Monday, February 29, 2016

Rusev Announces Bodyslam Challenge for Raw

 Rusev has made his big announcement for tonight’s Raw.  In a Twitter post the League of Nations member says anyone who can bodyslam him tonight will win a Maserati Gran Turismo:

Opinionated View- Oh for fuck's sake. Did some idiot watch an old Andre the Giant or Big John Studd segment. Also this makes no god damn sense. Rusev has been slammed before.

TNA to Celebrate Kurt Angle’s Final Week With The Company

TNA sent out the following today, announcing that starting tomorrow they are celebrating Kurt Angle’s final week with the company…
· Final two matches of decade-long TNA IMPACT WRESTLING career
· Exclusive content delivered daily and social media
· Fans invited to share favorite Kurt Angle TNA moment using #ThankYouKurt
· Exclusive commemorative Farewell Tour bundle available at
NASHVILLE, TENN. – Feb. 29, 2016 – In celebration of his storied decade-long career with TNA (Total Nonstop Action), IMPACT WRESTLING is dedicating March 1-8 as Kurt Angle Week.
The Olympic Gold Medalist and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will close out his illustrious tenure with the company as he fights in his final matches the next two weeks on IMPACT WRESTLING airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Pop. (click here to find where you can watch Pop).
On the March 1 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, Angle, who is the first and 6-time TNA World Champion, will kick off the show in a penultimate main event that pits him against TNA original Bobby Roode.
On the March 8 broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING, Angle will battle a man many have called his protégé – a decorated amateur and professional wrestler whose career path is strikingly similar to his own, the Destroyer Lashley
Beginning Tuesday, March 1, will deliver exclusive content spanning Angle’s 10 years with TNA, with never-before-seen footage, greatest moments and interviews with IMPACT WRESTLING Stars and Knockouts, past and present, on how Angle has influenced them and the entire professional wrestling industry.
Fans are also invited send a thank you video message to Kurt, or share a favorite Kurt Angle TNA moment or memory via social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using#ThankYouKurt and tagging @IMPACTWRESTLING. Select fan video messages will be featured on and on the March 8 broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING.
Fans can also own a part of history with the commemorative Kurt Angle Farewell Tour bundle, which includes a Farewell Tour t-shirt, Farewell Tour poster, select 8×10 marking key moments in Angle’s career and other Angle-themed merchandise, available now exclusively at

Opinionated View- I love this. We don't enough to celebrate the all time great as the wrap up there full time career. Hell many times we don't really get a chance it's a situation where a guy is cut or like Bret Hart he gets hurt. And Kurt has always been the guy to do the right thing and make others look good.

The Freebirds Official For The WWE Hall of Fame

According to, the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, Buddy “Jack” Roberts and Jimmy “Jam” Garvin) are the latest additions to the 2016 Hall of Fame class. They join Sting and the Godfather in this year’s class.

WWE Raw Preview

WWE Monday Night RAW is live tonight from Nashville, Tennessee. Advertised for the show is an appearance by The Undertaker.

Opinionated View- What makes me sick is I bet some many of the IWC bots, The WWE sheep are already writing there review talking about how great a show it was. How The Undertaker just has something most people don't. I say fuck this show and fuck the Undertaker. This is a guy living off his rep. This is a guy that is BAD for business because he shows up takes the biggest paydays and never builds the next generation.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

WWE Was Discussing Revival of Brand Split Before Shane McMahon’s Return

– PWInsider Elite (via WrestlingInc) has a report on WWE apparently bringing back the brand split to TV. As previously reported, there has recently been talk in the company about bringing back the brand extension in some form or another.

According to the report, WWE has been having rumblings about giving another shot to the brand split for the last several weeks. It’s unknown how close WWE is to pulling the trigger on another brand split, but so far there has been some discussion over another brand split between Raw and Smackdown.

With Shane McMahon facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 and that matches stipulations, that does seem to suggest a return to the brand split with Shane McMahon in control of Raw, with The Authority controlling Smackdown.

Opinionated View- Well the only times Smackdown has been worth watching were during the brand split. The problem is the brand split was very hit or miss. They seemed to enforce it only when they wanted to. I would give it a chance but the issue is you got the same crap booking WWE has been dealing with.

CHIKARA Dead Man’s Chest 2/27/2016 Results

1. Jaka defeated Shynron with a headbutt counter after Jakob Hammermeier attempted to interfere.
2. Pinkie Sanchez defeated Sid Gilmore with a double stomp out of a tree of woe.
3. The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch) won a four corner elimination tag team match, earning 2 points.
– Rock Lobster & Hermit Crab were eliminated by Los Ice Creams with a spin kick from Hijo to Hermit Crab.
– Los Ice Creams were eliminated by The Devastation Corporation with a Boss Man Slam from Blaster to Jr.
– Heidi Lovelace & Dasher Hatfield were eliminated by The Devastation Corporation with two powerbombs from Flex to Heidi.
4. Young Lions Cup: The Estonian Thunderfrog retains the Young Lions Cup over the Proletariat Boar of Moldova with the Froggysplash.
5. The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama & Kobald) & Oleg the Usurper defeated The Colony (Fire Ant & Worker Ant), Amasis & Officer Warren Barksdale when Kobald pinned Barksdale with the Demon’s Toilet.
– Barksdale tried arresting Oleg when he found a sword on him, and gave him a speeding ticket when Oleg ran the ropes for “More Speed!”
– Magic Move was tope con hilo, which Amasis hit on Oleg. Fans were given new sticker sheets as a prize.
6. Jakob Hammermeier defeats Eddie Kingston with the Knockout Punch.
– Jakob called out Kingston. BDK members Jaka and Pinkie Sanchez attacked Kingston before the match, then fed him to Jakob for an easy victory. Jakob is now calling himself King Hammermeier.
7. Grand Championship: Princess Kimberlee retained over Soldier Ant with a powerbomb into the Alligator Clutch.
8. Encore Match: Rick Beanbag (formerly Scoot Tatum, formerly Chuck Taylor) pinned Wani with a pop-up powerbomb.

2/27 ROH TV taping in Las Vegas spoilers

1. Tomohiro Ishii beat Cedric Alexander to retain the ROH TV Title.
2. The Briscoes beat Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)
3. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin beat The Young Bucks.
4. Roderick Strong beat Adam Page, Matt Sydal, and Moose.
5. Cheeseburger fought an unknown wrestler to a no contest.
6. Jay Lethal (w/Truth Marinti, Taeler Hendrix beat Hirooki Goto to retain the ROH Title.
7. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly beat Kazuchika Okada and Gedo.
8. Adam Cole defeated Kushida.
9. The Motor City Machine Guns beat Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.
10. War Machine defeated Trent Barreta and Rocky Romero to retain the ROH Tag Titles.
11. Kenny Omega beat ACH.
12. Dalton Castle defeated Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Details On Why TNA Is Looking For More Investors

PWInsider has more details on why TNA is looking for investors and their current plans for growth.
– TNA is looking for investors because Dixie Carter wants the company to grow. The company has severely cut back on office space and cut talents from the UK tour who were originally scheduled for it. While they are stuck in their current state, they can’t get bigger. While their current situation can keep them afloat, it won’t make TNA profitable in the long term. TNA reportedly has a five year plan for the future. Additional investors or a new partner taking a percentage of the company will help them make that plan possible.
– All TNA operations, paychecks, etc. are coming from Nashville, TN. While Panda Energy is still technically the owner in name, they aren’t involved in any TNA operations and aren’t funding the company at this time. It’s believed this happened when Jeff Jarrett’s minority stake in the company was bought out last year. Panda has reportedly not been paying the bills for some time now.
– The new TV deals are helping to keep the company alive, but Dixie Carter wants TNA to be “a player” and can’t do that with the company in its present state.
– TNA hasn’t revealed who they are talking to yet. It’s believed that one group is in the UK and there are others in LA and NY. There are also additional meetings with POP TV.
– While TNA has been careful to say they are simply looking for partners, it’s believed that Dixie Carter would consider an offer to buy the company outright if it were the right price. John Gaburick said they were simply looking for a “strategic partner” and not a new owner. Carter has turned down sale offers in the past.

TNA Seeking Outside Investors to Come On Board

PWInsider has confirmed that TNA is seeking outside investors to come on board. The site confirmed the news with TNA EVP of Creative and Talent Relations John Gaburick following reports that Dixie Carter was in Los Angeles for the meetings, including at the Pop TV offices.
Gaburick confirmed that “TNA has been in in strategic partnership talks with several major global media companies and investment firms about the company’s next phase of growth.” He wouldn’t confirm potential partners due to the ongoing nature of the discussions.
Gaburick acknowledged that Carter was in meetings in Los Angeles and said that she and TNA’s “executive team” have been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles and New York City. He added, “TNA CEO Dixie Carter has talked in recent media interviews about the company’s execution of its 5 year growth plan” and that the meetings were in line with making those plans happen, adding, “It’s a very exciting time for TNA.”

Opinionated View- I'm sure this will led to plenty of idiots saying something to effect of "The Carters are finally giving up." When if you actually read this post it's clear that is not what's happening. We have actually heard TNA has looked for this in the past. I just want to see TNA keep growing and keep putting on the wrestling that I love.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Next Hall of Fame Announcement

PWInsider reports that the next announcement for the WWE Hall of Fame is expected to be The Fabulous Freebirds, who will be inducted by Kevin Von Erich.

