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2015 Year End Awards

As another year ends for the world of Pro Wrestling its time to look back. Which Wrestlers stood above the rest? What events became classics? Some of the awards from last year will return others won't and new awards might be done.

Wrestler Of The Year Ethan Carter The Third- Ok this was an easy pick. For this award I'm not just looking at who the best in ring performer is. Because being a pro wrestler means you need to be good in the ring. Able to connect with the fans make them love you or make them hate you. Able to cut good promos that make your match more interesting. No one does that better than EC3. The man is amazingly underrated in the ring. He works a perfect heel style willing to sell enough to make any opponent look good rather it be Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy or someone like DJ Z or Spud. But never so much he looks bad. The man gets how to get people hate him a tough test in the modern wrestling world. He worked with a wide variety of foes during the year and had amazing matches with Spud, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, and Lashley. He cuts great promos that make you hate him. But he's also able to read a crowd and adapt. If the fans do something he picks up on it and uses it to make you hate him all the more.

Tag Team Of the Year The Wolves Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards- Yep for the second straight year I'm giving these guys the award. I can't name a team out there that works as well together as the Wolves do. They started the year feuding with the Revolution over the Tag Title and working with Matt Hardy in some good six mans. While Eddie was out for a while he came back strong. We got give amazing MOTYC with the Dirty Heels. They also had some awesome matches with Brian Meyers and Trevor Lee along with being involved in the GFW feud. Davey and Eddie would fit right in with any era and they work together as well as any great team. They read each other minds like the Midnight Express or Rockers used to. If want to learn the art of team team wrestling check out the Wolves.

Female Wrestler of the Year Taryn Terrell- When the year started Taryn was playing the underdog baby face champion. During the year she morphed into the insane head of the doll house. And I think she played both roles perfect. I would actually say her heel promos gave her a shot at best talker. She was played crazy perfect like someone living in there own warped world would really be. With just that right hint of danger. That danger that in the real world would make you real nervious about pissing her off. Taryn is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world she loves to take big risks but has shown the ability to not screw up dangerous spots while always improving in the basics.

Match of the Year EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud Hair vs. Hair- This was my early favorite for match of the year and it held up all year. The story of this match was classic. EC3 a bully through and through. Spud the smaller man who was easy to pick on that finally snapped. This match was about as perfectly wrestled as you can get. The use of blood was well done with Spud letting out buckets but refusing to stay down. Even as you know there was no way going into match that Spud would win you found yourself falling for the false finishes. Plus remember this was before EC3 was a world champion and Spud remains a mid carder but it had more emotion than many world title matches had this year.

Gimmick of the Year The Demon Finn Balor- When the than Prince Devitt signed with WWE NXT some wondered if that would end the costumes and paint he would often wear on the indy scene. Instead WWE embraced it. I really enjoying this gimmick because Balor only breaks it out for big matches. And that makes it have more impact when we do see Balor come out in the paint. The gimmick is clearly influenced by Japan's legendary Great Muta. And like Balor Muta didn't always wear the paint. It's a great gimmick gets you excited to see the match happen. And to be honest it's the kind of thing I would have liked to have done as wrestler. Be a normal guy most of the time but than for the big events come out with something like this.

Event of the Year TNA Bound For Glory- With several MOTYC alone on this card such as Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong and Lashley vs. Roode I could award this event on that alone. But the whole show was awesome and really there wasn't even average match much less bad match. The Ultimate X was thrilling and gave the smaller guys a chance to shine with Tigre Uno retaining his title. The Bound For Gold match was a fun rumble style match. And again fun moments with Dreamer playing tribute to Dusty Rhodes and Pope entering only for “Josh” to cost him. Plus getting see Tyrus and Abyss go one on one as excellent. The Wolves torn down the house again with Lee and Myers. Kurt Angle gave a great final performance stateside and the 3 way was a perfect mix of 3 wrestlers working together and not just having guys circle in and out.

Best Talker Ethan Carter The Third- Everything that comes out of this guys mouth is gold. He never gets in over his head with a promo. He understands how to play with the crowd and even knows to acknowledge them but never turn himself face in the process. He makes you want to see him destroyed before the bell ever rings. But of course he reminds you he's never been pinned. Most guys can do one kind of promo and that's it. But Carter can mix it up. He can intense he can be goofy, he can change make it seem like nothing matter more and he can make you think this all just a pit stop for him.

Best in Ring Worker Kurt Angle- Ok part of me is doing thing knowing Kurt might be at the end of the road. But Angle had a very strong year as always in the ring and wrestling different styles. Good series of brawls with guys like Eric Young and MVP. But still as always getting onto the mat and wrestling with people such as Lashley. Kurt always trying to steal the show and I think 2015 he pulled off quite a few. With the end of his career coming up he's leaving us strong.

Comeback Wrestler of The Year Awesome Kong- With her departure from TNA involving attacking another employee and WWE not interested in bringing her back after a short run it looked as thought Kong was done. She would still pop up from time to time but not on a major level. That all changed in January during TNA first tapings of the year. She was back in TNA and had awesome matches with Havoc, Terrell, and Gail Kim along with Brooke and Madison Rayne during the World Title Series.

Most Misused The Wyatt Family- It amazes and saddens me how much WWE blows it with these guys. Bray, Harper, and Rowan are all very talented and Strowman has shown good potential. The fans are clearly behind them and still pop when ever they show up. Yet for some reason WWE never gets behind them. They always wind up losing the feuds they are in. And than look at that feud with they had with Kane and Undertaker. It was all about “rebuilding” the old monsters. They stable has never had a championship while together. (Luke Harper's IC title run was during his being free period) Hopefully 2016 we finally start pushing these guys to the top and not just go “Oh the fans react we don't need to make them look good.”

Worse Event of the Year WWE SummerSlam- The build up to the main event was awful and time and again Taker and Brock sent the message they don't care since they missed weeks on end. The match is self was a fucking disaster. Brock his usual lazy suplex heavy style with Taker not able to even move at times. The finish was a complicated mess with Taker pulling a heel move to win it. Rest of the card wasn't any better. Sheamus vs. Orton same paint by numbers match they always have, a mess of a tag team four way with the worse team ever winning. Ruseve who can't work vs. Ziggler who stopped trying fight to a count out, Stephen Amell had the usual celeb match problems. Ryback Big Show and Miz have the usual WWE three way. We did get an ok tag match with The Wyatts vs. Reigns and Ambrose but it wasn't enough. Than we move onto Cena vs. Rollins where Rollins the world champion looks like a weakling who needs fucking Jon Stewart to retain his title. That's all I have to say Rollins can only beat the golden boy because a 50 something comic saved him.

Worst Wrestler of The Year Jay Lethal- As Alan Shore used to say “I know I'll get letters.” I know people are going to tell me how great Lethal is... And Lethal is great but this year he was awful! This year Lethal turned into a paint by numbers wrestler. Everyone of his matches plays out the same way. He hits the same moves in the same sequence and has the rest of the House of Truth get involved. What's sad is we know how good Lethal can be but this year he sucked.

Worst Tag Team of the Year Tie War Machine- I hate this team. They are big sloppy and dangerous. They don't do anything well. And I don't want to hear anyone bring up there “flying” as a reason to praise them. Because there flying is awful and sloppy as well. They are the classic example of big men who think they can just do sloppy power moves and get away it to look “powerful.” The promos are awful as well. Over the years we have seen a lot attempts to be the Road Warriors and War Machine Hanson and Rowe are the all time worse.

Worst Gimmick New Day Lets Just Be Annoying- You guys remember that South Park about Bikers and when people ignored them they started adding a bunch of extra crap to make more noise. Well that is what New Day reminds me of. They just do all they can to be annoying clapping, dancing, unicorn stuff, playing the trombone. Yeah people boo them but it's not wanting to see them get beat up heel heat it's turn the channel heat.

Roderick Strong vs. Masada Added to ROH Event on January 9th

Ring of Honor announced today that Roderick Strong will defend his TV Title against Masada at the company’s January 9th TV tapings in Concord, NC. This is part of Strong’s “Roddy vs. The World” open challenge series. The show will take place at the Cabarrus Events Center, and the following is official for the show…
* Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley
* Top Prospect Tournament Featuring: Action Ortiz, Lio Rush, Punisher Martinez, Colby Corino
* ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions War Machine vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)
* ROH TV Title Match: Champion Roderick Strong vs. Masada

Opinionated View- Well this card looks awful and cheap. Masada a garbage wrestler and a bunch of young guys they will claim are prospects.

Jeff Hardy’s Wife Gives Birth to The Couple’s Second Child

Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy posted the following on social media today, announcing that Jeff and his wife welcomed their second child into the world…

Dixie CarterVerified account @TNADixie 52 minutes ago
Congrats to and sweet Ruby on the birth of the newest Hardy, baby Nera! So happy for you!
From Hardy's Instagram
Great case scenario.... Now mother & father of two.... Skies turning blue... Welcome to you... Nera Quinn Hardy!

TNA Confirms Live One Night Only PPV For Next Week

– TNA has confirmed a new live One Night Only next week. The WON reports that the PPV taping will take place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on January 8th.
TNA originally had One Night Only events set for October in New Orleans and January in India but had to cancel them both. As such, they needed quick content for their international commitments. There was already a taping scheduled for the 8th so it has been changed to a live show as they don’t have any other filmed content.

Sin Cara Still Not Cleared

Sin Cara was at last night’s WWE event in Baltimore but didn’t wrestle. He was on a team with Kalisto, Damien Sandow, Curtis Axel, Fandango and R-Truth against Big E, Kofi Kingston, Los Matadores, Heath Slater and Adam Rose. Cara chased Xavier Woods away but otherwise didn’t get involved. He suffered a dislocated shoulder on RAW and hasn’t been cleared yet.

