Sunday, August 31, 2014

ROH TV Report: Alexander vs Elgin For ROH World TItle

Tonight’s show starts off with a video package showing War Machine and The Briscoes. Who is the tougher team? Jay says that he likes the name War Machine because that means they take everyone to war and they are up for the challenge.
We are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Steve ‘Pretzels from a grill’ Corino, Prince Nana, and Kevin ‘Rittenhouse Square’ Kelly.
Match Number One: Hanson and Raymond Rowe versus Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe
Rowe and Mark start things off and Rowe with a double leg take down. Mark has a kick blocked and Rowe tries to send him to the mat, but Mark flips and lands on his feet. Rowe with a waist lock take down. Rowe with a punch but Mark with a palm thrust. Rowe goes for the legs but Mark gets out of the way.
Jay and Hanson tag in. Jay with a side head lock and Hanson pushes him towards the corner. Hanson with punches but Jay with elbows and head butts. Mark tags in and he hits a splash in the corner. Mark with a kick to the head and punches. Hanson with an Irish whip and Mark floats over but Hanson with a side slam. Rowe tags back in and he connects with forearms. The referee pulls Rowe out of the corner.
Rowe with knees and a forearm to send Mark to the mat. Rowe with knees to the head followed by a punch. Rowe runs into a boot but Rowe fires back with a punch. Hanson and Rowe double team Mark when Mark goes after Hanson on the apron. Rowe with more punches but Mark with punches. Rowe with a knee and forearms as we go to commercial.
We are back and Mark with punches but Rowe with a knee and forearm. Mark with an Irish whip and Rowe floats over and connects with knees to send Mark into the corner. Hanson tags in and runs across the ring to get extra momentum for a bronco buster. Hanson gets a near fall and Jay breaks up the cover. Mark with punches and chops.
Jay tags in and he hits a clothesline on Hanson and gets a near fall. Rowe comes in and he has some words for Jay. Jay punches Hanson and Hanson with a cartwheel to avoid Jay. Jay avoids a clothesline and he hits Rowe on the apron while Mark punches Hanson. Jay with a headbutt, but Rowe comes in and hits a German suplex. Mark comes in and Rowe with a forearm. Mark with a cross body and both men go over the top rope to the floor.
Mark and Jay work over Rowe on the floor and Hanson with a suicide dive onto all three men. Hanson sends Mark into the ring but Mark with an enzuigiri that knocks Hanson off the apron and onto the table used by the ring announcer and timekeeper. Jay with a double stomp off the apron and the table breaks.
Rowe with a forearm to Jay and then Rowe with a double leg take down to Mark, even though they are not the legal men in the match. Rowe with a waist lock and he sends Mark into the corner. Mark with an Irish whip and Jay with a splash into the corner and then Mark with a clothesline as Jay sends Rowe towards his brother. Rowe with a Saito suplex to Mark and Jay with jabs but Rowe with forearms. Rowe with a forearm and Hanson with a forearm from the apron.
Jay gets pinballed between Hanson and Rowe until Hanson biels Jay over the top rope to the floor. Mark with a missile drop kick to Rowe. Mark lands on his feet on a back body drop attempt but Hanson with a clothesline to Mark.
From the floor, Jay throws a chair into the ring and it hits Hanson. Jay pulls Hanson to the floor and he sends him into the guardrails. Mark with a knee to Rowe from the apron. Hanson with an Irish whip to Jay that eventually sends him into the guardrails. The mats are pulled up and Hanson and Jay continue to exchange punches.
The referee gives up trying to control these four men so he calls for the bell.
No Contest
After the match, all four men continue their battle on the floor with Hanson and Jay brawling on one side of the ringside area and Mark and Rowe on the other. A table is set up on the floor by Mark and security makes its way to ringside to try to control things. The two teams are finally separated but Mark gets to the apron and so does Rowe. Mark charges at Rowe and Rowe catches Mark and sends him through the table with an uranage.
We go to commercial.
We are back with a message from Silas Young. He says that he is getting real tired of seeing these anti-bullying campaigns. If it wasn’t for bullying kids out of their lunch money, he wouldn’t have been able to put himself through college.
Match Number Two: Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas (with BJ Whitmer) versus Moose and RD Evans (with Veda Scott, Ramone, and The Sign)
Thomas and Moose start things off. Thomas spins away from Moose and applies a waist lock but Moose powers out of the hold. Thomas with kicks to the leg but Moose grabs Thomas by the throat and he tries for a choke slam but Thomas flips out of the hold. Moose with a drop kick and he pounds his chest. Evans emphatically wants to make the tag. Moose sends Thomas into the corner and Evans tags in.
Evan with punches but Thomas with an Irish whip and Evans does the Flair Flip to the apron. Evans with an elbow to Page and then he hits a shoulder from the apron and flips into the ring. Page comes into the ring and he connects with a clothesline and he punches Evans even if he is not the legal man in the match. Page puts Evans in the tree of woe and Thomas tags back in to the match where he is the legal man. Thomas with boots to the head while Evans is still in the tree of woe. Thomas with punches and Page tags in.
Page with a kick but Evans with punches. Page with a wrist clutch belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall. Page tries for a suplex but Evans lands on his feet and he tries for a backslide. Moose tags in and he connects with a shoulder tackle to Page and a head butt to Thomas. Moose pounds his chest before hitting a series of splashes into the corner. Moose with a flying head butt to Page and then he tries for a back drop on Thomas.
Thomas goes for a sunset flip but Moose does not go over and he picks up Thomas and sends him to the mat with a flapjack. Moose continues to pound his chest as he gets ready for a spear but Evans tags in before Moose takes Thomas down with the spear and Evans gets the three count.
Winners: RD Evans and Moose
After the match, Whitmer slaps Thomas and Page for their loss. Thomas and Page get in BJ’s face but Whitmer slaps them harder. Whitmer continues to yell at Page and Thomas and they back down.
We go to commercial.