ROH 14th Anniversary PPV Report

Show opens with a video package highlighting tonight's ROH World Title Triple Threat Match between Jay Lethal, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly.
Commentary welcomes us to the show and runs down the big matches tonight. Production upgrades look great on traditional PPV.
ROH TV Title: "The Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. "Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong vs. "The Infamous" Bobby Fish
Commentary talks about an altercation between Fish and Strong prior to Strong losing the TV Title to Ishii at Honor Rising Night 1 last week. We see still photos of the Strong-Ishii match. Big reactions for Fish and Ishii in Vegas. Strong grabs the title belt and holds it up during the pre-match intros.
Strong attacks both men before the bell. Ishii and Fish fire back at Strong and double team him. Ishii hiptosses Fish onto Strong. Strike exchange between Ishii and Fish. Leaping knee by Fish knocks down Ishii. Strong back in with chops. Ishii sent outside. Angle Slam by Strong on Fish gets 2. Ishii knocks Fish outside. Back suplex by Strong on Ishii for 2. Strong paintbrushes Ishii and taunts him. Ishii stands up and feels nothing on Strong's strikes. Ishii backs Strong into the corner with every Strong shot, corner clothesline, but Strong catches him with a dropkick for 2. Ishii slips out of Death by Roderick, hits a powerslam. Fish back in, running knee to the ribs of Strong in the corner. Flying forearm, then he hits Strong with an Exploder that sends Strong into Ishii. Fish gets 2. Fish and Strong fight up top, Ishii back suplexes Strong off the ropes. Ishii goes up with Fish, hits his delayed superplex for 2. Crowd chants for Ishii. Fish blocks a clothesline with a boot, but Ishii with a left-arm lariat and a stacked up powerbomb for a close 2. Ishii argues with ref Paul Turner. All three men exchange strikes with one another. Fish with shots to Strong's leg, followed by a Dragon Screw. Ishii with a headbutt to the chin of Fish, followed by a clothesline, but Strong breaks up the pin. Ishii with rapid-fire forearms to Strong, but Strong with Death by Roderick and the Sick Kick, but Ishii kicks out! Strong Hold applied, but Fish breaks up the submission. Fish with kicks to Strong and takes him down into the Fish Hook, but Strong kicks him off. Strong with the leaping Knockout Knee to Fish, but Ishii with a headbutt to Strong. Sliding Lariat to Strong gets 2.
Winner and STILL ROH TV Champion: "The Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall (Vertical Drop Brainbuster)
Ishii celebrates his title retention as Strong yells at him from outside.
We see video from ROH TV a few weeks back when Adam Page revealed himself as the man who called Steve Corino and said they would take out BJ Whitmer, leading to a pull-apart brawl between the former Decade stablemates and their match, NEXT!!
Grudge Match #1: "The Buzzsaw" BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Page
Page comes out with a really cool looking new entrance. They brawl early in the corner, Whitmer getting advantage. Page fights back, clotheslines Whitmer outside. Page hot-shots Whitmer across the barricade. Page breaks the ref's count, but it allows Whitmer to take over. Page places Whitmer on a chair and knocks him off with a running dropkick. Page goes onto the apron, but Whitmer sweeps his leg out. Whitmer then back suplexes Page across the barricade!
"BJ Sucks" chants by the crowd. Page fights back, but Whitmer goes to the eyes. Back in, snap suplex by Whitmer gets 2. Whitmer with chops, but it pisses Page off. Whitmer goes to the leg with a shot, then rakes his forearm against Page's face. Back suplex gets another 2. "Please retire" chants by the crowd towards Whitmer. Commentary talks about that Whitmer has just returned to action from a torn ACL. Whitmer chinlocks Page against the ropes and paintbrushes him. Page fights back again, hits a clothesline.
Back elbow by Page, followed by another clothesline. Shotgun Dropkick sends Whitmer into the corner. Page gets 2 as Whitmer grabs the bottom rope. Strike exchange, Whitmer avoid a leaping DDT, snap slam gets 2. Page counters the Exploder with a takedown, but Whitmer with a big boot., Page to the apron, catches Whitmer with a boot, followed by the Slingshot Flip-Over Lariat for 2. Whitmer to the apron, but he hot-shots Page across the top rope. Whitmer brings Page to the apron and goes for an Apron Piledriver that injured Whitmer 3 years ago, but Page blocks it. They fight on the apron, Whitmer spits at Page, but Page knocks him off with a big boot, then wipes out Whitmer with the Running Shooting Star Press! Page tosses in 2 chairs into the ring, then ducks a Whitmer chairshot. Ref Todd Sinclair grabs the chair from Page, allowing Whitmer to low-blow him!
Inside cradle by Whitmer steals the win.
Winner: "The Buzzsaw" BJ Whitmer by pinfall (Inside Cradle)
Afterwards, Page goes for the Rite of Passage on Whitmer, but Whitmer slips out. Security comes out to calm down Page, but he lays them all out, including hitting one with the Rite of Passage. Whitmer slithers away.
We go to a promo from Dalton Castle about his match up next with New Japan's Hirooki Goto.
"Samurai Warrior" Hirooki Goto vs. "The Peacock" Dalton Castle w/The Boys
Castle comes out with an extra array of BOYS, big reaction for Castle in Vegas. New Japan ref Tiger Hattori is reffing this match. Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. "Fan Up" chants by the crowd. Commentary talks about Goto's latest unsuccessful challenge of the IWGP Title against Okada a few weeks back and how he's been a broken man since.
Castle does his Peacock pose at Goto after some chain wrestling. No one goes down off a shoulder tackle until Goto knocks down Castle. The Boys fan Castle as Goto is backed up by ref Hattori. Goto blocks a gutwrench, but Castle with a Greco-Roman suplex. Goto fights back, but Castle blocks a kick. Goto then comes back with a Blind-Side Clothesline. Corner clothesline by Goto, followed by a Top Rope Elbow Drop for 2. Back elbow by Goto for 2. Castle comes back with a clothesline. Running corner forearm and a running high knee by Castle, then he catches Goto off the ropes and hits a Bearhug Suplex. Crowd chants for Castle. Goto counters the Bang-a-Rang, but Castle drives him into the corner. Goto fights back with the corner spinning heel kick and a Backdrop Driver for 2. Goto with a double sledge off the apron to Castle. Goto with shots to Castle, but Castle comes back with his Rope-Swing Rana. Back in, missile dropkick by Castle for 2. Goto blocks a German, but Castle hits him with the Deadlift German for a close 2. "This is awesome" chants by the crowd. Strike exchange, Castle with right hands, but Goto fires up. Goto lifts up Castle and hits Ushikoroshi for a close 2. Goto hits a big chest kick, but Castle blocks Shouten Kai.
Goto is able to hit Shouten Kai on the second try for the win.
Winner: "Samurai Warrior" Hirooki Goto by pinfall (Shouten Kai)
Code of Honor adhered to between the two again afterwards.
We see video of the goings on between the Addiction and Alex Shelley heading into Shelley vs. Daniels, which is up next.
Grudge Match #2: Alex Shelley vs. "Almighty" Christopher Daniels w/The Addiction
Brian Kendrick joins commentary for this match. Daniels stomps away at Shelley in the corner early and taunts the crowd. Shelley comes back with a back body drop. Shelley puts Daniels in the Tree of Woe and does the Groin Stomp, followed by a running dropkick. Daniels fights back, but Shelley with an inverted atomic drop. Daniels sent outside, but Kazarian trips up Shelley. Kazarian holds Shelley for Daniels, but Shelley ducks and Daniels accidentally hits Kazarian. Daniels sent outside, Shelley heads up top and wipes out the Addiction with a crossbody! Shelley knocks Kazarian off the apron, but Daniels kicks the ropes into Shelley as he comes back in. Daniels takes control and taunts the crowd. STO by Daniels for 2. Daniels continues to have control on Shelley, working him over. Shelley avoids a slingshot elbow drop. Daniels catches Shelley off the ropes and hits a Sit-Out Gourdbuster, followed by an Arabian Press to the back. Crossface applied, Shelley gets to the ropes. Daniels chokes Shelley in the ropes, then while he has ref Sinclair distracted, Kazarian with an Apron Leg Drop across the back of Shelley's head while his throat was across the bottom rope. Shelley comes back, wipes out Kazarian with a baseball slide, followed by an enziguri to Daniels.
Back elbow, clothesline, savate kick to the ribs, running dropkick to the head by Shelley. Kazarian hops up on the apron, but Shelley with a Corner Flatliner to Daniels. Shelley heads up top, crossbody to Daniels for 2. Basement Rabbit Lariat by Daniels for 2. Standing Urnangi by Daniels, but Shelley avoids the BME. Shelley with a superkick, but Kazarian distracts the ref. Sabin comes in as Daniels goes to use a belt on Shelley, but Sabin nails Daniels with an enziguri!
Shelley Clutch by Shelley for the win.
Winner: Alex Shelley by pinfall (Shelley Clutch)
Afterwards, the Addiction attack Sabin until Shelley makes the save. The former Motor City Machine Guns fend off the Addiction, sending them fleeing from the ring. Sabin & Shelley stare each other down, then embrace as the Motor City Machine Guns are back! The Guns celebrate in the ring.
We see video from ROH TV a few weeks ago when the tag match was made for tonight between Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi against the Briscoes. We go to a promo from the Briscoes about tonight's match.
#DemBoys The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) vs. #BigMike "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin & "1/100 Man of Talent" Hiroshi Tanahashi
Big reaction for Tanahashi in Vegas. Jay & Elgin start. Lock-up exchange, then a shoving match ensues until we get a strike exchange. Elgin with a shoulder tackle and a press slam. Corner clothesline, then the stalling suplex where Mark tries to break it up, but to no avail. Tanahashi in and he & Elgin hit stereo suplexes on the Briscoes, then flex for the crowd. Tanahashi & Mark tag in. Mark with a Crane Pose, but Tanahashi with an armdrag into an armbar. Mark fights back, knocks Elgin off the apron, Jay tags in. Tanahashi sends Jay outside, but Mark with a shot. Mark wipes out Elgin with a Blockbuster off the apron. Jay peppers Tanahashi with jabs and stomps, followed by a discus forearm for 2. Mark in, Russian Leg Sweep to Tanahashi for 2. Jay in as the Briscoes take control on Tanahashi. Mark back in, but Tanahashi blocks the Urnangi Suplex. Mark stops a tag and locks Tanahashi in a chinlock. Crowd wills on Tanahashi. Mark with the Cartwheel DVD, Jay tags in. Jay with a DVD, Elgin breaks up the pin. Mark back in and continues to wear down Tanahashi. Tanahashi comes back with the 2nd Rope Turnaround Crossbody.
Elgin in, Top Rope Shoulder Tackle to Mark. Two Running Elbows, but Mark with some Redneck Kung Fu. Elgin knocks Jay off the apron, Enziguri to Mark, followed by Rolling Germans, with the third one to Jay, who broke up the earlier ones to Mark. Elgin catches Mark off the ropes, spinning side slam for 2. Jay with a superkick to Elgin, but Tanahashi sends Jay outside. Mark fights back on Elgin & Tanahashi, but they hit him with a flying forearm/release German combo. Jay with a running boot that knocks Tanahashi off the apron. Elgin knocks Mark off the ropes, but Mark with more Redneck Kung Fu. Iconoclasm/Top Rope Splash combo by the Briscoes for 2. Headbutts by the Briscoes on Elgin, followed by a running boot by Jay. Elgin backdrops Mark outside, but Jay with another headbutt and a running boot. Elgin fires up and nails Jay with a clothesline, both men down.
Tanahashi in, but the Briscoes take back control. Dropkick to Mark's knees, Dragon Screw by Tanahashi to Jay. Jay with a forearm to Tanahashi to stop the Slingblade. Uncle Mule Kick by Mark knocks Elgin off the apron. Urnangi Suplex by Mark to Tanahashi. Hangman's Neckbreaker by Jay. Froggy Bow by Mark, but Tanahashi kicks out! Mark can't believe it! Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device, but Elgin breaks it up, sending Jay into Mark. Elgin with a Blu-Ray to Jay, sending him into Mark in the corner. Elgin puts Tanahashi on his shoulders and Reverse Alabama Slams him down onto Mark, but Jay breaks up the pin. Slingblade by Tanahashi to Mark.
