Sunday, January 8, 2017

TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Today (SPOILERS)

1. Trevor Lee VS DJZ. Lee was about by himself. DJZ wins with the DJT.
2. Spud VS Braxton Sutter. Spud is wearing his baby blue chauffeur’s outfit. Sutter wins with a a boot to the face in the corner.
3. James Storm Vs Mahabali Shera.
Storm wins a quick match with the Last Call.
A microphone is brought out & Spud comes out to introduce Aron Rex with his hideous attire, though he says he looks REX-ELLENT! Rex says his way is NON-VIOLENCE. He gets Spud to sing his name 3 times: “Aron, Aron, Aron, Rex….”
4. Jesse Godderez VS Aron Rex. Lots of inference by Spud Leading to Rex loading his fist while referee Stifler was distracted for the win
5. Tag team match: The Decay with Rosemary. Rosemary licks a young boy on the cheek with a Decay mask before the match-WTH??? Anyways, it’s Decay VS the DCC’s Kingston & Bram-with no James Storm. It appears Decay are the faces here as some fans start a DCC chant-but Kingston says that they don’t need them. With the ref distracted, Rosemary sprays her ex, Bram with mist when he tries to bring a chair in; Abyss pins Kingston with the Black Hole Slam. Still prefer Decay’s old music.
5. KO match: Madison Rayne vs the returning Angelina Love-with NO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MUSIC-BOOOO…Love looks fantastic-she also had a baby last year with Davey Richards. Love wins-she was playing the “heel” here.i wonder if we’ll be seeing her more now? Side note; there’s no one at the announce desk.
6. Drew Galloway vs Broken Matt Hardy. Reby & King Maxel are out for her to play Matt’s entrance on her piano. Broken Matt gets the win with the Twist of Fate after Drew hits shoulder first into a ring post.
7. Moose vs Mike Bennett with Maria. Yes, Moose still has his damn earrings for the match. Moose wins.
8. Lashley vs Jeff Hardy in the main event. Great back & forth match with Jeff hitting a Swanton Bomb outside on outside on the steel stairs but Lashley wins with a spear.

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