suplex by Sonjay than the Arabian Press gets two. Dutt goes for a cross body but Danielson catches him and gives him the fall away slam. Dropkick by Danielson. Danielson goes for a dive but Sonjay catches him with a dropkick. German suplex by Danielson but Dutt lands on his feet. Standing shooting star by Dutt gets two. Danielson blocked Sliced bread and sits Dutt on the top. Back drop superplex but Dutt twist around and lands on top. Count of one count of two Danielson kicks out. Spine buster by Dutt. Lionsault by Dutt Danielson moves, Dutt lands on his feet but gets German Suplexed. Danielson goes for the cross face chicken wing. Standing sliced bread by Dutt gets two. Sonjay to the top. Danielson moves on the twist splash and hits a running forearm. Cattle Mutilation by Danielson. Dutt gets the ropes. Danielson goes for a superplex but Sonjay gets a sunset bomb for two. Dutt with a superkick. Moonsault stomp by Dutt only gets two. Half camel clutch from Dutt. Danielson gets the ropes.  Top rope belly to back suplex into the elbows for the referee stoppage win. This match is very average it has some good points and the guys do wrestle well but it goes to long. Dutt's stalling got real annoying. It also never felt like Dutt ever had a chance of winning. To be honest I think the better thing wold have been to announce Danielson as a member of team ROH earlier and just not have this match. 

    Backstage GMC is with Nigel McGuinness. Nigel says he's one again proved he's the best champion in Ring of Honor and he's coming up on a year as Pure Champion. Gary asks about the more questionable means. Nigel says he just bring the best pure wrestling and brags about beating Danielson. GMC asks Nigel attack Danielson in the locker room. Nigel says Danielson hasn't done anything about it. Nigel than blames Colt Cabana for there loss in the tag title match at a previous show. We spot Colt Cabana with Lacey. Lacey runs off. Colt points out Nigel tapped out. Nigel says he couldn't depend on Colt. Colt reuses to get into there history again. Colt challenges to one final match between the two of them for the pure title. Nigel accepts. Decent segment as it was helping to set up the eventual unification match with Nigel and Danielson plus the Cabana and Lacey affair. 

    Next west footage of In Your Face where Homicide took out Hero with a massive dive. Than Chi-Town Struggle where Necro and Claudio took out Samoa Joe's leg. Again it's decent stuff but I really think they would have been better off just showing a long history package before the match. Back i the arena the Cage of Death has been set up. Bobby Cruise explains this will be war games rules two men start one team adds a member than the other and so own. Cruise introduced ROH coach JJ Dillion call the flip of the coin to determine who gets the advantage. I don't why the even bothered with this I mean we all know how this goes CZW are the heels (on the ROH shows) so of course they will…. Holy hell JJ won the flip meaning ROH will get the advantage.

    Cage of Death Team ROH Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce, Ace Steel, and Bryan Danielson vs Team CZW Chris Hero, Claudio Castagonli, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb, and Eddie Kingston- Kingston wasn't named a member of the match until after it had started. Cage of Death is CZW's marquee match like Hell in the Cell for WWE or the Lethal Lockdown for TNA. Now unlike those matches the cage design would change from year to year. This one looks like someone built a UFC style Octagon Cage and put an ROH ring in it. The cage does have room on the floor to fight like Hell in a Cell does and we see various weapon inside the cage. Like the 100th show we have ROH referee Paul Turner and CZW referee Bryce Reemberg each calling the action. ROH made the call not to have commentary for this match because the action would speak for itself but I just don't like that move. I actually think commentary helps this match and maybe even helps cover for dead spots and other issues that might come up. Samoa Joe is man number one for ROH. Claudio Castagonli if first out for team CZW. Claudio takes his time getting in ring trying to avoid getting killed by Joe. Dropkick but Claudio and some forearms at the start. Claudio goes for the muscle buster but it's block however he still hits the upper cut. Joe sends Claudio to the apron and hits a kick sending the ROH traitor to the floor. Suicide dive by Joe and Claudio hits the steel. Joe soccer kicks a trash can into Claudio's head. Chair shots by Joe. Claudio gets sat in chair because it's Ole Ole kick time. Claudio reverses a whip and sends Joe into a ladder that had been set up. Uppercuts by Claudio Joe revers a whip in the ring and hits a forearm than back ward spin kick. Face wash by Joe. Claudio to the floor and Joe rams his face into the cage. Joe drops a ladder on Claudio's back. Claudio gets sat in the chair again but cuts off the Ole kick with an uppercut. Time is up and here BJ Whitmer who comes down with a black bag. Punches by Whitmer and a leg lariat. Whitmer with a  a snap suplex. Claudio with a knee to the cut. Running knee on Joe. Whitmer whips Claudio into Joe for the ST Joe. Team ROH puts the boots to Claudio than a double shoulder tackle. Time is up and out for CZW is Chris Hero . Hero gets jumped as soon as he's in the ring Hero with thumbs to the eyes. Yakuza for BJ and drop kick for Joe. The Kings of Wrestling double team Whitmer. To get hat Hero pulls ROH shirt BJ is wearing and whips his ass with it. Claudio hold BJ in air as Hero kicks him in the head. Bryan Danielson out next for ROH. Big forearms by The American Dragon. Hero goes after the eyes and than goes for a belly to back. Danielson flips free and hits one an atomic drop into a big boot by Joe. Danielson with a knee drop followed by the Joe senton. The go after Claudio. Running knee but Joe who than runs Claudio into the the flying uppercut by Danielson. Danielson clotheslines Claudio over the top to the floor. Joe pounds on Hero but runs into a big boot. Hero goes for the cravat o'claims but Danielson makes the save and calls for Joe to hit the muscle buster. Danielson clips Joe in the leg as he goes for the moves. Danielson goes after Joe's leg. Jim Cornett runs out scramming "What are you doing?" Nate Webb infer CZW as Danielson hits Joe with a chair. ROH officials in to check on Joe. Danielson walks out of the cage as he and Cornette yell at each other. See this is where combinatory would have really helped. See it's eventually explained that Danielson took out Joe because he was trying to prevent Joe from getting another title shot. Having commentary would have allowed that be explained but it's not here also I think it would have helped the shock value to have Prazak and Jarred David freaking out reacting  to it. 