Deadlift Powerbomb by Elgin, HIGH FLY FLOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! 1-2-3!!
Winners: #BigMike "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin & "1/100 Man of Talent" Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (Powerbomb/High Fly Flow combo)
All 4 men show respect to one another after.
IWGP Champion "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo vs. MOOSE w/Stokely Hathaway
Huge reaction for Okada in Vegas. Okada mocks MOOSE's arm pose before the match, including during the Code of Honor. MOOSE feigns going for the Corner Too Awesome Dropkick early. Okada avoids a shot, then feigns going for the Corner Too Awesome Dropkick himself, again mocking MOOSE. MOOSE then hits Okada with a big dropkick. MOOSE runs into a boot, but grabs Okada, lifts him up onto the turnbuckles and this times hits the Corner Too Awesome Dropkick! MOOSE with an uppercut to Okada outside, then swings him into the barricade and ringpost repeatedly! MOOSE charges, but Okada sidesteps him, sending MOOSE flying over the barricade and into the crowd! Okada charges and wipes out MOOSE with a running crossbody in the crowd! Crowd chants for Okada. Back in, running sliding dropkick by Okada for only a 1 count. MOOSE fights back with jabs, but Okada with a DDT, but MOOSE pops right up and hits a discus clothesline for 2. MOOSE with a powerbomb, then deadlifts Okada into a Buckle Bomb for another 2. MOOSE goes for the Hit Stick, but Okada avoids it, sending MOOSE shoulder-first into the ringpost. One-man flapjack by Okada, but MOOSE with a right hand. Okada with an uppercut, but MOOSE with a headbutt and an uppercut of his own. Okada hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee for 2. Top Rope Elbow Drop by Okada, then he does the Rainmaker Pose, signaling for the Rainmaker. Okada goes for it, but MOOSE avoids it, runs up the ropes and hits a turnaround crossbody! MOOSE goes again for the Hit Stick, mocking Okada's Rainmaker Pose, but Okada leapfrogs over him. MOOSE avoids another Rainmaker, then tries for the Rainmaker himself, but Okada with a dropkick to counter, followed by the Too Awesome Dropkick!
Winner: IWGP Champion "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (The Rainmaker)
Code of Honor adhered to after with both men doing the MOOSE arm pose.
NEVER 6-Man Titles: The Elite (IWGP Intercontinental Champion "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) (c's) vs. IWGP Jr. Champion "The Time-Splitter" KUSHIDA, IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champion #Reborn Matt Sydal & "The Last Hero" ACH
HUGE reaction for the Bucks & Omega in Vegas. KUSHIDA & Nick start. KUSHIDA with a shoulder tackle, but Nick tells him to suck it. Both men go for dropkicks and we have a stalemate, with KUSHIDA taunting Nick. Matt & ACH tag in. Matt pokes ACH in the eye. Series of evasions, ACH with a dropkick on Matt, then a Thesz Press and a Stone Cold Elbow to Omega. Matt slips out of a Stunner, Omega & Sydal tag in. "The Elite" chants for Bucks & Omega to the New Day tune. Running rana by Sydal to Omega, double rana by Sydal to the Bucks. Backflip headscissors/running dropkick combo by the Bucks knock Sydal off the apron, but into the waiting arms of Omega, CROYT'S WRATH ON THE STEEL RAMP!!! Stereo tope suicidas by the Bucks wipe out ACH & KUSHIDA!! Bucks do the "Terminator" music banging on the apron as Omega wipes out all the babyfaces with a flip dive! "Too Sweet" chants by the crowd. Back in, Omega with a backbreaker to Sydal, then the Bucks do the gutbuster/backbreaker/flipping neckbreaker combo on Sydal for 2. Nick messes with Sydal, who fights back, but Nick stops a tag as Omega knocks KUSHIDA & ACH off the apron. Nick with a spinning back elbow, but Sydal with a kick that knocks Nick down.
KUSHIDA & Omega get the tags. Springboard tomahawk chop on Omega, back handspring elbow on Nick. Omega accidentally nails Matt with the Bicycle Knee, KUSHIDA with a backbreaker to Omega, followed by wiping out the Bucks outside with a somersault plancha! Back in, KUSHIDA with a dropkick to the knees of Omega, then tells him to suck it before hitting the cartwheel dropkick. Moonsault by KUSHIDA for 2, then he goes for the Hoverboard Lock, but Omega clasps his hands to block it, then he deadlifts KUSHIDA up into a Buckle Bomb/Enziguri Combo with the Bucks! Deadlift Doctor Bomb by Omega for 2. KUSHIDA blocks the Snap Dragon, but Omega with a chop. Omega with a knee, but KUSHIDA with a Pele!
Matt & ACH tag in. Dropkick knocks Omega off the apron, followed by an Apron PK. Get Over Here back in by ACH to Matt. ACH heads up top, but Matt avoids the Dum-Dum Stomp. ACH catches a superkick, STUNNER, STUNNER!!! Nick breaks up the pin. Slingshot facebuster to ACH, but Sydal avoids the Apron Moonsault. Omega with a superkick to Sydal, ACH knocks the Bucks off the apron. AIR JORDAN by ACH wipes out the Elite outside! "This is awesome" chants by the crowd. Back in, Sydal with a spin kick to Matt, followed by the Dum-Dum Stomp by ACH for 2. Sydal with a bulldog, but Nick stops the standing moonsault with a superkick! Matt with the Suck-It Forearms to KUSHIDA, but KUSHIDA with the Fastball Punch! KUSHIDA off the ropes, SUPERKICK PARTY BY THE ELITE!! SUPERKICK TO SYDAL!! SUPERKICK TO ACH!!! Basement back elbow by Omega to Sydal, Cannonball/Enziguri Combo by the Bucks, Assisted Swanton by the Bucks, Snap Dragon by Omega all to Sydal! WOW!! TRIPLE SUPERKICK TO SYDAL!! ACH BREAKS UP THE PIN!! ACH sent outside. The Elite goes for the Tiger Hattori Special, but Sydal breaks it up! Sydal goes up with Matt, FLUX CAPICATOR!! MIDNIGHT STAR BY ACH!! 1-2....OMEGA BREAKS UP THE PIN!!! "This is awesome" chants by the crowd. Sydal heads up top, but Omega tombstones KUSHIDA outside! Sydal crotched on the ropes, ACH knocked off the apron. MELTZER DRIVER TO SYDAL!! Matt passes off Sydal to Omega.
Winners and STILL NEVER 6-Man Tag Champions: The Elite by pinfall (Meltzer Driver/One Winged Angel combo)
The Elite celebrates their title retention afterwards.
We see video on how we got to the No DQ Tag Title match, which is up NEXT!
ROH Tag Team Titles, No DQ: War Machine ("War Beard" Hanson & Raymond Rowe) (c's) vs. The All Night Express ("The Pretty Boy Pitbull" Kenny King & Rhett Titus)
Both teams begin brawling right away. War Machine take control and Snake Eyes' ANX into one another, with their heads colliding! Stereo Chest Clubs by War Machine on ANX across the barricade. Hanson grabs a table as Titus with an enziguri to Rowe. Rowe catches Titus off the apron and T-Bone Suplexes him on the floor! King charges at Hanson, but Hanson backdrops King through a table! Back in, Shotgun Knees by Rowe, Bronco Buster by Hanson to Titus, followed by a Series of Running Facewashes by War Machine. War Machine throw a bunch of chairs into the ring and wedge them in the turnbuckles. Titus sends Hanson into one of the chairs, then King does the same to Rowe. ANX send Hanson into another wedged chair. Pele Kick by King to Rowe, then ANX send Rowe into the final wedged chair. Titus chokes Hanson with a chair, then catches a garbage can thrown in by King. Titus places it over top of Hanson in the chair and ANX wipe Hanson out with shots in the corner for 2. Garbage can shot across the back of Hanson by Titus. Hanson comes back with a side slam on Titus, then Rowe slams Hanson across Titus. Double slam by War Machine to King, then Hanson with the spinning front slam to Titus. King counters the Cartwheel Clothesline with an enziguri, but Rowe hits him with the Ace-10-Maw knee strike. Titus then hits Rowe with an enziguri, but then Hanson hits ANX with a double Cartwheel Clothesline! Rowe with a Superman Punch to King, then War Machine hit him with Fallout, but King KICKS OUT!! War Machine can't believe it! King nails Hanson with a chair when War Machine goes for Fallout outside on Titus, then King slams Hanson off the top through a table outside! Back in, Rowe fights back on ANX, but Titus comes up from behind. One Night Stand by ANX to Rowe, but now its Rowe who kicks out! ANX CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! King yells at Titus to grab a ladder as King stomps away at Rowe and say that he is about to die. Commentary talks about ANX's Ladder War match with the Briscoes. Hanson with a shot to Titus as he sets up the ladder. Rowe drapes the ladder across the apron and the barricade, then catches King and hits the Urnangi Slam THROUGH THE LADDER!!!
Back in, Fallout by War Machine to Titus to retain the titles.
Winners and STILL ROH Tag Team Champions: War Machine by pinfall (Fallout)
War Machine celebrate their title retention afterwards.
We see the same opening video that highlighted the main event. Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness joins commentary for the main event.
Main Event in a Triple Threat Match for the ROH World Title: "The Greatest First Generation Wrestler" Jay Lethal (c) w/Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix vs. "The One" Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly
All three have words with one another as the bell sounds, then begin brawling with one another. Cole & O'Reilly then hit some Future Shock doubleteaming on Lethal. O'Reilly sweeps out Cole's leg, then Lethal pulls Cole outside. O'Reilly goes for a plancha, but both Lethal & Cole avoid him. Suplex by Lethal to Cole back in. Cole goes for a suplex on Lethal, but O'Reilly comes up from behind and Germans Cole at the same time. Cole avoids an enziguri by O'Reilly and hits a release German for 2. Cole enziguris Lethal off the apron, then hits a Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker to O'Reilly for 2. Lethal sends Cole outside, then knocks him off the apron with a Triangle Dropkick. Reverse DDT by Lethal to O'Reilly for 2. O'Reilly knocks Cole off the apron with a running boot, then Lethal knocks down O'Reilly for another 2. O'Reilly fights back, but Cole goes up top with him. Lethal and Cole exchange strikes, allowing O'Reilly to hit them both with a missile dropkick. O'Reilly hits his series of strikes on Cole, then Axe & Smash to Lethal. Cole with a superkick to O'Reilly's leg, but then O'Reilly with a Regalplex, but Lethal breaks up the pin. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but O'Reilly counters it with a choke applied. Cole breaks that up with a superkick to O'Reilly and a Shining Wizard to Lethal for 2. Figure Four applied, but O'Reilly locks Cole in an armbar, Cole quickly to the ropes. O'Reilly seats Cole on a chair outside, then hits a rolling elbow to Lethal, seating him on top of Cole. O'Reilly leaps off the apron and nails Cole with the running Apron Dropkick, as Lethal moved! Lethal nails O'Reilly off the apron again with a superkick, then wipes him out with the trifecta of tope suicidas! Martini comes into the ring to do the Truth-a-Rooni! Back in, Lethal blocks the Panama Sunrise by Cole and hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Cole with a pump kick to O'Reilly, followed by Lethal hitting the Lethal Injection on O'Reilly! Cole throws O'Reilly outside and hits the Brainbuster to the Knee on Lethal, but Lethal kicks out! Cole brings O'Reilly back in, but Lethal hot-shots Cole across the top rope. Tilt-a-whirl DDT by O'Reilly into a Brainbuster on Lethal for 2. Triangle Choke applied, but Cole breaks it up. O'Reilly then grabs Cole and locks him in an Ankle Lock! Referee checks the arm of Lethal three times, but Cole stops Lethal's arm from going down the third time! "This is awesome" chants by the crowd. Kawada Kicks by O'Reilly to Lethal, then shots to Cole. Double superkick by Cole & Lethal to O'Reilly, but he hits them with the Double Nigel! Brainbuster to the knee by Cole to O'Reilly, then Lethal nails Cole with a superkick!
Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: "The Greatest First Generation Wrestler" Jay Lethal by pinfall (Double Lethal Injection)
Lethal & The House of Truth celebrate his title retention as the show closes.