We are back with information about All Star Extravaganza in Toronto in September. That show will be on iPPV and will feature Jay Briscoe versus Michael Elgin for the ROH World Title; The Young Bucks versus reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles in a two out of three falls match; ACH versus Jay Lethal for the ROH Television Title in a No Time Limit Match; AJ Styles will face Adam Cole; and Cedric Alexander will face Silas Young. Check out how to watch the show at the Ring of Honor website.
Nigel McGuinness has taken over for Prince Nana on commentary for this match.
Match Number Three: Cedric Alexander versus Michael Elgin for the ROH World Heavyweight Title
Alexander with a running drop kick into the corner and a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a waist lock and Elgin holds on to the ropes. Elgin goes for a crossface but Alexander with a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a waist lock and Elgin with a standing switch and Alexander with a rollup for another near fall. Alexander with a drop kick to the temple followed by punches.
Elgin and Alexander with forearms. Elgin pie faces Alexander but Alexander with a kick to the head. Alexander with a punch and Elgin bounces off the ropes for a forearm. Elgin with a boot but Alexander with a forearm. Elgin with knees to the midsection followed by a gutwrench to put Alexander on the turnbuckles. Elgin with running double knees into the back. Elgin signals for a running knee but Alexander with punches and forearms. Elgin trips Alexander and then misses a slingshot splash from the apron.
Alexander goes for a slingshot move and Elgin with a forearm. Elgin continues to hold his jaw and then he goes to the apron. Elgin tries for a belly-to-back suplex on the apron but Alexander gets into the ring and he drop kicks Elgin off the apron to the floor. Alexander goes for a dive to the floor but Elgin grabs the leg and pulls him to the floor and swings Alexander into the guardrail.
Elgin Irish whips Alexander into the guardrails and Alexander goes down. Elgin sends Alexander back first into the guardrails again. Elgin rolls Alexander back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Alexander with punches and forearms. Alexander holds his back and Elgin tells him to hit him again. Alexander with a forearm and Elgin spits at Alexander. Alexander with forearms and head butts. Alexander staggers into the corner and he chops Elgin.
Elgin with a boot to Alexander followed by a flying boot to the temple. Elgin tries for a delayed vertical suplex but Cedric with knees to the head. Alexander charges into the corner and Elgin goes for an uranage in the corner, but Alexander counters with an arm drag. Alexander gets Elgin on his shoulders but Elgin escapes and he goes for a tombstone but Alexander gets to the ropes. Elgin sends Alexander to the apron and Alexander with a slingshot Codebreaker but Alexander cannot capitalize on the situation.
Alexander with a forearm and Elgin fires back but Alexander pops up when Elgin connects with forearms. Alexander with control of the situation followed by a punch. Elgin follows after Alexander as he comes off the ropes but Alexander senses Elgin is behind him so he drops down and Elgin goes over the top rope to the floor.
Alexander sets for a dive but he sees Elgin get back to his feet so Alexander slows down and when Elgin goes for the feet, Alexander leaps over Elgin and goes to the apron. Alexander with a shoulder and he goes up and hits a springboard clothesline but he cannot make the cover due to the damage done to his back.
Alexander removes his elbow pad and Alexander with an elbow. Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. We go to commercial.
We go to commercial and Elgin with a side head lock. Elgin with forearms to the back of the neck but Alexander with an enzuigiri. Alexander misses a splash into the corner and then Elgin charges into the corner but he is met with a boot. Elgin grabs the legs and puts Cedric in the ropes and Elgin with a forearm to the back of the head.
Elgin picks up Alexander for a Splash Mountain Factor and gets a near fall. Elgin sets for a power bomb but Alexander backs Elgin into the corner. Alexander runs into the corner and Elgin gets his boot up. Alexander grabs the boot but Elgin with an enzuigiri. Elgin misses a lariat but Alexander hits a round kick off the turnbuckles. Alexander goes up top but Elgin with an uppercut to stop Cedric. Elgin chops Cedric and connects with a forearm. Elgin goes for a superplex but Alexander punches Elgin and head butts him to the mat. Alexander leaps over Elgin from the turnbuckles, but he appears to have tweaked his knee.
Elgin grabs the leg and he connects with elbows to the leg while Alexander connects with forearms. Alexander misses an enzuigiri and Elgin applies a Stretch Muffler. Alexander gets to the ropes and Elgin releases the hold. Alexander with elbows and he holds on to the ropes on an O’Connor Roll attempt. Alexander barely connects with the spinning heel kick but it is enough to send Elgin to the floor.
Alexander tries to get feeling back into his leg and he gets enough to hit a flip dive onto Elgin. Alexander goes up top and hits Shadows Over Hell and then he goes to the other side for a frog splash and he gets a near fall. Alexander is limping a bit more and he gets Elgin on his shoulder for a moment until Elgin connects with elbow. Elgin sets for a roaring elbow but Alexander with a forearm of his own.
Alexander runs into an elbow from Elgin. Elgin goes to the turnbuckles but Alexander with an enzuigiri and then Alexander gets Elgin on his shoulders but Elgin gets to his feet. Alexander gets Elgin up again and tries for Kick to Kill Part 2 but Elgin blocks it and he reapplies the Stretch Muffler. Alexander gets to the ropes.
Cedric kicks Elgin away but Elgin with a Yakuza Kick followed by a buckle bomb. Elgin goes for the spinning sit out power bomb but Alexander with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Alexander tries for a Boston Crab but it is more of a Liontamer. Elgin kicks Alexander in the head to get out of the hold.
Alexander goes for a running drop kick in the corner and Elgin ducks. Elgin gets Alexander on his shoulders and Elgin reapplies the Stretch Muffler. Elgin kicks Alexander in the back of the head and the referee stops the match.
Winner: Michael Elgin (by referee stoppage)
After the match, the referee checks on Alexander.
Elgin offers his hand to Alexander once Cedric gets back to his feet and they shake hands.
We go to credits.

