Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LaVar Plas Changed For Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, there were further plans with the Ball family on Raw but they got scrapped after LaMelo Ball dropped a racial slur during the Miz TV segment. According to the site, the original plan was to have LaVar, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball sit at ringside for the six-man tag team match that followed the segment but after what was referred to as a “train wreck” of a segment, the decision was made to take them to the back while Dean Ambrose came out early to try and bring the segment back.
The site also notes that Vince McMahon was “baffled” about the N-word drop, with Kevin Dunn reportedly “absolutely losing his mind” backstage.

Opinionated View- Well you have only yourselves to blame WWE you brought the village idiot in. LaVar  acts like a moron when he's not on wrestling shows. So it's not shocking he would think "Wrasslin is all about being crazy" and act like he did. Also you have a kid a live mic big shock it didn't go well.

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