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Impact Wrestling TV Taping in Birmingham, England spoilers

TNA Impact Wrestling Taping
This may have been a continuation of the taping for March 1 Impact.
Matt Hardy cut a promo to open. He said he’s beaten EC3 so many times it’s now boring. He’ll never get a shot at Hardy again. Hardy Introduced Rockstar Spud (to his hometown). Spud pointed out that one year ago EC3 left him battered and bloodied with his head shaved. Now the public are jumping on the latest bandwagon by supporting EC3. He took some good old fashioned revenge, and took what EC3 craved.

EC3 eventually interrupted with a run in and beat Tyrus, then Hardy. Spud tried to attack, but he ended up getting away. EC3 challenged Spud to a “fight.” There was no ref, no rules…
Following a taping for Xplosion (see below), Gail Kim delivered a promo. She said the Knockouts division is all about wrestling. Kim said Maria is all talk and nobody wants that, they want to see her fight. Maria came out to talk. She’s proud of lesson she taught Gail. She won’t cross the line and fight as she’s not like Gail. She said Gail wants to be just like her. Maria said Gail says she doesn’t want to be a celebrity, yet married a celebrity chef. Maria loves being a celebrity, she was on Celebrity Apprentice and posed for Playboy. Maria said she won’t fight because she is a lady. Gail chased after her, only to be attacked by Jade.

1. EC3 beat Rockstar Spud in a Birmingham street fight. The match went about ten minutes until EC3 put spud through a table and choked him out. A bunch of refs (and agent Simon Diamond) came out to break it up.

Xplosion Taping
1. Jessie Godderz beat Tigre Uno. Godderz won by submission with a Boston crab in roughly six minutes.
Impact opened with Dixie Carter in the ring with the TNA roster outside ring. They were there to celebrate Kurt Angle. Dixie hoped this day would never come, and can’t thank Angle enough for everything he’s done. Drew Galloway got in the ring and said it was an honor to be picked to wrestle him on his farewell tour. Galloway asked Angle please don’t go, but then said thank you so much.
Angle said he came to TNA to find himself, and he’s a better person for having being there. Lashley interrupted. It’s a bad day, but a great experience, an amazing thing for him, so thank you. However, Lashley said he can see as he looks at Angle’s eyes that Kurt is just not ready to wrestle him…
1. Eric Young beat Bram, Will Ospreay, Jimmy Havoc, and Big Damo in a King of The Mountain Match. Osprey was first to qualify with a crucifix on Havoc. Young qualified with a piledriver on the steps to Havoc. Bram was next to qualify. Young won a pretty short match, which was a shame this was once the biggest match on TNA’s biggest pay-per-view…
Mike “The Miracle” Bennett cut a promo demanding to be named number one contender. Bennett was interrupted by Drew Galloway. They went back and forth until Galloway finally loses his rag and took out Bennett…
2. Gail Kim beat Jade to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Kim won a good match with a backwards cross body off the ropes. Jake countered the move, but it was rolled over again by Kim for the win…
3. James Storm and Bobby Roode beat The Wolves to win the TNA Tag Titles. It appeared as though Davey Richards was injured. He took an awkward bump from Storm and then immediately rolled out of the ring with referee Earl Hebner making the X sign with his arms. He was noticeable talking to the three remaining guys in the ring afterwards…
Grado rushed the ring for a promo, saying his firing was fishy. Eli Drake came out and said he’s pathetic begging for his job back…
4. Lashley defeated Kurt Angle. The match will billed as Angle’s last match and it was a good one with lots of back and forth. Angle had the ankle lock on Lashley about three or four times, but eventually Lashley won with a spear, then attacked Angle again after the match. This brought out Drew Galloway, whom was also beat down by Lashley. Eddie Edwards was out next and he was also beaten down. Finally EC3 came out, and Lashley walked off…
Angle delivered his farewell speech. He said he is very grateful and added that he will see us again one day…
One Night Only Taping
They finished the night with a 16-man gauntlet match taped for a One Night Only pay-per-view. For some reason, they match only had 13 entrants.
1. Drew Galloway won a gauntlet match. The order of entry was Bennett, Mandrews, Tigre Uno, Jade, Will Osprey, Bram, Eric Young, Eddie Edwards, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, Grado.
Order of elimination:
Mandrews by Bennett
Jade by Maria
Tigre uno by Bram
Osprey by Young
Young and Bram by Edwards
Edwards by Hardy
Tyrus by Grado
Spud by Galloway
Hardy by Grado
Grado by Bennett
Bennett by Drew Galloway
Xplosion Taping
1. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne beat Marti Bell and Rebel. Velvet picked up the win after a stunner. This match was taped during the Impact taping.

Davey Richards injured at the TNA Impact Wrestling taping

Davey Richards was injured during Sunday’s TNA Impact Wrestling television taping in Birmingham, England. TNA announced via Twitter that Richards suffered a meniscus tear and will undergo an MRI.


Tonight in Birmingham on Tour @RichardsWesley injured. Initial diagnosis: "meniscus issue." An MRI is scheduled
Davey Richards
I'm so sorry to @IMPACTWRESTLING UK fans tonight. You deserved better than what I gave. I'll be back and give you the match you deserve.
Opinionated View- You never want to see anyone hurt especially someone like Davey who tears the house down every time out. If there is any good news here the injury happened after a lot of TV had been tapped so he could maybe be back for the next TV taping.

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News and Notes From TNA UK Tour

Also in regards to Reby Sky, she has officially signed a contract with TNA.

– Mark Andrews was reportedly a bit dinged up after getting a shot to the head during his tag team match. There was concern he might have been hurt, but he later posted on Twitter that he’s doing OK. You can check out Andrews’ tweet on the subject below.

Mark Andrews

Thanks for the tweets, guys. I'm okay just a little knock to the head. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight in Wembley
Rafael Morfi, who previously worked as a live touring executive for the WWE before going to TNA, reporteldy worked as the tour manager for TNA’s tour of the UK this month.

Awesome Kong Reportedly Caused Marks on Reby Sky’s Neck

PWInsider has more details on the physical confrontation that took place between Reby Sky and Awesome Kong during TNA’s UK tour. As previously reported, TNA issued a statement, and Kong was sent home from the tour.

Per the report, the confrontation between the two was physical, and Kong left visible marks around Reby Sky’s throat and the back of her neck that could be seen if she lifted her hair.

Kurt Angle Reportedly Suffers Concussion During First Night of TNA’s UK Tour

Angle reportedly suffered an injury during the first match on the first night of TNA’s current tour of the UK. Kurt Angle reportedly looked like he was in “bad shape” following his match with Drew Galloway in Manchester after the first night of the TNA UK tour, which is also Angle’s farewell tour with the promotion. According to a report by PWINsider, Angle suffered a concussion during the Galloway match.

Angle was said to have started feeling better about 35 minutes after the match. He was then checked and cleared by a doctor, and Angle was allowed to take part in another match against Bobby Roode last night. He is still currently set to finish out the tour and face Bobby Lashley tonight in Birmingham. The report does not mention how serious Angle’s concussion was, but hopefully he is doing OK.

Opinionated View- Well if he is cleared he's cleared but you do worry. I have to wonder if this is clickbait or stretching the truth. And instead Kurt or the company was just worried he had a concussion.

Lucha Underground Renewed For Season Three

Lucha Underground will be back for a third season. Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the third season renewal was announced backstage at a meeting before the final taping for season two. The producers for the show informed the cast that El Rey has greenlit a new season.

The cast was also told that the show will be releasing on iTunes soon, making it available to those without El Rey.

Opinoinated View- Let me know when they start doing good shows without the bullshit crap storyline stuff. And BTW I understand they are still doing "Magic" and murder storylines.

CHIKARA “Days of the Phoenix” & “5 Senses” (1/30/2016) Results

January 30th, 2016 – 2:00 PM – Philadelphia, PA
Credit: Michael Langan, Dave Muscarella, and The Mystery Men
1. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova pins Arctic Rescue Ant with a Gore.
Mike Quackenbush presented the Challenge of the Immortals Championship banner to Princess Kimberlee for the “Crown & Court’s” tournament victory.
2. Hermit Crab & the debuting Rock Lobster defeat Macklemore Ben & Lewis Ryan when Hermit Crab hit a Naniwa Elbow.
3. Jaka defeated Amasis with a top rope splash. Jakob Hammermeier & Pinkie Sanchez formally announced Jaka as a member of the BDK prior to the match.
4. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Prakash Sabar defeated Dasher Hatfield & Heidi Lovelace when Sabar rolled up Hatfield in a small package after a low blow from Coronado. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova tried using a flag during the match, but “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti stopped him. However, Hatfield caught Angelosetti with the flag in hand and thought he was the one who was going to cheat!
– The Magic Move was a clothesline over the top rope, which did occur. All fans received a CHIKARA pen.
5. Soldier Ant defeated Jakob Hammermeier with the Trench Slam. This win earned him his 3rd point and a shot at the Grand Championship.
6. N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell) retained Los Campeonatos de Parejas 2 falls to 1 over the Nightmare Warriors (Hallowicked & Frightmare)
– Hallowicked pinned Jaxon with Never Wake Up in 7:00.
– Jaxon pinned Hallowicked with a waistlock roll-up in 12:00.
– Rockwell pinned Frightmare with the Hyper Wheel in 18:00.
It was also announced that CHIKARA would come to Toronto on January 23rd. Tickets on sale tomorrow.