WWE NXT Star Injured

WWE NXT star Solomon Crowe (the former Sami Callihan) was injured last night at a NXT event in Florida, suffering what he described as a "chip in my tibia" on Twitter.
According to one report we received, Crowe and Kalisto were wrestling NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension when Crowe performed a head scissors takedown and injured his leg. The match was stopped and Crowe was taken to a hospital locally for testing.
Crowe joked the injury was "such a great birthday present" on Twitter. There's no word on how long he'll be out of action as of this writing.

Ten Teams Now Official For CHIKARA’s 2014 King of Trios

- CHIKARA has announced that Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy and Princess Kimberlee (Lance Steel, Jolly Roger, Princess Kimberlee) is the tenth trio confirmed for the 2014 King of Trios. The 2014 King of Trios tournament is scheduled to take place September 19, 20, and 21 in Easton, Pennsylvania with the following teams official for the event…

  • The Spirit Squad (Mikey, Johnny, Kenny)
  • The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare)
  • Team UK (Damian Dunne, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews)
  • The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant, Worker Ant)
  • The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, Flex Rumblecrunch)
  • 3Peck0: (Archibald Peck, Shane Matthews, Scott Parker)
  • The GEKIDO: (The Shard, 17, Jigsaw)
  • The Golden Trio: (Icarus, Dasher Harfield, Mr. Touchdown)
  • Dr. Cube and The BDK: (Dr. Cube, Ares, Nøkken)
  • Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy and Princess Kimberlee: (Lance Steel, Jolly Roger, Princess Kimberlee)


    8/30 PWG BOLA Night Two results

    1. Candice LeRae beat Rich Swann in a first-round match
    2. Johnny Gargano over Chuck Taylor in a first-round match
    3. Ricochet pinned Chris Sabin in a first-round match
    4. ReDRagon defeated Drew Gulak and Biff Busick
    5. Matt Sydal over Chris Hero in a first-round match
    6. Zack Sabre, Jr. beat Adam Cole in a first-round match
    7. Kenny Omega pinned ACH in a first-round match
    8. The Young Bucks defeated Bad Influence

    Nine Teams Now Official For CHIKARA’s 2014 King of Trios Tournament

    - CHIKARA has announced that Dr. Cube and The BDK (Dr. Cube, Ares, Nøkken) is the ninth trio confirmed for the 2014 King of Trios. The 2014 King of Trios tournament is scheduled to take place September 19, 20, and 21 in Easton, Pennsylvania with the following teams official for the event…

  • The Spirit Squad (Mikey, Johnny, Kenny)
  • The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare)
  • Team UK (Damian Dunne, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews)
  • The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant, Worker Ant)
  • The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, Flex Rumblecrunch)
  • 3Peck0: (Archibald Peck, Shane Matthews, Scott Parker)
  • The GEKIDO: (The Shard, 17, Jigsaw)
  • The Golden Trio: (Icarus, Dasher Harfield, Mr. Touchdown)
  • Dr. Cube and The BDK: (Dr. Cube, Ares, Nøkken)


    Sinn Bodhi Provides New Update on The Health of Jake Roberts

    - Sinn Bodhi posted the following on his Facebook, giving the latest health update on Jake "The Snake" Roberts…

    UPDATE on Jake The Snake Roberts: Jake is NOT in a coma! Please don't believe crappy gossip... Jake still has Phnemonia. He is not getting enough oxygen so he has been sedated and put on a ventilator... (Sedated only because the procedure is painful). Doctors have to wait & see how he responds before they can continue with MRI & other tests as the Ventilator is inhibiting but nessecary... And until the Phnemonia is cleared up it is preventing Docs from seeing what the underlying problems are. Docs can only speculate on how long he will be in this state. #GetBetterJake You can leave Jake Get-well-messages on Twitter @JakeSnakeDDT

    Saturday, August 30, 2014

    Chris Jericho Working on New Comedy Central Series

    - Chris Jericho reportedly began filming a new digital series for Comedy Central, which is entitled Code5, recently. Jericho is playing a character named Officer Chance Blackstone. His character is said to be a loose cannon.

    The show was originally titled Team Tiger Awesome. Nick Mundy will play Jericho's partner in the series

    Opinionated View- Well here's hoping this show takes off so we don't have to see Jericho come back to have shitty matches that he clearly doesn't care about.

    Naomi Reveals She Recently Had Another Surgery

    For those who have been wondering why Naomi hasn't been on TV recently, she actually had some minor surgery stemming from her orbital bone fracture earlier this year. She wrote:

    To my fans-I had to have a minor procedure done to correct a problem from the orbital fracture, I'll be back with a whole new feel

    Opinionated View- Did anyone notice she was gone? Did anyone care?

    Konnan Released from Hospital Following Hip Replacement Surgery

    - Former WCW and TNA wrestler Konnan reportedly underwent successful hip replacement surgery last week. He was said to have been released from the hospital before the end of the weekend. 

    In addition, Konnan will reportedly be involved with the new AAA series on the El Rey Network. 

    Opinionated View- I try to never wish ill on anyone but I don't fell bad when some bad happens to Konnan. The guys is a jackass and if is working with AAA on the El Rey show than it's doomed to fail and I sure as hell won't watch it.

    8/30 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night Two Card

    -Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor in a BOLA tournament match.
    -Rich Swann vs. Candice LeRae in a BOLA tournament match.
    -Adam Cole vs. Zack Sabre Jr. in a BOLA tournament match.
    -Ricochet vs. Chris Sabin in a BOLA tournament match.
    -Chris Hero vs. Matt Sydal in a BOLA tournament match.
    -ACH vs. Kenny Omega in a BOLA tournament match.
    -Michael Elgin and Brian Cage vs. Biff Buscik and Drew Gulak.
    -Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. The Young Bucks.

