Sunday, March 12, 2017

WWE Reportedly Ending Sami Zayn’s Babyface Push on Raw

The Wrestling Observer (via has an update on Sami Zayn’s brief push on the Raw brand appearing to come to an abrupt end. Zayn’s push was the result of Seth Rollins falling prey to another knee injury, and the only other regular top babyface on Raw at that point was Roman Reigns.
However, Zayn’s push has reportedly ended now that Chris Jericho has turned face, and Finn Balor likely making his return to TV soon. The report also mentions Seth Rollins returning soon as well. With that in mind, WWE no longer has need of Zayn in a top slot.

Opinionated View- People really think Zayn was being pushed as a top guy? I mean top jobber to the stars yes. Pretty damn sad that in 2017 Jericho who wrote 2 books bitching about WCW favoring is getting a huge push over Zayn.

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