Saturday, April 1, 2017

Undertaker and Roman Reigns Match Not Set Yet

According to various reports the match between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns is still largely up in the air. And some saying it's been a nightmare not seen since the days of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. According to Dave Metlzer when the match was first booked it was believed Undertaker would go over. Sometime after the Rumble Reigns is said to have started to campaign to get the win instead. Metlzer reports Reigns feels he's not only earned the right to beat Undertaker but that at this stage it would make no sense for him to lose. Undertaker though feels he already gave Reigns the rub at the rumble where Reigns eliminated him.

When the two sat down with producers to set up the match it turned into a yelling match with both men vetoing the others ideas and any spot they wanted. It said to have gotten so bad that Triple H had to step in and attempt to play peace maker. At one stage its rumored the plan was changed to be a no contest with Braun Strowman or another heel coming out to interfere. Only Vince McMahon reportedly still wants the match to close the show and doesn't want to end WrestleMania on a no contest. On insider claims it was real simple "Undertaker has gotten just about everything he's wanted for years and years and Reigns has gotten just about everything he's ever wanted the last few years." Right now it's said Undertaker is still set to win and officals are attempting to figure out a finish that Reigns can be happy with.

Opinionated View- Well it's Dave king of bull shit Metlzer reporting this. However I could see this being totally legit. Undertaker is a fucking ass hole who hates to make others look good and lose. And now for once he's running into another favored pet of Vince's who strikes me as the guy that won't buy he's Taker's hype. As I have said Reigns should be the one to go over since he is a full time performer and Undertaker April Fools

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