Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flashback Reviews AWA Superclash III

By the end of 1988 the old school territory system was pretty much dead. Mid South/The UWF had gone under, Mid Atlantic had attempted to expand only drown in a sea of red ink before being bought by Ted Turner. The WWF was no longer just the north east but looked to tour every where. The AWA once the largest territory in wrestling was struggling. Having lost numerous talents such as Hulk Hogan, Curt Henning, and Bobby Heenan to the WWF. Promoters Vern Gagne was also clearly behind the times booking a show that felt so flat compared to the WWF. In World Class the company was on it’s last legs a serious of tragedies such as the death of David Von Erich had weaken the company and missteps with booking such going back Freebirds vs. Von Erichs had driven fans off. The CWA promotion out of Memphis was holding on but felt the need to expand to stay with the times. As a result Jerry Jarrett started working with the AWA a deal that even saw Jerry Lawler the CWA’s biggest star win the AWA world title. Jarrett would also acquire World Class from Fritz Von Erich.

The three promotions were supposed to come together to form a new promotion the USWA. And the AWA had the perfect even to launch it. Superclash had started in 1985 featuring talent from AWA and NWA. And they had a perfect main event. Lawler was the AWA champion but World Class has its own world title held by Kerry Von Erich. Surely with three successful companies knowing they needed a great show and a main event with two legends this show was a class right? Well no its called one the worst PPV’s of all time. Simple fact is by this time the amount of great talent out there was limited. Kerry Von Erich had already lost part of foot in the infamous motorcycle wreck and was sliding deeper and deeper in addiction. And to cap it all off Verne Gagne took the money and ran. The AWA never officially joined the USWA except for the title. Lawler still has it and they used that as there title until the company closed in the late 90's But lets be fair and give this event a look? Maybe Superclash III is a misjudged classic.

We open very poorly. Lee Marshal with audio breaking up declares “Verne Gagne presents Superclash III.” We get a real quick graphic and than boom to the ring. I get Gagne wasn’t known for high production but you can’t go “Tonight at Superclash III two of the best fight to become the unified world champion!” And than cut to quick promos by Lawler and Von Erich? I mean come on by 1988 WWF has really upped this kind of thing and it makes these shows feel bigger. Larry Nelson stand out the ring and says we have been waiting for months for this event. Lee Marshal joins Nelson. Marshal and Nelson say the favor the King drawing some boos from the crowd. Lee wishes good luck to both men. They also hype the Beverly Hills Street fight battle royal. We will get to it. Nelson sends Marshal over do commentary with Ray Stevens. This part is ok but not great. I wish they explaned why they favored Lawler. Even if was just planting the seed “He is willing to do anything.” Given the finish of the event.

Chavo, Mando, and Hector Guerrero vs. Cactus Jack Foley and the Rock n Roll RPM’s Mike Davis and Tommy Lane- For those that are very young and very new to wrestling this is the father of Chavo you might have seen in WWE, TNA or LU. He has a short run in WWE as Chavo Classic. The RPM’s come out that same vein and time as the Rock n Roll Express, The Midnight Express, Fabulous Ones, and Fantastics and really kind of rank behind all them. I don’t think there is a real story line going into this match. And well Cactus Jack Stevens puts over how talented the Guerrero's are. Marshal uses the old “Been together since birth,” Line. Hector start for this team and flips around. RPM’s try a double team right away but Hector side steps and the run into each other. Hector with a head lock and head scissor combo take over. Cactus Jack tag ins as does Mondo. Sunset flip right into the ropes by Mondo gets no count. Hector pokes Jack in the eyes. Strange move for the face team. Right hands by Jack to take over and tosses Mondo the floor. Jack follows out. Series of punches by. Mondo and Jack tries to run only get back body dropped by Chavo on the cement floor. Tag to Hector and he splash onto the leg. Tag to Chavo who than cannon balls onto Foley’s leg. Tag to mondo and he drams his legs into Foley’s and than ties the leg up before falling back. Tag to Hector and Mondo with a wish bone. Chavo tags in. Cactus Jack tags in Mike Davis. Lock up and arm drag by Chavo. Davis complains his tights were pulled. Lock up again and go behind into a leg scissors by Chavo.

Annoying moment here as when Chavo took Davis over he did so Davis is right by his corner. Either Foley or Lane could tag in or just jump in and break the hold. This could be a time for the announcer try and cover. But Marshal and Stevens are to worried putting over the Guerrero's. Also they are yet to actually say the names of the RPM’s. Finally Lane right in to break the hold. Double team attempt by the RPM’. Crossbody by Chavo. Hector in for a running splash and than one by Mondo. Jack in he gets knocked down with a punch. Pile on pin by the Guerrero's but the ref won’t count. The heel bail out. Things suddley don. Hector and Foley in for a type up. Knees in the corner by Jack than an elbow gets two. Tag to Lane who hits rights. Tag to Davis and attempted double team. Mondo in and he draws the ref. Lane back in than Jack to work over Chavo. Chop by Chavo and he rolls away to his corner. In comes Hector. Babyface fire by Hector with drop kicks. All six men in and they brawl. Davis hold Hector wanting Lane to him him. Hector ducks and Davis gets hit. Lane sent to the floor as is Foley. Hector dives on Lane. The camera misses Mando diving onto Jack. Back in the ring Moonsault by Chavo on Davis for the three count. That match was a mess. The heels got zero heat. Hell the RPM’s c came off as bumbling fools that messed up every chance to double team. It was clear this was meant as a showcase for the Guerrero's and little else but given how short it was the Guerrero's had to rush through stuff and I can’t really recall who did what.

