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Rumors on Possible Finish to TLC Main Event

- An report says that WWE is going back and forth on how the company will handle the finish of the title bout between Randy Orton and John Cena at TLC. Prior to Survivor Series, the were reportedly no plans for the match to be a title unification bout, and the company then made sure not to use the word "unification" match on Raw last week when describing the main event.

However, those plans have now changed when Triple H was interviewed by Michael Cole and he declared the match a title unification bout. There is still speculation in WWE that the match will simply end with each wrestler grabbing the other's belt, resulting in making Cena WWE champion and Orton the World Heavyweight champion

Opinionated View- What a joke! You have a huge match that is going to change the landscape of the show as a whole since there will only be 1 world title again yet your throwing it together last minute. There was no foreshadowing this was coming reports say there was just going to be another Big Show vs Orton and another Del Rio vs Cena match. 

I stand by what I said earlier it's clear WWE saw TNA was building for a unification match when AJ returns and wanted to do it first.

Updated Lineup for TNA's One Night Only: Hardcore Justice Event

- Below is updated lineup for the upcoming TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice PPV event set for Lowell, Massachussetts on December 29:

Steel Cage Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
Tables Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy Dreamer
X-Division Xcape Match: Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin
Full Metal Mayhem: Daniels & Kazarian vs. Eric Young & Abyss

Opinionated View- Better Card than TLC! 

WWE Creative Constantly in Flux

- A report claims that there is panic within WWE concerning creative plans. Ideas are said to be changing very rapidly in recent months and long term plans are in a state of flux.

The original creative plans were to have a big match between Triple H and the Big Show after Big Show's match with Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Those plans changed to apparently book a rematch between Show and Orton in a Tables Match at TLC, hence why Show put Orton through a table on Raw some weeks ago. That plan also changed at the last minute, and WWE has now opted to book Cena vs. Orton at the PPV.

Another idea was apparently to have Big E Langston remain as a heel and feud with John Cena for the World Heavyweight title. That idea was also scrapped, and Langston has made a full face turn.

Opinionated View- Yet it all has sucked. So why would the long term plans be chaining? Its simple once they have the shows written Triple H or Vince or maybe both change it on a whim.

Report Says Chris Benoits's Son Wants to Be a Wrestler

David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit, wants to become a pro wrestler and had aspirations to begin wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling according to a report by Dave Meltzer. Benoit, 20, is around 6-2 ½ and checked in on joining the New Japan dojo along with Cody Hall (son of Scott Hall). Benoit's ultimate goal is WWE making it a very interesting situation if he would ever be under consideration.

WWE Considering Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara For WrestleMania 30

- WWE officials are considering reviving their their plans to have Ray Mysterio vs. Sin Cara at WrestleMania 30. Even though Sin Cara hasn't been on TV since August, his merchandise is reporting selling very well and the company would like to try and break the world record for the most people wearing a mask in one area.

This was the plan for last year, but it fell through after both men were injured.

Opinionated View- Given the two guys we are talking about there is good chance they will both be hurt again.