Pop TV Gets New Clearance

AT&T U-Verse has added Pop TV to its channel lineup making Impact Wrestling available on the service starting next Tuesday (3/1). This includes channels 185 (SD) and 1185 (HD).

 Opinionated View- Always good to hear just means more people can watch the show.

Shane McMahon Trains For WrestleMania

– In preparation for his WrestleMania 32 match, Shane McMahon is training with Muay Thai expert, Phil Nurse. Nurse is the former striking coach of UFC star George St. Pierre.

Card For Tonight's ROH PPV

The following is the card for tonight's ROH 14th Anniversary PPV from Las Vegas, Nevada:
ROH Title: Jay Lethal (c) w/Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly
ROH TV Title: Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs. Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish
ROH Tag Titles, No DQ: War Machine (c's) vs. The All Night Express
NEVER 6-Man Titles: The Elite (IWGP Intercontinental Champion Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) (c's) vs. IWGP Jr. Champion KUSHIDA, IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champion Matt Sydal & ACH
* The Briscoes vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin
* IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo vs. MOOSE w/Stokely Hathaway
* Hirooki Goto vs. Dalton Castle w/The Boys
* Alex Shelley vs. Christopher Daniels
* BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Page

Update on How Much Nakamura is Making

The Wrestling Observer has offered a little clarification on Nakamura’s contract. The site noted that Nakamura isn’t making “millions” like John Cena and Randy Orton, but is making main roster-level money.

