Monday, July 31, 2017

Another Match Reported For Raw

PWInsider now reports that a match between The Big Show and Big Cass is also set for tonight’s RAW. It notes that this will be RAW GM Kurt Angle’s first appearance in Pittsburgh, his hometown, since his return to WWE.

New Match Added to Raw

According to, Bayley vs. Nia Jax has been added to tonight’s WWE Raw. That match joins the previously announced Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe and Jason Jordan’s appearance on Miz TV.

Details On Cruiserweight Title Match For WWE Summerslam (SPOILERS)

PWInsider reports that there will be a #1 contenders match between Ariya Daivari and Akira Tozawa on tomorrow night’s 205 Live, with the winner going on to face Neville for the WWE cruiserweight title at Summerslam. The event happens on August 20 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

WWE Raw Preview

WWE RAW is live tonight from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Already advertised for tonight’s show is Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat main event match.
Also scheduled for the show is Jason Jordan joining The Miz on MizTV.

Opinionated View- Stupid on so many levels lets give away the SS main event outside of Brock's lazy suplexs and than Jason Jordan on a talking segment and the guy can't talk

Friday, July 28, 2017

7/27 GFW Impact Wrestling Report

Joseph Park and Grado are shown arriving to The Impact Zone earlier in the day. Park is hyping up Grado's upcoming marriage proposal to Laurel Van Ness. Grado has to get married, in order to remain working in the United States. Park gives Grado something special to wear when he pops the big question to LVN.....

This is followed by a video recap of what took place on Impact a week ago. Highlights are shown from last week's show closing angle, which saw Alberto El Patron save his family by pretending to join LAX. Alberto would end up denouncing and then attacking the Latin American Xchange .

Jeremy Borash intros the show from inside the 'Impact Zone'. He hypes up Destination X in three weeks..... JB then cues to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer inside the ring. The Orlando Mayor has declared this 'Impact Day' and is doing the ring announcing during this week's show.
Six Man Tag Team Match
Ethan Carter III, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Moose, Marufuji & Eddie Edwards
A good opening six-man match that takes up the first two segments of this week's show....Edwards starts things off for his team against Eli Drake. Edwards and Pro Wrestling Noah's Marufuji start teaming up against Eli. EC3 is tagged in and takes some stiff shots from the Marufuji/Edwards duo. Moose is tagged in and EC3 runs away. When Moose is distracted by Adonis and Drake, Carter sneaks up behind Moose and grounds him. Adonis is in and goes to work on the current Grand Champion. Adonis mocks Moose and ends up paying for it, when he eats a standing dropkick from the former NFL offensive lineman. Marufuji is back in and delivers a variation of precision kicks. Adonis uses his power to regain the advantage for his team. Edwards and Marufuji continue to work well together, as Marufuji blind tags in Edwards, and they hit several tandem moves on Adonis. Carter and Drake try and get involved in the action, but they get tossed to the outside. The show goes to break with Adonis turning the tables on Eddie Edwards by choking him out on the mat.... The heels are still in control when the show returns. Things stay that way for the next couple of minutes as Edwards is isolated and roughed up in their corner. Edwards finally rallies and tags in Moose. He comes into the ring and goes on an offensive flurry on his current rival EC3. Moose sets up for his hesitation dropkick but it's intercepted by Drake and Adonis. Moose overcomes the double team momentarily. This leads to a frantic sequence with all six men in the ring. Moose cleans house and looks to be on the verge of victory, when EC3 comes into the ring with the Impact Grand Championship in his hands. The referee is tied up with the other 4 men. Carter attempts to hit Moose with the title but is blocked. EC3 instead delivers a low blow on Moose. He then lifts up Moose and hits an impressive looking front face double underhook butterfly suplex.(which Carter later names as The ECD).. The ref is back in and counts the pinfall.
EC3, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeat Moose, Eddie Edwards & Marufuji

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage hyping this week's show, when a heavyset man with 80's style ring attire is seen stretching next to her. "Richard Justice" is the man's name(no relation to Sid)..... Justice tells McKenzie that he is the standby wrestler, in case the show needs to be stretched out due to time issues. He tells McKenzie that he needs to stay warm in case he is called into action..... This is followed by a vignette for a new stable coming to GFW called o.V.e.

When the show returns from the break, Jeremy Borash hypes up Impact's upcoming live events. It has been announced that John Hennigan(Morrison/Nitro/Mundo) and Taya Valkyrie will be apart of the Saturday's show in New York.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring to address Bruce Prichard. Lashley is upset that he is not being treated like the top man in the company. He notes how others walk into the company and are granted title shots on the spot. Lashley says that he is the top dog on the food chain. He calls out Prichard to demand that he get a World Championship match at Destination X on August 17th..... Bruce Prichard makes his way onto the stage. Bruce says that he told Lashley last week that he was tired of wrestlers making demands. Just when Prichard is about to continue, Matt Sydal interrupts. He comes down to the ring and says that he will not be ignored like last week. Sydal and Lashley go at it, and Matt gets the upper hand. Sydal leaps off the top rope and hits his "Air Sydal" shooting star press on Lashley.

Super X-Cup Tournament
Round One Match
Davey Richards vs. Taiji Ishimori
Pro Wrestling NOAH's Ishimori is one of the few wrestlers who wears a mask into the ring, only to take it off. Taiji is the current GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion..... This is the final 1st round match in this tournament. Drago, the spectacular Dezmond Xavier and ACH have already advanced to the final four.... The opening moments of the match sees both men go tit for tat. Ishimori out quicks Richards and starts to frustrate him. So much so that Richards foolishly grabs a steel chair at ringside. The ref takes away the chair. This brief delay in action actually aids Richards in taking control of the match. Richards uses his Brazilian jujitsu training and slaps on a double legged choke on Ishimori. Taiji escapes but Richards continues to put on a submission clinic. He gets Ishimori in a variation of holds. Ishimori is able to escape each one but Richards stays in control. The momentum shifts when Ishimori bounces off the ropes and connects with a springboard seated senton. Ishimori follows this up with a delayed reverse double foot stomp. This leads to a nice series of reversals on the mat. Richards appears to trap Ishimori in an ankle lock but he escapes yet again. Ishimori tries to spring onto Richards but gets caught in another ankle lock. Another escape by Ishimori is greeted by a stiff Richards kick. Davey sets up to finish Ishimori with a flying double foot stomp but he misses. After a series of reversals by both men, Ishimori grounds Richards and beats him with a 450 splash.
Taiji Ishimori defeats Davey Richards to advance to the semi-finals of The Super X-Cup tournament

The show returns from the break with highlights of what transpired between Lashley and Matt Sydal earlier in the evening. This leads to Bruce Prichard making an announcement backstage. He announces that Lashley will face Matt Sydal in a match on the live edition of Destination X in 3 weeks. It's labeled as a shot versus shot match with Lashley's world title shot up for grabs against Matt Sydal's X division title shot. The winner gets his "shot".