Larry Nelson with Nina the champion of POWW a women’s company that popped up after GLOW ended. Nina would best known to WWE fans as Ivory but she also had been in GLOW as Tina Ferrari. Larry mentions that Nina is the favorite to win the battle royal. Nina claims the money would be nice for shopping. She than says she is just excited to get see the event. She also says ten thousand is a good reason to get a little rowdy. Very generic promo. I guess Nina is supposed to be face but I can’t tell for sure.

WCCW World Light Heavyweight Championship Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Eric Embry- Jarrett is still fairly young in his wrestling career at this point. Embry is a vet that had taken quite a bit of power in World Class even becoming the booker. With Jerry Jarrett now owning World Class he had started to send a number of his talents to Texas to get fans used to seeing them on TV for the eventual switch to USWA Dallas. Jarrett and Embry had been trading the belt back and forth for a few months leading up to this match. Embry was the heel and Jarrett the face. Verne Gagne has taken over for Stevens in this match. Embry avoid a lock up on the start before finally and shoving free. Fight over hammer lock and Embry into the ropes. Lock up and again the fight an arm lock. Than a fight over a hip toss. Tempers flair as they shove each other. Jarrett bars the arm and than drives the elbow. Arm drag by Embry than a clothesline to knock Jarrett off. Jarrett ducks the elbow and hits a clothesline. Jarrett goes for a flying cross body but Embry moves and Jarrett goes into the ropes hard. Jarrett to the floor selling a chest and arm injury. Jarrett nearly counted out. Embry attacks the arm again and gets into a standing arm bar. Jarrett sent into the corner. Embry runs into a boot. Drop kick off the second rope by Jarrett but he landed on his shoulder and can’t follow up. Marshal and Gagne speculate Jarrett either broke or separated the shoulder. Jarrett with a series of pinning moves only getting two. Embry reveres for the win. Either Jarrett came in hurt/got hurt for real or they were worried about time. Because this match feels really rushed and hacked a part. It seemed like off the top the plan was to have it be close with each guy knowing what the other did before they did it. Than bang rushing through roll ups and new champion.

Post match Jarrett leaves holding his shoulder. Embry is announced as a four time champion. Marshal interviews the new champion. Embry says its back where it belongs. Embry brags about being the man that went to South Africa to win the belt in the first place. Embry offers Jarrett a rematch. Embry says he will go check on Jarrett. This pretty much ended the feud between the two. Returning to Texas Embry turned full on face began feuding with Devastation Inc. and “World Class Management” leading to the USWA switch over. Ok promo but real quick.

Backstage Nelson is with The Terrorist another female from POWW. He says the battle royal started because she destroyed Brandi May’s cutoff. The Terrorist who speaks with a Russian accent says she will tear everyone’s clothes off while nothing will happen to her. She tells Nelson to look at her and brags about how hot she is. Awful promo. It really added nothing and its like the Terrorists has never spoken before. She came off as just saying lines with an accent instead of meaning what she was saying. So far we have had two backstage promo and both are on a battle royal that at best should be filler.

Wayne Bloom vs. Jimmy Valiant-Bloom jumps valiant right at the bell. Series of forearms by Valiant to fight back and knock Bloom down. Elbow drop and it’s over. What an utter waste. I was never a fan of Valiant and I hated all his Boogey Woogey stuff. I could maybe see doing this as a PPV with a tournament or a TV match but this is supposed to be a big show.

Larry Nelson is now with Dave Marquez and Bambi. Marquez started with GLOW moved onto POWW and eventually started WOW. Nelson wishes Bambi well. She says this Georgia Peach will take home ten thousand. She than names several of the women in the match. Marquez plugs Brandi May will get revenge for the Terrorist ripping up her shorts. Nelson asks if there is anyone Bambi is after. Bambi starts to plug a angle but than Nelson cuts her off saying they are out of time. Again an utter waste. Marquez came off as some pervert idiot with a creepy smile. Bambi seemed nervous and than when she tries to hype her stroy line she gets cut off. Again why are spending so much time on the battle royal.

WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship Iceman King Parsons (c) vs. Brickhouse Brown- The Texas Heavyweight title was the secondary title in World Class to the American/World Title. Now the match is in Chicago so I just find it odd they are doing a Texas title match. Parsons as Texas Champion had been appearing in Memphis. Brown had stood up to him telling him might top dog in Texas but not Memphis. Marshal plugs it as Texas vs. Tennessee which I take to mean Brown is out of the CWA at this time. Parsons stalls doing a strut than shoves Brown. Brown shoves back and puts Parsons on his ass. Headlock by Brown and than a shoulder block. Leap frog by Parsons who takes time to mock only to turn around into a drop kick. Headlock by Brown. Series of shoulders by Brown. Parsons goes for a back body drop but Brown rolls him up for two. Parsons to the floor. Back to the headlock by Brown. Jumping knee by Parsons drops Brown. Short arm clothesline by Iceman gets a two count. Snap suplex by Parsons for another near fall. Brickhouse ducks a clothesline and hits a cross body. Jabs and a big left by Parsons for the two count. Brown blocks the piledriver to hit a body drop. Boot the midsection and some punches by Brown. Back elbow by Brown. Cross body by Brown, Parsons gets his foot o the ropes. Brown thinks he’s won. Parson with a object on his hands and lands a punch for the one two three. An ok match but it never felt like that big a deal. Doesn’t help Brown comes off as such a fool in the finish.

Post match Parson’s is with Marshal. Parsons call Brown Outhouse and claims he taught him everything. He than gives some quick line that I can’t really make it. Bad promo not even really worth putting on TV.

Again with the freaking interviews for the Battle Royal. You gotta be kidding me every single backstage promo has been for it. The other matches could have used this as well. Yes you can argue “Well they were already sold due to TV.” But promos help to set the stage. They can used to set up what comes later in the night or just make us feel more excited. This time Nelson is with Pocahontas and Brandy Mae. Nelson asks about the short being cut up. Mae says that’s right. Nelson just moves onto Pocahontas who says she is going to war dance all over the ring. WORTHLESS. These interviews are all the same. Brandy Mae had her shorts cut up an everyone thinks they are going to win.