January 30th, 2016 – 2:00 PM – Philadelphia, PA
Credit: Michael Langan, Dave Muscarella, and The Mystery Men
1. Kobald defeated Pinkie Sanchez with the Demon’s Toilet. Kobald was replacing an injured Icarus.
2. Los Ice Creams defeatead Adam Ward & Burt West via DQ when the Devastation Corporation ran in and beat down Los Ice Creams about 3:00 in. Princess Kimberlee eventually made the save.
3. Wani pinned “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti with a somersault corkscrew neckbreaker. Juan Francisco de Coronado showed up during the match, offering him the Ecuadorian Flag. Touchdown turned it down. He also was bummed he had nobody in his corner.
4. Battleborn (“Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man) defeated The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) when Obariyon tapped out to Missile Assault Man’s sharpshooter. This win gave Battleborn their third point and a future shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas.
5. The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant & Worker Ant) defeated The Snake Pit (Ophidian, Shynron & Argus) when Fire Ant (who has both of his antennae back now) pinned Shynron after the Ant Hill.
6. Princess Kimberlee retained the Grand Championship over Oleg the Usurper when Blaster McMassive (dressed as an Ice Cream) interfered as Kim had Oleg in the CHIKARA Special. The match is presumably a No Contest (referee Bryce Remsburg said it was not a DQ.) All of the Devastation Corporation beat her and Oleg down. Max Smashmaster said that Oleg ripping up his contract at King of Trios did not make him a free man. He made Kim watch a little girl in the audience cry as the beat her down. Maz said Kim became a queen when she won the Grand Championship and that they will take her down.
7. Encore Match: Heidi Lovelace pinned Juan Francisco de Coronado with the Heidi-Can-Rana, picking up her second point.
CHIKARA returns next Saturday with “National Pro Wrestling Day 2016” in Reading, PA.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

WWE Reportedly Upset With Rock’s Raw Segment

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via ), WWE was not happy with the group of fans that were dressed as Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Undertaker at Monday’s Raw. During the show, the man dressed as Savage was doing various Macho Man mannerisms, which is why fans were chanting “Randy Savage” during the show. The fans were moved, due to the fact that they were visible on TV.

When The Rock came out for his promo segment, the crowd was again chanting for the fans dressed as wrestlers. Rock went off script and spoke with the fans during his segment, which reportedly caused some people backstage to “freak out.” Officials were reportedly upset because the fans had distracted the crowd, and were then getting rewarded with TV time. Word is that if anyone other than Rock (or John Cena) had done something similar, they would have been fired. It is said that Rock can basically do anything he wants.

Opinionated View- Well maybe if you booked a better show the fans would be focused on what you are doing in the ring instead of fans in the stand. Plus the WWE does all it can to drive home the point "you should only care about legends."

3/1 Impact Wrestling Spoilers

As they took down the cage for the next taping, Dixie Carter came out and thanked the fans for all the fantastic support. The crowd chanted “Thank You, Dixie.” She said she had a surprise and introduced Billy Corgan. He asked if the crowd was having a good time. One guy near the ramp was jumping up and down like this was the greatest moment of his life…

1. The Wolves defeated Mandrews and Will Ospreay to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Mandrews made his skateboard entrance with will Osprey, a great reaction for the Cardiff boy. The Wolves made their entrance with the tag titles. They were wearing British inspired paint on the chest. A great back and for from all four men with some excellent spots. The action slowed down with The Wolves on offense with quick tags isolating Ospreay. Mandrews got the hot tag and came in with a huracanrana, but something went wrong and he laid motionless on the mat for a good 20 seconds. The ref held up the X sign. Mandrews tried to get to his feet but was unsteady and just managed to tag in Ospreay. After some back and forth, The Wolves won the match via pin fall. After the match, the medical team came rushing out for Mandrews (why they didn’t come out before I don’t know and, no, it didn’t look like a worked injury as you could see the wrestlers talking and improvising spots). The Wolves rushed over to check on Mandrews and helped him up and took him to the back. This had the potential to be a great match, but the injury derailed it somewhat…

2. Abyss (Crazzy Steve, Goth Girl) beat Jimmy Havoc in a Monster’s Ball match. Both men brawled early, standard Monster Ball style. Abyss introduced the cheese grater early but Havoc took it and raked quite hard against Abyss’s, um, little Joseph Park. Jimmy climbed to the top rope, but crazy Steve distracted him and Abyss pushed him off the top rope through the table. Abyss introduced Janice, who, of course, missed when he tried to use it and went through a table. Jimmy introduced a barbed wire board into the match. He struck Abyss a couple of times across the head with a kendo stick and went for the killer blow, but Abyss picked him up and hit a Black Hole Slam on Havoc through the barbed wire board. With Marilyn Manson playing, they stood over Jimmy. After the match local boy Havoc got a great reaction. A fun Monster’s Ball with semi dangerous but safe stunts…

Josh Matthews was introduced as he was doing commentary backstage. He kissed up to the fans and said that London was louder than Manchester at the tapings last night…
3. Mike Bennett (w/Maria) defeated Drew Galloway. Maria came out and told us that the UK is broken but she believes in miracles. With that Mike Bennett came out to little reaction. On the flip side, Drew Galloway made his entrance to a huge reaction. Bennett tried to run away but Galloway caught him and stomped him in the corner. Maria tried and failed to distract drew but he hit a big boot to Bennett. The action spilled to the outside where some fans held Bennett open out wide for Drew to chop him.

Eventually, Bennett gained the advantage but got thrown into the ring post by the man from Scotland. The action spilled back into the ring and Bennett gained control. The match slowed down with Bennett keeping Drew on the mat. Drew eventually came back with head butts and a flying clothesline from the top rope. Late in the match, Galloway stomped in the corner and hit a big drop kick. Galloway applied a submission but Maria put Bennett’s foot on the rope. Bennett snuck up behind Galloway and rolled him up for a three count…..

Earl Hebner was introduced and asked his thoughts on the fans in London. He said they were great and then walked back up the ramp….ok…..

4. Eric Young defeated Damo O’Connor to retain the King of the Mountain Title. Young had an open challenge for the King of the Mountain Title. Young won via piledriver…

5. Kurt Angle beat Bobby Roode. Roode made his entrance alone. Angle came out to the biggest pop of the night. He gestured to the whole crowd, and the match was on. Both men felt each other out to begin with with a cagey start. Angle got the better of the early exchanges. The crowd chanted “We love you, Angle, we do.” Roode was kept on the mat in the early going of the match but Roode came back a knee to the mid section. It was Angle’s turn to be kept on the mat. Angle got to his feet and both men charged at each other and hit a double clothesline. Angle got to his feet first but Roode came back with a spinebuster.

Roode climbed to the top but missed with his attempt. Angle his three back suplexes in a row for a great reaction. Angle applied the ankle lock, but Roode escaped and threw Kurt shoulder first into the ring post. Roode applied a crossface, which Angle reversed into an ankle lock but Roode reversed as well back into the crossface. After breaking the hold, Angle charged at Roode, only to be put back into a crossface. Angle broke the hold and hit an Olympic slam on Roode for a close two count. Late in the match Angle locked in the ankle lock, but this time laid it in fully and got the submission victory….

After the match, both men hugged mid ring. Roode made a beautiful speech and Angle cried. The crowd chanted “thank you, Angle.” James Storm came down the ramp and got in the ring. He said all he wants to say is thank you to a TNA legend. He said to him his friendship is priceless. Beer Money opened beers and Kurt said no, so they pulled some milk out. Funny. Kurt poured the milk with most of it going all over him.

The Wolves came out to join in the celebration. They said some nice things about Angle. They also built up the match for The Wolves against Beer Money which will be tapped at the tapings on Sunday. I don’t know when the show will end as far as television is concerned, but this was a beautiful, genuine moment that Kurt was obviously touched by….

