Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ROH News: A.J. Styles added to additional events

A.J. Styles has added the ROH 12th Anniversary show on February 21 and the ROH TV taping on February 22 to his upcoming tour schedule. Both shows will be held in Philadelphia, Pa. at the National Guard Armory. 

Opinionated View- Yeah my belief that this was a massive work with AJ and TNA is dying. TNA has a lot of shows in the can and will be filming in the UK with new champion Magnus so there is still a chance AJ will be back in TNA once they start taping shows again but this isn't a good sign for that. But as I have said TNA will be fine even without AJ.

Of course this is a huge pick up for ROH. I say put AJ in the title picture and have put on a MOTYC with Cole. And if they could get him to appear regularly it would only improve there shows.

And one final thing just because AJ could be out of TNA right now doesn't mean he will never work for them again. I remember TNA let Christopher Daniels go and appeared for ROH than after a while TNA brought him back. 


12/30 WWE Raw Viewership

The 12/30 edition of WWE RAW drew 4.13 million viewers. The first hour drew 4.14 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.20 million viewers and the third hour drew 4.04 million viewers. Last week's show drew 3.82 million viewers.


Tommy Dreamer-TNA Update

While Tommy Dreamer worked TNA live events and PPV tapings over the weekend, he has not signed a deal with TNA. Dreamer initially agreed to work "Old School" show for TNA and then was added to the Hardcore Justice PPV

Opinionated View- I'd be fine with Tommy coming in and working as a agent or something but at this stage I don't want him back as full time wrestler even if it is just to put guys over. 


Ex-WWE Star Matt Striker Locks Up Role in 'Star Trek' Flick

Six months after leaving the WWE, former wrestler/announcer Matt Striker has resurfaced ... as a ROMULAN COMMANDER -- as in, the guy got himself a role in the new "Star Trek" project.
TMZ Sports has learned ... ever since he parted ways with the WWE back in June, Striker's been pursuing a career as an actor -- and recently auditioned for a part in the upcoming TV movie, "Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time."
We spoke with Matt ... who tells us 13 years of pro-wrestling was great practice, saying "I did some acting as a child, movies like 'Wise Guys' etc. but really my time with the WWE has prepared me greatly for this next stage of my life."
Veteran actor John Savage -- who's starring in the flick -- says Striker was "handpicked" for the part ... telling us "when Matt was presented for audition, we thought we had our guy -- after he read, we knew it."
Savage says Striker's work in the ring was definitely a factor when it came to casting him for the role.
Must not have seen him getting his ass kicked by Kane ...

TNA #OLDSCHOOL PPV Taping Spoilers

*Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt in a good match in 8:50 minutes.

*Ethan Carter III defeated Dewey Barnes in under 2 minutes. 
*Bad Influence & Velvet Sky defeated The Bro-Mans & Lei'd Tapa in 10:55. Eric Young was the guest referee.

*TNA champion Magnus defeated Samoa Joe in 14:39 after hitting him with the TNA title belt. Joe had Magnus pinned after a Muscle Buster but EC3 yanked the referee out of the ring. They will have to edit the ending as Carter apparently missed his cue and time stood still for a second.

*Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson with the Olympic Slam in 12 minutes. OK, but nothing special.

*Bobby Roode defeated James Storm in 16:50 in a Last Man Standing match. Roode nailed a suplex across two chairs on a handcuffed Storm, then nailed him with a beer bottle.

*Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball in 16:17 after nailing a swanton onto Abyss, who was trapped between two barbed wire board. Hardy took a backdrop on thumbtacks. Hardy was bleeding hardway from the side of his head. Some sick spots.

