Friday, May 5, 2017

Update on Jinder Mahal's Push

– Jinder Mahal’s title shot against Randy Orton may be in place partially due to the WWE Network. According to the Wrestling Observer, part of why WWE is comfortable with making the match the main event of WWE Backlash is because of the shift away from pay-per-views to WWE Network specials. The site notes that if Backlash were a traditional PPV that cost $40 to $50 to watch, the buyrate would likely be low but because many fans view Backlash as a “$9.99 event” there is less pressure and the company feels a certain level of freedom to experiment with main event matches.

WWE is also reportedly pushing Mahal as part of a new marketing push in India and that WWE feels even if Mahal doesn’t get over in the US, he will in India.

Opinionated View- You know some this does make sense. Except as usual WWE just rushed into this. NO BUILD! Hell just have him win a few matches on Raw before the shakeup. Because the guy is a career long jobber.

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