AWA Tag and Women’s Championships The Top Guns Derrick Dukes, Ricky Rice, with Wendi Ricter (c) vs. the Diamond Exchange Badd Company Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka (c) and Madusa Miceli with Diamond Dallas Page- The Guns had been trying to take the tag belts off off Badd Company and had a count out win over them. Richter had just beat Madusa for the women’s title after chasing her for a while. Both championships are on the line but it depends on who takes the fall. So it’s not a winner takes all thing. Before the match Page congratulates Richter but call it a fluke like the Bears winning a Super Bowl. Big Brawl with all six wrestlers going at it. Heel all whipped into each other center ring. Guns with a double team elbow on Tanaka. Dukes with a over the ropes shoulder tackle and a cover. Diamond breaks up the pin. Guns with a double team back back drop. Dukes with an arm wringer. Big clothesline by Dukes and Diamond breaks up the pin again. Headlock by Dukes on Tanaka. Throughout the match Madusa as has been moving out of her corner distracting the ref. After doing this several times Diamond nails Dukes in the back leading to a tag. I like how they set that up as opposed to just doing it one time. Side slam by Diamond than a butterfly suplex gets two. Diamond draws Rice in allowing For a triple team by the Diamond Exchange. Diamond misses a splash in the corner. Duckes tags Richter who rushers the corner before Madusa can get in. Madusa drops down catching Ricter’s throat on the rope. Suplex by Madusa. Shot to the but than a face smash by Ricter. Ricter misses a dropkick but he sweeps the legs and hit power bomb. Diam breaks it up. Everyone brawls again. Dukes sent to the floor, ref is tied up with Diamond and Rice. Madusa holds Wendi for Tanaka to hit a savate kick. Tanakda does it again but this time Ricter ducks and Madusa gets kicked. Ricter cover the for win. I really don’t know what to make of this match. Rice never got in legally. It felt like it got tons of time hacked away. I mean it at best it was ok but really felt like it was only getting going and than they got the go home sign.

Post match Madusa attacks Ricter. The Guns wind up giving her spanking. Maduas tire to leave but Ricter has her foot. Diamond and Badd Company just walk away yelling. The faces celebrate. Again it really feels like they suddenly got the go home sign and were trying to piece it together. Post match Dukes and Rice get the tag belts and celebrate. Now the Guns are not listed as ever having won the belts so either it was a mistake or or the AWA did a story where Page got the belt returned to his boys.

Post match a pissed off Madusa says she never needed a man in her comer. Tanaka and she yell before he slaps him. She than shoves Page. Diamond and Tanaka yell she is out. Page demands to know where the tag belt. Page is asked about her being out of the Exchange. Page says he doesn't even know the bimbo. Bad promo that just feels like a mess.

Backstage Nelson is with Kerry Von Erich who has his daughter Holly with him. Nelson talks about how many fans Kerry has there. Kerry says he has high expectation. Kerry says he will show there world there is one world champion. He talk about how there is only one world and names various landmarks and than asks how can there be two world champions? He than messes up and says he will be the united world champion. Nelson claims Kerry will have a home court advantage with the fan. Kerry says Chicago is a great place. He than says he wishes he was Texas before going “I wish we were everywhere.” Very average to below average promo by Kerry. He seemed really unsure at times. I have to tart talking about the elephant in the room that being Kerry’ drug use. He was a known partyer and it got worse after his 1986 motorcycle wreck and partial amputation of his foot. Most has said Kerry was pretty out of it at Superclash. And well he could have been high here. That said saying united instead of unified is an easy enough mistake. And well Kerry was never a great promo man in my opinion. He was good and could cut great ones from time to time. But his charisma usually worked best while in the ring wrestling. But either way this promo doesn’t get you excited for the main event.

AWA International Television Championship Greg Gagne vs. Ron Garvin- I think Ron Garvin should have never stepped into Chicago. First Starcade 87 and than Superclash III two of the wore PPV’s ever he’ on both and both were in Chicago. The International TV title had been created in 1987. Depending on who you talk to it was either so Verne could build his son Greg into a world champion or because he wanted a “Major” title for Greg and Greg knew he wasn’t the right guy to be world champion. Gagne has been the first champion, Garvin had beat him for the belt but it was held up due to Garvin using a foreign object. Bell rings and they lock up fighting in the corner with Garvin getting the go behind and than ramming Gagne into the corner. Gagne blocks and does the same to Garvin. Whip across the ring by Greg Gagne who than misses a shoulder tackle in the corner. Big right hand than into a chin lock by Garvin. Gagne to his feet and hits chops. Back body drop by Gagne gets two than into the chin lock. Garvin is free and hits headbutts. Sunset flip by Gagne is blocked. Big fight hand on the prone Gagne by Garvin. Exchange of near fall than a face off. Arm bar and forcing to the ground by Gagne. Lockup and the fight for position. Shoving and slaps now exchange. Into punches and head buts by Garvin. Mounted punches by Garvin in the corner. A bite by Hands of stone. Double chops and thrust by Gagne. Mounted punches by Gagne. Sadly the fans cared more about Graving than the faces. Gagne goes for a drop kick by Garvin hooks the rope. Small package gets two for Garvin. Gagne attempt a crossbody and the both fall to the floor. Garvin rams Gagne into the broadcast table. Garvin sent into the ring post. Gage into the ring as the ref counts ten to end the match. Yes it ends on a count out. Garvin he was leaving to join the WWF and refused to lose any other way. The match is a boring mess nothing but chops and punch exchanges. Frankly if Garvin refused to lose than don’t have him wrestle and bring in someone anyone else to lose to Greg.