NXT to Host Their Own 2015 Awards Show

WWE announced the following today, noting that NXT would have their own year-end awards show on January 13th. Fans can start to vote on the awards tomorrow. Here is the complete announcement…
Which NXT Superstar had the best 2015? What was your favorite NXT match of the year? You will be able to make your voice heard on these topics and more, starting tomorrow!
WWE COO Triple H announced on Twitter that the first NXT Year-End Awards in WWE history, recognizing the best NXT had to offer in 2015, will be presented on the Jan. 13 edition of NXT on WWE Network. The NXT Universe will be able to cast their votes exclusively on, beginning New Year’s Day at 10 a.m. ET in six categories. The awards are:
* Overall Competitor of the Year
* Male Competitor of the Year
* Female Competitor of the Year
* Tag Team of the Year
* Match of the Year
* TakeOver of the Year
Polls for the inaugural NXT Year-End Awards open tomorrow, Jan. 1, 2016, at 10 a.m. ET on and close on Jan. 6 at 10 a.m. ET. Don’t miss the chance to help your favorite NXT Superstars win these prestigious honors!

Opinionated View- Just what we don't need another Slammy awards

Non-Spoiler Match Listing For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown

* Kalisto and The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day
* Tyler Breeze vs. Goldust
* Luke Harper and Braun Strowman vs. The Usos
* Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs. Naomi and Tamina
* Dolph Ziggler vs. Bo Dallas
* Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rock Not Appearing For Mania Build Up

While the Rock has announced his appearance at WrestleMania 32, don’t expect him to be heavily on television to promote the show. Rock took to Instagram on Monday to confirm he will be at this year’s show, but he will also in the process of filming Baywatch in Atlanta, Georgia in March and April and the WON reports that he isn’t likely to appear on Raw much or do a ton of promotional work.
It is worth noting that Smackdown will tape from Atlanta on March 1st, which is the second Smackdown after Fast Lane. It’s always a possibility that he could appear for that show.

Opinionated View- Why should The Rock appear? It's not like appearing on the lead up has required to main event in WWE lately.

WWE Concerned Over Finn Balor & Bayley’s Main Roster Prospects

According to the WON, there’s a lot of discussion in WWE about Finn Balor and Bayley’s viability when they make it to the main roster. The site reports that several people have been talking about their media appearances where they’ve said they’re happy staying in NXT.
In Balor’s case, there’s a lot of talk about how NXT is relying heavily on Balor to have big main event matches, with concern that he’s breaking down his body too much with the brand’s expanding touring schedule. Balor is thirty-four and with more touring expected this year, the worry is that NXT is supposed to get him ready to be able to make it to the main roster, not break him apart before he gets there.
As for Bayley, the feeling is that she’ll either be the biggest female star in WWE history or will flounder on the main roster, with no in-between. Some in the company see her as a female John Cena in terms of her ability to do charity work and bring in younger fans, particularly younger female fans. WWE has never had a strong audience among young girls outside of the few periods where they were strong across all demographics. There’s concern that any attempts to contrive situations on the main roster like the young superfan Izzy, which helped promote Bayley in a big way, could lead to a backlash.
There’s also talk that Bayley’s current character plays well as a “big sister” type for young fans to idolize, which has an inherent shelf life. If the company waits too long to pull the trigger she could outgrow that image.

Opinionated View- Well starting with Bayley the last thing we need is a female Cena. As for Balor he never should have gone to NXT he was one of those guys that should have been brought right up to the main roster. And if you don't think NXT can survive it's current heavy touring once the champion is called up than don't tour with it. Don't lose track of the whole reason for NXT to get people ready. And for those saying "I should be happy WWE is pushing him." I don't just want Balor to be in WWE I want to see on top. I want to see him get the chances guys like Punk or Bryan got.

WWE’s Next Live Network Special Revealed

PWInsider reports that the next live WWE Network special will take place on March 12th, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The special is being billed as “March to Wrestlemania” and will be the first live special to take place in Canada.
This is the third live Network special for the main roster, following July’s “Beast in the East” in Tokyo and October’s “Live from Madison Square Garden.”

Rob Gronkowski to Buy Into WWE-TapouT Gym?,

 According to (via, when WWE proceeds with its Tapout gyms across the country, there are reports that New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski is strongly considering purchasing a franchise in the Buffalo, NY.

Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley Added to ROH Event on January 9th

Ring of Honor announced today that Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley has been added to the company’s January 9th TV tapings in Concord, NC. The show will take place at the Cabarrus Events Center, and the following is official for the show…
* Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley
* Top Prospect Tournament Featuring: Action Ortiz, Lio Rush, Punisher Martinez, Colby Corino
* ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions War Machine vs. The All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

12/30 ROH TV preview: The lineup for the “Best of 2015” edition

-ACH and Matt Sydal vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito.
-Shinshuke Nakamura vs. Roderick Strong.
-A.J. Styles and The Young Bucks vs. ACH, Matt Sydal, and Cedric Alexander.
-Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal.

Opinionated View- That sound you hear is me ramming my head against the wall. I mean ROH having a best of show is a joke given it's ROH and they haven't had anything you could call best unless it's best of the worst. Even worse two of the matches are them kissing New Japan's ass. Plus Nakamura and Strong was awful you had a guy that only does jump knees vs a guy that only chops and hits back breakers.

Finally it's capped off with Briscoe vs. Lethal. Jay Briscoe a spot monkey that can do anything right vs. Lethal the guy that has turned into a guy having the same match every single time.

12/29 WWE Main Event TV taping spoilers

WWE Main Event Taping
1. R-Truth defeated Heath Slater. Truth did his whole rap entrance and it sounded better then I have ever heard on TV. The DC crowd went over big for Truth, who won clean in a match that was around 10 minutes.
2. Titus O’Neil beat Adam Rose. This match was short and there was a mild pop for Titus, but a lot of people used this match for a restroom break. Titus won clean.
3. Jack Swagger beat Stardust. Swagger took some of the hardest bumps of the night. He was thrown out of the ring and hit the stairs as well as a suplex that he took off the turnbuckle. Swagger won with the ankle lock.

More Detailed WWE Smackdown Spoilers

Sin Cara came out in a sling and Kalisto challenged the New Day to a match, which New Day thought was a handicap match. Kalisto said he brought friends and the Dudleys came out with a table that had, “Happy New Years Eve” painted on it.
1. Kalisto and The Dudley Boyz beat New Day in a six-man tag. After some exchanges. Kalisto was beat on for a bit and hot tagged Bubba. Kalisto had a nice spot jumping off of Bubbas shoulders while he sat on the top turnbuckle onto Xavier Woods, then pinned Woods using a Salida del Sol. Then they put Xavier through the table.
2. Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) beat Goldust. A fast, lame match that I believe ended with a Breeze rollup, but I couldn’t see. Breeze and Summer Rae then announced for the New Year they are parting ways, but will leave the crowd with one last selfie. The crowd had no reaction and there was a sense of bewilderment.
3. Braun Strowman and Luke Harper defeated The Uso Brothers. A good match that ended with Stroman’s lame Bearhug. Strowman looked very stiff in the ring.
4. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox beat Naomi and Tamina. We missed the match. I love the Divas, it wasn’t a slight. My 6-year old had to use the bathroom and it was over by the time we made it back to the concourse.
5. Dolph Ziggler defeated Bo Dallas. Ziggler got a big pop throughout the match. He pinned Bo clean finishing Bo with a super kick.
6. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose beat Sheamus and Kevin Owens by DQ. This match was kind of short and ended with Owens being disqualified for not being the legal man and pulling Reigns’ legs into the ring post when Reigns was setting up a spear for Sheamus. I thought it was an odd finish in a modern tag team match where it always seems like teammates get involved whenever they want to. The heels were about to put Ambrose through the announce table when Reigns stopped them. The faces posed with their belts for 10 minutes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Complete WWE Smackdown Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens is announced as tonight’s main event
* WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day come out for a New Year’s Eve promo. They’re interrupted by The Dudley Boyz and then Kalisto. We get a six-man match.
* Kalisto and The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day by pinfall.
* Tyler Breeze defeated Goldust by pinfall. Breeze and Summer Rae are apparently done as they decide to split up for the New Year.
* Luke Harper and Braun Strowman defeated The Usos when Braun made one of them submit.
* Brie Bella and Alicia Fox defeated Naomi and Tamina Snuka.
* Dolph Ziggler defeated Bo Dallas.
* Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens ends in a DQ after a good hard-hitting brawl, Reigns and Ambrose win. Reigns stopped Owens from powerbombing him through the announce table after the match, with a Superman punch

Sin Cara Injured on Raw

Courtesy of
Sin Cara injured during last Raw of 201
Sin Cara suffered a dislocated shoulder during his match with WWE Tag Team Champion Big E on the final Raw of 2015 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to WWE doctor Chris Robinson, who confirmed the injury, Sin Cara's shoulder was popped back in place and he continued the match.

Opinionated View- Guess that means its time to find another Mexican to put in the mask. And I'm not joking they keep changing the person in the gimmick any way.

World Title Match Set For Next Week’s Raw

It was announced on Raw that Vince McMahon will special guest referee a WWE World Heavyweight Title match, with Roman Reigns defending the championship against Sheamus.

Opinionated View- Let's just keep repeating 1998.

First Name For Royal Rumble

Big Show announced on Monday night during RAW as the first particpant in the 2016 Royal Rumble match on 1/24/16 live in Orlando on the WWE Network.