11/29 WWE Smackdown Report

Vickie Guerrero welcomes everyone to her post Thanksgiving party, and she wants them to have fun, but it stops there. She says there won't be chaos like in years past, so they'd better behave, and now they'll have an eating competition. The Great Khali and Titus O'Neil are competing and they devour plates of food as we cut to the ring.
Mark Henry (w/ Big E Langston) vs Curtis Axel (w/ Ryback)
Henry splashes Axel in the corner and fist bumps Langston, then he clotheslines Axel as Ryback runs over and punches Langston. Axel chopblocks Henry's knee and snaps his leg back, then he hits the ropes but Henry hits him in the face. Henry hits a few headbutts that knock Axel outside, then Axel tries to back away and runs into Langston. Ryback tries to attack but Langston splashes him on the floor, then Henry throws Axel inside and hits a shoulder tackle and a World's Strongest Slam for the win.
Winner – Mark Henry
We cut to R-Truth and Xavier Woods watching some highlights from RAW, and Brodus Clay walks in and says Woods stole from him. He says he told Woods he could dance with the Funkadactyls, then he calls Woods a rookie and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Brodus shoves him into the lockers and Tensai runs in to stop it, then Truth tells Tensai to check his partner as we cut out.
Randy Orton joins Renee Young in the ring for his thoughts on the Survivor Series main event, and Orton says he sees things differently. He says he wasn't knocked out; he was playing possum, and he didn't need The Authority's help because he was going to win anyway, and they just tainted his win. Renee asks him about John Cena's challenge from RAW, and she asks if he felt betrayed that The Authority accepted for him. Orton goes silent as she asks if he was challenged or threatened, then he just ends the interview by leaving the ring.
We rejoin the locker room eating contest and see Vickie cheering Titus and Khali on, then AJ Lee and Tamina walk in and get her attention. Vickie asks what they want and AJ says they are crashing the party, so Vickie says they could have a food fight. She says it would be AJ and Tamina against everyone, so AJ says they'll just leave and they walk away. Vickie turns to see Khali land facedown in his plate of food, then Darren Young declares Titus the winner and raises his arm. Vickie congratulates him and says his prize is a match with Antonio Cesaro, then Titus looks like he will be sick and everyone checks on Khali's status.
Plymouth Rockers (aka 3MB) vs Los Matadores & El Torito
Slater calls for Torito and tries to corner him, but Torito rolls away and Diego and Fernando knock Jinder and Drew out of the ring. Slater gets thrown outside and Torito, Diego and Fernando splash them, then they get back inside and Jinder and Drew suplex Diego on the ropes. Drew taunts Fernando and knocks him down, but Diego comes back with a DDT and Torito follows it with a top rope hurricanrana. Torito gores Jinder off the apron and kicks Slater, then he gets Drew with a spinning armdrag before making the tag. Fernando floats over Drew and knocks him down, then Diego assists him with a double inverted Samoan drop for the win.
Winner – Los Matadores & El Torito
Tons of Funk (w/ The Funkadactyls) vs R-Truth & Xavier Woods
Tensai backs Truth into the corner and counters a side headlock, then he dances a bit before kicking Truth in the face. Tensai splashes him in the corner, then he tries it again but Truth ducks and kicks him in the face. Woods tags in and takes a swing at Brodus before he knees Tensai, then Tensai blocks a kick but Woods hits an enziguiri. Brodus gets the blind tag and he knocks Truth off the apron, then he hits Woods a few times and hits a middle turnbuckle splash for the win.
Winners – Tons of Funk
CM Punk joins Renee Young backstage, and she asks about his thoughts on what happened to Daniel Bryan on Monday. He says he hasn't heard from Bryan since he was captured on Monday, and he could also talk about his bruised ribs, courtesy of a spear by Roman Reigns. Punk says he's not sure why The Shield attacked him, but he thinks someone with 'authority' was involved, but The Shield will need protection from him.
Titus O'Neil (w/ Darren Young) vs Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger)
Titus hits the ropes and holds his stomach, then Cesaro dropkicks him and punches him a few times in the corner. Cesaro whips him but Titus leapfrogs him and kicks him in the face, then he does his trademark taunt and gags when he barks. Cesaro goes right after him and hits him in the stomach, then he takes him down with a gutwrench slam before putting him in the Giant Swing. Darren jumps in the ring and hits Cesaro to end it, then he helps Titus out of the ring and asks him how he's doing. Titus stumbles over near the commentary table and grabs JBL's hat, then he pukes in it and makes everyone else around him gag. JBL screams at him while he stumbles around, then Titus throws the hat full of puke onto Michael Cole and vomits on Zeb before leaving.
Winner (by disqualification) – Antonio Cesaro
WE Tag Team Championship
The Shield (w/ Dean Ambrose) vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c)
Cody applies a side headlock but Rollins reverses into a waistlock, then Cody shoulder tackles him and follows with a scoop slam. Goldust tags in and hits a forearm shot off the ropes, then he headbutts Rollins and holds him for Cody to elbow him. Cody goes for a quick near fall before whipping Rollins, but he holds the ropes on the rebound and gets Reigns to tag into the match. Reigns stares down Goldust but Goldust mocks him and uppercuts him, then Reigns responds with a forearm shot and a shoulder tackle. Goldust lands outside but quickly reenters the ring, then Reigns lands a few punches and whips him into the ropes. Goldust comes back with a dropkick, then Cody dropkicks Rollins outside while Goldust sends Reigns out towards the ramp.
We get back from a break to see Cody shoulder tackle Rollins, then he goes for an Alabama Slam but Rollins holds the ropes before attempting a quick rollup. Rollins jumps up and hits a quick enziguiri, then he tags out and Reigns whips Cody chest first into the ropes and clotheslines him. Rollins connects with a flying punch from the turnbuckles, then Cody throws a few elbows but Rollins stomps him on the ground before making a tag. Reigns throws Cody outside and sends him into the barricade, then he applies a front facelock and elbows Cody when he tries to escape. Rollins and Reigns take turns hitting Cody, then the ref backs Rollins away so Cody catches Reigns with a hard back elbow. Cody backdrops Rollins over the ropes and makes a tag, then Goldust hits the ropes and connects with a dropdown punch and an atomic drop.
Goldust connects with some mounted punches before knocking Rollins off the apron, then he catches Reigns with a crossbody for a quick near fall. Goldust stays on him and catches him with a spinning powerslam, then he hits Reigns a few times and catches Rollins off the top turnbuckles with an atomic drop. He throws Reigns outside as we go to a break, then we get back to see Rollins chop Goldust and taunt him, then Goldust hits him back a few times but Rollins knees him and splashes him for a quick near fall. Rollins applies a headlock but Goldust fights out, then he goes for a quick rollup before he catches Rollins with a swinging DDT. Reigns gets the tag and knocks Cody off the apron, then he tries to pin Goldust but Cody runs in and kicks Reigns off of him. Reigns throws a few right hands and a headbutt, then he and Rollins whip Goldust towards the turnbuckles but Goldust counters with a springboard back elbow that takes both of them down.
Cody gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick and a running elbow strike, then he tries to roll Rollins up before catching him with an uppercut and setting up a moonsault. Rollins counters and goes for an electric chair drop, but Cody blocks it so Rollins elbows him and drop toe holds him into the turnbuckles. Rollins heads up top but Cody stops him and hits a Muscle Buster for two, but Reigns breaks it up so Goldust shoves him outside and they fight on the floor. They trade a few punches before Reigns throws him into the barricade, but Cody throws Rollins outside and takes them out with a top rope crossbody. Cody rolls Rollins back in and sets up a moonsault, but Rollins rolls away and heads up top to set up a springboard stomp. Cody avoids it and hits Cross Rhodes, but Ambrose jumps in the ring and stomps Cody to cause the disqualification.
Winner (by disqualification) – Cody Rhodes & Goldust
CM Punk runs out with a chair and hits Reigns with it, then he goes after Ambrose and chases him out of the ring. Vickie Guerrero appears on the Titantron and says if Punk wants a fight bad enough, she's putting them all in a six man tag team match right now.
The Shield vs CM Punk, Cody Rhodes & Goldust
We join the match in progress to see Punk clothesline Ambrose and slam him into the turnbuckles, then Goldust splashes him and gets a near fall before Cody punches him in the corner. Ambrose comes back with some body shots and hits the ropes, but Cody backdrops him and holds him in place while Punk connects with a punch off the top rope. Punk whips him into the corner and goes for a running knee, but Ambrose sidesteps it and tags Rollins, but Punk catches him with a legsweep and Goldust tags back in. Goldust throws a few punches until Cody gets back in, then he hits Rollins a few times and throws him out onto the floor. Cody follows him and whips him into the barricade, then he rolls him back in Goldust catches Rollins with an uppercut. Ambrose tags in and sends Cody into the ropes, then he goes for a back suplex but Cody counters with a dropkick and gets Punk back into the match
Punk clotheslines Ambrose and kicks him in the face, then he connects with a running knee and clothesline before he follows with a neckbreaker. Punk calls for the Go To Sleep but the lights go out, then the Wyatt Family is seen standing in front of the stage as the lights come back on. Ambrose attacks Punk from behind before Rollins hits a few elbow drops, then Ambrose assists him with an Irish whip but Punk counters with a double DDT. Punk goes for the tag but the Wyatts pull Cody and Goldust off of the apron, then they attack them on the floor while Reigns punches Punk in the corner. The Usos and Rey Mysterio run out to make the save, with the Usos going after the Wyatts and Rey backdrops Reigns outside. Rey sets up Rollins for a 619, but Vickie Guerrero comes out and says she will have order on her show, so this is now a twelve man tag match!
We join the restarted match in progress after a break, and Harper sends Jimmy into the corner and goes for a clothesline. Jimmy kicks him in the face but Harper responds with a quick boot to the face, then Rollins stomps Jimmy in the corner before Bray gets a few strikes in. After several quick tags Jimmy finally gets free and tags Rey, but Rowan bearhugs Rey and swings him around before hitting a side slam for two. Rowan ties him in the corner and punches his chest, then Ambrose applies a front facelock and keeps him isolated.
Rey gets whipped into the ropes by Ambrose and Rollins, but he holds on and backdrops Ambrose before kicking Rollins and making the tag to Punk. He hits Rowan with a few kicks to the head and sends him outside, then Punk takes him down with a suicide dive and follows with a corner knee strike. Punk connects with two more knee strikes and a neckbreaker, then he heads up top and hits an elbow drop for two. The pin gets broken up but the Rhodes' and Usos clear the ring, then the Usos splash Harper and Reigns on the floor as Punk lifts Rowan for a GTS. Bray runs in and kicks him, then he sets up Sister Abigail but Rey dropkicks him outside before he hurricanranas Rowan into the ropes. Rey hits a 619, then Rowan turns around into Punk and Punk hits a GTS for the win.
Winners – CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, The Usos, Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Friday, November 29, 2013

