Wednesday, January 25, 2017

1/25 WWE NXT Report

- The announce team welcomes us to the show and hypes the card for the episode. All four competitors for the NXT Women's Title will face off later tonight. Then we head straight to the ring for ladies singles action.
Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

I'll go on record saying that Morgan pulls off the suspenders gimmick much better than Andrade "Cien" Almas. A little friendly rivalry begins with a lock-up, stalemate, and kip-up's from each. Quick handshake and we resume. Series of pin attempts and then we go rolling, literally, which ends in a two count for Morgan. The Jersey born Morgan hits a nice rana and goes for a middle rope move and gets caught. Big fall-away slam from Moon. She slows the pace into a cross-face, Morgan rolls it into a pin, but Moon rolls back into the submission. Another reversal pin attempt from Morgan for a two. Combo of right hand, drop kick, and bulldog for another near fall. Morgan cinches in the guillotine choke momentarily, but Moon lifts up the smaller opponent and disposes of her to the outside. Running kick from the apron to the outside and Moon places Morgan back in the ring. She sets up her finish, and hits the beautiful top rope twisting stunner for the victory. Fun little match and show of respect after the bout.
Winner via Pinfall: Ember Moon
- Backstage with Andrade "Cien" Almas. Another half English/Spanish promo but gets interrupted by his TakeOver opponent, Roderick Strong. Almas makes like he's walking away and lands a kick to the face of Strong and continues the beat down, top hat in tact.
- Video package taking a look at the NXT Tag Team Title match for TakeOver, #DIY vs. Authors of Pain. Paul Ellering goes through the different "chapters" of the book of AOP.
No Way Jose vs. Kona Reeves
This match comes as a result from their tussle last week with the fallout from the last NXT TakeOver when SAnitY attacked both men. I heard this in the open and on some entrances, almost appears that they are now slightly doctoring the audio to create a reaction. Reeves with a waist lock that Jose, for lack of better terms, bumps and grinds his way out of. A pair of arm drags finally sends Reeves into a tizzy and resets in the corner. Reeves decides to have a quick dance-off that he quickly loses. Taking exception, he hits a corner attack on Jose and a running Samoan Drop. Reeves, being from the islands, decides to go surfing and hits an elbow drop to the back of Jose's head. Jose fights out with a flurry of left jabs followed by a big right. Baseball style chops from Jose, he winds up for the pitch, but misses just outside for a ball. Reeves hits a kick off the foul ball, goes for a whip, but Jose pops him up for a big punch and the victory.
Winner via Pinfall: No Way Jose
- After the match, Dasha Fuentes goes to interview Jose, but it is audibly interrupted by Elias Samson. He starts his song, but Jose doesn't care for it and puts a stop. He says Samson's song sucks and wants to teach him a new one, only with a bit more of a beat. Jose leads the crowd in "Just Drift Away" to the tune of his theme.
- Straight back to the ring for singles action.
Chris Atkins vs. Eric Young

Atkins has the look to say the least, let's see what they let him do versus the veteran EY. The newly named Damo, Killian Dane makes his official debut with SAnitY. Young goes immediately on the attack as the much larger Atkins cowers. Big shoulder tackle from Atkins, but a hand to the face lets EY push him back to the corner. Young showing some strength in lifting Atkins for a choke from the ropes. He slightly modifies his finisher on the sizable opposition with a wheel-barrel slam for the pin.
Winner via Pinfall: Eric Young
- After the match, Young takes the mic and says Tye Dillinger made the wrong choice by not joining SAnitY. The former Damo sets an example with a running senton to squash the young upstart Atkins.
- Look back at the Revival vs. TM61 match from last week. They play up the attack from Revival on Thorne's knee and show footage of he surgery. Thorne is said to be out 7-9 months.
- Video package of Shinsuke Nakamura's journey to and through NXT. Seems to be the base to this feud with Roode. They go back over the highlights from last week's contract signing.

- Dasha Fuentes and Mr. William Regal in the middle of the ring and hope that this won't turn into a fight. Dasha calls out the challengers, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay being first. The crowd chant "Asuka's gonna kill you" and Royce says they think not. They say that we've seen the damage they can do to Asuka and that Nikki is just crazy. Nikki Cross out next without her cohorts, which shows some solidarity. The pitbull of SAnitY is out and looks a bit menacing, but doesn't cause an issue right off hand. Dasha can't even finish her introduction of the Women's Champion before Asuka makes a beeline to the ring as all three clear initially. Nikki and Asuka have a face-off but are attacked from behind by the Aussie duo. They make quick work of them and have another standoff. Security coming down but Asuka and Nikki take out about a dozen full grown men with no issue. Once cleared, Asuka hits a spin kick on Cross. Security finally able to get control of the champ, but Nikki Cross heads to the top and takes out everyone. Billie and Peyton look on in shock as if they just saw their future.

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