The commentary team ran into some confusion as the impression was that Big Show announced himself as the first entrant. Instead, he's the first confirmed participant.

Opinionated View- boring

12/28 WWE Raw Report

“No Chance from Hell” bellows throughout the arena as Vince McMahon struts to the ring. Mr.McMahon says he is out here tonight to settle a score. He would have been at RAW last week, but he needed to have dental surgery. Vince waste no time calling out the man who assaulted him two weeks ago: Roman Reigns.Mr. McMahon tells Reigns that he can’t find it in his heart to congratulate Reigns because of what he did to his son-in-law Triple H. To further exacerbate things, Reigns also embarrassed his daughter Stephanie by turning his back on her.Mr. McMahon goes on to say that Reigns will eventually come to grips with the fact that he owns the WWE title and Roman Reigns.
Reigns asks Mr. McMahon if he is threatening him?Mr. McMahon spends the next five minutes talking about Reigns father and uncle. Reigns pushes Mr. McMahon to the mat.Mr. McMahon falls as if he was shot with a cannon, screaming about his neck. Stephanie runs down to the ring with uniform police officers and what appears to be plain clothes detectives in tow. Stephanie tries to get the detectives to arrest Reigns but the lead detective declines. He tells Stephanie that they are here as security and are not here personal police squad. Stephanie gets in the detective’s face. The detective threatens to arrest her. Mr. McMahon gets up and says he is feeling better.  Mr. McMahon gets in the detective’s face and grabs him by the jacket. The detectives promptly arrest Mr. McMahon. Reigns is left in the ring, celebrating with the title.

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Owens charges Neville, but Neville kicks him in the head. Neville immediately goes to the top rope for the red arrow. Owens hits the ropes and Neville falls of the top. Owens tries the pop up powerbomb, but Neville reverses it into a roll up for the victory.
Winner- Neville

After the match Owens beats the heck out of Neville. It takes a multiple referees to peal Owens off of Neville.

After short break, the referees are helping Neville up the ramp. Owens appears out of nowhere and clotheslines Neville out of his boots. Dean Ambrose runs down the ramp to make the save.
Backstage, JoJo is with Becky Lynch. JoJo tells Lynch that Charlotte is not there tonight because she wants Lynch to win on her own tonight. Lynch says there are no hard feelings. She is not there to fit in; she is there to show out.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
After a brief chain wrestling exchange Lynch tosses Banks around the ring with multiple arm drags. Sasha goes for a quick pin, but Lynch matrix bridges out of it. Banks grabs and arm bar, walks the turnbuckle and flips Lynch over in another arm drag. Sasha misses a splash in the corner. Lynch dragon screw leg whips Sasha and locks in a knee bar.

Sasha gets to the ropes. Lynch locks on a modified Deathlock. Naomi distracts the referee as Tamina gets in the ring and drags Sasha to the ropes. Sasha whips Lynch into the ropes, but Lynch baseballs slides Naomi and Tamina. Sasha tries to attack Lynch while her back is turned, but Lynch tosses Sasha to the outside. Lynch mounts the top rope and dives off, taking out all three members of Team B.A.D.
Lynch attempts to suplex Banks off the top rope, but Banks arm-dt’s here across the top rope. Banks destroys Lynch with her double knee drop off the top. Banks locks on a modified surfboard stretch. Lynch tries to fight out of it, but Banks slams her down to the mat. Banks attempts a neck breaker, but Lynch reverses it into a clothesline. Banks traps Lynch on the middle rope. Banks tries to splash Lynch, but Lynch moves out of the way. Banks flies through the middle rope and takes out Naomi and Tamina. Banks gets back in the ring and hits a backstabber into a straightjacket hold.
Lynch flips Banks to get out of the hold. Lynch butterfly suplexes Banks into the corner for a two count. Tamina distracts the ref as Naomi gets on the apron. Naomi kicks Lynch in the head. Banks hits the backstabber and locks in the Banks statement. Lynch rolls through into the dis-arm-her, but Banks reverses that into a roll up with a hand full of tights for the win.
Winner- Sasha Banks

Renee Young has traveled to the police station. She confirms that Mr. McMahon has been booked and is being processed as we speak.

Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto

Kalisto grabs an arm lock, but Kingston flips out of it and locks in an arm lock of his own. Kalisto fights out. Kingston tries a leg sweep, but Kalisto does a back flip to avoid it. They trade kicks before Kalisto takes Kingston down with a top rope Lucha flip arm drag. Kingston trips Kalisto and clubs him in the back. Kingston misses middle rope foot stomp. Kalisto hits the Kalisto combo followed by the springboard spinning splash.
Woods gets on the apron, but Kalisto knocks him off. Big E. catches him, but Sin Cara runs up the steps and dives off onto both of time. Back in the ring, Kalisto hurricanranas Kingston into a pin for the win.
Winner- Kalisto
After the match Woods takes off his entrance gear to challenge Sin Cara to a match… against Big E.

Big E. vs Sin Cara
Big E. slaps on an abdominal stretch, followed by a suplex. Big E. tosses Sin Cara into the ropes, but Sin Cara reverses it into a springboard moonsault. Big E. catches him midair, but Sin Cara arm drags him. Sin Cara drop kicks Big E. out of the ring. Sin is about to go for a dive, but Big E. pulls Sin Cara off the apron. Sin Cara isn’t moving. The referee calls over the doctor to check on him. Sin Cara says he can continue. Sin Cara rolls into the ring and Big E. promptly runs over him.

Big E. misses a shoulder block in the corner. Sin Cara hits a corkscrew senton off the top. Sin Cara follows that up with another springboard attack. Sin Cara hits a middle rope rolling Senton on Big E. (yes you read that correctly). Big E. kicks out. Big E. eventually hits the big ending for the pin fall.
Winner- Big E.
The Miz is in the ring for a holiday edition of Miz T.V. Before Miz can say anything, Ryback comes out and says nothing of note. Goldust comes out and asks Miz if he is going to win a Golden Globe. Zack Ryder appears and tells Miz that this is going to be the year of Zack Ryder. Miz tries to speak again, but R-Truth’s music hits and R-Truth gets in the ring. R-Truth tells everyone to remember that everyone on the roster is eligible to win superstar of the year. Everyone vote for R-Truth. Miz tells R-Truth that the Slammys were last week and that R-Truth actually won one. R-Truth apologizes.
Heath Slater comes out and says he has a lot to say. Big Show comes out and he promptly knocks Slater out with the WMD. Big Show takes almost everyone in the ring out. R-Truth punches himself in the face to avoid a WMD. Big Show laughs, but then picks up R-Truth and chokeslams him. Ryback attacks Big Show, but Big Show tosses him over the top rope. Big Show grabs a mic and says he is going to enter himself into the Royal Rumble, win it, win the title at ‘Mania, and then shove it up the WWE Universe’s you know what.

Big Show vs Ryback
Ryback attacks Big Show and Big Show backpedals. Ryback goes to the second rope but as he dives off Big Show chops him in the chest. Big Show chops Ryback in the corner, before whipping him across the ring to the other corner. Big Show misses a corner splash. Ryback hits a middle rope drop kick. Ryback calls for the Meathook clothesline, but Big Show rolls out of the ring. Big Show says he is done and walks up the ramp.
Winner via count out- Ryback
The League of Nations vs Dean Ambrose and the Usos
Jimmy Uso and Sheamus start the match. Sheamus uses his power advantage to drive Jimmy down to the mat hard with a headlock. Jimmy fights out of it and hits heel kick. Jimmy tries to dive over the top, but Sheamus elbows him in the face. Jimmy drop kicks Sheamus over the top rope. Jimmy tags in Jey and they double drop kick Sheamus. Rusev gets in the ring and the Usos double atomic drop him. Ambrose tags in and drop kicks Rusev off the top rope.
Ambrose and the Usos take turns beating down Rusev. Jimmy charges Rusev, but Rusev sidesteps and hip tosses Jimmy into the turnbuckle. Rusev goes on an all out assault on Jimmy’s injured knee.

Sheamus tags in and continues the beat down. Jimmy misses an enzguri, but follows it up with another enzguri! Jimmy tags in Ambrose, who takes out every member of the L.O.N. Ambrose gets a two count on Rusev after a diving elbow. Barrett distracts Ambrose long enough for Rusev to savate kick Ambrose into oblivion.
After the break, Rusev spinning side slams Ambrose for another two count. Rusev misses a middle rope head-butt. Sheamus tags in as Jey tags in. Sheamus misses the brogue kick. Jey hits a superkick. Jey goes up top for a splash, but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus hits the brogue kick for the win.
Winners- The League of Nations
After the match Kevin Owens once again appears out of nowhere and attacks Ambrose. Owens tosses Ambrose into the rings steps head first, and then the barricade back first. Owens finishes Ambrose off with a powerbomb through the announce table.
Back to Renee Young outside the police station. Renee confirms Mr. McMahon has made bail. Renee tries to get a word with Mr. McMahon, but he tells her to get out of his face.

John Cena comes out to the ring and points out that right now would be a good time for a U.S. title open challenge, but the U.S. champion is currently Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has not defended the U.S. title on RAW since winning it. Cena calls Del Rio a disgrace. Del Rio comes out on the ramp and the rest of the League of Nations flanks him. Del Rio says these people do not deserve to have a U.S. title match. Cena calls Del Rio an idiot and he gets it.
The reason Del Rio wont put up the title is because he is scared of him. Del Rio says he here is here to fight, just not for the U.S. title. Cena calls Del Rio a bunch of things I am not going to type here. Del Rio response by calling Cena a bunch of things I would type… if I knew what any of it meant. Del Rio gets riled up and grants Cena his title match tonight.
John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio immediately kicks Cena in the knee. Del Rio goes for a quick pin attempt, but Cena kicks out. Del Rio traps Cena into the corner and punches him in the head a few times. Del Rio is in complete control of Cena, working him over with numerous strikes, and a flying ax handle off the top rope for another two count. Del Rio puts his knee in Cena’s back and slaps on a crossface. Cena gets to his feet, but Del Rio kicks Cena in the leg. Cena is draped across the middle rope, but Del Rio misses his splash attempt (as is tradition). Del Rio flies through the ropes and crash and burns out on the floor.

