Friday, June 30, 2017

Championship rematch set for Smackdown

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan announced on Twitter on Friday that a Smackdown Women’s Championship rematch is set for next Tuesday night.
This comes a week after Naomi successfully defended her title against Lana for a second time. The storyline is that Lana had her shoulder up during the pinfall.

Impact Wrestling Rebranding as Global Force Wrestling

The Tenneseean reports that the company is killing off the Impact Wrestling name and is rebranding to Global Force Wrestling. Impact officially bought the rights to GFW earlier in the week now that GFW founder Jeff Jarrett had come back to power in Impact and the plan is to use the GFW name going forward.
GFW’s weekly PopTV television show will continue to be called “Impact,” the last legacy of a company that began as TNA in 2002 under Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. Anthem Sports remains the owner of the company and the offices for the company will remain in Nashville, Tennesee.
“We’re a global brand,” Jarrett told the site regarding the decision to rebrand. “We have partnerships in Mexico, Japan, other places. Collectively coming together, we’ve combined forces and basically the rebrand final touches happen (on Sunday) at ‘Slammiversary.'”
President Ed Nordholm said the decision to rebrand was due to the “turnoff” that the TNA name caused in terms of marketing partners due to the sexual connotations, and that the name was damaged due to all of the negative media coverage.
Jarrett and Nordholm said that the plan is to continue to expand internationally, with broadcast and streaming deals in the work in both India and the UK. All of this happens ahead of Slammiversary this weekend. Nordholm noted that the recent tour to India was huge for the company, noting, “In the aftermath, we had more visitors to our YouTube visitors from India than from the United States.”
Nordholm added that the company is developing an on-demand streaming service, similar to the WWE Network, in order to monetize their library. An app has already launched with part of the library available. “The objective is to make that our own video on-demand hub,” Nordholm said.
“When Anthem got involved we saw a rare opportunity to get involved with an asset that already had global distribution,” Nordholm said. “It’s a 3,500-hour library, broadcast in 120 countries, existing distribution contracts in India, Africa and now the United Kingdom. The timeline to take a ground zero promotion to that kind of penetration was 15 years. The work now is to fix some things.”

Opinioned View- I really don't get this. They just rebranded as Impact Wrestling fully earlier this year. And of course I'm already seen the usual morons taking there shots. That said I'll keep watching.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

6/29 IMPACT Wresting Report

The show opens with a video teaser building up to this Sunday's Slammiversary pay-per-view. In the video, several Impact talents talk about how Slammiversary will be a milestone event for the company.

Josh Mathews intros the show from inside Stage 7. He cues to footage of four combined contract signings for Slammiversary, that took place earlier in the night. Bruce Prichard and other Impact execs are on hand for these joint contract signings. The first set of footage is for Rosemary and Sienna, who are set to take on one another sunday in a unification match. The next contract signing shown is for The Full Metal Mayhem match between former partners in the Wolves, as Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards team with their wives against each other. Richards signs the contract and asks his "brother" to kill him because if he doesn't, he is going to bury Edwards and his wife. The opening five minutes of Impact can be seen in the video below.

The contract signings continue. Next up is James Storm and EC3, heading into their strap match at Slammiversary. Ethan Carter says that he has to eliminate Storm from Impact Wrestling because he is a Carter and the company needs him. James Storm tells Ethan that his family better not be watching Sunday because he is going to beat him bloody with the strap...... The final footage from the Slammiversary contract signings is for the main event, where Bobby Lashley will meet Alberto El Patron in a unification world title bout, where The Impact and GFW Heavyweight Championships will be on the line. Lashley runs down Alberto, which leads to Patron challenging Bobby to a fight on tonight's show. Bruce Prichard interjects and books an 8 man tag team main event. One team will be consist of Alberto teaming with Storm, Eddie Edwards and Mahabali Shera. The other team is headed by Lashley and he will be teaming with EC3, Davey Richards and Kongo Kong. The videos for all of these contract signings are below.

When Impact returns from it's first break. Kongo Kong is shown walking the streets and scaring the people of Mumbai, India..... Footage is then shown of Swoggle and Rockstar Spud prepping backstage for a Mumbai Streetfight later tonight.... Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash are now together at the broadcast area. Mathews trash talks JB about what is going to happen to him sunday. Borash tries to stay professional and hypes tonight's Impact.... This is followed by a video teaser for Sunday's X division title match between Low-Ki and the current champ Sonjay Dutt. The two will face off in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Slammiversary.

X Division Tag Team Match
Low-Ki & Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal
This is Dutt's first televised match as The X division champion.... The crowd in India is firmly behind Dutt, as he kicks things off with Trevor Lee. Early on, Dutt takes control with a hurricanrana. He then tags in Matt Sydal, who grounds Lee and goes to work on his left arm. Lee is double teamed for the next couple of minutes. He eventually escapes and tags in Low-Ki. The former X division champ briefly takes control of the match but Sydal rallies, and with help from Sonjay. They both take to the air and hit dual standing moonsaults on Low-Ki and Lee, as the show heads to break..... When the action returns, The heels are now in control. Low-Ki gets Sydal in an abdominal stretch. Borash mentions on commentary that Low-Ki was in the first ever match of this company on June 19th 2002. Sydal tries to break out of the stretch but ends up eating a standing double foot stomp. Trevor Lee is back in and connects with a neck breaker. The heels then isolate Sydal and double team him in their corner. Sydal eventually rallies and makes the hot tag to Sonjay Dutt. He goes after both Lee and Low-Ki. Sonjay gets a close fall on Trevor after springboarding off of Low-Ki and hitting Trevor with a tornado DDT. Trevor Lee fights back with a stiff forearm to the champ and Low-Ki is tagged in to go toe to toe with Dutt. Low-Ki momentarily gets the advantage on Sonjay but he ends up tagging in Matt Sydal. Lee is back in and he gets knocked down. When Sydal sets up for his shooting star press off the top, Low-Ki tries to push him off but Sonjay intercepts Low-Ki before he can do it. Sydal hits his signature shooting star and pins Trevor Lee.
Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal defeat Low-Ki & Trevor Lee

Next on Impact, a video airs profiling former NFL Star Running Back DeAngelo Williams. In the video, Williams has a sit down interview, where he talks about his love for the wrestling business. Clips are shown of DeAngelo in training for his match this sunday at Slammiversary. This is followed by what is labeled as a training video. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are shown in India during the video.