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

  • Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel
  • Los Matadores and El Torito vs. 3MB
  • Tons of Funk vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods
  • Titus O'Neil vs. Antonio Cesaro
  • WWE Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust © vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns)


    Thanksgiving Impact Wrestling Report

    -After a video package reminding us of Ken Anderson beating Bully Ray last week, the show opens on a casket, complete with floral arrangement. Ken Anderson says in a voice over that tonight we say goodbye to the Aces & Eights. 
    -Dixie Carter comes down to the ring to massive heat. She starts talking about hiring a personal assistant, but the crowd is chanting for AJ Styles. Dixie announces her new assistant, Rockstar Spud. Spud comes down to the ring and thanks Dixie for the opportunity, and puts her over to tons of boos and a "USA!" chant. He tells the roster that he's watching them. Dixie announces a big main event, with the winners getting a Thanksgiving feast, as the crowd keeps chanting for AJ Styles. 
    -Ethan Carter III comes down to the ring and thanks Aunt D for flying in his opponent tonight from half way around the world. 
    (1) Ethan Carter III vs. Curry Man
    Looks like Curry Man is back on Impact Wrestling. I wouldn't expect this comeback tour to last very long. Curry Man lands a flurry of right hands and forearm chops, but Carter levels him from behind and starts to slowly pick apart his opponent. EC3 with a corner clothesline, followed by a back drop suplex. Curry gets a knee lift followed by a running shiver and a standing clothesline. He hits the flying hip attack and heads up to the top turnbuckle, but Carter recovers, tosses him to the floor, and turns him inside-out with a clothesline. The One-Percenter (front headlock driver) puts away Curry Man with ease. 
    Decision: Ethan Carter III wins via pinfall

    -Backstage, Kurt Angle tells Gunner his focus is on Bobby Roode. James Storm comes in and says he'll settle his problems with Gunner later. Kurt is fired up for Team Angle vs. Team Roode. 
    (2) Velvet Sky vs. Lei'd Tapa
    Velvet goes right after Tapa as soon as the bell rings, taking her down to one knee, but the much larger opponent over powers her. Tapa runs into the ropes and Velvet starts working over one of her knees, until Gail Kim (who is at ringside) trips her up. The referee tosses Gail from ringside, which the fans love, but Tapa continues to roll through Velvet regardless. Sky with a sit-down facebuster, but she runs into a huge big boot. Tapa with the TKO (fireman's carry stunner) for the 1-2-3. 
    -Video package for TNA's One Night Only "World Cup" pay-per-view. 
    -EY and ODB are out in the ring with turkey costumes. It appears we're going to have a tag team contest, and the losers will have to wear the suits. 
    -Zema Ion is now the official BroMans DJ, doing their ring introductions and making random noises. Pretty effective heat-drawing gimmick, as it's really annoying. 
    (3) The BroMans vs. Norv Fernum & Dewey Barnes
    Robbie E gets on the mic and calls Norv Fernum a "hairless hamster". Jessie Godderz plays up the size difference between the two teams, before slapping Dewey in the face. The underdogs try to steal the win with stereo roll-ups, but the champions kick out. They hit the BroDown (the Hart Attack) quickly for the easy squash match. 
    Decision: The BroMans win via pinball

    -The BroMans make the losers put on turkey costumes. Fernum and Dewey put on the suits and dance around with EY and ODB, which the fans love. The tag team champions leave upset that the crowd likes them more. 
    -Footage airs from AJ Styles title defense in Wrestle-1, brought to you by the "Friends of AJ". Dixie Carter throws a fit backstage, telling AJ that she's going to lawyer up, and she wants her world title back. 
    -Team Roode is backstage pumping up his team for tonight's big main event match. 
    -There's an "official" funeral ceremony for the passing of Aces & Eights, complete with a priest. Kurt Angle is there, laughing. Magnus is texting. EY and crying his eyes out, and Mike Tenay asks him what the hell he's crying about. Ken Anderson comes out of the coffin. This a pretty good comedy segment, with Samoa Joe eating from a meat and cheese plate sent over by "Bully Ray's ex-father-in-law." Kurt Angle gets up and makes fun of D-Lo Browns head shake, before putting his bobble head into the coffin. Joe, who is still eating, comes up and wants to put beer in the coffin, but decides it's too nice to waste, and they drink them instead. Mike Tenay lays to rest Taz's cut, and Brooke's booty shorts (he puts the shorts in his suit coat when nobody is looking). EY is up next, and he's got his turkey suit, which he puts in the coffin. Bully Ray walks into the chapel, and tells Ken Anderson to sleep with one eye open, for the interest of himself and his pregnant wife. He calls death "the final awakening" and walks off. 
    -More Rockstar Spud shenanigans backstage. 