12/30 WWE Raw Report

We are in Richmond, Virginia and your announcers are Jerry ‘Welcome Back’ Lawler, Michael ‘I hope I don’t write 2013 on checks on Wednesday’ Cole, and John ‘You still write checks’ Layfield.
We begin with CM Punk making his way to the ring.
Punk says that he is fired up to be here in Richmond, Virginia. This is the last Raw of 2013. Right around the corner is a new year and he is excited. 2013 saw a lot of good things happen to CM Punk. A lot of bad happened to CM Punk too. We go to work with a smile on our face most days. He started off as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the last 25 years.
He went one-on-one with The Great One. He went toe to toe with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He made some friends and he lost some friends. Then he beat said friend within an inch of his life with a kendo stick. He cannot say that 2013 was CM Punk’s year. He does not know if 2013 was the Year of Punk.
There are three guys who can lay claim that it was their year and that was The Shield. In 2013, the Shield has been unstoppable. Dean Ambrose is the US Champion. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are former tag team champions.
Punk has a proposition for The Shield. When their paths cross . . .
The Shield’s music interrupts Punk and they make their way to the ring.
Dean tells Punk to finish his thought. What is the big challenge and it better be a good one. They better get a good reason not to end Punk as they end 2013.
Punk says the three of you can beat any one man and it has been established over the last 365 days. He will not take anything away from them individually. He wants to fight the best. Punk says that one of you is the best.
Dean asks Punk if he wants to do this again. Ambrose says that he will not leave this ring without taking a piece of him.
Punk says that he wasn’t talking to Dean. He was talking about Seth and Roman because he has beaten Dean a half dozen times. It wasn’t easy but he did it.
Dean wants to know if Punk thinks that he is joke.
Punk says that Dean is the weak link. He wants to know if Roman is the man in The Shield.
Seth says that Punk is looking at the best. He will fight him tonight.
Punk says that everyone talks about Roman Reigns.
Seth and Roman have a discussion about whether Seth can beat him. Seth tells Roman to let him take him. Seth says that he is better than Punk and he wants to prove it.
Brad Maddox comes out and says as the General Manager, he wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year. CM Punk will face Seth Rollins and he wants a referee.
Match Number One: Seth Rollins (with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns) versus CM Punk
Punk with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Punk catches Rollins and tries for the Go To Sleep but Rollins gets to his feet and he gets to the floor.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Rollins punches Punk. Rollins with more punches followed by kicks as the referee warns Rollins. Punk with an Irish whip and kick to Rollins followed by a butterfly back breaker. Rollins with an elbow and Irish whip. Punk floats over and he applies an Anaconda Vice in the ropes.
Punk tries for a springboard move but Rollins catches him and press slams Punk and gets a near fall. Rollins with kicks to Punk and he applies a Camel Clutch. Rollins with a forearm to Punk followed by a forearm to the kidneys. Punk with forearms to Rollins and gets an inside cradle for a near fall.
Rollins with a clothesline for a near fall. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins with a reverse chin lock but Punk with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Rollins runs into a boot from Punk and Punk goes up top but Rollins pushes Punk off the turnbuckles to the floor.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Punk with head butts to Rollins as he moves him into the corner. Punk with an Irish whip and Rollins moves out of the way when Punk charges into the corner and Punk hits the ring post with his shoulder. Rollins waits for Punk to get up and then he goes to the turnbuckles but misses a back senton when Punk moves out of the way.
Punk punches Rollins and hits a leg lariat followed by a series of double sledges. Punk tries for a Go To Sleep but Rollins counters and tries for a sunset flip but Punk drops down and gets a near fall. Punk with a knee and Irish whip. Punk tries for the running knee into the corner but Rollins blocks it and Rollins with a Buckle Bomb for a near fall.
Rollins punches Punk. Rollins misses Black Out. Punk misses a kick and Rollins with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Roman tells Rollins to finish him. Rollins mocks Punk by saying that someone is going to sleep. Rollins gets Punk on his shoulders but Punk gets to his feet. Punk with a knee against the ropes followed by a short arm clothesline and Punk goes up top but Rollins rolls across the ring. Rollins with a flatline into the turnbuckles. Ambrose taunts Punk while Rollins recovers.
Rollins goes up top but Punk kicks the ropes and Rollins is crotched. Punk tries for a superplex but Rollins blocks it and Punk is sent to the ropes. Rollins with a cross body but Punk rolls through and applies the Anaconda Vice. Ambrose and Reigns tease getting into the ring and that allows Punk and Rollins to alternate inverted suplex attempts. Punk tries for the Go To Sleep but Rollins escapes. Rollins with an Asai DDT for a near fall.
Punk with a back body drop of Rollins onto Reigns and Ambrose. Punk goes for a suicide dive and Rollins with an enzuigiri. Rollins goes for a slingshot move and Punk catches Rollins and hits the Go to Sleep for the three count.
Winner: CM Punk
Brad Maddox tells the referee that he wants an Intercontinental Title Match everyone can be proud of. Hunter and Stephanie interrupt and the referee leaves. Brad sucks up to Hunter and Stephanie. Since Kane is not here tonight, he wants to take a step forward.