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. The Mumbai Cats
Simply a showcase match for Drake and Adonis, before they team sunday against Moose and DeAngelo Williams. Eli and Adonis dominate the action. They have several opportunities to end the match quickly and refuse to do so. After a couple of minutes of this, Drake puts the Cats out of their misery and hits the Eli Bomb to get the win.
Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeat The Mumbai Cats

After the break, Borash and Mathews talk about the announcement that King Mo would be in the corner of Bobby Lashley during his Slammiversary world title match. It was also announced earlier this week that Alberto El Patron's father Dos Caras would be in his corner Sunday.
Mumbai Street Fight
Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle
The referee for this fight is a little person named Suduq Kumar. Spud and Swoggle battle on the ramp way and Swoggle ends up blinding Spud with powder. More odd weapons involved as Swoggle throws golf balls at Spud. Rockstar fights back with a trash can. Spud drags Swoggle to ringside and sets up a table. Spud tries to suplex Swoggle onto the table from the apron but he ends up getting bitten. Swoggle then attempts to push Spud off the apron and onto the table but is unable to do so. Spud gets back into the ring and grounds Swoggle. He then takes a mic and tells Swoggle that this is a business for big men. Spud slaps Swoggle after every insult, he throws his way. Spud then admits that he originally meant to pull his pants down when this all started. When Spud continues his aggression, the ref tries to step in. Referee Suduq? Kumar then shoves Spud down to the mat. Spud responds to this by pulling the ref's pants off to reveal his underwear. Mathews says that Kumar has half the country of Mumbai in his underwear......Swoggle recovers and teams up with the ref to double team Spud. Rockstar ends up getting pantsed and then hoisted up and hit with a doomsday device. Swoggle then brings Spud to the apron and samoan drops him through the table at ringside. This enables Swoggle to cover Spud and secure the victory.
Swoggle defeats Rockstar Spud

This week's JB-Joseph Park training video airs. Borash ends up handing Park an Abyss doll. He tells him to go find his inner monster..... After the break, A Slammiversary video airs with Alberto El Patron. He talks about his background and history in Lucha Libre and the wrestling business.
Sienna, Laurel Van Ness & KM vs. Rosemary, Allie & Braxton Sutter
Allie goes after Laurel Van Ness early on. Laurel retreats and tags in KM. Mixed tag rules mean that Sutter must come into the match. Km ends up hitting a full nelson slam on Sutter. He follows that up with a gut wrench suplex. Sutter battles back and lands an exploder suplex on KM. Laurel is tagged back in, Rosemary follows suit and takes the fight to Van Ness. She hits a great looking suplex, Sienna runs in and breaks up the count. All 6 competitors end up in the ring brawling. Sutter leaps onto KM on the outside. Laurel hits a cutter on Rosemary. Allie grabs Laurel and hits a Death Valley Driver. Sienna knocks down Allie from behind. When she attempts to double up on Rosemary, Laurel ends up getting spewed with green mist as Sienna gets out of the way. Allie is back up and she hits a code breaker on Sienna. This leaves Laurel alone and Rosemary secures the victory for her team by hitting The Red Wedding.
Rosemary, Allie & Braxton Sutter defeat Sienna, Laurel Van Ness & KM

During the victory celebration. Rosemary pats both Allie and Braxton on the head and thanks them for a job well done...... We return to The JB-Joseph Park training video. Park is staring at The Abyss doll JB gave him. When he sits back to consider Borash telling him to find the inner monster. Joseph Park has flashbacks of Abyss's past matches. Park then pulls out "Janice" and crushes a Scott Steiner doll with it.

When the show returns, Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews run down the pay-per-view card for 'Slammiversary XV'. This leads to a 5 minute video hype package for the main event of the pay per view between Lashley and Alberto. It details their recent history against one another.

Bobby Lashley, EC3, Davey Richards & Kongo Kong vs. Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards & Mahabali Shera
Ethan Carter is still going by the name of "E Singh 3" for this final match in India..... Shera gets attacked when he decides to get in the ring before his partners are introduced. The 4 heels beat down Mahabali. He gets splashed by Kongo in the corner and then Davey Richards double foot stomps a steel chair into him... Shera's partners rush into the ring to aid him, as the show heads to break. With Shera suffering injuries, this is now a 4 on 3 match when the show returns. EC3 ends up mockingly doing the Shera dance. When Lashley gets inside the ring. JB mentions on commentary how Lashley tried to recruit his former WrestleMania pal Donald Trump through social media for Sunday's Slammiversary pay-per-view...

After some seesaw action back and forth between the two teams. Alberto, Eddie Edwards and James Storm gain the advantage and all take turns beating down on EC3. Carter ends up getting away by raking Edwards in the eyes, Kongo Kong is tagged in and goes to work on Eddie. He's soon followed by Eddie's former partner Davey Richards. The two ex wolves go at it for awhile and Davey comes out on top. Storm is in and he gets cornered. EC3 comes in to beat on his rival. Storm battles back with a sling blade and tags in Edwards. He hits a flurry of moves on Carter. When Edwards tries to bounce off the ropes, Richards strikes him from the apron and EC3 clotheslines Edwards down to the mat, as the show heads to it's final break.
When Impact returns, Lashley has hoisted up Eddie Edwards for a delayed vertical suplex. He flips Alberto the bird while executing the move. Edwards is sent to the outside and roughed up by Davey Richards. Edwards gets isolated and beat down for the next few minutes. He eventually escapes the heels and tags in Alberto but referee Brian Hebner misses the tag, so Edwards takes more punishment. Eddie escapes the clutches and tries to tag in one of his partners but the heels pull Eddie's partners off the apron to prevent the tag. Richards and EC3 double team Edwards but he battles back with a double hurricanrana. Just then Mahabali Shera returns to help his team and he is tagged in. He ends up hitting a double clothesline on Richards and Carter. Shera gets Richards up on his shoulders but Lashley comes into the ring. Shera ends up slamming Lashley and then slamming Kongo Kong. A potential pinfall by Shera is broken up when Lashley makes the save. Lashley picks up Shera but Mahabali blind tags Alberto. Shera and El Patron then team up against Kong and Lashley. They hit an assisted double foot stomp on Kong and Alberto covers and pins him for the victory.
Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Mahabali Shera & Eddie Edwards defeat Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Kongo Kong & Davey Richards

The show ends with Jeremy Borash plugging Slammiversary one last time.

