Thursday, March 23, 2017

3/23 Impact Wrestling Report

“The Lone Wolf” Davey Richards w/ Angelina Love vs. Suicide
Suicide takes to the sky in the early going with a crossbody over the top rope.
Davey drives Suicide into the steel barricade on the outside.
Davey attempts to rip Suicide’s mask off but to no avail.
Suicide hits a big springboard missile dropkick, followed by a suicide dive on Davey.
Suicide connects with a crossbody off the top rope for a near fall.
Suicide hits a springboard Moonsault for yet another near fall. Davey connects with Creeping Death to win.

At an undisclosed location, LAX is holding a meeting. Konnan says they want the tag team championships!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Laurel Van Ness who is still in her wedding dress from weeks ago. Laurel says she hates Sienna and Maria. Sienna comes in to reassure her that this was all Braxton and Allie’s fault. Sienna tells Laurel she has a big surprise for them.

Idris Abraham, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara vs. Mahabali Shera, Laredo Kid & Garza Jr – International Six Man Tag Team Match
It’s an international talent showcase on IMPACT! Wrestling.
Laredo hits Abraham with a flying arm drag.
Laredo connects with a hurricanrana on Bokara.
Bahh crushes Laredo with a huge running crossbody.
Shera hits Bahh with a big Sky High Slam.
Shera connects with another Sky High Slam on Bokara as Laredo and Garza take out Bahh and Abraham on the floor. Shera pins Bokara to win.

We see a limousine arrive backstage but who’s inside?!
Decay (“The Monster” Abyss & Crazzy Steve) w/ Rosemary vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)
The two big men, Abyss and Luster meet in the middle of the ring. Abyss charges at him but Luster sidesteps and hits Abyss with a devastating headbutt.
Steve distracts the referee while Rosemary attacks Adam on the outside.
Abyss hits Adam with a splash in the corner, followed by the rolling senton from Steve.
Luster gets the hot tag and hits Steve with a Fisherman’s Buster.
Rosemary attempts to spit green mist in Adam’s face but it ends up hitting her partner, Crazzy Steve! Reno Scum takes advantage with the double team to win.

We see a cryptic promo saying fury will be unleashed on 4.6.17…

Moose (c) vs. Eli Drake w/ Tyrus – Impact Grand Championship
Before the match can begin, Cody gets out of the limousine backstage and attacks Moose as he makes his way into the IMPACT! Zone. Cody hits Moose with Cross Rhodes on the stage and stands tall with the Impact Grand Championship.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamante vs. DCC (“Cowboy” James Storm & Bram) w/ Eddie Kingston
Santana and Ortiz double team Storm to start the match while the referee tries to keep Bram from getting involved!
Storm tags in Bram but the ref misses it due to a distraction from Ortiz.
Storm tags in Bram once again but this time, it’s the DCC’s own Kingston who inadvertently distracts the referee!
LAX continues to beat down Storm in the corner. Storm hits Ortiz with a spinebuster and finally tags in Bram.
Bram hits Ortiz with a huge pop-up powerbomb.
Storm hits a combo neckbreaker DDT to take out both Santana and Ortiz!
Storm sets up for the Last Call Superkick but is distracted by Ortiz on the outside. Kingston accidentally spits water in the face of Storm and LAX follows up with the double team to win.
After the match, Storm argues with Kingston. Kingston pushes Storm but Bram breaks it up. It appears as though Storm quits the DCC!

Backstage, Bruce Prichard conducts a sit-down interview with Lashley about his wrestling background.

McKenzie Mitchell reveals that Moose will defend the Impact Grand Championship against Cody on next week’s IMPACT! Wrestling. Meanwhile, Braxton Sutter says that he’s not going to let Sienna ruin his relationship with Allie.

Rebel vs. ODB
Two Knockouts return to IMPACT! Wrestling in this match!
Rebel misses a crossbody from the top rope as ODB has a swig of liquid courage.
ODB charges at Rebel with multiple clotheslines, followed by a splash in the corner and the Bronco Buster!
Rebel rolls up ODB with a hold of the tights but she kicks out!
Rebel goes to slap referee Earl Hebner but he locks lips with her instead! Earl proceeds to drink from ODB’s flask and ODB kisses him! ODB hits Rebel with the TKO to win.

“Walking Armageddon” Lashley vs. Jake Holmes
Lashley hits Holmes with the dominator but picks him up before the referee can make the three count! Lashley connects with an impressive delayed vertical suplex, followed by the Spear to pick up the quick victory.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and reveals “she” is the returning Karen Jarrett! She talks about how the Jarrett family built IMPACT! Wrestling and praises it’s employees. EC3 interrupts and says together we will make IMPACT! great but he’s not doing it for the Jarrett’s – he’s doing it for the Carter’s! Josh Mathews joins the conversation and criticizes Karen’s recent decisions, including adding Jeremy Borash to the announce team. Josh says it’s only a matter of time before the Jarrett family is gone from IMPACT! Wrestling forever which prompts Karen to slap him! Josh looks on in disbelief as IMPACT! Wrestling goes off the air.

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