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WWE Main Event Taping Results

* Bo Dallas defeated Zack Ryder
* Fandango defeated Heath Slater
* Luke Harper defeated Jack Swagger


Update on Jeff Jarrett Interview

The interview conducted by Tenay with Jarrett is scheduled to be posted by Jarrett tonight on the Global Force Wrestling YouTube channel per a report by Dave Meltzer. Jarrett has not officially confirmed this as of this update.

Opinionated View- Or it could be both channels will upload the vide. Or it will be uploaded on the Global Force channel but air on Impact.


Jeff Jarrett Taping Segment For Impact Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett posted the following on Twitter:
"Tonight I sit down with @RealMikeTenay and discuss the future of @GFWWrestling working with @IMPACTWRESTLING on @DestAmerica!"
It is believed that this will be a segment taped for future airing on the Impact Wrestling TV show.


TNA Slammiversary Review, Other News From TNA, and Jarret is Back

6/29 WWE Raw Report

Seth Rollins comes out and brags about conquering Brock Lesnar, and he says he went to Suplex City and burned it to the ground. Rollins says Brock is going to Japan right now and he hopes he feels pain the whole flight, then he rewards the rest of the Authority with iWatches. They all gloat about beating up Brock before Rollins puts Kane over and says he’s the glue that holds them together, and gives him a Hawaiian vacation. A group of hula dancers and musicians walk out and Rollins says Kane will leave in style after he and Kane beat Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns once more. He also gives J&J a brand new Cadillac CTS, then they all go celebrate around the car as the next match’s entrances start.
Mark Henry vs Big Show 
Henry knocks Show down and headbutts him, but Show fights back and hits a knockout punch for the win.
Winner – Big Show
Ryback runs out and fights with Show, getting hit a few times before Ryback chop blocks Show. Miz runs in from commentary and tackles Ryback and runs away, then gloats on stage. Ryback gets up and says he’s supposed to fight Miz later, but he wants that fight right now!

Ryback vs The Miz 
Miz tries running but Ryback chases him down and slams him into the turnbuckles, then he hits a looooong delayed suplex for two. Miz takes a few shots at him before hitting a neckbreaker for two, then Ryback fights back and calls for a Meathook and Shell Shocked. Miz sneaks away and rolls outside, then runs away and gets counted out.

Winner (via countout) – Ryback
Paige vs Alicia Fox (w/ The Bellas)
Alicia slaps Paige and elbows her a few times, then she attacks her in the corner before Paige makes a comeback. Paige clotheslines and elbows her a few times, then she gets a rollup after The Bellas try to interfere and gets the win.
Winner – Paige

United States Open Challenge
Cesaro vs John Cena (c)
Kevin Owens comes out and Lillian does the ring introductions, but Owens says nah, he’s waiting for Battleground. Cesaro instead answers the challenge, and they trade a few holds before Cena connects with a dropkick. Cesaro stomps him and throws a few forearm shots, then he goes for a Giant Swing but Cena counters with a stunner for two. Cena calls for an Attitude Adjustment but Cesaro counters with a huge pop up uppercut, then Cena goes for a STF but Cesaro counters into a Sharpshooter. Cena makes it to the ropes to break, then Cesaro suplexes him in from the apron before Cena counters a crossbody off the ropes.
Cena hits an AA for two, then Kevin Owens yells at Michael Cole at commentary as Cena heads up top. Cesaro uses the distraction to dropkick Cena to the floor, then he rushes across the floor and tackles Cena into the barricade. Cesaro rolls him in and puts him over his shoulders, but Cena counters with a sunset flip bomb for two. Cesaro fights back and hits a Neutralizer, then he repeatedly uppercuts Cena and gets him in the Cesaro Swing. He goes for a Sharpshooter and locks it in, but Owens runs in and hits Cesaro with a pop up powerbomb, then hits Cena with one too.
Winner (via disqualification) – Cesaro
Owens says he told Cena if anyone took his title, it’d be him, and it WILL be him at Battleground.
Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Playersvs Bo Dallas & The New Day
Woods works over Cara before Bo tags in, and Cara applies a wristlock before Young hits a legdrop for two. Young continues to keep Bo down and kicks him, then we see a scuffle on the floor as we go to a break. We get back to see Kofi working Young over in the corner, then he dropkicks Young before Young makes a comeback. Titus tags in and slams Kofi in the corner, then he clotheslines him and hits a shoulder tackle. New Day runs in but the Dragons help clear the ring, then Titus does the ‘Lucha, Lucha’ dance and assists with a whip and the Dragons splash everyone on the floor. Kofi jumps back in, but Titus catches him with a sit out powerbomb for the win.
Winners – Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Players
Dolph Ziggler and Lana come to the ring and talk about how they started off on the wrong foot, but now they like each other. They say the situation has changed and they share passion, then Rusev walks out… with Summer Rae! Rusev rips on Lana and says she means nothing, but Dolph calls him a scumbag and says he should stop talking about his girlfriend. Dolph says Rusev blew it and should walk away, then they get in each other’s faces before Rusev backs down. Summer says she needs to say something, and she says Lana’s a gold digger who jumped ship when he got injured. She says he cared about Lana and she should tell everyone how she’s actually a two-faced phony. Summer slaps Lana, then Lana tackles her and they get into a catfight before Dolph breaks it up and Summer runs for it.

Dean Ambrose talks to a Terminator robot before Roman Reigns walks in, and asks if Ambrose is ready. Ambrose says he’s fine and he wants Reigns ready and upset, and he psyches him up and Reigns calls The Authority idiots. Reigns says he doesn’t like anyone… except for Ambrose, actually, and they will tear it down tonight.

Neville vs Sheamus 
Sheamus clubs Neville a few times after Neville tries to mount some offense, then he hits three Irish Curse backbreakers. Sheamus hits him and calls for a backdrop, but Neville floats over and elbows him in the head. Neville kicks him a few times and knocks him down, then he sets up Red Arrow but Sheamus kicks the ropes. Neville hits the mat and Sheamus taunts the crowd, then he goes for a Brogue but Neville ducks and gets a near fall roll up. Sheamus pops up and knocks him down, then hits a Brogue for the win.
Winner – Sheamus
Jack Swagger vs Bad News Barrett
Swagger kicks Wade a few times and tries to apply a Patriot Lock, but Wade gets outside. Swagger sends him into the barricade and rolls him in, but Wade catches him with a strike, and hits a Bullhammer for the win.
Winner – Bad News Barrett

Seth Rollins & Kane (w/ J&J Security)vs Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns 

Ambrose and Reigns hit Kane and suplex him, then Ambrose stomps Rollins on the floor and whips him into the barricade. Ambrose gets a table and J&J take it away, then Reigns tees off on Rollins and Kane with a kendo stick. The lights go out and Bray Wyatt shows up, pummeling Reigns at ringside before slamming him on the commentary table. Ambrose tries to gain the upper hand and goes for Dirty Deeds, but Kane chokeslams him and Rollins hits a Pedigree for the win.
Winners – Seth Rollins & Kane
J&J bring the table in the ring and set it up in the corner, but Reigns runs in and attacks them. Kane ends up chokeslamming him, then he fights back again, but is once again beaten down. Rollins calls for them to pick Reigns up, and they triple powerbomb him through the table and taunt everyone. Rollins isn’t done, and hits another Pedigree before leaving with everyone. Bray walks back to the ring, and hits Sister Abigail and taunts the crowd.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Update on TNA and Global Force, Stars Not Leaving?

F4Wonline.com reports that some of the TNA talents being released are actually being “transferred” as part of a TNA – GFW invasion angle. It’s expected that any TNA talent who is now in Global Force Wrestling, James Storm in particular, will be back on TNA TV in the near future.
Also arlier via GFW press release that former TNA star Magnus (Nick Aldis) has signed with GFW. The press release specifically said he ...was signed but F4Wonline.com notes that Magnus has not signed a contract. As noted, he will debut at the GFW events from July 9th through July 11th and then be back for the July 24th TV tapings.

Opinionated View- Well this should be really interesting and if it means we get to keep seeing guys like Magnus and Storm than I'm happy.


Tag Match Set For ROH Field of Honor

The Briscoes are set to take on the Time Splitters at Field of Honor in August. The promotion announced that Jay and Mark Briscoe will face Alex Shelly and KUSHIDA at the event, which is the inaugural Field of Honor and takes place on Augst 22nd in Brooklyn, New York.
Also set to appear are Jay Lethal, Truth Martini, The Addiction, Shinsuke Nakamure, Kazuchika Okada, Roderick Strong, reDragon, War Machine, Michael Elgin, ACH, Adam Cole, The Kingdom, Roppongi Vice, the Young Bucks, Matt Sydal, Moose, Donovan Dijan, Cedric Alexander, Adam Page, Dalton Castle and Silas Young

Opinoinated View- What a waste you bring this time over from Japan just to have the work with an awful team. Rest of the show doesn't look any better the awful Nakamure the boring Okada, War Machine sucks big time and so does Castle.


Updated Cards For Upcoming ROH Events

Here is the updated card for the July 17th ROH event in Hopkins, Minnesota…
* Jay Briscoe & ODB vs. ROH & TV champion Jay Lethal & Truth Martini
* AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong vs. Kyle O’Reilly
* Adam Cole vs. Bobby Fish

– Here is the updated card for the July 24th ROH Death Before Dishonor iPPV event…
* ROH champion Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong
* ROH Tag Team champions The Addiction vs. War Machine vs. ReDragon vs. The Kingdom
* Cedric Alexander vs. Moose
* ACH vs. Adam Page

Opinionated View- Awful main events. I thought Briscoe losing the belt meant his main event run was over. Adding OBD and Martini doesn't help anything. The IPPV main event isn't any better Lethal may have the belt but it doesn't change the fact he's done nothing of value since turning heel. And Strong is super boring always has been always will be.