Pro Wrestling NOAH stars to appear at Slammiversary this Sunday night

Impact Wrestling announced on Thursday morning that Pro Wrestling NOAH stars Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori will be appearing at the Slammiversary PPV this Sunday night in Orlando, Florida to take part in a four way tag team match with the GFW and Impact Tag Team Championships up for grabs.
It was announced earlier this week that AAA stars Drago and El Hijo del Fantasma would also be taking part in the match this Sunday night featuring current GFW and Impact Tag Team Champions LAX. A third team is slated to be announced before Sunday.
You can check out the full press release below.
Pro Wrestling NOAH stars Naomichi Marufuji, Taiji Ishimuri Look To Shine In The Impact Zone
NASHVILLE  – GFW/IMPACT Wrestling, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., announced today that it will bring two superstars from Tokyo-based Pro Wrestling NOAH to participate in Slammiversary 15 on July 2, a live pay-per-view filmed in The Impact Zone on the backlot at Universal Studios Florida.
Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori will team up to battle for the GFW/IMPACT Tag-Team Championship belts, now held by the Latin American Xchange (LAX).
El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago, two stars from Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico, also will compete in the 4-way match for the GFW/IMPACT Wrestling Tag-Team Championship.  The final participants in the championship match will be Garza Jr., and Laredo Kid, representing Mexico-based The Crash.
Marufuji has competed in multiple promotions during his illustrious career, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Ring of Honor.  He is a former three-time GHC Heavyweight Champion, and the only man to win Junior Heavyweight Championships in all three major Japanese promotions.
Ishimori holds the distinction of being the longest-reigning GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion for Pro Wrestling NOAH.  He has been wrestling professionally since 2002, is one of the best high-flying wrestlers, and has been a singles and tag-team champion.
“It’s an honor to welcome Marufuji and Ishimori to The Impact Zone.  I know the fans will be awestruck with what these two can do inside the six-sided ring,” said Jeff Jarrett, who is the founder of GFW/IMPACT Wrestling and now serves as the company’s Chief Creative Officer.
“Bringing Marufuji and Ishimori to Slammiversary is just the next step in this long-term relationship with unlimited potential between GFW/Impact Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH,” said Scott D’Amore, Vice-President of International Relations for GFW/IMPACT Wrestling.  “I’m confident that the two companies will have a wide-ranging talent-exchange, and the ultimate goal is co-branded shows with GFW/Impact Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH.”

Impact Wrestling Preview

Impact Wrestling returns to Pop TV tonight on June 29, 2017.
Tonight’s show, the final taped episode from India, will be the go home show for the Slammiversary PPV this Sunday night live in Orlando, Florida. is only advertising a tag team match featuring Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. The Mumbai Cats.

6/28 WWE NXT Report

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”
We open up with a video package hyping the Last Woman Standing match for the Women’s Championship, as Asuka defends one more time against Nikki Cross! With that, the NXT intro brings us to a packed crowd at Full Sail as commentary hypes the main event. We’re introduced by Nigel to the newest member of the announce team, Mauro Ranallo, who furthers drives home the hype for tonight’s main event as Asuka defends her Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing match! Back at ringside, the Velveteen Dream makes his way to the ring for tonight’s opening match. Out next is Hoho Lun, and this match is underway!

The Velveteen Dream vs. Hoho Lun

Both men lock up, but Dream quickly gets out of it. They lock up again and Lun has Dream for just a moment before Dream takes him to the corner. Another lock up, and this time Dream has Lun in a headlock as Lun tries to get out. He reverses to a hammerlock before going against the ropes, hitting Dream with a kick and some chops before Dream stops him with a boot to the gut. Lun hits some more offense but Dream stops him before climbing up top to hit a big elbow drop for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Velveteen Dream

Dream celebrates in the ring as we get a replay from the match. Commentary hypes the main event Last Woman Standing match before we go to earlier today, as Asuka is interviewed about her match. A nonplussed Asuka says she’s confident, but is interrupted by Nikki Cross throwing herself on the windshield, banging on the glass to get the champ’s attention! Asuka leaves the car to confront Cross as security intervenes. Commentary addresses this as we see Asuka warming up for her match backstage. We go back to three weeks ago during a match between Oney Lorcan and Hideo Itami, who hit three GTS’s in anger on Lorcan. Up next, these two men face off once again!

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We go backstage in William Regal’s office, where the NXT General Manager announces to the Authors of Pain that Heavy Machinery is worthy of contending for the Tag Team Championship. So, in two weeks it will literally be the biggest match in NXT history as the Authors of Pain defends the titles against Heavy Machinery. Tucker says that the Authors are big, and they might not even need a second meal after. Otis agrees, and they leave as Paul Ellering asks William Regal what Jurassic cocoon he found those guys in. Regal admits that Heavy Machinery are very strange, but they’re very formidable opponents…and if I were you, I’d get well prepared. Ellering and the Authors leave the office as we go back to ringside, as Hideo Itami makes his way to the ring for the next match. Out next is Oney Lorcan, and this match is underway!

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Oney starts off right away, launching himself at Itami to hit a European uppercut that sends Itami to the corner. Lorcan with another uppercut followed by some hard chops on Itami in the corner, waiting for Itami as he appears to be dazed as the ref checks on him. Itami is cut open and a medical team is checking on him now, trying to clean him up and take care of his nose. The ref is forced to call the bell due to Itami being unable to compete!

Winner: No Contest (ref stoppage)

The officials assist Itami out of the ring, but he walks up the ramp on his own looking very upset on the stage before walking to the back. Oney stands in the ring, also upset at what went down before leaving the ring. Commentary hypes the NXT Championship match as Bobby Roode defends against Roderick Strong. We go to a video package highlighting Roderick Strong, leading into the speech he gave a couple weeks ago that was interrupted by the champion himself, who tells Strong not to play the Bobby Roode lottery because he won’t win. We then see the altercation between the two men at a photoshoot for the champion, and end with Roddy promising he will be NXT Champion. Back at ringside, Hideo Itami heads back to the ring demanding a restart on his match with Oney Lorcan, who heads down to the ring to get this match started again!

Match Restarted
Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

As the bell rings, Itami hits Lorcan hard with a running Yakuza kick! He follows up with some hard kicks to Lorcan in the corner, before setting him up on the top rope and leaping off the top turnbuckle, hitting a knee to the back of Lorcan’s head! Kick to the spine of Lorcan, but Lorcan fights back in the corner before climbing the turnbuckle…only for Itami to knock Lorcan off, sending him crashing to the floor as we go to break.

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Back from break, Lorcan is fighting back with all he has as he hits a couple uppercuts and a running neckbreaker for a nearfall. Hideo is in the corner as Lorcan continues to go to work on him. The ref checks on Itami before keeping Lorcan away, giving Itami a chance to kick him in the leg before going for the GTS, but Lorcan gets away only to be hit hard by Itami, who leaps off with a diving clothesline for a nearfall. Itami calls for the end, but Lorcan stops him with a couple forearms before he’s lifted up for the GTS. Lorcan gets out of it, but appears to have tweaked his knee and the ref checks on him. Lorcan refuses to let the match end, slapping Itami which angers him as he lifts Lorcan up for the GTS to pick up the win!

