Thursday, April 30, 2015

Extreme Rules Review, Bischoff with Global Force, Corgan with TNA

4/30 WWE Smackdown Report

*Smackdown opens with Seth Rollins backstage with J&J Security. He runs into Kane and they argue about who hit who on Raw. Rollins blames Kane for having to face both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton at Payback. Rollins said Kane isn’t doing his job well. He says Kane is jealous of him because Kane is a fading star while Rollins’ is rising. Kane said he’s going to make a man out of Seth Rollins and announces our main event: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in a non-title match. Rollins says Kane is irrelevant and dares Kane to prove himself to the authority.
*We go into the Smackdown introduction video. Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler are on commentary tonight.
*Roman Reigns’ music hits as he enters from the crowd. We get a recap of what happened on Raw with Roman Reigns assaulting the Authority before Kane snapped and helped Reigns and Orton beat Rollins. He then revealed Rollins will defend the WWE Championship against Reigns and Orton in a Triple Threat match due to fan voting. Roman gives a shout out to Dean Ambrose and wishes him luck in the main event. He says Seth Rollins’ destroyed the Shield and took the WWE Championship from Roman. He says he’s had to scratch and crawl since Wrestlemania to get another title match. That’s a full four weeks of scratching and clawing, folks. Kane comes out and starts taking off his dress shirt. He signals to the stage and calls down a referee as he puts on his elbow pad and apparently we have a match.
*Match times are not exact.

*Roman Reigns vs Kane
This match starts out of the blue with no announcements and Kane takes control early, but Roman counters with some strikes before Kane starts tossing him into the corner. Backdrop by Kane followed by some grounded strikes. Kane charges at Roman near the ropes, but Roman sends him outside and follows him to the floor. They exchange stair strike for ring post strike before Roman hits his dropkick to the apron. He goes for one near the announce table but Kane catches him and hits a sidewalk slam onto the announce table as we go to commercial. 
Back from commercial, Kane has Reigns in a bearhug in the middle of the ring, but Roman is fighting out of it before Kane rams him into the corner. Whip and clothesline in the corner by Kane gets a two count. Kane starts trash talking but Reigns starts fighting back as they exchange blows. Reigns wins that war with a suplex, because match formatting is hard. Both men are down and back to their feet at the same time. Reigns hits a big clothesline and hits a big boot before hitting another big clothesline from the second rope. He hits a series of clotheslines in the corner to Kane, but Kane retaliates with some big strikes before running into a Samoan Drop. Reigns cocks his fist and sets up the Superman Punch, but Kane hits a big chokeslam for two. Kane is freaking out about it and signals for the tombstone. He tries, but Reigns reverses it into a big DDT followed by a Superman Punch. Reigns calls for the Spear, but Kane rolls out of the ring and leaves. Yep. That’s the match.
Official Result: Roman Reigns via Count-Out @ 9:00
*Rollins is backstage with J&J security mocking Kane when Renee Young walks up. He says Kane got in over his head and said the biggest difference between him and Kane is that Rollins never runs away from a fight. He says he doesn’t need anybody’s help to beat Reigns and Orton at Payback. He is the future and the future is now, which makes Rollins “The Man.”
*We get hype for the Tag Team Title rematch tonight between New Day and Cesaro/Kidd later on as we go to commercial.
*Back from break we get a recap of Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow having a brawl on Raw. Which leads to…
*Curtis Axel vs Damien Sandow
I like Sandow’s new music. Sandow is repeating everything JoJo is saying and I find that kind of annoying. Axel is out next and I’m assuming we get a quick match here. The bell rings and they start arguing. Axel rips his shirt Hogan-Style and Sandow tries, but Axel attacks him. Sandow shoves Axel down and rips his shirt off anyway before tossing Axel to the outside. Sandow goes outside and sits down next to Axel before elbowing him in the chest. Back inside, Axel takes advantage with some stomps in the corner followed by an irish whip and a big splash in the opposite corner. Axel is choking Sandow in the corner and is playing the heel role really well. He goes for another splash, but Sandow moves and kips up to his feet before hitting a few strikes and a big boot. Sandow hits the You’re Welcome full nelson slam for the win.
Official Result: Damien Sandow via pin @ 2:30
*Renee Young is backstage with Ryback. He says he doesn’t know why Bray Wyatt is attacking him, but that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. He said he’s dedicating his match against Luke Harper to Bray Wyatt. He says his message will be very clear “feed me more.” That match is next as we go to commercial. 
*Ryback vs Luke Harper
We start with a lock up and a shoulder block by Ryback that gets him a quick one fall. They exchange headlocks with strikes before Ryback locks on an arm lock before Harper hits a forearm to break out of it. Ryback fights back and whips Harper off the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz press. Corner strikes by Ryback now as he lifts Harper onto the top rope. Harper reverses with a strike and hits a big suplex on Ryback before flexing. Another suplex attempt by Harper, but Ryback hits an impressive stalling suplex. Ryback tries the ten corner punch but takes a sitout powerbomb instead for a near fall as we go to commercial.
Back from break we see Harper taking out Ryback with an elbow for two. Harper hits his gator roll and keeps the front headlock in, but Ryback reverses it and drops Harper right on his face. Ryback fights back with some strikes and knocks Harper into the corner. Big boot by Ryback leads to a big powerslam and a splash for two. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Harper rolls him up for two. Spinebuster by Ryback and Ryback signals for the meathook clothesline, but Harper boots the arm and hits a superkick for two.  Harper goes for the discus lariat, but eats a Meathook and a Shellshocked to give Ryback the win
Official Result: Ryback via pin @ 9:29
*After the match the lights go out as Wyatt comes into the ring and hits a Sister Abigail on Ryback.
*We get hype for the main event of Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose, but next is the WWE Tag Team Title match.
*WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E)(c) vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro
The tag team champions enter first and I hate that. I also don’t like Kidd and Cesaro working as faces for absolutely no reason, but I guess that’s the big thing these days, seeing as the Bellas are doing that too.  Nevertheless, Kidd and Cesaro get a huge pop.  Kofi and Kidd start the match with Kidd going for a quick win early with a rollup that got no count. We get some pretty decent chaining from the two, including a Kidd pinfall attempt that got one count before the chaining continued. Kofi fights out and tries to toss Kidd over the top rope, but he skins the cat onto Cesaro’s back and pulls himself back in for a cool spot. Cesaro tags in an hits a big uppercut and a gutwrench suplex for a two count. Backslide gets a two and then Cesaro applies a wrist lock. Kofi escapes, so Cesaro locks in a sleeper, but Kofi breaks free and goes for a small package, but Cesaro lifts him out of into a suplex. He tags in Kidd and they hit a suplex/crossbody combination that looked good. Kidd gets a two off the double team and goes for the arm lock again. Cesaro tags back in now and hits a big double arm suplex before Kofi rolls to the outside. Cesaro follows Kofi around the ring and Big E gets the tag as Kofi rolled in, but Big E ate a big german suplex before Kidd tags in. They hit double team moves to the crowd chanting “new…day sucks.” Kidd is knocked onto the apron, but he’s distracted by Woods before Big E knocks him into the barricade. Big E throws Kidd into the barricade some more before clapping in his face. Back inside, Kofi tags back in and hits a big dropkick to Kidd in the corner for a two count. Kofi trips up Kidd and goes to the middle rope for a crossbody, but Kidd catches him with a big dropkick. Kidd tries to get to Cesaro, but Big E knocks him off the apron and suplexes Kidd. Kidd rolls to the outside as we go to commercial.
Back from break, Big E hits a big belly to belly suplex on Kidd for a two count. Kofi tags in and goes for the Boom Drop and connects. He knocks Cesaro off the apron and signals for the Trouble in Paradise. Kidd ducks and gets the hot tag to Cesaro. Cesaro lays out Kofi and knocks Big E off the apron before hitting a huge clothesline on Kofi for a two count. Cradle pin by Cesaro gets another near fall. Cesaro press slams Kofi and drops him face first and immediately follows with a double stomp for two. Woods gets on the apron to distract Cesaro as Kofi rolls him up for two. Kick by Kofi and a clothesline by Big E gets a two. Kidd tosses Kofi to the outside and hits a big a suicide dive onto Kofi. Cesaro hits a flying uppercut on Big E and tags in Kidd as they go for the big swing/dropkick combo and connect! Kidd covers, but Woods breaks up the pin for the DQ.
Official Result: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro via DQ @ 13:00 ; New Day retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
*After the match New Day continues the assault before leaving with the titles.
*Backstage, Cameron and Summer Rae are talking crap about Brie Bella. Nikki overhears this and challenges Cameron to a match. These two in the same promo is basically capital punishment. Their match is up next as we go to commercial.
*Back from break, the announcers are hyping up Tough Enough and show up some audition clips that were sent in. I laughed at seeing “The Big O” from Ryder’s YouTube show. 
*Cameron vs Nikki Bella
After that Tough Enough hype, Cameron is already in the ring. We get a promo on the little screen by Naomi. Naomi is the worst promo in WWE history. Worse than Zack Ryder running away from Kane. They start with a lock up and Nikki Bella throws Cameron around a bit. She goes for a shoulder block that Cameron bumps way too early. Cameron hits a few strikes and throws Nikki into the corner and eats an elbow by Nikki but ducks a dropkick for two. Cameron beats on Nikki a bit and kicks her outside the ring. She throws Nikki into the barricade and plays to the crowd. Back inside, Cameron hits a split legged leg drop for two. By that I mean she did a split and connected with one foot. Nikki with a snapmare and Cameron with a facebuster and a stomp. This match has had more time than Sandow/Axel which saddens me. Cameron has a sleeper locked in, Cameron charges but Nikki ducks and hits a few clotheslines and a dropkick. Springboard enziguri to Cameron gets a two count. Cameron hits an awful looking roll up for two and slaps Nikki and hits her with a vicious elbow and a Rack Attack for the win. 
Official Result: Nikki Bella via pin @ 4:00
*We get a promo with the Prime Time Players. Darren Young is crying because New Day are tag team champions. They crap on New Day and do their own clap to promote themselves. Nothing interesting from this.
*We get hype for a King of the Ring recap up next. Yep. They’re hyping the recaps now.
*Back from break we can a backstage promo with Rollins trying to get Ambrose to back out of their match. Rollins says his title match is at stake, and Ambrose has a funny look on his face. Ambrose says “sounds good” and then slaps him on the back and says “see ya out there.” Ambrose just wants to beat Rollins’ face in and leaves.
*Next is the recap of the King of the Ring from Tuesday Night. Not much to note besides Bad News Barrett being King…and then not being on this episode of Smackdown to advance his gimmick of king.
*Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
Ambrose comes out first to a huge pop as we go to commercial. Seth Rollins comes out to a pop just as big, which is pretty bad for the top heel. They start with a lock up and Ambrose brings Rollins down with a hammerlock. Rollins rolls outside immediately after as Ambrose is relaxing in the ring taunting Rollins. Back inside, Rollins takes advantage and takes Amborse down with a hammerlock now, slapping him in the back of the head. Ambrose gets a drop toe hold and was about to lock on an STF, but kicks Rollins the back instead. Rollins takes control back with forearms choking Ambrose in the middle rope. Whip into the ropes, Ambrose hits a crossbody and some punches before knocking Rollins to the outside. J&J Security try to distract Ambrose, but he tosses Rollins back in the ring. The distraction is enough to let Rollins hits a dropkick sending Ambrose into the announce table. Kane comes out to the ring for some reason as we go to commercial.
Back from break Rollins is in control until Ambrose hits a huge forearm, but Rollins no sells it and keeps stomping away. Clothesline by Ambrose and Kane still doesn’t have a shirt on for some reason. Another clothesline by Rollins. Ambrose hits one of his own now as both men are slow to get up. Ambrose hits the punch, chop combo and a forearm in the corner followed by a bulldog. He goes up top and tries for that elbow drop, but Rollins kicks him in the gut and goes for the turnbuckle powerbomb. Ambrose reverses and hits the ropes with a big dropkick that sends Rollins to the outside. Ambrose follows with a big suicide dive before rolling Rollins back into the ring. Ambrose goes for the rebound lariat, but Seth ducks and Ambrose hits a beautiful sitout facebuster for two. Rollins rolls onto the apron, but Ambrose brings him to the top rope and goes for a superplex but Rollins blocks it and hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb to the opposite corner. I love that spot, it looks sick when he hits it right. Rollins gets a two count and goes for a superkick, but Ambrose rolls him up for two. Dirty Deeds attempt is reversed into an enziguri and a superkick by Rollins for another near fall. Kane and Rollins are arguing with the ref and Ambrose knocks Rollins into Kane, knocking him off the apron. Ambrose follows that up by sending Rollins over the top onto Kane and then hitting an elbow drop from the top onto J&J Security and Kane. Rollins throws Ambrose into the barricade and he asks Kane if he’s okay. Kane grabs Rollins and Ambrose by the throat, but the ref threatens to DQ Rollins so he lets go. Ambrose tosses Kane into the ring post and hits a clothesline to J&J before Rollins throws him into the steps and into the ring. Rollins’ hits his new DDT finisher for the win. Interesting take on the move, as Rollins face bumped with Ambrose on it.
Official Result: Seth Rollins via pin @ 13:30
*After the match, The Authority continues the assault until Roman Reigns’ music hits and he clears house after hitting a double spear to J&J. Kane comes back in and grabs Ambrose and Reigns by the throat. They escape and Ambrose hits the rebound lariat followed by a spear by Reigns. They stand tall to end the show.