    Bobby Lashley To Mis TNA One Night Only Tapings

    TNA Champion Lashley will be missing the upcoming One Night Only tapings on 9/5 and 9/6 as they conflict with his first MMA fight back for Bellator 123 on 9/5 in Uncasville, Connecticut. Lashley will be facing Josh Burns in his first fight back since November 2013. The fight will be airing live on Spike TV this Friday night.

    Jake Roberts Described As Having Brain Abnormality

    Kyle Magee, the lawyer, manager and roommate of WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts, wrote in a letter to Bill Apter that the mass discovered in the head of Roberts was described as a brain abnormality. Magee's theory is that the abnormality was a result of all the bumps Roberts had taken during his career.
    He did clarify that Roberts was not unconscious on his flight to Las Vegas and instead informed flight attendances that he was in severe pain and was having shortness of breath. Roberts was rushed to a hospital and then put into an induced coma. Magee also noted that Roberts had been sick for around a week and still wanted to do Sinn Bodhi's show in Las Vegas on Friday.
    Opinionated View- I also wouldn't rule out the fact Jake has abused drugs and alcohol for years. 

    PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2014 Results

    First Round:  TJ Perkins d. Bobby Fish by reversing the Fish Hook into a pin attempt
    First Round:  Roderick Strong d. Biff Busick via orange crush backbreaker
    First Round:  Trevor Lee d. Cedric Alexander via orange crush
    PWG Tag Team Titles: Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae (c) d. Rich Swann and Ricochet, Kazarian and Daniels when LeRae hits a reverse hurricanrana on Swann
    First Round:  Michael Elgin d. Tommaso Ciampa via lariat
    First Round:  AJ Styles d. Brian Myers via boston crab.  They were apparently going for the Styles Clash but had to readjust
    First Round:  PWG Champion Kyle O’Reilly d. Drew Gulak via cross armbreaker
    Main Event:  Kenny Omega, Chuck Taylor, and Zack Sabre, Jr. d. Adam Cole and the Young Bucks when Taylor hits the Awful Waffle on Cole.

    New Match Added to WWE Night of Champions

    WWE United States champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro has been added to the 9/21 WWE Night of Champions PPV in Nashville, TN.
    Already announced for the show is WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena in a Summerslam rematch.

    8/29 WWE Smackdown Report

  • Commentary officially welcomes up to the show and runs down what we'll see tonight.

    Seth Rollins vs. RVD

    Lock up, Rollins looks to take control as they go to the corner. RVD back with the thrust kick off the ropes, but Rollins hits a dropkick and RVD is down. Rollins with the slam to RVD and a cover gets 2. To the corner, and RVD hits hard and drops as Rollins mocks the RVD pose. Chinlock by Rollins, RVD fights to his feet, takes RVD to the corner, but eats a kick by RVD. Clotheslines by RVD, rolling thunder misses as Rollins rolls out of the way. RVD avoids the curb stomp and lands a spin kick to Rollins. Up top, RVD MISSES the frog splash. Enziguri by Rollins follows, and a cover gets 2. Rollins heads up top, but RVD cuts him off with a kick and then rights. RVD up with Rollins, rights follow and tries a superplex. Rollins rakes the eyes; sunset flip into the buckle bomb connects for Rollins. Rollins then hits another buckle bomb, and then finishes things with the curb stomp.

    OFFICIAL RESULTSeth Rollins @ 4:35 via pin
  • We see most of Raw's big interview segment with the Bella twins.

    Non-Title Match: Paige © vs. Emma

    Paige slams Emma down right away and skips around. Emma with a roll up for 2. Paige gets pissed and works over Emma, but Emma with a boot to the face and kick follows. Emma up top, but Paige pulls her off and makes her regret that decision. Scorpion cross lock and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULTPaige @ 1:00 via pin
  • AJ skips her way out with some chocolates in a heart shaped box for Paige. AJ creepily smiles at Paige, and says that every day in a special day and you should show your friends that you love them. She offers Paige some chocolates, but she refuses. AJ reminds her that they were friends and that Paige loved her. Paige doesn't appear impressed and AJ demands that she eats one. Paige takes one and eats it, or so it seems, because she spit it back into the box and left. How dare she do something so mean to AJ. Paige skips away as AJ eats chocolate.
  • Lana cuts a promo, mocking the crowd and praising Putin.

    Submission Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger

    Swagger gets the ankle lock early, but Rusev escapes to the ropes and to the floor. Rusev sells the ankle, and they brawl to the floor. Rusev battles back, slamming Swagger to the barricade a few times.

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial as Rusev is in control, working the ribs of Swagger. Swagger to the floor, Rusev with kicks, but Swagger catches him with the ankle lock again on the floor. Rusev tries to crawl into the ring and does to escape. Back into the ring, Swagger in control and works the bad leg of Rusev in the ropes. A big boot follows, and then the Swagger bomb follows, but it hurt Swagger's ribs. Rusev then applies the ankle lock, Swagger counters and reverses into another ankle lock. Rusev fights, gets the ropes but Swagger pulls him back into the center of the ring. Kicks by Rusev follows, Swagger misses the chop block and eats a superkick by Rusev. Rusev applies the accolade, and Swagger tries to fight for the ropes. Swagger fighting for all he's worth, and finally gets the ropes. Lana demands that Rusev finish Swagger, so he drags him back center ring and applies the accolade again. Swagger again tries to fight out, but a towel is thrown in to distract the ref. This allows Bo Dallas to trip up Swagger, who was about to escape the accolade, and Swagger then has to tap to Rusev.