Daniel Bryan enters and he says that he will not let 2013 end before he gets his hands on Bray Wyatt. He wants a match with him.
Brad suggests that Daniel earn it. He should face Luke Harper. If he beats Harper, he gets to face Erick Rowan. If he can beat Rowan, then he can face Daniel Bryan.
Daniel agrees to the match and leaves.
Stephanie says that Brad should watch and learn as she announces the main event for the Royal Rumble. She kisses Hunter and walks away. We go to commercial.
We are back and Stephanie McMahon comes to the stage and she wishes everyone an incredibly Happy New Year. The end of a year is often time for reflection. What would they have done differently or changed? Nothing. Under the Authority’s leadership, they have crowned a single WWE World Champion. We need to celebrate the Champion of Champions, Randy Orton.
We have a Randy Orton video package.
She says that Randy Orton deserves every accolade he has earned. Orton is a fighting champion and he will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a traditional match. No stipulations or interference. He will face John Cena.
Now we take a look at the origin of the issues between Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family.
We go to commercial.
We are back, and in three weeks, so will Batista.
Stephanie is walking in the back and she asks Hunter how she did. Hunter says that now we will know who the real man is. Hunter says to wait until we hear his announcement.
Curtis Axel is in the Super Sized Goldman Box and he says that he was one of the most dominant superstars in 2013, but let’s forget about the past. 2014 will be even more perfect for Curtis Axel.
Dolph is in the Goldman Box and says that he has some goals for 2014. He says that he will steal the show tonight and come out on top.
Match Number Two: Curtis Axel versus Dolph Ziggler
Axel with kicks but Ziggler with a drop kick. Axel Irish whips Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Axel goes to the floor and he runs Ziggler’s back into the apron and then he rolls Ziggler back into the ring. Axel gets a near fall. Axel with forearms to the head and then he rubs his forearms across the face.
Axel with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Axel with a reverse chin lock. Ziggler with elbows but Axel with a knee. Ziggler sends Axel into the corner and Axel hits the second turnbuckle as he goes head first into the turnbuckles and lands awkwardly.
Ziggler punches Axel in the corner followed by a neck breaker. Ziggler with a cross body. Ziggler tries for a Zig Zag but Axel holds on to the ropes. Axel with a rollup but Ziggler rolls through. Axel blocks the hesitation DDT and hits a neck breaker and gets a near fall. Axel slams Ziggler’s head into the mat. Ziggler with a Zig Zag for the three count.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
We will have a vote on the WWE App for Damien Sandow’s opponent, but first, you need to know how to Download the App.
Will Damien face Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, or Miz.
Big E Langston and Fandango walk in the back as we go to commercial.
Match Number Three: Big E Langston versus Fandango (with Summer Rae) for theIntercontinental Title
They lock up and Langston backs Fandango into the corner and Fandango pushes Langston away. They lock up again and Fandango with a side head lock but Langston with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Langston with a waist lock and take down. Langston rolls up Fandango for a few near falls on bridges.
Langston with another near fall. Fandango with a slap but Langston with punches. Langston runs into a boot from Fandango and Fandango with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Fandango with head butts and forearms to the back. Fandango with a punch but Langston with a shoulder tackle. Langston with a shoulder in the corner.
Langston with another Irish whip and another shoulder to the midsection. Langston gets Fandango up but Fandango gets out of the Big Ending attempt and goes to the floor. Langston goes to the floor and he hits Fandango with a shoulder tackle. Langston runs Fandango into the ringside barrier.
They return to the ring and Fandango with a kick to the knee. Fandango slams the leg into the apron. Fandango with a kick to Langston as he continues to work on the leg. Fandango with a punch to Langston. Langston with a step over leg drop and then he applies an Indian Death Lock.
Langston with punches to Fandango to get out of the hold. Langston gingerly charges into the corner and Fandango is able to move and Langston hits the ring post and then he goes to the floor as we go to commercial.
We are back and Fandango continues to work on the leg and he punches Langston before dropping a knee on the leg. Fandango chokes Langston and then they exchange punches. Fandango with shoulders in the corner. Fandango with a short arm clothesline and then he returns to the Indian Deth Lock and then he goes to a reverse chin lock on Langston’s back.
Langston backs Fandango into the corner and Langston with clotheslines followed by a set up for a belly-to-belly suplex but Fandango with head butts to get out of the hold. Fandango is sent to the apron and Langston with a belly-to-belly over the top rope. Fandango with a kick to the leg when Langston goes for the Ultimate Warrior Splash.
Fandango with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Fandango goes up top for the FandangoBama Jam and he connects but Langston rolls to the floor and Fandango shows some frustration. Fandango goes to the apron and he drop kicks Langston. Fandango rolls Langston back in and he kicks Langston in the midsection.
Fandango runs into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then Langston with a body block and the Ultimate Warrior Slam. The straps are down and he gets Fandango up for the Big Ending and hits it for the three count.
Winner: Big E Langston
It is time for the next step in the feud between The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. We see the night that Daniel Bryan was carried out of the arena.
We go to commercial.

