Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jeff Jarrett Returning to TNA

According to, Anthem Media has come to terms for Jeff Jarrett to return to TNA. Jeff and his wife Karen will be in attendance at this week’s TNA tapings. Jarrett was one of the original founders of TNA alongside his father Jerry Jarrett and eventually resigned his position from the company in December 2013. At the time, Jarrett held the position of Executive Vice President of Development/Original Programming. Jarrett started Global Force Wrestling (and filmed TV pilots that never got picked up) while still a minority shareholder in TNA, which was seen as an embarrassment to TNA at the time. Jarrett was brought back in 2014 as part of a deal that saw him inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and Dixie Carter acquire his shares in the company, giving her, at the time 100% ownership.

Anthem reached out to Jarrett last month and held a number of meetings with him as they did their due diligence prior to officially announcing they had acquired Impact Wrestling. Also returning is Dutch Mantell, who is in Orlando and is expected at this week’s tapings. This looks to support reports that Jarrett will be helping behind the scenes in terms of creative; Mantel was always one of his top lieutenants in that part of TNA’s production.
The site also notes that this return does not mean the end of Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion, which has been working to establish a TV deal in conjunction with “American Ninja Warrior” production company A. Smith & Co. Productions in Los Angeles.

According to, Jeff Jarrett’s new role in TNA will be as an Executive Consultant. Jarrett’s return was reported earlier today. Jarrett is already in Orlando working on TV, and he issued the following statement to the site…
“This is a great opportunity for myself and GFW. And, I feel it’s great for the wrestling business.”

 Opinionated View- I'm ok with Jarrett being back I some rule given I think the founder should always be welcome in the company. Mantell sucks and should never be allowed to watch wrestling.

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