Winner via pinfall: Hideo Itami

Itami acknowledges his win as we get replays from the match. He gets a microphone, asking Kassius Ohno to come out to which Ohno obliges. Ohno enters the ring, and they talk off-mic until Nikki shows up on the apron, yelling at them before Dain and Wolfe show up to decimate both men. Wolfe grabs the microphone, addressing the forced friendships and other pleasantries of NXT. We have to end all these lies, but the best way we do that…Dain answers “chaos,” to which Wolfe agrees. Wolfe talks about Eric Young working on his master plan, and Wolfe can’t wait for it. But as for tonight, the first note will be played for her…pointing to Nikki Cross, who tells Dain and Wolfe to leave as commentary hypes the main event, a Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women’s Championship, coming up next!

Back from the break, commentary hypes the NXT Championship match for next week. Back at ringside, Cross sits in the corner waiting for her opponent in our main event. The NXT Women’s Champion herself, Asuka, makes her way down the ring now. We get ring introductions for the challenger and champion and this main event is underway!

Last Woman Standing Match
NXT Women’s Championship
Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross

Both women circle the ring before locking up, but to no effect on either woman. They lock up again, and Asuka misses a kick. Cross gets the champ into the corner, but Asuka turns things around with a flurry of offense on Cross. Reversal on the Irish whip and Cross hits a cross body, swinging on the champ. Asuka sends Cross out of the ring, but Cross catches her into the apron skirt to unload some more rights and lefts on the champ. Cross goes around the ring, grabbing some chairs from under the ring as we go to break.
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Back from break, Asuka tries to suplex Cross onto the pile of chairs but is whipped into the steel steps by the challenger. The ref begins to count, but only gets to a count of 3 as Cross grabs the champ…only for Asuka to whip Cross into the other set of steps! The ref counts, ending at 5 as Cross gets to her feet. Asuka bounces her head off the steps before throwing her back into the ring. Asuka reaches under the ring, pulling out a trashcan and bringing it into the ring. She sets it over Cross’s body before hitting her with some hard kicks…and then climbs up to the top, hitting a missile dropkick right onto Cross! The ref begins to count, getting to 8 before Cross finally makes it to her feet. Asuka kicks her a couple times before leaving the ring, bringing in more chairs before Cross grabs one, pulling it and sending the champ into the barricade. Cross jumps off the apron, right into a knee by Asuka who grabs some more chairs. We get an announcement for Itami and Ohno teaming up against Wolfe and Dain as Asuka and Cross are on the apron now…and Cross hits an inverted DDT on the champ right onto the apron! Ref begins the count but the champ is back up at 5 as Cross sets up a pile of chairs. Cross with another flurry of offense on the champ, setting her up on the pile before climbing…but the champ catches her, hitting a spinning heel kick before sending Cross right into the pile of chairs! Cross blocks the champ’s further offense to send her into the pile with a back body drop! Ref starts the count on both women as they make it back to their feet before we go to break.
– AD: Strong vs Roode for the NXT Championship, next week on NXT! –
Back from break, Asuka is in control with some hard kicks on Cross. Cross responds with a laugh, a smile, and a neckbreaker on the champ. Cross goes for another but is blocked, but hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker as she waits for the champ to try to get up. Asuka gets up, which only means bad news as Cross hits FOUR more of these! Ref counts as Cross goes out of the ring to retrieve the title. Ref gets to 9 before Asuka gets up, blocking a belt shot to the skull by Cross with a kick that sends the belt right on the jaw of Cross! Ref counts, and gets to 4 before Cross is back up…only for Asuka to hit a spinning back kick! Ref with another count, and Cross uses the ropes to beat the count at 8! Asuka charges at Cross, who hangs her up on the ropes. Asuka comes to quickly, looking to send Cross into the pile of chairs outside…but Nikki blocks it, hitting a powerbomb that sends the champ onto the chairs! Ref begins the count as Cross gets to the apron. Once again Asuka is up at the count of 9, much to the chagrin of Cross. Both women on the ramp now, and Cross gets knocked off the ramp with a forearm by the champ who leaps off the ramp with a hip attack on Cross! Ref begins the count, and Cross is back up at 8 as she heads toward the announce table. Asuka goes for a kick, but hits a light post. Cross sets the champ up on a guardrail, hitting a spinning neckbreaker that drives the champ into the floor! Ref begins the count, but Asuka just barely gets up after the count of 9. Cross is yelling in anger as she grabs Asuka, who hits a spinning backfist on Cross. Cross responds with a ladder shot to the gut, and the ref’s count is interrupted as Cross continues to do more damage on the champ. Ref count gets to 5 as Cross grabs her, bouncing her onto a table. Cross grabs a ladder, setting it up before hitting Asuka again. Cross finishes setting the ladder up before setting Asuka up on the table. Cross climbs the ladder, but is stopped by Asuka, who climbs up the ladder as well. Both women are at the top of the ladder, and Asuka suplexes Cross off the ladder into the announce table! Both women are down as the ref begins to count, and Asuka just barely gets to her feet at the count of 10! Cross is still down, so the ref calls for the bell and Asuka has picked up the win by a nose!

Winner via knockout and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka

Asuka celebrates with the title as we get replays of the match. The champ raises her title up high, standing tall as the show comes to a close.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Matt Cappotelli’s Brain Tumor Has Returned

According to, former WWE Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli has been informed that the brain tumor he had removed 10 years ago has come back. His wife issued the following update…
“Waiting to be taken for my MRI and get prepared for my second brain surgery tomorrow. Just found out that the tumor that I had removed 10 years ago has come back much more aggressively and needs to be dealt with. It’s a very large tumor and there is a portion that is inoperable. The portion that they are hoping to remove will be sent for pathology, which will determine what exactly we are dealing with and provide insight on future treatment plans and the next steps for the inoperable portion in my brain stem. #John9:1-3”

LaVar Plas Changed For Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there were further plans with the Ball family on Raw but they got scrapped after LaMelo Ball dropped a racial slur during the Miz TV segment. According to the site, the original plan was to have LaVar, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball sit at ringside for the six-man tag team match that followed the segment but after what was referred to as a “train wreck” of a segment, the decision was made to take them to the back while Dean Ambrose came out early to try and bring the segment back.
The site also notes that Vince McMahon was “baffled” about the N-word drop, with Kevin Dunn reportedly “absolutely losing his mind” backstage.