2/25 WWE Smackdown Report

"WWE: Then. Now. Forever."
We get highlights of Fastlane's main event Triple Threat Match, as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar waged battle for a shot at Triple H and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. The match comes to an end with Reigns hitting a spear on Ambrose for the pinfall and his ticket punched for the main event of Wrestlemania! With that we're brought to a packed area in Indianapolis for another exciting edition of Thursday Night Smackdown. Triple H's music hits, bringing the COO and World Heavyweight Champion out to the ring with the belt on his shoulder, a mic in hand, and a smirk on his face. Commentary hypes the main event of Wrestlemania as Triple H sets his belt on a table before he begins to speak. Please, allow me to introduce myself: I am a man of wealth and taste, I've been around for a long, long year and lay a many a man's soul to waste. It's the Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil," and it could've been written about me. Am I the devil? Maybe, depends on who you ask. But if Roman Reigns forgot who I am, and thought there'd be no retribution for attacking me, there's no doubt in his mind any longer. We go back to Monday Night RAW for the brutal brawl between Reigns and Triple H, with Reigns being bloodied by The Game before he drives the face of Reigns into the steel steps with a Pedigree! We go back to the ring, where a smiling Triple H continues to speak. If Roman didn't remember when he was lying here on the floor in a puddle of his own blood Monday night, then on Tuesday morning when he was lying on an ice cold operating table waiting to get his shattered nose surgically repaired, I'm pretty sure it dawned on him there. He shows on the TitanTron pictures from Roman's recent surgery before continuing. That's the look of a man who knows his place, a man who has been humbled. I guess a little bit of it is my fault; the suit, the tie, the corporate role, it can be confusing…but I am the law, I am the Authority. It's human nature to wanna buck authority, to challenge law, to rebel against authority, I've even been there myself…but you can't beat authority. Roman knows it, you know it. You want to rebel, but you don't; you keep your head down, you do your job, you bow to authority. This goes out to Roman Reigns, to all of you, to anyone who hears my voice: if you meet me, have some courtesy, some sympathy and some taste; use all your well-earned policies, or I will lay your soul to waste. Roman Reigns wants to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion more than anything in the world. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be the champion. I've had to walk over a lot of people to get where I am. Roman's got the sweat down, he works hard, and I've been in the ring with him and he's good. As far as the blood goes, well…he pulls out a bloody cloth from Monday night…I've got that covered for ya, Roman. I'll get that last one at Wrestlemania, in AT&T Stadium in front of the largest crowd in history, you will be humbled and I will get those tears. I will get those tears, and there ain't a thing you can do about it, because I am the law. Because I am the Authority, because I'm the King of Kings. Because I'm The Game…and because I am the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! And, because I am that damn good! Triple H's music hits as he leaves the ring with the title as we go to the announce booth welcoming back Mauro along with the usual team of Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler. Commentary hypes the surgery Roman Reigns, imploring us to follow for the latest updates. Later tonight is a big six man tag match as The New Day take on AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and a partner to be named later! Later tonight, we look at Shane McMahon's big return to WWE on Monday night!
Back from commercial, the Lucha Dragons make their way to the ring for an eight man tag against the League of Nations! Out next is Neville, as is Dolph Ziggler. The League of Nations make their way to the ring now, looking more united than ever for this match.
Eight Man Tag Match
The Lucha Dragons, Neville & Dolph Ziggler vs. The League of Nations
Barrett and Ziggler start things off, and Barrett attacks leading into immediate chaos between all eight men in and out of the ring. The chaos ends after a double dive by the Lucha Dragons turns into a superkick by Rusev and ADR throwing Kalisto away! Meanwhile, Ziggler hits a big DDT on Sheamus but only gets a nearfall as Barrett comes running in, hitting Winds of Change for a nearfall of his own as we go to commercial!
Back from commercial, Barrett is still in control as he hits a boot for a nearfall. He tags in ADR, who attacks Kalisto on the apron before whipping Ziggler and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the nearfall. Rusev tagged in, going to work with boots and elbows for a nearfall. He taunts Ziggler before driving his back into the corner, tagging in Sheamus who hits a big suplex on Ziggler. Sheamus drops Sin Cara off the apron before taunting Ziggler, who drops the Celtic Warrior with a superkick! Ziggler reaching, getting the tag to Neville as Sheamus tags in Barrett. Neville with some hard kicks on the King, before hitting an enziguri in the corner. He climbs to the top, evading Sheamus to hit a 450 splash for a nearfall! Rusev comes in, but is dropped by Kalisto who dives on to Rusev. Cara joins him, bringing down the Bulgarian Brute as Neville looks for the Red Arrow. He hits it, but the ref is distracted as ADR hits him with a kick to the face, only for ADR to get hit with a superkick by Ziggler! Barrett tags in Sheamus, who drops Neville with a Brogue Kick for the win!
Winners via pinfall: The League of Nations
The League of Nations celebrates in the ring as we get highlights of the finish. We go to earlier in the day, where Renee Young is standing by with Kevin Owens who has a big announcement. When I was watching RAW Monday Night, I was so inspired by Dean Ambrose. The way he took that beating from Brock Lesnar and then commandeered an ambulance to confront Brock one last time. Out of the kindness of my heart, and because he's earned it, I'm going to give him his rematch. Renee points out that Dean isn't here tonight, so Kevin says he must have the night off too. A big hand on his shoulder reveals Big Show, who says Kevin hasn't beaten him yet. Owens says this is the road to KO-Mania, and what you're looking for is the road to retirement. Show grabs him by the shirt, saying the road to retirement can make one pit stop because I have a match later tonight and it's against you. He lets Owens go, walking off as we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, WWE celebrates Black History Month with a quote from Harriet Tubman before we go to ringside, where the Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring as D-Von Dudley is set for action. We go back to Monday Night RAW three weeks ago, when the Dudleys took out The Usos after their match against the New Day. The Usos make their way to the ring now, as Jimmy looks to get a bit of revenge after what happened three weeks ago. Bubba and D-Von go to the announce table for a mic, as Bubba says they know what all these people want. You want the Dudleys to come out here, pull out a table, and put somebody through it! Well you ain't getting that! We ain't a circus act, we ain't a nostalgia act, we're the nine time WWE Tag Team Champions, which makes us better than every single one of you! D-Von says we could care less what you people think about us! We do what we do for us! We will continue to do whatever we have to do. We will make sure that we are the greatest tag team, whether you like it or not. Bubba says you can take your tables and your chants and SHOVE IT!
D-Von Dudley vs. Jimmy Uso
Jimmy starts with an early flurry of offense, bringing D-Von down with an enziguri. The flurry continues as we see Bubba pulling a table out from under the ring. It turns out to be a mere distraction as Bubba drops the top rope, bringing Jimmy down hard as D-Von rolls him up for the win!
Winner via pinfall: D-Von Dudley
The Dudleys retreat up the ramp, mocking The Usos as commentary hypes up Big Show taking on Kevin Owens later tonight. Up next, we'll see what happened when Shane McMahon made his long awaited return to WWE this past Monday!
Back from commercial, we find out RAW was #1 in social media this past Monday night before we go back to this past Monday night. Vince McMahon presents the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award to Stephanie McMahon, who looks ready to give her acceptance speech when…"HERE COMES THE MONEY" Shane McMahon makes his big return to the WWE! Shane talks down Vince's decision to give the award to Stephanie before saying she and Triple H have been running the company into the ground. Shane hasn't lost his place in line! Vince offers to give Shane money, but Shane wants control of Monday Night RAW. Vince accepts, on the condition of taking one match: facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Hell in a Cell! Commentary hypes up this match, before hyping Undertaker's return to RAW next Monday! Backstage, Jericho and Styles are talking. Jericho addresses them becoming a team on Monday night, saying if we continue to be on the same page, the sky is the limit! Styles says that's why he came here, to be the best. He wants to have his Wrestlemania moment, and likes the idea that it could come as being Tag Team Champions! Jericho agrees, but says they need to have a strategy because of how good New Day are. Styles brings up the fact that tonight, there's three of them, two of us, and we need a partner. Jericho wonders who they could get, asking if he has Funaki's number after being in Japan. Styles never got it, as we hear Mark Henry offer for the WSM to join the Y2AJ. Henry says the New Day are clowns, they fool around too much. Tonight, we can teach them a serious lesson. Jericho shakes hands with Henry, who doesn't like the idea of being played. Henry slaps the shoulder of Styles, saying he'll see them out there. AJ asks Jericho if he always hits that hard, to which Jericho simply replies "…yep." We go to ringside, where Big Show makes his way to the ring for his match against Kevin Owens as we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, commentary hypes the announcement of The Godfather being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before going back to the ring where Big Show is waiting for his opponent. We go back to Monday night, where Ryback abandoned the team of Kane and Big Show en route to the Wyatt Family getting a win. Out now is the Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, belt on his shoulder as he comes to the ring.
Non-Title Match
Big Show vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens
Show shoves Owens to the mat, followed by a huge hip toss. Owens goes for some offense now, bringing Show down with a dropkick to the knee and a senton for a nearfall. Show blocks him, but Owens answers with an enziguri. Show is angry as he lays into the champ with chops in the corner, before Owens rolls out of the ring to regroup. Show grabs him by the head, but gets dropped on the top rope as Owens comes back in. Show drops the champ hard with a chokeslam, forcing Owens right back out of the ring. Show throws Owens back into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle. Owens catches him on the top rope, but Show looks for a big chokeslam before getting hung up on the rope by Owens! Show falls to the outside as the ref makes the count, calling for the bell at 10!
Winner via count out: Kevin Owens
Owens rolls out of the ring and up the ramp as Show is still looking hurt in the ring before we go to a replay of the finish. Owens shouts about "KOmania" as commentary hypes up the six man tag match later tonight as well as Becky Lynch going up against Natalya, which is up next!
Back from commercial, Natalya makes her way to the ring for a big match tonight. Out next is Becky Lynch, looking to move on after the big Divas tag match at Fastlane.
Natalya vs. Becky Lynch
Both women lock up as Natalya takes Becky down and gets a nearfall. Exchange of holds leads to a rollup by Natalya for another nearfall. Becky with a drop toe hold on Natalya, now wrenching the arm of Natalya who reverses into a hammerlock and a shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Becky with a dropkick now for a nearfall, and a leg drop and elbow before missing a hip attack as Natalya hits a German suplex! Becky rolls to the outside as Naomi and Tamina come down to the ring. Naomi attacks Natalya and Tamina hits a superkick as the ref calls for the bell!
Winner via disqualification: Natalya
Team BAD go into the ring to attack Becky, as Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring for the assist! They clear the ring of Team BAD when Charlotte's music hits, bringing out the Divas Champion with Ric Flair by her side and a mic in hand. Ladies, well done! But I just got an update on the bombshell I dropped last Monday night. The match to determine the new #1 contender, between the two of you, is this Monday! I will be at ringside to see who wants THIS (holding up the Divas Title) more. I sincerely wish the both of you the best of luck. Woo! Charlotte's music hits again as commentary hypes up a look back at what happened on Monday when Ambrose arrived to RAW driving an ambulance!
Back from commercial, the Social Outcasts make their way to the ring as Heath Slater gets ready to face off against R-Truth, who makes his way out to the ring doing the usual rap and this match is underway!
Heath Slater vs. R-Truth
Goldust makes his way to the ring as this match begins, prompting an argument between him and Truth as Goldust insists he's just going to the "neutral corner." The match officially starts as Heath gets a waistlock on Truth, who reverses with one of his own. Truth puts the brakes on, showing off his dance moves before hitting Slater with a hip toss. Truth lays into Slater with some elbows before Slater drops him with a boot. He follows with a boot to the back of Truth for a nearfall, before locking on a chinlock. Truth powers out, but Slater brings him down by the hair. Slater goes on the ropes, but runs right into a back kick by Truth! Truth with a back elbow and a gourdbuster followed by a leg drop, before Social Outcasts distract him on the apron, but Goldust hits Slater with a right hand as Truth gets a backslide for the win!
Winner via pinfall: R-Truth
Truth is realizing what happened as we get a replay of the finish. Goldust pleas his case for a tag team to Truth with a wink, and Truth appears to finally be considering it as commentary hypes up a look back at Ambrose and Lesnar at RAW, that is coming up next!
Back from commercial, we get a promo for Wrestlemania before we go back to Monday night. Paul Heyman brags about Brock's performance at Fastlane, before Ambrose decided to take his client out of the main event of Wrestlemania. We see Brock attacking Ambrose, as Heyman claims that Dean Ambrose is out of Wrestlemania entirely! Suddenly, we see an ambulance pulling up into the ramp area and Ambrose is stumbling toward the ring looking for a fight with the Beast Incarnate! Brock walks over him, starting to leave when the Lunatic Fringe challenges Brock for Wrestlemania in a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Brock walks down, promptly destroying Ambrose with an F5 before Heyman says that his client accepts the challenge! Commentary hypes the newly signed match between Ambrose and Lesnar.
The New Day make their way to the ring, a mic in Xavier's hands. First of all, we thought we were gonna get interrupted by the League of Nations…or the League of Booty, again! After Fastlane, they must have learned their lesson not to mess with the NEW DAAAY! Big E with a mic now, wanting to talk about the foul, nasty, moist, mess of a tag team that is Y2AJ and the supposed, alleged World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Kofi asks if Henry really thinks he's still the World's Strongest Man, leading to a laughing fit from the three of them. Kofi knows of a man in this very ring that would beg to differ…leading to Xavier Woods posing. Kofi says if you wanna be like Woods, make sure you eat your Booty-O's…the only cereal that makes sure you ain't booty! Woods says JeriStyles isn't a real tag team, Drake and Meek Mill would have a better chance of a successful partnership. Look at us, we are the WWE Tag Team Champions! We ride together, we eat together, we train together, we take baths together…Big E says because "New…Day Rocks!" Their music plays as they start dancing, and we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, commentary hypes the return of Undertaker to RAW this Monday night as Jericho makes his way to the ring for tonight's main event. Out next is AJ Styles, followed by Mark Henry.
Six Man Tag Match
The New Day vs. Chris Jericho, AJ Styles & Mark Henry
Kofi and Jericho start things off, Kofi with a shoulderblock but Jericho responds with a dropkick! Big E tagged in, as is Henry for a battle of the strongmen. Kofi and Woods get involved, but get brought out of the ring by Henry as Jericho and AJ hit a dive on them! The three men show off in the ring as we go to commercial.
Back from commercial, Jericho is in control as he tags in AJ. AJ with a backbreaker on Woods for a nearfall. He throws Woods into the corner as he tags in Jericho, but Woods fights back for a moment before being caught with a right hand. Jericho knocks Kofi off the apron, but Big E drives Jericho's head into the turnbuckle after the tag. Kofi tagged in now, going to work with some boots on Jericho before starting the unicorn stampede on Y2J! Assisted dropkick on Jericho by Kofi as New Day start celebrating with trombone music. Kofi brings Jericho back in the ring, but only gets a nearfall as Jericho looks for the tag. Kofi catches him, getting in an armbar on Y2J who powers out. Kofi avoids a dropkick, tagging in Woods before they do a double team move on Jericho. Big E tagged in now, and another double team effort leads to a nearfall. Big E with an abdominal stretch on Jericho now, but Jericho powers out before taking a hip by Big E. Jericho looking for a crossbody, but Big E catches him…and Jericho gets out of a Big Ending to hit an enziguri! Jericho gets the tag to AJ as Woods tags in, and AJ hits Woods with a clothesline in the corner and a forearm smash. Waistlock reversed by Woods, but AJ counters into an inverted DDT for a nearfall as Big E breaks it up. Henry takes out Big E with a shoulderblock before eating Trouble in Paradise by Kofi! Kofi looking to take out AJ, but Jericho takes the bullet as Woods gets a nearfall on AJ. AJ evades an attack to lock in the Calf Crusher on Woods, who has no choice but to tap out!
Winners via submission: Chris Jericho, AJ Styles & Mark Henry
We get replays of the match including the finish, as New Day regroups on the ramp. Y2AJ and Henry raise their arms in victory as the show comes to a close.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