TNA TV taping in London (spoilers): 2/23

Jeremy Borash came out to a good ovation and high fives the fans at ringside. He geared up the crowd well. He announced that EC3 would get his rematch tonight, and they showed a video of EC3 talking from home. He said he realizes that sometimes he’s been a piece of shit. He said he’s done all that because he’s addicted to wrestling. I’m guessing this is the video that will air this week on Impact. The crowd got restless during it and started woooo’ing which was a shame as it was a good promo.
1. James Storm and Bobby Roode beat Eric Young and Bram in a cage match. Storm came down on a motorized beer cart (nice). The action started outside the ring outside the cage and continued like that for a good five minutes. Eventually with Storm selling a Bram DDT on the outside, Bram and Young had Roode alone in the cage with the door shut. There were some nice near falls during the match before Beer Money got the victory. Despite some sloppy spots, lots of crowd pleasing moments and got the tapings off to a good start…
EC3 came out next to a mixed reaction, but was certainly playing a babyface by high-fiving the fans at ringside. He sat on the ring steps with a microphone. He said what better place to fight than in London. He said the steel structure separates the man from the boys. He took some fun verbal shots at Reby before promoting the title match later tonight. He stood mid-ring and called out Rockstar Spud, who came out wearing an awesome multicolored suit.
Once in the ring EC3 talked about their match last year and reminded him that he told him he had the biggest heart in the world. He offered Spud his hand. With the crowd cheering, Spud accepted. Spud said he did what he did last week because it’s the right thing. He said Matt Hardy is rotten to the core and he had the nerve to tell him what to do. He screamed that no one tells him what to do. He was infuriated by Hardy.
Matt Hardy screamed that the ring and the arena is his. The crowd were trying to be smart arses by chanting “We Want Jeff” so I couldn’t hear most of his promo. He concluded by telling EC3 that he will beat him tonight. Great stuff from all three men and it turned the crowd completley in favor of EC3…
2. Trevor Lee (w/Shane Helms) beat Tigre Uno in a cage match to retain the X Division Title. Tigre came out with heavy strapping on his shoulder. Helms introduced himself as the star power and Trevor Lee as the horsepower. He has the worst intro music I’ve ever heard. Lee busted open up his mouth early in the match. Tigre Uno came off the top of the cage with a crossbody, which caused someone behind me to scream just escape. Sure enough, Lee came back and won the match…
After the previous match, they brought out all kinds of weapons and hung them up on the cage for the first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown. I didn’t have high hopes for this. JB announced that Madison Rayne had been taken out by the dollhouse, so Gail Kim and Velvet sky would have to find a third partner. Jade from the Dollhouse made her entrance followed by Gail Kim to a great reaction…

3. Jade, Marti Bell, and Rebel beat Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Maria in a Lethal Lockdown match. Jade went for a weapon first but was cut off. Some idiot obnoxious fans behind me shouted kiss. Marti Bell came out as the next entrant. She beat down Kim for a while. Pretty quickly Velvet Sky was introduced as the next entrant and gained the advantage on both heels. No weapons used so far. Rebel entered and knocked down both Kim and Sky. Rebel grabbed the baking tray ad smashed Kim in the head.

The surprise entrant for Kim and Sky was Maria, who ran to the ring teased climbing in the ring. However, with a smile she locked the door and mocked Kim. The Dollhouse chocked out Kim and Sky before hitting them with kendo sticks. The heels beat down the babyfaces but Kim and Sky came back and managed to get the upper hand. The crowd chanted this awesome. The ending of the match came when Jade hit a pretty neat pile driver type maneuver.

Kurt Angle came out to a thunderous and standing ovation. It was a stunning moment. He climbed in the ring and looked genuinely touched. He said this is his farewell tour, and he couldn’t be happier to have it anywhere than in the UK. He mentioned the match last year against Lashley, which brought the man himself out. Lashley climbed in the ring and said he can’t believe he is out here bragging about beating him, but like he told him he’s going to get revenge. He said he did that to motivate him and they would have one more match and he would get the revenge that he wants. Angle said he came out to talk to the fans but now he’s pissed off. He challenged him to a match on the spot. Lashley said carry on talking to your fans, our time will come, and with that he walked out of the ring. A surprisingly good promo by Lashley…

4. Odarg beat Eli Drake in a cage match. Drake grabbed a microphone and said Grado was fired so why is he running around with a mask calling himself Odarg. With that “Like a Prayer” played and the crowd exploded. Odarg climbed in the ring and was attacked by Eli Drake. Odarg tried to climb out of the ring but couldn’t reach the top and moved when Drake went for a punch. Eventually, Drake low blowed him. This led to Drake throwing Odarg around and against the steel cage. The end of the match came when Eli’s trunks where pulled slightly down exposing his rear end and Odarg hit a running somersault in the corner. Odarg climbed the cage and both men fought on top. Odarg went to drop down but as he did Drake grabbed his mask exposing him as Grado. Odarg ran to the back with a towel over his head. Fun but slightly silly match…
They announced that TNA is opening a wrestling school in London…

5. Matt Hardy (w/Tyrus) beat EC3 in a cage match to retain the TNA Title. EC3 came out to another great reaction, the fans have accepted the turn. The singing of his theme song has been the loudest thing on this taping outside of Angle. Hardy came out with Tyrus but without Reby. Matt climbed on the apron and jawed at EC3 and shared some words with Tyrus. The cage door closed and both men stood facing each other. They exchanged punches but Hardy got the early advantage. EC3 came back with multiple chops. Tyrus threw a chair in the ring, which Matt used to his advantage and had full control of the match until EC3 threw Matt head first into a chair setup in the corner.
At one point in the match, EC3 tried to walk out the door but Tyrus blocked his path. He called Tyrus in the ring and beat him down. Tyrus though eventually came back and knocked EC3 to the mat. He picked up a chain and chained EC3 to the ropes, however EC3 reversed it and got Tyrus chained in the ropes. With this distraction, Hardy snuck up from behind and hit a Twist of Fate for a near near near fall. Matt attempted to climb the cage but EC3 suplexed him off the cage.

Late in the match, EC3 low blowed Hardy, and the crowd got behind the former champion. Reby came down to the ring with a hammer, but Rockstar Spud ran down and took the hammer and threw it away. He opened the door for EC3 but then slammed it in his head. He helped Matt climb out of the cage to retain the title. The crowd chanted you sold out at Spud as he stood over EC3 with a chair and hit him in the head. Spud, Matt and Reby celebrated to finish the taping for the first show.

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TNA's John Gaburick Comments on Awesome Kong

Opinionated View- I'm glade to see they are addressing it but no committing to anything. Sadly I've started to see people going "TNA is picking Hardy's wife over Kong." That is not what they are doing people. Kong fucked up badly here. What other job do you think you can attack someone and not get in trouble? Hell like I said if I were in charge she would be fired remember this is the second time she had an incident like this.

Update on Possible Cause of Awesome Kong and Reby Sky Incident has more on the story between Awesome Kong and Reby Sky in TNA that led to Awesome Kong being sent home from the UK tour. There was an apparent incident between the two during the tour. According to the report, the feud between Sky and Kong goes back to 2013 after comments were made on social media and in a shoot interview. So it seems the bad blood between Sky and Kong had been brewing for quite some time.
In 2013, Sky posted on Twitter on Sid Vicious no-showing at an indy event. This caused Kong to insult Skya nd call her a “ho” and a “peon” later on during a YouShoot interview segment called “The Ho Bag.” Sky later responded to Kong on Twitter with the following post:
“Not aware of this, if it is true. Doesn’t make much sense, as I don’t know her on a really personal level & we have been nothing but nice to each other in passing at shows. We’ve actually texted back & forth a few times, so if she now has a problem with me, I can only attribute it to one thing/person. Fake as f–k to be nice to my face & talk s–t to a camera if its true, but no shocker there. That’s 99% of the women in this business anyway. Next.”
Sky then posted this in September on Awesome Kong:
“I will NEVER respect a no-show; someone who scams promoters and f***s fans and people who actually show up to work. F*** outta here. That being said, go back to smiling to my face at shows and talking shit online [Kharma], you FAKEASS bitch.”

Opinoinated View- Ok this does shed some light but still I think Awesome Kong should be fired. As bad as what Reby said it over the line to attack anyone ever.

SHINE 32 Report

Jessicka Havok makes her way to the ring and she takes the mic from Kid Cadet. Jessicka says we know why she is out here so she will cut to the chase. She saw Vanessa's message and she is waiting for her answer. She will not wait in the back all night while she beats around the bush. She tells Vanessa to get her ass out here and answer her challenge. Vanessa Kraven comes out and she says that she will cut to the chase too. She says no. It is not about being a chicken. It is about being a dominant force in Shine. She has been undefeated. Vanessa makes a challenge to anyone in the locker room she has not faced for tonight. Luscious Latasha comes out and she tells Vanessa that since her return to Shine, she has been undefeated. She is one of the elite athletes in Shine so if you want someone to wrestle, why not take her on. Latasha says that she is a main event wrestler so it will not happen now, it will happen later tonight. SoCal Val comes out and she tells Joanna Rose that Rob Naylor has changed. Val says that Jessicka is not the only monster in Shine. Your opponent tonight is Andrea.