    OFFICIAL RESULTRusev @ 8:35 via submission
  • Rusev and Lana celebrate in front of the giant Russian flag.
  • Dallas said it was a tough loss, and that he just saved Swagger from further embarrassment. He wouldn't have tossed in the towel if Swagger had just BO-lieved. He then hit the BO-dog on Swagger, and posed victoriously.
  • Miz discussed a deal with his agent on the phone. He noted that Reigns already had a match, so they wouldn't be having a trilogy fight tonight. Kane then appeared and ended Miz's call, noting that he is booked in a match tonight, with Sheamus. Kane then added, "love your work Miz, big fan!"
  • Goldust apologized pre-match for their actions on Raw, noting that the tag titles mean a lot to them and that they lost their cool. That seemed legit.

    Jimmy Uso w/Jey vs. Stardust w/Goldust

    Lock up, to the corner and a clean break. Jimmy follows with rights and chops, Stardust shoves him and then lands a kick and forearm strikes. To the corner, shoulder blocks by Stardust follow. Jimmy then gets a flash rollup and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULTJimmy Uso @ 1:00 via pin
  • Goldust and Stardust attacked post match and beat down the champions, tossing them to the floor after making sure to target the injured knee of Jey Uso. They need to find that cosmic key and chill.
  • Miz came out and explained that his face was a valuable commodity, and that Damien Sandow would be taking his place tonight. Sure.

    Non-Title Match: Sheamus © vs. Damien Sandow

    Miz tried to distract Sheamus, which allowed Sandow to attack and take early control. Forearms by Sandow, knees follow and then a back elbow as Sheamus came off the ropes. Sandow lays the boots to Sheamus, to the corner and Sheamus forest back with clotheslines and a slam. Sheamus hit the clubbing forearms in the ropes right in front of Miz, and then connects with white noise and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULTSheamus @ 1:45 via pin
  • Miz, who was on commentary, attacked Sheamus post match and then quickly tried to bail. Ziggler appeared and tossed him back into the ring. Sheamus tried the brogue kick, Miz escaped and Sandow ate it instead. Miz escaped through the crowd.
  • We got the see a video package to hype Cena vs. Lesnar at Night of Champions. Then we got a recap of the Hall of Fame forum from Raw.

    Roman Reigns, Big Show and Mark Henry vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray, Harper and Rowan)

    No bullshit, they have a big old stand off and then start clubbering and kicking ass. After some brawling, Rowan and Show start off, Big Show USES A SUNSET FLIP on Rowan and gets 2. That was not a joke. Anyway, Show controls Rowan, to the corner and tags in Reigns. Reigns works the arm a bit, tags in Henry and he lays the boots to Rowan. He works the arm, quick tag to Show and he looks for the shops but Rowan breaks it up and tags in Harper. Show quickly takes control, chops follow, and Show maintains his control. Big rights by Show in the corner, snap mare follows and then a basement dropkick. Show has apparently stolen Kane's moves since he's back to wearing a suit. Henry tags in, JYD head butt to Harper, to the corner and Henry connects with the splash. Harper is able to come back with the dropkick and then tags in Bray and they beat down Henry to take control of the match…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial as Rowan is working over Show, tag to Harper and elbow drops follow for him, mauling Show. Repeated kicks by Harper, and a cover gets 2. Front facelock by Harper, gator roll follows. Side headlock now by Harper, Show slowly works to his feet, punches to Harper to escape, but Show runs into a leg lariat from Harper. Wyatt tags in, DDT to Show follows and a cover gets 2. Tag to Rowan, running splash off the ropes and a cover gets 2. Neck crank by Rowan follows, Show again has to work to his feet, does and escapes for a moment, but Rowan slams him to the corner. Irish whip by Rowan, but a boot by Show stops him for a moment. Rowan back with a clothesline and he tags in Harper. Harper slows down Show with the headlock, but Show picks Harper up on his back and then connects with a side slam to break that up. Tag to Bray, stops Show from making a tag and then connects with clubbing rights. Corner clothesline by Bray, goes for another but Show hits a clothesline and BOTH men are down. Tags to Harper and Reigns. Reigns with the super hot tag, runs wild and lands offense on everyone. Clothesline to Harper, corner clothesline and uppercut follows. Running dropkick on the floor follows, takes out Bray and then Superman punch for Harper, that gets 2 as Rowan makes the save. Choekslam by Show to Rowan, bray makes the save, Slam by Henry on Wyatt and Harper with big boots to Reigns and Henry, he covers Reigns for 2. Harper looks for the spinning clothesline, but Reigns hits the spear and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULTRoman Reigns, Big Show and Mark Henry @ 14:53 via pin
  • The faces celebrate.
  • End scene.
  • Thanks for reading.

  • Friday, August 29, 2014

    Ok everyone as Spike keeps trying to promote crap like Ink Master it's up to us to remind them they need to renew #TNA #IMPACTonSPIKE

    (310) 907-2400

    TNA Announces First Names For Bound For Glory

    TNA sent out the following.

    TNA Wrestling's Bound for Glory Pay-Per-View

    Korakuen Hall
    Tokyo Japan

    First Names Announced for Bound For Glory! Tickets on Sale This Weekend!

    One of TNA's most anticipated events of the year is just around the corner! Bound For Glory will take place on October 12 at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo!

    Tickets go on sale THIS WEEKEND at the Korakuen Hall Box Office during the scheduled show from Wrestle-1!

    Additionally, the following names have been announced for the event:

    Samoa Joe
    James Storm
    The Great Sanada
    Davey Richards
    Eddie Edwards
    And more to be announced soon!

    Plus Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame

    For the first time ever, TNA broadcasts from the Land of the Rising Sun! Get your tickets this weekend and don't miss Bound For Glory on Pay-Per-View on October 12!