Offical Annoucment on Nick "Magnus" Aldis Working For Global Force

Global Force Wrestling issued the following:
Nick Aldis joins Global Force Wrestling
Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and UK superstar, Nick Aldis, formerly known as Magnus at TNA Wrestling, has signed on with Global Force Wrestling and will be part of their next GFW Grand Slam Tour live events on July 9 in Wisconsin, July 10 in Pennsylvania, and July 11 in Ohio. He will also be headlining the first ever world television taping on July 24th, in Las Vegas.
"I'm ready to explore opportunities as a free agent that haven't been open to me before. Jeff Jarrett has been instrumental in my career development and I have always respected him as a performer and promoter. As soon as I heard about GFW I knew that one way or another I would play a part. I'm very excited about that.," said Aldis.
GFW Founder and CEO could not be happier that Magnus has decided to join the force. "Nick is one of the brightest stars in professional wrestling today and I could not be more excited to have him front and center promoting GFW. His star power in the UK will help give Global Force Wrestling the brand exposure we are looking for."
Aldis also appeared on the United Kingdom revival of Gladiators, where he was known by the name Oblivion.
"Aldis star power transcends pro wrestling and he is someone that we have had our eye on for months," said Karen Jarrett Co Founder of Global Force Wrestling.


Update on TNA and Destination America

According to Pwinsider.com, here is the latest on TNA’s status with Destination America. At this time, the promotion is moving forward as if they will be on the network after the September. It had been reported (through an internal memo that circulated a month or so back) that Destination America could opt out of airing Impact in September, and that they would due to advertising issues with the show.
Destination America executives were at TNA’s tapings last week and were involved in the process of producing the TV. TNA executives will be meeting in New York this week to discuss future plans for the promotion. The company is operating under the philosophy that they have not been told they are canceled, and that things are business as usual.
The feeling is that while Destination America was looking to opt out of the deal in September, they may continue to air the show through December. ROH’s deal runs through December, so Destination America may give the new block of wrestling time to grow an audience.


Early WWE Raw Preview

WWE Monday Night RAW is live tonight from Washington, DC. The only thing advertised for tonight is WWE World Champion Seth Rollins & Kane vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns


Alex Shelley Returning to ROH

New Japan star Alex Shelley posted the following on Twitter today, announcing that he will be returning to ROH for their 8/22 "Field by Honor" event at MCU Field in Brooklyn, New York during Summerslam weekend:
"So. Coming back to @ringofhonor. Representing @njpw1972. NYC. Far out."

Austin Aries Signs With Talent Firm

Los Angeles-based talent firm, Regime 72, sent out the following:
Monday, June 29, 2015
The Regime, a Los Angeles-based talent management firm representing Grammy Award winning musicians, athletes and respected artists across all fields of entertainment, is happy to announce a partnership with our latest client, the multi- talented Austin Aries.
With the recent expiration of his TNA Entertainment contract, we consider Austin Aries to be among the hottest free agents in professional wrestling. We are very excited for the many opportunities that lie ahead for a man that is universally considered to be one of professional wrestling's greatest entertainers.
For all inquires regarding Austin Aries, including booking, publicity and more, please contact Josh Eldridge at Josh@regimeinc.com.
Josh Eldridge
The Regime, Inc.
Josh (at) RegimeInc (dot) com

TNA Slammiversary Review, Other News From TNA, and Jarret is Back

Jeff Jarrett After #Slammiversary - What's Next For The KOTM Championshi...

Opinionated View- I have no idea where this is going and I can't wait to go on the trip.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