Match Number One: Andrea (with SoCal Val) versus Jessicka Havok They start off face to face and they push each other away. They lock up and go to a stalemate. They get face to face again and they push each other. Andrea with a forearm so Jessicka fires back. Jessicka with a forearm and a kick to the midsection followed by a running boot. Jessicka with a boot to the back when Andrea drops down. Jessicka with a Stretch Muffler but Andrea gets to the ropes. Andrea with a boot to Havok when Havok was discussing things with the referee. Havok with a shoulder tackle to Andrea. Havok with a clothesline into the corner and she sets for a running boot in the corner but Val gets on the apron. Jessicka tries again and Andrea moves and she kicks Jessicka in the leg and she hyperextends the leg in the ropes. Andrea slams the leg into the mat and she kicks Havok. Andrea gets a near fall. Andrea with a knee bar followed by a KneeDT. Andrea with a kick to the thigh and a boot to the knee. Andrea wraps the leg in the ropes. Andrea stands on Jessicka until the referee warns Andrea. Andrea rams the knee into the mat and she continues to work on the leg. Andrea with a kick to the knee followed by an arm bar. Andrea slams Havok's head into the mat and she works on the leg with a heel hook. Andrea with a running kick to the thigh. Andrea with forearms to the back and she stands on the injured leg on the ropes while the referee warns Andrea. Andrea kicks Jessicka while she is in the ropes. Andrea drops her weight onto Havok's leg. Andrea with a rear chin lock. Andrea turns it into a camel clutch. Havok gets to her feet and she has Andrea on her back and she sends Andrea into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold. Both women go for running boots and both go down. Andrea punches Havok and Havok punches back. They go back and forth. They get back to their feet and the intensity of the blows increase. Havok with a shoulder tackle but Andrea stays on her feet. Havok with a spear for a near fall. Val gets on the apron while Havok hits a running boot in the corner and gets a near fall. Val gets on the apron again and Havok grabs her and Val screams while Andrea hits Havok from behind. Andrea gets Havok up but Jessicka gets back to her feet. Havok tries for an Air Raid Crash but Andrea counters with a rollup for a near fall. Havok with a leg sweep and she applies the Stretch Muffler. Andrea tries to get to the ropes but Havok pulls Andrea back into the center of the ring. Andrea taps out. Winner: Jessicka Havok

Match Number Two: Amy Love versus Crazy Mary Dobson Mary rolls around the ring before locking up as Amy is a bit freaked out at Mary's actions. They lock up and Mary with a drop toe hold. Mary with a drop kick to Amy. Mary with a knee to the midsection. Mary with another drop kick. Mary with a curb stomp to Amy and she goes to the turnbuckles but Amy crotches her and slams Mary head first into the mat. Mary with a shoulder from the apron but Amy with a kick to Mary in the ropes. Amy with a boot to the midsection followed by a few elbow drops and she gets a near fall. Mary with a crucifix cover for a near fall. Amy with a double sledge to the back and Amy chokes Mary in the ropes. Amy with a running knee to the back and she gets a near fall. Mary with a punch but Amy with a forearm. Amy with shoulders in the corner and she chokes Mary in the corner. Amy with a snap mare and she connects with a knee to the back and Amy gets a near fall. Amy with a double sledge to the back followed by a forearm to the back and a full nelson. Mary escapes and connects with a forearm. Amy with a shoulder in the ropes but Mary with a spear. Mary with a forearm and she tries for a cross body but Amy catches her. Mary with a guillotine choke but Amy runs Mary into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold. Amy with forearms and an Irish whip. Amy misses a splash into the corner and Mary with a kick from the apron. Mary goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Mary sends Amy into the ropes and Mary with a cartwheel followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Mary talks/attempts to seduce the referee and that allows Amy to recover. Amy with forearms and a side slam. Amy with a runway strut leg drop for a near fall. Mary with punches and then she bites Amy. Mary with a round kick and she goes up top for a split legged moonsault and the three count. Winner: Crazy Mary Dobson

Match Number Three: Brandi Wine (with Malia Hosaka and Leilani Kai) versus Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (with La Rosa Negra) They lock up and Brandi backs Amanda into the corner but Amanda with punches and a side head lock and take down. Brandi with a head scissors and Amanda escapes and applies a side head lock. Brandi pulls Amanda's hair to get her to the mat. They lock up and Brandi with a wrist lock and Amanda with a reversal. Brandi with a reversal and drop toe hold into a wrist lock. Amanda with a reversal into a hammer lock. Brandi with an elbow and she releases the hold when they get into the ropes. They lock up again and Malia trips Amanda but the referee does not see it. Brandi with an elbow drop and she gets a near fall. Brandi kicks at Rosa while Leilani chokes Amanda and Malia punches Amanda. The referee is out of position so Brandi only gets a near fall. Brandi has Amanda by the hair and she sends Amanda to the mat. Brandi kicks Amanda in the back. The referee tells Malia to get off the apron but Malia says she is stretching. Brandi gets a near fall and then Brandi sends Amanda towards Leilani. Malia grabs Amanda by the hair and the referee tells Rosa to get back into her corner. Brandi with a snap mare. Leilani gets on the apron while Malia and Brandi double team Amanda and Thunderkitty comes to the ring and she enters the ring to tell the referee what happened. Thunderkitty takes the mic and she apologizes for messing up their match. She says that they don't necessary see eye to eye in the past due to a language barrier. Three on one is unnecessary. You are Legendary so since she is supposed to face Malia tonight, why not make it a tag match?

  Match Number Three Part Two: Thunderkitty and Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (with La Rosa Negra) versus Malia Hosaka and Brandi Wine (with Leilani Kai) Thunderkitty and Malia start things off and they lock up . They go to a stalemate. They have a test of strength and go to a stalemate. Thunderkitty with a waist lock take down into a front face lock. Malia with a hammer lock. Thunderkitty with a hammer lock. Malia with a front face lock. Thunderkitty with a wrist lock but Malia escapes. Thunderkitty with a claw but Malia breaks up the hold and Malia with a stomach claw. Malia misses a leg drop when Thunderkitty moves. Thunderkitty with a slam for a near fall. Thunderkitty with another slam and Brandi pulls Thunderkitty off Malia. Thunderkitty with another slam but Brandi breaks up the cover. Brandi slams the leg into the mat and then she connects with a leg drop across the abdomen. Brandi with a Sharpshooter and Rosa tries to help Thunderkitty but the referee warns her. Brandi pulls Thunderkitty by the hair. Malia kicks Thunderkitty in the hamstring. Thunderkitty with punches and head butts and she tags in Amanda. Amanda with clotheslines and a back elbow for a near fall. Amanda and Thunderkitty with forearms and Rosa gets in a forearm as well. Brandi breaks up the cover and then Brandi with forearms to Amanda. Brandi with a leg drop to the groin for a near fall. Brandi with a leg drop for a near fall. Malia tags in and she kicks Amanda in the leg and slams the leg into the mat. Leilani and Malia slam the legs into the apron. Rosa gets on the apron and Malia tells the referee. Malia with a figure four leg lock and she uses Brandi for extra leverage while the referee tells Thunderkitty to get back on the apron. Leilani gives Malia extra leverage while the referee is not looking. Brandi tags in and hits a leg drop onto the leg and she applies a single leg crab. Amanda with a rollup for a near fall. Brandi with a clothesline for a near fall. Malia tosses Amanda by the hair. Everyone is in the ring while the referee deals with Leilani on the floor. Brandi with Shock Treatment for the three count. Winners: Brandi Wine and Malia Hosaka

Match Number Four: Renee Michelle versus Barbi Hayden They lock up and Renee with a wrist lock and Barbi with a reversal. Renee with a cartwheel and reversal. Barbi with a single leg take down for a near fall. Renee with a hammer lock and side head lock. Barbi with a leg sweep for a near fall. Barbi with a rollup for a near fall. Renee misses a clothesline and Barbi with a kick. Barbi with an Irish whip and she runs into a knee. Barbi with an Irish whip but Renee moves and connects with a forearm. Barbi with a forearm but Renee with a discus forearm for a near fall. Barbi with an Irish whip but she runs into an elbow and boot. Renee with a missile drop kick but she can only get a near fall when the referee sees Barbi's foot on the rope to stop the count. Renee with an Octopus but Barbi counters into a side slam for a near fall. Barbi chokes Renee in the ropes and the referee warns her. She pulls the ropes to get Renee into the center of the ring. Barbi with a double knee drop to the midsection. Barbi runs Renee into the corner and connects with shoulders. Barbi with a running knee into the corner followed by a knee to the chest and she gets a near fall. Barbi with a rear chin lock. Barbi with a double sledge to the midsection followed by a knee to the midsection. Barbi with another knee to the midsection. Barbi with a third knee to the midsection and then she applies an abdominal stretch. Barbi with elbows to the ribs while she keeps Renee in the abdominal stretch but Barbi still releases the hold. Barbi with forearms to Renee but she misses a clothesline and Renee with clotheslines and a drop kick. Barbi is under the rope and the referee waits for Barbi to be pulled into the ring to make the count. Renee with a power slam and she signals that she is going up top but she misses a mooonsault when Barbi moves. Barbi with a kick and puts Renee on the top rope for an elevated DDT and she gets the three count. Winner: Barbi Hayden