Opinionated View- Well you have only yourselves to blame WWE you brought the village idiot in. LaVar  acts like a moron when he's not on wrestling shows. So it's not shocking he would think "Wrasslin is all about being crazy" and act like he did. Also you have a kid a live mic big shock it didn't go well.

WWE NXT Preview

Advertised for tonight’s WWE NXT episode is Asuka defending the NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing match.
WWE is also teasing what is next for Kassius Ohno and Hideo Itami.

Impact Wrestling officially acquires Global Force Wrestling

Anthem Sports and Entertainment issued the following press release on Wednesday announcing that Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions (a subsidiary of Anthem) has officially entered an agreement to acquire Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion.
The release also notes that Jarrett will be joining Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions as a member of the board of managers, equity owner and Chief Creative Officer. It was revealed back in April that a merger was to begin taking place between Impact and GFW when the new regime was brought in to rebrand the company.
GFW was launched back in April of 2014 after Jarrett had departed TNA. The company would go on to present a series of live events in 2015 including TV tapings in Las Vegas. GFW was never able to acquire any sort of a TV or licensing deal to release the footage and continued making partnerships with wrestling promotions to co-promote.
Jarrett would then make a surprise return to TNA in 2015 to take part in the Slammiversary PPV and get the opportunity to promote GFW. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Anthem had acquired Impact and restructured the management staff including pushing out Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan and reintroducing Jarrett to the fold.
You can check out the full press release below.

IMPACT Wrestling Acquires Global Force Wrestling

NASHVILLE | TORONTO – Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions LLC, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. and parent company of IMPACT Wrestling, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Global Force Entertainment, LLC d/b/a Global Force Wrestling.
Jeff Jarrett, the founder of both IMPACT Wrestling and Global Force Entertainment, will join Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions as a member of its board of managers, equity owner and Chief Creative Officer.
“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Anthem as a partner to build the business,” said Karen Jarrett. “This partnership will be complementary of our strengths and bolster our capabilities to grow the IMPACT Wrestling brand. Ed Nordholm as President and Jeff Jarrett as Chief Creative Officer make a great tag team”
“We are excited by the progress we have made with IMPACT Wrestling since acquiring the business in January,” said Ed Nordholm, president of Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions. “Jeff and his team have been instrumental in this success and we are pleased that we have reached an agreement on the basis of which we can combine our businesses to continue to grow. Slammiversary XV will be a fitting occasion to bring the promotions together and merge the titles under the new IMPACT combined belts. By combining our resources and talent, we can produce the best product for our global audience.”
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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer to honor Impact Wrestling at TV taping

Impact Wrestling issued a press release on Tuesday announcing that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will be appearing at an Impact Wrestling taping on July 5 at Universal Studios following Slammiversary and presenting a proclamation to the company.
Mayor Dyer will be declaring Wednesday, July 5, 2017 as “Impact Wrestling Day” in Orlando. He will also serve as a guest ring announcer for two matches.
You can check out the full release below.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Bringing Proclamation to The Impact Zone – And He’s Also Going to Work During Taping for IMPACT on Pop TV

Nashville / Orlando (June 27, 2017) – To honor the 15-year anniversary of IMPACT Wrestling, a subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., the City of Orlando has declared Wednesday, July 5, 2017, as “IMPACT WRESTLING DAY IN ORLANDO.”
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will present a proclamation honoring IMPACT Wrestling before taping begins July 5 for a future episode of IMPACT on Pop TV. IMPACT has filmed most of its weekly, two-hour TV show over the past 15 years on the backlot at Universal Studios Florida, dubbed The Impact Zone.
This is the first time Mayor Dyer has attended an IMPACT Wrestling show – and he’s not just attending in a mayoral role. Mayor Dyer also will serve as the “Special Ring Announcer” for two matches.
“Orlando is already known worldwide as an epicenter for entertainment, and as we have worked to diversify our economy, growing our sports-based industries has been a strong focus,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. “Blending both entertainment and sports, IMPACT Wrestling is the exact type of event we’d like to continue hosting in Orlando. We are grateful to IMPACT Wresting for its commitment to, and investment in, the City of Orlando and look forward to IMPACT’s next 15 years of growth in our community.”
Jeff Jarrett is the founder of IMPACT Wrestling and now serves as the company’s Chief Creative Officer. He said IMPACT has been a “labor of love” since day one, and now to be honored by Mayor Dyer and the City of Orlando, “is one of the biggest accomplishments in IMPACT Wrestling history.”
IMPACT Wrestling presents Slammiversary 15 on July 2 at The Impact Zone, a pay-per-view extravaganza that will bring a standing room-only crowd to Orlando. IMPACT on Pop TV will then be filmed July 3-6 for episodes to air over the next month or so.
Bobby Lashley, the reigning IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, is one of the biggest stars in pro wrestling and also has ventured into mixed martial-arts. His opponent at Slammiversary is second-generation wrestling favorite Alberto El Patron, who has achieved crossover popularity in the U.S. and his native Mexico.
IMPACT Wrestling will return to Orlando through the end of the year as its primary production home. IMPACT’s budget in Orlando, which includes lodging, local vendors, and all other aspects of production, exceeds $7.5 million annually.
“We are so honored to be recognized by Mayor Dyer and the City of Orlando,” said Ed Nordholm, President of IMPACT Wrestling. “The City of Orlando is like a second home to many of our team. We’ve spent so many nights in Orlando over the years, most of us have our favorite restaurants – and the staff at those venues know our orders once we arrive.”

6/27 WWE 205 Live Report

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are shown backstage. Swann tells Akira that tonight is a big night for him because he has Neville in the main event. Titus O'Neill interrupts the conversation singing his "Cha Cha Cha Ching" song. Titus tells Swann that he has the potential to be a part of The Titus Brand but he needs to fix his hair because he doesn't look like The Weekend. After Swann leaves, Titus presents Akira with a contract to join his brand. Akira doesn't show any interest but Titus treats it as if Tozawa is negotiation for a new deal. Titus offers to up the money offer for Akira by introducing Akira themed towel merchandise. When Tozawa doesn't respond to O'Neill's latest offer. Titus tells Akira that he will give him some time to think about it and that he will present him with an offer next Monday on Raw.