    Dean Ambrose's New Movie To Finish Shooting Before Night of Champions

    Dean Ambrose could end up working WWE Night of Champions, as the filming for the WWE Studios film Lockdown (which he stars in) will finish the day before the PPV event. Ambrose is also scheduled for the RAW and Smackdown shows after the PPV.

    Card for Tonight's PWG Battle of LA Night 1

    -Brian Cage vs. Bobby Fish in a BOLA tournament match.

    -Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee in a BOLA tournament match.

    -Biff Busick vs. Roderick Strong in a BOLA tournament match.

    -Tommaso Ciampa vs. Michael Elgin in a BOLA tournament match.

    -Brian Myers vs. AJ Styles in a BOLA tournament match.

    -Drew Gulak vs. Kyle O'Reilly in a BOLA tournament match.

    -The Young Bucks and Adam Cole vs. Kenny Omega, Chuck Taylor, and Zack Sabre Jr.

    -Ricochet and Rch Swann vs. Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in a three-way tag match.

    8/28 WWE NXT Results

    We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.
    NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. 2 No-Name Jobbers
    It is not even announced what local guys are facing the Ascension. Konnor starts and hits a hiptoss and a shoulder tackle. Viktor in, double shoulder tackle by the Ascension. Viktor with a series of chops & uppercuts, followed by a standing backdrop. Viktor sends the one jobber into the other, causing it to be a tag.
    Konnor in, Fall of Man by the Ascension for the win.
    Winners: NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension by pinfall (The Fall of Man)
    Afterwards, Viktor has a mic and says in one week's time, our new #1 Contenders will be decided, but will they really be contenders, or just more victims? At NXT Takeover, it will be no different than each and every other day. Konnor says it will be total anni-YAHHH-lation. We will RISE!!
    Back from commercial, ring announcer Jojo welcomes the new General Manager of NXT..........William Regal! Regal's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Crowd chants for Regal.
    Regal has a mic and says that he has been fortunate enough to be here at Full Sail since the beginning of NXT and it truly is a privilege to be named the new General Manager. So as my first act as General Manager, I would like to announce that on September 11, the special only on the WWE Network, NXT Takeover, your main event contested for the NXT Title, I would like to announce the challenger, so the champion, Adrian Neville, could you please join us?
    Adrian Neville's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Neville congrats Regal and says that as a fellow Englishman, it makes me very proud to see you as the new NXT GM. However unfortunately, I'm not just out here for niceities, I'm here to ask you a question and that question is, who's next? Regal says that having bestowed upon him the title of General Manager, I had to think long and hard. But on September 11 at NXT Takeover, your opponent will be...........
    All of a sudden, Tyson Kidd's music hits and he makes his way to the ring, acting like it is he that Regal is gonna pick for the title shot. Kidd says to Regal that he graciously accepts and I'm honored and humbled to be the #1 Contender to the NXT Title. At NXT Takeover on September 11, it is a FACT I will leave with the NXT Title around my waist.
    All of a sudden, Tyler Breeze's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Breeze says to Regal, are you serious? This "uggo?" This "uggo" doesn't deserve a title shot. In fact, every single person deserves a title shot ahead of him, including his wife. Kidd gets in Breeze's face.
    Sami Zayn's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Zayn says that Breeze is not right about a lot of things, but he is right about one thing, there are people more qualified and more deserving than Kidd and more than Breeze, you're looking at him, its Sami Zayn. Neville says for everyone to calm down. Everyone is giving their opinion, let me give my own. I know who I want to face at Takeover, I'd like to face Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze and you, Sami Zayn, because this is NXT and I'm Adrian Neville, so I'll face each and every single of you at the same time, what do you say, Mr. Regal? Regal says that it wasn't exactly what he was thinking of, but on September 11 at Takeover, Adrian Neville, you will face Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn in a Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Title.
    Back from commercial, we go backstage as Veronica Lane interviews NXT GM William Regal. Regal says that tonight, he made the announcement of the main event at Takeover on September 11 and you know that sometimes, good ideas get put right on your doorstep. So I thought, what could I do for tonight? So tonight, in the main event, it will be a tag team match. On one side of the ring, it will be Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze and on the other side, Sami Zayn and NXT Champion Adrian Neville.
    "The Boss" Sasha Banks vs. "Its" Bayley
    Sasha comes out to new music. "Bayley's gonna hug you" chants by the crowd. Sasha piefaces and slaps Bayley early. Bayley drives Sasha into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the ribs. Sasha sends Bayley onto the apron and sends her into the turnbuckles. Back in, Sasha gains a nearfall. Commentary mentions Sasha working at Madison Square Garden a month ago. Sasha places Bayley across the middle rope and hits double knees to the ribs. Sasha then places Bayley across the bottom rope and hits a double stomp for a nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied by Sasha, crowd wills on Bayley. Bayley gets to her feet, but Sasha drives her back down. Sasha unloads with back clubs, then drives Bayley's face repeatedly into the mat. Sasha gains another nearfall. Bayley fights back, but Sasha with another back club. Sasha chokes Bayley with her foot in the corner. Sasha then walks across Bayley's back in the ropes. Sasha presses her foot against the back of Bayley's head. Sasha gains another nearfall. Bayley comes back with a big forearm.
    Sasha goes off Bayley's blind side, but Bayley catches her with the Belly-to-Bayley for the win.
    Winner: "Its" Bayley by pinfall (Belly-to-Bayley)
    Afterwards, Renee Young interviews Bayley and mentions that she will be challenging Charlotte for the NXT Women's Title at Takeover on September 11. Bayley says that winning the NXT Women's Title isn't something she is dreaming about, it is something she is prepared for. When you're a kid and you have a poster of a kitten hanging from a branch and it says, "Hang in there," that's me. I've hung in NXT and I've trained and prepared, I'm gonna turn this dream into a reality and beat Charlotte to become the new NXT Women's Champion.