Post match Garvin tries to lock in a sleeper on Gagne. Greg escapes and locks in his own sleeper. Garvin bails out. Marshal interviews Gagne. He calls it the most demanding match he’s ever seen Greg in. Greg calls it a dog fight and offers Garvin a rematch. The referee “Holds” Garvin back. The fans aren’t happy with the finish. Gagne says Garvin didn’t have to follow him out. Gagne says he trained hard. Very bland promo and the fans boos as Greg talks a shot at the Bears.

Larry Nelson is with Jerry Lawler. Nelson asks the AWA champion if he will go after Von Erich’s leg. Lawler talks about wrestling Kerry and the past and admits he had heard Kerry was having issues with his leg and mentions the motorcycle wreck. Lawler says learned in the past going after the leg doesn’t work because either its healed or Kerry knows how to protect it. He talks about Kerry’s muscles and says he will use that against him. Very bland promo. Lawler can be a great interview maybe he was unsure of how to play it given Vern not wanting the AWA title to viewed as a villiness thing. But why not hint at the eye. Or have Lawler say “I will do anything to win.”

POWW Street Fight Over the Top Rope Lingerie Battle Royal- Well here it is clearly the most important match on the card. I mean we can’t any interviews with Jarrett/Embry, Guns/Badd Company, can’t have Fritz or Kevin talk about what Kerry needs to do. We can’t get a history of the AWA or WCCW champions. Hell Madusa and Wendi Rictor were both very good in the ring and they got stuck in a six person match. But we can do numerous interviews to hype this? We can give time to this? And you know what I hate companies like POWW, GLOW, WOW, Wreslicous, or etc. That just pop up with the mind set “Train some hot women to wrestle” gives them super generic gimmicks like “All American Girl” “Farmer’s Daughter” “Evil Russian” and starts putting on shows. Sure POWW from I understand didn’t do the sketch comedy crap like some did but SHIMMER or SHINE its not. And how did this become the featured contest? Did Dave McClain have contacts in the PPV market?

So the back story to this is the Terrorist cut up the cut off shorts of Brandi Mae. Bambi was also feuding with Peggy Lee Leather. The other names are Malibu, Nina, Pochatas, and Luna Vachon. So are eliminated by pin, submission, over the top rope or having you clothes removed. McClain is on commentary for this match. If you are lucky to have never had Dave call a show you are watching just think every cheesy bad commentator you have seen in a joke parody of wrestling and that is Dave McClain. He loves to make dumb lines goes “baby” every five seconds and is way to over the top. All the girls brawl at the start we aren’t seeing any of the action since the camera is jumping around so I can’t see who is who. Really only Luna and Peggy Lee stand out because of there looks. Lori Lyn is the first out but still keept attack people. Brandi Mae is trying to strip the Terrorist. Pocohanoutns is eliminated and we miss it. Malibu is out tossed out by Peggy Lee. Than we see Nina falling over the top. Brandi and Bambi double team Peggy Lee. Terrorists rips the top off Brandi Mae and than puts her in the worse camel clutch I have ever seen. We get like thirty seconds of Luna trying to sand up and we miss Bambi doing something that Marshal and McClain call heads up. Hip toss by Bambi on Peggy Lee. Terrorist and Brandi are having a cat fight. Bambi and Peggy Lee eliminate each other. Down to three it’s Luna, The Terrorist and Brandi Mae. Brandi tries to eliminate Luna. Terrorist breaks it up. Luna to the top but Brandi Mae knocks her off.

Terrorist bails to the floor. Lots of stalling as Terrorist walks around the ring. Brandi finally chases her. Brandi trying to pull the pants off the terrorist. McClain says “they are yelling Brandi Mae.” And they are clearly yelling “Take it off.” Terrorist uses something to choke Brandi. The announcers ignore it. When they should be selling it as a dirty heel move. Terrorist nearly has Brad out and after one final kick its over. Awful match. Poorly shot so you miss most of the action. McClain and Marshal did nothing to sell the story of the match.

Post match Marshal interviews the winner. Terrorist speaks way to fast and I have no idea what she is saying. I think she is supposed to be yelling in Arabic. What a waste of time. All I can say is thank gods finally…. No it’s not over no we have to have a post match interview with Peggy Lee Leather and Nelson. WHY? Leather starts to talk. Luna runs in and starts to rant about the ambush. Luna shoves Nelson. Madusa just walks into the shot and give Luna snake. Did Luna forget that because Nelson is cowering and saying “control the snake.” Peggy says she wants a title shot. What a worthless segment why the hell would POWW get this much time? I mean give it to any of the other matches? Or hell if you thought POWW was a big draw or really needed them to get something why not do the AWA Women’s champion vs. the POWW champion?

Lee Marshall is with Bill Apter. Bill is there is announce that Jerry Lawler has been voted the most inperantionl wrestler of the year. Apter notes Lawler had finally won a world title after a sixteen year career and had opened interpromoitnal matches. Apter keeps noting the fans voted for this award and they keep booing. Jerry doesn’t come out and it seems they were expecting him to. Finally Marshal notes Jerry must be getting ready. Again just fills like a waste of time to get something on the air.

Larry Nelson is with Sgt. Slaughter. Larry asks about the rules of the Bootcamp match. Slaughter says there are no rules…. Than suddenly he gets a emergency call from General Hawk seems Cobra has managed build a giant drill that is going to tear Chicago apart unless he can stop Destro. No that would be to awesome. Slaughter says there is no referee you can wear what ever you want. Slaughter says he will destroy Colonel DeBeers for America.