Sienna (c) w/KM vs. Rosemary

Rosemary attacks Sienna the very second she steps into the ring. Not long after that, Rosemary gets a table out from under the ring. The action stays hot and heavy for the next few minutes. Both women get into a stand off slamming steel chairs against one another. The battle goes into the crowd. Rosemary uses one of the steel gates and gets Sienna in a tarantula submission. The brawl continues in the stands as the show heads to break.....

Impact returns with Rosemary stalking and beating down Sienna at ringside. The action moves back into the ring and Sienna battles back with a stiff clothesline. A table has been set up in the corner and chairs still remain on the inside. Both women fight to the ring apron. Sienna gets Rosemary up in her AK47 move and drops Rosemary to the ringside floor. Rosemary struggles to answer the ten count but she does. Sienna sets up for her silencer finish but is struck by a steel chair in mid-air.

Sienna is now counted down by Brian Hebner but she gets up at 9. Rosemary is on the prowl. She hits the Red Wedding on Sienna, who goes face first into a steel chair. KM gets into the ring to help Sienna get back to her feet before the count of ten. Rosemary chases off KM and then proceeds to slam Sienna in the back with a steel chair. Rosemary then goes under the ring and gets out a trash can. Rosemary then places Sienna and the trash can together up against the table. KM intervenes, the distraction causes a revived Sienna to be able to push Rosemary off the top rope. Rosemary crashes into the table set up at ringside. Both women are down, the count begins and Sienna gets back to her feet before the count of ten. Rosemary is unable to.
Sienna defeats Rosemary in a Last Knockouts Standing Match to retain The Unified Knockouts Championship

Grado is backstage with Joseph Park prepping for his upcoming marriage proposal to Laurel Van Ness. Park has given Grado a suit to wear and is talking to him off screen..... Highlights are shown of EC3 pinning Moose earlier in the night in a six man match. Carter is interviewed backstage about his victory. Carter talks of his new finisher he used and labels it the ECD. "The Ethan Carter Driver".... EC3 goes on to say that he is Moose's head now and that's why he dropped him on it. It's then announced that Ethan Carter III will get a shot at Moose's Grand Championship next week on Impact...... McKenzie Mitchell is now backstage with Alberto El Patron and his father and brother. Alberto is asked about his upcoming gauntlet match against LAX slated for later on. El Patron says that he always knows what he is doing and where he is going. He says that LAX is the exact opposite of him. He says that LAX is led by a crazed lunatic in Konnan, and Alberto promises to get revenge for what they did to his father and brother.

Trevor Lee makes his way to the ring with The X Division title. A title he stole from the current champion Sonjay Dutt. The current champ has been banned from the building due to his backstage altercations stemming from last week. Lee takes a mic in the ring and brags about being a fighting X division champ. Lee then announces that he has found an international star from Mexico to challenge him for his title. Mexican Mini from AAA wrestling Octagoncito makes his way to the ring. Josh Mathews jokes on commentary, that he thought this would be Rey Mysterio Jr.
Trevor Lee vs. Octagoncito
Trevor Lee continues his trend of wearing The X title while wrestling. Lee clowns around with Octagoncito early on. Octagoncito takes issue with this and hits a few aerial moves on Trevor. Lee teases quitting the match and that's exactly what he does. He takes a permanent powder and is counted out.
Octagoncito defeats Trevor Lee by countout
A stolen X title can not change hands on a countout..... The banned Sonjay Dutt arrives on the scene. He goes after Lee but is held back and escorted away by security.

LAX is at their clubhouse. Konnan talks to his crew about Alberto not joining them and their upcoming gauntlet match tonight. Konnan instructs Homicide to start off the match and finish off what he feels is an injured Alberto El Patron.
Grado and Joseph Park make their way to the ring. Grado has kept his signature backwards hat and fanny pack on, but is sporting an extremely snug vintage styled Orange Tuxedo. Grado calls out Laurel Van Ness to the ring. He compliments her beauty when she joins him in the ring. Grado then gets on his knee and proposes to Laurel. Allie shows up on the ring apron. She is jumping up and down in joy at the proposal. Braxton Sutter comes out and whisks Allie away. He doesn't seem to be pleased with her antics. Just when Laurel is expected to answer Grado's proposal, Kongo Kong's music hits. He confronts Grado in the ring, who ends up running away in fear. Kongo then picks up Laurel in his arms. She gets back to her feet and calms down Kong.

Alberto El Patron vs. L.A.X
Homicide starts the Gauntlet for his gang. Alberto pins Homicide almost immediately with a top rope splash. One half of the Unified Tag Champs Ortiz is in next. The LAX members on the outside intervene to help Ortiz take advantage of Alberto before the break.... Alberto rallies after the break with a step up enzugiri. Santana interferes to help Ortiz take back control of the match. It doesn't work out as Alberto ends up pinning Ortiz after his signature top rope double foot stomp. Santana is in and as the final member of LAX. Santana ends up dumping Alberto to the outside, where Konnan and company proceed to stomp on him repeatedly. Alberto rallies and takes on all of the LAX members by himself. He gets a hold of Konnan on the ring apron. Diamante leaps off the top rope to save her leader but Alberto catches her in mid-air. El Patron then dumps Diamante to the outside on top of her fellow LAX members. Moments later, Alberto gets Santana in the cross arm breaker but LAX runs into the ring causing the disqualification.
Alberto El Patron defeats LAX by disqualification
LAX beats down Alberto. El Patron is tied up with the flags and beaten down. Alberto's brother El Hijo comes down to save him but is roughed up. Alberto's father Dos Caras arrives with a steel chair. He is followed by The Veterans Of War, who come out to even the odds. This helps Alberto escape and recover. He gets a hold of a steel chair and drives LAX out of the ring with it. The show ends with Alberto, his family and VOW posing in the middle of the ring.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