    (4) Elimination Tag Team Match
    Team Roode vs. Team Angle
    Kurt Angle and Booby Roode lock up first, but Roode tags out to Kazarian, and Bad Influence double teams Angle until Magnus tags in and goes to work. Magnus catches Kazarian with a big dead-lift suplex, and he walks into the babyface corner to get clocked by all of Team Angle. James Storm tags in and goes to work on Christopher Daniels, and he and Gunner double team Bad Influence until the referee can get control of the match. Storm taks out Chris Sabin, then Daniels with an enzuigir and a backstabber, then hits Sabin with Closing Time. Kazarian gets involved, and gets nailed with the Last Call Superkick, but Sabin rolls up the Cowboy from behind for the 1-2-3. 
    Chris Sabin eliminates James Storm
    Magnus is in for the babyfaces and goes to work on Daniels, but gets caught with a knee in the corner. E.G.O. now with the triple team and the quick tags. Magnus fights back and hits a huge STO on Daniels, before making the hot tag to Gunner. Gunner catches Kaz in mid-air and hits a huge backbreaker. He locks in the Gun Rack submission, but Chris Sabin distracts the referee, letting Bad Influence go Hi-Lo on Gunner for the quick pin. 
    Kazarian eliminates Gunner
    Magnus is in for Team Angle, but it's now 4-on-2 and he falls to the Bad Influence double team. Magnus battles back, tossing Daniels to the floor. He hits a flying clothesline on Daniels, but grabs his knee and plays up an injury as Angle and the referee check on him. There's a commercial break, where trainers take Magnus to the back, so it's now 1-on-4 with Team Roode having a serious advantage. 
    Injury eliminates Magnus
    Kurt Angle does what he can and gets an inside cradle on Daniels, but the referee is distracted by all the heel antics on the apron, and misses the pin. Bad Influence with Hi-Lo on Angle, and in comes Bobby Roode who stacks up his opponent. Roode accidentally takes out Sabin, and Angle fires up with clotheslines and flying forearm shots. Belly-to-belly on Angle, followed by one on Sabin. One German, two Germans, and three Germans find their mark on Roode, and Daniels comes in to receive a trio of his own. Kazarian is up next, so make that nine German suplexes in this sequence. The tenth suplex hits both members of Bad Influence, and Chris Sabin gets an Angle Slam for his trouble. 
    Angle applies the Ankle Lock on both Kazarian and Daniels, but Bobby Roode brings a steal chair into the ring; Angle ducks under a chair shot and hits the Angle Slam. Kurt grabs the steel chair and realizes he's not going to win this match, so he attacks Roode with the chair instead. 
    Kurt Angle eliminates Kurt Angle. 
    Decision: Team Roode wins via disqualification

    -After the main event, Kurt Angle hits Sabin in the face with the chair, and clears the ring of all the heels, standing tall all on his own. 
    -Backstage, Team Roode celebrates their "victory" and Roode wants them to think about all the things they are thankful for. He says he's now beaten Kurt Angle for a third straight time, and he is unbeatable. 
    -James Storm wants to know what's going on with Gunner, as he threw in the towel last week, and now they lost to Team Roode. Gunner asks if they have a plan as a team, or if it's just the James Storm Show, and walks away. Storm says nobody dictates his future, especially Gunner. 
    -Next week it's going to be Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray in a Tables Match, and Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in a Last Man Standing Match as the semi-final round matches in the TNA world title tournament. 
    -Rockstar Spud comes out and brings down all the winners of tonight's show, which includes Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Chris Sabin, Lei'd Tapa, Gail Kim, the BroMans and Zema Ion. Velvet Sky comes down with Sabin. They all sit around a table with a ton of food at it. Roode tells Velvet Sky that she has to leave, because she didn't win anything tonight, and Sabin makes her leave. Zema gets to stay, because he's awesome. 
    -Roode kicks off the ass-kissing by thanking Dixie Carter for their careers, and for Thanksgiving dinner. Daniels says he's thankful for being well-endowed. Kazarian says he's thankful that Joseph Park isn't here, and that he gets to spend tonight with E.G.O. Gail Kim thanks Lei'd Tapa, and that she's the most dominant TNA Knockout in the history of the company. Sabin is up next, and is thankful for the beautiful …. luxurious … hair that is on his head. No Velvet. And for the X-Division title, and Velvet gets an afterthought. The BroMans thank Phil Heath, their new DJ Zema Ion, and that they didn't have to wear turkey suits. 
    -Kurt Angle has decided he's had enough of Roode talking about himself, and says he sees a ring full of turkeys, not winners. He says they all cheated to win tonight, so none of them will get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Roode challenges him to get in the ring, and Angle says he's brought along a few friends to even the odds. Out comes James Storm, Gunner, Dewey & Norv (still wearing the turkey suits), Velvet Sky, ODB and EY. This leads to a massive brawl and food fight. Velvet smashes pie all over Gail Kim, as ODB takes out Lei'd Tapa with a steel chair. EY starts attacking people with a turkey (to a big "TNA" chant), and finishers start flying all over the place. Norv and Dewey hit "Flying Turkeys" across the ring on the tag champs. The babyfaces all celebrate with a case of beer to end Impact Wrestling and Thanksgiving Night. 

    Thursday, November 28, 2013

    WWE's Possible Plans For Hulk Hogan

    As we've reported, WWE officials have been negotiating with Hulk Hogan about a return to the company. Now The Wrestling Observer says they are discussing having Hogan team up with John Cena at Wrestlemania XXX.

    Opinionated View- That would really suck. I love Hogan but the guy can barley walk he should not be wrestling and well Cena is Cena. Good news is since it the observer odds are Dave is just making it up on the fly.

    WWE News: Update On Christian

    - The reason that Christian hasn't return yet is because he hasn't been cleared by doctors after the concussion he received a couple of months ago. The plan is for him to return to WWE television by early December.

    More Details On WWE's Potential Signing Of Davey Richards And Eddie Edwards

    - There were no issues with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards' most recent tryout with WWE. They are set to return for the next WWE NXT tapings in January, but haven't been offered official contracts yet. (CreditRajah)

    WWE NXT writer Ryan Ward is making a push for Triple H to sign the two, who have also received good reactions from NXT trainers Billy Gunn and Bill DeMott. 

    WWE is allowing the two to finish their commitments with Ring of Honor, including the show in New York City on December 14, but has told them not to take any more dates with the promotion.

