Friday, February 3, 2017

Backstage Update on TNA Creative and Production

According to PWinsider, Jeff Jarrett is believed to be coming on board as the new Executive Producer of TNA, replacing John “Big” Gaburick. The site notes that they have heard differing accounts of whether Jarrett’s deal is done. Jarrett will still be working on his Global Force Wrestling promotion, and there has been speculation that the GFW TV that was filmed in Las Vegas will eventually end up on Fight Network.

Dutch Mantel is officially on Creative, joining Matt Conway, Gaburick and Madison Rayne.
– John Gaburick is not leaving the company, he reportedly restructured his deal to remain with the company.
– There have been no major office departures and thus far, and at this time, there has been no real talk of moving the company to Toronto.

Opinionated View- Well we won't really know how it's play out until we see more tapings. I do have some concerns about Mantel being on creative but he's not running the whole thing.

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