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann are shown backstage. Swann tells Akira that tonight is a big night for him because he has Neville in the main event. Titus O'Neill interrupts the conversation singing his "Cha Cha Cha Ching" song. Titus tells Swann that he has the potential to be a part of The Titus Brand but he needs to fix his hair because he doesn't look like The Weekend. After Swann leaves, Titus presents Akira with a contract to join his brand. Akira doesn't show any interest but Titus treats it as if Tozawa is negotiation for a new deal. Titus offers to up the money offer for Akira by introducing Akira themed towel merchandise. When Tozawa doesn't respond to O'Neill's latest offer. Titus tells Akira that he will give him some time to think about it and that he will present him with an offer next Monday on Raw.

Tony Nese defeats Jack Gallagher by pinfall

Noam Dar is backstage. He's got his girlfriend Alicia Fox on facetime again this week. Dar is trying to reassure her that they should forget about Cedric Alexander and move on. Alexander shows up and tells Dar that he is sick of having to say every week that he is over Dar and Fox. Noam tells Cedric that he should just quit 205 Live altogether. Dar says this while Alicia is ranting and raving in the background. Noam ends up asking Cedric if he knows how to fish because he is going to have fish his bag out of the bottom of the river. Cedric looks puzzled, walks away briefly and then returns with his own bag. He tells Noam, "You mean this bag?". Dar is upset when Cedric leaves. It turns out Alicia gave him the wrong info on what Cedric's bag looks like. Ariya Daivari happens to walk in the ring and he asks Noam if he has seen his bag. Daivari says that it was a gift from his father and that they are only two of them in the whole world, and that it costs 15 thousand dollars. Noam walks away as Ariya starts asking others for help.....
Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali
A video of the history between these two airs before Gulak and Ali square off.... On his way to the ring, Drew tries to sell Ali on partnering up with his campaign and installing a No Fly Zone stipulation in this match. Mustafa Ali answers by taking to the air with a twisting corkscrew plancha on Gulak. Drew Gulak turns things around and grounds Ali when he pushes him off the top rope with Mustafa crashing to the outside floor. Gulak goes to work on and eventually gets him in an abdominal stretch. Gulak controls the majority of the match and trash talks Ali throughout. Ali eventually rallies, he misses a high risk move and gets caught by Drew Gulak but Ali then rolls up Gulak suddenly in a cradle and pins him.
Mustafa Ali defeats Drew Gulak by pinfall

Jack Gallagher is walking backstage. He is approached by Austin Aries. Austin thanks Jack for standing up for him, despite his loss tonight against Tony Nese. Austin talks about how they both haven't had much success lately using the gentlemanly approach. Austin suggests that he and Gallagher take the same approach that the likes of Neville and TJP have. Gallagher doesn't seem to be too keen on the idea. Aries talks about their similarities and suggests a loose affiliation between them. Gallagher shakes hands and agrees to form this partnership.

Highlights are then shown of what has taken place recently between Neville and Rich Swann, including Neville's recent attack on Swann..... Rich Swann is backstage and is approached by TJP. Perkins tells Swann that he didn't appreciate Swann questioning his recent antics of late. TJP tells Rich that he was trying to get in his head before his big title match last week with Neville. Swann tells TJP that he wasn't trying to mess with him, that they have been friends for a long time and that he was sincerely concerned for him. Perkins buys Swann's explanation and wishes him luck.
Akira Tozawa makes his way to ringside to watch the main event.
205 Live Main Event
Neville vs. Rich Swann
Neville controls the early portion of the match. Swann battles back with a drop kick, that sends Neville to the floor. Rich then grounds Neville with a side head lock. He actually gets him down to the mat by yanking Neville by his ears. The pace of the match picks up and Swann takes down Neville with head scissors, followed by a drop kick. Neville tries to buy himself some time but Swann tries not to let up. He attempts to run full speed at Neville but he gets grounded by a double axe handle. Neville then takes Swann to the top to set up for a superplex. Rich battles back and pushes Neville off, but he lands on his feet. Both men battle back to the top rope. Neville gets bounced to the outside floor. Swann then flies over the top rope and somersaults onto Neville.
When the action returns to the ring, Rich Swann attempts a rolling thunder but Neville lifts up his knees at the last moment. The Cruiserweight Champ re-takes control and throws Swann into the ringside barricade twice on opposite ends. The battle continues on the outside, Swann tries to fight back but ends up getting slammed into the broadcast table.
When Swann gets back into the ring, Neviile is perched on the top rope, waiting to fly onto a crawling Swann, who ends up collapsing. Neville gets down from the ropes and starts to stalk Swann. Rich fires up when Neville grabs him by the hair. He hits a great looking superkick on Neville. Both men start trading strikes and Swann wins the exchange and it leads to a near pinfall.
Moments later with the crowd getting into it, Swann hits a leaping clothesline and after an offensive flurry, gets a near pinfall on Neville. Swann then heads to the top but Neville tries to stop him from leaping. Swann knocks down Neville and leaps off with the phoenix splash but he misses. Neville clamps on The Rings of Saturn and is eventually forced to submit.
Neville defeats Rich Swann by submission

The show ends with Neville staring down Akira Tozawa at ringside after obtaining the victory.