Another Free Month of WWE Network

During the WWE Q1 2015 report issued earlier this morning, WWE has revealed another free month promotion for the WWE Network in May. This marks the first time the company has offered the network for free for back-to-back months.

The official WWE announcement was as follows.
"Based on the successful execution of the network's free trial offerings, the Company will continue its sampling program. All new subscribers who register for the network in May will receive the network for free in that month, including WWE Payback live on Sunday, May 17."
Opinionated View- This is why everyone should look at the current count of subscribers slanted. They did free in February, than the Mania bump, and now free in April and May. They would rather not make money so they can pump up the numbers

Why Did Taryn Terrell Turn Heel?

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the turning of Taryn Terrell heel was done in order to preserve plans for a feud between her and Awesome Kong. The site reports that when TNA did not expect Kong to be cheered when she came back and that she would work as a heel against Terrell.
When it was clear Kong was going to be a babyface to the fans, the decision was made to turn Taryn and align her with the Dollhouse. This also gives her a feud with Gail Kim, with the Dollhouse there to help keep her as a strong heel champion.

Opinionated View- I thought Taryn did very well with her heel turn promo. She had also been a face since joining TNA while Kong has almost always played heel. So I like them trying something different. Plus having Taryn give the Dollhouse someone to carry it a bit.

NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku Results 4.30.15

Here are the results from last night’s NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku event, which tool place at the Oita Event Hall in Oita, Japan. You can watch the show on New Japan World…
* Sho Tanaka defeated Jay White via submission
* KUSHIDA, Ryusuke Taguchi & Yuji Nagata defeated Yohei Komatsu, Mascara Dorada & Manabu Nakanishi via pin
* Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Cody Hall & Yujiro Takahashi via pin
* Kenny Omega, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Alex Shelley, Captain New Japan & Tetsuya Naito via pin
* Beretta, Rocky Romero & Tomohiro Ishii defeated Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger and & Togi Makabe via pin
* Gedo & Kazuchika Okada defeated Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale via pin
* YOSHI-HASHI, Kazushi Sakuraba, Toru Yano & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Tomoaki Honma, Katsuyori Shibata, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Hirooki Goto via pin

Notes on Talents Rumored For Global Force Wrestling

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling is starting to reach out to talent. Scott D’Amore and Sonjay Dutt are working with Jarrett in the office, and they have offered some talent the possibility of 39 dates. At this time, the company has noted they’ve got 12 dates confirmed.

The promotion is talking with a lot of talent, including Roderick Strong (who works ROH dates but has no contract at this time), Team 3-D, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters. The feeling is that who ever ends up with the long-term relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling will be in position to sign more talent. ROH has been trying to lock up key talent, and part of the allure of signing with ROH right now is the strong relationship with New Japan.

Opinionated View- Wow I don't think I could be more underwhelmed. Roderick Strong.... that's the Indy guy you bring in. How to sum up Roderick my old buddy Patrick Kelly once said "He's the start point for CAW in every video game." Or Ryan Porzl who reminded me that 2015 is the ten year anniversary since Roderick was supposed to be an up and comer.  Team 3-D I know you need vets and both Devon and Bully Ray were having some good matches in TNA. But you also run the risk of lazy living off rep Team 3-D from the early TNA run.

I know Benjamin was once a guy everyone predicted would be a big thing but he just doesn't have that star factor and if you saw his work in New Japan or ROH you know he's lost a few steps in the ring. Masters I don't hate but there are better names out there.

Latest on Lucha Underground Season 2 Plans

As previously reported, the feeling in Lucha Underground is that a second season is a sure thing. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, filming for the new season should begin in August, just after the current season finishes airing.

There are two key deals in current discussions for the company, both involving new TV carriers. The talks are to get the Spanish-language version of the show on Univision in the US, which would be huge for the company, and Televisa in Mexico which would also be big as it would give them stronger exposure than even AAA. Univision is announcing its new season schedule at their upfront presentation on May 12th.

If those two TV deals do not go through, there will likely need to be some serious cutbacks as the show costs a lot. Part of that is due to the location, and there has been discussion of moving to a different local, possibly in Texas. As previously noted, Rey Mysterio and Alberto El Patron are expected to be the top two stars for the promotion.

Opinionated View- First no such thing as a sure thing. Second I highly doubt they are up getting better TV clearance than AAA it be like ROH getting on a bigger network than WWE. I can think of many ways to save money. No more stupid bands playing during tapings cut down on the lame boring over shot backstage segments. Also get rid of El Patron who adds nothing and don't waste money on Rey Mysterio a guy that that injures himself brushing his teeth.

WWE Planning More Tuesday Night Events For WWE Network

WWE officials are interested in running more live specials on the WWE Network. They would air on Tuesday nights, similar to the King of the Ring finals this week. It would be happen at that week’s Smackdown tapings. There’s no word on how frequently the events would run or what theme will be used.

WWE releases first quarter financial numbers, Vince McMahon comments

WWE revealed its first quarter financial results on Thursday. The company reported net income of $9.8 million compared to a net loss of $8 million in the first quarter of 2014.
"During the quarter, we generated record quarterly revenue and strong earnings growth, reflecting our strategy to realize greater value from our content across multiple platforms," Vince McMahon stated in a press release. "We believe that we are on a path to significant growth as we continue to expand WWE Network and innovate faster than ever." Read the full report at

First Quater Information on WWE Network

WWE released the following today:
WWE Network Update: First Quarter Highlights
Network segment revenues increased 104% from the prior year quarter. WWE Network surpassed 1.3 million subscribers1 following WrestleMania 31 (as of March 29, 2015), making it the most viewed WrestleMania in history. The subscriber level at quarter-end was nearly double the number of subscribers reported on April 7, 2014 - the day after WrestleMania last year - and represented a 33% increase since January 27, 2015, when the network surpassed the 1 million subscriber milestone. Subscriber growth since January was driven by the iconic attraction of the Company's WrestleMania event and the success of WWE Network's February free promotion. During the quarter, the Company continued to broaden the network's global distribution, launching it in the U.K. and Middle East, and expanding distribution in Canada. From inception through March 31, 2015, WWE Network had attracted nearly 1.8 million unique subscribers with 74% of these subscribers active as of that date.
WWE Network's compelling live and new original content continued to drive viewer engagement. WWE Network's most viewed programs were led by the Company's pay-per-views, original series, NXT Live, and other specials.
During the quarter, 94% of total subscribers accessed WWE Network at least once per month. WWE Network subscribers watched an estimated average of 53 hours of content per household over the quarter putting it among Netflix and the top cable and broadcast networks in terms of viewer hours per household.
(For additional information, see the Company's First-Quarter 2015 Earnings Presentation, which can be found on the Company's web site at
WWE Network added 511,000 subscribers to reach 1,327,000 paid subscribers at March 31, 2015, representing a 63% increase from year-end 2014. The subscriber growth reflected the acquisition of 795,000 subscribers, which was 13% above the gross subscriber additions in the prior year period from the network's launch through WrestleMania (February 24, 2014 - April 6, 2014).
WWE Network attracted an average of approximately 927,000 paid subscribers for the first quarter 2015, representing a 29% increase from the fourth quarter 2014 average.2 The network's February free promotion contributed to that growth, attracting approximately 201,000 trial subscribers, of which 154,000, or 77%, converted to paying subscribers in March.
The Company continued to broaden the global distribution of WWE Network. During the quarter, the network was made available in the U.K. and Ireland in mid-January for £9.99 per month and €12.99 per month, respectively, and was launched in the Middle East and North Africa in late March as a premium linear channel. Additionally, Rogers Communications, the Company's exclusive network distribution partner in Canada, reached agreements that made WWE Network available nationally in Canada before WrestleMania (March 29). At quarter-end, WWE Network had approximately 196,000 international subscribers.3
(1),(3) Subscriber numbers in UK/Ireland are subject to local consumer protection laws and regulations governing fee charges.
(2) Average paid subscribers are calculated based on the arithmetic daily mean over the relevant period, and may differ substantially from paid subscribers at the end of any period due to the timing of paid subscriber additions. Trial subscribers acquired during a promotional period are not counted as paying subscribers until they convert after the end of the free period.
WWE Network Update: Future Plans
To grow WWE Network, the Company is executing a five-part strategy, including creating new content, implementing high impact customer acquisition and retention programs, introducing new features, expanding distribution platforms, and entering new geographies. Over the remainder of 2015, the Company is focused on expanding the network's line-up of compelling original content as a critical element of this strategy.
Programming: In addition to the premium monthly live pay-per-view events, WWE Network unveiled new programming for the remainder of 2015, which includes eight brand new original series and partnerships with director Jeff Tremaine, Seth Green's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and legendary talk show host Jerry Springer. In addition, in the new show, Diva Search, WWE will span the globe in search of the most beautiful, athletic and charismatic women in the world to find the next stunning WWE Diva. WWE Network will also produce compelling special programming and short form content while continuing to add 1,000 hours to its robust video-on-demand library, which currently has more than 3,000 hours of content. (For more details of WWE Network's programming line-up, please see the Company's March 30, 2015 programming release).
Promotions: Based on the successful execution of the network's free trial offerings, the Company will continue its sampling program. All new subscribers who register for the network in May will receive the network for free in that month, including WWE Payback live on Sunday, May 17.
Features/Distribution: Other important elements of the Company's network strategy include improving the user experience and content discovery across devices, while continuing to expand distribution platforms.
Geographies: The Company is developing plans for geographic expansion to India, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia.

