Sunday, February 5, 2017

Backstage Update on Roman Reigns’ Booking for the Royal Rumble Match

The Wrestling Observer  has a report on Roman Reigns entering in at No. 30 for the Royal Rumble this year, which received a very negative reaction. Per the report, the main reason Reigns was in the Rumble was to set up a planned match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33.

Additionally, the reason WWE opted to have Reigns came in at No. 30 was in an effort to give Randy Orton the biggest babyface reaction possible with his win. The report claims that WWE was aware of Reigns entering in at No. 30 would get a lot of negative heat from fans, since the spot is usually used for some surprises or return. However, the choice would in turn help Orton’s crowd reaction when he would win the match after eliminating Reigns.

Opinionated View- Boy there is so much Bullshit in this and I'm sure if I should rage at the WWE or mock Dave and the Observer. The stuff with the Undertaker and Reigns sounds like just one of those time Dave watched the show and went "Oh they are doing that story." As for the "Orton got a baby face reaction" stuff I call bull on that! WWE clearly wants Reigns as a face. Orton has been booked as a heel. Its juts WWE is to stupid to understand fans aren't getting behind Reigns

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