Friday, January 27, 2017

Lucha Underground Rumored to Move to Netflix

PWInsider reports that there has been a lot of talk as of late that the entirety of Lucha Underground could move from the El Rey Network to Netflix. The site notes that while the rumor was been talked about publicly recently on a Konnan podcast appearance, there’s been a lot of talk about this possibility privately “over the last week or two.”

There has been no comment publicly over the show’s status. While the original plans were to film a new season sometime this year, that hasn’t been set into stone and El Rey has done little to offer promotional support for the show as of late. El Rey has been appearing to make changes to their overall direction, releasing the cast of From Dusk Till Dawn from their contracts back in October although no decision has been made as to whether to cancel that show as of now. From Dusk Till Dawn is carried on Netflix so it’s possible that El Rey could do something with their existing deal with the service that sees Lucha Underground move over there.

Opinionated View- A lot to digest here. I've seen a lot of people go "This will be great for them..." Of course LU is one of the IWC's golden children that can do no wrong. I'm really not sure. The problem with Netflix from a wrestling perspective is Netflix is all about the binge. I think with wrestling sometimes you need time to decompress from the show or to fell the impact of the moment. Example an injury angle. It just won't feel the same if I'm watching the show and a guy get laid out but than about 45 mins later he's back returning. Also so much about wrestling is making it an event. You have to see this don't miss this event. Well with Netflix ah watch it when ever.

Also I have wonder about budget. Will Netflix give them more money or less money. I mean I would hope any type of change would led to Lucha Underground having to drop the lame b movie stuff with magic powers and mob boss storyline.

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