Sunday, May 14, 2017

Update on Billy Corgan officially purchasing the NWA with new details

According to a new report by, Billy Corgan has now officially signed an agreement to purchase the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) from Bruce Thrape.
As reported back on May 1, Thrape announced that the NWA had an “agreement in principle” for Corgan to acquire the NWA with little details known at the time.

Mike Johnson reports that this new agreement will see Corgan purchase the name, rights and trademarks for the NWA along with all possession rights for the NWA Championship. The deal will also reportedly include Tharpe’s role with the NWA’s Video On Demand service along with the Paul Boesch wrestling library, opening another big potential to the purchase.'

Opinionated View- So he's got a name that really hasn't meant anything in years. A belt that's current champion is a 51 year old man and a role in VOD service. No TV deal, no actual talent under contract.

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