Friday, April 21, 2017

Impact Wrestling Taping Results (SPOILERS)

Mahabali Shera defeats Jon Bolen
– KM attacks Shera post match.
– Borash claims someone is debuting tomorrow who hasn’t been here since Victory Road 2005.

EC3 comes to the ring, and says he carried this company on his back for 3 years, Bruce Prichard told him to look in the mirror and he saw a Demi-God. EC3 says he will not be pushed aside by any new talents that come to the company, and tells all the fans to kiss his ass. EC3 will once again become the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion at Slammiversary because he is the best wrestler anywhere today.
James Storm meets him in the ring and says he doesn’t blame EC3 for attacking him because he is jealous. Storm says he’s been here since day one and he’s been out of the title picture for too long, because he gave young guys a chance. Storm challenges EC3 to a fight, saying he needs to fight on his own since his family isn’t here to protect him anymore. They end up brawling, with EC3 hitting a low blow before overpowering Storm. He leaves and tells Storm to remember “I am a Carter… and this company needs me!”
Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship
Christina Von Eerie defeated Ava Storie to retain
– Ava Storie appears to be legit hurt, as she hasn’t got up and the medical team is tending to her before she walks out with some help.
Impact Grand Championship
Moose versus Davey Richards goes to a decision
– The results aren’t announced as Eddie Edwards ran in to attack Davey right after the bell. Moose also came out with two guys (presumably athletes) one of them bodyslammed Davey..
Swoggle and Rockstar Spud schtick in the ring, ended with Spud accidentally removing Swoggle’s Pants.
Kongo Kong won a squash match over an unnamed talent.
Veterans of War defeated Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara
– The Veterans are Mayweather (Crimson) and Wilcox (Jax Dane).
Swoggle beat up Spud with a stick.
Street Fight
LAX defeated Decay.

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