TNA Slammiversary 2015 Report

We see a shot of the King of the Mountain competitors arriving at the Impact Zone in Orlando at Universal Studios including Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Eric Young and Bobby Roode. That headlines tonight for the new King of the Mountain Championship.
A video package runs focusing on the last 13 years of TNA.
We go to Josh Mathews, Mike Tenay and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero on commentary.
DJ Z is out first to kick off the show.
TNA X Division Championship - Triple Threat Elimination Match
Tigre Uno (c) vs. DJ Z vs. Manik
Manik goes after DJ Z and Tigre Uno early in the corners. DJ Z with a dropkick to Manik and Manik eats two more from Uno. DJ Z with a huricanrana on Manik. Uno drops DJ Z with a quick dropkick sending DJ Z to the outside. Manik trips up Uno. DJ Z gets dropped off the ring apron by Manik. Uno with a big corkscrew dive over the top rope taking out DJ Z and Manik. Manik tosses Uno off the top rope and tosses DJ Z out. Manik with a quick dropkick taking out DJ Z at ringside. Manik with a dropping knee to the face of DJ Z. Manik with a suplex and back suplex combo on Uno. DJ Z with a push off dropkick that drops Manik. Springboard back elbow by DJ Z on Manik. DJ Z with a dropkick on Manik and arm drag on Uno launching off the ropes. DJ Z with a running knees to Manik after Manik dropped boots off the chin of Uno. DJ Z with a flip dive over the top rope taking out Uno as Manik moves (yet still takes a bump). Tower of Doom in the corner. Manik with a close pinfall on DJ Z. DJ Z with a top rope huricanrana on Uno for another two count. Uno dumps DJ Z in the corner and follows with a running dropkick. Uno off the top rope with a corkscrew moonsault. Uno gets the pinfall on DJ Z. DJ Z is now eliminated from the match.
DJ Z is eliminated.
We are now down to Tigre Uno and Manik. Uno misses a leg drop over Manik. Manik goes up top and eats knees from Uno while attempt a frog splash. Manik drops the chest of Uno over his knees. Manik is back up top and this time connects with the frog splash. Uno kicks out. Uno with a german suplex on Manik into the corner turnbuckle. Uno with a corkscrew leg drop over the chest of Manik. Uno gets the pinfall to retain his title.
Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Tigre Uno
Backstage, Jeremy Borash thanks the fans and business partners of TNA for the incredible ride. He talks about attending every PPV and every Impact. Borash introduces Robbie E talking about his match tonight with Jessie Godderz. He said the Robbie E of old is gone and says Jessie will remain his "bitch" after tonight.
A video package runs hyping Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz tonight.
Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz
Godderz is now going by "The Man" wearing a robe to the ring. "Robbie E wants to call me a bitch? Look at me. Look at me (laughs). No seriously...guys...guys...look at me." Crowd not enjoying this. Godderz talks about getting stuck with Robbie and how sitting behind a keyboard drinking coffee doesn't allow you to look like him. Robbie E's music cuts him off.
Robbie and Jessie start brawling on the ramp. Robbie tosses Jessie in as the bell officially rings. Robbie tosses Jessie to the other corner and hits some big stomps. Robbie drops a quick leg over the back of Jessie's neck. Robbie tosses Jessie out and then jumps over the top rope taking him out. Jessie sends Robbie into the steel ring steps and then follows that up with a big powerslam over the floor. Jessie with big kicks to Robbie and then drops forearms across the chest to follow it up. Robbie counters a powerbomb attempt. Jessie with a big standing dropkick on Robbie. Jessie with a quick backbreaker. Robbie dumps Jessie to the outside. Jessie eats a big boot when he rolls back in followed by a powerful cross body by Robbie over Jessie from the corner. Right hand exchanges. Robbie gets the better of Jessie including a big DDT. Jessie lifts up and powerbombs Robbie to the corner. Double clothesline and both men are down. Jessie drops a sledgehammer over the back of Robbie. A loud "JESSIE SUCKS" chant starts up. Jessie with a huge powerbomb on Robbie. Robbie gets a shoulder up after two. Jessie gets the Boston Crab applied. Robbie gets to the ropes. Robbie with a quick reverse DDT on Jessie and gets the pinfall.
Winner: Robbie E
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Matt Hardy. Hardy said he might be known as one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, but tonight is another opportunity to do that in a singles capacity. He plans to add a new nickname to his collection: King of the Mountain.
Before the match, Matt Morgan grabs a mic and said it feels good being back home. Morgan said he doesn't want to just wrestle tonight: he wants to fight. He challenges Bram to a match with street fight rules. Bram accepts as he gets in Morgan's face.
Street Fight Match
Bram vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan with right hands and headbutts early. Bram fires back kick and then eats a series of clotheslines from Morgan. Morgan drops Bram face first off the corner. Morgan drops his weight over the back of Bram against the ropes and rolls over to the outside. Morgan flips off Bram and drops a leg over his neck/chest over the ring apron. Morgan with a big boot to Bram on the outside. Bram goes under the ring and has a piece of the turnbuckle. Morgan pulls him out and Bram hits Morgan with the turnbuckle to the body then to the head. Bram goes under the ring and tosses weapsons inside including a trash can. Bram with rights and then cracks a trash can over the head of Morgan. Bram with a shot to the head of Morgan using the trash can lid. Bram starts choking Morgan with a steel chair. Back in the ring, Morgan with a big boot and clotheslines on Bram. Morgan splashes Bram in the corner and follows with a big side slam. Bram grabs a trash can and Morgan with the Carbon Footprint to the face into the trash can. Bram rolls out quickly. Bram takes a lot of time searching for a weapon under the ring. He ends up going for another steel chair and then cuts off a comeback by Morgan inside the ring. Morgan with a chokeslam on Bram over a steel chair. Morgan hooks the leg and Bram somehow kicks out. Bram with a low blow and then gives Morgan a big DDT over the steel chair. Bram hooks the leg for the win.
Winner: Bram
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 said he looks and feels like a champion and says he will beat Kurt Angle this Wednesday to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus says he will take care of Lashley and Anderson tonight.
Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards
The crowd in Orlando starts a loud "ARIES" chant. Austin Aries quickly bails and takes his time on the outside. Aries with a quick takedown working over the left ankle of Davey Richards. Aries with a slap and then bails to the corner getting the referee involved. Richards with a big slap to the back of Aries. Series of counters. Aries avoids a big kick and bails to the outside again. Aries drops Richards with a big right hand. Aries drives knees into the gut of Richards. Richards with a clothesline and Aries bails again. Richards levels Aries with a huge dropkick in a motion of flipping back and landing on his feet. Aries quickly avoids a suicide dive attempt by Richards. Richards chases down Aries and sends him back first into the steel ring steps at ringside. Richards with 10 big lefts to Aries against the ring barricade and tosses Aries back inside the ring. Aries gets Richards out and then comes off the top turnbuckle with a big sledgehammer shot. Aries returns the favor to Richards with left hands on the outside as well. Back inside the ring, Aries with a slingshot dive and follows with a quick elbow. Aries with an elbow off the second rope to the back of Richards. Aries with a headlock keeping Richards grounded. Aries with body kicks. Richards responds with body kicks of his own. Richards sends Aries out and quickly comes back with a suicide dive. Back inside the ring, Richards with a huge missile dropkick off the top turnbuckle. Richards with a springboard kick to the head of Aries. Richards with a kick to the head and german suplex combo for a close two count on Aries. Aries with a suicide dive on Richards. Aries with a top turnbuckle dropkick sending Richards flying back to the corner. Richards gets a boot up when Aries jumps in towards the corner. Aries dumps Richards over his top rope and applies his Last Chancery submission. Richards gets his boot on the bottom rope to break it up. Aries and Richards exchange power shots. Richards with a brainbuster for a close two count. Aries and Richards exchange more power shots. Richards catches Aries with a big kick to the chest in mid air. Richards with a full speed big boot and tosses Aries back. Richards goes up top and double stomps over Aries. Aries kicks out. Bobby Roode runs down and jumps up on the ring apron. Eddie Edwards walks out and pulls him down off the ring apron. Inside the ring, Aries rolls up Richards and gets the pinfall. Aries starts celebrating right away.
Winner: Austin Aries
After the match, Austin Aries gets on the mic. "I love it when a plan comes together." He jokes that they will pick a Bra and Panties match for the final match in the best of five series. Aries announces a 30 minute iron man match for this Wednesday night.
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Eric Young. Young said he is ready to be the new King of the Mountain tonight. He said he is one step better and talks about holding all of the championships here in TNA Wrestling.
A video package runs hyping The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong and Brooke tonight.
Awesome Kong & Brooke vs. The Dollhouse
Before the match, Taryn Terrell talks about being the longest reigning TNA Knockouts Champion in company history and how it is play time.
The bell rings and here we go. Taryn Terrell goes on the attack early on both Kong and Brooke. Kong handles all three members of the Dollhouse and then sends Brooke splashing into them in the corner. Kong splashes Marti Bell and Jade in the corner. Brooke heads to the corner as Kong remains in the ring. Jade is in for the Dollhouse. Kong launches Jade across the ring to the corner. Kong with a big chop to Jade with some elbows. Jade with body kicks and Kong trips her up. Jade with big kicks to the chest of Kong. Kong levels Jade with a huge clothesline. Kong with a big splash over Jade and Bell runs in. Kong moves and then splashes over both Jade and Bell. Brooke is in with a top rope huricanrana. Bell is in working over Brooke in the corner. Bell with a flip takedown on Brooke and tags in Jade. Jade with a vertical suplex on Brooke. Brooke with rights to Jade. Brooke with a tag to Kong and the referee doesn't see it. The Dollhouse triple team Brooke. Brooke with a big tackle on Bell (who is now in the ring with the tag). Hot tag to Kong. Kong levels Jade with clotheslines and jabs. Kong with a flying cross body on Jade. Kong levels Jade and Bell. Brooke off the top with a shot on Jade and Bell. Terrell gets knocked off the ring apron by Bell courtesy of Kong. Brooke with a top rope facebuster on Jade and gets the pinfall.
Winners: Awesome Kong & Brooke
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Magnus. Magnus talks about TNA being his home for the last six years. He talked about Storm going after his wife and son.
A video package runs hyping James Storm vs. Magnus tonight.
James Storm vs. Magnus
A brawl between Storm and Magnus breaks out right away at ringside. Magnus with some quick right hands to the head of Storm. Magnus sends Storm through the ring barricade into the crowd. Storm with a back body drop on Magnus sending Magnus over a table filled with food. Storm then sends Magnus back first into the ring barricade. Storm grabs a bottle under the ring and Josh Mathews is saying he is going too far. Storm spits in the direction of Mathews near the announce table. Back in the ring, Magnus grabs a table and sets it up inside the ring. Magnus catapults Storm face first into the table. Storm rolls out and Magnus goes on the attack again. Storm grabs something in the crowd and hits Magnus with it. They brawl near an area where TNA officials say it is "high voltage." Magnus with a big boot to a production box and it starts to make the production screens flicker. The lights return as they brawl back to the ringside area. Back inside the ring, Storm attempts the Eye of the Storm. Magnus drops down and powerbombs Storm through the table! Storm recovers, rolls out and starts setting up another table at ringside. Storm gets Magnus over the table. Magnus fires back with right hands and sends Storm into the steel ring post. Magnus puts Storm over the table, goes up to the top rope, jumps (from a good distance), Storm moves and Magnus goes crashing through the table at ringside! Storm rolls Magnus in and gets a close two count as Magnus barely gets a shoulder up. Storm tries to powder the face of Magnus, but Magnus counters and referee Earl Hebner takes the powder to the face inside. Storm with his Last Call superkick. Storm hooks the leg and Magnus kicks out. Storm has his cow bell and Magnus counters planting Storm. Storm with a second and third Last Call. Magnus somehow finds a way to kick out. Storm can't believe it. Storm tosses a series of steel chairs inside the ring. Storm sets up two steel chairs and puts a ring barricade over them. Storm with a kick that drops Magnus. Storm goes up to the top and Magnus cuts him off. Magnus hooks the arm of Storm and gives Storm a superplex over the ring barricade! Both men grab bottles. They crack the bottles over each other. Storm somehow falls over the top of Magnus on the way down. Storm gets the pinfall.
Winner: James Storm
After the match, we see various highlights. Back live, both James Storm and Magnus give one final salute to the Impact Zone.
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Drew Galloway. Galloway talked about tonight being the biggest match of his career and his first PPV main event. He said tonight he will become the King of the Mountain and take advantage of his opportunity.
Back inside the Impact Zone, we are having some audio issues with the commentary. They take a break for a few minutes trying to fix the audio issues.
EC3 & Tyrus vs. Bobby Lashley & Mr. Anderson
During his entrance, EC3 walked up to a fan front row with a replica TNA World Heavyweight Championship and put it over his shoulder saying it just felt right.
Commentary audio appears to be coming back.
We start with EC3 and Mr. Anderson. Anderson with a quick arm drag. Lashley gets the tag and gets a quick takedown on EC3. Tag back to Anderson who eats elbows from EC3. Anderson with an arm drag takedown and tags in Lashley. Lashley with elbows to EC3. Lashley with a splash in the corner to EC3. EC3 counters a suplex attempt and gets in a big chop to Lashley. EC3 with another chop to Lashley. Lashley fires back with a snap suplex. Tyrus drops Lashley in the corner with the referee distracted. Tag to Tyrus. Tyrus drops an elbow over Lashley and goes to work on his neck. Tyrus with a splash on Lashley in the corner and tag back to EC3. Tag to Anderson. Anderson drops EC3 with a neckbreaker. Anderson with his rolling senton splash and Tyrus is in. Anderson has Tyrus up and EC3 trips up Anderson. Tyrus knocks Lashley off the ring apron. Tag to EC3 who keeps Anderson grounded with a front face lock. Tag to Lashley who drops EC3 with clotheslines. Lashley with two big belly-to-belly suplexes on EC3. Lashley with a big powerslam on EC3. EC3 with a cutter on Lashley off his shoulders. Lashley plants EC3 with a big spinebuster and Tyrus is in to break up the pinfall. Anderson with a big right hand to Tyrus. Anderson and Lashley take turns with right hands on Tyrus. Lashley with a shot to EC3. Anderson and Lashley take Tyrus off his feet with flying shoulder tackles. Tyrus with a double suplex on Anderson and Lashley. Tyrus dumps Anderson out. Lashely with a spear on Tyrus. EC3 with a boot to the head of Lashely. EC3 connects with his front facebuster and gets the pinfall.
Winners: EC3 & Tyrus
After the match, EC3 grabs the replica TNA World Heavyweight Championship at ringside being held by a fan and holds it up inside the ring. EC3 faces Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship this Wednesday night on Impact Wrestling.
At ringside, Josh Mathews, Mike Tenay and The Pope discuss the King of the Mountain match tonight and the introduction of the King of the Mountain Championship.
Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said for four days everyone has been buzzing and it is all about this moment right here. He said he is about to take one last walk down the TNA aisle and added if he is able to step up the ladder and hang that title, things could be headed to a new "global" level.
King of the Mountain Match (King of the Mountain Championship)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Drew Galloway
Karen Jarrett is at ringside in the corner of Jeff Jarrett tonight.
Drew Galloway clotheslines Eric Young over the top rope early. Matt Hardy and Bobby Roode are brawling at ringside. Jeff Jarrett is being left alone inside the ring. Galloway with a big boot to Young. Jarrett with right hands Roode in the corner. Jarrett with a high back body drop on Roode. Jarrett with right hands to Young and a high back body drop on him. Jarrett trips up Young into the ropes and drops his body off the back of Young. Jarrett does the strut inside the ring and Roode with a roll up.
Bobby Roode is now eligible. Jarrett has to head to a penalty box.
Hardy cuts off Roode setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Hardy launches Roode back first into the ladder in the corner. Hardy with the Side Effect on Roode and gets a close two count. Roode with a spinebuster on Galloway. Roode and Hardy connect with a double clothesline. Time expires and Jarrett is back in the match. Young cuts him off and sends Jarrett face first into the penalty box. Young follows that with a DDT on Jarrett on the floor. Young hooks the leg of Jarrett and gets the pinfall.
Eric Young is now eligible. Jarrett heads back to the penalty box.
Hardy has a ladder and cuts off Young inside the ring. Galloway with a DDT on Hardy over the ladder. Roode cuts off a pinfall by Galloway over Hardy. Roode with stomps to Galloway in the corner. Roode drops Hardy in a front facing suplex. Young sends Galloway into the corner where a ladder was setup. Roode does the same to Young right into the ladder. Time expires and Jarrett exits the penalty box for a second time.Jarrett is lighting everyone up with big right hands when he returns to the ring. Young with a low blow kick to Jarrett and tosses him out of the ring. Hardy with the Twist of Fate on Roode. Hardy gets the pinfall on Roode. Galloway rolls up Young and gets the pinfall as well.
Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway are both eligible. Young and Roode are in the penalty box.
The ladder is setup and both Hardy and Galloway are up top. Jarrett pushes the ladder over. Jarrett with The Storke on Galloway and Hardy breaks up the pinfall. Jarrett with kicks to Hardy in the corner. Hardy with a big boot to Jarrett. Jarrett with The Stroke on Hardy, hooks the leg and Galloway breaks up that pinfall. Time expires and both Young and Roode exit the penalty box. They are working together now. Roode plants Jarrett with a scoop slam and Young comes off the top rope with a flying elbow. Young turns on Roode attempting a piledriver. Roode counters and sends Young over the top rope. Hardy catches Galloway with an elbow in the corner. Tower of Doom in the corner with Jarrett bringing Galloway and Hardy down. Roode and Young jump in to cover both and prevent Jarrett from gaining a pinfall. Galloway and Hardy are heading to the penalty box. Jarrett, Young and Roode are all exchanging shots. Jarrett drops Roode with a clothesline. Young drops Jarrett with a clothesline. Jarrett has a guitar and crashes it over the head of Roode. Jarrett pins Roode.
Jeff Jarrett is now eligible. Roode must head back to the penalty box.
Time expires and both Galloway and Hardy are back in. Hardy has the title and is trying to hit Galloway with it on the ladder. Jarrett throws a second ladder and it sends the other ladder toppling over. Jarrett grabs the title and is starting to climb up the ladder. Young puts Jarrett on his shoulders. Both spill over the top rope holding on. A ladder is drapped across the ring to the ring barricade. Jarrett attempts a Stroke on Young. Young counters, kicks Jarrett and gives Jarrett a piledriver over the ladder! Time expires and Roode is able to exit his penalty box as everyone is brawling at ringside. Galloway is on top of the penalty box, flips forward and takes out everyone at ringside. Hardy is up, grabs the title and starts setting up the ladder. Hardy is climbing up with the title in hand. Roode cuts off Hardy. Roode grabs Hardy and drops him with a quick powerbomb in the ring. The ladder is back up as Young is climbing up. A second ladder is setup next to that and Jarrett is climbing up. Jarrett grabs Young and gives him a Stroke off the ladders. Jarrett has the title and is climbing up. Jarrett reaches the top and hangs up the King of the Mountain championship!
Winner of the King of the Mountain Championship: Jeff Jarrett
After the match, Jeff Jarrett climbs down the ladder. Josh Mathews asks what this means for TNA with the owner of Global Force Wrestling winning this title. Jarrett walks around the ringside area celebrating with his wife Karen Jarrett. They start to bring their children into the ring as the PPV goes off the air in Orlando.