GFW Impact Wrestling Preview

The following is set for tonight’s 7/27 episode of GFW Impact on POP TV:
* GFW Champion Alberto El Patron vs. LAX in a Gauntlet Match
* Taiji Ishimori vs. Davey Richards in a Super X Cup tournament match
* GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna vs. Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing Match for the GFW Knockouts Title

MOOSE announces re-signing with GFW,

GFW Grand Champion MOOSE posted the following on Twitter on Wednesday, announcing that he has re-signed with GFW for 3 more years.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WWE NXT Preview is advertising Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami tonight on WWE NXT.
They are also hyping Drew McIntyre becoming No. 1 Contender for the NXT Championship when he faces Bobby Roode in four weeks at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

7/25 WWE Smackdown Report

- Tonight's WWE SmackDown opens live from The Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia.
- We go right to the ring and Greg Hamilton introduces the new WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens.
Owens marches to the ring in a suit as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He's joined by JBL and Byron Saxton. Owens brags about once again being our WWE United States Champion. Owens says Battleground proved that good things will happen if you're a good person and your heart is pure. Owens says he took his title back from that thief. Fans start chanting for AJ Styles. Owens says he is reinstating the Kevin Owens United States Title Open Challenge and it begins... next week. Fans boo. Owens says he wouldn't defend his title in front of a bunch of hicks in Virginia. More heat from the crowd. The music interrupts and out comes Styles.
Owens calls for the music to be cut and says AJ better be out here to congratulate him as the better man. Nope. AJ came out here to get his rematch for the title. Owens says he's not defending the title against AJ or anyone tonight. The music interrupts and out comes Chris Jericho to a big return pop. Owens looks shocked.
Jericho walks to the ring with The List as fans pop. Jericho announces his return and fans pop. Welcome back, maaan. Owens wants to know why Jericho is here but Jericho shuts him up. Jericho says the last time he was here, he left on a stretcher thanks to Owens but he is back now. Jericho says he is back to get his rematch for the US Title, right here tonight. AJ says we're all glad Jericho is back but things have changed. AJ says he's the one next in line for a title shot. Jericho asks if AJ is trying to jump ahead of him in line. Jericho does some comedy and adds AJ to The List. Owens has walked up the ramp but Jericho calls him a stupid idiot and asks where he's going. The music interrupts and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.
Shane stops Owens on the stage and asks him to hang around because this concerns Owens and the title. Shane says AJ and Jericho both have legit shots at the title. They will get their opportunity but it will be at the same time. Shane announces AJ vs. Jericho vs. Owens in a Triple Threat for tonight's SmackDown. Shane's music hits and Owens isn't happy.
- Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin are shown walking backstage. We go to commercial.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin
Back from the break and out comes Shinsuke Nakamura to a pop for this rematch from Sunday's Battleground pay-per-view. We see how Nakamura won by DQ on Sunday. Baron Corbin is out next with his Money In the Bank briefcase.
The bell rings and they get a feel for each other before going at it. Nakamura takes control early on as they go to the floor. Corbin counters an attack and flattens Nakamura on the floor. Corbin brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. We go to commercial with Corbin in control.
Back from the break and Corbin remains in control. Nakamura ends up side stepping a charge but Corbin runs right back into the ring. Nakamura catches him and looks to make a comeback. Nakamura with kicks while Corbin is on his knees now. Corbin catches a kick and nails Nakamura in the face. Nakamura strikes back and drops Corbin with a kick. Nakamura drives knees into Corbin now.
Nakamura with the high knee in the corner. Nakamura with another knee from the second rope, nailing Corbin in the jaw. Nakamura covers for a 2 count. Corbin avoids a Kinshasa and a few kicks. Corbin with a big backbreaker for a 2 count. Corbin keeps control and mocks Nakamura, keeping him down on the mat. Corbin ends up missing a clothesline and Nakamura tries to take advantage but Corbin nails Deep Six for another 2 count. Corbin is frustrated now.
Nakamura blocks End of Days and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. It looks like Corbin goes for another low blow but he misses. Nakamura with shots to the knee and the back of the neck. Nakamura nails Kinshasa for the pin.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
- After the match, Nakamura stands tall as his music plays. We go to replays. Nakamura hits the corner to pose as his celebration continues.
- Still to come, a big Triple Threat main event for the US Title. Also, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will demand a SummerSlam opponent. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and Dasha Fuentes is with SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi backstage. She talks about Natalya disrespecting her after the Fatal 5 Way at Battleground and Natalya appears. Natalya gets Dasha to leave and rips Naomi for what she's done to the title, turning it into a toy. She says Naomi doesn't respect the legends who paved the way for her. Natalya says Naomi disgusts her and promises to take the title at SummerSlam, saying she will restore honor to the title. Naomi says Natalya is so stuck in the dirty Dungeon of the past that she can't see this title is now. Naomi says she does have respect but she earned the title and just added her own twist to it. She goes on and says Natalya will be blinded by the glow at SummerSlam if she keeps on. Carmella appears with her Money In the Bank briefcase. She reminds Naomi that she and the contract are just looking to the future.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs. Lana and Tamina Snuka
We go to the ring and out first comes Charlotte Flair. Becky Lynch is out next. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes Lana. Tamina Snuka is out next.
Lana starts off with Becky. Becky grabs her for the submission but Lana resists and immediately tags Tamina in. Tamina goes at it with Becky and avoids the Disarm Her early on. Becky goes for the submission again just a minute later but Tamina drives her back into the corner. Tamina plants Becky on her face and tags in Lana. Lana works Becky around and hits a suplex for a 2 count.
Lana keeps Becky grounded now. Flair reaches for the tag and cheers Becky on. Becky fights up and out but Lana takes her back down. Tamina comes back in for some double teaming. Tamina takes Becky to the corner but Becky gets her elbow up. Tamina catches a kick but Becky hits an enziguri. Charlotte gets the tag and runs over Tamina, then knocks Lana off the apron. Charlotte unloads with chops to Tamina now.
Charlotte does the Flair strut and keeps control until Tamina counters a slam. Tamina with a superkick to knock Charlotte to one knee. Lana tags in but Flair ducks her. Charlotte kicks Tamina out to the floor and turns around with a big boot for Lana. Flair covers Lana for the pin.
Winners: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch
- After the match, Flair and Becky leave together as Lana sits up in the ring. Tamina is outside of the ring and she's not happy about the loss. Tamina stares Lana down and yells at her. Tamina goes to leave but stops to yell at Lana some more. Lana looks like she might cry. Tamina tells Lana to come on and she does.
- Still to come, Jinder Mahal will demand a new opponent for SummerSlam. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and the announcers show us stills from Sunday's Punjabi Prison match.
- We go to the ring and out comes WWE Champion Jinder Mahal as Hamilton does the introduction. Mahal comes out by himself, no sign of The Singh Brothers or The Great Khali.

