Monday, March 27, 2017

Eva Marie Reportedly Done With WWE

WrestlingInc reports that a WWE source has informed them that the company has no plans to renew Eva Marie’s contract. Eva has not appeared on WWE TV since being suspended due to a Wellness Policy violation for 30 days back on August 17th of last year.
Since being off WWE TV, Eva has changed her hair color to black, filmed two movies, and has not mentioned WWE on her social media accounts. She also removed references of WWE from her Twitter profile.
The last mention of Eva on WWE TV was when Sami Zayn told RAW GM Mick Foley he is worth “1000s of Eva Maries” during an angle where Foley was threatening to trade Zayn for Eva.

Opinionated View- As I have often said I always feel bad Eva Maire. She was signed and rushed onto TV way to soon to fill role in reality show. She never really got to do the most basic training. Even worse when she did train they portrayed it as her being selfish. And they kept trying to get her to wrestle. When she clearly should have been a bitch I have a feeling she will come out bash the company and even bash the fans. And I can't blame her if she does. Because even though she's not really all that much worse than the Bellas or Mayrse for what ever reason the fans felt the need to dislike her on a personal level.

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