Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Emmalina Gimmick Reportedly Dead

The Emmalina gimmick is reportedly done. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, last night’s segment in which Emma appeared and that she was now undergoing “the makeover from Emmalina to Emma” was due to the fact that producers realized after several rehearsals that the gimmick just wasn’t working.

The site reports that the point of the character was to be a throwback to the likes of Sable and The Kat but officials felt like Emma wasn’t committing enough and have no just decided to let her be evil again. Producers are still big fans of the character though and may hold onto it for another female wrestler in the future.

Opinionated View- What an utter waste of time. They do weeks and weeks of promos and they drop it after one gimmick? They don't even try figure out a way to make it work. Now I wasn't in the rehearsals but maybe she wasn't committing enough because the gimmick had no depth and no debut date in sight. And a throwback to Sable and The Kat? She was supposed to be a woman on the road to spend with her husband?


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