Tom says The Singh Brothers aren't here because of the beatings they took from Randy Orton on Sunday. Jinder takes the mic as fans boo. He says he crushed the legacy of Orton on Sunday as the legend of The Modern Day Maharaja was born. Jinder says Orton agreed to face him on his own turf and hoped to beat him at his own game. Jinder says Orton underestimated him. The "what!?" chants start now. Jinder says he will stay WWE Champion as long as he desires. Jinder demands to know his WWE SummerSlam opponent, who will have their dreams crushed. Jinder demands silence next as he speaks to his people in Punjabi. The music hits and out comes John Cena to the ring.
Jinder doesn't look happy as Cena hits the ring and poses for his fans. Jinder says The Maharaja wasn't finished. Jinder predicts what Cena is going to say... he's John Cena, a 16-time champion, Jinder doesn't deserve to represent 1.3 billion people in India, Jinder needed the help of The Singh Brothers and The Great Khali. Cena tells him to shut his mouth. Cena says Jinder is The Maharaja but he sucks as a mind reader. Cena says he wasn't going to say any of those things. He was going to come out and congratulate Jinder. Cena says he's big on respect and he respects how Jinder is in the best shape of his life, and how the WWE Title means a lot to him, and how Jinder is willing to do anything to keep it. Cena says this is a congratulations and a heads up because they've never formally met. Cena introduces himself and says he doesn't care who Jinder has with him, he's giving Jinder a heads up that whatever he has won't be enough because Jinder has to face Super Cena at SummerSlam, which means Cena is walking out of SummerSlam as a 17-time champion. Cena says it was nice to meet Jinder but Jinder can't see him. Cena calls for the trumpets to play and his music starts up. Cena makes his exit as Jinder talks trash. Cena stops outside of the ring as the music of SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan hits.
Bryan comes out with a mic as his future brother-in-law looks on. Bryan congratulates both men on their wins at Battleground. Bryan says it's clear that Cena is on a quest to make history but unfortunately Cena doesn't make the matches, Bryan and Shane do. Bryan says opportunities are earned here on SmackDown, even if your name is John Cena. Bryan announces Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for next week's SmackDown. The winner of the first-time-ever match will go on to face Jinder at SummerSlam. Bryan gets a "yes!" chant going as his music hits. Cena and Jinder look on.
- Still to come, AJ vs. Jericho vs. Owens. Back to commercial. Also, Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English and Mike Kanellis. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and Owens is with Shane backstage, venting about tonight's main event. Owens says it's not right and it's not fair. Shane talks about how all he's worried about is putting on a good show for the SmackDown fans. Owens doesn't give a damn about the fans and he wouldn't give a damn about Shane if he wasn't the boss.

Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English and Mike Kanellis
We go to the ring and Aiden English is in the ring. He sings a song before Mike Kanellis makes his way out with Maria Kanellis. Sami Zayn is out first for his team, followed by Tye Dillinger.
Tye starts off with Aiden and takes control. Sami tags in and we go to commercial as the match is just getting started.
Back from the break and the heels are in control. English works over Sami. We see how Mike & Maria distracted during the break, allowing English to nail a cheap shot on Sami. Mike tags in and takes over, working Sami around the ring. Mike drops Sami with a boot for a 2 count. Mike stomps and tags English back in. Sami fights English off as fans try to rally for him.
Sami sends English through the ropes. Tye finally gets the tag as English runs back in. Tye unloads on English and hits a big backdrop. Mike tags in but Tye drops him and goes to work. Tye mounts Mike in the corner with rights as fans count along. Tye takes English down as he approaches. Tye with more offense. Sami tags in and hits English with a Helluva Kick for the pin.
Winners: Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger
- After the match, Sami and Tye celebrate as Maria runs her mouth at ringside.
- Still to come, Owens defends his title in a Triple Threat. We see the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions backstage doing a photo shoot. They walk off and head to the ring. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes new SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. Their intro is interrupted as we hear a bunch of commotion instead. The Usos beat Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods from the back to the stage. They destroy the new champions and use the LED boards. The Usos bring it down the ramp but Big E has recovered as he runs out from the back. They take Big E out and leave him laying with double superkicks. The Usos stand tall after destroying The New Day.

- Renee is backstage with Shinsuke Nakamura to ask him about next week's #1 contenders match with John Cena. Nakamura says Cena can't see him next week, and he will see Jinder at SummerSlam.