Buyrates From WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and Fast Lane

WWE released the following information today in their Q1 2015 earnings report about the buyrate for the WrestleMania 31 PPV on traditional PPV:
* WrestleMania 31 (3/29/15, headlined by Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns) drew 259,000 buys, down from 690,000 buys for WrestleMania 30 in April 2014.

WWE released the following information today in their Q1 2015 earnings report about the buyrates for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble and Fast Lane events on traditional PPV.
* Royal Rumble (1/26/15, headlined by Roman Reigns winning the Rumble) drew 145,000 buys, down from 467,000 buys in 2014.
* Fast Lane (2/22/15, headlined by Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan) drew 46,000 buys, down from 183,000 buys in 2014 under the Elimination Chamber incarnation.

Opinionated View- I know a lot of WWE defenders will go it's the network. But these are pretty heavy drops and PPV still must have some value if no why hasn't WWE just hasn't gone all network

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

* Kane vs. Roman Reigns
* Damien Sandow vs. Curtis Axel
* Ryback vs. Luke Harper
* Cameron vs. Nikki Bella
* WWE Tag Team Title Match: Champions New Day vs. Kidd & Cesaro
* Non-Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Lana Being Set Up to Be the Female Face of WWE

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the current long-term plans for Lana involve completing her babyface turn and then making her the female face of the company. Lana is currently in the middle of that turn, with Rusev and her having more and more tension as a duo on-camera.

According to the site, Vince McMahon feels that the babyface turn and elevation will require her to be revealed as actually being American. The plan for right now is to keep her name as Lana, although there has been a small amount of talk of a possible name change to C.J. Lana’s real name is Catherone Jo Perry and the idea is that C.J. should (in theory) makes people think “hot blonde” because of Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch character C.J. Parker.

It would maybe work on people who remember that fact, anyway, as Baywatch has been off the air for fifteen years and Anderson left three years before that. But again, that is just something that garnered a small amount of discussion.

Opinionated View- I actually do think Lana has potential I hate the gimmick of evil Russian in 2015 but I think she's done well with what she has been given. That said I have never seen her wrestle but given WWE odds are they won't care if she has never taken a bump before.

And yeah I could see Vince being so behind the times he is convinced American's won't cheer for non American's hell that why so many guys from Canada were announced as being from the US. And given how behind the time Vince tends to be he might have never seen Batwatch until this week.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First Matches Announced For NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

Here are the first matches, announced during NXT, for the next NXT Takover show. Titled NXT Takover: Unstoppable, the show airs on May 20th on the WWE Network.
* NXT Title Match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
* NXT Title #1 Contender’s Match: Finn B├ílor vs. Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze
In addition, an NXT Women’s Title match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch is expected, as Lynch is the #1 contender, but has not been officially announced.

4/29 Lucha Underground Report

Fenix vs. Killshot
The two trade armringers until Killshot ends up on the floor after a Fenix dropkick. Fenix follows up with a big dive, and Killshot delivers one of his own. The two go back and forth with slaps, but Killshot hits a brainbuster that gets two. Fenix comes back with a couple of kicks, but Killshot lands a cutter and a back suplex into a lungblower for 2.
Fenix comes back and hits a low dropkick, and then the two go back and forth until Fenix lands a big flying kick. Killshot goes for a German suplex off the top, but ends up eating a big superkick instead. Fenix lands the Fire Thunder Driver for the win.
Winner: Fenix via pinfall

- Dario Cueto is with Drago and says Drago never thanked him for the opportunity. Drago doesn't look pleased at all. He doesn't need to be thanked, but after tonight, he thinks he will.

- Cueto also goes to see Puma and tells him not to have second thoughts about ending a mna's career. He tells Puma that Cage vs. King Cuerno vs. Hernandez is now a triple threat match.

We're set for a match with Ricky Mandel, Famous B, Vinny Massaro and Argenis, but Texano comes in and destroys everyone. He challenges Daivari to come back and get beat down.

- Cueto meets with a guy outside the temple who ends up being Marty "The Moth" Martinez, who was on Tough Enough. Cueto says he doesn't have time for him, and he'll be crushed like a moth.
Number One Contender's Match

King Cuerno vs. Cage vs. Hernandez
Both guys jump Hernandez, with Cage landing a standing moonsault. Right after, Cage trys to roll up Cuerno, but only gets two. The two go back to Hernandez, landing a big double superkick on him. Cage German suplexes Cuetno all the way across the ring. Hernandez is up and fights back, taking out both men.

Hernandez goes for a Border Toss, but Cage knocks him down. Marty the Moth pops up and gets beat down by Hernandez and Cage. Hernandez does a seated dominator to Cuerno for the victory
Winner: Hernandez via pinfall

Lucha Underground Championship
Title vs. Career
Prince Puma (c) vs. Drago
The two shake hands, and start off fast and furious. Drago with an arm drag, Puma a headscissors event hings up. Drago then uses a huracanrana to throw Puma to the floor, where he follows up with a huge dive.

Back in the ring, Drago brawls, landing kicks and chops. Puma fights back with a big missile dropkick and a Fosbury Flop to the outside. He rolls Drago back in, but only gets two off ot it. Puma scores a backbreaker, then a gutbuster, then uses Drago's own cradle that gets a two count. Drago comes back with a big superkick and another dive, but Puma kicks out. Drago continues the attack with a tilt-a-whirl armdrag and a crossface-octopus stretch. Puma gets to the ropes to break the submission, and promptly suplexes Drago for a two count.

Drago with a reverse huracanrana, but walks into an elbow, as they both trade elbows. Drago gets a two off of a spinning elbow. The ref gets bumped in the middle of the action, and isn't there to count the pin for Drago off of a Canadian Destroyer. Hernandez comes out and attacks Drago, which makes Puma mad. Konnan wants no mercy, so Puma lands the thunder driver for the pin.
Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall to retain the Lucha Underground Championship

Puma hugs Drago after the match, as fans chant for him. Drago tells Cueto they'll meet again. Drago walks through a door and a huge explosion happens. Well.

4/29 WWE NXT Results

Kevin Owens comes out, and the crowd chants for Sami Zayn. He challenges Zayn to fight right now. William Regal comes out instead, and says Owens will not use NXT to further his own agenda. Owens says he doesn't care what Regal has to say, he wants to fight Sami Zayn.

Zayn obliges and comes to the ring, but Regal doesn't want them fighting right now. Regal sets a title match for NXT Takeover. Owens doesn't think Zayn deserves a title shot. Zayn goads him into it.
- Carmella, Enzo and Cass are backstage arguing. Cass and Enzo leave and Murphy and Blake come by and try to hit on her. She won't have any of it and makes them leave. Alexa Bliss comes by and tells her to be more classy and gets pie faced. Blake and Murphy then console her.

- Sami Zayn is backstage signing his contract. Alex Riley busts in and says he wants another crack at Owens. Regal says no. Zayn tries to talk to Riley but gets cut off. Zayn says he'll face Riley if he wants a match.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) vs. Blake & Murphy
Enzo gets attacked early on, and the crowd is on his side. He's double teamed briefly, but Cass gets the tag and takes both opponents out. Cass side slams Blake, but Murphy breaks up the count.
Enzo comes off the top, but eats canvas. A big boot from Cass sets up the Rocket Launcher after Carmella distracts. Pinfall for Enzo.
Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady via pinfall (Rocket Launcher)

- Bayley is backstage being interviewed, but says she can't find her shirt or headbands and leaves. Emma pops up and has them.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke
Brooke has control early, but Bayley smashes her face into the turnbuckles. The crowd is going crazy for Bayley, but she gets slammed to the mat. Brooke chokes Bayley several times, but no DQ. She follows up with a Wasteland and a modified half crab.

Bayley fights back with knees and a big suplex. She goes up top and her music hits, and Emma comes out with her gear on. Emma is taunting her, and Brooke hits the Cradle Shock for the pin.
Winner: Dana Brooke via pinfall

- William Regal announces Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Balor in a number one contender's match at NXT Takeover.

Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose (w/ Rosebuds)
Itami gets a quick two off a running kick, but Rose fights back and hits a suplex. Rose isn't in control long, as Itami fights back with several kicks before finishing him off with the Shotgun kick.
Winner: Hideo Itami via pinfall (Shotgun Kick)

- Bayley is backstage looking for Emma. She's confused about Emma taking her stuff.
William Regal announces Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Finn Balor in a number one contender's match at NXT Takeover.

Becky Lynch vs. Sarah Dawson
Lynch hits her leg drops early on, but gets a two as the crowd chants for the newcomer Dawson. Lynch chokes her and is warned by the ref. Lynch applies the armbar, and that's it.
Winner: Becky Lynch via submission (Armbar)

- Rhino is backstage and challenges Baron Corbin

Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley
Kevin Owens joins the commentary team, and now there are four guys in the booth who sound almost exactly alike. Riley and Zayn trade chain holds until Riley drops him with a big dropkick for just a two count. He follows up with a flipping neckbreaker for two, and Owens is tearing Riley to shreds on commentary.
Riley hits a TKO that gets another two, and he's visibly frustrated. Zayn moves and sends Riley outside and chases him with a dive. Owens runs and attacks Zayn, then apron powerbombs Alex Riley.
Result: No contest
The show ends with Owens standing tall.