Boot Camp Match Sgt. Slaughter vs. Colonel DeBeers with Diamond Dallas Page- Really the match is anything goes and falls count anywhere. DeBeers is with the evil foreigner and well Slaughter is a a GI Joe. Page pulls some heel stuff interrupting Gary Micheal Capetta to introduce DeBeers weight in Kilos and calling Slaughter a private. Exchange of punches right away DeBeers to the eyes. Slaughter uses his riding crap to whip Debaters and hit shim in the throat. DeBeers has Slaughter’s helmet and hits the Sargent with it. Slaughter drops to his knees. DeBeers uses his belt to choke Slaughter. DeBeers has the crop and whips Slaughter while choking him. The Sarge start to fight back with punches. Snapmare and a stomp but Slaughter. DeBeers sent to the floor. DeBeers thrown into the post. Cover and only gets two. Page has hidden the helmet under thing. DeBeers has gotten a steel pole and hits Slaughter with with it. Stomps to the head by the Corneal. Page gives the helmet to DeBeers who uses it for a head but and than ruining headbut tot he stomach. Page holds Slaughter who moves and DeBeers hits his own manager. Slaughter cannon clothesline. Slaughter a heabut using the helmet and another one and another finally DeBeer is down on the forth one. Slaughter Cannon. Kick to Page. Cobra clutch is on. Page struggles to get into the ring and he calls for help. The bell rings as DeBeers has given up. Short match Once more it just feels rushed. This could have been if only more time but it doesn’t get it. The match just ends

Post match Shiek Adnan Al-Kaissie runs out to attack Slaughter. Series of slaughter cannon..The Cobra clutch on Al-Kaissie Iron Shriek runs out as the numbers are to much. Mike Enos a referee tries to save him but the heels toss him out. Guerrero brothers run out and go after the foreign heels. Slaughter is busted open. Slaughter swinging at everyone. Slaughter charges out to go after the Iron Shriek. Iron Shriek. Marshall interviews Slaughter says that attack was worse than a previous one DeBeers had hospitalized Slaughter. The Sargent Slaughter says he will take on the whole world for the USA. Slaughter says if Iron Sheik was a piece of him he will declare war on him anytime. Slaughter ends by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Its a good intense promo. The simple fact is though Iron Shriek vs. Slaughter had been a huge draw for the WWF years earlier and the AWA was desperate for anything to be a draw again.

Backstage is with Apter and Nelson present Jerry Lawler his award. Jerry calls it a honor thanks, Bill, the fans, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nelson asks who Apter picked. Bill just stammers before Jerry says “After winning two belts I will be wrestler of the year.” Just more time killing did we really need two award segments for Lawler? NO.

WCCW World Tag Team Championship The Samoan Swat Team Samu and Fatu with Buddy Jack Roberts vs. Michael Hayes and Steve Cox- In late 1987 Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy returned to World Class forming a new Fabulous Freebirds with Ice Man King Parson’s and Angle of Death. Hayes returned declaring there had been to much tragedy and wanting to make peace with the Von Erich’s. Leading to him feuding with his old friends. After Gordy turned face Roberts bought the SST into World Class. Marshal says Hayes and Cox are the only team to ever beat SST. Hayes starts for his team and Samu for his. Lock up and Hayes is driven back. Exchange of haymakers Hayes whips Samu into Cox’s boot. Tag to Do it to it Cox. Arm wringer and a pump handle by Steve Cox. Fatu in but Cox sees him coming and nails a kick. Fatu backs off as he climbs through the ropes Hayes lifts it up into his crotch. Samu miees a flying cross body. Back to the arm bar by Cox. Samy gets the hair and puts Cox in the SST corner. Cox ducks a punch and Samu nails Fatu. After some recovery time Samu hits a kick to the gut and than some big chops. Fatu holds again. And again Cox ducks so Fatu by Samu. Roberts talks to Fatu. Side headlock by Cox. Shove off and a drop down by Samu. Fatu pulls down the rope and Cox hits the floor hard. Faut slams the head into broadcasters table. Back in the ring Cox take a chop and than spinning face buster. Tag to Fatu who comes off the top with an elbow. Double chop by Fatu. Cox ducks a clothesline but runs right into a hot shot. Nerve pinch by Fatu. Fox fights free and a double clothesline both men are down. Hot tag to Hayes who comes in for house of fire time.

Hayes has Fatu and Cox goes after Samu. Moutned punches by Hayes but the SST turn it around. Cox sens Samu to the floor. Cox dives onto him. DDT by Hayes but the ref watching the men on the outside. Roberts into the ring and nails Hayes in the back pin is reversed as the ref turns around 1 2 3 and its over. This would have been a pretty good free TV main event. But for a PPV its just not that good.

Larry Nelson is with Iron Shriek and Shriek Adnan Al-Kassie. Nelson talks about them interfearing in the Bootcamp Match. Al-Kassie starts to talk in Arabic. Nelson objects. Al-Kassie says he had a big surprise for Slaughter and the USA. Shriek says every American knows about Iron Shriek and Slaughter. Than he brings up Allah and they jump to the next match. Just another one of those promos that seem more about filling time.

Before the next match they introduce than IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami. Who is billed as Mr. Fujinami. Manny Fernandez starts to rant about how he chased Fujinami all over he Japan. He says all the champions in America are scare of the Bull. Eventually Fernandez shoves Fujinami. Wahoo shoves Fernandez. Fuijnami holds Fernandez in a full nelson allowing Wahoo to use a strap and hit Fernandez.