TNA Lockdown 2016 Review, Shane Returns, WWE Hall of Fame

Injury Update on Davey Richards

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA’s Davey Richards underwent reconstructive knee surgery last week for a torn ACL. His return is scheduled for somewhere between mid-August and November. The injury was suffered on the January UK tour.

Opinionated View- Well you gotta take everything online with a grain of salt especially from The Observer. Sadly it wouldn't' shock me given leg injures are tough. You do see situation with injures like this where guys get hurt try to rehab it and it doesn't work. If there is any silver lining this can give Eddie a chance to work as a singles wrestler.

Details On What Shinsuke Nakamura Is Earning In WWE

The Wrestling Observer reports that Shinsuke Nakamura will be making quite a bit of money when he debuts with the WWE. It’s said that he will be the first NXT superstar to get WWE main event level money. The signing is being treated like a major sports story in Japan. The press conference in Tokyo on February 22 at the Hard Rock had over 100 reporters, photographers and videographers in attendance.

There’s no word on how long Nakamura will be in NXT, but he will likely have a “significant run” there.

ROH Sets Several Matches For Saturday’s TV Tapings

– ROH announced the following matches for Saturday’s TV tapings in Las Vegas…
* The Young Bucks vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin
* Kenny Omega vs. ACH
* Adam Cole vs. KUSHIDA
* reDRagon vs Kazuchika Okada & Gedo
* ROH World Tag Team Champions ANX or War Machine (whoever wins on PPV the night before) defend against RPG Vice
* Fight Without Honor: Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle
* Jay Lethal vs. Hirooki Goto

Shane McMahon’s Return to Last Past WrestleMania?

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the deal to bring back Shane McMahon was actually made four weeks ago and kept secret. It happened once WWE realized that the planned John Cena vs. Undertaker match could not take place, due to Cena’s injury. Vince McMahon was reportedly “devastated” because he planned on the match between the two to carry WrestleMania.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, Shane is very possibly set to continue appearing on WWE television past WrestleMania. While details on creative plans for Shane’s match with Undertaker are being kept very tight, it is believed that he is not just being used for the show itself.
The site also notes that fans can expect to see an “edgier” product between now and WrestleMania.

Opinionated View- You have got to be kidding me. People wonder why I get so damn upset and stuff like this comes out. Think about Cena gets hurt and the solution isn't "Lets go with a talented guy on the main roster." Or "Lets try and make a new star. No it's "Lets get another member of my family to do it." And I see people rip TNA as "Dixie's ego trip." When Vince for nearly 2 decades has made himself and his family the top stars in his company.

As for the Edgier product I wouldn't hold my breath. I want a better product and edgier does not mean better.

2/24 ROH Report

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.
ROH TV Title: Roderick Strong def. Jonathan Gresham to retain the title by pinfall with the Leaping Knockout Knee. Before the match, Veda Scott came out to offer Gresham money in exchange for Cedric Alexander getting the title shot, but Gresham refused.
Afterwards, Bobby Fish ran out and grabbed the TV Title belt from Strong, leading to a pull-apart brawl.
ROH Tag Team Champions War Machine def. Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes by pinfall when Hanson pinned Hughes with a Top Rope Splash.
All Night Express came out after and ripped on War Machine heading into their Tag Title match at the PPV.
Ringside promo from the Young Bucks, announcing that Kenny Omega will be joining them at the PPV as the Elite of the Bullet Club will throw the World's Biggest Superkick Party.
We see video from last week when Steve Corino revealed to BJ Whitmer that Adam Page was the one who called him about taking care of Whitmer, leading to a pull-apart brawl between the former Decade stablemates.
BJ Whitmer def. Chase Brown by pinfall with the Exploder.
Afterwards, Whitmer with another Exploder, then grabs the mic, but Corino interrupts him. Whitmer cuts off Corino and calls out Page. Page comes out and they get into another pull-apart brawl.
In-ring segment with Adam Cole, ROH Champion Jay Lethal and Kyle O'Reilly, ripping on each other heading into their World Title match at the PPV, ending with O'Reilly laying out both Cole & Lethal and posing with the ROH Title belt.
Christopher Daniels joins commentary for the main event.
Main Event: The Briscoes w/ODB def. ACH & Alex Shelley by pinfall when they pinned ACH with the Doomsday Device after Daniels interfered and prevented Shelley from helping his partner.
Afterwards, Addiction run out and attack ACH & Shelley. Kazarian holds Shelley for Sabin, but Sabin hestitates to do anything, allowing ACH to pull Shelley out of the ring. Addiction argue with Sabin for not doing anything as the show closes.