Update on Kurt Angle's Health

The Wrestling Observer has another update on the health and update of Kurt Angle, who recently announced during a promo on Impact Wrestling that he has a tumor on his neck, and he will be going in for surgery. Per the Observer, the surgery is not a major operation, and Angle is expected to make a return to the ring in about three weeks after the procedure.
This could mean Angle will be ready to return for the next set of TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings set for next month (July 22 and 29).


New Match Added to TNA Slammiversary

Tigre Uno defending the TNA X Division Championship against DJ Z and Manik in a triple threat has been added to tonight's Slammiversary PPV in Orlando.
Here is the updated card for the PPV tonight.
King of the Mountain Match (King of the Mountain Championship)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode
TNA X Division Championship - Triple Threat Match
Tigre Uno (c) vs. DJ Z vs. Manik
EC3 & Tyrus vs. Lashley & Mr. Anderson
Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz
Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries
Bram vs. Matt Morgan
James Storm vs. Magnus
Awesome Kong & Brooke vs. The Dollhouse

TNA Offical Disputes Report of More Talent Leaving

Bob Ryder of TNA Wrestling took to Twitter this afternoon disputing a report by Dave Meltzer that the contracts of both Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong were expiring this weekend and that both would be finishing up at the Slammiversary PPV tonight.
Ryder, in a tweet to The Wrestling Observer stated, "Neither of their contracts are up for several months.  Amazed you would report something so totally wrong."
He then responded in another tweet adding, "This shows how little credibility he should have.  He has never been more wrong on anything he has ever 'reported.'"
Source: @brydertna

Opinionated View- Sadly you have morons that are stupid enough to say Dave has more credibly. Those people are what we call idiots.


Card for Tonight's TNA Slammiversary

Here is the card for tonight's 6/28 TNA Slammiversary PPV live from Orlando, Florida.
King of the Mountain Match (King of the Mountain Championship)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode
EC3 & Tyrus vs. Lashley & Mr. Anderson
Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz
Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries
Bram vs. Matt Morgan
James Storm vs. Magnus
Awesome Kong & Brooke vs. The Dollhouse

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Impact Wrestling Spoilers

– Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne for Xplosion.

– Lashley defeated Tyrus via spear.
– Eli Drake defeated Drew Galloway. Drake came out with a #SitDown shirt mocking the risings #StandUp motto.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Bram. Bram attacked Anderson after the match.
– Brooke defeated Marti Bell to retain the Knockouts Title.
– Matt and Jeff Hardy come out to announce that Matt Hardy’s World Title shot against Ethan Carter will be a Full Metal Mayhem match.
– Dixie Carter comes out with Mike Tenay and announces that this year’s TNA Hall Of Fame inductee is Jeff Jarrett.
– Kurt Angle comes out and announces that he has some bad news. Doctors have found a tumor in his neck and he must have surgery.
– RockStar Spud defeated Austin AriesSpud put his ‘Rockstar’ name on the line, Aries put his TNA career on the line. Austin Aries leaves TNA.


Kurt Angle Taking Time Off From TNA Due to Health Issue

At the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings tonight Kurt Angle announced he will be taking some time off as he had a tumor on his neck and will require surgery.

Opinionated View- Here is hoping all the best for Kurt Angle.


Update on TNA James Storm and Magnus

– PWInsider has an update on the pending exits of James Storm and Magnus from the TNA roster. According to the report, both James Storm and Magnus asked for their releases because TNA is running fewer shows than they did previously. As a result, both Storm and Magnus have been making less money.
In addition, Storm and Magnus will have opportunities to work elsewhere and both wanted to try and make more money for their families. TNA reportedly understood both men’s issues, since talent are making less money due to less shows. Per the report, TNA is facing a new reality where the company is largely producing a TV instead of being a full-time wrestling company that regularly runs live events too. TNA now has to change the way the company operates to reflect its current situation.
Currently, TNA’s plan is for both men to come back and continue working the tapings and to be a part of the TV shows while both men work on finding other shows to supplement TNA appearances. TNA is said to be willing to risk allowing WWE to make a run at either talent because the company has so much respect for Storm and Magnus.
Besides Storm and Magnus, Austin Aries’ contract is also expected to expire following the Slammiversary event tomorrow. Per the latest report, TNA still wants to work with Aries in the future.

Opinionated View- Well if they are still on TV that is not really leaving. I mean yeah you run a risk but for people that don't want them to leave this is better than nothing


6/26 PWG results

1. Tommaso Ciampa beat Johnny Gargano.
2. Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae beat Monster Mafia.
3. Biff Busick beat Timothy Thatcher.
4. Roderick Strong beat Mike Bailey to retain the PWG Championship.
5. Brian Cage beat John Silver.
6. Zack Sabre Jr. beat Chris Hero.
7. The Young Bucks beat Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee to win the PWG Tag Titles.


Two Stars Reportedly Fininishin Up with TNA

According to reports both James Storm and Magnus will be finishing up with TNA at Slammiversary. Storm has been with TNA since there very first show. Magnus is reportedly going to work a few dates for Global Force.

Opinionated View- I've already seen some morons rip TNA over this. Now I'm a fan of both men but both have been with TNA a long time. Like with AJ and Daniels last year what else is there for them to really do. Maybe them leaving opens the door for Adam Cole or Brian Cage to come in.


WWE Files Change of Venue Motion For Viscera Lawsuit

– WWE has filed a change of venue motion in the lawsuit brought by Cassandra Frazier, the widow of Nelson “Viscera” Frazier. The company’s motion requests that the venue be changed from the Western District of Tennesse to Connecticut, noting the similar change of venue motion granted in Billy Jack Haynes’ suit to strengthen their argument.
Frazier is suing claiming that her late husband’s injuries while working for the company contributed to his death, arguing that injuries, “financial losses, pain and suffering, expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and intangible human losses” were suffered “a result of WWEs willful, wanton, reckless, and grossly negligent and other conduct and omissions, which resulted in Mr. Frazier suffering repetitive serious head injuries, brain trauma, concussions, other serious injuries, and eventually the heart attack which took his life.”

Friday, June 26, 2015

July 15 and 22 TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Kurt Angle defeated Ethan Carter III by disqualification after Carter knocked out the referee.

– Dixie Carter returned to TNA. This time as a babyface. She spoke to the crowd and apologized for her past actions. She pleads with Ethan Carter to change his ways.
– Grado defeated DJ Z for a match taped for Xplosion
– Brooke Tessmacher defeated Marti Belle to retain the Knockouts Title.
– Dixie Carter announces that she is placing a new authority figure in charge of TNA. She reveals Bully Ray as the new authority figure in TNA.
– Drew Galloway wins a 20 man battle royale for the number 1 contenders spot. He will face Ethan Carter III tonight.
– Wolves defeated Kenny King and Hernandez of the BDC
– Matt Hardy defeated Bobby Roode in a tables match
– EC3 defeats Drew Galloway after Eli Drake comes out to help Ethan Carter retain the title
– Khoya turned on James Storm after Storm began slapped him too many times. Khoya says he will now be known by his original name Mahabali Shera and he loves his country


TNA News: New championship introduced

TNA announced that the competitors in Sunday's King of the Mountain match will be competing for the new King of the Mountain Championship. The match features Jeff Jarrett vs. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway. Read the official announcement at Impactwrestling.com.

Opinionated View- I have a feeling this will wind up being a once a year title like winning G1 in New Japan or the King of the ring


Family of Matt "Doink" Osborne sues WWE over head trauma

The family of the late Matt Osborne filed a lawsuit against WWE in federal court in Dallas, Texas on Friday. The lawsuit, filed by Michelle James on behalf of Osborne's children, claims that traumatic brain injuries resulted in "depression and drug abuse, which ultimately resulted in his untimely death."
"When forced to acknowledge the risks to which it subjects its wrestlers — by script, on a daily basis — WWE took inadequate steps to correct the problem or to address its injurious conduct, the full consequences of which are still coming to light," reads the suit. "Indeed, WWE continues a course of conduct designed to mislead its wrestlers, and designed to mislead Matthew Osborne until his death, about the injuries they sustained while wrestling for WWE by failing to disclose pertinent facts or offering misleading truths." The dollar amount the family is seeking in the lawsuit was not disclosed. Read more on the story at DallasNews.com.