Extreme Rules Review, Bischoff with Global Force, Corgan with TNA

ROH Holding Tryouts in June

- Ring of Honor will hold a two-day tryout camp at the ROH DOJO in Bristol, Pennsylvania on June 13 and 14. The people in charge evaluate and critique in-ring performances, as well as work with talent on promos, conditioning, attitude, mind-set and all other areas of being a wrestler. The registration fee is $300. It includes lunch and sessions for both days. The instructors include Delirious, Kevin Kelly, Truth Martini, Bob Evans, Todd Sinclair, Jay Lethal, Mark and Jay Brsicoe and BJ Whitmer.

NJPW Wrestling HINOKUNI Results 4.29.15

Here are the results from NJPW’s Wrestling HINOKUNI event…
* Gedo & Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Beretta) defeated Jay White, Yohei Komatsu & Sho Tanaka via pin
* Bullet Club (Yujiro Takahashi & Cody Hall) defeated Satoshi Kojima & Captain New Japan via pin
* KUSHIDA, Manabu Nakanishi & Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Mascara Dorada, Tiger Mask & Yuji Nagata via pin
* NWA Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Steve Anthony defeated Jushin Liger via pin
* NWA World Title Match: Champion Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Big Daddy Yum Yum via pin
* Bullet Club (Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows & Kenny Omega) defeated Tetsuya Naito, Tomoaki Honma & Alex Shelley via pin
* Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI defeated Bullet Club (Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale) via pin
* Kazushi Sakuraba, Toru Yano & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Katsuyori Shibata, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Hirooki Goto via pin
* NEVER Openweight Title Match: Togi Makabe defeated Champion Tomohiro Ishii via pin to become the new champion

Jeff Hardy Undergoing Surgery Today

TNA President Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter earlier today, announcing that Jeff Hardy will be undergoing surgery later today on his broken leg that he sustained in a dirt-bike accident on Tuesday:

Lucha Underground Preview

* Fenix vs. Killshot
* Famous B vs. Ricky Mandel vs. Argenis vs. Vinny Massaro
* For a Shot at The Lucha Underground Title: Hernandez vs. Cuerno vs. Cage
* Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Prince Puma vs. Drago

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s NXT

Non-Title match: Champions Blake & Murphy vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady
* Dana Brooke vs. Bayley
* Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose
* Becky Lynch vs. Sarah Dobson
* Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley

Video of Jeff Hardy's Injury

4/28 WWE Smackdown TV spoilers

Seth Rollins and Kane had heated argument. Rollins wanted the Kane from 20 years ago and Kane made Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.
After the intro, Roman Reigns cut a promo then Kane came out to have a match with him.
1. Roman Reigns beat Kane by count out. Boring match with Kane walking out.
2. Damien Sandow beat Curtis Axel clean. Sandow mocked the ring announcer.
3. Ryback beat Luke Harper. After the match, Bray Wyatt attacked Ryback.
4. Divas Champion Nikki Bella beat Cameron.
5. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston and Big E defeated by DQ. Xavier woods interfered for the DQ, so New Day retain the tag titles.
6. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins beat Dean Ambrose. Before the match, Rollins cut a promo saying how the Quad Cities is crap. Ambrose lost because he was outmanned. After the match, Kane and J and J and Rollins beat down Ambrose until Roman Reigns made the save. Reigns cleaned house to end the show.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WWE King of the Ring Report 04.28.15

*On Raw we were given the first round matches of King of the Ring which had Sheamus (defeated Dean Ambrose), Bad News Barrett (defeated Dolph Ziggler), R-Truth (defeated Stardust) and Neville (defeated Luke Harper) all advancing. The bracket for tonight’s show actually has some potential to it.
*Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL are on commentary tonight.
*Match times are not exact.

*We open the show the show with a memorial image dedicated to the late Verne Gagne who just passed away recently, followed by a quick King of the Ring history. Winners shown include Edge, Triple H, Steve Austin and Booker T featured prominently before they show us the four remaining men in the tournament. For some reason, they think the fans believe R-Truth might win.
*Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler opens the show from the stage welcoming people to King of the Ring. Apparently the WWE Network has won awards? That strikes me as strange. Lawler describes the rules of the tournament and we get a recap of how each of the four men advanced. Barrett beat Dolph Ziggler after a distraction from Sheamus, R-Truth beat Stardust clean, Sheamus won via disqualification against Dean Ambrose when Ziggler attacked Sheamus and Neville decided to fly to the moon and back with a Red Arrow to beat Harper. So tonight, we have Sheamus vs Neville and Bad News Barrett vs R-Truth, as well as the finals of the tournament.
*We get Byron Saxton interviewing the last winner of the King of the Ring, Sheamus, about his match against Neville. Sheamus says he’s going to become a two time King of the Ring winner. He gives Neville credit, saying he truly does defy gravity, but says nobody can defy gravity when they’re unconscious. He says he’s going to make every little guy kiss his arse. Please, no more Sheamus bum.
*Renee Young is interviewing Neville now, he talks about how he was the longest reigning NXT champion. He seems a bit nervous in the promo and it’s hard to buy. He said he’s spent his whole life defying expectations like he defies gravity and vows to show Sheamus what a little guy like him can do.

*WWE King of the Ring 2015 Semi Finals: Neville vs Sheamus
Sheamus is out to the ring first and then “The Sensation” Neville. Sheamus starts by mocking Neville’s height before he pushes him into the corner and starts toying with him. Neville isn’t happy with it and starts with some hard shots to Sheamus. Sheamus tries to whip Neville into the corner but Neville does a million handsprings out of it. Neville hits a kick combo and hits the ropes but is caught by  a nice backbreaker by Sheamus. Neville actually shoves Sheamus to the ground and pays for it with some big knee strikes to the gut. Sheamus hits another Irish Curse backbreaker and Neville is reeling. He tries to fight back, but Sheamus juts pounds on his back and hits a running knee to the face of Neville and plays to the crowd with the “Are you not entertained!?” thing he does. Sheamus locks Neville in a side bear hug, but Neville starts fighting out so Sheamus slaps him and whips him into the ropes. Neville ducks a clothesline and hits a forearm and starts taking control until Sheamus fights back yet again and tosses Neville to the apron. Sheamus goes for his rope lock forearms, but Neville starts fighting back so Sheamus shoves Neville off the apron and he hits the announce table HARD face first. Referee starts counting and Neville makes it in at nine to Sheamus’ confusion. The assault continues in the corner before Sheamus just tosses Neville across the ring and shouts “little fellas don’t belong in my ring.” He goes for the White Noise and connects, but doesn’t go for the cover. Dolph Ziggler comes out to the stage with a microphone and reminds Sheamus that Ziggler got the win at Extreme Rules. Sheamus turns around and goes for a Brogue Kick, but Neville ducks and hits a kick followed by a Red Arrow for the win!
Official Result: Neville via pinfall @  7:00
*Ziggler continues to remind Sheamus about what happened at Extreme Rules and the stipulation being Sheamus having to kiss Ziggler’s ass. He says he’s here to collect and charges the ring. Sheamus is able to escape, but then runs back in after collecting himself. The two keep brawling until a group of referees break it up Sheamus is busted open pretty seriously over his eye. Makes Sheamus look like a bigger badass here. Blood being seldom used rarely can be very effective like this.
*We get a preview of the new WWE Network exclusives airing this week, including Mick Foley’s Cheap Pops tomorrow night and Chris Jericho’s podcast with Stephanie McMahon after Smackdown on Thursday.
*Renee Young is backstage with Bad News Barrett. She called Neville beating Sheamus one of the biggest upsets of KOTR history. She asks if he’s intimidated by R-Truth, but he spends the interview mocking him. He says Neville is going to be “The Man Nobody Remembers.” King Bad News Barrett is too long of a name for me.

*Byron Saxton is with Truth now, and Truth is talking about spiders and facing your fears. He said “staring fear in the face is the dumbest plan of all.” He said his plan is to become King of the Ring and will ban spiders when he is King. It’s actually kind of funny. He says he’s going to build a castle with a drawbridge and a moat to keep the spiders out, but he forgot about the water spiders. He says Barrett isn’t invited to the castle unless he has spider killing experience. Entertaining promo by Truth.

*WWE King of the Ring 2015 Semi Finals: R-Truth vs Bad News Barrett
R-Truth is out first followed by Barrett. JBL says “why don’t you just drown the water spiders.” If those do exist, I don’t think drowning them would work, John.  Barrett tries to lock up but Truth tries to roll up him up quickly but only gets a two count. Barrett takes advantage for a minute with some strikes, but Truth starts dancing and rolls up Barrett for another two count before Barrett hits a big boot for a two count. Truth is getting choked in the middle rope before Barrett hits some big knees with Truth sitting on the middle rope. He hits another big boot that sends Truth to the floor. Barrett slams his head into the apron a couple of times before rolling him back into to lock in the most devastating submission of all time, the reverse chin lock. Truth to everybody’s shock escapes, and takes control with a couple of clotheslines and a sit out front suplex for two. Truth goes for the axe kick, but Barrett moves and hits the ropes before Truth hits a big leg lariat for another two count. King brings up Truth’s castle idea again to silence from the other announcers. Truth hits his spinning forearm strikes for another near fall. He really spins a lot with that. Barrett was against the ropes and Truth I think was supposed to go for a clothesline, but he kind of awkwardly jumped into Barrett’s arms. Barrett shoved him off and hit the Winds of Change for two. R-Truth hits the Lil Jimmy but Barrett got his foot on the bottom rope. Truth can’t believe it as Barrett rolls outside.  Truth tries to bring him back in, but Barrett rakes the eyes and slides in before hitting a Bullhammer for the win.
Official Result: Bad News Barrett via pinfall @ 4:30
*The announcers remind us the finals of the 2015 edition of the King of the Ring is down to Neville and Bad News Barrett. Side note: The last 3 King of the Ring winners (including Neville/Barrett) have all been foreigners. 
*We get a video tribute to Verne Gagne. It’s very well put together as WWE tributes always are.  Jerry talks about Gagne booking him to be the AWA World Champion in a touching moment.
*Renee Young is backstage with Dolph Ziggler. She shows footage of Ziggler costing Ambrose a possible victory in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament by attacking Sheamus and causing Ambrose to be DQ’d. He talks about costing Sheamus his match tonight against Neville. He says he’s tired of Sheamus taking advantage and bullying guys smaller than him. He promises that Sheamus has only gotten a taste of what it’s like to be in the ring with Ziggler. He says he’s going to kick Sheamus’ arse.
*We’re shown a quick recap from the Extreme Rules kick-off show where Neville defeated Bad News Barrett with the Red Arrow.
*Byron Saxton interviews Bad News Barrett. Barrett says it’s unfortunate he has to face Neville after immediately beating Truth, but says he’s on a roll and Neville can’t stop him. He says he’s going to take the his rightful place on the throne and become the King of the Ring.
*WWE King of the Ring 2015 Finals Match: Neville vs Bad News Barrett
Neville is out to the ring first to a nice pop. Barrett comes out to basically no reaction, but he was also literally just out there, so that could play a part in it.  Recaps are shown quickly of Neville and Barrett advancing.
Barrett takes advantage quickly by attacking Neville’s injured ribs, but Neville fights back with a headscissors and a heel kick before hitting some kicks. He goes to hit the ropes, but Barrett follows him and clotheslines him to the outside. Barrett follows and continues to work the ribs with a body slam on the floor followed by ramming rib-first into the ring apron. He rolls him inside for a two count and continues attacking the ribs in the corner. He lays Neville across the top rope and keeps hitting him before backing up and charging with a huge knee to the ribs. Barrett hits an awesome slingshot backbreaker that he used to use more when he first came in through NXT. Modified bow and arrow by Barrett  with a knee in the back of Neville, but he escapes. Barrett goes for the slingshot backbreaker again, but Neville flips out of it and hits a series of kicks before hitting the ropes. Barrett tries to follow him again, but Neville ducks and sends Barrett to the outside. Neville goes out to the apron and hits a huge top rope Asai moonsault. Back inside, Neville hits a springboard missile dropkick before hitting another combination of kicks and strikes followed by a low dropkick. Beautiful deadlift German suplex by Neville gets a two count as he starts trying to feed off the crowd, but they’re pretty silent. Neville hits a corner forearm and hits the ropes for another but runs right into the Winds of Change for a Barrett near fall. Barrett goes for Wasteland, but Neville escapes for a moment, but Barrett is able to connect it anyway for another two count. Barrett couldn’t believe it and he set up for the Bullhammer, but Neville dodged it and went hit a big kick to the head. He goes up for the Red Arrow, but Barrett moves out of the way and hits a huge Bullhammer for the win!
Official Result: Bad News Barrett is the 2015 WWE King of the Ring via pinfall @ 7:00
*Wade Barrett is the new King of the Ring and he’s given his robe and crown. Jerry Lawler asks him how it feels to be King. He said he will rule his kingdom with an iron fist and a Bullhammer.
*End show

