Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Women’s MITB in The Works For Next Month

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE officials are planning to announce a women’s Money in the Bank match for next month’s event. The MITB PPV will feature the Smackdown, brand, and the plan is to have two Money in the Bank matches, one for the men and one for the women. This would be the first women’s MITB match in WWE history. On the Smackdown side, champion Naomi, Becky Lynch and Charlotte have been battling Tamina, Carmella and Natalya so they are likely participants.

Opinionated View- PANIC PANIC! EVERYBODY PANIC! This is just an awful idea. I mean I could maybe see doing it when you had Alexa and Mickie still on the smackdown roster. But now the only one with talent is Becky. Naomi is awful and for anyone that wants to talk about Namoi's "High Flying" its bare bones basic stuffthat is mostly just falling foreward. Charlotte is just awful now she's turned into a poor man's version of her father's style taking away anything that made her fun outside of the one moonsault she does. Tamnia hurts herself doing basic stuff you want to put her in a ladder match? Carmella can't do anything and the fans don't care. Natayla is not worth watching at all these days.

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