Opinionated View- This will be a hard case for the Osborne family. One he didn't die to a head injury directly it was due to a drug OD and heart problems. Also this was a guy that started in 1978 and he wasn't just a WWE guy he worked for numerous companies during the course of his career. How can they prove it was just or mainly his WWE run that did his damage.


Raw TV main event announced

WWE has announced that the main event of Monday's Raw will be Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins and Kane.


WWE Reportedly Signs Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste

– According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling NOAH stars Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste were offered contracts by WWE at the last training camp. They are now waiting for the visa paperwork to go through and all the medicals to be taken care of for the deals to be official. Haste blew out his knee back in January and had been working on it since then. He is now taking time off for surgery as he damaged both his ACL and MCL.


More Detailed Impact Wrestling Spoilers

July 1st
– James Storm revealed former WWE Diva Serena Deeb as his partner for a match against Magnus and Mickie James
– Magnus and Mickie James defeated James Storm and Serena Deeb
– The BDC defeated The Rising in a 4 vs. 3 Handicap Elimination Match. The stipulation was that the losing group must disband. The Rising disbands.
– Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong and Brooke Tessmacher in a 3 way battle. After the match Gail Kim was revealed as the person behind the “Play Time Is Over” videos and came out to have a stare-down with Taryn. The lights go out and Kim disappears.
– Ethan Carter defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Carter won by countering Kurt’s Angle Slam and rolled up Angle for the win.
– The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels in a 30 minute best of 3 Iron Man match to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles.
July 8th
– A segment is taped with James Storm and Serena Deeb.
– Tigre Uno defeated Zema Ion, Grado and Spud to retain the X-division title.
– Ken Anderson faces off against Bram. Bram gets disqualified after he throws a chair in the face of Anderson.
– Jesse Godderz defeated Robbie E in a street fight.
– Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne with a stunner.
July 15
Ethan Carter says that Dixie Carter is returning to Impact. She has made Carter the official match-maker of the night. Matt Hardy comes out and challenges Carter to a title match. Ethan refuses but says that he has a tag team match for Hardy.
– The Dirty Heels defeated Matt Hardy in a handicapped match.
– Drew Galloway talks about the disbanding of the rising. Carter comes out and orders Galloway to take part in a match.
– Drew Galloway defeated Manik, Abyss and Khoya in a handicap match.
– Wolves defeated Kenny King & MVP via disqualification after Hernandez is caught interfering in the match.
– Brooke Tessmacher defeated Taryn Terell. After the match Gail Kim came out and attacked Marti and Jade then disappeared
– EY defeated Spud in a chain match
– ECIII defeats Norv Fernum in his first TNA World Title defense.
– ECIII defeats Sharkboy in his second TNA World Title defense.
– Kurt Angle comes out and demands a rematch immediately following Carter’s match with Sharkboy.

Former TNA Performer Returning (SPOILERS)

According to reports Bully Ray has been backstage at the Impact tapings this week and is expected to make his official return to the company tonight. It is said that this will be a full time return to the company.

Opinionated View- To Bully's credit he's always been very over and was a big part of TNA. I'm excited to see what he does in his comeback. Of course Bully is dating Velvet Sky and has friends so he could just be visiting.


Dolph Ziggler Reportedly Re-Signs With WWE

While there had been reports that, Dolph Ziggler was contemplating leaving WWE after his contract expires, Pwinsider.com reports that Ziggler and WWE came to terms on a new contract several weeks ago. The terms and length of the deal have not been reported at this time

Opinionated View- I say this is a mistake. It's clear WWE is never going to fully get behind him. And Dolph has been coasting in the ring lately.


New Names For Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling has announced former ROH and WWE star Colt Cabana and former TNA Knockout Santana Garrett for the upcoming 7/9 live event in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Added to the 7/11 event in Lake County, Ohio is indy standout Johnny Gargano.

Opinionated View- All good names. Cabana is entertaining. Garrett aka Brittany is an excellent talent and Garagono would be one of the first guys I would sign if I was starting my own company


Names Set For TNA King of the Mountain

TNA has announced that joining the returning Jeff Jarrett in the King of the Mountain match this Sunday at the Slammiversary PPV will be Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Drew Galloway and Bobby Roode. TNA has posted video clips with those involved at the link below.
Impactwrestling.com: King of The Mountain - Who is Competing?


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Impact Wrestling Spoilers

James Storm revealed former WWE Diva Serena Deeb as his partner for a match against Magnus and Mickie James

– Magnus and Mickie James defeated James Storm and Serena Deeb
– The BDC defeated The Rising in a 4 vs. 3 Handicap Elimination Match. The stipulation was that the losing group must disband. The Rising disbands.
– Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong and Brooke Tessmacher in a 3 way battle. After the match Gail Kim was revealed as the person behind the “Play Time Is Over” videos and came out to have a stare-down with Taryn. The lights go out and Kim disappears.
– Ethan Carter defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Carter won by countering Kurt’s Angle Slam and rolled up Angle for the win.
– The Wolves defeated the Dirty Heels in a 30 minute best of 3 Iron Man match to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

– A segment is taped with James Storm and Serena Deeb.

– Tigre Uno defeated Zema Ion, Grado and Spud to retain the X-division title.
– Ken Anderson faces off against Bram. Bram gets disqualified after he throws a chair in the face of Anderson.
– Jesse Godderz defeated Robbie E in a street fight.
– Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne with a stunner.
Possibly taped for July 15
Ethan Carter says that Dixie Carter is returning to Impact. She has made Carter the official match-maker of the night. Matt Hardy comes out and challenges Carter to a title match. Ethan refuses but says that he has a tag team match for Hardy.
– The Dirty Heels defeated Matt Hardy in a handicapped match.
– Drew Galloway talks about the disbanding of the rising. Carter comes out and orders Galloway to take part in a match.
– Drew Galloway defeated Manik, Abyss and Khoya in a handicap match.
– Wolves defeated Kenny King & MVP via disqualification after Hernandez is caught interfering in the match.