We are back and next week, CM Punk will face Roman Reigns on Old School Raw.
Booker T comes out and he is with some of the wrestlers celebrating New Year’s. Booker says that 2013 has been great for the WWE. It has given us memories that will last a lifetime. 2014 will be that much better. It will be a new day and a new beginning. We need something to get us spinning into 2014. It is time for a New Year’s Spinaroonie.
We are interrupted by Wade Barrett for some Bad News. He rises from the side of the stage.
Wade demands some decorum. He says that we are not going to end the year with a Spinaroonie. New Year’s is about realizing dreams and new opportunities. He has bad news. 2014 will not bring us the end of government corruption or natural disasters. It will only bring us one step closer to the apocalypse. All of you are going to stab each other in the back in pursuit of money to say that you have a bigger flat screen than your neighbors.
Everyone will continue to poison the environment while holding out your hands for donations. That will happen until Mother Nature takes your homes.
People will continue to follow the latest trends instead of worrying about the real problems in the world.
Renee Young is in the interview area with Damien Sandow. Damien says that he has been disrespected all year. He has been in ridiculous stipulation matches. He does not care who his opponent is. If he cannot beat his opponent, Damien says that he will quit.
We go to commercial.
We are back and it is time to find out who Damien Sandow wrestles in what could be his final match.
Match Number Four: Damien Sandow versus Great Khali
Sandow with a punch followed by a kick. Khali with a punch and then he sends Sandow into the turnbuckles. Khali with a chop across the chest. Khali takes Sandow into another corner and he chops Sandow. Khali with a head butt and he sets for a power bomb but Sandow goes to the apron.
Sandow drops Khali on the top rope but he runs into an elbow. Sandow with a drop kick to the knee and then he drops elbows on the leg and then he kicks Khali in the hamstring and he kicks Khali in the injured leg. Sandow gets a near fall.
Sandow with an elbow drop to the injured knee. Sandow with a kick to the head followed by a few knee drops. Sandow with a forearm to Khali’s head and he gets a near fall. Sandow with another kick to the hamstring and he continues to work on the leg. Sandow with a KneeDT followed by an elbow to the leg. Sandow with kicks to Khali and then he hits the Elbow of Disdain but he can only get a two count.
Khali with a chop from his knees and he struggles to get to his feet. Khali with a boot to Sandow followed by clotheslines. Sandow backs into the corner to avoid the chop. Khali grabs Sandow by the head for the Khali Krush, but Sandow sends Khali into the turnbuckles and Sandow gets the three count with a rollup.
Winner: Damien Sandow
We see what happened three weeks ago on Smackdown with the Wyatts and Daniel Bryan.
R Truth is walking in the back with Xavier Woods, Cameron, and Naomi.
We go to commercial.
Match Number Five: R Truth (with Xavier Woods ) versus Brodus Clay
Brodus with a shoulder and then he runs Truth into the corner. Clay punches Truth in the corner. Clay misses a splash into the corner. Truth with a split and then he does another split and connects with a punch. Clay with a punch. Clay with a heart punch followed by a forearm to the back. Clay with a double thrust to the chest and then he punches Truth in the corner.
The referee warns Clay and Clay stands on Truth’s back. Clay with a knee drop to the back. Truth with a punch and Clay with a Sheeeplex. Clay with a back breaker but Truth escapes. Clay with a forearm to the kidneys. Clay with a punch to the kidneys. Clay with a hard Irish whip.
Clay with a splash to the back. Clay picks up Truth and he connects with a forearm to the back. Clay with a back breaker over his shoulder and Clay drops Truth and then Clay with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Clay with a splash to the back in the corner and then he gives him another one.
Woods gets up from the announce table and he calls for Cameron and Naomi.
Truth with a kick followed by What’s Up from the turnbuckles and he gets the three count.
Winner: R Truth
After the match, Woods does some dancing in the ring with R Truth, Cameron, and Naomi. Clay thinks about hurting someone but he decides to stay on the stage.
Triple H is walking in the back. Are you ready for a big announcement? We go to commercial.
We are back and it is time for Triple H to show us what is more important than the main event of the Royal Rumble.
2013 was an epic year for The Authority. He guarantees that 2014 will be like nothing we have seen before. Hunter introduces someone who is coming back to the WWE.
Brock Lesnar emerges and does the Brock Bounce. Then he makes his way to the ring and he is accompanied by Paul Heyman.
Hunter and Brock exchange glances across the ring and then Hunter offers his hand to Brock and Brock shakes it.
Paul Heyman introduces himself and he points out that The Beast is Back. In this age of transparency, his client has authorized him to tell everyone of his mission statement in WWE. His client BROCK LESNAR is not here to settle old scores. You fight Brock Lesnar, you lose to Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar forgets about you.
Brock is not here as an instrument of revenge against anyone who has done wrong to Paul Heyman. Paul says that he is a bigger man. This is not about him. This is about his client,BROCK LESNAR.
Why is Brock Lesnar back in WWE? Brock declares his desire to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That means that for John Cena and Randy Orton, that the one who emerges from the Royal Rumble as champion, the winner is ultimately the loser. The Champion will have to face the challenge of the self declared Number One ContenderBROCK LESNAR.
Brock says that he does not care if it is Randy Orton or John Cena. As far as he is concerned, there ain’t nobody in this company or this building who can stop him . . . Brock Lesnar. He does not have to win a Royal Rumble match to challenge for the title. He does not have to stand in some line for a title match.
The line starts behind him. Brock dares anybody to come down here to try to do something about that.
Paul says that there is no one man enough to take Brock up on that challenge. What Brock Lesnar wants, Brock Lesnar takes.
Mark Henry interrupts Paul speaking Brock’s name.
Mark stands on the stage and he slowly makes his way to the ring.
Henry gets in the ring and Lesnar with a knee that sends Henry to the floor. Henry sends Brock over the ringside barrier and into the crowd. Henry follows after Lesnar and Lesnar runs Henry through the ringside barrier.
Lesnar picks up Henry and then he gets Henry on his shoulders for an F-5 on the floor.
Heyman tells Lesnar that Mark has gotten the message and he understands.
We go to commercial.
We are back with footage of what Brock Lesnar did to Mark Henry.
Match Number Six:Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eva Marie, Cameron, and Naomi versus Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, and Kaitlyn