Triple Threat for the WWE United States Title: Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens
We go to the ring and out first comes Chris Jericho for tonight's main event. AJ Styles is out next. New WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens is out next. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and they go at it as the bell rings. AJ and Jericho take Owens to the corner. Owens gets knocked to the floor by Jericho. AJ takes advantage and rolls Jericho up for a 2 count. More counters and pin attempts between AJ and Jericho while Owens is on the floor. Owens runs in and breaks up a pin by AJ. AJ gets tossed. Jericho and Owens stare each other down before going at it. Owens blocks a Codebreaker. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but it's blocked. Jericho nails a dropkick for a 1 count. AJ kicks Jericho after Owens kicks out.
AJ takes Jericho to the corner and works him over. Jericho blocks a suplex by AJ. AJ ends up sending Jericho to the floor. Owens runs over AJ as he turns around. Owens mounts AJ with right hands. Owens talks trash to AJ about being the champ. Owens beats AJ around and whips him hard ribs-first into the corner. Owens keeps up the assault on AJ, keeping him down on the mat. Owens knocks Jericho back off the apron to the floor. Owens with a senton on Styles for another 2 count.
Owens with more offense and a dropkick to Styles for a 2 count. Owens goes to the floor and stomps away on Jericho now. Owens goes back in for AJ but AJ rocks him. Owens drops AJ with a big elbow for another pin attempt. AJ catches Owens in the Calf Crusher as fans pop. Jericho runs in and hits a Lionsault on both opponents to break the hold. Jericho with a 2 count on AJ. All three Superstars are down as we go to commercial.
AJ is in control after the match, fighting both opponents off. Jericho with a big backdrop to AJ. Jericho with shots to AJ before taking him to the top for a superplex. Owens comes over to interrupt the superplex. Owens gets Jericho on his shoulders for an Electric Chair Drop but Jericho brings them down and goes for the Walls of Jericho but it's blocked. Owens drops Jericho with a right hand. Styles dumps AJ over the top rope from the apron. AJ springboards in with the 450 on Jericho but he can't get the pin. Owens runs in and covers Jericho for a 2 count.
AJ brings Owens to the floor and sends him into the barrier. AJ goes back in and calls for a Styles Clash on Jericho but it's blocked. Jericho goes for the Walls on AJ and gets it locked in. Owens breaks it up. Jericho catapults Owens into AJ, knocking AJ out of the ring. Jericho applies the Walls on Owens now as fans cheer. AJ runs in but Jericho breaks the hold and hits AJ with a Codebreaker. Jericho with a close 2 count on AJ.
Fans chant "this is awesome" and do dueling chants now. AJ and Jericho go at it. Owens hits corner cannonballs on both opponents. He charges AJ again but eats a forearm. Jericho drops AJ with an enziguri. Owens drops Jericho with a superkick. AJ drops Owens with a pele kick and they all go down again. Another "this is awesome" chant. Jericho ends up sending AJ to the floor for a nasty fall. Owens superkicks Jericho but he's still standing. Owens with a pop-up powerbomb on Jericho for a close 2 count. Owens can't believe it.
Owens goes up top and hits the Frogsplash on Jericho but AJ breaks the pin, tossing Owens out of the ring. AJ takes the pin for himself and covers Jericho for the win.
Winner and New WWE United States Champion: AJ Styles
- After the match, AJ celebrates and takes his title as his music hits. We get replays. We come back to Owens throwing a fit at ringside by the announcers table. AJ leaves with his title and stops as Owens takes the mic and starts yelling about how everything is unfair. Owens says AJ stole his victory. Owens says he wants his one-on-one rematch next Tuesday night. Whether we idiots like it or not, Owens is taking his title back next week. SmackDown goes off the air with AJ celebrating as Owen's tantrum continues.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Battleground Rematch Set For Smackdown

A WWE battleground rematch between Baron Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura is set for tonight’s Smackdown.

WWE 205 Live Preview

Advertised for tonight’s WWE 205 Live from Richmond, Virginia is WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Ariya Daivari in a non-title match.
Also scheduled for the show tonight on the WWE Network is TJP and Tony Nese vs. Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander in a tag team match.

WWE Smackdown Preview is only hyping the fallout from Battleground on Sunday for tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live taking place from Richmond, Virginia.The show is expected to focus on SummerSlam in four weeks with Jinder Mahal once again retaining the WWE Championship, Kevin Owens regaining the WWE United States Championship and The New Day becoming the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

WWE Battleground 2017 Review

7/24 WWE Raw Report

Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look back at last week's #1 contenders main event between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns, which was crashed by Braun Strowman.
- We're live from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC as Michael Cole welcomes us. He's joined by Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.
- We go right to the ring as JoJo introduces RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He comes out to a pop as the "you suck" chants start up.
Angle welcomes us to RAW. He talks about the personal problem he's been dealing with over the past few months, which was revealed last week when he introduces his "long lost son" Jason Jordan, the newest member of the RAW roster. Angle says he was nervous at first but this has been exciting. Angle says he's been spending time with his son over the past week and Jordan will have his first RAW match tonight. Angle says he's given Jordan the opportunity but it's up to him to make it happen.
Angle also talks about how Braun Strowman interrupted last week's match to determine the SummerSlam opponent for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Angle says he has decided that Lesnar will face... the music interrupts Angle and out comes Strowman marching to the ring. Braun says the next words out of Angle's mouth better be his name or else. Braun says he won his match at Great Balls of Fire, unlike Samoa Joe or Roman Reigns. Braun says he does not fear Lesnar, Lesnar fears Braun. Braun says he's going to break Lesnar in half and become the next champion at SummerSlam. The music interrupts and out comes Joe next. Joe is here to make this really simple for Angle and Braun. Joe says fortunately for Braun, they haven't crossed paths much since Joe arrived. Joe introduces himself to Braun, as the man who tamed The Beast and came within seconds of putting him to sleep. Joe says he is the man that does not fear Lesnar. And he definitely does not fear Braun.
Joe says the only reason he's not knocking Braun's teeth out for what he did last week is because he just stopped Reigns from losing to him for the third straight time. Joe tells Angle that we should let Braun and Roman handle their business at SummerSlam but Angle needs to give The Beast to Joe. Reigns' music hits next and out he comes. Reigns says Joe hasn't done anything around here, neither has Braun. Reigns says in 5 years he's been a Tag Team Champion, a United States Champion and a three-time WWE Heavyweight Champion. Reigns says he's won the Royal Rumble, been a part of 5 WrestleMania and 3 of those he main evented. The last one he retired The Undertaker. Reigns asks what Joe and Braun have done here. He'll wait... that's what he thought, they haven't done anything yet. Reigns says now let's show the world what he's about to. Angle gets in between everyone. He says they all make valid points, that's why he's changed his mind again. Angle announces Joe vs. Reigns vs. Braun vs. Lesnar for a Fatal 4 Way at SummerSlam. Oh it's true, it's damn true.
Angle's music hits and he goes to leave but Joe stops him. Joe isn't happy. Angle says we're done here. Joe says he's the only man who should get a shot. Braun doesn't care how many people are involved, all he cares about is piling bodies. Reigns tells Braun to shut up and decks him. Braun grabs them both but Joe and Reigns double team him out of the ring. The assault continues until Braun gets knocked over the barrier. Joe with a cheap shot to Reigns as they go at it now. Joe brings it into the ring. Braun ends up coming in and manhandling Reigns, tossing him. Braun goes for Joe but security hits the ring. Braun destroys them all and tosses one guy high in the air, causing him to hit the floor hard. Joe goes for Braun and applies the Coquina Clutch. The locker room empties out but they can't get Joe to break the hold. Reigns spears Braun and Joe and a few Superstars who were in the way. The ring empties as Braun plants Reigns with a big powerslam and stands tall as his music hits.
- Still to come, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley and The Miztourage vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose in a Handicap Match. Also, Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass for the second time. The Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson No DQ match is coming up. We go to commercial.