Cena fires up with a series of shoulder blocks, but Del Rio kicks him in the gut to stop his run. Del Rio goes up top, but Cena drop kicks him in midair. Cena goes all five moves of doom on Del Rio. After the five-knuckle shuffle, Cena picks up Del Rio for the AA. Del Rio reverses it into the backstabber. Del Rio stands up, but Cena trips him into the STF. Del Rio gets to the ropes to break the hold. Cena hits the ropes and runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for yet another two count. Cena surprises Del Rio with a tornado DDT for a long two count.
Cena picks up Del Rio for the AA, but Del Rio counters it into the cross arm breaker. Cena floats over, picks Del Rio up, and powerbombs him. Cena picks up Del Rio for another AA attempt, but the Del Rio kicks the referee in the face. Cena locks in the STF and Del Rio taps but the referee isn’t there to see it. Sheamus and Rusev run down to the ring and attack Cena. Sheamus tries to brogue kick Cena, but Cena moves and Sheamus hits Rusev. Cena AA’s Sheamus. Cena AA’s Del Rio, but as he pins him, Sheamus and Rusev break up the pin.
Winner via disqualification- John Cena
After the match Sheamus and Rusev beat down Cena. The Usos run in to try to help but they get destroyed in the process. Roman Reigns runs to the ring and spears Rusev out of his boots. Reigns Superman punches Del Rio. Sheamus grabs a chair as he and Reigns lock eyes. They both get in the ring. Sheamus misses a chair shot and eats a Superman punch. Mr. McMahon makes his way out to the ramp and informs Reigns that next week he will defend the WWE title against Sheamus. The special referee for the match with be Mr. McMahon himself.

Monday, December 28, 2015

AJ Styles Says He’s Ready to Go For NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10

AJ Styles has confirmed that he will be at Wrestle Kingdom 10 for his scheduled IWGP Intercontinental Title match against Shinsuke Nakamura. Styles, who has been dealing with back issues for the past few months, told WrestlingInc that he’s at 100% and will be at the event.
“I feel great, man. I literally have no problems whatsoever. It’s one of those little bumps in the road and I’m ready to rock,” Styles said.
Styles had missed some shows, including a ROH TV taping and the NJPW World Tag League tournament, due to his back injury. He competed against Jay Lethal at Final Battle.

Rock Will Be At WrestleMania 32

In a post on Instagram on Monday afternoon, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed he will be at WrestleMania 32 next year on April 3rd at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.
"IT'S OFFICIAL: People's Champ is coming home to do 3 things with THE PEOPLE: Set an ALL-TIME attendance record, ELECTRIFY Dallas like never before & make all time #WRESTLEMANIA history. And we have FUN. Ok that's four things but you know what The Rock's sayin'...THANK YOU #WWEUniverse! It's always an honor coming home and I wouldn't miss it for the world."
Opinionated View- Should I be excited? I mean Rock making a appearance at Mania since he does it every year it's not special.

NOAH Contracts for Takeshi Morishima and TMDK to Expire Soon

According to a report by Puroresu Spirit, the NOAH contracts for Takeshi Morishima and TMDK’s Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste are set to expire soon on December 31. In addition, there is talk of Nicholls and Haste going to WWE.
It was announced last April that Morishima was retiring from wrestling due to health concerns, and he was going to have a retirement ceremony in September. However, the ceremony was later canceled because Morishima wanted to have one more match instead. Things were then delayed as a result. Morishima has now been working out and apparently getting into much better shape since he was diagnosed with diabetes, and the rumors suggest he could make an in-ring return and go “anywhere he wishes.”
The Mighty Don’t Kneel have been under contract with NOAH for the last two years, and there is talk that they might be bound for WWE/NXT. Haste has recently been on the shelf since June due to a knee ligament injury and getting surgery. Haste last appeared for NOAH in September 2015. Marufuji is said to wish TMDK the best of luck wherever they go after their contracts are up.
Haste and Nicholls had previously impressed WWE after a tryout last summer, and they were both reportedly offered contracts. But they were still waiting for visa paperwork to go through and medicals to be taken care of first.

Opinoinated View- Nicholls and Haste could work in the WWE although I feel they might get caught in the talent jam up WWE has. They have so many guys already and NXT is only so big that I could see them getting lost in either NXT or on the main roster.

Morishima I just don't see working at all. Besides the health issues his style and gimmick may not fit with what WWE wants. Plus I don't know how well he speaks English.

WWE Raw Preview

WWE Monday Night RAW is live tonight from the sold-out Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The broadcast tonight will feature the return of John Cena against US Champion Alberto Del Rio and of Mr. McMahon after Roman Reigns won the WWE World Title 2 weeks ago and laid out McMahon with a Superman Punch.

Also Santino has said he will appear.

Opinionated View- This isn't just a pile of shit it's a pile of shit someone threw up on. Vince back to be Mr. McMahon as we again must rehash the "Rebel" face champion vs. evil boss story. Cena and Del Rio are like the opposite of Flair and Steamboat. Often people would say Ric and Rick were great wrestlers that brought the very best out of each other. Cena and Del Rio are two awful wrestlers that bring the very worse out of each other. And than Santino with more bad comedy.

Santino Set For Raw

PWInsider reports that Santino Marella is scheduled for this week’s Raw. Marella returned to TV last week at the Slammy Awards episode of Raw.

Opinionated View- Why? We got enough crap already with Vince do we really need more comedy especially bad comedy.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lucha Underground News and Notes

Hernandez has threatened legal action against Lucha Underground after he lost his job with TNA. Hernandez has reportedly made a claim against Lucha Underground about an unsafe working environment.

The issues with Hernandez, TNA and Lucha Underground began this past summer. Lucha finally officially announced his release in September. As noted, Hernandez began working for TNA and reportedly told them he already had his LU release. It was discovered that he did not have his rele...ase and TNA was forced to part ways with him. They were also forced to edit all footage of Hernandez that was recorded while he was under contract to LU.

 - Konnan is still under contract to Lucha Underground but hasn't been used and it's not clear if or when he will be used again, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Konnan's status was apparently a topic of discussion at the recent tapings where Rey Mysterio debuted as he and Rey are close but Konnan wasn't even there

Opinionated View- Well Hernandez bares some of the blame for what went down. From what I understand LU told him "We will release you but you can't appear on TV until after the season finale airs." He than went to TNA and told them he was free and clear to appear and could start right away. Getting rid of Konnan would be the first smart idea LU has ever had. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nikki Bella to Find Out Wrestling Future at The End of January

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Nikki Bella is currently schedule to be out for at least another seven weeks, due to issues with her neck. Nikki saw a neurologist after her appearance on Raw this week, and unfortunately she still has bulging discs in her neck. She has been instructed to continue her rehabilitation for another seven weeks, and will get another MRI at that time. The report also says that her “rack attack” finishing move looks to be the reason for her injury. If she gets to return, she will likely not use the move any longer.
Nikki Bella posted the following on Twitter shortly after the report surfaced, confirming that she will be out until the end of January before she knows anything for sure…

Opinionated View- Well you got a poorly trained woman who for years has been trying to wrestle and not really understanding the right way to wrestle. Of course her neck is going out.

Vince McMahon To Appear On RAW

WWE has announced that Vince McMahon will return this Monday night for RAW. Here is the preview from
Mr. McMahon will return to Raw this Monday, has learned.
After being Superman Punched by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume that The Chairman will have a lot on his mind.

Opinionated View- Oh for God's Sake. Now Vince is going to be regular again.

Kurt Angle To Appear on A&E's Duck Dynasty

TV Guide is reporting that current TNA star Kurt Angle will be appearing on the latest episodes of "Duck Dynasty" on A&E when it returns in January 2016.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Flashback Reviews WCW Starcade 1993

So much has been written over the year about the ups and downs of World Championship Wrestling. 1993 was a year of major change for the company. Bill Watts who had been running the company was ousted after raciest comments he made found there way to Hank Aaron (yes that Hank Aaron) who worked for Turner. While Watts did a lot wrong when running WCW he should get credit for two things. One was bringing in Vader full time. Leon White had started wrestling in the late 80's but after moving to Japan he was given the name and gimmick of Vader. Although a huge man he was able to pull off moves such a moonsault. He had worked for WCW a bit but Watt brought him in full time and made him world champion. Another thing Watts did right was bring back Ric Flair. Flair had left WCW during the Jim Herd days but Watts got him to return. Still though Watt made more mistakes and with the comments coming a time where Aaron was already pissed about racial issues he was gone.

As a result Eric Bischoff was named Executive Producer. Yeah that's important to keep in mind. Bischoff was later promoted to Vice President and laser just President. Bischoff was put in charge of the TV product but not the whole company. Now an often reported fact about WCW was “Turner had a soft spot for wrestling so he didn't care if it made money.” While Ted Turner did care for wrestling the company did care if WCW lost money. Bischoff was even told he had to cut his budget. One of his moves to was hold all TV tapings in a studio at Disney World. Bischoff took a lot heat for daring to change how the business worked. But it worked. By doing massive pre tapings he saved money. And well TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, and various other companies all do the same thing to this day. Taping months worth of TV at a time. But it has some problems spoilers leak out (even in 93.) Injures can suddenly force a change with no TV to explain said change.