King of The Ring Originally Planned to Run Weeks

WWE’s original plan for King of the Ring was to have it run as a several week-long tournament. Obviously those plans were changed, with the event starting last night on Raw and concluding tonight.
You can see the semifinals and finals on the WWE Network tonight at 8 PM ET.

Breaking News Jeff Hardy Injured

TNA President Dixie Carter just sent out the following tweet on Tuesday evening announcing that TNA star Jeff Hardy has suffered a broken leg.
".@JEFFHARDYBRAND just suffered a broken leg in a dirt bike accident. Will provide more details once they are known."
Source: @TNADixie

Opinionated View- That is awful to hear. First Edwards and now Hardy. I mean any type of broken leg is going to take time to heal and he is going to need rehab. You really just hope he can be back by year's end.

Extreme Rules Review, Bischoff with Global Force, Corgan with TNA

4/27 WWE Raw Viewership

Last night's 4/27 WWE RAW drew an average audience of 3.76 million viewers on Monday night. The first hour drew 3.82 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.86 million viewers and the third hour closed out the night with 3.59 million viewers.
This is down from last week's show that drew 4.04 million viewers.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair Comment on Verne Gagen

WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair posted the following on Twitter earlier today, commenting on the news that former AWA owner & champion Verne Gagne had passed away on Monday at the age of 89:
Hogan: "RIP Verne Gagne,Verne said stay down and sell until u hear the crowd rumbling then Start shaking and Hulk up and don't sell anymore thx HH"
Flair:  "Verne, I wouldn't be where I am without you. I owe my career to you. Thank you for making me. God bless you and your family #VerneGagne"

Hulkamania was first started in the AWA in the early 1980s which led to Hogan's longtime success and Flair was trained by Gagne in 1971.

WWE Issues Statement on Death of Verne Gagen

Courtesy of
Verne Gagne passes away
WWE is saddened to learn that Verne Gagne, one of sports-entertainment's most celebrated performers and promoters, has passed away at the age of 89.
Growing up in Robbinsdale, Minn., Gagne was a three sport athlete in high school. While he also played baseball and football, his true skill was in wrestling, where he won multiple state championships. He then went on to the University of Minnesota, where he continued to play football and wrestle. He left after one year to join the Marines at the end of World War II, but returned to finish his college career a few years later. When his amateur wrestling career was over, Gagne had four Big Ten Wrestling Championships, two NCAA Wrestling Championships, the 1949 AAU Wrestling Championship and a slot on the 1948 United States Olympic team on his resume.
Gagne debuted as a pro in 1950 and won several regional championships throughout the 1950s before heading to the newly formed American Wrestling Association in 1960. In August 1960, he was awarded his first AWA World Heavyweight Championship when the first recognized champion, then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Pat O'Connor, failed to defend the championship against Gagne.
In the 1960s and 1970s, Verne became both a wrestler and a promoter, eventually becoming the sole owner of the AWA. He remained an active competitor until the early 1980s, holding the AWA World Heavyweight Championship 10 times between 1960 and 1981. Although Gagne officially retired in 1981, he would later wrestle in several special matches while still maintaining ownership of the AWA.
During the AWA's existence, it was the breeding ground for several other future WWE Superstars, including Hulk Hogan, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Pat Patterson, The Legion of Doom Hawk and Animal, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Scott Hall, "Mean" Gene Okerlund ,"Sensational" Sherri Martel. Jerry "The King" Lawler, Larry Zbyszko, Sgt. Slaughter and numerous other legends also wrestled in Gagne's AWA, and Verne's son Greg also had a lengthy and successful career there as well. In addition, Gagne had a hand in training several future Superstars, including Ric Flair, Ken Patera, Bob Backlund, The Iron Sheik and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. On April 1, 2006, Verne Gagne was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
WWE extends its condolences to Gagne's colleagues, friends and family.

Hector Guerrero Announces Depature From TNA

TNA announcer Hector Guerrero, who has been TNA's Spanish-language commentator for the last 8 years, announced his departure from the company last night with the following on Twitter:
"Want to thank TNA for 8 yrs. of memories As of today I'm available for ministry, hire, bookings, consulting & you get the real deal & truth!"

Verne Gagne Passes Away at 89

Legendary wrestler and AWA promoter Vernge Gagne passed away on Monday according to a tweet sent out by WWE Hall of Famer "Mean Gene" Okerlund. Gagne was 89. He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the last few years.
Gagne was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.
Okerlund wrote the following on Twitter late Monday evening.
"Sad to hear my longtime friend Verne Gagne has passed today.  To me their was never anybody quite like him. May you rest in peace. GO"
Source: @TheGeneOkerlund

Updated WWE Payback Card

Seth Rollins defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match has been announced for the WWE Payback PPV on 5/17 in Baltimore airing live on the WWE Network.
Here is the updated card for the show as of Monday evening.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns
WWE United States Championship - "I Quit" Match
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

Tag Title Match Set For Smackdown

The New Day defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against Cesaro & Tyson Kidd in a rematch from Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV is set for this week's 4/30 WWE Smackdown. This match will be taped on Tuesday night in Moline, Illinois to air this week on Syfy.

4/27 WWE Raw Report

Seth Rollins comes out with Kane and J&J Security to talk about his accomplishments, then brags about how he outsmarted Randy Orton last night. Rollins says he beat Orton all by himself and banned the RKO, then Kane looks annoyed as Rollins says he added insult to injury by hitting a ‘SKO’. He says he needs to thank his troops behind him and thanks Kane for doing what’s best for business, then he calls him the ‘Cryptkeeper’ and Kane takes exception. Kane says Rollins would be out here complaining about losing if it wasn’t for him, and he would rather be a cryptkeeper than WWE’s version of Justin Bieber. They continue back and forth until Orton cuts them off, then Roman Reigns comes right after him and says he’s the last man standing. He says the way he sees it that puts him in line, and Orton already had his shot, so Kane should give him a match with Rollins. Kane puts an end to all the arguments, and he says Rollins will team with him to face Reigns and Orton, and he’ll let the WWE Universe pick his opponent after that.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinal MatchDolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett 
Wade trades punches with Dolph and knees him a few times, then Dolph connects with a dropkick that gets Wade to retreat. We get back from a break to see Dolph send Wade into the ringpost, then he gets a near fall before countering Wasteland with a DDT. Wade comes back with Wasteland, then he sets up a Bullhammer but Dolph ducks and superkicks him. Sheamus comes out and mocks Dolph for attacking him last night, then Dolph gets up and runs into a Bullhammer by Wade, and Wade makes the cover.
Winner – Bad News Barrett

Tyson Kidd (w/ Cesaro) vs Big E (w/ The New Day)

Kidd and E fight on the apron, then Kidd kicks him a few times and backs E into the corner. E connects with a running splash, and Woods assists by holding his legs on the apron to steal the win out of the ref’s view.
Winner – Big E

Ryback vs Bo Dallas
Bo walks out and tells Ryback he has one chance to walk out, but Ryback stays and Bo says all he had to do was ‘Bo-lieve.’ He runs at Ryback as the bell rings and Ryback knocks him down, but Bo comes back with a clothesline and pulls the apron over Ryback’s head. He punches him in the head a few times and gets a near fall, then he applies a headlock and but Ryback slams him down to break it. Ryback hits a Meathook clothesline, and follows it with Shell Shocked for the win.
Winner – Ryback

Bray Wyatt cuts Ryback’s celebration off and appears in the ring behind him, and hits Sister Abigail and taunts him.

John Cena comes out and says he’d like to talk about his big win last night, but he didn’t even get to catch his breath before Rusev was already looking for a rematch. He wonders how Lana got a rematch from the Authority so quick, then he says all that matters is he’s involved in an I Quit match, and it’s all on the line. Cena says if he ever thought of quitting he would have let too many people down, and he’d disgrace the title enough where Rusev wouldn’t have to worry about a rematch.

United States Open ChallengeHeath Slater vs John Cena (c) 

Slater comes out to answer the challenge and mocks the hometown crowd, and says he’s taking advantage of a hurt champion. Rusev comes out and hits him from behind, then he superkicks Slater off the stage as Lana walks out. Rusev screams at her to leave, then he tells Cena these people quit on themselves just Cena will do at Payback. He says there will be no ‘God Bless America’, and all they will say is ‘I Quit!’
Result – No Contest

Kane and Seth Rollins argue about the fans having a say in his next title defense, and Rollins says there’s no way this is good. Kane says he has an idea, and the fans will vote in a poll to choose Roman Reigns, Randy Orton… or Reigns AND Orton in a triple threat. Rollins flips out and says that’s terrible, but Kane tells him to worry about his match tonight and go from there.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinal Match
Stardust vs R-Truth
Stardust hits Truth a few times and applies a headlock, then he taunts the crowd and whips Truth into the corner. Truth elbows him and hits a clothesline, then he goes for an axe kick but Stardust ducks and gets a two count rollup. Stardust comes back with a side Russian legsweep, then they slug it out before Truth catches Stardust with a Lie Detector.
Winner – R-Truth

Fandango vs Adam Rose
Rose hits Fandango a few times and chokes him on the ropes, then Fandango chops him a few times and blocks a straight kick. Fandango clotheslines him outside and hits a somersault dive on the floor, then Rosa Mendes emerges from the crowd of Rosebuds. She dances around and Fandango wonders what she’s doing, but Rose spins him and hits a Party Foul for the win.
Winner – Adam Rose '

Rosa joins Rose in the ring and says she can’t believe Fandango chose the fans over her, and he doesn’t deserve to dance with her. Rosa says she found a man who treats her the way she deserves, and makes out with Rose on the mat.