Roman Reigns Off Weekend House Shows

 Roman Reigns is off this weekend’s house shows following WWE saying he had surgery to reconstruct his nose due to Triple H’s attack on Raw. Reigns is still advertised for Raw and Smackdown. In the original article, Chris Amann told the site that there was no timetable yet for his return.

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

* The League of Nations vs. The Lucha Dragons, Dolph Ziggler and Neville
* Non-Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens vs. Big Show
* Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
* D-Von Dudley vs. Jey Uso
* R-Truth vs. Heath Slater
* The New Day vs. AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry

2/24 Lucha Underground Report

The show kicks off with a cinematic between Pentagon Jr. and his "master", Vampiro. Vamp talks about when he used to be Ian Hodgkinson, and realizing the voices in his head leading him down into the dark side weren't voices at all, but Vampiro coming through. He says he hand-picked Pentagon as his protege, so that together they would be unstoppable. He tells Pentagon to not let anyone get in his way, not even Catrina.
Jack Evans vs. PJ Black
Jack Evans is back to cut a promo on Drago, who he got a surprise upset over two weeks ago. He calls himself the Dragon Slayer, and says he'll make Drago his b---h.
This was a fun, high-flying match. Evans with his usual work-way-to-hard-to-do-basic-heel-moves routine, which is a lot of fun to watch. Midmatch Drago comes out and distracts Evans. He throws a bottle of water at him and Black almost uses the distraction to pick up the win with an Ace Crusher, but not quite. Drago accidentally nails Black with his mist and Evans rolls him up to steal it. So much heat.
Winner: Jack Evans
- Kill Shot is on his way to the ring for our second match. Kill Shot is a masked Shane Strickland, of CZW indie fame.
King Cuerno vs. Kill Shot
The match is all Kill Shot from the onset with a lot of high-flying stuff until he gets nailed with a superkick. Cuerno takes him to the floor and beats on him, hitting the Depths of Hell, rolls back into the ring and follows up with a running dropkick and big enzuigiri. There's a battle over the ring apron with Kill Shot ineffectively trying to superplex Cuerno, but settles for an armdrag. More back-and-forth until Kill Shot misses a 450 and Cuerno capitalizes with Thrill of the Hunt for the win.
Winner: King Cuerno
- Cuerno beats the hell out of Kill after the match, until Fenix runs down to make the save. We get a staredown until Cuerno bails.
- El Texano is back in action, but he'll have to take on not only Chavo Guerrero but The Crew as well in a gauntlet match.
Gauntlet Match
El Texano vs. Chavo Guerrero & The Crew
First out is Cisco. Boom. Superkick. 1-2-3. Goodbye Cisco.
Second is Castro. This one is slightly more competitive, with Castro at least getting in some offense. There's a couple of Texano nearfalls, including a flying leg drop. Eventually he hits a powerbomb to end it. Goodbye Castro.
Third is Chavo, and now the real match begins as Guerrero attacks from behind. It's all Chavo, until Texano builds back into the match with a clothesline and superkick. They got back and forth until spilling to the outside, which of course is where The Crew is still hanging out. The finish comes with Castro wrapping Texano's bullrope around his ankles and giving extra leverage for Chavo to pick up the pin.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero & The Crew
- Pentagon Jr. approaches Catrina and demands a match with Prince Puma. She wants to know whey she owes him anything after breaking Mil Muertes' arm in the season premiere. He shows her by putting her in an armbar and threatening to break her arm if he doesn't get what he wants. The lights go out and somehow she escapes. Catrina books the match, but tells Pentagon that he just made the biggest mistake of his life.
Johnny Mundo vs. Cage
Mundo is his usually cocky self, and even slaps the big man in his face. The match is very back-and-forth with neither really having control for more than a minute. They do all their usual moves, Mundo maintaining with his speed and Cage with his size as expected. Thought it might be over halfway through with Mundo going for The End of the World, but Cage gets right back up, knocks him down, and they go back into it.
Finish comes when Taya Valkyrie (former WWE developmental talent/AAA star) makes a random appearance and hands Mundo a lead pipe. He smacks Mundo with it to pick up the three.
Winner: Johnny Mundo
- The show fades out with Mundo and Taya beating down Cage.
- Fade back in to King Cuerno saying he wants a match against Mil Muertes, and he wants to cash in his Gift of the Gods Championship regardless of the broken arm. She basically says "too bad" and books him in a ladder match against Fenix for the GOTG title. Why is this a thing if she never lets anyone use it?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WWE NXT Recap (2/24):

American Alpha vs. Blake & Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss)
Gable and Jordan dominate Murphy, but Blake is tagged in and taken down repeatedly by Gable. Gable then goes back to Murphy with an armdrag before running the heels into each other as we go to a commercial break.
We come back to see Jordan handling Murphy, which Gable is happy to follow up on. Unfortunately for Gable, some crafty work makes him eat a big clothesline. He's worked over in the heel corner for about five minutes before making the hot tag to Jason Jordan.
Jordan hits two belly to belly suplexes before crushing Blake in the corner. He follows with a flapjack to Murphy, then tags in Chad Gable. Together they hit Grand Amplitude for the win.
Winners: American Alpha via pinfall (Grand Amplitude)
William Regal announces a 2 out of 3 falls match between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn to determine a number one contender to the NXT Title. He says a new NXT signing will also appear next week.
- We get an Elias Samson vignette.
Apollo Crews vs. Chris Girard
Girard is the former Biff Busick, and he gets dropkicked with the quickness. He battles back with a hilarious grunt and a series of European uppercuts. He continues with a nice reverse headlock takeover, and holds the headlock for about two minutes. Crews takes him down and hits a couple of clotheslines and a Toss Powerbomb for the win.
Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall (Toss Powerbomb)
- Baymella are backstage and Bayley says she's glad Asuka was there to help a couple of weeks ago, but she knows that Asuka wants the title.
- We see footage of Dash and Dawson attacking Enzo and Cass outside the Performance Center.
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bull Dempsey
Bull gets an armdrag and a punch after doing some jumping jacks, but Ciampa gets a nice running single arm DDT. Ciampa works Dempsey over before reversing some strikes with a bridging armbar for the submission.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via submission (bridging armbar)
- Samoa Joe says he's been jumping through hoops to get what he deserves, and he's going to take it in two weeks. Zayn is elsewhere backstage saying he's going to do what it takes.
Nia Jax & Eva Marie vs. BayMella
Bayley gets headbutted by Nia, but Eva gets tagged in and beaten up, which leads to both of BayMella moonwalking. Carmella applies a headlock, but walks into a shoulder breaker from Jax, who made a blind tag. Eva tags back in, almost gets pinned and tags back out, allowing Jax to apply a bear hug.
Carmella gets attacked in the heel corner and tries to fight back with forearms, but gets stopped in her tracks. She sends Nia outside and tags Bayley, who runs through Eva with elbows and a suplex. Bayley lands a Bayley to Belly, but Jax pulls her out and headbutts her. Carmella tags in and applies her submission, only to be broken up by Nia. Jax hits three leg drops, and Eva tags in to get the pin.
Winners: Nia Jax & Eva Marie via pinfall (Leg Drop)
At the end of the show, William Regal announces that Finn Balor will take on the longest reigning NXT Champion ever, Neville.

TNA Lockdown 2016 Review, Shane Returns, WWE Hall of Fame

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s Edition of Lucha Underground

The Machine: Johnny Mundo battles the Machine Cage; Texano returns for revenge against Chavo Guerrero and the Crew…
* PJ Black vs. Jack Evans
* Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s ROH TV

* ROH TV Title Match: Champion Roderick Strong vs. Jonathan Gresham
* Non-Title Match: Champions War Machine vs. Bob Evans and Tim Hughes
* BJ Whitmer vs. Chase Brown
* The Briscoes vs. ACH and Alex Shelley

Opinionated View- Great booking ROH. You have Strong drop the title last week. Air him defending it this week and than have him challenge for it on Friday. Way to confuse people who might only watch the TV show.