Eva Marie and Kaitlyn start things off and they lock up. Kaitlyn with a waist lock. Eva escapes and blows kisses but Kaitlyn with a drop kick. Kaitlyn with an Irish whip and back breaker for a near fall. Eva with a kick and slap followed by a side head lock. None of the Total Divas want to tag in and she slaps Cameron. Kailtyn gets a near fall with a rollup.
Alicia makes the blind tag and Cameron with a head scissors and forearms in the corner. Alicia with an Irish whip and Cameron tries to float over but Alicia counters and gets a near fall. Summer tags in and she chokes Cameron. Rosa tags in and she kicks Cameron. Aksana tags in and she pulls Cameron out of the corner.
Aksana gets a near fall. Aksana with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Aksana sends Cameron to the mat and she kicks Cameron in the back. Aksana with a kick to the midsection. Aksana gets a near fall. Nikki tags in and she takes Aksana to the mat and follows with drop kicks.
Nikki with a flying clothesline into the corner followed by a torture rack. Everyone gets into the ring and the referee lets the match continue. Aksana runs into an elbow and Rosa tries to interfere. Aksana pulls Nikki off the apron and hits an elbow driver to the neck for the three count.
Winners: Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, and Summer Rae
We take a look at what happened two weeks ago on Smackdown when Daniel Bryan was thrown off the loading dock.
We go to commercial.
We are back and it is time to take a look back at Tribute to the Troops.
Brad Maddox apologizes for the situation with the referee in the Khali/Sandow match.
Stephanie says that she has been impressed with Brad’s work tonight. Brad says that he has a lot of Stephanie’s favorites lined up. Stephanie asks about Hunter’s favorites. Brad woooos and Hunter tells him not to do it.
It is almost time for the Daniel Bryan Gauntlet and we look at what happened last week on Raw.
Match Number Seven: Daniel Bryan versus Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan) in a Wyatt Family Gauntlet
Harper backs Bryan into the corner and he connects with an uppercut. Harper misses a clothesline and elbow but Bryan with a forearm and punches. Bryan with kicks and then Harper with an Irish whip and Bryan with a drop kick to the knee. Bryan with more kicks to the legs. Bryan wraps the leg in the ropes and Bryan with a kick and punch. Bryan with a drop kick to the knee. Harper kicks Bryan away.
Bryan with more kicks to the leg and a dragon screw leg whip and then Bryan with a surfboard and a dragon sleeper. Harper gets out of the hold and he struggles to get back to his feet in the corner. Bryan with kicks and European uppercuts. Harper with a punch and Bryan goes down.
Harper with a boot to the chest. Harper with a chop and punch followed by an uppercut. Bryan with punches and kicks but Harper with a punch and chop to Bryan. Harper looks to Wyatt for guidance. Bryan with a punch but Harper with a knee and then he face washes Bryan in the ropes.
Harper slingshots Bryan’s throat into the middle rope. Wyatt tells Harper to finish it. Harper with a Gator Roll to Bryan into a side head lock. Bryan with punches to Harper but Harper with a back elbow. Harper with an uppercut and punch in the corner. Harper with an Irish whip but he misses a charge into the corner and Bryan with a drop toe hold and drop kick in the corner. Harper catches Bryan on a second attempt and Harper with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Harper has Bryan in the side head lock. We see footage from the commercial when Harper Irish whipped Bryan repeatedly into the ringside barrier. Back to the live action and Harper with a punch. Harper with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner and he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan charges at Harper and Harper goes over the top rope when Bryan ducks.
Bryan with a suicide dive and then he goes for a second one. Bryan with kicks to Harper against the ringside barrier and then they return to the ring. Bryan goes up top for a missile drop kick. Bryan kips up and he kicks Harper in the chest. Bryan misses a round kick with the left, but not with the right and he gets a near fall. Bryan with kicks in the corner and he puts Harper on the turnbuckles. Bryan goes for a super rana but Harper blocks it and hits a super sit out power bomb but Bryan kicks out at two.
Harper with a forearm to the head that staggers Bryan. Harper with a chop and punch. Bryan with punches to Harper but Harper with a half nelson suplex for a near fall. Bryan gets Harper in the Yes Lock and Harper bites Bryan to escape the hold. Harper with a boot to the head. Harper with punches to Bryan. Harper tries for another half nelson suplex but Bryan lands on feet. Bryan with the flying knee for the three count.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
Match Number Eight: Daniel Bryan versus Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper) in the Wyatt Family Gauntlet
Rowan throws Bryan to the floor and Rowan follows. Rowan with an Irish whip into the ring steps. Rowan picks up Bryan and tosses him over the announce table.
We go to commercial.
We are back and Rowan with the double atomic noogie. Bryan with forearms but Rowan elevates Bryan into the air and drives him into the mat. Rowan gets a near fall. Rowan punches Bryan. Rowan puts Bryan on the turnbuckles and he slaps Bryan in the chest. Rowan picks up Bryan and hits a fallaway slam from the turnbuckles.
Bryan with a small package for the three count.
Winner: Daniel Bryan
After the match, Rowan with elbow drops to Bryan and Harper pulls Rowan out of the ring.
Match Number Nine: Daniel Bryan versus Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) in the Wyatt Family Gauntlet
Wyatt stands with his back to Bryan and Rowan and Harper attack Bryan and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Daniel Bryan (by disqualification)
After the match, Rowan and Harper continue to attack Bryan and send him into the ringside barrier. Wyatt stands in the corner while Harper sends Rowan into the turnbuckles for a splash on Bryan. Rowan sends Bryan into Harper for a lariat. Harper and Rowan hold Bryan up for a double choke slam.
Wyatt tells Bryan to walk with the reapers and leave this world behind.
He tells Bryan that this is where their story ends. He has no mercy left to give. It could have been different. It is Bryan’s fault. He is going to punish him. He wants Bryan to open his eyes and look at his dismay. This is the end.
Bryan says that Wyatt is right.
Bryan takes the mic and he tells Wyatt that he is right. He says that Bray was always right. No matter how many matches he won. No matter how loud these people cheered for him, Bray was always right. The machine would never let him win. No matter how loud the people chanted.
The people chanted “YES” in every building and they did not care. Bryan says that he is Bray’s. He wants to join the Family.
Wyatt offers his hand but he pulls it away from Daniel and he tells Daniel to crawl. Bray picks up Daniel and kisses him on the forehead before giving him Sister Abigail.
Bray says that this is going to change everything.
Harper and Rowan pull Bryan to the apron and then they help him up the ramp.
Bryan walks up the ramp on his own and he follows Bray onto the stage.
Bray holds out his hand again while the crowd chants “NO”.
Bryan hears the crowd as they chant for him. Bryan thinks about it and he walks dejectedly to the back.
We go to credits.