Brie Bella joins Renee Young backstage to talk about Daniel Bryan’s health, and Brie says this has been so tough for her husband. She says Bryan loves WWE more than anything and he would love to be there and get back to 100% health. Brie says it’s been trying, but she knows time well tell… and then Brie gets knocked down by Naomi. Brie looks up and Naomi just tells her no one cares about Brie or her husband and leaves.

Naomi vs Brie Bella
Naomi hits Brie with a forearm and slams her into the turnbuckles, then she hits her a few times and whips her into the ropes. They both collide and Brie comes back with a kick, but Naomi ends up kicking her in the face and getting a rollup for the win.
Winner – Naomi

King Of The Ring Quarterfinal Match
Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus 
Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle and hits Ambrose with some stiff punches, then he uppercuts him and whips him into the corner. Ambrose connects with a forearm and goes for a bulldog, but Sheamus catches him so Ambrose clotheslines him outside. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive but Sheamus runs away as we go to a break, then we get back to see Sheamus curb Ambrose’s comeback with a slam on the mat. Sheamus calls for a Brogue Kick but Ambrose sidesteps and rolls him up, then Sheamus charges him and Ambrose sends him into the ringpost.
Sheamus rolls outside and Ambrose hits a suicide dive, then he heads up top but Sheamus ducks a splash and hits a backbreaker for two. Sheamus rolls Ambrose into a Cloverleaf but Ambrose makes it to the ropes, then he hits an elbow drop for two. Sheamus rolls outside and Ambrose chases him, but Sheamus whips him into the table and hits him a few times. Ambrose tackles him from the table and sends him into the ringpost, then Sheamus Brogue Kicks Ambrose down near the ramp. Dolph Ziggler rushes out and pummels Sheamus from behind, and the ref calls for the bell as Sheamus runs through the crowd.
Winner (by disqualification) – Sheamus

Damien Sandow comes out and talks about all of his recent gimmicks, and talks about how Mizdow showed him gains and losses. Sandow says he gained the respect of the fans and that is valuable, so he thanks them for him being there now. He says he doesn’t know where he goes from here, then Curtis Axel cuts him off and heads to the ring. Axel says he can’t stand a guy who steals gimmicks, then Sandow mimes Axel and continues to mock him. Axel gets mad and attacks, but Sandow kicks Axel in the face and hits an Elbow of Disdain and a Hulk Hogan-esque legdrop to end the segment.

King Of The Ring Quarterfinal Match
Neville vs Luke Harper

Harper uppercuts Neville a few times, then we get back from a break to see Neville hit a splash followed by a standing shooting star press for two. Harper slams Neville down, then he counters a hurricanrana with a pop-up powerbomb and gets a two count. He picks Neville up and sets him on the turnbuckles, but Neville hits him several times before Harper shoves him down. Neville jumps and hits an enziguiri, then he follows with a sunset flip powerbomb and Red Arrow for the win!
Winner – Neville
Kane & Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns & Randy Orton
Reigns hits Rollins in the corner and Orton kicks him, then Orton suplexes Rollins onto the top rope. Orton stomps him and Kane tags in, then Orton hits him in the corner before we get back to see Reigns hit several punches in the corner. He sends Kane outside and Noble jumps on the apron, then Kane uses the distraction to send Reigns into the ringpost. Rollins gets back in and tries to steal a pin attempt, then they work to keep Reigns isolated in the corner. Reigns finally makes a comeback with some punches to Kane, then Kane tries to suplex him but Reigns blocks and reverses it.
Rollins prevents a tag but Reigns sidesteps a splash attempt, and he rolls through and powerbombs Rollins before finally making the tag. Orton connects with several punches and a clothesline, then he goes for a powerslam but Rollins grabs the ropes and tries to dive back. Orton ends up slamming him down, then Kane tries to chokeslam Reigns but Reigns powers out and Rollins inadvertently dropkicks Kane. Reigns Superman punches Mercury, then Rollins throws him outside but Orton catches him with a hangman’s DDT and calls for a RKO. Rollins avoids it and kicks him in the face, knocking Orton outside, then Kane flips out on everyone are starts throwing people across the ringside area. Kane throws Rollins inside, then Reigns Superman punches him and Orton RKOs him for the win.
Winners – Roman Reigns & Randy Orton
Kane reveals the WWE Fan Poll after the match, and Rollins will defend against both Reigns and Orton in a triple threat. Reigns turns and spears Rollins, then points at Orton and warns him off too. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

TNA couple announce their engagement

Davey Richards and Angelina Love announced their engagement via social media on Monday. "I give my had to you with all my heart..." Love wrote on Twitter. "I said YES! I love you (Richards)." Follow her online at

WWE Reveals Brackets For King of the Ring

Night of Knockout Viewership

 Friday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling took a slight dip in the ratings. The show drew 381,000 viewers and a 0.10 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic, down 5% and 17% respectively from last week’s 401,000 viewers and 0.12 demo rating.

The replay drew 188,000 viewers

Opinionated View- You never want down but you gotta look at what TNA went up against both the NBA and NHL playoffs as well as the Bruce Jenner interview. Plus Spike had a boxing card that went up against the second half

Names Annoucned For WWE King of The Ring

WWE just issued the following.
"King of the Ring is back! WWE Superstars Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, Neville, Luke Harper, R-Truth, Stardust, Dolph Ziggler and Bad News Barrett will battle for in-ring supremacy beginning tonight at 8/7 C on Monday Night Raw with the semi-finals and finals taking place Tuesday, April 28 live on the award-winning WWE Network at 8/7 C."

IMPACT Preview: Hardcore Justice and An Exclusive Look at EC3's First C...

When Did WWE Make the Call to Bring Back the King of the Ring

Word is that the WWE made the decision to bring back the King of the Ring during the last week. The decision was greenlit, and as advertised last night, the finals of the tournament will be held on the WWE Network tomorrow night at 8PM ET. WWE has confirmed that the preliminary matches for the King of the Ring will take place on Raw.

Eric Bischoff Will Be Part Of Global Force Wrestling

During a Q&A session with Jeff Jarrett for Preston City Wrestling, Eric Bischoff revealed that he will be working with Global Force Wrestling. When Karen Jarrett asked if he would be involved, both Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett confirmed he would. They added that they are in the “early stages” of launching GFW. The first TV tapings will happen on July 24 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Opinionated View- I say this is a good move. Bischoff is very smart and knows the wreslting business also he doesn't seem to fit the mold of old bitter booker. Plus I was legit worried they would hire someone like Cornette.

WWE News: Daniel Bryan update

WWE has removed Daniel Bryan from the lineup for tonight's Raw and Tuesday's Smackdown taping. Bryan remains advertised for the weekend live events.

King of the Ring to Being on Raw Tonight

The WWE King of the Ring tournament will begin on tonight's Raw. According to a WWE Network press release. The finals of the tournament "will take place on the award winning network," reads the release. Read it in full at

Breaking News Billy Corgan Joins TNA Creative has a new article up today about Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan and that he has signed with TNA to be a part of their creative team. Corgan, a long-time wrestling fan dating back to the days of the original ECW, had been the head creative man for the Resistance Pro independent promotion out in Chicago up until 2014.

Corgan said the following to about the signing with TNA:
There is a tremendous opportunity to go into really fresh, new directions. There are ways to explore those themes in ways that are productive, create new stars and show that value-based 'babyfaces', no matter what their background, no matter where they come from, can draw new audiences and inspire people in new ways."
TNA President Dixie Carter on the signing:
"The company needs to have a greater depth to their existing characters. We want the stories to have a depth and a meaning to someone that is relevant today. Billy can really help that."
TNA has posted a video interview conducted by Josh Mathews with Corgan about the signing that you can view below.

TNA issued the following press release:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 27, 2015) --- TNA Entertainment today announced Billy Corgan, founder of the Smashing Pumpkins and creative icon, is joining TNA Wrestling as Senior Producer, Creative and Talent Development, effective immediately. In this position, Corgan will develop characters and create story lines for TNA's flagship program IMPACT WRESTLING, broadcast Friday nights at 9/8c on Destination America, as well as other TNA programming.

"I've known Billy for years and have always been blown away by his musical artistry, as well as his knowledge and understanding of professional wrestling," said TNA President Dixie Carter. "He has always impressed me with his creativity and passion for our business. Billy is truly gifted and understands the emotion tied to the psychology of connecting with an audience. The more we talked, the more I realized his perspective has the potential to make a huge impact on our brand."

"Saying I'm humbled and honored by this opportunity to be part of TNA, a world-class wrestling organization, is an understatement and a dream come true," said Corgan. "What's great is the entire TNA organization stands in full support of my music life with the Smashing Pumpkins. In return, I'm fully committed to using my 30 years of entertainment experience, along with my deep-rooted passion for pro wrestling, to take on the thrilling challenge of creatively contributing to IMPACT WRESTLING, finding and developing new talent, and working eye-to-eye with the best-of-the-best. For as cultures currently evolve at great speed, so must pro wrestling meet and supersede such expectations to thrive."

Corgan joins a gifted group of creative writers led by TNA Executive Vice President of Television and Talent John Gaburick. In addition to partnering with his creative colleagues in writing compelling and emotionally engaging story lines for TNA programming, Corgan will attend TNA television tapings where he will serve as a senior producer, working with TNA's roster of world-class athletes including veterans such as TNA World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Gail Kim, as well as a fresh crop of Superstars led by Ethan Carter III, Bram, Rockstar Spud and more.

"As an iconic songwriter and performance artist, Billy stands as a true powerhouse," said Gaburick. "I also find him to be an ardent historian of professional wrestling and a true visionary. We knew Billy would bring a great viewpoint when we offered, and he graciously accepted, to attend a recent creative summit. During those meetings, Billy's pioneering perspectives and collaborative approach made it quickly evident we needed to bring him on as a permanent member of our team."

TNA programming, which features unparalleled professional wrestling entertainment through its innovative high-flying X-Division, the best women's division on the planet in the TNA Knockouts, and incomparable Tag Team action, is seen by millions of viewers each week in more than 120 countries around the world.