No DQ Match: Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson
Back from the break and JoJo introduces Elias Samson, who is in the ring with a spotlight and a guitar. Fans start chanting for Finn Balor. Samson dedicates this song to Finn and starts singing. The music eventually interrupts and out comes Balor to a pop.
The bell rings and they go at it. Balor strikes and dropkicks Samson back to the floor as they fight back around the ring. Balor runs around the ring and drops Samson against the barrier for a pop. We go to commercial with Balor standing tall on the floor.
Back from the break and Balor charges Samson into the barrier again. Balor keeps control and brings it back into the ring. Samson misses a clothesline but connects with the next attempt and Balor goes down. Samson goes to work on Balor's shoulder now, which is wrapped in Kinesio tape. Balor looks to fight back but Samson nails a left and drops a knee. Samson asks who wants to walk with Elias as we get a replay. Samson drags Balor to the corner and wraps his arm around the ring post a few times.
Samson grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring. Balor with a forearm. Samson drops the chair. Balor rocks Samson but Samson grabs him. Balor with double boots to the face. Samson with a thrust in the corner now. Samson with another shot to the injured shoulder. Samson keeps Balor grounded by the shoulder as fans chant Finn's name.
Balor makes another comeback and beats Samson down in the corner for a pop. Balor brings a chair into the ring now. Samson kicks him and Balor drops the chair. Samson picks the chair up and smacks Balor over the back with it. Balor rolls to the floor in pain and Samson stands tall in the ring as fans boo. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and Samson sends Balor to the floor. Samson follows and puts Balor's shoulder into the barrier. Back in the ring and Samson hits a shoulder breaker for a 2 count. Samson wedges a steel chair between the turnbuckles in the corner now. Samson tries to send Balor into the chair but Balor counters and puts Samson head-first into the chair.
Balor fights back and drops Samson with the overhead kick. Balor runs into a boot in the corner. Samson tosses Balor to the floor and follows but Balor traps him in the apron cover and works him over. Balor keeps Samson trapped in the cover as the assault continues. Samson drops and disappears under the ring for just a second. He comes back out and Balor delivers a kick from the apron. Balor runs and nails a big dropkick, sending Samson back into the barrier.
Finn brings a steel chair back into the ring as Samson is slow to recover. Balor with several chair shots over the back as fans pop. Balor goes on and dropkicks Samson back into the turnbuckles. Balor goes up top and hits Coup de Grace. The graphics flash and the lights go out. The lights come back on and Bray Wyatt drops Balor with a Sister Abigail in the middle of the ring. Wyatt goes to the corner and turns upside down. Samson crawls over and places his arm over Balor for the pin.
Winner: Elias Samson
- After the bell, Wyatt is still turned upside down in the corner as we go to replays. We come back and the arena is lit up by fireflies now. Wyatt does the spider walk over to Balor and drops down next to him for a few words. Wyatt poses over Balor to end the segment.
- Still to come, Jason Jordan's RAW debut. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and we see a video on Kurt Angle announcing Jason Jordan as his son on last week's RAW and their post-show interview with Renee Young.
- We go backstage to Renee and Angle now. Renee reveals that Jordan will make his debut against Curt Hawkins. Angle believes Jordan will prove himself to be a successful singles competitor. Angle goes on about having butterflies but he's interrupted by Emma. She wants to know when the focus is going to be put on her. She started the women's revolution and has sat on the sidelines while others that looked up to her, like Sasha Banks, get all the opportunities. Emma says maybe dating Angle's son will get her noticed. Angle puts her in a match against Nia Jax tonight.
- Enzo Amore is shown walking backstage. Big Show stops him and asks if he's sure he wants to do this. Enzo says he needs to do this, he needs to show Cass he made the biggest mistake of his life when he turned on Enzo. Enzo goes on and says he's bringing the fight to Cass tonight, no need for Show to worry. Back to commercial.

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass
Back from the break and out comes Enzo Amore with a mic. He cuts a promo on his former partner and how he's doing for the fans. The music eventually interrupts and out comes Big Cass.
The bell rings and they go at it. Enzo tries to put up a fight but Cass swats him to the mat early on. Enzo ends up coming off the top but Cass catches him in mid-air and plants him to boos.
Cass keeps control and drops an elbow as the "asshole" chants start up. Cass with a big kick to the ribs. Cass stands tall and mocks Enzo, taking his time with the beatdown. Fans try to rally for Enzo but Cass shuts him down. Enzo keeps fighting back but Cass unloads on him in the corner. Enzo tries to pick himself up but he can't as Cass continues taking his time.
Cass bounces off the rope and floors Enzo with a big boot. Cass covers for the easy win.
Winner: Big Cass
- After the match, Cass stands tall as we get replays. Cass takes Enzo to the corner and talks some trash before sending him to the mat. The music interrupts and out comes Big Show. Cass grabs Enzo and warns Show if he comes any closer he will snap Enzo's neck. Show enters the ring and Cass shoves Enzo into him. Cass hits Show with a big boot and goes to work on him. Cass with the Empire Elbow on Show. Cass hits another Empire Elbow. Cass talks some trash before dropping a third Empire Elbow. Show gets to his knees and fights back but Cass drops him and hits two more Empire Elbows. Cass stomps away now. Cass taunts Show and waits for him to get up. Cass kicks Show in the ribs and sends him back down, continuing the trash talking. Cass with a few more shots before standing tall in the middle of the ring to more boos from the crowd. The referee checks on Show as a few fans check on Enzo, who is still down somewhere. Cass stands tall as his music hits.
- Still to come, tonight's 2-on-3 Handicap Match. Also, Bayley vs. Sasha Banks with a SummerSlam title shot on the line.
- Renee Young is backstage with RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, asking if she prefers to defend against Sasha or Bayley. Bliss isn't worried about SummerSlam. She says the entire WWE Universe will see a friendship destroyed tonight. Team Gag Reflex will implode, all for a chance to lose to her at SummerSlam. She goes on and says Sasha won't be the winner and Bayley won't be the winner tonight, the real winner will be Bliss. Back to commercial.