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s NXT

* American Alpha vs. Blake and Murphy
* Apollo Crews vs. Chris Girard
* Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bull Dempsey
* Bayley and Carmella vs. Eva Marie and Nia Jax

2/23 TNA Impact Wrestling Report: Lockdown

sults courtesy of this week.
IMPACT Lockdown Results From London, England

Lockdown “6 Sides of Steel” kicked off with Veteran Tag Team Beer Money, James Storm & Bobby Roode. As they entered the arena the always vocal UK crowd were on their feet and cheering to be on Storm’s “Boozer Cruiser Cam”. It didn’t take long for the action to start when Beer Money rushed to the outside and brought the fight to the IMPACT ramp, interrupting Eric Young & Bram’s entrances. Early on, E.Y. & Bram were able to isolate Bobby Roode to gain the early advantage inside the cage. After James Storm recovered he was able to get back into the 6 Sides of Steel to help Roode. Then it was time for Beer Money to show the London crowd just why the veteran tag team has reunited. The match was filled with back and forth hard hitting action, with some impressive top rope offense from both teams. Beer Money was able get the UK crowd rallied behind them, and were right on time with their Tag Team offense. In the end they were able to hit the DWI on Bram and get the first Victory of the night at Lockdown!
Winners: Beer Money
Madison Rayne has been assaulted! She’s confused and hurt and needs medical assistance.
EC3 enters the arena and has a message for Matt Hardy before they face off for the World Title in the Main Event tonight at Lockdown. EC3 runs down Matt Hardy and his wife Reby, before inviting his long time friend Rockstar Spud to join him in the Ring to thank him for having his back last week. Spud let’s the UK crowd know that Matt Hardy is rotten to the core and nobody tells Spud what he can and can’t do…until Matt Hardy interrupts, with his wife Reby and Tyrus beside him. Matt Hardy says he’s going to give EC3 the most embarrassing night of his career. EC3 gets the final word and vows to take Matt Hardy to Hell inside the Six Sides Of Steel.
A strange message from Jimmy Havok about Rosemary and their sordid past together. He warns us that we don’t know how dangerous she can be, and that she was his first and will get her back.
Right away this match starts off with fast paced action that favors Tigre Uno’s style and we see some near pin falls. Trevor Lee is vicious on Tigre Uno, this seems to be his strategy to stop all of Uno’s momentum, and keep the luchadore grounded. It all seems to be a fight plan well thought out by Shane Helms. Tigre Uno has had enough and gets fired up, and starts to use the Six Sides of Steel to his advantage by repeatedly throwing Trevor Lee into the walls. Tigre Uno climbs to the top of the cage and delivers a massive flying cross body onto Trevor Lee! Shane Helms is shocked on the outside at what he’s just seen, and Tigre Uno is slow to cover, which allows Trevor Lee to desperately kick out on the 2 count. Trevor Lee is able to gain the upper hand quickly with some heavy knee strikes and hits Tigre Uno with his Fisherman’s Buster to retain the X-Division Title.
Winner and still X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee
Maria is trying to give Gail Kim more advice on running the Knockouts Division and Gail has had enough. She tells Maria it’s time to let her actions speak louder than words and to show up to take Madison Rayne’s place tonight in the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match.
Rosemary is confronted by Jimmy Havok. He gives her a gift of some creepy mask, and let’s her know that he wants her back.
Weapons decorate the Six Sides of Steel walls to set the tone for this historic Knockouts match. Jade and Gail Kim start off Knockouts Lethal Lockdown with high impact offense, both women exchange a lot of elbows and kicks back and forth. As the first round expires Gail Kim has the advantage over Jade, and Marti Bell is the next entrant into the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown match. Marti is able to prevent Gail Kim from getting a weapon, and Marti keeps Gail Kim down as the round expires. The next entrant is Velvet Sky for The Beautiful People. Velvet sends Jade into the steel walls multiple times, and hits a big Neck Breaker on Marty keeping the Doll’s House down. The next entrant into the match is Doll’s House member Rebel. Rebel throws some mean Roundhouse Kicks into the heads of Gail Kim and Velvet Sky along with delivering some innovative Back Breakers. Rebel grabs a baking pan and blasts Gail Kim with it, Jade unloads with a kendo stick but it backfires and all the Knockouts are taken out. The final entrant into the match is Maria taking Madison Rayne’s place for the Beautiful People. However instead of competing and earning respect of the Knockouts division, Maria turns her back on The Beautiful People and Gail Kim. Maria locks them all in the cage, leaving The Beautiful People outnumbered by The Doll’s House. After some hardcore weapons offense there are a few near pins, but in the end Jade delivers a Piledriver to Gail Kim on a chair and gets the win, claiming victory in the Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Match for The Doll’s House.
Winnes: Jade of The Doll’s House
Kurt Angle gives EC3 his endorsement and some advice for his future.
In the ring Kurt Angle gives a moving speech to the fans at Wembley Arena on his retirement tour, until Bobby Lashley interrupts Kurt. Lashley says that Kurt Angle isn’t the Olympic champion he once was even though people want him to be. Lashley claims that he can beat Angle on his best day and that he will get his revenge on Angle for bragging about his victory of Lashley the year before. Angle gets fired up and let’s Bobby Lashley know that he’s just pissed him off and challenges him to wrestle right there. Lashley backs down and decides to wait for a better opportunity.
Eli Drake tries to convince the crowd that Grado is fired and that Odarg shouldn’t even be allowed to compete. Odarg “The Great” enters and it’s easy to see he is the crowd favorite in Wembley Arena. The match begins and Odarg showcases his quickness, strength, and agility as he scales the Six Sides of Steel. After being outclassed by the speed of Odarg, Eli Drake punches the cage and then feels the wrath of Odarg’s earth shattering striking abilities. Eli Drake has no choice but to hit Odarg with a low blow, if only to save himself. Eli Drake gains control and hits Odarg while he’s down repeatedly, Drake then taunts the UK crowd. Eli Drake hits his patented Eli Elbow on Odarg. Then Drake’s tag team partner, Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz, opens the Six Sides of Steel door from the outside. Eli Drake tries to escape but Odarg grabs Eli by his trunks until he has a wardrobe malfunction. Odarg capitalizes under the full moon, and unloads a huge Odarg “The Great” Cannonball Splash on Eli Drake in the corner. While Eli Drake is down Odarg ascends the Six Sides of Steel like a phoenix rising. Odarg is able to get over the top of the cage but Eli Drake grabs him by his mask! Odarg slips away from the clutches of Eli Drake even though he loses his mask at the end, Odarg “The Great” is victorious at Lockdown!
Winner: Odarg “The Great”
Jimmy Havok confronts Crazy Steve and Abyss about Rosemary being his before she was theirs. Crazy Steve and Abyss decide to teach Jimmy a lesson The Decay way, and Rosemary returns his gift.
Creative Director Billy Corgan and Grado are having an argument about Grado being released at Feast or Fired. Eli Drake comes over to add fuel to the fire until Billy Corgan tells Grado he has to go. Grado fights it but he’s still escorted out by Harris Brothers Security.
An extremely focused EC3 enters the Six Sides of Steel while the excited UK crowd are waving their arms and singing EC3’s entrance theme. Backstage we see Tyrus let The World Champion Matt Hardy know it’s time to go to the ring, Hardy and Tyrus enter the arena. Hardy and EC3 face off in a stare down that quickly erupts into trading punches to the head, and chops to the chest. After a flury of offense by EC3, Matt Hardy is able to battle back and regain the advantage. From the outside Tyrus throws a chair over the top of the cage to Matt Hardy. Hardy unloads a hard chair shot across the back of EC3, while Tyrus verbally berates Ethan Carter from the outside, reminding him that he’s “all alone now”. Matt and EC3 continue to trade high impact moves to each other, Matt hits multiple Side Effects, and Ethan hits the TK3, but neither man get the victory. While on the outside, Tyrus has removed the chain from the cage door and stands in the way of EC3 exiting the Six Sides of Steel. EC3 invites Tyrus to get into the ring so he can get some retribution on his former bodyguard. Tyrus accepts and comes into the ring and gets layed out by EC3, if only for a moment. Tyrus recovers and tries to lock EC3’s wrist to the cage but it backfires and Tyrus finds himself locked to the cage. EC3 unloads on him repeatedly with extremely hard steel chair shots. Ethan Carter turns around and out of no where Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and covers, but EC3 is able to barely kick out on 2. Eventually both men climb their way to the top rope, and both suffer the consequences of a top rope side Russian leg sweep. Both men are winded and down from that crash but Matt Hardy is able to get to his feet first and regain the upper hand. Hardy puts a chair around the neck of EC3 and hits him with another Twist of Fate. EC3 refuses to give up and kicks out again out of desperation. Matt and EC3 continue to ground and pound each other as they crawl to the cage door. Reby Hardy comes to ringside with a hammer in her hands to give to Matt Hardy, but Rockstar Spud appears and runs down to stop her. Suddenly Spud turns and slams the Six Sides of Steel door shut on the skull of EC3, knocking him out cold. The UK crowd is in shock at what they are witnessing. Rockstar Spud opens the cage door and allows The Champion Matt Hardy to exit the cage and retain his World Title. Things take a vial turn at the end when Matt Hardy commands Rockstar Spud to “Kill The Cancer” referring to EC3. Rockstar Spud straddles a knocked out and defenseless EC3 laying on the steps. Rockstar raises the chair and smashes the skull of EC3 again on the steel steps. Rockstar Spud has sold out to Matt Hardy.
Winner and still TNA World Champion: Matt Hardy