Opinionated View- I'm sure a lot of people are going to write this as TNA just looking to bring in celebrity. Of course those people will ignore the fact Corgan has booked a pretty popular indy company. Listening to the interview he sounds very smart and a guy who is coming in into this company to make a difference not just some guy showing up for some pay check.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

King of the Ring Returns This Tuesday

WWE is advertising a live "King of the Ring" special this Tuesday night starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 CT) on the WWE Network. This was the original time slot that Main Event had on the network previously. No other details regarding wrestlers involved were announced.

I Quit Match Set for WWE Payback

John Cena defending the WWE United States Championship against Rusev in an "I Quit" match has been announced for the 5/17 WWE Payback PPV live in Baltimore.

This match was made official on Sunday night at the Extreme Rules PPV.

Opinionated View- AH DAMN IT! All three matches have sucked so far. And we know Cena isn't going to quit.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Report

Neville def. Bad News Barrett during the Kickoff show.
A video package runs focusing on the matches tonight including Roman Reigns vs. Big Show, John Cena vs. Rusev and Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton.
We go live to the Allstate Arena in Chicago where a huge display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show at ringside with JBL and Jerry "The King" Lawler.
Dean Ambrose is out first to kick off the PPV tonight.
Chicago Street Fight Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper
Ambrose attacks Harper during his entrance. Some quick brawling, Ambrose returns to the ring, hits the ropes and then takes out Harper with a suicide dive. Ambrose then sends Harper shoulder first into the steel steps at ringside. Ambrose goes under the ring and tosses two steel chairs inside. He also grabs a kendo stick, Harper rolls in, Ambrose follows and he cracks it over Harper a few times on the mat. Ambrose sits down in one of the chairs smiling at Harper. Harper with a suplex on Ambrose over the chair! Harper grabs the kendo stick and starts hitting Ambrose with it repeatedly as well. Harper props the chair in the opposite corner. Harper tosses Ambrose away, puts him on his shoulder and then tosses him face first into the chair in the corner. Harper with the kendo stick again on Ambrose. Harper tosses the chair from the corner down. Ambrose with a counter and scoop slams Harper over the chair. Ambrose with a tornado DDT on Harper in the corner. Ambrose dropkicks Harper against the ropes, Ambrose goes up top and catches Harper in mid air with a big elbow. Harper levels Ambrose with a big boot. Ambrose dumps Harper over the top rope, hits the ropes, Harper blocks a suicide dive, Ambrose flips around the ring apron and then comes back with a big clothesline. Ambrose grabs the kendo stick and starts beating it over Harper as they head to the back. Ambrose launches a production trunk at Harper and a huge piece of pipe. Harper gets inside a car backstage. Ambrose jumps in the front seat as Harper takes off. JBL asks if they have a helicopter to follow them around Chicago.
Cole talks about how the match is basically still going on based on the rules.
Backstage, we see Triple H and Kane walks in. Triple H wants Kane to find Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper before they do more damage on the streets of Chicago. Seth Rollins walks up and Triple H reminds Kane he has a job to do tonight. He asks that both Kane and Rollins be professional tonight. Rollins questions the actions of Kane on Smackdown. Triple H doesn't want to regret making Kane the gatekeeper tonight. A loud "BORING" chant starts up inside the arena. WWE production quickly turns down the crowd audience. Kane assures both Triple H and Rollins that he will do what is best for business tonight.
Kiss Me Arse Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus
Sheamus pie faces Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler responds with a big elbow. Brawling in the corner with Ziggler getting the better of Sheamus. Sheamus fires back with a chest chop. Ziggler with a dropkick and then tackles Sheamus through the ropes to the outside. Sheamus tosses Ziggler into the steel steps as the referee starts the count. Ziggler responds with a DDT on Sheamus to the floor. Ziggler tosses Sheamus back in. Sheamus catches Ziggler with two big knees to the head. Sheamus drops forearms over the chest of Ziggler. Sheamus applies a headlock to keep Ziggler grounded. Sheamus counters a Fameasser attempt into a quick sitdown powerbomb. Sheamus with repeated clotheslines and then goes back to the headlock. Ziggler with rights and a splash in the corner. Sheamus counters a neckbreaker attempt and levels Ziggler with another clothesline. Sheamus gets the Cloverleaf submission locked on. Ziggler breaks out and catches Sheamus with a superkick. Sheamus with an Irish Curse backbreaker to cut off a Ziggler comeback. Ziggler with a roll up for a two count. Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus attempts a suplex. Ziggler counters and rolls up Sheamus for the win.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
After the match, Sheamus is upset and starts arguing with the referee. Sheamus leaves the ring and starts arguing with the timekeeper. The referee yells at Sheamus that he wanted this match and now he has to kiss Ziggler on the arse. Sheamus tries to leave through the crowd and the referee pulls Sheamus back over. Sheamus gets back inside the ring. Ziggler starts pulling down his trunks and Sheamus tries to leave. The referee stops Sheamus. Sheamus yells, "Get it over with already!" Sheamus leans down and then backs off again. Ziggler lifts up his trunks and Sheamus backs out again. The crowd starts a "PUCKER UP" chant in Chicago. Ziggler laughs at Sheamus. Sheamus leans down again, gets on his knees and then low blows Ziggler. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on Ziggler. Sheamus laughs. He gets on the mic saying he promised the world he would kiss his arse and never wanted to disappoint. He lifts up his trunks and shoves Ziggler's face in his arse. Sheamus walks off laughing.
WWE Tag Team Championships Match
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c's) vs. The New Day
We start with Tyson Kidd and Kofi Kingston. Kidd wraps up the left arm of Kofi in the ropes and then follows with a quick arm drag. Big E and Cesaro get the tag. Cesaro catches Big E in mid air, slams him down and connects with a big stomp over the chest! Cesaro with stomps to Big E in the corner and tags in Kidd. Tag to Kofi who kicks Cesaro out. Tag to Big E who is dumped over the top rope by Kidd. Kidd with a flip dive to Kofi on the outside. Big E levels Kidd with a clothesline. Tags between Kofi and Big E working over Kidd in the corner. Big E tosses Kofi into Kidd who connects with a dropkick. Kofi applies a modified headlock on Kidd. Kidd flips out and eats a dropkick from Kofi. Big E has the tag, eats a shot and tags in Kofi while Cesaro gets the hot tag. Uppercuts from Cesaro on Kofi. Cesaro catapults Kofi. Kofi leaps off the top and Cesaro drops him with a backbreaker! Cesaro with another uppercut as Kidd gets the tag. Cesaro with a lifting suplex on Kofi from the ring apron and Kidd follows with a flying elbow for a two count. Tag to Big E who spears Kidd through the ropes from the ring apron to the floor! Big E with an overhead suplex on Cesaro on the floor on the outside. Cesaro breaks up a pinfall after a double team by New Day. Cesaro and Big E go over the top rope. Kidd blocks Trouble in Paradise. Kidd gets the Sharpshooter applied on Kofi. Kidd pulls Kofi back out. Big E with a release overhead suplex on Kidd. Kidd with a dropkick to Kofi. Tag to Cesaro. Cesaro with a shot to Big E. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing on Kofi and Kidd with a dropkick to the head of Kofi. Xavier Woods with a distraction and Natalya slaps him. Kidd is knocked off. Cesaro clotheslines Big E over the top rope. Kofi rolls up Cesaro for the win.
Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day
After the match, we see The New Day celebrating the big title win at ringside.
We go to the Extreme Rules panel with Byron Saxton, Booker T and Corey Graves. We see a recap from the Kickoff show of Neville defeating Bad News Barrett.
Backstage, Renee Young is with the new WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. Xavier Woods says the sun has risen and today is the dawn of their new day. Kofi gets a "NEW DAY...NEW CHAMPS" chant started up.
Chicago Street Fight Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (continued...)
The car Luke Harper was driving rolls up and Harper rolls out. We see Dean Ambrose standing at the top and jumping off taking out New Day. Harper runs away as Ambrose catches up with him. Harper is back inside the arena and looks behind him expecting Ambrose. Ambrose takes out Harper from the right and they brawl back to the ring. Harper catches Ambrose with a superkick, but Ambrose responds with a clothesline. The referee returns to the ring to continue this street fight match. Harper and Ambrose start tossing tons of steel chairs inside the ring. Harper with a sitdown powerbomb on Ambrose over a steel chair! Ambrose kicks out. Harper starts dropping chairs over Ambrose and then goes up to the top turnbuckle. Ambrose pops up and launches Harper off the top rope into the chairs. Ambrose with Dirty Deeds to get the win.
Winner: Dean Ambrose
A promo for WWE Payback on May 17th airs.
A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. Rusev tonight.
WWE United States Championship - Russian Chain Match
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev w/ Lana
The referee grabs the other end of the chain and attaches it to the wrist of Cena. You must touch all four corners in order to win the match.
The bell rings and we get a tug of war immediately between Cena and Rusev. Rusev lets go and splashes Cena in the corner. Rusev slaps the corner and gets a red light. Rusev taps a second and then Cena cuts him off to reset. Cena touches three corners and Rusev cuts him off to reset. Rusev slaps two corners and Cena cuts him off. Rusev tosses Cena over the top rope, Rusev goes out under the bottom rope and strings Cena up hanging against the ropes. Rusev with some big kicks to the body of Cena. Rusev with repeated headbutts. Rusev with a suplex on Cena back inside the ring. Rusev taps one corner, a second corner and Cena cuts him off using the chain to reset. Rusev with a forearm to the back of Cena's neck. Rusev tosses Cena out and Cena pulls Rusev shoulder first into the steel ring post. Cena pulls the chain again pulling Rusev into the corner. Cena gets back in the ring, taps two corners, drags Rusev, Cena reaches for a third corner and Rusev is holding on. Cena with a big stomp and the lights reset. Rusev with a flying heel kick catching Cena off the ropes. Rusev uses the chain to hit Cena in the mid section. Rusev touches three corners. Cena rolls out pulling the chain to prevent Rusev from touching the fourth corner. Cena rolls in and is pulling the chain. Rusev with a body kick to cut off Cena as the lights reset. Rusev goes up top and Cena pulls him off using the chain. Rusev lands right over the chain. Cena taps the first corner, taps the second and goes on the attack when Rusev goes after him. The lights reset as Rusev connects with a fallaway slam on Cena. Rusev with a big kick to the head. Lana gets up on the ring apron waving at the crowd that was chanting for her. Rusev gets upset and sends her to the back. Cena plants Rusev with a side powerbomb. Cena connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle and has Rusev up on his shoulders. Rusev counters and connects with a very slow Alabama Slam. Rusev drops a kick and attempts The Accolade. Cena counters and gets the STF locked on using the chain to his advantage. Cena breaks the hold, taps three corners, Rusev rolls out and pulls back on the chain. The lights reset, Rusev avoids an AA and Rusev levels Cena with a big kick. Rusev with a stomp over the lower back and gets The Accolade applied on Cena. Cena fights to his feet and drops Rusev in the corner with the submission still locked in. Cena backing Rusev into both corners gives Rusev credit for two corners. Rusev taps a third corner, Cena pulls Rusev back and connects with the AA. Rusev and Cena each tap a corner. Cena is up 2-1. Rusev ties it 2-2. Rusev and Cena are now tied 3-3. Cena with another AA. Cena taps the last corner.