Match Number Five: Jayme Jameson (with SoCal Val and Andrea) versus Kimber Lee The crowd is clearly behind Kimber Lee in this match as things start. They lock up and Jayme with a side head lock but Kimber with a waist lock and take down. Kimber with a front face lock but Jayme with an escape and wrist lock into a side head lock and take down for a near fall. Kimber with a head scissors and Jayme escapes. Kimber returns to the side head lock. Kimber with a shoulder tackle but Jayme stays on her feet. Kimber with a boot to the head to take Jayme down and she gets a near fall. Kimber gets Jayme up for a delayed vertical suplex and she gets a near fall. Kimber puts Jayme against the ropes and Kimber with a chop. Andrea grabs Kimber by the leg and Jayme kicks Kimber and the referee warns Andrea and Val. Jayme with a chop. Jayme with another chop. Jayme with more chops but Kimber sends Jayme to the mat. Kimber gets a near fall. Jayme with a rake of the eyes followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Jayme stretches Kimber. Jayme sends Kimber to the mat and she applies a head scissors but Kimber tries to roll Jayme over and get a cover. Jayme gets to the ropes to stop Kimber. Val chokes Kimber in the ropes while Jayme discusses something with the referee. Jayme chokes Kimber in the corner. Jayme with a suplex and she holds on after getting a near fall. Jayme with another suplex and she rolls through and connects with forearms. Kimber with a forearm to Jayme but Jayme with a forearm of her own. Jayme with a fallaway slam to Kimber and she gets a near fall. Kimber with a jaw breaker and then both women go for clotheslines and both go down. Kimber with a forearm and Jayme fires back. Kimber with a hop and Jayme with a chop. They go back and forth but Jayme throws in forearms to gain control. Kimber with a clothesline for a near fall. Jayme with a forearm to the midsection and head. Kimber misses a round kick and Jayme hits a pump handle power slam for a near fall. Jayme goes to the turnbuckles and Kimber with a forearm to stop Jayme. Kimber pulls Jayme off the turnbuckles and then Kimber throws a series of forearms. Kimber goes up top and hits a swanton but it does not fully connect so Jayme is able to escape. Kimber with a waist lock and Jayme with a standing switch. Jayme with a power slam followed by a reverse roll the dice but Kimber kicks out at two. Kimber with a power bomb for the three count. Winner: Kimber Lee

  Match Number Six: NWA Women's Championship Match: Amber Gallows versus Leva Amber tells Leva she is not too sweet and then she does the crotch chop. Leva responds with a dance to intimidate Amber. They lock up and Amber pushes Leva away. They lock up again and Amber pushes Leva away. Amber backs Leva into the corner and she connects with a forearm despite the referee's warnings. Leva with a clothesline and drop toe hold. Leva with a kick to the temple for a near fall. Leva with a double leg take down and she stands over Amber and does a double stomp on the back. Leva with a snap mare and she kicks Amber in the shoulder and gets a near fall. Leva 'shoots' Amber but misses a charge into the corner and then Amber goes to the floor. Amber chokes Leva in the ropes and then pulls her to the floor. Amber with a forearm on the floor and then she sends Leva into the apron. Leva with forearms and then she sends Amber into the apron. Leva gets into the ring to stop the referee's count. Leva goes to the apron and the referee resumes his count. Leva has a kick blocked and Amber sends her face first into the mat. Amber with kicks and forearms to Leva. Amber with a boot to the midsection followed by a chop and elbow drop for a near fall. Amber with a running boot to the head and she gets a near fall. Leva with a rollup for a near fall. Amber grabs Leva by the hair and the referee warns her. Amber chokes Leva in the ropes and the referee warns her. Amber continues to choke Leva and Amber releases the hold at four. Leva with an abdominal stretch in the ropes. Amber with a clothesline and she gets a near fall. Amber does a split and applies a full nelson. She rolls Leva onto her chest as Amber puts her body weight on Leva. Amber with a double overhook into Cattle Mutilation. Leva with a cross arm breaker but Amber gets to the ropes and Leva releases the hold. Leva goes for a handspring move but Amber kicks her in the midsection. Leva blocks a super kick and hits a lungblower on Amber. Both women are down. Amber with a forearm and Leva fires back, They continue to go back and forth. Leva with forearms across the upper chest into a clothesline. Leva with a forearm and Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Leva with a splash into the corner followed by a bronco buster. Leva goes up top and Amber connects with a super kick for a near fall. Amber with a forearm to the back but Leva with a fisherman's suplex for a near fall. Amber with an STO for a near fall. Ambert argues with the referee. Amber gets another near fall. Leva with slaps and she tries for a German suplex but Amber blocks it. Amber with an elbow but she runs into a boot. Leva goes to the turnbuckles. Amber escapes with a split and then she press slams Leva off the turnbuckles. Leva with a super kick and she gets a near fall when Amber gets her hand on the ropes to stop the count. Leva kicks Amber in the head and then she goes for a Rainmaker but Amber with a backslide and bridge float over for the three count. Winner: Amber Gallows

Match Number Seven: Vanessa Kraven versus Luscious Latasha Latasha charges at Kraven and Kraven pushes her away a few times. Vanessa with a clothesline in the corner. Vanessa tosses Latasha across the ring by the hair. Latasha with kicks to the leg followed by an enzuigiri but Vanessa with a Northern Lariat and kicks. Vanessa sends Latasha face first into the mat. Vanessa with a knee to the ribs. Latasha is kicked into the corner. Vanessa with a chop in the corner. Vanessa with a shoulder in the corner followed by a chop. Vanessa with a shoulder tackle and the referee checks on Latasha to see if she is still alive. Vanessa picks up Latasha and throws her into the corner. Vanessa with an Irish whip and overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Vanessa with a cannonball to Latasha. Latasha with desperation forearms but Vanessa sends Latasha back to the mat. Vanessa stands on Latasha's back and the referee warns her. Vanessa kicks Latasha's arm against the ropes. Vanessa with a curb stomp but Latasha kicks out. Vanessa with a flapjack and she pulls Latasha's shoulders up. Vanessa with a kick but she misses a splash when Latasha moves out of the way. Latasha with kicks and forearms and she gets Vanessa to a knee and Latasha with a DDT for a near fall. Latasha with forearms but she has to jump to hit Vanessa where she wants. Vanessa picks up Latasha by the neck and she lets go. Vanessa gets Latasha up and Jessicka Havok makes her way to the ring. Vanessa drops Latasha and Havok and Kraven face off in the ring. Latasha tries to get involved and Havok with a choke slam and the referee calls for the bell. Winner: Luscious Latasha (by disqualification) After the match, Kraven hits a sit out power bomb on Latasha and the referee warns Kraven.