Technical Issues During 12/30 Raw

The feed for last night's 12/30 WWE RAW from Richmond had a few technical issues. The DirecTV feed on the west coast had a messed up feed during the Brock Lesnar segment and the Divas match that followed, while Shaw Cable in Calgary lost the HD feed early in the third hour. The SD feed of the show was reportedly still available to view.

Opinionated View- Of course not seeing Mark Henry and The Divas match usually makes Raw better. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

WWE Title Match Set for 2014 Royal Rumble

Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship will be the main event of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Stephanie McMahon made the announcement and labeled it a "traditional title match" and stated that the winner would be determined by pinfall or submission.

Opinionated View- Shit again.. And before anyone goes "Let it go bro. You should be happy that means they won't' main event mania." There is a good chance regardless of who win the title match the loser will enter the rumble and win it. 


12/30 WWE Superstars taping spoilers

1. Jack Swagger defeated Tyson Kidd. Swagger submitted Kidd via the Patriot Lock.

2. The Usos beat Prime Time Players. The Usos won after a double superkick and splash on Titus O'Neil.


12/27 WWE Smackdown Viewership

The 12/27 WWE Smackdown on Syfy drew 2.85 million viewers. This is up from last week's show that drew 2.72 million viewers.


Update On Brock Lesnar's Status With WWE and Possible Royal Rumble Involvement

MMA Fighting reports that Brock Lesnar is still very much a part of WWE and will have a match at the Royal Rumble this year.

The rumors that Lesnar would go back to the UFC was simply a publicity stunt to build up attention for his return tonight on Monday Night RAW. Lesnar is under an exclusive contract with WWE that doesn't expire until WrestleMania XXXI in 2015. It's not likely that Vince McMahon and Triple H would let him work a major fight for the UFC while under contract for them. 

Lesnar is set to wrestle at the 2014 Royal Rumble, although it's unknown if he will be in the Rumble match itself. His return on RAW will lead into a program at the event, which Lesnar hasn't appeared on in ten years. The plan for WrestleMania, as previously reported, is to have Lesnar fight The Undertaker. Rumors of the match started in 2010 when Undertaker was at the UFC event where Lesnar lost the UFC Heavyweight title and the two had a heated (and allegedly scripted) conversation. 

Opinionated View- Brock vs Taker is going to suck. Brock can have a good match but he needs someone like Punk to lead him through it. Ego manic Taker is not that guy. First Taker is a shell of his former self and won't' be able to do a lot of the big moves Brock uses. Second Taker is an ego manic so he's not going to be willing to make Brock look good. I full expect Taker to be in full "I'm not felling it" mode.


TNA Taping #OldSchool Tonight

TNA will be taping the "One Night Only: #OldSchool" PPV special tonight (12/30) in Poughskeepie, New York at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.
The following card is scheduled for the event to air later in 2014:
1. Monster's Ball: Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss
2. Last Man Standing: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm
3. Falls Count Anywhere: Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer
Also advertised: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Bad Influence, The Bro-Mans, Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young, Chris Sabin, Velvet Sky and Lei'D Tapa.

Another Name Set to Return on Raw Tonight

Mike Johnson is reporting that along with the earlier report that Brock Lesnar will be returning to WWE tonight at the 12/30 RAW in Richmond, Virginia, Paul Heyman will be returning to the company tonight as well.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top Name Expected to Return at Raw

Brock Lesnar is expected to make his return to WWE at the 12/30 RAW taping tonight in Richmond, Virginia. Lesnar was referenced in a promo at the Smackdown taping on Sunday in Washington, DC indicating he is scheduled for RAW later tonight.

Opinionated View- Not  shocking given we are close to the Rumble and the kick off to the Road to WrestleMania. And no matter what the fans may think of Brock WWE pays him a ton of money and views him a special act. So yeah before the big four Brock is going to return no matter how much I wish he wouldn't.


WWE Smackdown and Main Event Spoilers

Main Event

* Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston.

* Naomi & Cameron defeated Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes.

* MizTV with Brodus Clay. Clay has new, darker theme music and wears a pimp suit and carries a chain. Tensai confronted him and they had a brief brawl. 


The Usos defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by CQ when Dean Ambrose interfered. CM Punk makes the save and Vickie Guerrero turns it into a six man tag to headline the first Smackdown of 2014 tonight.

R-Truth defeats Fandango. Naomi and Cameron were with Truth.

WWE Tag Team champions Goldust and Cody Rhodes defeated The Wyatt Family. Really good.

Nikki Bella pinned Aksana.

WWE Intercontinental champion Big E. Langston pinned Curtis Axel with the Big Ending.

CM Punk and The Usos defeated The Shield after Punk nailed Dean Ambrose with the GTS. Great main event.


12/29 TNA One Night Only Hardcore Justice PPV taping results spoilers

Surprisingly good attendance considering the rough weather and the Pats game. The Lowell Memorial Auditorium holds 2,800 and must've had around 2,000 people in attendance. A hot crowd throughout the show with most in attendance being familiar with the product. 

The show kicked off with EC3 interrupting Jeremy Borash as he was delivering the opening address and excusing him from the ring. EC3 welcomed everyone and said 3 letters were synonymous with hardcore: EC3. He said all of the money we spend goes to his trust fund. Fans chanted "we want Dreamer" and Tommy Dreamer came out to a good reaction.

1. Ethan Carter III beat Tommy Dreamer in a table match. Everything you'd expect from Dreamer in 2013: beer spitting, things dropkicked in faces, etc. But the crowd was really into it and was solidly behind Dreamer. Carter hit a spinebuster through a table leaned in the corner for the win.