Nia Jax vs. Emma
Back from the break and Emma has made her entrance. Nia Jax is out next.
The bell rings and they go at it. Nia overpowers early on and shoves Emma to the mat. Emma looks to come back and goes for the legs but Nia overpowers her again and begins destroying. Nia manhandles Emma a bit and splashes her in the corner before hitting the somersault senton for the easy win.
Winner: Nia Jax
- After the match, Nia leaves as her music plays and the referee checks on Emma.

- Charly Caruso is backstage with Akira Tozawa. We see clips from last week's shows and why Tozawa's shoulder is taped up. Tozawa says we see why he wants a rematch with Ariya Daivari. Titus O'Neil walks up and says he's been looking all over for Tozawa. He knows Tozawa wants payback on Daivari but the shoulder isn't good, it's a liability. Titus says Tozawa can fool a lot of people but he can't fool Titus. Titus says he went to Kurt Angle and WWE Medical to get this match nixed. Tozawa flips out and tells Titus to stay in the back as he apparently heads to the ring. Titus follows as they argue.
Tozawa and Titus walk to the ring now. Tozawa pushes Titus away and looks to warn Titus not to touch him. We go to commercial.
- Back from the break and Tozawa is doing his "ah!" chant with the crowd. The music hits and out comes WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Neville takes credit for all of Tozawa's issues as he walks to the ring. Neville says he tried to warn Tozawa but Tozawa went with the false promises of Titus instead. Neville asks Tozawa where that got him. Neville meets Tozawa in the middle of the ring now. Neville says Tozawa is pathetic, a joke, nothing more than a shell of his former... Tozawa drops Neville and works him over.
Tozawa climbs to the top and hits the diving senton but sells the shoulder injury. Ariya Daivari hits the ring and unloads on Tozawa. Daivari grabs Neville next and plants him hard. Daivari talks some trash and motions for the belt around his waist as he looks down at Tozawa and Neville. He leaves the ring.
- Sasha Banks and Bayley are backstage. They're determined not to let anything come between them and ruin their friendship. Banks can't wait to get her hands on Alexa Bliss and become a four-time champion. Bayley says maybe Sasha needs to focus on tonight's match first. They tease a bit of tension and Bayley says may the best woman win. Sasha agrees and says the best woman will win. Sasha walks off smiling as we go to commercial.
- Back from the break and we see what happened earlier with Reigns, Joe and Braun. Cole plugs the SummerSlam Fatal 4 Way with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.
- Renee is backstage with Jason Jordan to talk about tonight's debut. Jordan is grateful for the opportunity and since this is the first match since Kurt Angle was revealed to be his father, he realizes all eyes are on him. Jordan admits he has butterflies. Renee points out how Angle said the same thing earlier in their interview. Jordan says Angle being his dad is incredible but unbelievable at the same time. The man he grew up idolizing, his hero... turned out to be his father. Jordan goes on about a dream coming true and how he's overjoyed but right now he's focused on winning his first RAW match.
- We see Dean Ambrose backstage warming up. Seth Rollins is also there. He admits he's kind of excited about teaming up tonight. Rollins wants to come up with a gameplan but Ambrose isn't interested, he's just going out and doing what he does. Rollins says there are 3 guys they have to worry about tonight. Ambrose says Rollins has to worry about just 3 guys but he has to worry about 4. Ambrose walks off.
Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
We go to the ring and out first comes Bayley. The winner of his match will earn a shot at RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Bayley poses in the ring as we go to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes Sasha Banks. The bell rings but before they go at it, the music hits and out comes RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss for commentary. Back and forth to start. They trade moves and pin attempts. Bayley gets some offense going and covers for two straight pin attempts. Sasha cuts her off with a big slap to the chest. Bayley turns it back around and drops Sasha with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Bayley with more offense until Sasha sends her to the floor and we go back to commercial.
Back from the break and Sasha has control of Bayley in the middle of the ring. Bayley ends up driving Sasha face first into the mat to turn it around. They trade counters. Sasha drops Bayley with a knee. Sasha ends up hitting double knees to the back in the corner. Sasha goes on and applies the Banks Statement in the middle of the ring.
Bayley crawls for the bottom rope but Sasha pulls her back. Sasha is forced to change the hold but she still has control. Sasha blocks a Bayley-to-Bayley and nails a strike. They start brawling now. Sasha takes control and hits the double knees to the spine in the corner. Sasha comes off the top with double knees but Bayley moves. Bayley hits a running knee. Sasha hits a Shining Wizard and both go down as fans cheer.
Fans count as they both make it up before the 10 count. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Bayley stuns Sasha and takes her to the apron. Sasha connects with a kick and drops Bayley from the apron. Fans do dueling chants now. Bayley climbs up for a superplex on Sasha but Sasha resists. Sasha sends Bayley to the mat. Sasha hits the big Frogsplash and covers for a 2 count but Bayley turns that right into a pin of her own for the win.
Winner and New #1 Contender: Bayley
- After the match, Bliss looks on as Bayley recovers and starts smiling. We go to replays. We come back to Sasha looking at Bayley while are both still down on the mat. Bliss makes her way down to the ring from the announce desk. Bliss raises the title to Bayley as Bayley stands in the corner. They face off in the middle of the ring as Bliss keeps the title in the air. Bliss' music hits to end the segment.
- Still to come, The Miztourage vs. Ambrose and Rollins.
- Renee is backstage with Curt Hawkins for comments on the match with Jason Jordan. Hawkins is tired of hearing about Jordan all week and he doesn't care about Jordan. Hawkins is going to give us something else to talk about when he ruins Jordan's big RAW debut. Hawkins says everyone will be talking about him tomorrow.
- Cole leads us to a video package on Special Olympics athlete Cornell Gray. WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior interviews the multi-sport gold medalist. WE come back and see Cornell sitting at ringside for RAW. He gets a pop from the crowd and we go back to commercial.