    All of a sudden, Charlotte's music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Charlotte says to Bayley to look at the tears in her eyes, being the NXT Women's Champion is a huge responsibility and an honor, then tells the crowd to "shut up." Charlotte says Bayley is too nice, if I saw a cat or a kitten in a tree, I'd knock it out and say "Oops, life's tough, welcome to reality." I'm telling you now to give up before you embrass yourself. Bayley tells Charlotte to look at her, you are obviously not taking me as a threat and I'm coming after you for that title and I'm gonna win. Charlotte says for Bayley to stick to hugs before I destroy you. Bayley says that she is not going anywhere and I don't even want to hug, I just want to wish you good luck. Bayley extends her hand, but Charlotte walks away and leaves the ring. Charlotte says she warned Bayley and leaves.
    "The New York Nightmare" Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins
    Before the match, Bull cuts a inset promo. Bull says to Mojo Rawley that its not a game, this is real life. You can stay hyped all you want, but to me, all you are is hype and when you come face-to-face with the Wrecking Ball, you're not gonna need a doctor, you're gonna need a priest and last thing you're gonna hear is "Bull, Bull, Bull."
    Bull with a knee to the ribs and a back club to Dawkins early. Series of gut shots by Bull in the corner, followed by a series of back elbows. Dawkins tries for a Sunset Flip, but Bull with a butt drop for a nearfall. Series of elbow drops by Bull for a nearfall. Big kneelift by Bull, followed by a kneedrop. Bull stomps away at Dawkins and chokes him with his boot. Dawkins fights back, but Bull with a back club, then pulls at Dawkins' face. Dawkins fights back again, but Bull with another back club and goes to the face again. Elbow to the back and a knee to the ribs by Bull. Series of gut shots by Bull in the corner, but Dawkins fights back with left hands, followed by an elbow to the top of the head.
    Dawkins goes for a crossbody, but Bull catches him and hits the Bulldozer for the win.
    Winner: "The New York Nightmare" Bull Dempsey by pinfall (The Bulldozer)
    Bull celebrates his win afterward.
    Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews the Legionaires, who are laughing about what they did to Enzo Amore last week. Sylvester LeFort says if anyone saw the look on that greaseball's face? Marcus Louis says it was a disgusting piece of American filth. LeFort says that the biggest joke is that he wants to face me in a Hair vs. Hair match. Louis says Enzo is a slob and that is why on behalf of my partner here, I'm proud to say we accept that match. Be hair or be square! LeFort doesn't seem too happy about this and the Legionaires talk to each other in French, then leave.
    Main Event: Tyson Kidd & "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn & NXT Champion "The Man That Gravity Forgot" Adrian Neville
    Neville & Breeze start. Neville backs Breeze into the ropes, Breeze works over Neville's arm. Neville uses his agility to reverse out and take Breeze down. Zayn in, back club to Breeze. Neville in, double sledge to Breeze. Zayn in, double stomp off the top to Breeze's back for a 1 count. Zayn works over Breeze's arm, followed by an inverted atomic drop. Zayn clotheslines Breeze to the outside. Kidd comes in, but Zayn with an inverted atomic drop. Neville in as Zayn with a front slam, then gets on all fours. Neville climbs up Zayn's back and springs off, hitting Kidd with a corkscrew moonsault! "That was awesome" chants by the crowd. Neville gets Breeze back in and gets a 1 count. Breeze drives Neville into his corner. Kidd in, unloads with stomps to Neville in the corner. Elbow to the back of Neville's head, then Neville is sent onto the apron. Neville goes for an enziguri, but Kidd blocks it and hits one of his own. The ref backs Kidd up, but it allows Breeze to superkick Neville from the apron, knocking Neville down. Kidd gets a nearfall. Kidd with a snapmare and a Victim Kick to Neville. Breeze tags in as we go to commercial.
    Back from commercial as Breeze sends Neville into his corner. Kidd in as Breeze places Neville in the Tree of Woe, then Kidd goes outside and pulls at Neville's head. Back in, Kidd with a series of knees and a dropkick to Neville while Neville is trapped in the Tree of Woe. Kidd releases Neville from the ropes and gains a nearfall. Chinlock applied by Kidd, crowd wills on Neville. Neville counters out with a back suplex. Breeze in and stops Neville from tagging Zayn. Breeze with a gut kick and a kneedrop to Neville for a nearfall. Breeze with elbows to the top of Neville's head, gains another nearfall. Front chancery applied by Breeze, crowd wills on Neville. Neville gets to his feet, but Breeze with a knee to the ribs. Kidd in, chest kick to Neville. Kidd stomps away at Neville and chokes him with his boot. Kidd charges in, but Neville catches him with a dropkick to the knees. Zayn in, 2 clotheslines to Kidd. Kidd goes for a flapjack, but Zayn counters it with a dropkick. Zayn brings Breeze in the hard way, then catches Kidd with a back elbow. Zayn springs to the top and wipes out both Breeze & Kidd with a crossbody. Power Driver by Zayn to Kidd for a nearfall. "OLE" chant for Zayn. Zayn goes for the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Kidd blocks it with elbows. Kidd with a Spinning Fisherman for a nearfall. Breeze in, but Zayn catches him charging in with an Exploder into the turnbuckles! Neville in, springboard dropkick to Breeze, followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Kidd breaks up the pin. Kidd knocks Zayn off the apron, but Neville avoids a double team and sends Kidd onto the apron. Breeze charges in, but Neville avoids him and Breeze accidentally knocks Kidd off the apron! Neville with an O'Connor Roll on Breeze for a nearfall. Neville with a head kick to Breeze, then heads up top for Red Arrow, but Breeze crotches him. Zayn charges in, going for the OLE Kick on Breeze, but Breeze ducks and Zayn accidentally hits Neville, knocking him off the turnbuckles! Zayn is upset about kicking his own partner and Kidd tags himself in. Breeze is unhappy about this, so Kidd shoves Breeze right into the Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn.
    Kidd throws Zayn outside and pins the fallen Neville for the win.
    Winners: Tyson Kidd & "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze by pinfall
    Afterwards, Zayn gets back in and lays out Kidd with the OLE Kick in the corner. Zayn stands tall in the ring, then goes over and grabs the NXT Title belt. Zayn stands tall, looking down at the NXT Title belt in his hand as the show closes.