6/27 WWE Smackdown Report

Tonight's WWE SmackDown opens with a video package to hype the main event. We're live from San Diego, California as we see the Money In the Bank briefcase hanging above the ring. Tom Phillips welcomes us and he's joined by Byron Saxton and JBL.
- We go right to the ring and out comes SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan to a big pop.
Fans chant "yes!" and Bryan's name. Bryan talks about how he's proud of the women's division and then plugs tonight's two matches - Lana vs. SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi and the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Bryan goes on about the main event but the music interrupts and out comes Carmella with James Ellsworth. Fans boo them. Carmella says this is more like the land of injustice, not the land of opportunity. She talks about being unjustly stripped of the briefcase last week and says she won the match fair & square.
Carmella goes on about how she was done wrong. Bryan asks fans if he should cancel the match and give Carmella the briefcase or if they should have the match tonight. A "yes!" chant starts up at the last option. Ellsworth tells everyone to shut up with the chants. They make him sick. Ellsworth says the fans are the villains here because they control this stupid puppet Bryan. Ellsworth says Bryan takes pleasure in humiliating his homegirl. An "Ellsworth sucks" chant starts up. Ellsworth says Bryan is just as pathetic as the fans. Ellsworth used to look up to Bryan as a man but now when he looks at him he doesn't see a man, he only sees a gutless, spineless coward that has no grapefruits to cut it in the ring anymore so he made up some injury. Bryan says he probably should just fire Ellsworth but tonight it's not about Ellsworth, it's about the real Superstars of SmackDown. Bryan knows he said last week Ellsworth would be banned from ringside tonight but he takes that back. Ellsworth will be banned from the entire arena instead. Bryan calls for security to come out. Carmella says Ellsworth didn't mean it. She begs Bryan to change his mind. Security comes out to a pop. Ellsworth tries to run but they grab him and drag him away as Carmella screams. Ellsworth breaks free and goes for the timekeeper's area but they grab him again. He tries to go through the crowd again but security finally carries him away to the back.
Bryan sincerely wishes Carmella good luck in tonight's main event. Bryan's music hits and he leaves Carmella looking down.
- Still to come, Lana vs. Naomi and Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn. We see The Hype Bros backstage walking. We go to commercial.
The Hype Bros vs. The Usos
Back from the break and out comes The Hype Bros. They will become the new #1 contenders if they win this non-title match. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos are out next.
Zack Ryder starts off with Jimmy Uso and takes control early on. Ryder with a flapjack for a 2 count. Mojo tags in for a bit of double teaming. Jey Uso gets the tag and chops Mojo a few times but it just hypes him up. Mojo comes off the ropes with a shoulder and then clotheslines Uso over the top. Ryder tags in and Mojo launches him out of the ring onto Uso. Ryder brings Uso back into the ring but Uso nails an enziguri after a distraction from his brother, sending Ryder out to the floor. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Jimmy goes to the top and nails a big splash for the pin and the awkward finish.
Winners: The Usos
- After the match, The Usos stand tall with the titles but music interrupts and out comes The New Day. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E hit the ring and face off with the champs. Woods says they're proud of The Usos for actually winning a match without running away. Big E says they want the gold and at Battleground, they're coming for The Usos. The Usos say they've already beat The New Day. They rhyme about The New Day and accept the challenge for Battleground. The New Day responds with shots of their own to end the segment.
- We see Tamina Snuka backstage warming up. Still to come tonight, Lana vs. Naomi with the title on the line. Breezango and The Fashion Files are up next. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and we get a promo for John Cena's return to SmackDown next week.
- Tom talks about The Ascension and Breezango, leading us to another edition of The Fashion Files. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are apparently interrogating Konnor and Viktor. They deny attacking Breezango and say they were only at Money In the Bank because they wanted a spot on the card. Breeze and Fandango go to their office and see it's been destroyed again but this time The Ascension were still in the interrogation room. The mystery continues.
- We see Natalya backstage warming up for the main event.
SmackDown Women's Title Match: Lana vs. Naomi
We go to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes Lana. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. Lana attacks from behind as Greg is introducing Naomi. The referee checks on Naomi and we get the bell.
Lana attacks and hits her sitdown finisher for a close 2 count. Lana yells out and shows frustration. Naomi drops Lana with a kick and drags her to the corner for the split-legged moonsault. Naomi hits it and covers for the quick win.
Winner: Naomi
- After the match, Naomi stands tall and raises the title as her music hits. She taunts Lana by dusting her own boots off. Lana looks on from the mat as Naomi celebrates and we go to replays. We come back to Lana throwing a fit as Naomi makes her exit.
- Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Becky Lynch for comments on tonight's main event. Becky says thankfully Daniel Bryan did what was right with James Ellsworth and now she has a fair chance to be the first woman to legitimately win Money In the Bank. Becky walks off.
- We go to the ring and Hamilton introduces Aiden English, who is in the ring with a spotlight and a mic. He starts singing but fans boo. The music interrupts and out comes Randy Orton to a pop. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Randy Orton is sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring. No sign of English but Orton did hit him with the RKO during commercial. Orton says he's not leaving until he gets what he wants. He says maybe he's not making himself clear enough. He tore into WWE Champion Jinder Mahal last week and shows us a replay on the big screen.
Orton says that pales in comparison to what he will do to Jinder if he doesn't get what he wants from Jinder - a rematch. Orton says if he doesn't get what he wants he will go in the back and beat the hell out of Jinder. Orton's going to beat him again in the parking lot as everyone is leaving the arena, again in the morning and then again next Tuesday, if he doesn't get what he wants. Orton says it looks like he's going to the back to beat some ass. Orton goes to leave the ring but the music hits and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.
Shane hits the ring and fans chant his name. Shane says what's up to San Diego and turns to address Orton. Shane says he and Orton go way back but they can't have him holding up live TV and they can't have him threatening the safety of the WWE Champion. Orton asks if Shane is going to fire him. Orton threatens to buy a ticket to every WWE show Jinder is at and attack him. Orton is fired up about Jinder threatening his family. Orton says Shane can make the wise decision to put him in a match with Jinder. Shane gets it - The Singh Brothers crossed the line at Money In the Bank but with all due respect, Orton has used some of those same tactics in the past. Shane says he has never seen this look in Orton's eye and because he can relate, he knows what it feels like when someone puts their hands on a family member. Shane says Orton has his rematch. He has the opportunity to get the rematch at Battleground. Shane says Jinder will be choosing a stipulation for the match. Orton doesn't give a damn what the stipulation is because the title is coming home where it belongs. The music hits and out comes Jinder with The Singh Brothers to interrupt.
Jinder says this is what's wrong with WWE and SmackDown. He goes on and says Orton isn't worthy of a title shot. Jinder speaks some in Punjab and takes a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton. The USA chants start up as Jinder talks about how he's disrespected. This is the prejudice he speaks of. Jinder mentions The Great Khali and calls him his personal hero. Jinder will bring back a match made by Khali at Battleground - Punjabi Prison. We get a quick video look at the Punjabi Prison structure. Jinder's music hits as he stares Orton down from the stage.

- Daniel Bryan is backstage talking to someone on the phone about Punjabi Prison. AJ Styles walks in and asks about Kevin Owens' Open Challenge. The WWE United States Champion walks in and asks if AJ is complaining about not being able to answer the challenge last week. Owens goes on and says AJ needs to accept the fact that he's a loser. AJ says only if Owens accepts the fact that Owens is Ron Burgundy's definition of San Diego. Owens gets upset and doesn't understand the reference. Bryan announces an Independence Day Battle Royal for next week's SmackDown. The winner will face Owens at Battleground. Owens hates the idea and walks off.
- We see Charlotte Flair backstage warming up. Still to come, Sami vs. Corbin.
- Tom leads us to the trailer for WWE 2K18 with Seth Rollins on the cover.
- Back from the break and Mike & Maria Kanellis are on the stage.
Maria introduces herself as the First Lady of SmackDown. Mike introduces himself as Maria's husband. Maria starts talking but Sami Zayn's music interrupts and out he comes for his entrance. He apologizes for crashing their segment but he heads to the ring as they look on.