Starcade was WCW biggest annual show. Starting in 1983 during the NWA days it predates WrestleMania. Like Mania it was the spot where the biggest feuds would be settled where the legends of the company were made. The plan for 1993 was to have Vader defend his WCW title against former partner Sid Viscous. Sid was another monster and just like Vader used the power bomb as a finish. Tons of stuff was tapped showing Sid would win at Starcade. Than the infamous Arn Anderson and Sid Viscous scissor fight happened. Sid was gone and WCW scrambled to find a new challenger. Normally I'm the give the young guy a chance person but given the TV situation they didn't have any way to build a younger guy up in time. They needed someone with instant credibility. Also Vader had been champion for a long time and had already worked with Sting and Davey Boy Smith. Someone like Rick Rude was a heel and rushing his face turn could have back fired. So as a result WCW turned to Ric Flair. And it makes sense Flair was beloved by WCW fans his history with the title gave him credibility and he had never faced Vader before. So with all this going on behind the scenes is this event any good?

We open with pictures of Ric Flair as a child as old Flair audio plays over them. We move to Flair as teen and than a newspaper clipping of the plan crash that nearly ended his career in the seventies. Than we get footage of Flair winning the title from Race at the first Starcade and beating Garvin at Starcade 87. Along with footage of Flair wrestling various names such as Steamboat and Terry Funk. Than it turns to footage of Vader destroying guys and roaring like a monster. Its a nice quick open. It sends the message Flair is the man of the past. His done this all before but Vader is the monster and the monster is in control of the present.

Tony Schiavone welcomes us to to Charlotte NC. Tony tells us it's the tenth anniversary but the eleventh annual event. Score one for WCW at least they didn't pull that anniversary a year early crap WWE and the NFL like to do. Tony tells us its a celebration of Ric Flair's career. Tony welcomes Jessie Ventura. Jessie tells Flair puts his career on the line against Vader. And tonight in his home town if Flair can't do it here he can't do it anywhere. Nice line from Ventura. We get footage of Vader arriving with his manger Harley Race. Tony notes Vader arrived very early usual for him and got a work out in. We see Race telling Vader to focus as Vader claims he's going to party. We than get footage of Vader's workout. Jessie says Vader needs to get lose and ready. I really like this opening it sends the message Vader is all business tonight. He and Race are ready. Plus watch MMA or Boxing you see guys arrive early do just this work out and get lose.

Tony than tells us Ric Flair hasn't arrived yet. Jessie sounds shocked. We than cut to Flair's house with Mean Gene Oakerland. Flair talks to his wife and than tells his kids, David, Ashley (Charlotte) and Reid he has to go. Reid and Ashley hug there father. Ric kisses them and tells them he loves them. David shakes his dad's hand. Flair tells his kids not to cry before leaving. Ric's wife Beth follow him out and hugs him. The talk quietly before Ric kisses her goodbye. Flair and Oakerland walk to the limo. Gene asks about the emotion. Ric says they are worried. Flair admits he's worried as well but its for a different reason but he knew what he was doing when he signed the contract. Oakerland talks to Flair about what Vader does to people. Flair says he's got to prove it to himself tonight. I freaking love this opening. It again shows the difference between Flair and Vader. Vader is a monster or machine just about one thing the title. Flair is a man and he's got a wife and kids to worry about. A wife and kids that worry about him. It reminds me of Rocky IV when Rocky left to go to Russia. And Flair's comments about proving he's the man remind me of Apollo before the fight with Drago.

2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell come out with Teddy Long for the next match. Before it starts Gary Juster awards Long the manager of the year award. Teddy thanks Marcus, 2 Cold and the fans. The award is a giant plaques which I assume is going to hit someone in the head.

2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell with Teddy Long vs. Pretty Wonderful Paul Orndorff and Paul Roma with the The Assassin- The Assassin is Jody Hamilton father of Nick Patrick who is the referee for this match. Pretty Wonderful had jumped Scorpio and Bagwell on a recent Saturday night. All four men brawl to start. Pretty Wonderful whipped into each other. Double dropkicks sends Roma to the floor. Bagwell helps Scorpion do flip back kick that knocks Orndorff down. Scorpio covers and we get a funny moment as Nick Patrick can clearly be heard saying “he's in the ropes.” So he doesn't count. Tony though claims Patrick wont' count this early since the match isn't under control. Pretty Wonderful conference with The Assassin. Bagwell starts for his team as Roma starts for his. Roma stalls out from locking up. Knee lift by Roma and he lands some punches. Flying cross body by Bagwell gets two. Arm drag by Bagwell and he works the arm. Tag to Scorpio and he kicks the arm of Roma. Scorpio holds the arm and jumps over the top rope. Tag to Bagwell and more arm work on Roma. Body slam out of no where by Roma. Quick tag to Orndorff. Arm drag by Bagwell and tag to Scorpio back to working the arm. Really all that arm only for Roma to just use his arm for the slam and than right back to arm work. Orndorff to the eyes and than a forearm and boots to Scorpio. Too Cold to the ramp. Back in the ring Scorpio escapes a suplex. Hip toss by Scorpio into a head scissors with a cover. But the referee wont' count since the shoulder isn’t down. Actually good refereeing by Patrick there since the Shoulder wasn't down. Tag to Bagwell who comes in with a running splash.

More work on the arm. Drop toe hold by Orndorff. Tag to Roma. Drop toe hold by Bagwell and he now works on Roma's arm. Roma goes for a kick. Bagwell caches it and hits an atomic drop. Roma over sells. Tag to Scorpio. Hip toss by Bagwell and a splash by Scorpio gets two. Roma yelling “He's hurting my arm.” More arm work as Scorpio falls back on the arm. Tag to Bagwell. Arm wringers by Bagwell. Roma revers and tags in Orndorff. Double team by Pretty Wonderful. Knee to the face and awful looking slam by Mr. Wonderful. Bagwell ducks a clothesline and gets a sleeper. Roma into the ring drawing in Scorpio. Referee busy with Too Cold Roma breaks up the sleeper. Referee lets Roma stay in the ring. Back breakers by Roma. Running elbow by Roma with a cocky cover for two. Tag to Orndorff. Double teams by the heels. Belly to back suplex by Orndorff. Scorpio breaks it up. Tag to Roma. Butterfly suplex by Roma gets two. Snap power slam by Roma. Paul Roma to the top and the big splash misses. Roma jumps up dose a little dance which I assumes is supposed to be selling. Tag to Orndorff. Tag to Scorpio so its house of fire time. Snap suplex by Scorpio on Orndorff. Too Cold to the top. Roma tries to interfere. Bagwell with the save allowing Scorpio to hits a fist drop. Referee with Bagwell and Roma. Spin kick by Scorpio. The Assassin on the apron and gets nailed. Assassin back p and head buts Scorpio after putting something in his mask. Orndorff gets the pin. Lack luster opening match. At best these two teams were ok neither was great. Way to much arm work made pointless as the heels often just escaped made the tag and than back to the arm. Also I should mention Manger of the Year Teddy Long was the one that wound up distracting the referee on the finish thus making him look foolish

Back in Ric Flair's limo he and Mean Gene talk. Gene says this could the last time Flair makes a limo ride like this. Flair tells Gene he can't second guess himself now but he doesn't want to be on the outside looking in and that he loves this sport. Gene says a win would be Flair's eleventh WCW title reign. Which really isn't true. Most of Flair's title reigns had been NWA world title reigns including a run earlier in the year with that title. Gene reminds us this could be his final match as well. Flair says he doesn't want to think about that. Flair talks about what good friends he and Gene are and wants to talk about something positive. Gene talks about how much Flair has done in the sport. Flair talks about a recent encounter with a fan. Pointless segment. I get what they are trying to do. But it just repeats what has already been said. Flair doesn't want to leave wrestling but had to this to get his title shot. Plus Gene talking about his friendship with Flair seemed strange. Maybe the two are really good friends but Gene was mostly known for WWF and AWA while Flair was an NWA/WCW guy with a heel run in WWF. If anything Gene was more known as a friend to Hulk Hogan.

Awesome Kong with King Kong vs. The Shockmaster. - No not that Awesome Kong. This one was a member of a tag team known as Colossal Kongs. Basically just two huge fat guys in masks. How many of you are stunned to find the Shockmaster stuck around after that infamous debut? Of course after that debut they had redone his look and gimmick now he's wearing a hard hat instead of the helmet. The Kongs jump Shockmaster at the start. Double team clotheslines and a pound and hold. Big splash in the corner followed by a running splash by one of the Kongs. Well this confusing. One of the Kong is attack Shockmaster while another is on the floor. The bell has NOT rung and the Kong in the ring has King on his tights. Tony and Jessie sound like they have no idea. Kong runs into a big boot. Clothesline by Shockmaster. Holy crap a jumping cross body by Shockmaster and a slam for the win by Shockmaster. Other Kong into the ring goes to attack Shockmaster but he hits his partner. That was totally pointless. Short match the guy that was supposed to be in it wasn't. Hell I don't even think Jessie and Tony have any idea.

Tony and Jessie mention that Terry Taylor beat the Equalizer on the pre show. They than hype up the rest of the card. They mention Davey Boy Smith is not there and instead the Boss will challenge for Rick Rude's World Title. Tony says The Boss beat Rude in a non title match. Jessie points out that was a last second substitution. They don't name Rude's title. It had been the NWA title until the NWA pulled the name upset Bischoff was booking title changes without there permission. I get it to a point but the NWA was in such dire straight at this point did they really have a leg to stand on with WCW? Davey Boy had left WCW after Battlebowl to return to the UK before a WWF return in 1994. The Boss was the Former Big Boss Man.

