Thursday, January 19, 2017

Update on The Hardys and Drew Galloway's TNA Status

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Matt and Jeff Hardy have not signed new deals. Their current deals expire in February. While the Hardys haven’t signed, things look good for them to stay. There are two deals on the table for them; one: a guaranteed deal where they would have full control of their bookings outside the promotion, or two: a higher guaranteed deal where TNA would at least have to approve of their outside bookings. The WON adds that Matt is leaning toward staying, since he has full control of his creative in TNA, which is something he is unlikely to have in WWE. Jeff still hasn’t come to an agreement regarding number of dates per year, since the plan is to go back to running a regular house show schedule, which would require more dates from him.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Drew Galloway has not signed a new TNA deal. His current deal expires in February. Galloway’s situation is now more interesting, due to the change in the UK wrestling scene. He was the spokesman for the Five Star Wrestling group, announcing their live TV special. The World of Sport project moving forward, and WWE signing up ICW to air on the WWE Network, where Galloway is a featured performer, could make for an interesting situation. It appears that Galloway may have a lot of choices regarding his future.

Opinionated View- I've already seen some butt hurt WWE fans declare "The Hardy's time has passed." Or "Anthem should let them appear in Rumble." Like I said butt hurt. Anyone saying the Hardy's time has passed is either an idiot or was the guy going "WWE would make there gimmick huge." Again if I were Matt I'm not letting Vince any where near my Broken Brilliance. I mean do you people really think WWE would get Vanguard 1 or Senior Benjamin. Do you think they would be ok doing huge TV at Matt's house. As for the "They should let them appear." NO because TNA's goal is to compete and be on the same level as WWE and I don't think the WWE would be ok putting a top TNA guy in the rumble.

With Galloway I want him to stay. But if the UK scene is getting this hot I could see him heading home full time and taking over.

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