    Opinionated View- Why the hell haven't they signed them yet? I Just hep WWE uses them right. 

    WWE Planning Big Push In Royal Rumble For Roman Reigns

    There are currently plans for Roman Reigns to get a huge push in the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble Match. He will be booked to get several impressive eliminations, similar to Kane and Kevin Nash in the past.

    Goldberg Says Triple H Has Contacted Him About Returning To WWE

    Bill Goldberg appeared at the C4 Comic Con in Winnipeg a few weeks ago and was asked about appearing at Wrestlemania XXX for WWE in 2014. He said that Triple H has called him several times and they've talked, but there is no official deal yet. 

    He said that the is open to a return as he would like his son to see him wrestle at least once on a major stage, but would only do it for the right amount of money. He added that he would never call WWE personally and ask to come back. He pointed out that the WWE knows what needs to be done if they want him back. A source said his financial demands were "very significant". 

    Goldberg also talked about WWE trying to push the idea of him getting an enormous pop ("think of the pop you'll get") but he said that's the wrong way to get him to sign. 

    Opinionated View- If they wanted to bring him back for the hall of fame that would be one thing  but they appear to want him to work a match and that would be awful. Given his age the fact he hasn't wrestled in years.

    TNA Changing The Way They Do Commentary

    - Other than the episode of Impact Wrestling that aired on November 20, Taz and Mikey Tenay have not been at the recent Impact TV tapings. TNA has instead been sending them to Nashville to do taped commentary.

    Update On Davey Richards' Neck Injury

    As previously reported, Davey Richards pulled out of a December 7th appearance at Pro Wrestling NOAH due to a neck injury.

    There are some who believe that Richards was injured during his tag team match against The Ascension in WWE NXT. It appeared to happen when Richards was dropped on his head, as there was immediate concern he was hurt. He was checked out after the match and didn't appear to have suffered any injuries. No one had heard anything else until news was revealed that he pulled out of an appearance with NOAH.

    Team Angle vs Team Roode Battle Tonight on Impact Wrestling

    Preview Thursday's special Thanksgiving edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 9/8c - if you can't watch the action on Thursday, make sure to set your DVR!
    - IMPACT continues the longtime tradition of pro wrestling on Thanksgiving! After the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, join the rest of your family for a night of IMPACT WRESTLING! TNA President Dixie Carter will host the Thanksgiving special, and she promises a night to remember!
    - Speaking of Thanksgiving tradition, the infamous TNA Turkey Costume returns on Thursday night! Who will be humiliated and forced to wear the Turkey Suit on the broadcast? Tune in and find out!
    - The Main Event of the Thanksgiving broadcast will feature Team Angle vs. Team Roode in an 8 Man Elimination Match! As the war between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode continues, who will they pick to join them in battle in the huge tag team match on Thursday night?
    - After beating Bully Ray this past week and forcing the Aces and Eights to disband, Mr. Anderson is holding a public funeral for the end of the Aces and Eights on Thursday's broadcast!
    All this and much more on Thursday's special Thanksgiving edition of IMPACT starting at 9/8c on SpikeTV!

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    WWE Reportedly Expecting a Poor Survivor Series Buy Rate

    - At this time, the word is that WWE is not expecting a big buy rate for this year's Survivor Series PPV. During the show, the company was disappointed when the social media trends for their event failed to produce more than the NFL game and the American Music Awards.

    Opinionated View- Well duh not helped by the fact you had a piss poor card that you made no one care about. Even if that had been a football game no one cared about played by two winless teams and the AMA's had been cancelled they wouldn't have gotten a great butyrate with Orton vs Big Show as a main event.

    AJ Styles News and Notes

    - AJ Styles will take part in a European tour in March. "An Evening With AJ Styles" is scheduled for March 6-11 in England and Scotland. At this time, each show will include a meet and greet and Q&A with the fans.

    The release of Styles' autobiography "Phenomenal" has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2014. Styles' representative Bill Behrens had the following to say about the delay…

    "The book was originally slated for an earlier release but was delayed so changes could be made in various chapters including the one dedicated to TNA."

    11/27 WWE Main Event Preview

    The following is scheduled for tonight's 11/27 WWE Main Event on ION Television.
    * Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler.
    * Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella.
    * Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston.

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    11/26 WWE Smackdown Spoilers

    Smackdown Thanksgiving:
    *Renee Young interviewed WWE champion Randy Orton asking him if he feels betrayed by The Authority for making the unification match at TLC. Orton walked away without saying anything.

    *Vickie Guerrero is hosting the Thanksgiving celebration. Titus O'Neal has a Thanksgiving eating contest with Great Khali.

    *Mark Henry (with Big E. Langston) defeated Curtis Axel (with Ryback).

    *Brodus Clay approaches Xavier Woods, upset that he stole Clay's music on Raw. He tells him, "Rookie, respect main event players like myself" and shoves him, then walks away.

    *Titus O'Neal wins the eating contest and is told he has earned a match against Antonio Cesaro tonight.

    *Los Matadores defeated The Plymouth Rockers (3MB, coming out to The Rockers' old theme music.)

    *Tons of Funk defeated R-Truth and Xavier Woods. Cameron and Naomi were with Brodus and Tensai.

    *Bray Wyatt cut a promo saying Daniel Bryan is safe with him. He said Bryan will enter a man and leave a monster.

    *Antonio Cesaro defeated Titus O'Neil. The story is that Titus is sick from all the food. After the big swing, he grabs JBL's hat and pukes in it. The hat, with all the vomit, ends up on Michael Cole's head. He then puked on Zeb Colter. They spent like three minutes on him puking.

    *WWE Tag Team champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeated The Shield by DQ when Dean Ambrose interfered. CM Punk hit the ring to make the save. Vickie Guerrero turned it into a six man tag....

    *The six man tag ends with a DQ win for CM Punk's team when The Wyatts interfere. The Usos and Rey Mysterio hit the ring for the save. Vickie Guerrero makes it a 12 man tag.....

    *Team CM Punk defeated Team Wyatt when Punk nailed Erik Rowan with a GTS for the win.