Match Number Eight: Allysin Kay versus Su Yung (with SoCal Val and Andrea) Allysin attacks Su when she gets to the ring and then she takes care of Val and Andrea. Su runs into a boot and Allysin with forearms and chops. Allysin with kicks in the corner. Allysin chokes Su and the referee warns her. Allsyin pulls Su out of the corner and she chokes Su so the referee warns Allysin. Allysin with a kick and she chokes Su. Allsyin gives a warning to the referee and then Su goes for a triangle choke in the ropes. Su kicks Allysin in the corner. Allysin kicks Su and sends her into the corner. Su with a back heel kick to Kay. Allysin stops short of going into the corner and Allysin slaps Su and Su slaps back. Allysin misses a Yakuza kick and Su kicks Allysin and puts her in the Tree of Woe. Su kicks Allysin and then he connects with Kawada kicks to the back. Su tries for a baseball slide into the corner but Allysin pulls herself up and Allysin punches Su and gets a near fall with a rollup. Su with a kick to Allysin. Su with another kick to the midsection. Su sets for the Rocking Horse and she locks it in. Allysin kicks Su to get out of the hold but Su rubs Allysin's face in the mat. Su with forearms but Allysin assumes the top position and punches Su. Allysin with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Allysin with another Irish whip but Su with a kick from the corner and a head scissors that sends Allysin into the turnbuckles. Su kicks Allysin in the corner and connects with a back heel kick. Su with a rollup for a near fall. Allysin punches Su and connects with a knee. Allysin sends Su to the floor and Allysin follows. Andrea sets up a chair on the floor and Allysin kicks it away. Su goes to the apron and hits a cannonball onto Allysin. Su sends Allysin back into the ring. Su with forearms and a chop. Allysin with an Irish whip and Su catches Allysin and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Allysin removes Su's glove and throws it out of the ring. She takes the other glove and puts it on. Allysin puts the pinkie up and Su has another glove . . . with a rainbow on it. We have a glove standoff. Su blocks a punch from Allsyin but Allysin with a slap. Su slaps Allysin. Allysin slaps back. They continue with slaps and Allysin misses a discus clothesline. Allysin blocks a Mandible Claw but Su applies it and so does Allysin after Su escapes a power bomb. Both women go down to a knee and then to the mat. They are both down and release the hold. The referee starts his count. They both get up and Su with a back heel kick. Allysin gets off Su's back and Allysin counters a head scissors into the turnbuckles with a tombstone piledriver but Andrea puts Su's foot on the rope to stop the count. Su with a body scissors but Allysin tries to fight out of the arm bar submission. Allysin gets her foot on the ropes to force Su to release the hold. Su with a sleeper in the corner and Allysin gets out of the hold and slaps Su. Su spits red mist at Allysin but Allysin moves and the referee is hit and goes down. Allysin with a discus clothesline and she covers Su but the referee is down and cannot see. Andrea gives a kendo stick to Su while the referee tries to regain his vision. Su misses Allysin and Allysin throws powder at Su but misses and hits the referee. Su hits Allysin with the kendo stick a number of times while the referee is out of the ring. The referee returns to the ring and makes the three count. Winner: Su Yung

After the match, Su chokes Allysin with the kendo stick. Allysin kicks Su away and Andrea hits Allysin. Su chokes Allysin with the stick again.

Match Number Nine:Shine Championship Match: Taylor Made (with SoCal Val and Andrea) versus Santana They lock up and Santana pushes Taylor into the corner. They lock up and Santana with a side head lock. Taylor with elbows and an arm drag. Taylor with a wrist lock but Santana tries to reverse it and Taylor sends Santana to the mat but Santana kips up and reverses the arm drag. Santana takes Taylor to the mat and applies a front face lock. Taylor with knees to the midsection but Santana gets a near fall and then she applies a cross arm breaker. Taylor gets a near fall with a rollup. Santana with a modified Muta Lock but Taylor gets to the ropes. Taylor with an Irish whip but Santana floats over and flips across the ring. Santana with a rollup for a near fall. Santana with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Santana gets a near fall with a rollup. Taylor with a kick to the midsection followed by a knee to the midsection and she gets a near fall. Taylor punches Santana and then she face washes Santana with her boot. Taylor with a hesitation drop kick to the female ding ding area and Taylor gets a near fall. Taylor chokes Santana and then kicks her against the ropes. Santana takes a swing at Val but Taylor with forearms. Santana with a sunset flip for a near fall. Taylor with a drop kick for a near fall. Santana with punches but Taylor with elbows and forearms. Santana with a rollup for a near fall. Taylor with kicks to Santana and she has Santana in a rear chin lock. Taylor stretches Santana but Santana with forearms. Taylor with a forearm. Santana with a forearm and they go back and forth. Santana gets the advantage and connects with a head butt and kick. Taylor with kicks and an Irish whip but Santana with elbows. Taylor misses a charge and goes into the ring post when Santana moves. Santana sends Taylor into the turnbuckles and Santana goes up top for an arm drag and clothesline. Santana with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Santana hits the handspring elbow in the corner but Taylor with a kick and Soul Food for a near fall. Santana punches Taylor and hits a Northern Lights suplex into a guillotine choke. Taylor gets Santana's shoulders on the mat and gets a near fall. Andrea gets on the apron and Santana with a super kick to knock her off and to the floor. Santana with a super kick to Taylor. Val hits Santana with the belt and Taylor with a running cutter for the three count. Winner: Taylor Made

Friday, January 29, 2016

2/9 and 2/16 Impact Wrestling Spoilers

These should air on February 9th:
* Mandrews defeated Will Osprey in a match for Xplosion
* World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, their son Maxel and Tyrus opened with a promo about how great Hardy is
* Bobby Lashley defeated Bram
* Trevor Lee retained the TNA X Division Title over Tigre Uno
* Kurt Angle cut a promo but was interrupted by Maria Kanellis, who introduced Mike Bennett. Drew Galloway cut them off, put Angle over and talked up their match later
* Beer Money defeated Abyss and Crazzy Steve by disqualification
* Grado comes out and talks about getting fired via Feast or Fired. Eli Drake comes out to poke fun and they get into a fight
* Jade defeated Madison Rayne
* Drew Galloway defeated Kurt Angle by submission
These should air on February 16th:
* World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Tyrus and Maxel are all out for a promo. This segment ends in Ethan Carter III reuniting with Rockstar Spud to a major pop. They brawl with Tyrus and Hardy
* Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis defeated Mandrews
* Beer Money calls Eric Young and Bram to the ring for a brawl
* The Wolves defeated Abyss and Crazzy Steve in a Monster's Ball match to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles
* Odarg The Great (Grado in a mask) and Mahabali Shera defeated Jessie Godderz and Eli Drake
* Madison Rayne and Gail Kim defeated Marti Belle and Jade
* Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud defeated Tyrus and Matt Hardy

The Wolves Talk Future With TNA

Breaking News: Awesome Kong Sent Home From TNA Tour After Incident With Reby Sky

– PWInsider reports that Awesome Kong has been sent home on the first day of the TNA tour of the UK. The site reports that Kong was sent home after an altercation in the locker room with Reby Sky.
According to the site’s sources, Kong had an issue with Sky for some reason and when the latter tried to dress in the women’s locker room, Kong took her bag and threw it out of the room. Sky then left the room and when she returned to get her things, Kong tried to attack her for “not apologizing” for the as-yet-undetermined offense.

There are said to be two versions of the story after that. The first is that Kong tried to attack Sky but was stopped, while the second (which the site says comes from “FAR more people”) is that Kong got to Sky and throttled her before security and producer Pat Kenney restrained Kong. Sky and Matt Hardy’s son was said to be in the vicinity of the incident.

Kong has now been sent home. It’s unknown what this means for her future with TNA

Opinionated View- You always want to wait for all the details to come out but this sounds really bad. And to be honest if I were running TNA Kong would be fired. Hell even if Reby did something "to bring it on" this is now you handle anything. Also remember Kong has history of doing this remember that incident with Bubba The Love Sponge?

And for anyone about to go "It's wrestling this stuff happens." Your right it does but the world changes. Also I am aware the Reby and Matt had an incident about two years ago that is why I am willing to hear the full story. But this appears to be Kong was pissed about something tried to bully Reby and than attacked.

Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Dealing With Back Injury

It seems like the injury bug has struck again. PWInsider reports that Alberto Del Rio is currently dealing with a problem in his lower back. He was last in two matches at the 2016 Royal Rumble, against Kalisto and the Rumble match itself at #26. He was also involved in a beatdown of Roman Reigns before he entered the match.

Del Rio didn’t wrestle on RAW but did appear in the corner of Sheamus and Rusev in the main event. He didn’t appear on Smackdown and wasn’t even backstage at the tapings on Tuesday. It remains to be seen if he works this weekend’s live events, as he’s scheduled for shows in Chattanooga, TN and Tupelo, MS.

