Saturday, January 7, 2017

Latest WWE Concussion Lawsuit Update: Extension Approved for Lawyers to Respond to Dismissal Motion

PWInsider a new report and update on the current ongoing concussion lawsuit against WWE. Per the latest report, the United States District of Connecticut Judge Vanessa L. Bryan approved a motion from lawyer Konstantine Kyros that seeks an extension for the time allotted to respond to WWE and Vince McMahon’s current motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the company by a group of former WWF and WWE Superstars. This includes sanctions WWE has requested to be taken against Kyros and other representing attorneys for other former in-ring talents.
With the motion approved, Kyros and his group now have until March 15 to respond to the motion to dismiss. As of now, a status conference is scheduled for January 24 in Hartford, Connecticut regarding the case that will be held before federal magistrate Judge Robert A. Richardson.

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