    11/26 WWE Main Event TV taping spoilers

    Dark Match

    1. Justin Gabriel defeated Hunico. Gabriel won the basic house show style warmup match.

    WWE Main Event

    1. Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio won with the Cross Arm Breaker. Awesome match. They really went all out and the crowd was into it the whole time. This was better than their two pay-per-view matches earlier this year.

    2. Damien Sandow beat Santino Marella. Sandow won with his You're Welcome finisher. Pretty much a squash. Sandow cut a promo before the match insulting the crowd and calling himself "still the uncrowned world champion." He demanded better opponents.

    Triple H cut a promo on the screen saying he wants the titles to be unified at TLC. He wants only one WWE champion. So I guess they are guaranteeing one champion at TLC? I can't see the Titantron from my seat so I might not have gotten the full context of the promo.

    3. Kofi Kingston beat Fandango (w/Summer Rae). Kingston won with Trouble in Paradise. Fundamentally solid, but the crowd had no reason to get invested in either man, although the kids got into at the end. No follow up on Sunday's actions from Kofi. This concluded the Main Event taping.

    11/25 WWE Raw Viewership

    The 11/25 WWE RAW drew an average viewership of 4.14 million viewers. The first hour drew 4.32 million viewers, the second hour drew 4.29 million viewers and the third hour drew 3.80 million viewers. This is up from last week's show that did 3.80 million viewers.

    TNA Signs Multi-Year Television Deal in Japan

    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING has continued its recent global expansion by signing a new multi-year agreement with Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) in Japan. NTV channel G+ will continue to air TNA IMPACT WRESTLING every Saturday night at 10pm, as well as broadcasting TNA’s monthly PPV and One Night Only events.

    Other sports shown on the station include NFL, NASCAR, MotoGP and international soccer. It also broadcasts baseball games featuring Japan’s most famous team, Yomiuri Giants.

    G+ started showing TNA IMPACT WRESTLING in January 2013, bringing the most innovative experience in professional wrestling to Japan for the first time ever. G+ can be found on the satellite platform Sky PerfecTV! and various cable networks across Japan.

    TNA Executive Vice President, Andy Barton said: "TNA IMPACT WRESTLING has enjoyed phenomenal success during our first year of broadcast on Japanese television and we are very excited about this new multiple-year commitment with Nippon Television’s G+. It’s another example of the success we are enjoying around the world, which also includes new deals in France and Portugal and a very successful launch on Sony SIX in India."

    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is currently the No. 1 rated weekly wrestling programme in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The show also airs in more than 120 other countries around the world.

    WWE Signs Independent Wrestler to Developmental Deal

    Independent wrestler Logan Shulo has been signed to a WWE developmental deal. Shulo is based out of Pittsburgh, PA and has been wrestling for five years. Shulo will finish out his independent dates and is expected to report to NXT in early 2014.

    Drew McIntyre Receives Green Card

    Drew McIntyre posted the following on Twitter, announcing that he has received his green card…

    Its official!Big thanks to @WWE & the US.At 28 I've had some wild ups n downs & lived a lifetime.Got my Green Card,can't get rid of me now:)