Flair's limo has arrived at the arena. We see Flair got a police escort. Jessie and Tony joke its like Bill Clinton arriving. But in Charlotte Flair is bigger than Clinton. Flair gets out causing a huge woo chant. Gene says goodbye as Flair heads to the arena. Ok little segment but nothing knew or that we had to see.

World Television Championship Lord Steven Regal (c) with Sir William vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat- Strange Steamboat is introduced as Ricky Steamboat “The Dragon.” Sir William is best known as Bill Dundee. The two had feud over the TV title for months. Regal beat Steamboat for the title using the umbrella of Sir William. They had also teamed at Battle Bowl. Prior to the match Steamboat picks up the Belt and holds it up. Tony talks about this being Steamboat's hometown most of his career and his history in the old JCP. Regal refused a lock up and back into the corner. The referee tires to back Steamboat. Jessie points out with the TV time limit Regal will try to stall. Lockup and Regal gets Steamboat down to a knee. Steamboat back up and gets Regal into the ropes. The referee breaks it up. Steamboat tries a single leg. Regal stays in the ropes and the referee breaks it up Leg trip and Regal gets a wrist lock. Good job of selling by Steamboat. Steamboat reverses the wrist lock. Regal with his own reversal. Steamboat out again and whips Regal over. Headlock by Regal.. Steamboat tires a hiptoss it's blocked double leg by Steamboat and than the hip toss for a pin that gets two. Regal back to stalling. Side headlock takedown by Steamboat gets two. Criss cross and Steamboat over and uses his legs to get a quick near fall. Regal up and grabs the leg. Tony and Jessie point out it has two uses. One it slows down Steamboat the faster man and runs the clock. Of course with running the clock talk they might as well just say “Time Limit Draw coming up.” Knee bar by Regal. Steamboat back to one foot and hits a nice looking enziquri. Body slam by Steamboat. The Dragon to the top off with a karate chop. Arm bar by Steamboat. Tony talks about how this kills clock Steamboat needs. Jessie disagrees since Steamboat needs to wear Regal down.

I get they telling a story put they are clearing tipping off this goes the full 15 minutes. It would be best to just mention the time limit early on assume you fans that watch every week know the rules and that knew fans will catch on. Shoulder tackle by Steamboat and back to the arm bar. Wrist lock by Steamboat. Nip up by Regal and he picks Steamboat up. Steamboat escapes and trips Regal. Gary Michael Cappetta announces five minutes left. Another reason Tony and Jessie don't need to talk about the clock so much. Elbow drop to the arm by Steamboat. We keep cutting to Sir William yelling at the fans. Knees to the arm and shoulder by Steamboat. Hammer lock and into a flip over by Steamboat into a pin that gets two. Head scissors still holding the arm by Steamboat. Regal flips back over to decrease the pressure and escape. Lord Steven hammers free with a big uppercut. Three minutes left. Big chops by Steamboat. To the floor. Sir William goes to hit Steamboat. The Dragon seems him coming and gives chase. Dropkick on the floor by Regal as Steamboat rounds a corner. Back to the ring. Steamboat tries to go up and over but Steamboat throws him down. Back elbow by Regal. Arm drags by Steamboat. Head scissors by Regal but Steamboat escapes into a jack knife. Regal counters and butterfly’s the arms. Steamboat escapes and hits a his own butterfly suplex. Two count as the final minutes tarts. Regal to the floor. Sir Williams holds Steamboat. The Dragon fights them off and holds meeting of the mind for the Brits. Sir William trips Steamboat. Regal gets his neck snapped on the ropes. Steamboat to the top. Flying cross body misses. German suplex as the last second but its to late. Time expires.

This was a really well wrestled match which given the two men in it should shock no one. Lots of great wrestling exchanges and holds. Of course given the story there was stalling but since it was 15 mins instead of trying to get to a half or full hour it wasn't as bad as I have seen. The problem is you it pretty much being flashed on screen they are going the time limit. Tony and Jessie keep bringing up the time. And after ten minutes you have GMC counting down. I know they did that for the live crowd. But still less is more. Mention the time limit early Than have GMC announce five mins left than two min warning and than finally one minute.

Regal leaves quickly. Tony and Jessie talk. Tony admits he's worried about Flair even pointing out Flair isn't acting like himself. He's not strutting or going woo. Instead he looks worried. Jessie says retirement isn't that bad. Really Jessie? I get your a heel but you can't say anything but that? You can't go “Maybe Flair is off balance tonight... or maybe he's super focused Tony.” Something anything. Tony claims Flair is still in his prime. Jessie points out so was Michael Jordan. Remember this as 1993 when Jordan had just retired for the first time.

Tex Slazenger and Shanghi Pierce vs. Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne- Piecre and Slazenger would be better known as Henry O and Phineas I Godwin in the WWF. With Slazenger also working under the name Mideon. Pierrece is in a mask the rumor being the bookers thought he was to good looking to be a heel. Tony mention Slazenger and Pierce have mostly been a 500 tag team but have gotten hot lately. Jessie praises them for fearing no team and facing everyone. Pierce and Payne start off and lock up. Headlock by Pierce. Shoulder tackle and neither man goes down. Kick by Pierce and kick by Payne into a head lock. Shoulder block by Payne gets Pierce down and than a body slam. Tag to Tex and tag to Cactus Jack. Lock up and Slazneger forces Jack to the corner and hits him a few times. Exchange of punches with Cactus getting the better of it. Jack rams Slazneger's head into the corner. Tex to the eyes. Running boot back Cactus Jack. Tag to Payne who hits an elbow. Quick tag to Jack and he divorce courts the arm. Pierce breaks up the pin. Payne in while Jack attack Pierce Double team clothesline by Jack and Payne drops Slaznger. Legal tag to Payne.

Payne misses a corner splash and Slazneger hits a bulldog. Tag to Pierce. Back body drop into a sunset flip by Payne. Belly to back suplex by Payne both men are down. Tag to Cactus Jack. All four men in to brawl. Cactus clothesline by Jack on Pierce and than he sends Slazenger to the floor. Payne back body drops Jack onto Slaznger on the floor. Pierce chops the leg of Payne. Slaznger with a double ax handle off the top. Payne killer by Max Payne. Tex Slanger into the ring to break up the submission. Double team misses and Payne takes out the Texans with a double clothesline. Tag to Cactus Jack but the Texans cut him off. Jack ducks an attack and Pierce hits Tex. Double Arm DDT by Jack for the 1 2 3. Ok match but nothing to great. It was a nice brawl but felt more like a TV match than a PPV match. Than again its possible Standers and Practice wouldn’t let them do more.

On the ramp Mean Gene plugs the WCW hotline If you called the hotline you could vote on if all WCW Title matches should 2 of 3 falls. In storyline this was due to the US title match being 2 our of 3 at Starcade. Gene introduces NASCAR star Kyle Petty. Kyle must be a pretty big wrestling fans as he appeared on Starcade in the past and was even sponsored by WCW at one point driving the nWo car in a Bush Grand National race. Gene talks about Kyle being Flair fan and brings up Kyle's father Richard Petty retiring recently. Kyle admits his dad isn't the same since leaving and would have for Flair at the top of his game to leave. Kyle admits he would hate to have win at Daytona next or have to retire. Ok little celeb moment. Might have made more sense if they could have gotten someone like Richard Petty or Darrell Waltrip or Dale Earnhardt. IE the great NASCAR champion talking about the great champion of pro wrestling.

2 out of 3 Falls For the WCW United States Championship Dustin Rhodes (c) vs. Steve Austin with Col. Robert Parker- Ah yes back when Austin still Stunning now Stone Cold. And back when Dustin was the Natural. I say that both trying to joke and pointing out how different these two would go. Early trading off of position with Dustin often winding up in control as Austin gets upset. Head scissors by Dustin Rhodes. Austin rolls into the ropes for a break. Tony puts over how evenly matched these two are. Jessie agrees but say Parker gives Austin the advantage. Shoulder tackle by Austin but he

runt into a back elbow. Rhodes covers and gets two. Austin to the floor. Kick to the stomach by Austin and a take over. Austin goes for a chin lock but Rhodes escapes and drives knees to the back. Austin to the floor again. Lock up into a head lock by Rhodes back in the ring and than a take over. Austin goes to the hair. Shoulder block by Rhodes. Austin with a boot and goes for a power bomb. Rhodes over the top and goes for a backslide 1 and 2 Austin escapes and heads to the floor. Back in the ring Austin with a double leg and than he stomps the stomach. Austin drags Rhodes to the floor and the brawl. Rhodes reverses the whip and send him over the guard rail. Stunning Steve wants a time out. Back in the ring Austin offers a hand and Dustin shocks him. Headlock take over again by Dustin. Cheap shot by Austin when the referee breaks in the ropes. Knee drops by Austin and he works over Rhodes. Pin attempt by Austin is good for two.