The Bro Mans came out without their Tag Titles, so look for them to drop them before this airs. They ran down Team Angle and said none of them were hardcore. They called Dewey Barnes in from the merch stand and introduced him as the fourth member of Team Angle. He threw out some t-shirts and then had a long, pointless, and not funny pose-down and push-up contest with Jesse. At 9 push-ups, Jesse dropped Dewey and the heel duo hit their double team finish to leave Dewey laying. That said whoever is the real fourth member will end up the same. 

2. Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe by DQ. Good match, Roode got the DQ win with the old Eddie Guerrero smokin' gun, where he tossed Joe a trash can and bumped, only for the referee to turn and see Joe with the can and call for the bell. With that, Team Roode has the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown.

3. Lei'd Tapa pinned Velvet Sky in a streetfight. Mediocre match. Tapa won with a TKO-style stunner. 

4. Eric Young and Joseph Park beat Bad Influence in a Full Metal Mayhem match. Good match with some impressive spots and big bumps. The crowd chanted "We want Abyss" several times but didn't get their wish. Young scored the win with an elbow drop off the top of the ladder.

Borash came out and instigated sound bytes of the arena cheering and booing, probably to pipe in in post-production. 

Before the next match, Bully Ray got heat by playing up on being from NYC. Mr. Anderson said he didn't want to put Bully on a stretcher because he didn't want Bully to receive medical attention, and he had the match changed to a last man standing match.

5. Bully Ray beat Mr. Anderson in a last man standing match. Old fashion double juice job. Anderson got the visual win with a Plunge and Kenton Bomb onto a guardrail but the ref was bumped. Bully shoved Anderson into the ringsteps which had been brought into the ring and Anderson couldn't answer Hebner's ten count.

Intermission to set up the cage.

6. Austin Aries beat Chris Sabin in an Xscape match. Nothing too dangerous or risky, but good athleticism throughout. Lengthy, competitive, good match that Aries won after crotching Sabin on the top rope and escaping the cage.

7. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, James Storm, Samoa Joe, and Abyss) beat Team Roode (Bobby Roode, Magnus, and The Bro Mans) in a Lethal Lockdown match. Typical War Games style match, but the crowd was super into it. Abyss pinned Robbie E after a superkick and a Black Hole Slam on a barbed wire board.

TNA Star Possibly Injured

Jessie Godderz may have been injured during TNA's house show in Westbury, Long Island. Godderz reportedly injured his leg while taking a suplex from Joseph Park

Opinionated View- Hopefully it won't be a serious injury. As the guy has really grown into his own since Bound For Glory. If the need to cover they could Freebird Rule the Tag Belts with DJ Zema Ion filling in with the BroMans. 


2013 Tribute to the Troops viewership

WWE Tribute to the Troops finished with 2.3 million viewers, according to Zap2It.com. Viewership was up from the 1.31 million average from last week. But  the show also aired as a two-hour special on USA Network last year, which likely cut into the one-hour NBC special number.

Opinionated View- So it appears there wasn't really a huge jump in viewership instead with only one show to watch people that wanted to watch it had to watch this one. 


TNA Taping Hardcore Justice

TNA will be taping the "One Night Only: Hardcore Justice" PPV special tonight (12/29) in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. The taping starts at 6:00 p.m. ET.
The following card is scheduled for the event to air later in 2014:
Lethal Lockdown Cage Match
Team Angle vs. Team Roode
Stretcher Match
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
Full Metal Mayhem Match
Abyss and Eric Young vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Steel Cage X Division Xscape Match
Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin
Street Fight Match
Lei'D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky
Tables Match
EC3 vs. Tommy Dreamer