    11/25 WWE Raw Report

    In Memory of Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon (1929-2013).
    Special Guest Host: Michael Strahan.
    Randy Orton’s music hits. The WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring. He believes that he is owed an apology from the fans. Orton stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone and the Title slung over his shoulder. Orton believes that he is owed an apology because there were those that doubted his retention ability. Instead of leaving, Orton invites The Authority down to ringside.
    Triple H and Stephanie McMahon strut to the ring. Triple H says that Randy Orton proved himself but it was at their prodding. Stephanie believes that Orton succeeded because of the motivation that they provided him. Randy retorts that he is upset that the McMahons are making it about themselves. Orton is also upset that The Authority appeared last night despite the fact that he was promised no interference. He was denied an untainted win. The crowd has started a chant for Daniel Bryan around this point. Triple H said that they only came down to ringside because they believed that there was going to be a new WWE Champion. Orton replies that he is a giant slayer and the best WWE Champion in history. There is no one that can take that away from him.
    John Cena’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring. John Cena starts to address Randy Orton. Stephanie interrupts and asks what it is that Cena wants. Cena replies that he wants her to listen to the fans. Listen to the chants for Daniel Bryan. The fans want to cut through the corporate “bs”. Cena has another matter to settle first. There are two Champions in the ring. It’s time that there is just one. John Cena says that he wants to face Randy Orton. Randy turns to Triple H. Cena cuts him off and says it is just between the two of them.
    Stephanie tells Triple H that they have been considering this for some time, maybe they should listen to the fans. Triple H announces that at Tables, Ladders & Chairs something epic will happen. Both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships will be suspended above the ring. John Cena will face Randy Orton one-on-one in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.
    The Shield v. The Rhodes Brothers & Rey Mysterio
    Reigns and Goldust start the match. The other Shield members run across the ring to knock Cody and Rey to the outside. The Shield works as a unit with a series of quick tags to keep Goldust isolated in the corner. Goldust is left in the ring and sees an opening as he faces Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins gets a tag to make the save but gets tossed to the outside of the ring. Rollins manages to get back inside in time to cut Goldust off. Roman Reigns gets the tag and grabs Goldust by the leg and begins to stomp. Rey and Cody can only pace back and forth on the apron in frustration.
    Goldust and Roman Reigns are both trying to make tags. Seth Rollins is brought in followed by Rey Mysterio. This is Rey’s first RAW appearance since May according to Michael Cole. Mysterio makes it an aerial return. Mysterio and Rollins both go for crossbodys at the same time and collide together.
    Dean Ambrose and Cody get the tags. Cody attempts a Sunset Flip for the win. Ambrose kicks out. Rhodes goes for the finish with an Alabama Slam. The Shield makes the save. Mysterio looks to fly out of the ring but Roman Reigns spears him hard. Goldust next falls victim to a spear. It is only after Cody hits a Disaster Kick that Reigns is eliminated from the moment. Cody grabs Rollins but Ambrose catches him from behind with a Headlock Driver.
    Winners: The Shield
    The Miz welcomes out his guest, and the special guest host of RAW, the one and only: Michael Strahan.
    Instead of Michael Strahan – Titus O’Neill walks out in a suit. He even has his middle teeth drawn black. In the ring he speaks with a lisp. Miz decides to play into the ploy. Miz asks about the tooth gap. “Strahan” says that it is for character. Miz says the gap is wider than the Giants shot at the playoffs. The fans in New York are not pleased. Miz laughs and says it must be a bad time. The Giants did fall last night to the Dallas Cowboys for the second time this season. Titus as Michael decides it is time to put over Titus O’Neill.
    Michael Strahan makes his way down to the ring. He shouts out Long Island. Strahan says that Miz’s jokes were weak. Strahan says that Titus needs to work on his gap game. Strahan announces that tonight will have a double team, er, tag team main event. He announces Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio v. Big Show & John Cena. Miz asks if Strahan thinks he could handle himself in the ring. Strahan says that he thinks even Kelly Ripa could handle the Miz. Miz is furious and all fired. Titus interrupts and says that Strahan may be an athlete but this is not football. Titus says that just one move might be too much for Strahan. Miz proposes a hip toss.
    Miz attempts a hip toss but Strahan blocks it. Titus steps in to try and help. Titus is still able to block. Titus hypes the crowd as Miz tries one more time. Miz even shouts out Tony Romo to try and fire him up. Strahan once again blocks and reverses into a hip toss of his own. Titus laughs with Strahan as Miz picks himself up. Titus starts to do the “millions of dollars” chant with Strahan. Michael decides he has another hip toss in him and sends Titus flying with as well. Miz and Titus sway with Strahan to close the segment.
    Big E. Langston & Mark Henry v. Curtis Axel & Ryback
    Curtis starts the match against Langston and falls victim to a backbreaker. Ryback gets the tag and hits a Spinebuster and a Splash. Ryback grabs Langston and holds him high overhead before dropping him to the mat. Axel gets the tag. He mounts Langston and delivers a series of punches. Henry is brought into the match and headbutts Curtis Axel a la Junkyard Dog. Mark Henry returned last night at the PPV. For those that missed it he has his head shaved but is sporting a beard. Ryback tries to run into the match but Langston is on hand to clothesline him to the outside. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Curtis Axel.
    Winners: Big E. Langston & Mark Henry
    Survivor Series Rematch
    Team Total Divas: Natalya, The Bella Twins , The Funkadactyls, Eva Marie, & Jojo v. Team AJ: AJ Lee, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, & Summer Rae
    Brie starts against Aksana. Brie picks up the pin but the screen cuts to black presumably because of an Aksana wardrobe malfunction. Aksana is eliminated. Rosa Mendes runs into the ring but double trouble from the Bellas allows Nikki to pin her. Rosa Mendes is eliminated. The Funkadactyls work together on Tamina. Naomi attempts a pin but Tamina kicks out. Tamina responds with kick to the jaw. Naomi has been eliminated. Cameron flies in with a crossbody but Tamina rolls through and hits a Samoan Drop. Cameron has been eliminated. Natalya charges in for a roll up. Tamina kicks out. Natalya connects with a vertical suplex and follows with a scoop slam. Jojo gets the tag and picks up the pin.
    Alicia Fox comes in for the attitude. Jojo attempts a roll up but Alicia hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for the pin. Jojo has been eliminated. Eva Marie comes in and rolls up Alicia sloppily in the corner. Natalya gets the tag and Kaitlyn comes in for her team. Natalya eliminates her with a Sharpshooter. AJ comes in to the ring and jumps on Natalya. Nattie tosses her towards the corner. Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter but AJ kicks her away. AJ rolls her up. Natalya has been eliminated. Brie Bella quickly eliminates the Divas Champion with a face plant.
    Summer Rae comes in to the ring and is the only person left on her team. Nikki Bella comes into the ring and does the worm. The Bellas and Eva Marie are left for their team. Summer Rae attempts the worm but is very upset when she can’t pull it off. Summer looks to exit the ring but Eva and Brie cut her off. Nikki puts Summer up in The Rack and pins her.
    Winners: Team Total Divas
    Damien Sandow is in the ring with Jerry Lawler. The results of the WWE App poll will soon be revealed. Sandow is facing Ziggler in one of three hardcore style matches with a Long Island theme. Sandow doesn’t feel he should have to give in to the whims of the people.
    Hamptons Hardcore Match
    Damien Sandow v. Dolph Ziggler
    Ziggler enters wearing a New York Islanders jersey. Crew members come down and bring tennis rackets, golf bags and boating equipment.