Austin uses the ropes to chokes Rhodes as Parker puts the bad mouth on him. Rhodes starts to fight back with big punches. Shut down by Austin with a boot and a running back elbow. Austin covers and gets two. Rhodes swings wildly and Austin ducks. Austin tosses Rhodes the floor. On the apron Dustin with a shoulder to Austin's stomach. Rhodes sunset flip gets two. Forearms by Rhodes and a drop kick. Austin was to close so the kick is stuffed and looks bad. Rhodes covers and Parker reaches in to pull him off. Rhodes distracted and Austin nails him. Belly to back suplex by Stuning Steve but he gets a lackadaisical cover for two. They collide on a shoulder block and both men are down as the referee counts. Exchanges of punches and elbows and Austin knock Rhodes down. Rhodes goes for slam but Austin hooks the ropes and lands on two for two. Austin to the top but Rhodes moves on the knee drop. Flip flop fly by Rhodes and a flying clothesline. Snap power slam by Rhodes only gets two. Parker to the apron. Rhodes tosses Austin at his manger. Austin goes over the top rope. Rhodes losses the first fall via DQ. There is supposed to be a break but Rhodes goes after Austin until the referee pulls him off. Security out to help Col. Parker to the back. Rhodes sends Austin into the post and Austin is busted open. Wait did signals get crossed here. Because Rhodes is coming off as heel here. Rhodes out as soon as the bell rings and drags Austin in the ring. The lights star to flicker and go off. Vertical suplex by Rhodes two. Clothesline in the corner by Rhodes than mounted punches in the corner. Austin hooks the tights and gets a rolls up for the win. Very good match until the end. I guess the idea is supposed to be Rhodes got out of control. But again he came off very heelish.

Tony and Jessie discuss the first two title matches. The again talk about the other world title match with Smith being gone and the Boss having a win over Rude. Jessie says now Rude has a chance to prepare for this match. Tony talks about how Rude beat Ric Flair for that world title not that long ago. Jessie plugs the Tag Title Match.

WCW International World Title Match Rick Rude (c) vs. The Boss- Rude has beat Flair for the big gold belt when it was still the NWA title. As I mentioned the NWA was unhappy since Rude's title win was unapproved. As a result they pulled out and WCW started billing WCW International. The Boss is The Former Big Bossman still pretty much in that gimmick. So close in fact WCW got a letter from the WWF's lawyers telling them stop or we sue. Prior to the match Rude demands respect for the Undisputed World Champion. Yelling at each other at the start. Jessie calls it a psych out job at the start. Lock up and Boss powers Rude back. Hard fighting over position. Rude breaks and covers up. The Referee forces The Boss back. Lock up and again and Rude again gets forced to the back. The referee breaks it up again as Rude cowers in the corner. Tony and Jessie compare Rude's tactics to the Ali rope dope pointing out Rude is frustrating The Boss early on. Tony talks about there prior match that was more fast paced. Rude with a lock up and gets The Boss in the corner. Cheap shot on the break by Rude. Punches and elbows by Rude. Boss gets his eyes dragged on the ropes. Reverse of the whip and Rude takes a high back body drop. Big boot by The Boss than a back breaker. Rude kicks at one. Boss whips Rude into the corner and than hits some right hands. Hard whip by the Boss and Rude hits hard and drops to his knees. Body slam by Boss gets one. Nice job of selling the back by Rude. If you have had your back lock up there is way you have to move and Rude mirrors that very well.

Rude to the floor and Boss follows him out. Body slam on the floor by The Boss and he breaks the count. Boss suplexes Rude and hangs him from the ropes so he can punch. Boss goes for something but hits the camera by mistake causing the shot to get missed. Back in the ring Rude still hung in the rope tries to sit up. Boss punches him in the face and again. Rude drops to the floor. In the ring a bear hug by the Boss. Rude bites the noise to free himself. Big right hands by the Boss. Rude gets the legs up as The Boss Charges. Rude off the top but gets caught with a right hand. Boss goes to drop the legs on Rude who is on the ropes. Rude moves and than Sunsets flips for the pinfall win. Ok match but not great. It felt like the kind of match that had stuff set up but taken out last second. Seemed like they finish should have been something with Rude pissing off The Boss instead of just hitting a clean move. Than gain a clean heel win is a good idea from time to time. Given WCW was clearly setting up for unification bout at some point they most and likely wanted to make The International Champion look strong.

WCW World Tag Team Championship The Nasty Boys Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs (c) with Missy Hyatt vs. Sting and Road Warrior Hawk- As was documented on the Road Warrior DVD. When Hawk left the WWF Animal stuck around but suffered a back injury and was out of action. As a result the Road Warriors were effectively broken up. Hawk worked a number of dates in various companies. In New Japan he had formed the Hell Raisers with Kensuke Sasaki. WCW had brought Hawk in to help make up for the fact Davey Boy Smith was gone. Hawk and Sting had teamed in the past and often used terms like Brothers in Paint. The Road Warriors also turned heel betraying Sting... Than again pretty much every betrayed Sting at one time or another. Bell rings and both team stall neither one refusing to show who is starting. Finally it down to Knobbs and Sting. Than Saggs back into the ring. Than both Nasty Boys bail out. Finally Sting and Knobs lock up. Knobs goes for a cheap shot on the break and Sting moves. Lock up and an arm drag by Sting. Sting goes for the lock up but Knobbs lands a kick. Forearms by Knobs. Sting ducks a clothesline. Jumping clothesline by Sting an elbow. Saggs in gets nailed by Sting. Knobbs over to the wrong corner and gets punched by Hawk. Nasty Boys out to consult with Missy. Hawk gorilla presses Sting over the ropes onto Knobbs and Saggs. Tag to Jerry Saggs who calls out Hawk. Sting tags in the Road Warrior. Jessie says the last guy you want to challenge is Hawk. Saggs intimated by Hawk. Lock up and Hawk forces Saggs back. Saggs reveres and chops. Hawk returns the favor. Hawk charges into a boot. Double team by the Nasty Boys. Double clothesline by Hawk drop both Nasty Boys. Back in the ring Hawk with big over hands on Saggs. Dropkick by Hawk. Hawk ducks a clothesline and hits a flying shoulder before dropping a fist. After some antics on the floor Hawk hits an enziguri.

Sting tags back in. Double team back elbows by Sting and Hawk. Vertical suplex by Sting. Saggs goes to the eyes. Tags in Knobs who runs into a hip toss. Series of quick tags and working the arm. Finally Hawks goes for a shoulder in the corner and misses. Hawk to the floor and Saggs off the apron. Chair shot by Saggs all behind the referee's back. Saggs hold Hawk so Missy can slap him. Hawk goes after Missy but Knobbs gets him from behind. Back in the ring Saggs tags in legally and hits a knee drop to the arm. Double team divorce court by the Nasty Boys. Some moves don't need be double teamed ever and that is one of them. Crappy looking arm bar by Knobbs before tagging in Saggs who headbutts the arm. Shitty looking cross arm breaker by Saggs doesn't look like there is any pressure. Saggs goes to the eyes. Tag to Knobbs and more double teaming. Body slam by Knobbs that is so bad Jessie calls him out on it. Another crappy arm bar by Knobbs. I get wrestling you can't really crank the hold but come on at lest make it look like your trying. Hawk power back up and no sells. Than it all goes shit. Hawk uses the arm that's been worked arm for a clothesline. That is bad enough as logically it just look bad. But no it gets worse. Hawk clearly misses the clothesline so much so Tony even says he did. But Knobbs sells it anyway. Tag to Sting. But Saggs had the referee's back turned.

Nasty Boys go to double team Hawk but he stops kicks them and than uses the other arm. Sting tags in. Having watched plenty of Sting matches I know what the next sequence was supposed to be. Sting hits the ropes builds up momentum to hit a jumping clothesline except the Nasty Boys appear to be slow getting up. So Sting hits the ropes a few extra times making it worse he really doesn't clothesline than as it appears he face palmed them. Body slams and drop kicks Sting. Sting covers Knobbs. Saggs goes to break it up. Sting moves and Knobbs gets hit by the elbow. The Nasty Boys try to leave with Missy running off with the belts. Sting and Hawk cut them off. Back in the ring Sting goes for the big splash but Knobbs gets the knees up. Body slam by Knobbs who goes to the second ropes. Leg drop by Knobbs. Cover and Hawk makes the save. Knobs sends Sting over the top rope for the DQ.... Never mind I guess for this match that rule was waved. Patrick clearly saw it and even Jessie and Tony are sure how to cover. Saggs sends Sting into the guard rail. Missy uses a whip hit Sting. Sting pops up only for Saggs to clothesline him down. Hawk over to break up the attack. Back in the ring Knobbs hits a vertical suplex on Sting that gets two. Tag to Saggs. Abdominal stretch by Jerry Saggs on The Stinger. Knobbs of course reaches in to increase the pressure. Switch with no tag by Knobbs who gets Sting in his own abdominal stretch.

Referee checks the arm of Sting and well he keeps it up on three. Knobbs runs into a boot. Sunset flip by Sting gets two. Knobbs is closer to his corner to tag Saggs who cuts off the tag. Saggs with an abdominal stretch even back Sting into the air for a slam. Tag to Knobbs who hits an elbow. Chin lock by Knobbs. Sting sent into the corner head first. Snap suplex by Knobbs gets two. Back to the chin lock. Hawk finally has had it and just comes in to kick Knobbbs in the face. But with the referee dealing with Hawk lets Saggs come in with no tag. He kicks Sting covers, gets a two and than tags out. What? I mean come on do more than that. Knobbs back to the abdominal stretch. Sting power free and hip tosses Knobbs. Tag back to Saggs. Knobbs holds the leg cutting off the tag. Elbow by Saggs. Weak looking club by Saggs. Tag back to Knobbs. Body slam by Knobbs and he goes to the second rope and mess up a splash. Knobbs up to the ropes again. This time Sting gets the boot up. Saggs weakly runs across and even weaker nails Hawk cutting off the tag. Double team splash by the Nasty Boys. Body slam by Knobbs. Hawk in and sends Knobbs to the floor and than hangs Saggs on the ropes. Hot tag to Hawk. Big shoulder blocks and clothesline on Knobbs. Body slam on Knobbs. Saggs make the save. Sting takes out Saggs. Hawk goes to the floor with Saggs. Stinger Splash on Knobbs. Scorpion death lock. Missy gets up and distracts Sting who kisses her and than moves. Knobbs hits Missy. Roll up by Sting gets two. The ref counts even though Hawk is legal. Dooms day Device and Sting covers. Missy into the ring and rubs Sting's back it appears. Referee calls the match off. Wow did this match go bad in places. It seemed like everyone and I mean everyone even Missy and the ref kept screwing up. To bad it had potential. Nasty Boys retain on the DQ.