Winner and still WWE United States Champion: John Cena
After the match, John Cena holds the WWE United States Championship over Rusev as the American flag falls over the ring. Cena tosses the title over his shoulder heading to the back.
Backstage, Renee Young is with Roman Reigns asking his strategy tonight with Big Show. Reigns said one thing he has proved is that you can't keep him down.
WWE Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella (c) w/ Brie Bella vs. Naomi
Lock up and Nikki with a knockdown quick on Naomi. Nikki attempts an armbar early and Naomi gets her foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Naomi with a snap suplex on Nikki. Naomi with a front headlock applied. Nikki with a roll up for two. Naomi drives the head of Nikki face first into the second turnbuckle. Nikki sends Naomi face first into the corner. Naomi catches Nikki with a big kick to the head. Naomi mounts Nikki and drops a few elbows. Naomi then tosses Nikki out. Brie checks on Nikki. Naomi kicks Brie away. Nikki kicks Naomi away, connects with clotheslines and then a dropkick. Nikki with a corner clothesline and Alabama Slam. Naomi with a neckbreaker on Nikki. Naomi misses her split leg moonsault in the corner over Nikki. Nikki with a facebuster off her knee. Naomi fights out of the Rack Attack and connects with a sitdown Full Nelson Slam for a two count. Nikki with an elbow and springboard kick to the face from the corner. Naomi holds the ropes as the referee pulls Nikki away. With the referee distracted, Brie kicks Naomi in the face at ringside. Nikki gets Naomi up and connects with the Rack Attack. Nikki gets the pinfall.
Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella
After the match, The Bella Twins celebrate the win. Naomi is not happy.
Backstage, we see Rusev yelling at Lana. He points and tells her to leave. Rusev walks off. Lana knocks on the door of The Authority and walks inside.
A video package runs hyping Big Show vs. Roman Reigns tonight.
Last Man Standing Match
Big Show vs. Roman Reigns
Big Show with body shots backing Reigns to the corner. Reigns fires back with shots of his own. Big Show with a shoulder tackle that levels Reigns. The referee starts the count and Reigns is back up a three. Reigns with rights and Big Show with another tackle. Reigns is back up at four. A loud "YOU SOLD OUT" chant at Big Show starts up. Reigns clotheslines Big Show over the top rope as the referee starts the count. Big Show is up at three. Reigns pulls a table from out under the ring and Big Show cuts him off with a boot to the mid section. Reigns is back up at three at ringside. Big Show puts the table back under the ring and yells, "No tables!" Big Show props Reigns on his shoulder, Reigns jumps off and sends Big Show head first into the steel ring post. Big Show stays on his feet leaning over the ring apron and Reigns with his jumping dropkick to the head. Big Show is up at five as Reigns grabs the table again and sets it up near the ring. Big Show launches Reigns back first into the ring barricade. Big Show drops his firsts over the table breaking it in half and screams again, "No tables!" Reigns with a kendo stick to the body of Big Show. Big Show fights it off and tosses Reigns into the ring post. Big Show tosses him back in the ring and has the kendo stick in hand. Big Show cracks it in half. Reigns with rights to fight back. Reigns jumps off the second rope and Big Show catches him with a shot to the throat. Reigns grabs a chair at ringside and cracks it over the back of Big Show a few times. Reigns with a DDT on Big Show over the chair. The referee starts the count. Reigns is up at five. Big Show is up at seven. Reigns grabs another table and slides it inside the ring. Reigns puts a second table inside the ring.
Big Show with his Knockout punch to Reigns. The referee starts the count. Reigns is barely up at eight. Reigns falls back down. Big Show sets up the table. Reigns with a samoan drop on Big Show through the table. Both are down as the count starts. Reigns is up at seven. Big Show rolls out and is up at eight. Reigns sets up the other table in the corner, Big Show charges in, Reigns avoids it, hits the ropes and Big Show levels Reigns with a huge spear! Count starts. Reigns barely up at eight. Big Show with a headbutt and Reigns is down again. Big Show with a splash over Reigns near the corner. Count starts up again. Reigns is up at eight. Big Show starts going up to the top turnbuckle and Reigns crotches him. Big Show lets out a loud groan. Reigns sets up two tables side by side near the ring. Reigns goes up top with Big Show. Big Show swats him away. Reigns is back up and lifts Big Show off the top turnbuckle to the mat below. Reigns connects with the Superman Punch. Reigns with a second Superman Punch. Reigns fires up and Big Show blocks a third. Big Show chokeslams Reigns over the top rope and Reigns crashes through the two tables at ringside! The referee starts the count as Big Show starts to celebrate. Reigns sits up at eight and is up at nine. Big Show can't believe it. Big Show grabs the steel steps and sets them up near the announce table. Big Show clears off the table and tells Cole, JBL and Lawler to leave right now. Reigns is rolling back in the ring. Big Show mocks Reigns in the corner. Big Show charges, Reigns moves and Big Show crashes through the table in the corner! Both men are down. Both are up at eight. Reigns with a spear. Big Show rolls out and Reigns follows.
Reigns with a running tackle knocking Big Show through the timekeepers barricade area. Big Show is up at nine. Big Show has Reigns on top of the announce table. Reigns fights away. Reigns with a spear on Big Show crashing through the Spanish announce table at ringside! Reigns is up. Big Show is up at eight. Reigns lifts the other announce table and drops it over Big Show. Big Show is pinned under it. The referee starts the count as Reigns stands nearby. Reigns stands on the table. The referee reaches 10.
Winner: Roman Reigns
After the match, we see a shot of Roman Reigns celebrating in the ring.
Backstage, we see Kane walking when Randy Orton walks up. Orton said they have known each other for more than a decade. He talks about Kane trading in his mask for a suit and he gets what The Authority is trying to do. "I know who you are, Kane. Even if you have forgotten," adds Orton. Kane stares him down.
Bo Dallas walks out talking about seeing a sign calling Chicago the Second City. He said Chicago was #1...#1 at not taking showers and #1 at disrespecting people. Dallas wants everyone to raise their hands to the sky and repeat after him, "All you have to boooo-lieve." Ryback's music cuts him off as he makes his entrance. Dallas attacks Ryback when he enters the ring. Ryback with a spinebuster on Dallas. Ryback levels Dallas with his clothesline, gets Dallas up and plants him with Shell Shocked. Ryback leads the crowd in Chicago with a "FEED ME MORE" chant to close the segment.
Backstage, Byron Saxton is with Rusev. Rusev said John Cena never beat him, that he's a liar and a coward. Lana walks up and she said it is done. She announces the final chapter of Cena vs. Rusev will take place at Payback in an "I Quit" match.
A video package runs hyping Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton tonight.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage Match
Randy Orton's RKO Banned
Special Gatekeeper: Kane
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton
Kane closes and locks the door at ringside.
We get ring introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and the champion Seth Rollins.
The bell rings and Rollins immediately tries climbing out. Orton cuts him off pulling him down. Rollins with some rights. Orton with an exploding clothesline from the corner. Orton tosses Rollins into the cage. Rollins hangs on and Orton pulls him off by his foot planting him in the middle of the ring. Orton with headbutts to Rollins. Orton flips Rollins with force into the corner and then follows that up with a quick uppercut. Orton catapults Rollins to the corner. Rollins again hangs on and tries to climb until Orton cuts him off. Rollins drops down and powerbombs Orton into the opposite corner. Rollins has Kane open the door and Orton cuts him off. Rollins counters sending Orton face first into the side of the cage. Rollins chokes Orton in the corner with his boot. Rollins again drives Orton face first off the side of the steel cage. Rollins yells at Orton, "This is what you wanted huh?" Rollins is climbing up the cage as Orton recovers, grabs Rollins and connects with a headbutt. Rollins with a jumping modified neckbreaker takedown on Orton. Orton side steps Rollins and bounces him face first off the side of the cage. Orton and Rollins exchange rights. Orton gets the better of Rollins. Orton with repeated clotheslines. Rollins avoids a powerslam and starts climbing up the cage. Rollins is near the top as Orton cuts him off. Rollins bounces Orton's head off the cage. Orton falls back. Rollins jumps off the top rope and catches Orton with a big knee to the head. Rollins climbs back up and is at the top. Orton jumps up with Rollins. Orton pulls Rollins back down to the top rope. Rollins with an elbow knocking Orton back. Rollins jumps and Orton plants him with a snap powerslam. Rollins counters a DDT through the ropes into a close nearfall.
Rollins with a superkick on Orton. Rollins is back up at the top and is over when Orton hangs on to him by his hair! J&J Security show up trying to pull Rollins down. Orton kicks them away as Orton brings Rollins back in connecting with a huge superplex from the top of the cage! We hear Jamie Noble say, "It's time!" Kane then tells both Noble and Mercury to get away. We see Mercury and Noble climbing up. Both are knocked down when Orton tosses Rollins into the side of the cage. Orton with a huge overhead suplex on Rollins. Rollins counters the DDT through the ropes again and launches Orton into the side of the cage. Rollins climbs back up and Orton crotches him on the top rope. Orton grabs Rollins and is finally able to execute the DDT over the top rope. Orton kicks the gut of Rollins, hooks the arms and connects with a Pedigree! Rollins kicks out! Orton backs up in the corner and misses a punt attempt. Rollins catches Orton with a jumping kick to the head. Rollins yells at Kane to unlock the door. Kane opens it. Rollins is crawling out when Orton cuts him off. Orton drops Rollins over his back. The door remains open as Orton walks over. Kane shuts the door. Rollins with a jumping kick. Orton moves and Kane goes flying back. Rollins pushes the door open as Orton hangs on to him. Kane slams the door over the heads of both Rollins and Orton. Kane opens the door and gets inside. J&J Security follow Kane inside. Kane with a double chokeslam on Mercury and Noble. Kane stands over Rollins extending his arm. Kane grabs Orton instead and drops him with a chokeslam. Rollins starts to crawl out when Kane grabs him and gives Rollins a chokeslam. Both Orton and Rollins are down.
Kane puts the arm of Rollins over Orton, the referee makes the count and Orton kicks out! Orton with an RKO to Kane. Rollins with an RKO to Orton. Rollins crawls out and wins.
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins
After the match, Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler argue about the RKO being banned. JBL brings up that the move was only banned for Orton, not Rollins. The PPV goes off the air with Rollins celebrating at ringside with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.