    Sandow misses with a gold club. Sandow tears the jersey off of Ziggler. Ziggler is wearing a Zack Ryder shirt underneath. Sandow brawls with him outside of the ring and removes that shirt as well. Sandow tosses Ziggler into a trashcan. Sandow is whipped into the barricade. Sandow responds by hitting Dolph with a microphone. Sandow jumps from the barricade. Ziggler shakes it off and places a trashcan around the head of Sandow. Dolph dropkicks it and sends Sandow to the floor.
    Back from the break and the Superstars go through the remaining foreign objects in the ring. Sandow grabs the Islanders jersey and drapes it over the body of Ziggler as he is flat on the mat. Sandow drops the elbow of disdain and Dolph drops to the outside of the ring. Ziggler scurries under the ring. Sandow follows after and pulls him out. Ziggler has a fire extinguisher which he shoots into Sandow’s face. Ziggler gets back in the ring and delivers several punches in the corner before tossing Sandow to the middle. Cover, but Sandow kicks out.
    Sandow heads out of the ring and Ziggler follows after. Sandow hits Ziggler in the face with a trashcan. Sandow tosses Ziggler into the steel steps and then rolls him into the ring. Sandow has also tossed a steel chair into the ring. Sandow gets back inside and punches Ziggler. Sandow grabs a tennis racket but Ziggler counters with a DDT onto the steel chair. Cover, but Sandow kicks out. Sandow hits Ziggler with an oar over the back and then slams him onto a trashcan. Cover by Sandow for the win.
    Winner: Damien Sandow
    Santino is backstage with Michael Strahan. He walks away in fear as Erick Rowan approaches wearing his mask. Strahan accepts a mask of his own and places it on his face. Santino approaches after Rowan leaves. Santino tells Strahan to take the mask and have Kelly Ripa perform a baking exorcise to remove the evil spirits. Strahan looks away in disbelief.
    Renee Young introduces CM Punk & Daniel Bryan. Renee Young asks about their match last night. Punk and Bryan share that they defeated them last night, but the odds are stacked against them tonight. Nonetheless they will finally get their hands on Bray Wyatt. Punk goes on a rant and says that they could defeat anyone that was put up against them tonight. Punk even name drops Colt Cabana. They take on the Wyatt Family next.
    Handicap Match
    The Wyatt Family v. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan
    Punk starts against Erick Rowan. Punk kicks at the legs of Rowan and brings in Bryan. Rowan whips him into the ropes and hits a big boot. Rowan backs him towards the corner and brings in Luke Harper. Bryan flips away in the corner and hits a clothesline. Punk gets the tag and kicks Harper in the gut. Harper blocks a snapmare and throws Punk head first into the corner. Punk sends him towards Bryan and connects with a couple of shoulder thrusts. Bryan gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick. He connects with a few European Uppercuts. Harper hits a few of his own. Bray calls for the tag.
    Harper holds up Bryan so Wyatt can attack. Wyatt takes his time with Bryan and then drops a headbutt. Rowan gets the tag. He stands over Bryan and lifts him to his feet. Bryan is whipped towards the corner. Rowan charges but misses with a boot. Punk comes in off a springboard. It takes several lariats to bring his opponent down. Punk uses a high knee to knock Rowan out of the ring. CM Punk charges for a suicide dive. Punk rolls him back inside and hits a neckbreaker. Punk climbs to the top rope and delivers an elbow. Cover, but Rowan kicks out. Punk is distracted by the Wyatts as he looks for a GTS. Rowan has time to recover and picks Punk up and dumps him out of the ring.
    Back from the break Bray is working on Punk in the corner. He unleashes with a slew of punches. Wyatt hits a scoop slam. Bray covers Punk, but Punk kicks out. Harper gets the tag. He grabs Punk by the neck and slides side to side for a gator roll. Rowan gets the tag. He lifts Punk up high for a bear hug. Punk escapes. Harper and Bryan each get tags. Bryan flies out with a suicide dive to catch Bray by surprise. Harper falls victim to several hard kicks as Bryan returns to the ring. Bryan hits a hurricarana. He follows up with a Yes Lock but Rowan makes the save. Bryan sends each man towards the corner but a hard slam from Harper almost ends the match. Punk comes in for the save. Everyone is in the ring and brawling. The referee loses control and can’t get the Wyatts out and calls for the bell.
    Winners via DQ: Punk & Bryan
    Rowan and Bray pull Bryan out of the ring. Punk is hit with a hard clothesline from Harper inside the ring. Rowan places Bryan over his shoulder and walks towards the back with Bryan over his shoulder. Punk watches on and tries to head towards the back. Roman Reigns comes in from out of nowhere and spears Punk on the outside of the ring. The rest of The Shield appears. They roll Punk back into the ring for a triple powerbomb.
    Miz is in the back with the co-star of his television movie “Christmas Bounty”. They plug the airing of their movie tomorrow night.
    Kofi Kingston v. The Miz
    Kofi extends his hand for a shake at the start of the match. Miz slaps him across the face instead. They exchange covers followed by some hip tosses. Kofi seems amused as he torments Miz with one-upmanship. Kofi eventually gets caught in a headlock. Miz misses his opponent on a splash and falls victim to a Boom Drop. Kofi looks for the finish with Trouble in Paradise. Miz blocks and catches the leg. Kofi kicks him away and hits SOS. Cover, but Miz kicks out. Kofi springboards for a crossbody. Cover, but Miz kicks out. Miz rolls Kofi up quickly and picks up the win.
    Winner: The Miz
    King introduces a Hurricane Sandy Benefit winner. The man has a T-shirt made up and says his ring name would be the Kosher Butcher. His finisher would be the circumcision.
    R-Truth has a microphone and gives a pop to the crowd. He says that he and Brodus Clay got together and reached an agreement. The Funkadactyls’ music hits. Xavier Woods dances down to the ring with the girls.
    Heath Slater w/ 3MB v. Xavier Woods w/ R-Truth & The Funkadactyls
    Xavier looks to take control but Slater does have more experience. He is able to wrestle Xavier to the mat and apply a rear headlock. Slater attempts a cover. Xavier kicks out. He begins to fight back and hits the Honor Roll. Woods follows with a DDT for the win.
    Winner: Xavier Woods
    After the match The Funkadactyls and R-Truth enter the ring to dance with the winner.
    Strahan has a backstage segment with several Divas and eventually Goldust.
    Michael Strahan is next backstage with John Cena and wishes him well in his Tag Team Match tonight.
    Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio v. John Cena & Big Show
    Show starts the match against Del Rio. He backs Rio into the corner and hits a chop. Rio responds by trying to punch his way back into the match but is caught by a shoulder block. Show punches away at the gut of Orton. Randy falls to the mat so Show drops an elbow.
    Alberto is facing off against John Cena. Cena is set up in a tree of woe. Cena fights Rio off at first and escapes and looks to climb up top. Rio runs over for a kick. Orton gets the tag. Orton delivers an uppercut. Rio hits a cheap shot which allows Orton another cover. Cena kicks out again. Orton cinches on a side headlock. Rio gets the tag again and tries to charge at the back of Cena. Cena is set up against the rope but moves out of the way. Show gets the tag. Rio goes on the attack and targets the head of Big Show. He was punted by Orton last night. Rio kicks at the head and tags in Orton. Randy goes for a cover but Show kicks out. Orton continues to work at the head of Big Show.
    A trainer comes into the ring to check on Big Show. The Trainer and the referee help Big Show to his feet and make sure that they can continue. Orton flies at the first opportunity to attack Big Show. Orton hits a big DDT. Orton sets up for a Punt. Big Show blocks with a spear. Cena gets the hot tag as does Alberto Del Rio.
    Cena sets in for the Five Moves of Doom. Rio stops the Knuckle Shuffle with a kick and tries a cover. Cena kicks out. Rio looks for the Cross-Arm Breaker but Cena counters into an STF.
    Winners: John Cena & Big Show
    After the match Big Show is being helped by a trainer on the outside. Alberto Del Rio starts to kick at Cena. Rio tries for a Cross-Arm Breaker again but Cena counters into an Attitude Adjustment. Orton runs in from behind and clocks John Cena with the WWE Championship. Orton exits and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. He heads back inside and holds both Titles overhead to celebrate.