WWE Tribute to the Troops Results

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.
Michael Cole and JBL welcome everyone to the show as Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan makes his way to the ring to a tremendous reception. A video talks about how WWE wants to thank the troops who are at home and abroad.
Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
They circle the ring and lock up. Wyatt quickly tosses Bryan to the corner. Bryan comes back with some kicks, but Wyatt pushes him into the ropes, misses a clothesline, and hits a flying back elbow. Wyatt punches him in the corner before whipping him hard to the opposite corner. A big “YES!” chant breaks out. Wyatt mocks the crowd before punching Bryan. Wyatt sends him to the corner, but Bryan backflips over him. Bryan then ducks a clothesline and hits a flying elbow. Bryan kicks away at Wyatt before hitting a big roundhouse to the skull. Bryan goes to the top rope, and he hits the Flying Goat. Bryan covers, and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan run in to cause the disqualification.
Winner by Disqualification: Daniel Bryan
The Wyatt Family goes to attack Bryan, but CM Punk’s music hits, and he runs down to the ring. Punk ducks a clothesline from Harper and gets in the ring. Punk quickly pulls the top rope down to get Harper out of the ring, and he takes both Harper and Rowan out with a suicide dive!
EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero comes out and demands order. Vickie demands that Bray Wyatt leave the ring. She says the match will restart as a tag team match. It will be Luke Harper and Erick Rowan versus Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.
-Commercial Break-
Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt
We join the match in progress to see CM Punk tag in Daniel Bryan. They kick away at Erick Rowan in the corner. Rowan reverses a whip on Bryan and hits a back elbow. Luke Harper is tagged in, and he drops a pair of elbows for a two count. Harper applies a chin lock, but Bryan soon fights up and elbows out. Bryan hits the ropes, and Harper takes him down with an avalanche. Rowan drops an elbow for a two count. Rowan applies a neck vice, but Bryan fights up and elbows out. Bryan goes for a running cross-body, but Rowan catches him and hits the fall-away slam. Rowan then goes for a big splash, but Bryan moves out of the way.
CM Punk is tagged in, and he clotheslines Rowan a few times, but he doesn’t go down. Punk ducks a clothesline and gives him a roundhouse to the skull. Punk then goes to the apron and hits a springboard clothesline that takes him down. Punk hits a high knee followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Punk signals for his finisher. Punk gets Rowan up for the GTS, but Wyatt comes in and punches him in the back. The referee calls for a disqualification.
Winners by Disqualification: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk
The Wyatt Family begins to beat up on Punk and Bryan until John Cena’s music hits. Cena makes his way to the ring to a tremendous reception. Cena takes the Wyatts out and stands tall in the ring with Punk and Bryan.
EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero is back again, and the crowd is booing her loudly. Vickie says the match will restart as a six-man tag team match.
-Commercial Break-
Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family
We join the match in progress to see Wyatt avalanche Punk in the corner. Wyatt then looks at him upside down from the corner before tagging in Harper. Harper grabs Punk, and he does his trademark gator roll before applying a chin lock. Punk fights up, and he begins to elbow out, but Harper pushes him off. Punk bounces right back with a swinging neckbreaker. Punk goes to make a tag, but Harper knocks both Cena and Bryan off the apron. Harper drops Punk with a brainbuster, but the referee was jaw-jacking with Cena. Rowan is tagged in, and he hits Punk with a backbreaker for a near fall. Wyatt is tagged in, and he kicks Punk in the ribs before setting him up on the top turnbuckle. Punk fights Wyatt off, and he takes him down with a cross-body block.
Cena and Harper are tagged in. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of shoulder blocks. Cena follows up with a back suplex powerbomb before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Harper slides off. Harper kicks him in the midsection, and Cena quickly counters back with an STF. Rowan breaks up the submission. Punk and Bryan run in to take Wyatt and Rowan out. Punk hits Harper with a GTS. Bryan quickly follows up with his Running Knee. Cena then picks Harper up for the AA, and he picks up the win.
Winners by Pinfall: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and John Cena
Bruce Willis and Ryan Seacrest thank the troops for all of the sacrifices they give. Jeff Dunham will perform later. Daughtry will perform, next.
-Commercial Break-
Santino Marella is seen power walking his way to the ringside area. Michelle Beadle is ringside with the Joint Base Commander, Colonel Hodges. Col. Hodges talks about how special it is for the WWE to come out and honor the troops as well as the United States of America.
Santino Marella gets in the ring, and he says, “It’s time for some rocking and rolling all night long.” Marella then introduces Daughtry. Daughtry and his band perform the song, “Waiting for Superman.”
Fandango makes his entrance with Summer Rae. He’ll be in action, next.
-Commercial Break-
Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs. R-Truth
Fandango shakes his hips before locking up with R-Truth. R-Truth takes him down with a headlock takeover. Fandango grapevines the head, but R-Truth kips up. R-Truth applies a side headlock, but Fandango whips him off. R-Truth hangs on to the ropes, and he does a little jig for Fandango. R-Truth splits under a clothesline and hits a hip toss. R-Truth goes for the ten punches in the corner, but Fandango goes under him and rips him off the ropes. Fandango clotheslines him down before hitting the ropes. R-Truth quickly takes him down with a jumping calf kick. R-Truth hits some clotheslines before hitting a sit-out front suplex for a two count. R-Truth goes for a Scissor Kick, but Fandango moves. R-Truth approaches him, and Fandango kicks him in the face. Fandango runs at him, and R-Truth surprises him with the “What’s Up?” for the win.
Winner by Pinfall: R-Truth
Alec Baldwin and Will Ferrell (with a Ron Burgundy impression) thank the troops for their sacrifices.
Jeff Dunham will perform, next.
-Commercial Break-
The Bella Twins come out to introduce Jeff Dunham to the crowd. Dunham is joined by his puppet Peanut, and they rip on “The Night Before Christmas.” Topics jokes about are the Obamacare website, Michelle Obama’s weight loss initiative, and Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs.
Big Show’s music hits, and he joins Dunham and Peanut. Big Show says he hates to interrupt them, but he’s been waiting all day to perform for the troops. Peanut says Dunham wants his Barry Manilow CD back from Big Show.
Damien Sandow comes out with a microphone. Sandow says the holiday season brings out all kinds, but so far we’ve seen a bearded dwarf, a “family” with a man dressed as a lamb, a ballroom dancer, an overzealous, underachieving rapper, and now a 7-foot, 450-pound giant who needs to be chopped down by the superstar whose New Year’s Resolution is to be the Champion of Champions.
Big Show vs. Damien Sandow
Charles Robinson, my favorite referee ever, is the official for this match. Sandow quickly applies a waistlock, but Big Show breaks out and knocks him down with his backside. Big Show head-butts him to the corner and does a stink face. Sandow is gagging as Big Show picks him up to chop his chest. Sandow chops away at Big Show’s chest, but it doesn’t affect him. Sandow tries to play cool, but Big Show chops him down. Big Show hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting a butt bump in the corner and a running shoulder block. Big Show drops Sandow with a Chokeslam before signaling for the Knockout Punch. Sandow slowly gets to his feet, and Big Show knocks him out with a big right hand for the win.
Winner by Pinfall: Big Show
Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring with John Cena and CM Punk. They’re doing a “YES!” chant. The rest of the WWE Superstars who performed on the show join them. Everyone gets in the ring and does the “YES!” chant. They then go around the ringside area and high five the troops.