Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hardys Reportedly Not Close To Acquiring Broken Gimmick

– On Monday it was reported that Matt Hardy is reportedly very close to a deal with GFW for the rights to his Broken Universe gimmick. But now PWinsider (via, says that the word from backstage at GFW at the Impact tapings this week is that “it’s actually much closer to the opposite with the two sides remaining very much at odds.”

Opinionated View- I'm pretty sure Matt was the one saying he was close in kind of an effort to again make Global Force look bad when they deny it. I see the usual "They should just let the Hardy's have it" bull coming out.  Matt's "Broken Brilliance" got a lot of help from the people in than TNA/Impact Wrestling. And the gimmick started in TNA/Impact. End of the day it wouldn't really matter we know WWE would either not use it since they want to keep the Hardy's in retro mode or they would do some crappy watered down WWE version. 

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