NXT Talent to Compete At Summer Olympics

Courtesy of
NXT's Adrian Jaoude to compete on the Brazilian wrestling team at the 2016 Summer Olympics
There have been plenty of Olympians that chose to enter the squared circle after their gold medal dreams came to an end, but WWE can now lay claim to a true rarity: having an active Olympic competitor on the roster.
NXT's Adrian Jaoude received word earlier this month that he has been chosen to represent Brazil in the wrestling competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics later this year in Rio de Janeiro.
"It's awesome," Robbie Brookside, Jaoude's coach at the WWE Performance Center, told "Going back to when I was wrestling in England, I knew very good wrestlers that tried to get to there. Seeing Adrian go to the Olympics, it's like ... wow!"
Jaoude joined WWE in October 2015 as part of a class that included Tough Enough winners Josh Bredl and Sara Lee, as well as independent scene standouts Christopher Girard and Rich Swann. Though he may not have had professional wrestling experience like some of his peers, the Brazilian had plenty of familiarity with the amateur style of grappling. The 6-foot-2, 220-pounder competed at the state, regional and national level, and was named Best Brazilian Wrestler in the junior category in 2000 and the senior category in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012. That pedigree helped him pick up the pro game when he arrived at the Performance Center last year.
"Adrian's come into the group and his natural ability has shone through," Brookside said. "It's still very early in his career, but thus far, he's come in and picked things up – footwork, balance, attitude, application and holds. He's got a great appreciation and understanding of what it's all about and puts it to great use."
WWE Performance Center Head Coach Matt Bloom concurred.
"To be as successful as he's been, you need to have that desire to be the best in whatever you do. Adrian has that," Bloom explained. "He understands that this is a whole new process, with new techniques. He knows that by working harder than the guy next to him, he's going to advance. He's doing just that."
With just under seven months to go before the wrestling competition begins, Jaoude is in the midst of a rigorous training program at the Performance Center with strength coach Matt Wichlinski, whose approach to getting the Brazilian ready for international competition is kept simple.
"Basically, we're doing a general strength-and-conditioning program," Wichlinski said. "It's nothing extraordinary as far as different exercises, but it's about the extraordinary effort he puts into the basics. For what he's trying to do, all his skills are prepared in the ring and on the mat. He's coming into the gym to get his shoulders, back and legs stronger."
As for what having an active Olympian at the Performance Center means, Bloom put it simply.
"It means the best of the best want to be a part of the best of the best, which is NXT and WWE," he said.
Brookside sees Jaoude's achievement as something uplifting for the entire NXT crew.
"It's kind of breathtaking," he said. "I think it's a great thing for everyone down here to turn around and go, 'One of us is going to the Olympics.' It's not very often you can say that."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28 WWE Smackdown Report

New Day comes out and trashes the Rock for Monday's action. Big E says The Rock is cooking a bowl of doo doo. The Miz comes out and says he deserves to be respected. He's interrupted by the Usos who make fun of the Miz. New Day says Usos are riding their cousins coattails. Usos bring out Titus O'Neil and Dolph Ziggler to help them as we go to commercial.
The Miz & New Day vs. Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O'Neil
One of the Usos starts dancing and punches The Miz really hard. The babyfaces beat up Kofi Kingston in their corner for a couple of minutes. Ziggler ends up getting the same treatment in the heel corner until Jimmy Uso tags in and goes wild. Big E stops that momentum with a big belly-to-belly suplex into the corner.
We come back to see the New Day stomp, followed by some celebrating from New Day and Miz. Titus gets tagged in and goes full on bull in a China shop mode. Usos land a couple of superkicks and Air Uso onto Kofi and Big E. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Kofi, then a superkick on Miz. Titus catches Miz with a Clash of the Titus for the win.
Winners: Usos, Titus O'Neil & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (Clash of the Titus)
We have a U.S. title match coming up next.
United States Championship
Kalisto (c) vs. Neville
Kalisto sends Neville outside with a back flip headscissors, then uses a huracanrana into the barricade. Neville catches Kalisto off of a springboard with a sitdown powerbomb, but only gets a two count. Kalisto lands a crazy super Frankensteiner, and can't put Neville away. Kalisto hits the SDS for the win.
Winner: Kalisto via pinfall (SDS) to retain the United States Championship
It's time for the Highlight Reel with Jericho, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, who has flowers with him to spice up Jericho's set. They talk about how dangerous Lesnar is, and Ambrose says he doesn't have to beat Lesnar, he just has to beat Reigns. Reigns replies by saying it'd be the first time because Ambrose hasn't before.
The Wyatts interrupt, but Reigns says he has no idea what Bray is talking about. The Wyatts challenge Ambrose, Reigns and Jericho for tonight.

AJ Styles vs. Curtis Axel (w/ Social Outcasts)
Styles hits his signature dropkick and knee drops before Axel lands a cheap shot and a backbreaker. Axel misses an elbow and Styles hits a spinning wheel kick. A moonsault body block gets a two count, and Styles takes out all the Social Outcasts who try to interfere. Pele kick and Styles Clash get the win!
Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)/
The Outcasts try to jump Styles, but he slides out of the ring.
Charlotte (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Natalya
Natalya looks really sharp to start things off, reversing an arm ringer and then dropkicking Charlotte. The ref breaks the two when they get to the ropes and Charlotte takes advantage with a boot. Charlotte applies an abdominal stretch, but Natalya reverses it. Charlotte lands a few chops, but eats a German suplex. Flair distracts Natalya, and Charlotte takes her knee out and applies the Figure 8 for the submission win.
Winner: Charlotte via submission (Figure 8)
Charlotte applies the hold again, but Becky Lynch makes the save.
- R-Truth is outside about to run, and Goldust comes up and stretches with him. Truth is freaked out and leaves.
Wyatt Family (w/ Braun Strowman) vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Chris Jericho
Rowan gets beat up by the faces until Jericho gets tagged in and gets triple teamed. Jericho fights back as we go to our last commercial. We come back to see Jericho getting beaten down by Rowan.
Ambrose gets a hot tag and beats the brakes off of Rowan before landing a big suicide dive to the outside of the ring. Rowan manages to land a spin kick that gets a two count. Reigns gets tagged in and lands about 200 clotheslines on Harper before a big boot.
Ambrose and Jericho both hit springboard planchas, and Reigns drills Harper with a Superman punch. Strowman pulls Reigns out for yet another Smackdown main event DQ.
Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho via DQ
The Wyatt Family all jump Reigns, but The Big Show of all people makes the save. Big Show tosses Strowman outside and Reigns Superman punches Wyatt. Reigns also spears Harper. Big Show is a face again I guess.

Former WWE Champion Sheamus injured

Sheamus released a photo of him wearing a cast on one of his arm on Twitter. Multiple reports have indicated that he is suffering from tendinitis.

Itami Not Returning Soon

– According to the WON, Hideo Itami is not expected to return any time soon. Itami has had complications following the shoulder surgery that took him out of action in April of last year and isn’t close to being able to return.

Nakamura Pulled From ROH Show

Ring of Honor announced today, via press release, that Shinsuke Nakamura will not appear on their 14th anniversary PPV event and TV tapings. This comes following the news of his WWE signing. ROH has stated that another star from New Japan will replace him on the shows. Kazuchika Okada, Gedo, KUSHIDA, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tomohiro Ishii are still scheduled to appear. The 14th anniversary PPV takes place on Friday, February 26th at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas.

ROH re-signs three top talents

Ring of Honor issued the following press release to announce the re-signing of Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly.

Three cornerstones of Ring of Honor have re-signed! After careful deliberation and review of offers from across the globe, ROH World Champion JAY LETHAL and three-time former ROH World Tag Team Champions BOBBY FISH and KYLE O’REILLY, known collectively as reDRagon, will continue to compete in front of the Best Fans on the Planet!

Jay Lethal used Ring of Honor’s biggest year yet, 2015, to assert himself as the top professional wrestler on the planet. Determined to make the ROH World Championship a truly world title after winning it in June in New York, Lethal has defended his championship in ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and in Europe, including a recent 10-day stretch where he wrestled on three continents! Lethal, who made his ROH debut in 2004, has become one of the most decorated stars in ROH history, entering his 21st consecutive month holding championship gold!

“As the Ring of Honor World Champion, there is no place I would rather be,” said Lethal. “The Best Professional Wrestling on the Planet isn’t a clever marketing moniker – I have re-signed with ROH to prove that I am the best professional wrestler in the world as I defend the Ring of Honor World Championship across the globe.”

Since forming a tag team in 2012, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, known collectively as reDRagon, have set a worldwide standard for tag team wrestling. The three-time ROH World Tag Team Champions nicknamed the “Two Man Smash Machine” and “Best Team on God’s Green”, have had unparalleled success in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling as both tag team competitors and singles stars. With their contract renewal, fans of Fish and O’Reilly will be ecstatic to know that reDRagon will continue to compete in New Japan, where they are winners of the Super Jr. Tag Team Tournament and two-time IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions!

“When you talk about tag team wrestling, War Machine, the Young Bucks, Briscoes, All Night Express, all of the top teams in the world are in or are coming to Ring of Honor,” said Fish. O’Reilly added, “We have our sights set on it all in 2016 – singles and tag team gold. 2016 will be the Year of the Dragon in ROH.”

With three key stars re-signed to the ROH ranks, their sights undoubtedly turn from contract negotiations to Ring of Honor’s 14th Anniversary Pay Per View on Friday February 25, 9 PM EST/6 PM PST! Lethal and O’Reilly have already been signed as part of a huge three-way ROH World Title Defense where Lethal will defend against O’Reilly and Adam Cole!
More information about Jay Lethal, reDRagon, and Ring of Honor’s 14th Anniversary Pay Per View, including upcoming appearances and featured products, can be found on

Opinionated View- Very disappointed by all of three staying with ROH. They have all reached that point where they are out of things to do in ROH. Lethal has turned into one of the most repetitive wrestlers I have ever seen. Fish and O'Riley pretty much are stuck in the pattern of hold the belts for a while not really have a hot feud than drop them. I think all three would have better off leaving for WWE, NXT or TNA.