    8/29 WWE Smackdown Preview

  • Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
  • Seth Rollins vs. RVD
  • Non-Title Match: Paige © vs. Emma
  • Rusev vs. Jack Swagger
  • Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust
  • Non-Title Match: Sheamus © vs. Damien Sandow

    Jake Roberts Now Awake

    Jake Roberts is now awake and talking with his friends and family. He has been diagnosed with double pneumonia and as DDP had said earlier today there is a mass in his skull. Doctors are trying to diagnose it

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    Everyone its that time where I once again call for you to tell Spike that they must renew #TNA #IMPACTonSPIKE. Guys we can make a difference show Spike and Viacom how foolish it would be to give up the best show on Spike

    Phone (310) 907-2400

    Jake Roberts Health Update

    WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts is currently hospitalized in an ICU unit of a Las Vegas hospital, can confirm.
    Roberts collapsed on a flight traveling to Vegas for an appearance for a show being promoted by Sinn "Kizarny" Bodhi this weekend and was removed from the flight via ambulance when it arrived in Vegas as the crew was unable to revive him.

    Roberts had been very ill over the last week, believed to be double pneumonia but blew off going to the doctor before getting on his flight.

    As of this writing, he has still yet to regain consciousness and is technically in a coma. Bodhi has been with Roberts at the hospital.

    Obviously, we wish Roberts and his family nothing but the best during this time.

    Talent Concerned About Contracts Offered by Lucha Undergound Series

    PWInsider has confirmed a previous report that John Hennigan, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Richochet and others have been offered contracts for the Lucha Underground series being produced by El Rey. The site reports that the contracts being offered are a point of concern, as they are vaguely worded and would require talent to be exclusive to the series for up to "seven series cycles." It isn't clear what "series cycles" means, depending on how long each season goes and if it follows a traditional season format, that could be as long as seven years.

    There are several other issues raised by the talent, including that there is no specific number of guaranteed appearances on the series. If they are prevented from competing elsewhere, obviously this could be a major issue for them. The wording would prevent them from working not only national TV promotions, but indie dates if Lucha Underground didn't clear them. The site notes that the impression is that it would be the case even if they weren't doing the same characters as on Lucha Underground. Clearing every indy date isn't particularly feasible and so there appears to be a misunderstanding at the show level of how indy booking really works.

    Because of the length of the contracts, it also means that they are not structured in a way to provide for raises from season to season which has talent concerned about the commitment length. There is also a no-compete clause that is said to be longer than WWE's ninety-day period and is also unpaid (as opposed to WWE's paid one). They call for talent to work publicity days without pay and with no cap on how many they might have to do.

    Several prospective talent have met with Andre Verdun, who worked on Wrestling Society X for MTV and is now a lawyer. Verdun is representing several of the talent and is trying to negotiate deals that give El Ray what they want in terms of talent while protecting the wrestlers. The show is currently set for taping dates on the following in Los Angeles:

    September 6th
    September 7th
    September 13th
    September 14th
    September 27th
    September 28th
    October 4th
    October 5th
    October 18th
    October 19th
    October 25th
    October 26th

    Opinionated View- This just sounds really unrealistic. If I'm say Richochet who makes pretty good money doing DGUSA/EVOVLE why would I jeopardize for a project that may or may not last. Also why close the door on getting any chance to go to WWE or TNA for several years. I could get doing what TNA used to do saying "You can't work TV dates." Or something but this just doesn't seem that they understand how wrestling works.

    8/27 Impact Wrestling Viewership

    Last night's 8/27 TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV drew 928,000 viewers. This is up from last week's show that drew only 852,000 viewers in the company's first show on Wednesday nights.

    Opinionated View- Well up is always good. The problem is anytime you change nights it will break people's habits of watching  show. Give it time and TNA should be back to where it was. If freaking Spike keeps promoting the show correctly.

    Update on Why WWE Rushed the Network Into Canada

    The WWE launched the WWE Network in Canada, and since the launch, many subscribers have been upset with the lack of Video OnDemand content and the overall Network. 

    WWE and Rogers Communication made the decision together to include a small amount of Video OnDemand at the launch. Word is that the whole process was rushed because the WWE wanted to increase the Network subscriber numbers quickly before the end of the year.

    Opinionated View- Classic short term thinking. You may raise numbers by the end of the year. How ever a number of people might get upset and than not renew. Also you might have people that could have joined down the line that are now saying "not going to do it. Doesn't sound worth it."

    The Latest On Smackdown's Move To Thursday Nights

    There will likely be several changes made to WWE's schedule if Smackdown moves to Thursday nights, although WWE hasn't made any official announcements yet. 

    International airings of Smackdown will also change. The episodes that air in Canada will also move to Thursday night. Australia and the UK, who previously got the show almost a day earlier than the US, would have to wait until it airs here. It would be impossible for WWE to send it out any earlier due to needing time to edit the broadcast. 

    WWE Network shows like NXT, Superstars and seasons two of Legends House would likely move to Wednesday in new timeslots. NXT and Superstars had been airing earlier on Thursdays for the past two weeks, which could mean that WWE is already preparing for the Smackdown move.