Sunday, July 16, 2017

Backstage Rumors on Mae Young Classic Claims Officials Believe Some Competitors Are Not “Good Looking Enough” for WWE

– The Wrestling Observer has a news update on the Mae Young Classic tournament. The first two nights of the tournament were completed on Friday, July 14. The report notes that there are people in WWE that were unhappy with the tournament. The report notes that these are people “who believe that WWE women all have to be hot.” Take it for what it’s worth, but the report claims that the people who expressed this belief thought that a lot of the women in the tournament were not “good looking enough” to WWE’s usual standards.

Opinionated View- Well with any rumor you have to be careful don't be shocked if Dave just wanted/needed extra clicks. But also this wouldn't shock me as well pretty much since Trish Straus showed up WWE has been looking to have nothing outside of the super model look. Hell there were reports the company didn't want to call Charlotte up because she didn't have the right look. And since than we have seen Charlotte's look get glammed up a bit. 

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