    Team CZW goes after Whitmer as Joe is helped from the cage. Webb with a spring board moonsault kick as Hero and Claudio hold a chair and trashcan in front of BJ's face. BJ is busted open. Adam Pearce in for ROH. Pearce with big shot to the CZW crew  and  hits a spin buster on Claudio Pearce held Whitmer up and they double team Claudio. Hero has trashcan and takes out BJ. Webb uses a chair to choke Whitmer. Pearce sent to the floor. Pearce gets sling shotted into the cage by Claudio. Necro Butcher out for CZW. Butcher hits Whitmer with a chair. Hero actually sits down in a chair to relax before he hits Pearce with a chair. Hero with trash can lid shots to Pearce's head. Butcher with power slam onto chair for Whitmer. Nerco Butcher shows he's an idiot and pins even though the rules were made clear you can't win until everyone is in the ring. Claudio with an elbow drop on Whitmer Necro hits Pearce with a ladder. Hero to mock the fans locks the cravat in on Whitmer. Ace Steel in with a cowbell and takes out CZW with shots form it. Necro gets his bell run with a bell and one for Webb Hero takes the bell and hits Steel with it. Ladder shot by Hero on Steel. Necro chokes Pearce with the rope for the cow bell. Team ROH is out as Hero gets a microphone and starts a CZW chant. Hero introduces the final member of team CZZ but first Steel hits him with a trash can. the rally is cut off. Hero stomps on Pearce and Steel. Hero says the final man is someone he hates but that man hates you (I assume he means the ROH fans) and its Eddie Kingston. Now again this would have been a great place for commentary to help explain this moment. See Hero and Kingston have a long and bitter feud with each other so teaming should have been "Oh my god!" stuff but of non CZW fans I'm sure this was confusing. Yakuza in the corner on Steel by Kingston. Giant flush DDT by Kingston on Steel than a Yakuza for Whitmer. Necro and Ace Steel are busted open as is Adam Pearce. Steel laid out with a trash ban lid shot. Butcher with an awful looking bulldog into a barbwire bat on Steel. Hero holds Whitmer so Kingston can chop him but Whitmer moves so Hero takes it. Hero shoves Kingston and than slaps him again this would have been great place for commentary to  set up how Hero and King can't trust each other and even something as small a missed chop can set them off. Claudio tries to calm them down and than Suddenly Homicide's music hits. 