Indian Strap Match Manny Fernandez vs. Wahoo McDaniel- Rules are you have to touch all four corners to win. Fernandez had attacked Wahoo months earlier and destroyed his headdress. Wahoo looks real bad here. Than again he was over 50 and had been wrestling for twenty seven years. They claim Wahoo has never lost a strap match. Tug of wart at the start and Fernandez backs up. Wahoo with the first whip. Fernandez swing wild misses and gets whipped in the back. Lock up and Fernandez with Rabbed punches. Smack to the stomach and Wahoo chokes Manny Fernandez. Chop to the face by McDaniel. More whipping by Wahoo. Kick to the gut and a head but than chops by Fernandez. Front face lock by Fernandez using the strap. McDaniel gets the ropes with his boot. Punches with the strap around his fit by the Ragging Bull. Wahoo is bleeding. Big back elbow by Fernandez. Manny starts to move towards the corner and gets one before Wahoo. Sthopshim with a kick. Exchange of chops. Awkward moment where they just stop comes off like they weren’t sure what to do so they just started to chop again. Wahoo now using the strap to aid his punches and Fernandez is bleeding. Shots to the face and a chops by Wahoo. McDaniels ties up Fernandez and drags him using his back to hit the turnbuckle. Fernandez tires to use the ropes. Low blow by Fernandez. Knee drop off the top by Fernandez. Fernandez starts to go for the turn buckles. Fernandez to the top but Wahoo uses the strap to pull him off. Elbow drops by Wahoo. Wahoo has touched three turnbuckles. Fernandez tries to stop him but winds up kicking him into the final turnbuckle to give Wahoo a win. Awful match just so damn boring. Its two fat old guys playing tug of war and whipping each other. It was slow and plodding. This is the match to show anyone moron going “Wrestling today sucks the guy today can’t work like the legends used to.”

Post match Fernandez attacks Wahoo. The wind up punching again. The referee gets tossed to the floor. Fernandez is free and keeps beating on Wahoo. Fujinami returns and attack Fernandez. Finally Manny bails out when he see Wahoo and Fuijnami are staring him down. Really don’t get the point. I assume New Japan and the AWA or the USWA were working together so may this was supposed to led to something.

Wahooo has walked out but they brig him back out to do an interview. Marshal lies calling that one of the wildest matches he has ever seen. He asks Wahoo if the price he paid was worth it. Wahoo says it will never be settled. He than says he might shot Fernandez with a gun and even claims he wants him dead. Bad promo and a desperate attempt by Wahoo to make the feud seem big. Problem is he just seemed tired not really all that angry.

Larry Nelson is with Verne Gagne and Stanley Blackburn. Gagne of course is the founder, promoter, biggest star in the history of the AWA. Blackburn is the long time on screen president of the AWA. They joke about Vern being suspended from talking due to letting the cat out of the bag about the unification match to soon. Vern says things with Wahoo and Fernandez got out of hand. Blackburn says it should have been stopped. Vern agrees. I assume they talking about the bleeding given the finish to the Lawler and Von Erich match. Problem it they don’t really talk about the blood. It just comes off more like they didn’t like the wild brawling. Larry asks Vern about the Unification match. Vern says he and the whole world is on pins and needles and than just give out common lines about size. Stanley Blackburn says its a flip of a coin. Vern jokes that Stanley is pulling for the guy from Texas since he’s a Texan. Verne says this has always been his goal to get the leagues together and truly show who is the best. Its an ok promo. But I do wish they had played it more of the AWA guys wanting the AWA champion to win and prove a point. Also again they should have talked more about the blood given the finish.

Al Learner survives as special ring announcer for the unification match. Lawler is already in the ring. Lawler gets the microphone and says it all comes down to this. He says he know a lot of the fans like Kerry Von Erich and he respects him. But he will beat Kerry Von Erich. Nice little subtle heel work from the King. He could tell easily the crowd was going to be pro Kerry so he leaned into it. Kerry Von Erich Makes his entrance. I don’t know if they removed the music for the network since Kerry often used Tom Sawyer by Rush or if he didn’t have it but it really kills the into for him to come out silent. Kerry is escorted out with WCCW on screen match maker Frank Dusek Kerry says he heard what Jerry Lawler had to say and promises to kick Lawler’s butt all over Chicago and says Lawler is looking at the world champion.

No DQ Winner Take All For Unified World Heavyweight Championship AWA World Champion Jerry The King Lawler vs. WCCW World Champion Modern Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich- There is only one world so there should only one world champion. With the companies set to merge they only wanted one world title. The CWA did keep the Southern Heavyweight title but they always presented it as a secondary title. Bell ring and Kerry dives at the leg. Shoving contest with Kerry getting the edge. Lock up and they march into the corner. Lawler smashes Kerry’s arm onto the ring post. As most people know or have heard they had to do that spot due to Kerry cutting himself by mistake backstage. Kerry was bleeding pretty badly so they had to work it into the match. Kerry does a strut to mock Lawler. Lock up and Kerry drives Lawler back. Clean break given. Lock up again and this time Lawler gets Kerry in the corner. The King acts like he is going to break clean before going for a cheap shot. Von Erich blocks it and lands a big punch on Lawler. Marshal talks about the punching of both men saying Lawler was a good boxer while Kerry can take out anyone with a discus punch. Marshal claims both men have beaten Hogan, Flair and Savage. Irish whip and a clothes line by Von Erich. Lock up and Lawler tries the same thing but Kerry ducks it and hits one of his own. Lawler hits the mat in frustration. I like that. The AWA hadn’t really presented him as heel but in the match he would do some heelish things. So it a god idea to have him be upset to help explain why he would break the rules. Kerry keeps checking his arm. Another whip by Lawler and again and he misses another clothesline ducked. Kerry with one of his own. Schoolboy by the Modern Day Warrior for two. Von Erich offers a test of strength and forces Lawler to one knee. Von Erich only has it on one hand but it kind looks like he’s go the claw on hand of Lawler. Back heel trip by Lawler but he misses a fist drop.