6/25 WWE Smackdown Report

WWE: Then. Now. Forever.
We see footage of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman from RAW to open the show. Heyman explains how after Brock apologized to JBL and Michael Cole, it is now time to apologize to Seth Rollins for the beating he will obtain at Battleground. Heyman says Rollins has a one way ticket to "Suplex City."
We then see footage from RAW of Seth Rollins sucking up to his former "family members." Triple H tells Seth that he needs to apologize to The Authority members, but as he begins Brock Lesnar interrupts and Seth Rollins is left alone in the ring with Brock. Kane then attacks Lesnar leading to multiple suplexes on Rollins until Kane takes the upperhand giving The Authority an opportunity to take out Lesnar.
Jerry Lawler, Tom Phillips and Jimmy Uso on commentary with Byron Saxton helping on Tough Enough.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins opened the show with Kane and Joey Mercury by his side. "The Authority is back" proclaims Rollins. Rollins claims he burned suplex city to the ground. Seth gives us another history lesson as he recalls his time in The Shield. He talks about how Jamie Noble suffered three broken ribs on RAW. We see footage of Noble being speared by Brock Lesnar. Rollins said he is dedicating this episode of Smackdown tonight to Jamie Noble.
Kane then says that the Big Show was taken out by a coward in Ryback. We see footage of Ryback and Big Show fighting backstage on RAW where Show was laid out on a pile of pipe. Ryback is called out setting up Ryback vs. Kane later tonight. Ryback is given a lesson on champion conduct by Seth Rollins. Ryback calls Seth Rollins a sell out and says that Ambrose should be champion. They start to walk up the ramp and Rollins doesn’t make it all the way up as he wants to finish the job with Dean Ambrose. Rollins calls out Dean Ambrose for tonight. Rollins and The Authority stand united at the top of the ramp.
Tonight’s matches include:
*Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
*Alicia Fox vs. Naomi
*Ryback vs. Kane
*WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players & The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day & Bo Dallas
*WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
We see Dolph Ziggler and Lana walking in the back as we go to commercial.
UP NEXT: Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus
-Commercial Break-
Back from the break we see Dolph Ziggler and Lana in the ring. Lana and Ziggler lock lips and Lana lets her hair down. Sheamus’ music hits and the crowd boos emphatically for the Money in The Bank briefcase holder.
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
The match begins with Sheamus sending Ziggler into the corner hitting a series of kicks and punches to the body. Sheamus sends Ziggler into the ropes and Ziggler ducks Sheamus countering with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Sheamus fights out of it and Ziggler wants to hit him with a super kick but the attempt is void as Sheamus ducks out of the ring. Ziggler gives chase hitting Sheamus with a kick sending him off the apron. Sheamus lies outside the ring and we hear a voice from the speakers.
We then see Rusev coming down the ramp with crutch in hand, telling Lana to stop it. Lana meets him half way and Rusev says to stop this and come back to him. The crowd starts a “You tapped out” chant as Rusev continued to beg Lana for relationship renewal. He tells Lana that he will kiss her the right way. Lana turns her back and Rusev begins screaming in his native tongue trying to get her attention. She walks away and heads towards the ring to support Ziggler.
As Ziggler is distracted, Sheamus tries to hit the Brogue Kick on Ziggler. Ziggler ducks the attempt and rolls up Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus counters with a knee to Ziggler on the ropes sending Ziggler out of the ring. We go to break with Ziggler lying outside and Lana looking concerned.
-Commercial Break-
Back from commercial we see Sheamus holding Ziggler down on the mat with a headlock. Sheamus wrenches down on him as Ziggler mounts his comeback. Ziggler breaks free and hits the ropes. Sheamus catches Ziggler and hits a backbreaker. Sheamus mounts the second turnbuckle poised to hit Ziggler as he lay on the mat. Sheamus gives it a second thought and decides to go higher. This decision led to an opening for Ziggler to jump on Sheamus on the turnbuckle and he sends Sheamus to the mat face first. Both men are lying on the mat.
Ziggler and Sheamus battle in the center of the ring with a series of back and forths. Ziggler goes for another super kick but fails once more as Sheamus catches his foot. Ziggler escapes and hits the ropes. He mounts Sheamus and rolls him up for a two count. Sheamus counters with a big boot to the face of Ziggler. Ziggler is wobbly in the corner as Sheamus makes his move. Ziggler out of nowhere, FINALLY hitting the Super Kick. He covers Sheamus, but he kicks out at two. Ziggler is shocked!
Both men are up and Sheamus sends Ziggler off the ropes. Ziggler counters with a sleeper hold on Sheamus. Sheamus forces Ziggler to the corner trying to break him loose of the sleeper. Ziggler hangs on and gets Sheamus to the center of the ring. Sheamus battles again trying to break Ziggler loose. He gets loose as Ziggler sits on top of the turnbuckle. Sheamus goes for a slam but is blocked as Ziggler hits a series of punches to Sheamus. Sheamus counters leaving Ziggler swinging on the top rope. While on the ropes Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick. He drags Ziggler in to the ring further for the pin and the 1...2...3.
Winner: Sheamus
Sheamus celebrates holding the MITB briefcase as we see replays of the match. Lana comes to the aid of Ziggler in the ring. We see Rusev hobbling in the back yelling and shaking a fence. Summer Rae comes up to Rusev and says, "Lana’s not worth it."
Still to come: Ryback vs. Kane.
The history between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins is shown. We see footage of Rollins turning on his Shield mates to join The Authority.
Still to come: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Alicia Fox’s music hits. Alicia Fox is accompanied to the ring by The Bellas as she makes her way to the ring.
-Commercial Break-
Alicia Fox vs. Naomi
Jimmy Uso is on commentary to watch his wife Naomi face Alicia Fox. The match begins with a lock up by Alicia Fox where she takes Naomi down quickly. Naomi hits Fox in the corner looking pleased with herself. Naomi slams Fox in the center of the ring. Naomi covers Fox and she kicks out at 2. Naomi holds Fox in a headlock now and Fox counters hitting a backbreaker.
Fox sees her opportunity as Naomi is on the ropes and she spears Naomi falling outside of the ring awkwardly herself. Both Divas lay on the mat as The Bellas cheer Alicia Fox on. Fox is pushed into the side of the ring by Naomi. Naomi rolls her back in the ring. Naomi is taunting The Bellas outside of the ring. Out of nowhere Tamina hits a Super Kick on Brie Bella. Nikki takes out Tamina with a Spear into the Crowd Mats. Naomi goes over to help Tamina and pulls Nikki up holding her while Tamina hits her with another Super Kick.
Naomi celebrates and goes to get back in the ring but Alicia is ready and catches her with a Devastating Leg Drop finishing maneuver and gets the 1...2...3.
Winner: Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox retreats up the ramp with The Bellas as Tamina and Naomi sit in the ring in disgust.
Up Next: we take a look at the upcoming WWE United States Championship match at Battleground between John Cena and NXT Champion Kevin Owens.
-Commercial Break-
We are shown stills of Cena vs Owens at MITB where Cena defeated Owens and when Cena extended his hand Owens hits him with a Pop Up Powerbomb on the apron injuring him. We then are shown footage of Owens taking out Machine Gun Kelly on RAW two weeks ago. We are shown footage now of RAW where Owens says he doesn’t care about pleasing fans. He is here to win titles and he wants the US Title as his own. Cena responds by calling Owens a "disrespectful suck bag" leading to a Kevin Owens eye roll on the stage. Cena accepts the challenge setting up the match for WWE Battleground.
JoJo is backstage with an interview of The New Day. They come in clapping. They want everyone to stop being so negative. They say they will overcome and reclaim the titles at Battleground and nothing will stop them.
Here comes The Prime Time Players with whistles blowing to ruin the New Day’s sermon of resurrection. They start a "New Day Sucks" chant and the crowd quickly joins in. Xavier Woods is livid and declares, "We do not suck!” Big E pulls him back and JoJo is out of there leaving the tag teams to talk amongst themselves. Titus plays up the fact that at Battleground one of the members of New Day will be forced to sit on the sidelines during the title match and that through the power of positivity surely they will figure it out amongst themselves. As they begin to steam after the exit of PTP, Bo Dallas comes in and has some words of positivity for the New Day. He asked The Authority if he could join the New Day in facing The Prime Time Players and whoever else they choose later that night. All the positivity will surely bring them victory if they just “BO-LIEVE”. New Day brings Bo in on the clap with Bo showing us he has no rhythm whatsoever.
Kane’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.
Up next: Kane vs. Ryback
-Commercial Break-
Back from break, Ryback’s music hits. "It’s Feeding Time" for the big guy as he makes his way out. The crowd is pumped for Ryback as he begins his "FEED ME MORE" shtick, when the Big Show (who was supposedly injured and not in attendance) attacks him on the ramp sending him into the video board. Big Show strips the belt off of Ryback and hits him with giant slaps to the chest. Big Show rolls Ryback down the ramp towards the ring. Show kicks Ryback in the ribs and he mocks him saying, "Feed me more Ryback." Big Show continues to punish Ryback as a "Big Show Sucks" chant starts up in the crowd. The referee is pleading with Show to put him in the ring. Big Show puts him in the ring and Kane demands for the bell to start the match.
WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Kane (Non-Title)
The match officially begins with a pin by Kane for the 1…2…NO!!! Ryback kicks out. Kane immediately puts the boots to Ryback with a series of stomps to the head. Ryback mounts a little comeback forcing Kane to the corner but Kane quickly recovers and spins it on Ryback putting his back against the turnbuckles. Kane again takes it to Ryback with a series of kicks to the head.
Ryback rolls away though forcing Kane to the corner once again. Kane makes his way to Ryback and he is met with a slam from The Big Guy. Ryback is gaining momentum now and mounts for his comeback. He winds up and hits Kane with the Meat Hook clothesline. Ryback calls to “Finish It” but is distracted as Big Show comes to the apron.
Kane takes advantage and goes for a choke slam. Ryback slips out and up goes Kane for Shell Shock. Big show interferes with a big boot to the IC champ and the match is over.
Winner: Ryback via DQ
Big Show again attacks Ryback exposing his ribs. Ryback tries to bounce back but it is 2 on 1 as Kane and Show take it to him. Big Show hits a massive choke slam on Ryback and he hovers over him watching like a predator over his prey. Ryback though still has some fight left in him and he tries to get up. Big Show quickly stops that idea and hits another giant chokeslam on The Big Guy. Big Show’s music hits and he raises his fist in the air.
We see more history between Ambrose and Rollins. Footage from Elimination Chamber is shown where Dean Ambrose believes he has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Rollins when a second referee makes the three count after Rollins pulled the first one into harm’s way. The match is declared a DQ as Ambrose is the one who actually hit the first referee. Ambrose is livid and says he won the match and is taking the title with him. We see him leaving the arena through the crowd with the title belt.
Later tonight: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
-Commericial Break-
We see footage of Tough Enough where Hank was the first elimination of the season getting the lowest numbers of votes out of the bottom three.
The New Day and Bo Dallas are in the ring. The Prime Time Players music hits and they introduce their partners, The Lucha Dragons.
WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players & The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day & Bo Dallas
The match begins with Kofi Kingston and Titus O’ Neil meeting in the center of the ring. Kofi is quickly thrown in the corner where Titus hits a series of chest slaps. Titus manhandles Kofi as he picks him up and throws him like a rag doll. Titus then “barks” at the opposing team. Titus tags in Darren Young.
Young and Titus double team Kingston and Young hits a leg drop. He covers Kingston but he kicks out at 1. Young is forced into the opposing corner by Kingston where Bo Dallas tags himself in.
Dallas hits a series of punches to Young and throws him to the ropes. Young bounces back and hits Bo with a clothesline. Young hits Bo Dallas with an Atomic Knee Drop and a Suplex. Young covers Dallas for a two count. Young with a headlock now on Bo. Bo fights out of it and slips out of the ring as the crowd chants “New Day Sucks”. The New Day comes to his rescue, protecting him outside the ring. The New Day tries to get their own chant going with the help of positive power. We go to commercial with both teams at a standstill and stalling by taunting each other.
-Commericial Break-
Back from commercial we see Kofi Kingston taking it to Sin Cara. Kingston hits the top rope but is met by a kick from Cara. Sin Cara pins Kingston for a two count. Xavier Woods is tagged in and Sin Cara is sent out of the ring by Kingston. Woods meets him outside as the legal man. Sin Cara is hit by a sliding kick from Kingston and sent right into a super kick from Woods. He mocks the Lucha chant.
Woods takes Sin Cara back into the ring and stomps on him in the corner. New Day and Bo Dallas take turns tagging each other in while kicking Sin Cara while he is down. Big E is finally the last one in after a plethora of tags by the Team of New Day and Dallas. He puts Sin Cara in a stretch hold forcing him to the mat. Big E passes Sin Cara off to Kingston as he goes for a power bomb from the top rope but Sin Cara counters with a hurracanrana leaving Kingston in the center of the ring.
Sin Cara makes the tag to Kalisto as Kingston tags in Woods. Kalisto hits Woods with a big splash off the top rope. Kalisto with a series of high flying maneuvers gets a pin but it is broken up by Bo Dallas. Darren Young comes in for Dallas hitting him with a Gut Check. Big E now hits a clothesline on Young. Titus hits a big power slam on Big E and Kingston comes out of nowhere with Trouble in Paradise on Darren Young. Kalisto now hits Kingston and sends him out of the ring.
Xavier Woods sees his opportunity and rolls up Kalisto but he kicks out. Kalisto springs off the ropes and hits Woods with a kick to the head. Sin Cara heads up top to take out the New Day Team outside the ring. Kalisto off the top rope hits Woods with a 360 splash and covers for the 1…2…3
Winners: The Prime Time Players & The Lucha Dragons
Lucha Dragons and PTP celebrate in the ring.
We learn that Jimmy Uso will be on Commentary all summer long while Byron Saxton helps with Tough Enough.
We see footage of Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus on RAW when the match is interrupted by Bray Wyatt, daring Reigns to find him. We see Reigns go into the room where Wyatt has written "Anyone But You" on the wall with creepy pictures of Reigns everywhere. Wyatt is heard singing "I’m a little Teapot" while Reigns is trying to catch his bearings.
We then see Roman Reigns backstage and Dean Ambrose enters talking smack on Bray Wyatt. Ambrose says that him and Reigns should bust some heads tonight going after Wyatt in the parking lot "Cincinnati Style." Reigns tells Ambrose to focus on his match because The Authority is stronger than ever and Seth Rollins has them back on track. Ambrose leaves for the match with Reigns letting him know that he has Dean’s back tonight. Reigns goes to put on his vest and sees something sticking out of one of the pockets. It is a picture of Reigns with the eyes cut out and it says "Anyone but You." Reigns leaves abruptly and the paper is shown lying on the locker room floor.
-Commericial Break-
Back from the break we see Roman Reigns searching in the back for Wyatt. Kane sees Reigns put his hands on a backstage employee and he ejects Reigns from the building. Security tries to escort Reigns but he has no part of it and walks out on his own accord.
Dean Ambrose’s music hits and he gets the biggest pop of the night as he makes his way to the ring.
We see footage of Rollins vs. Ambrose at MITB where both men fell with the belt and Rollins held on to retain the belt.
Up Next: The main event with Seth Rollins taking on Dean Ambrose.
-Commericial Break-
Back from commercial, Seth Rollins comes down to the ring accompanied by Joey Mercury and Kane.
We see footage again from RAW where The Authority takes out Brock Lesnar.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Non-Title)
The match begins with a lock up. Rollins rolls Ambrose to the mat. They exchange a series of back and forths before Ambrose is taken to the mat by Rollins once again. Ambrose counters and puts an arm bar on Rollins in the center of the ring. Rollins counters now with a series of punches but Ambrose takes him over the top ropes as we go to commercial.
-Commericial Break-
Back from the break we see Rollins taking control hitting Ambrose in the corner and applying a leg lock on Ambrose. Ambrose is fighting to get out looking for the ropes. He gets there and Rollins breaks the hold.
Ambrose tries to gain momentum but is taken down again and put in another leg lock by Rollins. Rollins slams the knee of Ambrose into the mat. Rollins hits a series of punches and elbows in the corner on Ambrose and sends him to the center of the ring.
Rollins goes to the top rope. Ambrose meets him there and hits a suplex from the top turnbuckle. Ambrose is favoring his leg again. Ambrose hits Rollins with a series of slaps, punches and chops to the head and chest. He sends Rollins to the ropes and misses a running bulldog. Rollins now turning the tables but he is rolled up by Ambrose for a two count. Ambrose up with Rollins and hits a front facing slam on Rollins. He covers for a two count again.
Rollins now on the offensive again puts Ambrose on the top turnbuckle where he hits a series of punches. Ambrose counters and goes for the DDT off the top but Rollins ducks it and hits Ambrose square in the chin with a Super Kick. Rollins covers for a two count.
Rollins is back to the top rope again. Rollins flies connecting with Ambrose but Ambrose rolls through pinning Rollins. Rollins kicks out. Ambrose hits a neck breaker on Rollins. Ambrose to the top rope and Kane looks to interfere. Ambrose kicks him away and jumps over Rollins hitting the ropes. He runs off the ropes and takes out Kane on the outside. Rollins is on his way to take out Ambrose and he is met by a punch to the face. Ambrose hits the flying elbow off the top rope pinning Rollins. Joey Mercury has the referee tied up on the apron though and he misses the pin.
Ambrose goes to get the referee and is rolled up by Rollins for a two count. Ambrose takes out Joey Mercury now as he pins Rollins once again for two. Ambrose hits the DDT off the top turnbuckle now and Rollins is down. Pins for a two count. Both men are exhausted as they lay in the ring.
Ambrose hits the jabs and chops again until Rollins counters. Ambrose sends Rollins out of the ring and jumps up top to take out everybody.
Back in the ring Rollins sends Ambrose reeling into the ropes but Ambrose connects sending Rollins back to the center of the ring. Joe Mercury comes in and Dean Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds on Mercury. Rollins spins him around and hits a Pedigree on Ambrose. He covers Ambrose for the 1…2…3
Winner: Seth Rollins
We see replays from the match. We go off the air with The Authority claiming victory standing over a broken Ambrose.

