Sunday, April 2, 2017

Drew McIntyre Returns to WWE, Appears At NXT TakeOver

In an interview with on late Saturday, Drew McIntyre (Drew Galloway) confirmed that he has re-signed with WWE after appearing on camera at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.
“I’ve won championships all across the world. I’ve helped build brands. So what’s the next logical thing for me to do? It’s to come here and win the NXT title. If that’s not clear enough for everybody, Drew McIntyre has signed with NXT.”
McIntyre was released by WWE back in 2014 and immediately got active on the independent wrestling scene working for EVOLVE, PWU, ICW, AAW and many other promotions.
He would later make the jump to TNA in 2015, holding both the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and later the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship. After ongoing contract negotiations with Impact Wrestling earlier this year, McIntyre opted to not re-sign with the company when the change in power to Anthem was taking place.
McIntyre was shown on camera in the audience at NXT TakeOver: Orlando on Saturday night. He then confirmed in the interview with ESPN that he was indeed back with the company.

Opinionated View- This is beyond disappointing. We know WWE isn't going to use him right and for anyone about to say they will name 1 person in recent history WWE let go  and than brought back to give a good push to.  And he's in NXT so he's in AAA baseball. Meaning he will get all the WWE limits but won't even to be able to appear on the biggest shows. Hell Curt Hawkins went tight to the main roster Galloway/McIntyre is playing for the Omaha Storm Chasers.

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