Discus punch by Kerry. Von Erich covers for two. Series of covers by Von Erich. The King reveres one and bites the injured arm. Hard jabs and a right by Lawler who than lands a big upper cut sending Von Erich over the top to the floor. Marshal reminds us the match is no DQ so Kerry can go over the top all night long. Nice little moment there to get the stipulation across before any real dirty stuff starts. Lawler cuts him off on the apron. Discus punch knocks The King down. Von Erich goes for a spring board splash but Lawler gets his legs up. Punch to the stomach by Lawler than a hard knee off a whip. More punches and kicks to the gut. Lawler sets for the piledriver and hits it. Kerry pops right up as Lawler does the Fargo strut. Lawler turns around right into a discus punch. Kerry covers and gets two. Normally I’m not a big fan of no selling a finisher. But here it works. They are trying to set Kerry up as being extra ordinary. Snapmare by Von Erich and he goes for the claw. Lawler blocks it with his hands. Von Erich misses a knee drop. Snap mare by Lawler and he covers. One and two. Von Erich throws Lawler off him and the King lands on the referee. Piledriver by Von Erich but no referee to count as Kerry does his own. Finally Marty Miller is up and The King kicks at two on his count. Punch to the face by Kerry. The King sent to the floor. Von Erich follows him out. Discus punch but Jerry ducks and Von Erich hits the post. Back to the ring and Lawler tells the ref to check if Von Erich wants to quit. Lawler goes into this tights and than punches Kerry and drops him. They say Von Erich is busted open. Lawler to the second rope for a fist drop right to the face. We here Frank Dusek screaming “check his tights.” We get a nice shot of Kerry bleeding. It really does help to sell this an a big impact moment in this match. Lawler back to the ropes. He takes times to yell at Dusek.

Lawler off the ropes. Von Erich catches the claw hold on the stomach. Lawler screams in pain and fights the urge to lay flat. The referee is checking Kerry’s eye. We hear Dusek yell “he’s fine leave him alone.” I don’t if they put Dusek by a microphone on purpose or it was just dumb luck but again it adds to the match. Its like hearing a corner man yell “Stand him up ref.” During a MMA fight. Kerry moves the claw to the head and we get a great shot of how badly he appears to bleeding. Lawler gets the rope and the hold is broken. More checking of the eye by the ref. Von Erich drags Lawler to the center and back to the claw hold. Lawler keeps his shoulder up. Both men are standing as Lawler gets free. Von Erich misses a corner splash and it looks like he hit the post with his face. More checking of the eye. Punches to the face by Lawler. Von Erich fires back. Lawler back into the tights for the weapon and gets punch in the drops Von Erich. Duske wants the referee to check the tight but he’s actually allowing Lawler to keep using the weapon since the referee is dealing with Dusek. Punches right to the damaged eye by Lawler. Standing jabs by Lawler. Von Erich swing widely. More punches to the face as Lawler starts to do boxing like footwork. Lawler back to using the weapon. Von Erich rolls to the floor. Great ell job by Kerry as he looks so dazed. The referee wants to check the eye. Sadly this damages the match as suddenly they have to stop. Running punch by Lawler and than more right hands. Kerry finally fires back and lands. Series of right hands and the discus punch drops Lawler. More punches and it actually looks like Lawler is busted in the noise. Double right hand and both men are down.

The referee is checking the eye. We see Kerry is moving but Lawler is out. Von Erich cover for a two count. Iron Claw on the head but the referee is checking the eye again. Lawler has his shoulders on he mat and gets counted a few times but gets his shoulder up but Lawler is fading. Marty Miller calls for the bell. Von Erich won’t break the hold even with the bell ringing. Finally we get an announcement the match is stopped due to Von Erich not being able to see so Lawler wins. The match itself is very good easily the best match of the whole night. You could tell Lawler was on his A-Game here and while reports were Kerry was out of it all day he works great here. Both men sell great and land some good offense. Also both men understood there rules. Kerry was the Superhero powerful and strong. Jerry as the smarter man and more willing to break the rules. As for the finish. Blood stoppages just don’t work well in wrestling. I get what they were trying to do. It was supposed to be let Jerry win but protect Kerry so he can have a big rematch down the line. It very similar to the 1983 finish of Star Wars and his match with Flair. Where after getting hit in the head with a steel door Kerry passed out. It also helps Lawler throws some great looking accurate looking punches. But the referee checking comes off as interrupting. Kerry maybe should have sold the idea he couldn’t see better. Frankly I think it would have been better to to have Kerry pass out and have the idea but the weapon and blood loss was to much for him.

Post mach the fans chant bullshit. Lawler is still down on the ground as Miller gives him both belt. Kerry and Frank are yelling at the referee. Kerry takes both titles and holds them up before walking away. Miller starts to explain to Lawler and hold his hand up. Marshal tries to explain to the live crowd that the match was stopped for Kerry Von Erich’s own safety. Lawler celebrate and gets a microphone. Lawler says again he respects Von Erich and calls him a great wrestler. Lawler than says it would have been a shame for Kerry to lose his vision. Before saying the referee did the right thing and saved the man’s eyesight. Lawler says he would have blinded Kerry Von Erich if the match hadn’t ended. Its a good promo. Lawler plays it about as well as you can. Given the finish and the fact the fans were for Kerry. It doesn’t help he wasn’t really booked as a heel enough by the AWA on this show. Or course the issue might also have been Memphis. At the time Lawler was on the face side of things at home and it possible Jarrett and he didn’t want him to be a huge heel on PPV while still playing a good guy at home.

Backstage Larry Nelson is with Stanley Blackburn and Kerry Von Erich. You really can see how badly Kerry appears to be bleeding in this shot. Nelson talks about how earlier wanted things under control but that isn’t making it easier for Kerry Von Erich. Kerry says what happened was unfair. He says he’s never heard of a match being ended for blood loss. He says Lawler down. We get a replay the pinfall where the ref had been “hurt” after Lawler landed on him. Kerry complains how long it took. Stanley says after the Wahoo match he instructed the referee if there was to much blood. Kerry points out he had Lawler down. Nelson asks if there will be a rematch. Stanley says there will. Kerry repeat his lines about only one leaning tower and one mona lisa. And how there is one world champion and its him. This segment isn’t that good. Kerry doe pretty well here. He comes off like someone who feels screwed but I think he should been madder maybe even imply “I knew I couldn’t get a fair match with an AWA referee.” And well Blackburn comes off a bit like an confused old man.