    The ROH Fans go nuts as Smokes leads Homicide down. Dillion looks confused or maybe he's just sad that Smokes is what passes for a manger these days Hominid has a board with him and gets in the ring to clock Kinston with hit. Butcher goes after Homicide. Homicide gets the black bag Whitmer brought down and pours out thumb tacks that Butcher runs over. BJ with the exploder on Butcher Steel hits a Kingston with a trash can. Homicide pulls out forks and hands them out to ROH. Fucking Smokes as usual won't shut up witch is even worse since there isn't commentary to block him out.Whitmer stabs Necro. Homicide picks up tacks and rubs them in Kingston's face. Steel goes to down on on Webb. Kingston is busted open. Pearce with a pile driver for Claudio on the floor. Claudio is bleeding. Whitmer wraps Butcher up in barb wire. Pearce with a press slam over the ropes into the cage wall on Webb. We jump around I have no idea who is doing what I have feeling they missed a lot and had the camera guys running around. Steel and Pearce with a ace crusher back breaker and leg drop combo on Webb and Kingston. Necro. Steel with  a suicide dive but Kingston moves and Steel hits the cage. Back drop suplex by Pearce sending Webb into the tacks. Hero goes after Homicide and tears at his face. Homicide with a top rope ace crusher through chair on Hero. Pearce with an elbow on Webb and only gets two. Hero busted open as Homicide stabs him with a fork. Hero should tacked off the apron into he steel by Homicide. Homicide with a board shot for Necro. Whitmer  pounds on Kingston. Board shot but Claudio. Exploder on the floor by Whitmer and Kingston hits the cement floor. Webb with a big flip dive takes out Whitmer. Claudio and Pearce crash though a table as the fight on the cage walls. Homicide with a flip dive takes out Webb. Hero with a moonsault  off the cage takes out everyone. Hero and Homicide into the ring, Hero cover but BJ makes the save. Elevated DDT by Whitmer on Hero into  a chair. Butcher with a chair shot. Whitmer and BJ fight.  Double team backdrop by Homicide and Whitmer puts Butcher through a chair but only gets two. Some who Necro has laid out Homicide and BJ. Butcher pulls Whitmer onto the apron and they fight. Whitmer with an exploder though a table wrapped in barb wire. Massive barb wire board in the ring now.Webb to top for moonsault with a chair onto Homicide. It misses but Webb lands on his feet. Lariat by Homicide. COP KILLER counted. Power bomb counted. Cop Killer into the barb wire for the win by team ROH. Well with a match called Cage of Death you get what you pay of this was a hard core spot fest and its was pretty entraining. I actually like they twist they did with Danielson leaving thus blowing the advantage for team ROH. 

    Post match ROH celebrates. Cornett comes and says the garbage wrestlers got there asses kicked. Cornette order the ring crew to take out the trash. The CZW wrestlers are removed from the cage and the building. Cornette laughs as Webb is dragged out. Cornette thanks Steel and Whitmer calling them warriors. He asks Pearce, Dillion, and Homicide to stay in the ring. Massive Homicide chant breaks out. Cornette thanks JJ for leading team ROH even though he did nothing. He thanks Pearce for helping out while Cornette was out of ROH. Cornette says he knew Homicide was a warrior and says he knew Homicide couldn't stand back when ROH was in trouble. Cornette give his word of honor Homicide gets his three wishes. Homicide gets a microphone. First wish is for a fight with Steve Corino Homicide's long time rival. Cornette swears he will get Corino to come back. Wish two is a shot at the ROH world title. Cornette agrees and grants Homicide a shot. Wish number three for Low Ki to be reinstated. Ok I should explain a little. Low Ki had one of many fallings out with ROH early in 2006 to cover up for him being gone ROH claimed he had been the one to attack Jim Cornette and knock out his tooth. Cornette than had banded Low Ki for life. Cornette's mode changes and he gets real serious. Cornette says he won't do it since it's not a favor for Homicide not Low Ki. Homicide talks about his history with Low Ki and says if Cornette won't do it than he's a liar. Cornette than does the one thing he should never have done and turns heel refusing to do it asking if its Homocide since Low Ki is his lover. Homicide sits in Cornette face. Pearce goes after Homicide. Cornette cements his heel turn macing Homicide while Dillion locks the door. Dillion and Pearce handcuff Homicide to the ropes Smokes clubs in the cage and gets maced. Cornett pulls off his belt and whips Homicide across the back. Cornette rants at Homicide and the fans. The cage is opened as Cornette and company leave the ROH students run out and try to unlock Homicide but they don't have the key. Finally the cut the cuffs. We close with Homicide in agony from the beating and mace.

    JIm Cornette going heel was a major mistake. By 2006 the heel boss was already so over done in wrestling plus WWE has been doing it nonstop. One of ROH's biggest strengths was it was different than what you would see on WWE or TNA. Now we had ROH doing that same angle we could see on Raw with Vince. Also Cornette's heel act is just so out place in modern wrestling. Not helping the fact is Homicide spent most of the year now feuding with Cornette, Pearce, The Bricoes and Steve Corino when he returned not Bryan Danielson who would win the title from. I understand thy wanted to save the title win for Final Battle the last show of the year but Danielson had nothing to do with Homicide again until two weeks out match. Hell if you insists on having Heel boss why not have Cornette and Danielson working together. Finally there is a huge issue we need to talk about. Remember how this all about Low Ki? So you would think at some point Ki has to come back well he doesn't and they never planned on brining him back. To make a comparison when MVP came into TNA he didn't say anything about AJ Styles since AJ was coming back. Sadly at this show it was clear Gabe Sapolsky was burned out. Glory by Honor IV has some weak moments but over all it's a pretty weak show. I do like the main event just not the follow up segment. AJ vs Richards is good but the rest of the matches you can skip and skip this show as well