Curt Hawkins vs. Jason Jordan
Back from the break and out comes Jason Jordan as Curt Hawkins waits in the ring. Jordan hits the ring and Hawkins hits him with a cheap shot before the bell. The referee checks to see if Jordan wants to continue and he's just fired up.
Jordan goes right to work and plants Hawkins on the mat. Jordan with big blows. Jordan keeps control and slams Hawkins again for another pin attempt. We see Kurt Angle backstage watching the match as Jordan continues to dominate Hawkins.
Hawkins tries to disrespect Jordan once again but Jordan manhandles him some more, dropping the straps after a belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan tosses Hawkins again, hitting a spear in the corner. Jordan with more offense before hitting a belly-to-back suplex and a neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: Jason Jordan
- After the match, Jordan stands tall as we go to replays.
- The announcers show us the recent happenings between The Revival and The Hardys. We see The Revival walking backstage. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and Charly Caruso is in the ring to introduce The Revival. She starts with a question but Scott Dawson cuts her off and dismisses her, saying he and Dash Wilder are professional enough to handle this on their own. They talk about how they're here to run the tag team division and how they sent teams like The New Day packing until the music interrupts and out come Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Anderson and Gallows trade words with Dawson and Wilder. The Club declares that The Revival are nerds as they hit the ring for a match.

The Revival vs. The Club
Dawson and Anderson start things off and go at it. Dawson turns it around and in comes Wilder. They work Anderson over and keep him in their corner.
Gallows finally gets the tag and stares down The Revival as he comes in. We see RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro backstage watching the match. Dawson goes at it with Gallows and beats him around. Dash tags in but Gallows clotheslines them both. Gallows fights off both opponents. Anderson comes in to help Gallows clear the ring with clotheslines over the top. Gallows and Anderson stand tall as we go to commercial.
More back and forth after the match. We see Cesaro & Sheamus backstage watching again. Gallows gets a hot tag and unloads on both opponents. It looks like we might get a Boot of Doom but The Revival uses a distraction to turn it back around. The music hits and out comes Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy to a pop.
Fans chant "delete!" as The Hardys appear. This still leads to The Revival taking advantage and hitting a Shatter Machine on Anderson for the pin.
Winners: The Revival
- After the match, The Revival stands tall until The Hardys run down and get the upperhand. It ends with Dash taking finishers from The Hardys. The Revival retreats as Matt and Jeff look on from the ring.
- The Miztourage is backstage getting riled up for tonight's main event. The Miz says they will prove that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are nothing but a box office bomb waiting to happen. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman plus Jason Jordan on MizTV is set for next week's RAW.
- We see rapper Wale sitting at ringside.
Handicap Match: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas
We go to the ring and out first comes Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins is out next. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz is out next with Maryse and his partners Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.
Ambrose starts off with Miz but Axel comes in. Ambrose works over Axel and takes control. Rollins comes in and keeps up the attack on Axel. We see Sheamus and Cesaro backstage watching. Bo comes in but Rollins keeps control and hits a big hip toss. Miz ends up coming in but Rollins fights him off. Ambrose and Rollins continue the teamwork and Miz can't believe it. We go to commercial with Ambrose and Rollins standing tall in the ring while their opponents are out on the floor.
Back from the break and Dallas takes Rollins down. Ambrose waits for the tag but Miz tags in first and stops Rollins. Miz talks trash to Ambrose while working over Rollins. Miz distracts the referee while his partners get cheap shots in.
Miz continues beating Rollins around while talking trash to Ambrose. Miz ends up hitting the backbreaker - neckbreaker combo for a 2 count. Axel tags in for a bit of double teaming on Rollins for a 2 count. Axel keeps Rollins down near their corner now. Ambrose and fans try to rally for Rollins but Axel nails a dropkick and talks some trash. Dallas tags in and drives a bunch of knees into Rollins for a 2 count. Bo with a right hand and more knees. Bo gets aggressive and is warned by the referee. Miz tags back in as the assault on Rollins continues in their corner.
Rollins fights out of the corner and decks all three opponents but Miz drops him with a DDT for a close 2 count as Maryse looks on. Ambrose yells at Rollins to try and get him back into the mat. Miz with the "yes!" kicks to Rollins now. Miz unloads with kicks but misses the last kick as Rollins rolls him for a 2 count. They collide in the middle of the ring and both go down.
Axel tags in and stops Rollins from tagging. Rollins drops Axel and avoids Bo. Ambrose finally gets the tag. He unloads on Axel and Bo. Ambrose knocks Miz off the apron. Ambrose leaps over the top and takes Miz out. Ambrose sends Miz into the timekeeper's area. Ambrose goes back in for a 2 count on Bo. Bo with a forearm. Ambrose bounces back with the big clothesline. Ambrose goes to the top and hits the elbow drop on Bo. Miz breaks the pin. Rollins sends Miz out of the ring. Axel pulls Rollins out of the ring and drives him into the barrier. Bo tags in Axel for some double teaming on Ambrose. Ambrose counters. Axel blocks Dirty Deeds. Miz tags in but Ambrose doesn't see it. Ambrose tosses Axel to the floor. Miz comes from behind with a Skull Crushing Finale on Ambrose for a 2 count as Rollins breaks the pin.
Bo runs in but Rollins sends him into the bottom rope. Rollins goes down. Miz and Ambrose are standing as the legal men now. Ambrose dumps Miz over the top. Ambrose and Rollins run the ropes at the same time and hit suicide dives on their opponents. Miz slid back into the ring and avoided the dives. Miz drops Ambrose with a DDT for a 2 count. Rollins comes off the top with the flying knee to Miz. Ambrose grabs a stunned Miz and hits Dirty Deeds for the pin.
Winners: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose
- After the match, Ambrose and Rollins stand tall as Ambrose's music hits. They celebrate a bit before embracing for a second. Rollins offers his fist for a Shield bump but Ambrose rolls out of the ring. Ambrose exits as Rollins looks on from the ring and RAW goes off the air.