Thursday, July 6, 2017

Spoilers For Thursday’s Impact Taping

Tyrus defeated Mahabali Shera
Dezmond Xavier defeated Braxton Sutter
Drago defeated Idris Abraham
Laurel Van Ness defeated Ava Storie
– LVN and Sienna attacked after the match, but Allie ran out and made the save with a kendo stick

Andrew Everett & Octagoncito defeated Davey Richards & Demus 3:16

LAX (Homicide, Santana & Ortiz) defeated Alberto Del Rio, Dos Caras & El Hijo De Dos Caras
– Low Ki came out and joined LAX, and his interference led to the win for LAX. Alberto ended up getting helped to the back.
Grado, Braxton Sutter & Suicide defeated KM, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara
– Grado pinned KM. He called Laurel Van Ness to the ring, and she came down with Joseph Park. Grado said last week they got interrupted, but he wants an answer this time. Grado proposes to her again, but Kongo Kong comes out and destroys him, but LVN stops Kong from hitting a top rope splash.
EC3 comes out and talks about how he’s the “grandest champion of all time” but he’s talking to the title itself the whole time. He says (to the belt) that they can get out of here and leaves through the crowd.
Sienna comes out and says she has a mystery opponent at Destination X, but she’s not leaving the ring until she finds out who it is, and calls Karen Jarrett to the ring. Karen says she doesn’t like Sienna and never has, but her opponent is always ready to go, and it’s Gail Kim. Gail comes out and says she not only plans on beating Sienna, but she will take the Knockouts Championship with her into retirement, and then they brawl.

Fantasma & Marufuji defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr
Kongo Kong defeated Grado & Joseph Park
– Kongo tries to splash Grado again but LVN stops him. Kongo goes to slam her but Tyrus comes out and stops it, and they have a staredown as LVN pulls Kongo away
Street Fight
LAX defeated Veterans Of War

– LAX won after help from the rest of the group. A kendo stick was said to fly in the crowd and hit a girl in the head, but she was fine after being checked on.
Super X Cup (Semifinals)
Taiji Ishimori defeated ACH

Lashley, Trevor Lee, & Low Ki defeated Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt, & Matt Sydal
– Low Ki pinned Sonjay Dutt

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