Randy Orton Due Back On TV Soon

Randy Orton missed RAW this week because he is on vacation in Bora Bora with his girlfriend. He asked for the time off and isn’t expected to return until July 6. The current plan is for Orton to fight Sheamus at Battleground.


The Rising Lays Out A Challenge to The BDC for #BellToBell


Updated WWNLive iPPV Cards For July

Here are the updated cards for the July WWNLive iPPV events. You can order WWNLive shows on iPPV and VOD at this link….
Full Impact Pro – July 3rd – 9pm EST – Ybor City, FL:
* FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rich Swann defends vs. Caleb Konley w/So Cal Val
* FIP World Tag Team Championship Match: Savages of Eddie Graves & Teddy Stigma w/Trina Michaels defend vs. ACW Tag Team Champions Jason Cade & Aaron Solow
* Florida Heritage Championship Match Ladder Match: Maxwell Chicago defends vs. Aaron Epic
* Mason Ryan w/MSL vs. Moose
* Monster Tarver w/MSL vs. Rhett Giddens
* Plus more with The MSL Universe of Martin Stone, Deimos & Josh Hess, Gary Jay of The Submission Squad, Jody Kristofferson, Blake Edward Belakus, Bolt Brady, The Hooligans of Devin & Mason Cutter and Jonny Vandal w/Trina Michaels and others!
EVOLVE 45 – July 10th – 9pm EST – Ybor City, FL – Special Free ACW Kickoff At 8pm!:
* The Main Event: EVOLVE & DGUSA Champion Drew Galloway & Roderick Strong vs. The Premier Athlete Brand of Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley w/So Cal Val
* Bonus Main Event: Davey Richards vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
* EVOLVE 43 Rematch: Chris Hero vs. Trevor Lee
* Rich Swann vs. Timothy Thatcher
* Biff Busick vs. Andrew Everett
EVOLVE 46 – July 11th – 7pm EST – Orlando, FL – Special Free FIP Kickoff At 6pm!:
* EVOLVE Title Match: Drew Galloway defends vs. Trent Baretta w/So Cal Val
* WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2015 Rematch: Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher
* Davey Richards vs. Biff Busick
* TJ Perkins vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
* Anthony Nese w/So Cal Val vs. Trevor Lee
* Caleb Konley w/So Cal Val vs. Andrew Everett
SHINE 28 – July 24th – 9pm EST – Ybor City, FL:
* SHINE Title Match: Santana defends vs. Ivelisse w/Amanda Rodriguez
* SHINE Tag Team Title Match: The Kimber Bombs of Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb defend vs. B.T.Y of Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle w/So Cal Val & Andrea
* Leah Von Dutch vs. Brandi Wine w/Leilani Kai
* Plus more with VALKYRIE of Allysin Kay, Taylor Made, Su Yung, Tessa Blanchard & April Hunter, Jessicka Havok, Mia Yim, Leva, La Rosa Negra, Crazy Mary Dobson w/ Daffney, Vanessa Kraven, The Debuting Renee Michelle and others!

Update on Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Contract Status

Here is the latest on Dolph Ziggler’s status with WWE. His contract is expiring in the next few months, and people close to him have stated that he is considering exploring his non-WWE options when his contract ends. Ziggler has talked with people outside of WWE about his potential if he leaves WWE. There is interest in him from both New Japan and Lucha Underground, and TNA would also likely be a player to sign him.
There is a feeling that if he could work a deal with ROH/New Japan like AJ Styles and the Young Bucks, and then work the major UK events and or big AAA shows that he could earn upwards of $300,000-$400,000 a year. He would also have less road expenses as transportation and hotels will be paid for. He would also work fewer dates, but would likely have to work harder due to the high expectations of the New Japan and US Independent fans combined with the fact that he would have less restrictions on his work

Opinionated View- Well Dolph needs to leave WWE. It's clear he's been beaten down by years of miss use and all the usual WWE BS. And I think he's stopped trying


Will TNA Induct Jeff Jarrett Into Hall of Fame This Year?

Wrestlezone reports that TNA will likely want to induct Jeff Jarrett into the TNA Hall of Fame this year. Their original plan was to bring back AJ Styles but Styles turned down the deal as he’s fine with working in ROH and NJPW.
Jarrett will be in the King of the Mountain match on Sunday, so the announcement would probably happen then. The actual ceremony would happen during Bound for Glory weekend later this year.


Update on Jeff Jarrett’s Relationship With TNA

 According to  f4wonline.com, the details on the relationship between Jeff Jarrett and TNA are still sketchy at this time. Word is that it will include some form of TNA participation at the July 24th Global Force Wrestling TV tapings in Las Vegas, NV. Magnus is believed to already be booked on the show, and others from TNA could be added. More details as they become available.

Opinionated View- Interesting. Like I said last night if TNA and Global Force can get along it's good for the talent and good for the fans.


Low Ki Annouces Departure From TNA

Low-Ki posted the following on Twitter on Thursday, announcing his departure from TNA:
"I have decided to part ways with @IMPACTWRESTLING. My very best to them in their future. Thank you to all the fans who joined the adventure."

Partial Spoilers for 7/1 Impact Wrestling

The following was taped on Wednesday for part of the 7/1 TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America from Orlando.
TNA Impact Wrestling taping results for July 1, 2015 (partial):
* Magnus & Mickie James def. James Storm & Serena Deeb
* The BDC def. The Rising in an Elimination Match.
* TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell def. Awesome Kong & Brooke to retain the title.
 Afterwards, Gail Kim returned and said she would come after Taryn.


Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus
* Naomi vs. Alicia Fox
* Non-Title Match: Champion Ryback vs. Kane
* The Prime Time Players and The Lucha Dragons vs. New Day and Bo Dallas
* Non-Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose


Former WWE Diva Works Match at Imapct Wrestling Taping

WWE alumnus Serena Deeb appeared at the Impact taping on Wednesday, working a match with James Storm against Magnus and Mickie James. The match was taped, presumably for next week’s episode


Daniel Bryan’s Injury Is Concussion-Related

– According to WON, Daniel Bryan’s injury is a concussion that occurred during his match with Sheamus at the Smackdown tapings after WrestleMania. The issue is described as career-threatening. People within WWE have known about it for some time but were told to keep it quiet and WWE issued denials after the initial reports came out when Bryan was sent home from the European tour.
It is believed that the concussion issues were denied because Bryan worked some matches after it was suffered, which would reflect badly on the company.