Mean Gene is on the ramp. Gene is stunned Jessie is in a suit. Another hotline plug with a chance to talk to Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne. Gene says he's excited for his first Starcade but talk about it being the eleventh Starcade. We than move the intro to the main event... Ah no pre match promos? I know they did the videos and I even understand not having Ric talk since he would no doubt have done his normal promo undoing the set up from earlier but why not have Vader or Race talk? Hell given where Gene was going I thought ok time to show a video of all the past Starcade's with emphases on Flair. Minor thing but it could have added.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Vader (c) with Harley Race vs. Ric Flair if Flair loses he must retire- Vader enters first sadly we don't get the Awesome old Helmet Vader wore. Vader tells Jessie he is going to hurt Flair slow. Flair comes out alone as Jessie notes Fifi the maid isn't with him. I assume WCW didn't want to undermine the early stuff with Flair being a loving husband and father with a worried wife and kids at home. Crowd is super hot wooing during the intros. Flair looks legit touched hearing his home cheer for him again. Tony mention the plain crash that nearly ended Flair's career. Jessie says a plan crash maybe easy compared to Vader. Circling around each other start. Massive Flair chant. Lock up and Flair gets Vader back only to be shoved and tossed across the ring. Flair with a great face reacting to feeling the power for the first time. Flair tries the lock up again and gets tossed again. Race mocks “You wanted him Flair.” Another lock up and shove. Flair to the floor and Vader chases. Vader sees Flair is trying to tire him out and stops. Headbutt off a lock up and than punches to the back. Knuckle lock by Vader and Flair screaming pain. Slaps to the face by Vader and a short arm clothesline. Back to the knuckle lock. Head butt again by Vader and he yells “You ain't man enough” Vader gets Flair in the corner. Chops by Flair and Vader just shoves him down.

Flair drops to the floor again. Vader just stands in the ring and poses mocking Flair. Lock up again and Vader forces Flair back and hits punches and drops him. Stomps by Vader. Tony recaps Flair's history at Starcade but Jessie says that don't matter. Gorilla press by Vader. Flair to the floor hurt. Vader follows him out and picks Flair up to drop him on the guard rail. Vader goes to splash Flair. Flair moves and Vader hits the guard rail. Flair rams Vader into the ring post. Race attack Flair from behind. Vader suplxes Flair back into the ring hard. Flair back to the apron and Vader suplexs Flair back in hard again. Punches by Vader in the corner. Whip and a hard clothesline in the corner. Hard whip by Vader, Flair over the turn buckle but just collapses from the pain on the ramp. Nice little twist on a normal Flair spot. Normally Flair does that gets caught some how. This sends the message he doesn’t even have enough left to run. Flair is leveled by another clothesline. Tony talks about how Vader can hurt you so many ways and Flair can't stay from him. More punches in the corner. Flair chops but no effect. Scoop slam by Vader gets two. Vader to the second rope. Diving clothesline line and Flair grabs his jaw like it's been broken. Vader back to the ropes. Splash misses. Flair to the top rope. Chop off the top. Flair off the ropes again and misses another chop. Either Flair miss judged the distance for Vader was out of position either way it looks bad. Chops by Flair back to the ropes and than time hits Vader in the head. Vader is down. Knee drop by Flair. Big clothesline shuts Flair down. Flair bleeding form the mouth. Vader picks Flair up on one shoulder and puts him on the top rope. Superplex by Vader.

Jessie says Vader should cover but instead Vader drops an elbow. One thing I like about Jessie even thought he cheered for the heels he wasn't stupid about it. Vader goes for a running splash. Flair moves. Flair charges but Vader recovers and hits in the head. Vader tosses Flair to the floor so Race can stomp him. Flair down not moving. So far in this match it seems Flair has not sold like the usual Ric Flair way. He's been more low key about it. Like a man being hurt so bad he can't even get up to cover up. Flair avoids the corner splash and more chops from Flair. Ok I get with Vader you have to be smart about taking over spots. But come on three misses splashes in the same match? I know they are different styles but come on. Vader whips Flair into the corner and this time hits the splash. Knuckle lock by Vader.. Flair goes to the eyes and throat and starts top punch and chop. Vader goes down. Ok now that I like as change of momentum. Flair got desperate and turned the corner. You could say yeah it was a heel move but than again against Vader you gotta do stuff like this. Vader is down. Flair drags Vader to the post and wraps slams the lg into it. Flair gets a chair. Race is trying to get the ref to stop him but this actually distract Randy Anderson so Flair can use the chair. Vader has taken off his mask as Flair attack with hard punches and chops. The fans explode as Flair has finally got control.

Vader throws punches on his knees but Flair has the advantage and keeps punching. Flair gets another chair as again Race has mistakenly distracted the referee. Chair shot to the head. Ok once I can buy but twice must makes Race look stupid. If you want do the Flair has to break the rules to just survive stuff why not do a ref bump or something? Like I said having Race tie up the referee makes Race look stupid. Back into the ring and Flair goes back to the eyes and more haymaker punches. Flair bites Vader. Tony and Jessie talk about how Flair is risking a DQ but this is what he has to do. Tony talks about Flair has gone sixty minutes but he thinks twenty minutes with Vader is rougher. Flair drags Vader to the ropes and canon balls onto the leg. Strut by Flair and more haymakers. Figure Four attempt by Vader powers Flair off. Vader has his second win and goes for the Vader bomb but Flair moves. Figure four is locked in. Race up on the apron. Vader gets the ropes. Flair runs into a big boot. Hard elbow drop by Vader and than he drives the elbow into the face. Vader to the top ropes. Moonsault misses.hay makers Missed or hit it still amazes me Vader could do that. Remember he was over 400 pounds. Flair covers. Race to the top rope and goes for a headbutt. Vader though has shoved Flair off so Vader takes the shot. Forearm and chops by Vader. Flair changes into an another strike to the head.

And than we get a really stupid finish. As Ric Flair grabs the leg trips Vader up and school boys him to win the title. The WWE network lists the move as a chop block but to me it looks more like a trip. Even worse it seems to come out of no where. It also goes again the story they were telling. I was for the most part enjoying the match. Sure the multi missed splashes to turn the tide and Race looking like a moron took some points off. But over all they were telling a good story. Vader the monster unlike anything Flair has ever faced forcing Flair to be dirtier and meaner and more animal like than normal. This wasn't slick Ric the direst player in the game stuff. This was if I don't do something this guy is going to kill me stuff. And Vader wasn't just a big brute early on he was smart about his attacks. He didn't chase Flair around once he saw Flair's plan was to tire him out. But even the monster has a weakness when you go to his eyes and such. Than we get this finish. I mean something. A chair shot, Flair off the top with a cross body like he did in 83, an actual chop block. Its a bad finish on what was a pretty good match. Hell I was enjoying that Flair even under sold from his usual Style he wasn't being super balled instead he was going down and staying down.

Post match the WCW world title belt is strapped onto a bloody Flair as fire works go off and the fans go crazy. Confetti falls from the sky. Tony says its a moment in the history of the sport we will never forget. Jessie calls it the biggest upset in the history of wrestling. Jessie and Tony discuss the match. Jessie says he didn't give Ric Flair a chance but give him credit. Backstage we see Vader trashing a locker room that was set up for a celebration. Vader screams I want it back. Good reaction from Vader to show he cares for the titles. Back on the ramp Flair has returned to give the fans a curtain call. The fans do go crazy for this. We than go backstage where Gene Oakland is with the Flair family which no includes his eldest daughter Megan. Ric walks in and says it's a happy holiday. Flair says Vader took it to him and call Vader a great champion. Flair says he's touched by the support and loves having his family with him. Gene asks for Beth's thoughts she simply says she delighted and happy it happened in Charlotte. Ric hugs Reid as Sting enters the shot. Sting congratulates Ric. Sting says Flair is the greatest champion of all time. Ricky Steamboat comes into the locker room. Gene talks the history of Flair and Steamboat. The Dragon says it's an honor and congratulates Flair on being an eleven time champion. Gene asks for Flairs final thoughts on his match and career. Flair says I'm a very fortunate man. Gene signs off for the night.

I really like the backstage stuff with Flair. Once again we get something different. There is no “WOOO! Mean by god Gene! Once again the Nature Boy is going be the limo....” Instead if keeps the story of the family man risking it all going. Ok time for me to play physiologist but I believe Richard Fliear is man that spent his whole life looking for love and acceptance. So a night like this as Ric Flair meant the world to him. Now normally I big on giving younger guys a chance and even by 93 Flair was in decline he could still have some great matches but he wasn't at his very best. But I'm ok with the title change. One Vader had been the top heel and mostly been the world champion for two years. Given the event is WCW's biggest show its a good time for the face to win the title. And with history in the area, the fact it was the tenth anniversary I like them putting it on Flair.

Overall this event is good with some issues. Seems like there are lot of little mistakes going on. Some guys had real off nights in the ring or booking had issues like something was lost between script and screen. If your a Flair fan you will love it. If you hate Flair skip it. For those in the middle worth a check out but not a must see.