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin
Sami hits the ring to a pop. Out next comes Mr. Money In the Bank Baron Corbin with his briefcase.
The bell rings and they lock up. Corbin drops Sami first and puts him against the ropes. Sami counters and ends up tossing Corbin with scissors. Corbin takes back control but misses a clothesline in the corner. Sami turns it around and mounts Corbin with right hands in the corner. Corbin rolls to the floor for a breather. Sami runs the ropes but puts on the brakes as Corbin walks away. Sami launches himself over the top but Corbin catches him and drops him face-first into the top of the barrier. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Corbin covers for a 2 count after a big clothesline. Corbin continues beating Sami around until he nails a clothesline. Sami looks to make a comeback now. Corbin runs into the ring post and Sami goes to the top for a crossbody. Corbin kicks out at 2. Sami goes for a suplex but it's blocked. We see Shinsuke Nakamura watching backstage. Corbin ends up nailing a big right hand, dazing Sami into the corner.
Corbin decks Sami in the corner and follows up with a big clothesline. Corbin charges again but Sami moves and rolls him up for a close 2 count. Corbin takes it back to the corner and takes Sami up top but Sami fights. Sami headbutts Corbin to the mat. Sami stands up and leaps but has to roll through as Corbin approaches. Corbin catches Sami with End of Days out of nowhere for the pin.
Winner: Baron Corbin
- After the match, Corbin stands tall as we go to replays. Corbin raises the briefcase as his music plays.
- Dasha is backstage with Shinsuke Nakamura for comments on Corbin's win and a potential match between the two. Nakamura says Corbin is dangerous but Corbin is motivated by fear. Fear of what Nakamura can do. Perhaps Corbin is right to be afraid. Nakamura walks off as we hear fans chanting his name in the arena.
- Still to come, the women's MITB Ladder Match. Back to commercial.
- Back from the break and a Rap Off between The Usos and The New Day is announced for next week.

Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Becky Lynch
We go to the ring and out first comes Charlotte Flair for tonight's main event. Natalya is out next followed by Tamina Snuka. Becky Lynch is out next. Carmella is out last and she's alone as James Ellsworth has been banned from the building.
The bell rings and they go at it. Tamina works over Charlotte int he corner as Natalya attacks Becky in the corner before they go to the floor. Charlotte turns it around on Tamina on the floor. Carmella stands a ladder up and looks to climb first. Carmella climbs up but the other 4 Superstars come in and stare at her. They all attack Carmella and kick her out of the ring. Tamina climbs but they pull her off as well. The ladder is knocked over as Becky kicks Tamina out of the ring. Charlotte and Natalya double team Becky but she counters. Becky with a Bexploder on Natalya. Charlotte charges but she takes a Bexploder as well.
Becky goes to stand the ladder up but Tamina stops her and hits a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes to the top rope and nails a Superfly Splash on Becky. We go to commercial with everyone down.
Back from the break and everyone is down. Charlotte stands a ladder up but Natalya attacks her and unloads. Natalya with a suplex. Carmella pulls Natalya out. Carmela ducks a Tamina clothesline and rocks her. Tamina catches a superkick from Carmella and talks some trash while holding her leg. Tamina launches Carmella by her leg over the announce table. Tamina tries to go back into the ring but Natalya stops her. Flair and Natalya go at it now. Charlotte tosses Natalya to the floor. Becky with a big suplex on the floor to Natalya. Charlotte and Tamina face off in the ring now. They go at it and stop each other from standing the ladder up.
Charlotte and Tamina continue to fight for the ladder. Becky runs in and climbs up the ladder while Tamina and Charlotte are holding it straight up. They tip the ladder over into the ropes. Becky looks up at the briefcase but gets dropped hard. Tamina stands the ladder up but here comes Charlotte again. Charlotte boots the ladder into Tamina. Natalya runs in with a discus clothesline to Charlotte as fans boo. Natalya stands the ladder up but stops and pushes it into Charlotte in the corner instead. Natalya grabs another ladder and positions it under the briefcase. Natalya takes some time but starts climbing. Charlotte pushes the other ladder into Natalya's ladder and uses it to meet Natalya at the top. They trade big shots at the top of the ladder. Charlotte grabs the briefcase handle but Natalya hits her. Carmella runs in and tips them both over with the ladder. Carmella talks trash but Becky comes from behind and hits a big suplex, sending Carmella to the floor.
This leads to Tamina hitting a big spear on Becky, stopping her from climbing. Everyone is down again as fans chant "this is awesome" and we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Natalya is going for the briefcase. She climbs while everyone else is down outside of the ring. Charlotte runs in and climbs up behind her. Becky climbs up the other side as Charlotte touches the briefcase. Tamina climbs up behind Becky. They all end up falling with the ladder. Carmella comes in and climbs for the case now. She grabs it but the other 4 Superstars run in and try to push the ladder over. They don't get it over before a brawl breaks out Carmella is no longer within reach of the case. She ends up jumping off onto Natalya and Becky.
Charlotte with ladder shots to Tamina in the middle of the ring now. Tamina is laid out now. Charlotte climbs but Carmella comes from behind. Charlotte kicks her away. Carmella climbs back for Charlotte's leg. Carmella and Charlotte both crash down thanks to Tamina. Tamina superkicks Charlotte. Tamina positions the ladder and climbs up now. Natalya and Becky run in and grab Tamina's legs. They bring her to the mat with a double powerbomb.
Natalya with a sitdown powerbomb to Becky now. Natalya with the Sharpshooter on Carmella now. Charlotte breaks it with a big boot. Charlotte with Natural Selection. Charlotte and Natalya tumble to the floor together. Natalya knocks Charlotte over the barrier into the crowd and mounts her with right hands. James Ellsworth runs in through the crowd and checks on Carmella at ringside. The referees run over to warn him. Ellsworth rolls Carmella into the ring as fans boo. Ellsworth stands the ladder up and climbs for the briefcase.
Becky runs in and kicks Carmella in the face. Becky tips the ladder over and Ellsworth falls over, crotching himself on the top rope. Becky positions the ladder as the fans pop big. She kicks Carmella away and keeps going. Becky gets pulled down and sells a leg injury. Carmella is kicked out of the ring. Becky climbs again but Carmella hits her leg with a steel chair. Carmella with another chair. She tosses the chair and starts climbing up. Carmella grabs the briefcase and gets the win.
Winner and Ms. Money In the Bank: Carmella
- After the match, Carmella stands on the ladder with the briefcase as her music hits. Tamina looks on in disgust. Carmella sits on top of the ladder and poses as we go to replays. Carmella is announced as the winner as the other Superstars recover. SmackDown goes off the air with Carmella celebrating on top of the ladder.