WWE Smackdown Preview

 New Day and The Miz vs. The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, and Titus O’Neil
* Non-Title Match: Champion Kalisto vs. Neville
* The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and guests Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
* Non-Title Match: Champion Charlotte vs. Natalya
* Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan

Daniel Bryan Offered Non-Wrestling Roles in WWE

According to the WON, WWE is looking to plan a future for Daniel Bryan outside of the ring. The site reports that WWE officials have told Bryan that he won’t be cleared and have offered him other, non-wrestling roles in the company.
As has been the case for a while now, Bryan has been cleared by other concussion specialists but not by WWE and Dr. Joseph Maroon. Bryan argued his case to Vince McMahon and was told that he probably will not be cleared to return to the ring.
At least some of the roster was expecting Bryan to make his return at the Royal Rumble, but of course that didn’t happen.

Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn Coming to Main Roster Soon?

– According to the WON, Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn could be headed to the main roster soon. The site reports that the current creative plans involve bringing Joe up after after WrestleMania 32, while Zayn could be headed up for a feud with Kevin Owens.
The site notes that there was some alternate talk of Joe beating Finn Balor for the NXT Title which would extend their feud and delay the call-up, but that right now the plans are to have him come up as soon as the Raw after WrestleMania.
Finn Balor is not expected to be called up any time soon, as WWE plans to keep him as the face of NXT past March.

1/27 WWE NXT TV Taping Spoilers: Spoilers on the road to Takeover Dallas

Episode 1
NXT GM William Regal announced Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries for Takeover Dallas.
1. Samoa Joe beat Sami Zayn 2-1 in a two-out-of-three-falls match to become No. 1 Contender to the NXT Championship. Joe won the first fall with the Muscle Buster, Zayn made Joe tap to the Koji Clutch, and Joe choked Zayn out for the win. The match went more than 30 minutes and was said to be particularly boring until the final few minutes.
Episode 2
1. The Hype Bros squashed an enhancement team.
2. Emma over Deonna Perazzo.
3. Tommaso Ciampa beat Jesse Sorensen.
4. Bayley and Asuka beat Nia Jax and Eva Marie. Post-match, Bayley vs. Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship was announced for Takeover Dallas.
5. American Alpha beat The Vaudevillains to become No. 1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships.
Episode 3
William Regal announced Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for Takeover Dallas. You read that right.
1. Johnny Gargano beat “The Drifter” Elias Samson. Post-match, Samson put a beating on Gargano until Apollo Crews made the save.
2. Finn Bálor over Rich Swann in a non-title match.
3. Alexa Bliss beat Sarah Dobson.
Bull Dempsey vs. Danny Burch never happened because Samoa Joe came out and destroyed both guys.
4. Asuka over Emma.
5. Austin Aries forced Riddick Moss to submit to the Last Chancery.
Episode 4
1. American Alpha beat John Skyler and Corey Hollis.
2. Baron Corbin squashed QT Marshall.
3. Dash and Dawson squashed an enhancement team.
4. Apollo Crews pinned Alex Riley. Post-match, The Drifter came out and played a song.
5. Samoa Joe beat Bull Dempsey. Afterwards, Joe wouldn’t stop attacking people until Finn Bálor came out. The two brawled through the crowd and over t the announce booth where Bálor dove off onto Joe. The show ended with security separating the two.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/27 Lucha Underground Report

Season two of Lucha Underground opens on the Youssef Floro Clinic, Psychotic Break Division. We see Vampiro sitting at a table, being evaluated by a therapist. The man calls him "Ian" and asks him various questions about his mental health, as graphic cuts from last season flash through his mind. The doc gives him a bottle of anti-psychotic pills and makes him promise to stay away from the people and places that bring out his "violent episodes", as a condition of his release. Vamp agrees, and we cut to the desert where Matt Striker is waiting by a lowrider to pick him up. Vamp asks if they still have a job, and Striker claims that The Temple isn't what it used to be; it's a "much darker place" now.
- We're inside Catrina's new office now, as Gift of the Gods Champion Fenix approaches her. He says he wants Mil Muertes and the L.U. Championship, but Catrina wants him to wait. She books Fenix vs. King Cuerno tonight in a match for the GOTG title, and if can get through Cuerno tonight than he'll get his championship match.
- They've got Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes on a throne now, basically as a king, overseeing everything that's happening from the top of The Temple. It's very Shang Tsung's Throne Room from Mortal Kombat.
Gift of the Gods Championship Match
Fenix (c) vs. King Cuerno
Lots of back-and-forth here and a very solid 10-minute match. Technical to start as the two feel each other out, and it's Cuerno who takes control first with a big DDT off the apron and hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Fenix mounts a comeback with tons of flashy offense including a springboard dropkick, springboard armdrag, flying cutter and a corkscrew splash to the floor. From here out it's big moves with lots of near-falls for both guys, with lots of "this is awesome" and "lucha" chants from the crowd.
Finish: Cuerno sets him up in the corner and looks to put him away but runs into a huge superkick. Fenix takes advantage and heads to the top for the corkscrew splash but comes up empty, and Cuerno drops him with an inverted package piledriver for the win. New champion!
Winner and New Champion: King Cuerno
- We're backstage with Catrina again, and this time she's interrupted by the former Trios Champions: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico. The team wants their titles back, of course, but apparently Mil has other plans for them, and she offers them a triple threat match tonight... against each other. The winner gets a shot at Mil and the world title in tonight's main event. Ivelisse accepts the match for all of them and gets in Catrina's face, saying that after she wins the belt she's coming for her next.
- Another Catrina segment, this time with King Cuerno, who just won the Gift of the Gods Championship in the season two opener. She warns him to remember "the deal" he made with Mil Muertes, and Cuerno says they have nothing to worry about.
#1 Contender's Match
Ivelisse vs. Son of Havoc vs. Angelico
We get a showdown between the partners and it looks like this is gonna remain a friendly competition, until Angelico tries to roll up Ivelisse from behind. She snaps and goes crazy on him with kicks and chops into the corner, slaps Havoc when he tries to break them up, and throws Angelico out with a hurricanrana. They battle to the top rope and Ivelisse knocks him down, following up with a flying crossbody for two.
More "this is awesome" chants from the crowd as things start to get crazy(er), winding up to the finish. Son of Havoc does a bunch of suicide dives to both opponents, then a springboard double foot stomp to Angelico and a standing moonsault for a close two. He sets up for Death From Above, but Ivelisse comes back and knocks him off the ropes, then rolls up Angelico with an inside cradle for the three!
Winner: Ivelisse
- Three guys in a car pull up to a woman, who turns out to be Angela Fong. They're looking for some kind of underground Fight Club, and she tells them to follow her. Couldn't quite tell who was in the car.
Lucha Underground Championship Match
Mil Muertes (c) vs. Ivelisse
Catrina brings down the Disciples of Death before the match even gets started, and the trio lays out Angelico and Son of Havoc. A little insurance policy for the champion. The crowd is going crazy for Ivelisse as we head to our final commercial of the evening.
When we come back, Ivelisse is predictably getting tossed around the ring and bullied with relative ease. The mugging goes on for several minutes until the champ tries to throw her over the ropes but gets caught in a cross-armbar over the top rope. She fires back with a dozen rights and lefts and plants Muertes with a massive tilt-a-whirl DDT from the top turnbuckle for a very close nearfall. In comes Catrina to save her champion, but Ivelisse moves out of the way and Catrina takes a huge spear from the big man. Roll-up for a very, very close nearfall as the crowd almost loses their minds. Mil hits a powerslam and the Flatliner for the three to retain.
Winner and Still Champion: Mil Muertes
- Catrina orders the attack to continue after the bell, but Prince Puma comes out making his season two debut for the save, laying out the champion with a superkick. Puma and Ivelisse run off as Mil is left in the ring screaming at them, until Pentagon Jr. comes out of nowhere and drops him with a backstabber. He teases breaking the champ's arm and motions to the crowd to see what they want, and eventually decides to do it, as Mil rolls around in pain to end the show.
- The episode fades to black, but we fade back in and... it's Dairo Cueto! He's standing outside a building as Angela Fong shows up with those three guys. They say they're looking for the underground Fight Club, and ask "what's with the chick?" Fong beats the hell out of the guy who said it, and Cueto tells them all the entrance fee is $20 and they pay it. He unlocks the gate and lets them in. The last guy asks him "who's fighting tonight?" and Cueto says "you are" as he laughs and shuts the gate. We fade out to screams of pain from behind the door as Dairo walks away.