The Rock & Roll Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson vs. The Stud Stable Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden with Miss Sylvia- That right all the important Unification Match is no the main event. I assume they didn’t want people pissed off after that finish. Still seems like they should have made the title match the main event. Both teams were working out of the CWA at the time. The Express got there start there and had returned. Fuller and Golden would later reunite in WCW as Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse Buck. Really have no idea if there is a feud here. Lee Marshal mentions both teams want a title shot. Morton and Golden start for there team. Lock up and go behidn ttakedown by Golden. Headlock by Morton. Shoulder tackle by Morton and than a big hip toss. Fuller in illegally and he gets hip tossed. Here comes Gibson. The Studd Stable bails out. Back down to one on one. Lock up and Morton has a front face lock. Belly to back suplex by Morton and he cover. Fuller in and gets nailed by Morton. Gibson in now. Godlen whipped into a punch by Gibson. Fuller than whipped into Gibson. Stable back to floor. Gibson tags in legally. Fuller tags in. Lockup and head lock by Fuller. Gibson shoves him off. Criss cross and Golden nails Gibson the back. Fuller sends Gibson to the floor. Miss Sylvia uses a kendo stick to attack Gibson behind the ref’s back. Ref than cuts off Morton from back the save. Back in the ring Fuller rams the face to Golden's boot.

Golden tags in a hits a hard cross face punch on Gibson. And now Golden with a bear hug in the center of the ring. Gibson bits free but Fuller cuts off the tag. Referee is tied up with Morton allowing Golden to toss Gibson over the top and Sylvia to hit him again with the cane. Awful looking shots with the kendo stick it’s clear she is hitting the apron to make a big noise and missing Gibson by a mile. Back in the ring an abmondll stretch by Golden and Fuller helps out. Golden goes for back body drop sets to soon and Gibson tags in Morton. Now normally the Express would have it be Morton gets the beating and Gibson hot tags in for house of fire time. And I think Morton was confused because he comes in so slow. Fuller in and now we get some house of fires stuff. Gibson back in and goes after Golden. Double dropkick on Golden. Fuller in and attacks Gibson sending him to the floor. Golden is putting the boots to Morton. Gibson sends Fuller into the ring post. And the bell rings as the ref rules disqualification on both teams. Well so much for my theory of not wanting to piss off the fans by ending the show on a non finish they turn around and do this. Once again it’s a case of match not really getting going before it ends.

Post match both teams brawl on the outside as the announcement is made. The Studd Stable runs back as the Express celebrate for some reason. Marshal interviews the stable. Ricky says there has been a lot of hearsay about the Express breaking up. Morton says they are still together and will be five time tag team champions and Rock N Roll is forever. Another so so promo. Backstage Larry Nelson is with the Studd Stable. Golden says they had the Rock and Roll Express beat. He tells them this is no dance party and you will find pain. Fuller says he’s not impressed with Rock and Roll or Chicago. Was this promo supposed to air before the match? I mean outside of the talk of stopping the match it came off more like a per-match promo.

Ringside Lee Marshal is with Verne Gagne. Lee lies saying this was most exciting and historic and maybe the greatest night in wrestling history. Verne thanks all the promoters for helping him. He than says Lawler and Von Erich reminds him of a match a friend of his had once. Yep instead of putting over his own title match Verne puts over a friend. He than says Lawler was happy to get out of it the way he did why Von Erich isn’t happy. Lee says he can’t blame them. Lee says both men took the beating of a lifetime and says both men were lucky it was stopped. Verne says it happens in fights football and hockey with cuts. Larry Nelson has joined them but stays silent. Marshal bring up the Iron Shriek. Verne says Shriek isn’t happy. Lee finally wraps it up by yelling thank you Chicago. A boring and bland way to end the show.

Sadly there would be no happy ending. Verne Gagne took what ever money that had been made and never paid the others or the talent. As a result the USWA turned out to just been Memphis and Dallas. Lawler refused to return the AWA and the kept the belt which became the USWA Unified World Title. The AWA closed in 1990. The USWA Dallas branch actually drew pretty well even with some backlash over how the transition from World Class was handled. However a business disagreement between Jarrett and Kevin Von Erich led to the end of that. The USWA remained opened until 1997. By that point Jerry Lawler was working for the WWF. Ironically a company that started with three coming together to battle the WWF now reugally used talent from that company to up ticket sales.

Oh my god this was one awful and very boring show to sit through. It really comes off as a bunch of matches tapped to be broken up for TV shows. However they are very boring TV matches. The show clocks in at about about two hours and thirty minutes so I have to assume they had a three hour PPV window. And they really should have used more time. Almost every match feels cut off. Outside of the world title match only one match goes over eight minutes. And that was the freaking POWW battle royal. Now I have to assume there was some “to many cooks” situations where Jarrett wanted this and Verne wanted that and Von Erich’s wanted something close to this but sorta like that. Still though they had a responsibility to put that stuff aside and put on a good show. It also doesn’t help so much of it feels like they were desperate for something hot but kept reaching to the past. Wahoo McDaniel was well past his prime by this point and really hadn’t been a draw in years, The Rock and Roll Express had been supplanted at this point by teams like LOD and the Steniers. Iron Sheik and Slaughter's feud had run it course.

Add into most of the promos backstage went to the POWW girls for some reason. Meanwhile there are no special video packages to hype the matches. It just feels bland. I know get why this show has such bad reputation. I can’t see say check it out of curiosity.

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