Updated TNA Slammiversary Card

Brooke & Awesome Kong vs. Dollhouse (Taryn Terrell, Marti Belle and Jade)
– Robbie E vs. Jessie Godders
– Bram vs. Matt Morgan
Winner Chooses The Match Stipulation For Match Five of The Tag Team Title Series: Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards
Non-Sanctioned Match: James Storm vs. Magnus
– Lashley and Mr. Anderson vs. EC3 and Tyrus
King of the Mountain Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. ??? vs. TBA vs. TBD vs. A Mystery Opponent for an unknown prize


6/24 Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Coverage by Bobby James
June 24, 2015 | Full Metal Mayhem
Angle’s Mystery Opponent
Kurt Angle tells EC3 that his campaign for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be coming to an end. Angle says, at Bell-to-Bell, he’ll prove that there’s no one better than him. He demands to know the identity of his mystery opponent.
The undefeated Ethan Carter III enters the Impact Zone. He says it will only take one man to defeat him – and that Angle is only “the best” for now.
Angle says, like his mystery opponent this week, EC3 will tap out next week. EC3 interrupts, saying he’s beaten everybody from “The Icon” Sting and Angle himself, to the likes of Lashley and Bully Ray.
Angle enrages EC3 by vowing again to make him tap. EC3 charges toward the ring – but think better of it, choosing to instead announce Angle’s mystery opponent: Matt Hardy! Angle looks on as Hardy stares down the ramp.

X-Division Championship Elimination Match | Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Grado
Grado and Low Ki argue after the bell. Low Ki slaps Grado before throwing Tigre Uno from the ring. Low Ki commands an early part of the match as he sends Grado crashing onto the mat. Tigre Uno rolls back into the ring, connecting with a headscissor to Low Ki.
Low Ki’s sent through the ropes and Grado surprises by holding his own against the high flying Tigre Uno. Grado slams Tigre Uno to the mat before climbing onto the top rope. Low Ki shoves him from the turnbuckle and delivers a Warrior’s Way!
Grado is eliminated by Low Ki.
Tigre Uno regains his composure and engages in a fast-paced and aerial exchange with Low Ki. Low Ki turns the match in his favor by connecting with a springboard hurricanrana! He scores a near-fall. Tigre Uno misses a springboard corkscrew dive. Low Ki misses a dropkick, which creates an opportunity for Tigre Uno to connect with a Sabertooth Splash to claim his first X-Division Championship!
Winner: Tigre Uno
Backstage: Bram calls out any past member of the Impact roster.
Dollhouse Pillow Talk: Taryn Terrell scolds Jade and Marti Bell for the Dollhouse loss last week.
Singles Match | Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love
Angelina Love taunts Velvet Sky. She says this is Velvet’s last chance to earn her spot back on the Impact roster. She says it won’t happen.
Angelina strikes first by shoving Velvet across the ring. Velvet drops her former best friend with a spear. Then, she rams Angelina’s face into turnbuckles around the ring. Velvet sends Angelina flying through the ropes.
Velvet smashes Angelina’s face on the apron before sending her crashing shoulder-first into the ring post. Angelina tries to comeback, but she’s sent into the steel stairs for her effort. Angelina’s rolled back into the ring and before Velvet re-enters, Angelina connects with a dropkick. The complexion of the match changes as Angelina reveals a more vicious side.
Angelina starts throwing Velvet around the ring like a rag doll, but when she heads to the top rope, Velvet capitalizes by dragging her from the ropes. She connects with a series of a kicks that culminates with a huge roundhouse kick to Angelina’s head.
Angelina attempts one more comeback, but a missed Botox Injection sets her up for a stunner from Velvet Sky.
Winner: Velvet Sky
Backstage: Dirty Heels, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, vow to win Full Metal Mayhem. They say the dirtier the better.

Backstage: MVP enters the building, saying he has a new plan and strategy for the Beat Down Clan.
Round 4 (Best of Five Series): Full Metal Mayhem | Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves
The Wolves collide with the Dirty Heels at the opening bell. Soon after, both teams find themselves in the ring wielding steel chairs. Connecting with their chair shots first, The Wolves send the Dirty Heels into retreat.
Aries and Roode “strategize” outside the ring. The Wolves attempt a suicide dive, but the Dirty Heels have them scouted – and they lift a ladder that sends The Wolves reeling back into the ring.
The Dirty Heels command the encounter. Aries and Roode set up chairs in the center of the ring. Sitting in the chairs, they each apply a headlock to their opponents. The Wolves battle out of the holds. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards charge the Dirty Heels, but they’re sent face-first into the chairs!
Roode and Aries taunt The Wolves, but their arrogance proves costly. Roode is sent flying into a ladder mounted in the corner, while Aries is dropped in the center of the ring. The Wolves use a chair and trashcan lid to assault their opponents. The Dirty Heels roll to the outside where they’re caught with a trifecta of suicide dives!
Eddie Edwards hands Davey Richards a steel chain. Richards wraps the chain around his boot. He attempts a roundhouse kick to Aries, but Aries counters with a discuss forearm and the Last Chancery! Edwards interrupts the count, but the Dirty Heels find themselves back in control.
Roode pulls out a table. He slides it into the ring and then he hoists Eddie Edwards up for a powerbomb. Aries connects with a missile dropkick that sends Edwards through the table! The Dirty Heels make the cover, but Richards makes the save!
Richards is sent outside and the Dirty Heels’ hone in on Edwards. They send him into the corner and mount a ladder in front of him. Edwards uses the ladder to counter an incoming dropkick and The Wolves take control.
Aries finds himself stuffed head-first into a trashcan. The Wolves land a double dropkick to Aries. Edwards lifts Aries for a powerbomb and Richards climbs the turnbuckle with a steel chair. Roode rushes into the ring and smacks Richards with a chair of his own. Richards tumbles to the outside as Roode connects with a low-blow to Edwards. Roode positions Aries for the pin on Edwards.
Winners: Dirty Heels (series tied 2-2)
Backstage: Matt Hardy says he wants to prove to everyone that he is better now than ever – and that his sights are set on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

The Jarretts Return!
Jeff and Karen Jarrett surprise the Impact Zone!
Jeff Jarrett claims hell has frozen over. He asks the fans if they’re curious to know why the owner of Global Force Wrestling is on Impact. He says he received a call from TNA officials last week, asking him to return for one match. Jarrett says he was curious to know why they thought he’d wrestle for TNA, considering he doesn’t even wrestle for his own promotion.
He reveals being asked to participate in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary! Jarrett recalls co-founding TNA and that match itself, with his father. He says the consideration weighed heavy on him – as did thoughts about what his wife may think.
Karen Jarrett takes the mic. and says she’s different than Jeff. She says TNA was in the past, in their rearview mirror, and that their family has moved on. Global Force Wrestling is their future. She says she advised Jeff to not call or text back.
Karen says that despite being in the ring, she doesn’t fully understand why they’ve returned to Impact Wrestling. She breaks down as she recalls a conversation with a confidant, Sonjay Dutt. She says during their conversation, Dutt revealed to her that Jeff didn’t leave TNA Wrestling on his own terms – and that this would be a way to rectify that.
Karen says she didn’t get back into an Impact ring to watch her husband just go home. She says Jarrett will leave the company. He agrees, saying he will do so on his own terms. He vows to walk down the aisle one more time and to reign supreme at Slammiversary.

Bram’s Open Challenge | Bram vs. Vader
Vader returns to confront Bram. Bram finds himself overpowered, but he maniacally laughs off his vulnerability. Vader connects with a series of clotheslines. Bram battles back with a series of rights.
Bram unmasks Vader before slapping him in the face. Bram charges toward Vader, but Vader counters, exploding from the corner to ground “The Plague of Chesterfield.” Bram rolls out of the ring and grabs a turnbuckle wire from beneath the ring. He uses the wire to earn a blatant disqualification.
Winner: Vader (via DQ)
Post-match: Bram assaults Vader until “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan makes the save!

Singles Match | Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez
Eric Young attacks Chris Melendez as soon as the bell rings. He screams, “You don’t belong here!”
Young’s domination continues well into the match. He connects with a powerful DDT and then he throws Melendez out of the ring. As soon as Melendez climbs back into the ring, he again finds himself at the mercy of Eric Young.
Young applies a rear chin lock. When Melendez breaks free, he’s powered down to that mat – and Young attempts to rip off the prosthetic leg again! Melendez fends him off, but Young proves too much when he nails a piledriver for the win.
Winner: Eric Young
Hernandez Returns
The BDC brawls with The Rising throughout the Impact Zone. Hernandez makes his return to tip the scales – and to leave Drew Galloway motionless in the center of the ring.

Main Event | Matt Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
Hardy immediately focuses his attack on Angle’s neck. He connects with an early neckbreaker. Hardy whips Angle into the corner, but he counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle makes a pin attempt; Hardy kicks out.
Angle applies a chin lock but Hardy powers out and delivers a swinging side Russian leg sweep. Hardy and Angle exchange a series rights, culminating in three German suplexes to Hardy.
Hardy regains his footing and drops Angle with a Side Effect! Angle powers out of the pin attempt and connects with an Angle Slam! Following the slam, Angle applies the Ankle Lock! Hardy rolls through into a pin attempt; Angle’s out at two.
Hardy misses a moonsault and Angle catches Hardy with two more German suplexes. Hardy counters a third and then he counters another Angle Slam attempt. Hardy connects with two more Side Effects and a Twist of Fate!
Angle’s shoulder barely comes off the mat. When Hardy attempts another Twist of Fate, Angle drops him and applies the Ankle Lock to earn the submission.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Post-match: EC3 and Tyrus attack Kurt Angle. Matt Hardy fends off Tyrus though and Angle applies the Ankle Lock to EC3. EC3 taps as Impact goes off the air.