Friday, March 3, 2017

Tons of News and Notes From Last Night Impact Wrestling Taping

PWInsider reports that Bruce Prichard will be involved with Bobby Lashley in the future, but will have other on-air roles. Officials have been talking about giving Lashley a mouthpiece for weeks, with others considered or approached before Prichard. Part of the deal with Prichard includes promoting his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast with Conrad Thompson.
– Dale Oliver, who produced theme songs for TNA, is back and Impact Wrestling will use his music in the future. This led to some music changes last night.
– Bob Ryder was backstage timing the show again last night, which he did for years with TNA. Matt Conway had been doing that job recently. Other names backstage include Kevin Matthews, Fallah Bah and Mario Bokara, who are all waiting to make their debuts.
– Reno Scum had the GFW Tag Team titles with them. The titles will be recognized as with a different company.

PWInsider has a bunch of notes and spoilers heading into tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings.
– The deal to bring Alberto el Patron into the company was finalized on Wednesday. He then flew in and won the TNA title yesterday. His storyline was actually planned for Drew Galloway before he decided to leave the company. The controversy of Patron’s win will be addressed at tonight’s taping.
– Ed Nordholm met with talent before yesterday’s taping to tell them about the company’s UK TV deal with Spike. It was said to be a positive meeting.
– Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are now in charge of creative. While John Gaburick was open to suggestions when he was in charge, it’s believed that Jarrett and Mantel are going to take a old school approach in the creative direction. Once they set up their vision they plan on sticking with it with no room for changing ideas.
– Konnan was not backstage at last night’s taping, although he’s in Orlando. He’s expected to appear on camera tonight.
– LAX is expected to return in some form. Homicide is expected back this week but Hernandez is not.

PWInsider reports that Bubba Ray Dudley, who was a top star in TNA as Bully Ray, almost returned to the promotion last night at the Impact taping. He was offered a big-money deal and a top spot in the company, and would have faced Lashley for the title at the taping last night. Both sides were close to a deal, but it didn’t work out and so Impact then reached out to Alberto El Patron on Wednesday night and came to terms with him.
Impact also apparently reached out to another name to fill the role that was offered to Dudley and ultimately given to Alberto, but it isn’t known at this time who that name is. It was reported earlier by Dave Meltzer that another major name may appear at tonight’s Impact taping.
Alberto of course ended up winning the Impact Championship at the taping last night.
Funny enough, Impact Wrestling went to great lengths to prevent the news of Alberto’s return from leaking, going as far as to hide him while he was in transit, but that was all spoiled when Anthem’s Ed Nordholm tweeted out a photo of Alberto and Jarrett together in the ring before the taping even started.
Drew Galloway was originally set to win the title last night but he of course left the company.

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